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Isaiah 58's Unusual Sacrifice and Last-chance Glory

Scott Griswold
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Scott Griswold is the associate director for ASAP Ministries. He previously worked as the director for Global Mission’s Buddhist Study Center in Thailand and as a church planter in Cambodia with Adventist Frontier Missions. He recently wrote Reach the World Next Door, a cross-cultural missions training program for reaching immigrants, refugees, and international students in North America. He is married to Julie and is a father of four, all born in Southeast Asia.




  • August 1, 2019
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven we are here because you called us because you have invited us to fellowship with you today tomorrow and for eternity I ask that you would be here right now that you would take this vessel and use me that you would be able to speak through me that I would be able to lift up your love your power your goodness that we can take seriously where we are in earth's history and be able to be who you contended us to be when you created us when you read deemed us we are so often failing so often not understanding what your plans are or how to cooperate with you we feel like you would be much better off to use somebody else but we are what you have chosen and so it's up to you as our creators are we deem are to fashion us into a tool that can be used and to fashion us as a group as a family as a church family throughout this world to be able to lift up your glory and finish the work as you called the Sea before Jesus comes so please once again we ask that you would speak individually to each person here and that they would go with what you intended them to go with and be used by use you intended in Jesus' name amen. So we're going to be looking out a at a bunch of beautiful texts and statements that God has given us to show us how the end of time is going to wrap up at least today in a new and clearer picture that has come to my mind we're going to be looking at some of the needs of the world that I've been exposed to in our ministry we started out in Cambodia in the refugee camps on the border my wife and I just fresh out of college and then learned so much from the people 6 years in Cambodia church planting with administering to missions just an amazing time in their history because of the war aftermath of the war intense poverty 50 percent of the country under the age of 15 and just just an amazing time there and then we're back in the States for a while in California pastor and then over in Thailand for 10 years where we got to work with Buddhists throughout Southeast Asia trying to find ways that the Gospel can come alive for them that it would actually make sense because for many Buddhists as we try to communicate there just it just seems so strange very difficult to understand and appreciate So that's been our experience and then coming back to the United States we landed in Houston Texas just for a conference and saw the huge numbers of refugees that were coming to that one city let alone throughout the United States and Canada and just realize God was allowing people to come here from countries you cannot go with a gospel like Somalia and Afghanistan and other places so that that spoke to us as we were coming back to take care of my wife's father and for my daughter who is ready for college said ascending or around the other side of the world after living in Thailand and that helped us to recognize now in the age that we live in in any city around the world the people that God is wanting to reach have been brought right where we are and we just need to open our eyes and open our heart and lift up G.. And he is going to finish his work so this is a story just to begin with that happened in Thailand when we were living in the Central Valley where there was just almost no Christians at all and I was headed to the airport to go somewhere and I my wife dropped me off in the city center where there were a bunch of taxis and I you know I prayed before I get on somewhere usually and say please leave me to somebody who's open somebody we can I can interact with and so I passed up 2 or 3 taxis and got another one with a man name so one. And so on with not the typical tie the ties are kind of stoical stayed in their emotions most of the time not all of them but he was just this exuberant guy that was very talkative and started asking me all kinds of questions so as we're going down the road I begin to share what I'm doing there and we talk and finally we get to questions about God and religion and I'm telling him about who this God is I believe him and for him you know there's Buddha and there's Hindu gods and there's spirits and ancestors and different things but as I'm talking about the Creator God in the actual story of where we came from he said to me I'm so lucky I can't believe my good fortune to learn who the creator of this world is and I'm not even 40 years old he just he just begin to be excited about everything that I was used to people just kind of like all religions lead to the same goal. But here was a man who was wide open who'd been eager to know the truth and I got to be the one who is sitting there telling him for the 1st time these things so I get out at the airport I get his contact so I can be in such call them so that he would be able to pick me up and we began he began to be the taxi guy that would come when I needed needed to go somewhere so we kept sharing we kept talking and visited his home and then one day I was ready to go to the airport I do range from to come at 8 o'clock in the evening and it was a 10 and I thought this is strange I don't know what's going on that's not normal for him he's always here like 15 minutes or a half an hour early so I called his number and his wife answered the phone and she said Don't you know didn't you hear someone was killed on the way to the airport yesterday a semi hit in the head on. I was so blown away I called my friend Mike who worked with us and said I need a ride to the airport but I hope we have time I want to go by the temple before so we went by that sample and there was his wife and his 2 sons and the monk sitting there in the middle of the Buddhist temple I was at a loss for words but tried my best to give them some hope and encouragement that this was not the end because I knew that the one my friend had had a chance to at least know about the Living God to respond in some way to the moving power of the Holy Spirit the reality that Jesus at the cross died with so one sins on him so that if so one even if he didn't fully understand was real was responding in some way that the blood of Jesus could save this man and I don't know for certain but I am hoping and praying that at the resurrection I will be able to see this man so one hears one less of the 61000000 people in Thailand who are unreached who have not had a chance to know Jesus in the in the world if we were to count all the uniquely distinct and reach people groups in the world those who speak their own language have their own unique culture I think of the country of Myanmar go up one mountain in their speaking like this and you go down the other side in their speaking like that it's different they have weddings different and funerals different These are people that even if they speak the common Burmese language in Myanmar their heart language is something else and for sure Grandma and Grandpa if you were to try to share the gospel with them in Burmese they would not be following their people who need the Gospel witness before Jesus comes and how many people are they that they represent. 3000000000 over 3000000000 much of the world still is within these distinctly unreached people groups that do not have a vibrant Christian witness but here's our promise I says 61 verse 11 I have all the techs on the board you have a Bible or phone you want to follow that's that's great too because it's nice to have it right in front of you it says For us the earth brings forth its bud as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth so the Lord God will cause righteousness and prays to spring forth before where all the nations that word is not countries like we think of it the 7th Day Adventist Church is in almost every country of the world but this is talking about ethnic ethnicities cultural people groups that he is going to make it possible for his righteousness and the praise of God to be in front of all those people now I've got a lot of quotes that were written down over 100 years ago by a lady named Ellen White that I'm going to share with you as well because they've added distinctive picture to some of the things that we are just hinted at in Scripture that are so beautiful and powerful and this is from the book evangelism page 694 it says during the loud cry that final cry The Bible talks about in Revelation 18 the church aided by providential inner positions of her exalted Lord will diffuse the knowledge of salvation so abundantly that light will be communicated to every city and town city yes there are cities where there are no Christians where there are no where there is no one representing Jesus but towns the earth will be filled with the knowledge of salvation so abundantly will the renewing Spirit of God have crowned with success the intensely active agencies that the light of present truth will be seen flashing everywhere. That incursion is another quote that actually says every violets so many times flying over Thailand or these other countries and looking down and realizing how few know Jesus I thought how can this ever happen and it's beginning to come clear in my mind what God is going to do to finish his work so let's believe it believe these promises for India the country with the most amount of on reach people groups 2330 representing 1299000000 presses people what a huge huge mission feel let's believe it for China the next group that has 445 unreached people groups now it's a smaller amount this is 14148000000 there are a 1000000000 more than a 1000000000 people in China but many of those groups are considered rich because there's a growing vibrant church among them but still this many that don't have it who yet are going to get to hear the next one is Pakistan with 433 unreached people groups 214000000 and then believe it for America where we have 82 underage people groups 24th 1000000 821000 precious people who talk about that a little more later but I don't have a lot of time to talk about that's the main focus of our ministry reach the world next door because God has allowed these people to come here so they can hear the good news and be able to grasp it believe it be disciple and then in turn discipled back to their countries some of them like they say the typical person from South Asia India and beyond have over 100 connections back overseas in the countries they come from so you reach in one person it may be the Apostle Paul it might be the Ethiopian treasure it is the person that can in turn turn their country right side up for Jesus. So here's another promise I love this one from a back in chapter 2 verse 14 for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea that's powerful That's the knowledge of God covering the earth in such a beautiful and glorious way that it's amazing but what does that mean what does it really mean for the glory of God to be known throughout the earth that's what we're going to be unpacking that's connected with the title of our seminar it says in Exodus $3318.00 to $19.00 that Moses in his close relationship with God coming through many difficulties in his own failures but ever closer in a relationship with God came to the place where he said please show me your glory and where many of us are familiar with this passage where God then says I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion So what is His glory His character His goodness his forgiveness his graciousness compassion he went on to say it a little bit later the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long suffering and abounding goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands for giving iniquity and transgression and sin by no means clear in the guilty you've been confused by the last phrase before it's like a sudden running into the wall what he's saying is that he 1st takes the guilty and he causes them to repent and as they turn to him they're forgiven and they're no longer guilty but those who resist that love and persist in their sin he's not able to pardon as much as he would love to and has made provision through Jesus. So this passage just powerfully unveils what the glory of God is that's going to fill the earth the problem is that usually when we have looked at this all we thought about was our personal salvation what is the glory of God That's his character towards me that's how he's going to forgive me and get me into heaven but the glory of the Lord is we're going to see it is all those many beautiful things but it is especially for a people who are living in darkness and it is much more active than we thought before a rise sign it says in Isaiah 60 verse 123 for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for behold the darkness so cover the earth in deep darkness that people CAN YOU FEEL IT CAN YOU FEEL the deep darkness in the world we are much more able in a moment to see what is out there now than ever before and it is ugly it is dark but the Lord will rise over you and there it is again His glory will be seen upon you the Gentiles so come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising Have you seen the kings come yet. Are you watching for them some of them studied here in the United States they were out our universities and we didn't even know it because they were in Kenya the king of Thailand the previous king who just passed away recently he studied in America as a young man we could have been his friend at least some of us so what does N. time last chance of glory in the darkness look like what's it going to look like it looks like Isaiah $58.00 unusual sacrifice why is it $58.00 we could spend a lot of time just in that one chapter it's one of the few chapters that Ellen White recommends that we memorize is considered the mandate for God's time church it has this amazing blend of all kinds of things that really are Jesus and what he looks like but we're going to explore a few of the verses there it says in Isaiah 58 and this is why I make this connection to these other passages of glory filling the world because it says then your light in verse 8 is says then your light shall break forth like the morning your healing so spring forth speedily and your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard unpack not for a moment we've already looked at some text that said God's righteousness will be seen by the whole earth His glory will flood the earth like the ocean and here brings those to before in this passage this is right after he talks about sums things will look at he says Your righteousness is going to go before you like an army and the glory of God is going to be your rear guard you know what's a rear guard. It's not a normal term we use right but it's that simple it's the rear guard so the one's watching out for the enemy coming from behind so it's just like God went with the children of Israel before and around they were surrounded when he needed to cloud picked up and moved back there and blocked the enemy so God is wanting to do something really beautiful around his people at a time when they're going to be persecuted and hurt in ways like never before so what's the context here's what he says is His glory His righteousness is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked that you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh beautiful words and we're speaking to a very religious people who were fasting who were approaching God who were saying why are you not listening to us we have prayed so much we have fasted even why are you not listening he said Well on the very day of your fast your exploiting your labors you are pressing the poor you are neglecting all these things I will not hear you unless you fast like this fast from selfishness so to loose the bonds of wickedness modern slavery very serious and sobering thing it's very real in fact this young lady as she was growing up in central Cambodia she didn't have much chance of going on to school but she wanted with all of her heart to become a teacher I was the one thing she wanted to do because that was the one person in her life that had showed her value in love. But because of her younger sister who was handicapped so P. It was not able to stay in school to be in school for a little bit and then drop out to take care of the water buffalo or to help her mother with a little business at the market and every time she tried to go and tried to advance it just seemed it was constantly blocked until she met the Cambodian pastor a 70 have been his pastor in the bottom one area who reached out to be friended to her and said to her Mom I really need somebody in our home to help my wife with the cooking in the cleaning could soapie up work with us and live there and also and some money every month to you her mom was delighted so P. It was ecstatic and she went to be with them but it didn't last long because her sister's problems needed her even more and her mother said you have to go and get a job in the city where you can send more home so she went into the city got a job in a wealthy house went in to begin working with them what she thought was a like a nanny job and ended up being a slave just out of the blue she found herself trapped you know home with other girls working for this family they would take her to Singapore where she would shop all day and into the night for the things they needed bring her back and just she was a slave she could not come or go she was locked behind the gates. This seems just out of the blue for us something unimaginable but it happens worldwide some countries are way worse we have it here in the United States and it's happening in children where we live in Houston it's one of the worst areas and Atlanta Georgia as well where trafficking is going on so the people in that house she knows enough about God because she studied the Bible she learned to pray and so she begins to pray God you didn't make me to be a slave you don't want me here forever you have a plan for my life show me how I can escape and one day the gate was open and she ran for another girl saw her and followed ran too and they both ran as fast as they could to the bus station so P. have gone on I don't remember what happened to the other girl where she went but soapy it got on she sat down she looked out the window and she saw them coming after her she jumped up ran to the bathroom closed and locked the door and stayed there until there were many miles down the road as she got to her home city not her town but her home city and she got off the bus she stepped out and the 1st people she saw was the Cambodian president his wife they were right there she ran to them they knew her they hugged her and she cried and poured out her story and the next thing they did was they prepared and plan to send her to her college center to our college in most like where she could continue her studies to become a teacher. Praise God into this is the glory of our Living God this is his righteousness lived out in a life her life as she trusted in him and other people as they surrounded her with care slavery is real it is something that is strong but this is the glory of God that is rising in the midst of the darkness to undo the heavy burdens child labor is real you don't have to be a slave to be in a very difficult situation with your own family working day and night with no chance to go to school and this little boy in the picture is working with bricks old rock bricks that are being crushed up to be used maybe to fill in some potholes or something all day long and through the afternoon at least probably he's with his family but he doesn't have that chance to go to school other children like a friend told me they're in Cambodia also was working with a soya milk maker and having to stay up where the parts were extremely dangerous with Run Run move she would lose a limb those are the kind of situations that many children suffer under without the ability to learn and grow to me the worst is under this one to let the oppressed go freeze the reality of prostitution that many of those slaves are in the sex industry and many of them are sold into this or tricked into this and that they they spend their lives in the misery that we don't even want to talk about or imagine and many times that is the end of their life through disease or through. Just not being cared for that will be the end of what happens for them that you break every you know the child soldiers that are caught up in the in the civil wars in the in the problems that happen and are trained from early childhood because they're not as suspected or they're able to get certain places more easily and or because simply they're easy to brainwash and they need somebody to look up to and care out of the $20.00 to $30000000.00 slaves the average price is $90.00 a piece that is unfathomable the the slavery that we think of 15200 years ago at least they were worth of a lot there's no at least it was all horrible it's never anything good in any situation but the sadness of now is that they are considered disposable they're considered someone that if they get sick why spend the money in the hospital there is that lack of concern respect. That is something that should anger us something that we should we should be moved by our church in the 1800s was involved in the underground railroad we were part as a people of making sure that those who were trying to flee from the south up into the North would not be returned as the government at that time had laws that they must be returned to their slave owners in the south we were a part of the people who cared about slavery do we today do we see it is our responsibility to show God's glory in the midst of this praise the Lord for the ministries that do that are taking it seriously and I love Don't you love walking through the booth and just seeing it's like OK if you gives you a picture into the glory in the beauty of Jesus as you walk past the booth that is helping the blind Jesus cares about the blind and the next one some little people group in Peru I never even heard of but this person is passionate about caring for them and making sure their medical needs their educational needs and their spiritual needs are met That's the heart of Jesus and in Cambodia I'm sharing a lot from Cambodia because that's where I know the best and there in Southeast Asia but some of the some of the lay pastors that have been led to the Lord and were working there is that country got started 25 years ago and through the last years they looked out in the city of Phnom Penh and I saw many many children and adults rummaging through the through the garbage dumps. And seeking something that they could sell simply to have rice and some dried fish for supper and he said These children have to be in school they have to not be working like this for their parents or maybe even someone else to 3rd Street children they need to be in school they need a full meal every day and so they started to feed and read schools there's with the Air Safety ministries and those children is just my favorite place to go in the world to get to go in and see them so excited to be studying so thrilled to be able to play in a safe place and to have a meal together they don't look super excited there must've been a scary photographer but but the joy that just comes out of those places is fantastic and at the other school it started later among the Vietnamese immigrants there's over a 1000000 Vietnamese that live in Cambodia many times they are they are mistreated they are not welcome and so they struggle and their children struggle and many of them are at risk for prostitution so a little school got started their pastor Khan got it going and this lady on the left she is one of the teachers she is quite young but she is one who if not for this would most likely have ended in prostitution as we were there teaching my wife was teaching the class one of the teachers approaches and said I have to tell you what one of the little girl said the other day I was asking just a normal question what do you want to be when you grow up and when a little girl said I want to be a prostitute I was shocked she said I could not believe she would say that and I took her aside later and said Tell me why did you say that little girl said well because I want to have pretty things and nice gifts that's what she had been exposed to praise the Lord last time I was there I heard a little girl no longer once that is her career she wants to be a teacher. That is what God's doing that is his glory Isaiah $58.00 has phrase after phrase of what the glory of God looks like and one of the things says to satisfy the afflicted soul it's not just about the physical needs that people have the hunger and the thirst and the need for safety but it's that brokenness inside and sometimes you can see in someone's face as you pass them but most often is hidden behind a smile there it is whether it's a war widow many who have moved to America from countries where even rape is used as a method of warfare to subdue the enemy and here they are and children who have been abused in a multitude of ways the statistics are horrific the statistics are not what matter it's the individual child the individual person of Jesus and Stan and says if you cause one of these to someone it's better if you had a big huge millstone around your neck and you were thrown into the sea it matters to Jesus and sometimes we forget it does because he's taking so long to calm but Jesus hasn't trusted to us the privilege of ministering to these children in his behalf and he calls us to care for them this is my wife Julie. Julie's been through some tough things in her life and she has a heart for children hard for children that have been molested that have been hurt and so she began a few years ago to work on a curriculum called Growing safe rooted in God's love it's a 20 Lesson 20 that goes through bible story present day stories and activities and journals and different things that just draw the children into experiencing the love of God if they have come from a background like we just described but also preparing them so that they don't go into that kind of a situation how to be safe children who know when to run who know when to scream you know when to call for help I don't know what to do even if something bad does happen to them so that's something special that asap ministries has been behind and one of the things with it is a little book that that the Lord gave us called Jesus understands and in the book we have it available at the S.E.P. ministries booth it goes through the story of Jesus for children who've never heard it and children who come from really rough backgrounds so that whether they are lonely and have been rejected by someone a friend maybe a father who has gone away or someone who feels completely alone and overburdened they can know the Jesus understands that he himself was beaten till he was bloody He was called things that no one should be called and mocked and made fun of and he was even stripped and shames. In a way that many can understand Jesus understands it's beautiful ministries within our churches and outside like straight to the heart ministries where they lead people to the cross of Christ into the life of Jesus who left Heaven so he could enter our suffering and let us know that he understands and he will help us he will heal is Jesus Isaiah 53 says was wounded Torah transgressions was bruised for our iniquities chastisement of our peace was upon him and by His stripes we are healed a man this is the glory of God in the midst of our suffering there are 2347 you can get that book and find out more about that curriculum if you want. There is a phrase that at that end of the 2 verses we read earlier that I pondered over a lot and I don't know what it means I'm not sure what it says and not hide yourself from your own flesh I think it means is Jesus saying reach out to all these people that are in need and care for them but don't forget your own family happens doesn't it sometimes we as pastors especially are guilty of it or leaders of ministries or busy people in the church and our own children need us we need our time in our care but I've also thought of the the real reality we have of the many who are aborted every day $3000.00 in America $56000000.00 worldwide every year that's a country almost the size of Thailand and the heart of Jesus breaks. It is not a simple matter in America we see the lines dividing begin in the the anger on both sides and the hurt on both sides and so I want to share with you a story of a lady who was in a violent situation a husband who was alcoholic abusive she was considering leaving him she wasn't sure what to do and when she realized she was pregnant there's no way she was going to bring a child into that situation no way and so she planned to go to California where the Bushes were free she just needed to save enough money and as she saved that money she handed it to her friends or she wouldn't use it she said watch this carefully for me as soon as I have enough I'm going I'm not bringing up a child in this situation but when she went to a friend her friend said what money her friends and spent it and as she went to a clinic to try to find out she happened upon a Christian clinic a crisis pregnancy clinic in which they said would you like to see a sonogram of the child did you know that almost every lady who sees a sonogram does not go through with an abortion where are we as a church what are we doing to give them a chance to see that child that is of their own flesh that child that is loved by God And so this young lady was born and she grew up some of you have met her she has a booth downstairs I mine just blanked on her name I know her name anyway she began to minister she became a 7th Day Adventist She's a lawyer and she started a ministry called in order to help other people realize that the little one can become like her. But as she was doing that ministry One Day At A G Y C's convention a lady named Debbie came and said to her actually didn't see anything she saw her ministry was moved by it was moved to tears she walked out with her husband and begin to just cry and cry for she had had 3 abortions herself and it carried the pain and the suffering for many years thinking of what that little child could be and in fact looking at this lady and saying my daughter would be her age my daughter would have been her age this time but the next time she met up with her they begin to share and they talked and they decided that the ministry needed to include caring for those who have had abortions both in the church and outside and so together these 2 ladies have formed another way to show the glory of God through Mafia dot org the booth number 547 maybe you have a chance to talk with them maybe you have a chance to join among the 7th Day Adventists who are saying it's time that we make a difference in the lives of both mother and father and child to be pro everyone to be able to care what does and time last chance of glory in the darkness look like it looks like Isaiah 58 unusual sacrifice Here's what Job said when he thought of righteousness What do you think of when you think of righteousness I put on righteousness and it closed me my justice was like a robe and a turban I was eyes to the blind and I was feet to the lame I was a father to the poor and I searched out the case that I did not know I broke the fangs of the wicked and plucked the victim from his team. Is that the righteousness by faith that you know is that what we typically think wow I love that passage job 29 verse 15 to 17 So what does that look like today I think of on e in Thailand actually in Laos there are many many and reach people groups and many tribes throughout the mountains a lot of poverty and so in Thailand where there is much prostitution and the visiting of sex tourists from around the world to beautiful beaches to the beautiful ladies become a many of them come from the mountains of Laos of Myanmar of Thailand and from Cambodia too and one day a man approached a mother in law house she was a Christian she had a lot of children and he said we have some jobs we are looking for good excellent young ladies to work in our restaurants do you have any in your family you seem so convincing maybe it was more easy to be convinced because they were so desperately poor and needed somebody to go to the city and work and so on he went and Audi Wentz not to a restaurant but to a bar in a brothel clear in the southern tip of Thailand and her life slowly disintegrated she became sick she ended up in the hospital and her pimp was trying to make sure she would come out he was trying to make sure she'd get the medical care he was saving up the money to it was time because he wasn't done with her but a friend of ours named pimp out a Thai lady a lady who is carefully slowly to terminally learn the system works with the police who sometimes are protecting such things who knows the system well enough and is on her own learn to be a lawyer pimp are found out about Ani that we got a call in which he said Scott do you have 10000 baht. So tell me about of him what do you do you know she said we have a girl who's in the hospital and if I can get $10000.00 baht which is about $300.00 I can get her out before the pimp comes back to get her out we wired her 10000 baht and the next thing we knew because she took her and drove all night she was sitting in her friend's house and we got to meet on E. who is now rescued and safe and was on her way to her praying mother who didn't know what had happened to her daughter and was about to see that God was still in the job of rescuing lost sheep Amen and Amen that is the glory of Jesus and organizations like algebra have programs like their their program called Keep girls safe this is in Thailand we've been there to change right to see those young ladies who either have come back from that situation or have been prevented from going because they swore seen as vulnerable and some money was given monthly to their parents so those girls can go and live at the school and learn to be safe and be educated so there's no need for them to go to the city for a job emma you can find out more about that address downstairs at their booth but that's keep girls safe in Thailand another way that we can make a difference for the glory of Jesus so how important is this to Jesus you know it's feeling pretty important isn't a who is really close to his heart but it's so important that when Jesus sat on the mountain with his disciples and began to talk about what does it mean to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ he's made some very specific statements that were extremely important he said we will be divided into true groups and one of those groups he calls the go in which he says to them I was hungry and you didn't give me anything to eat. I was really really thirsty there was no clean water in our village we had children dying of diarrhea because of what they had to drink from we couldn't grow nutritious food because there was no water to grow that and our children didn't get to go to school because they had to go miles every day to bring something back so we could cook but you gave me nothing to drink I was a stranger and you did not take me and we have never been in the situation we are in now with the refugees and internally displaced people it is such a horrific crisis and it comes and goes in the news but it continues to rock the heart of Jesus who himself experienced what it was like as a baby which maybe he didn't remember but then he was there in Egypt as a stranger and then as he came back his father earthly father did not think it was safe enough to return to Bethlehem and they had to go back to they had to go to Nazareth Jesus said He was me and you did not take me in naked and you did not clothed me sick and in prison and you did not visit me and he goes on to share those words that I am sure he will say in such grief torn sorrow because he will love those who neglected him but who truly rejected him in the Person of the least of these. There are in Matthew 24 and 25 there are several parables parables that were very familiar with the wise in the food is virgins the 5 talents the 2 in the one the the good servants and the bad servant who beats the people trusted to him all of these parables Jesus divides not the world and the church but the church into 2 parts one in which there is love a true righteousness by faith that transforms the life and in the others where that love does not exist all of them which include the glory the shining of good works of taking what you've been trusted in giving of your talents of caring for those around you so that when Jesus returns and he says we have these words in Revelation 1978 let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his wife has made herself ready and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen is the brightest acts of the saints now we've been we've been careful we don't want to associate the righteousness of Jesus too closely with our lives we want to make sure that we recognise that there's not a single thread in the righteous robe of Jesus that is our own good works right right so we have been careful to say well you know it says the righteous acts of the saints with that's really Jesus righteousness and it is no confusion necessary but it is the righteousness of Jesus that covers our sins and transforms us and fills us when we become a Christian we turn from our sins and we ask Jesus into our hearts and he's there and that righteousness is lived by faith moment by moment from glory to glory as we continue to be hold him and grow in that righteousness which is a gift in Man this is what God is going to be looking for in us. But maybe if you heard me say last night as we were introducing the seminar that we tend to be on one extreme or the other we are really into all these good things we've been talking about today but we're not so into talking about Jesus and preaching and doing Bible studies and I don't want to offend anybody I just want to live out the love of Christ whereas on the other side people tend to you know be excited to share the good news and do public evangelism and Bible studies and knock on those doors but maybe forget to get to what we've been talking about today but I want to take you back to Isaiah 58 to the glory of God that is there so that we can remind ourselves people do need to hear the message of faith in Jesus Christ they do need to know and it says there in Isaiah 58 Bruce 12 those from among you build the old ways places you so raise up the foundations of many generations you should be called the repair of the rebirth of the breach to restore of streets to dwell in and it goes on to talk about if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath of the light the holy day of the Lord honorable talks about the return to the Sabbath of the Bible the 7th day Saturday Sabbath that God gave the creation and Jesus lives and even rested on the cross and the disciples kept these are true that people need to know it's the day we honor our God who made us we are the people who resort the foundation of truth to build again the broken down wall of God's Law This is part of Isaiah 58 and the glory in the righteousness of Jesus think though how this makes a difference in the lives of the people God has brought near us the Muslims the Buddhists the Hindus the Jews I think of the 3 angels messages in Revelation 14 vs 6 through on through the. How God has given us a message that is so perfectly fitting for where we are today surrounded by the world people of other world religions he has given us something that gives us a connection a bridge to them but then also something that they do not have Let's look at that just for a moment it's just a tiny picture because there's not time to go deeply into it but I want you to begin to to look at what you believe to study again those beautiful messages that Mark Finley was sharing in the previous section of this of the series but look at them through the eyes of other people. The 1st one says Fear God this is the everlasting Gospel and it starts with your god doesn't that sound strange isn't it don't be afraid that the Bible says over and over no it also says the fear of the board is the beginning of wisdom he speaks of respecting God so deeply understanding that he is everlasting fire that sin cannot dwell in his presence that you turn from your sin and instead of running from him because he is so frightening to sin you run into his arms because there is nothing to fear in his heart fear God and His Holiness but Oh never fear his heart run to him and this is a message that moose looms 1st of all they understand God is someone to be feared as we think of their presentations in the Koran of God He is mighty he is powerful His holy and yes he is merciful and compassionate but many times that is over sad because Jesus has given us the clearest revelation of who the father is and that we do not need to fear his heart so we both have a connection with them along with many other areas that we can connect with our lifestyle but we also have a message in the face of Jesus Christ to reveal him what about the section for the hour of his judgment has come who does that connect to I believe it connects us closely and carefully to Buddhists and Hindus anyone who has that background of karma for in karma you do good you will receive good but if you do bad you receive bad do you believe that too maybe not to the extent of karma many reincarnations I doubt that but we do believe that you reap what you sow right and we teachers are some of the administrators that there is a judgment going on in heaven right now. Buddhists and Hindus believe in a judgment after this life where if you don't get it in this life you will get it in the next life and we believe that in the judgment God takes seriously whether or not we have just name the name of Jesus but continue to live like the world or if we have truly turned from sin and received salvation and so a judgment shows the fruit of who we have depended upon and the righteousness of Jesus in the life we have I have seen this over and over again with Buddhists who have huge questions in their mind about Christianity I was on a plane coming back from Thailand. And I saw a man in an orange row he was older he had his head shaved and I thought I bet he's from Thailand I hope I get to talk to him Sir enough as I was going to the bathroom one time he was fumbling with his immigration forms and he motioned to me said can you help me so I started speaking to him in Thai and he began answering back in good English but he still wanted to help with this forum and he began to ask me so I am assuming since you're American you're rich right smiled so not exactly he said but do you know that you can't get happiness for money and I smiled I said yes I really agree with that and then a little later he said Are you married and he said yes that's my wife up there said you have a girlfriend a Thai girlfriend said no no just this one lady my whole life said well you know don't you can't find happiness in women either I smiled and I said I think I understand what you mean because he said because even your wife she's going to die someday he was walking through his Buddhist values and their deep no wonder many people are turning away from the Christian Church and other religions and seeking after Buddhism because they see a peacefulness a morality and an interest in life that touches the many areas that they are passionate about whereas they don't see that in the church and so this was his question to me finally turned to me said Can you explain something I don't understand how Can Christianity teach that you can just keep on sinning sinning sinning and God just keeps forgiving in forgiving you that's immoral and I realize that the ugliness of God's church had turned him away from Jesus and I began to share with him the Jesus death on the cross. But we didn't get to the forgiveness part yet Jesus came to change our hearts to move us from selfishness to compassion that it's about life transformation of writing God's law on the heart and on the mind at the same things he was seeking that are the things that are given to us through Jesus Christ and into so they are his judgment has come and have we got an everlasting Gospel to share with Buddhists and Hindus worship Him who made a heaven and earth the sea in the spring of waters this is such clear evidence that the Sabbath continues on in the New Testament in the New Covenant and it is such a close connection with Jews who say really you mean your people don't just keep the Sabbath if they live in Israel like many christians do you mean they keep it worldwide from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night and they're ready to hear and to listen more but that one piece I left out give glory to Him fear God give glory to Him for the our judgment is come worship him is that one that is so crucial this message that we have to share this calling people back to truth is specially is a message about the glory of God Now we've been talking a lot about how to give glory to God through how we live and we've talked about it in the past about how what you eat and whatever you drink whatever you do give glory to God but the text I like the best is English and 6 verse 14 to 15. It says in the King James Version God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified to me and I and to the world for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision avail of anything nor uncircumcision but a new creature what is he saying this is what it means to give glory to God to not put your trust in anything else except for Jesus Christ and Him crucified. For your forgiveness of sins which is incredibly good news to a Buddhist and Hindu because they do not have it in their religion you should forgive other people but your karma is going to come back on you but here he also touches on the reality that the cross crucifies are selfishness and such as free to be compassionate this is how we give glory to God and honor him the seconds of the 3 angels messages also touches the world religions incredibly is something we need to preach and to share and to love them into Babylon is fallen we typically think of this as fallen churches we typically think of it as those who once were the followers of Christ but have turned away and teach basically doctrines of devils instead of the truth of the Word of God and traditions of men instead but we also as we look in Scripture and in Ellen whites writings we see that this is also applied to the religions of the world and there are many many of the adherence of these religions who are looking elsewhere who are tired of the emptiness of the ceremonies and the Temple services who look at their own priests and monks and rabbis and say Where is the teaching in their lives who are crying out for something real and something better and so we can say to them. Organized religion is falling just the other day in the Cambodian village where we do ministry I was talking and sitting with a lady eating some of her watermelon and she was sharing with me about how her husband had really struggled in the hospital before he died I was gone during the funeral and I was stopping by our house and as we talked I wanted to give her something that would maybe help her we hadn't broached Christian things before she knew were Christians but it just didn't happen she just hadn't seemed open and so I gave her a couple of Bible study lessons that we had from Cambodia and then I gave her the my language my life card which you'll find right out here on there the least you can take one but you can order more of these you know has over 150 languages a biblical 7th Day Adventists materials in one place just links to websites of advocates world radio and 3 A.B.N. and different different programs in different languages so when you meet somebody and they say they speak Hindi you can help them find Hindi on their smartphone and listen to the Gospel but I handed this to her and I said Do you like to read more can you read Cambodian still pretty well she's been in America for 25 years or do you prefer to listen she said I can do both and so I just shared that with her but she said you know all religions are good they lead you to what's best and I and I said you know I've heard that a lot in Cambodia and I said I kind of come to the conclusion that you're right all religions teach is the good path at least some of it but we need something more than that. And we know what to do but we just can't seem to do it and she could understand we tried to get her husband to quit smoking and a bunch of things and he just like I'm too old for that and just enjoy it till I die we know what to do but we need power. And so that is what we can share Babilon has fallen Why is it that we are so into it as a 7th Day Adventist Church to talk about the bees and the little horn to show how the Catholic Church changed the law of God in and change Christianity away from following the Word of God Why do we why do we have to point out such things well because a replace is Jesus if you go through the sanctuary service where every single aspect of it shows and lifts up Jesus Christ as our savior in our mediator in heaven you then can find in the Catholic system not among people but in the Catholic system and course people are following and listening to every single one of those aspects of Jesus has been replaced by earthly priests and earthly ceremonies and situations but not just them it's true of the Buddhists and the Muslims and the Hindus and it can even be true in Protestant churches as well where we are replacing Jesus by experiences by ceremonies by the traditions of men and so we are called to point them to Jesus. Not the Bible but in great controversy page $390.00 it says Notwithstanding the spiritual darkness an alienation from God that exists in the churches which constitute Babel and the great body of Christ true followers are still to be found in their communion God has His people everywhere not just among other Christians I'm going to skip on past this for the lack of time but I think we know clearly that as we connect with people who are upset with the United States many people around the world various world religions we can actually identify with them and let them know that the Bible predicts that Christian so-called Christian America will become more like a lamb like beast but by like a dragon speaking like a dragon that we can help them see that we have a message that connects with their hearts but takes them on to the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the message of righteousness by faith is to sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord this is the quarry of God which closes the work of the 3rd angel testimonies William 6 page 19 standard after standard was left to trail in the dust as company after company from the Lord's army joined the foe in tribe after tribe from the ranks of the enemy united with the commandment keeping people of God testimonies for the church well you may page 41 some different things that just help us to see that while the church is going to be shaken and struggles so much and many will leave thousands upon thousands more will come to flow to spread the glory of God in heathen Africa and the Catholic lands of Europe and of South America and China and India and the islands of the sea and in all the dark corners of the earth God has in reserve a firmament of Chosen Ones that will yet shine forth admits the darkness revealing clearly to an apostate world the transforming power of obedience to His law last events page 211. This is what we're sharing is that Jesus can transform the life in such a way that the world can see His glory His beauty this was signed with the glory of God we're talking about the 144000 in the Bible who are the ones who follow the lamb where ever he goes What does that mean what is Revelation 14 for trying to tell us about following the lamb oh where did the Lamb of Jesus go can you picture him walking into a village 1st person that he meets perhaps has leprosy out there on the outskirts of the city while everybody is shunned them and while they haven't felt human touch perhaps in years in their their skin is falling apart and their limping because they could not feel what was happening Jesus comes what do you want me to do for you I would like to if you're willing I would like to be clearly he's a sense I am willing instead of just speaking the word he places his hands on that man's filthy skin. He says be clean and immediately he's clean this is the glory of Jesus this is the lamb who continues on and finds that blind person stumbling in the dark begging because he has no one to help him he places his hands on his eyes he causes him to see the 1st thing he sees is that shining face of the glory of God looking at him and on he goes and perhaps there is a child possessed by an evil spirit as they are around the world still today Cambodia and India and the United States desperately needing someone to set them free and Jesus comes near. Cast out that spirit returns the child to Father whole and completes and he will to grow to become a young man this is the Jesus that we must follow the lamb where every goes the Jesus who came to the garden 70 with courage with might like a soldier marching into Jerusalem and then fell on the ground in Iowa Guinea and cried out 3 times take this couple wait for me what was going on how could our courageous Jesus be like that but he was tasting the cup of the wrath of God that he was about to train. Like we think of a God being angry with us but the consequences of sin and then he went to that cross it was not the nails that held him there it was his love that held him there and the love was tested to the the furthest extent that it is possible to be tested because we are told that the 2nd death the Revelation speaks of it's not like the 1st death it's just like asleep that you can be woken from that it's not a problem just like Jesus said Lazarus sleeps I go to wake him up no the 2nd death is from which there is no hope of resurrection it is an end to complete a complete blackness and separation from God and this is what Jesus bears on the cross as the sins of the world press heavily upon him he cries out my god I got Why have you forsaken me he cannot see past the grave what he prophesied before hand of rising on the 3rd day he cannot see anymore because of the weight of sins and yet he knows he has the power to leave him to go back to heaven no one seems to appreciate except for the the one the one thief on the cross but in that moment he looks at never existing again and he says I want you and haven't for eternity even if I cannot be there I want you with my father and so he goes. And he commits his spirit into God's hands it's breath into God's hands and finally he rises up and cries out it is finished he has won and he has died it says about the people at the end of time that 144002 follow the lamb wherever he goes that they do not love their lives to the death how about you in order to not love your life to the death that means you must not love your life now which means that you say to God whatever you want to be you can have and when you do that he will guide you in ways that you absolutely love if you hold onto your life you lose it if you lose your life for my sake Jesus said You will find it how many times I found that true God has asked me to be a pastor and I didn't want to be a pastor to be a missionary and I never wanted to be that to come home and I didn't want to come to go back and I didn't want to go and every time as I finally surrendered to the Lord has been exactly what I would have wanted exactly the joy that he longs to give us when we surrender to Him So what unusual sacrifice is God calling you to do you think in the moment to think right we're just going hard at it but perhaps God has been stirring you as we prayed at the beginning that he would speak to you specifically what he wants you to know what he wants you to do it may happen now as we talk a little bit more we have 10 minutes so we close or it may happen later this afternoon or may not happen to all this business of this crazy weekend wonderfully crazy weekend is over but begin to ask God what an unusual sacrifice are you calling me to as Jesus was called to himself could it be that he's calling you to sacrifice your privacy I can't think of almost anything more dear to Americans sure this summer not Americans here maybe is easier for you in some cultures where we just used to living together and all around each other but Americans we love our privacy. In Cambodia there was a garbage pile next to a hospital in those days there wasn't a good garbage system and the people were very clean in their homes but they would put things outside and there was no pick up yet and so out on that pile one day a young teenage girl and a young teenage boy slipped quietly looking around to see anybody was noticing and they set their newborn baby down because they didn't know what to do with it he was too soon and too scary and they ran away so the little baby boy was lying there maybe crying maybe just lying there blinking in the sun eyes goopy and a gramma lady was walking by an elderly lady and she saw him and she thought. Maybe I should take care of him what should I do to help him I can't of the HA HA You know I could sell them she picked him up and she began to walk through the hospital corridors trying to sell this baby we're not really walked in she also was having problems with her eyes and she was coming to take care of it and she saw the lady and the lady procedure and said Do you want to buy a baby and I really looked at her and said What are you talking about if you want to buy a baby $200.00 she said Of course I don't want to buy a baby but yes I will take the baby and raise it I will take care of it as my own no I need $200.00 a lady walked away I read begin to record brain where can I get 2200 dollars she was a seamstress so you know how she could do that and see went on home she wasn't going to ask her neighbors because they would then question her and they would know where this baby had come from she didn't want to raise a child that was known as someone from a garbage dump. And she sold some of or items and finally found enough and she walked back found that lady still carrying the little boy gave her the $200.00 and walked home with that little baby boy begin to raise that there were 5 ladies in that house 3 aunties and an older sister and this mother and the little boy Rob begin to grow up and fed him well. I started to spoil him and then began to have him work hard in the home and he grew to be a fantastic young boy he was put in our feet and read school for a little while Yeah I did well there you can see him right here he's the one with that impish grin and. Just kept growing and growing we got to meet him but isn't this true a father of the fatherless a defender of widows is God in His holy habitation God sets the solitary in families some 685 to 6 that's what God did for barrage a sign I got to meet him quite a few years ago he continues to grow I wonder where he is headed what he's going to do he's a special young man I love him we just got to see him in March again God is going to do great things for him because somebody said I'm going to sacrifice my privacy and take someone else into my home is your home open to an international student for a year to maybe a refugee who needs a place to hang out maybe not every day but on Thanksgiving vacation or on a weekend come out and grow a garden in your place how about your church fellowship is God calling you to sacrifice that is the quote of Brother Long when I want to read all of it God calls for Christian families to go into communities that are in darkness and error and work wisely in perseverance before the master to answer this call requires self-sacrifice if families would locate in the dark places of the Earth places where the people are in shrouded in spiritual gloom and let the light of Christ life sign out through them a great work might be accomplished God needs church planters you may not know what clue what that means or how to do it but had been his friend here missions can tell you all about it downstairs they can send you where they need you to go you can go is this family did they left a good pastoral position in Minnesota came down for a volunteer position with us to reach out to Afghan refugees they've never worked with Muslims in their life they're learning as they go maybe he wants you to sacrifice your ministry within your church may be very busy helping wonderful Christians who know the truth already someone else in the church. Do it but maybe you have a heart to reach out to these people evangelism 570 is the theme of our ministry reach the world next door we should be able to see in the multiplying opportunities to reach many foreigners in America to finally appointed means of rapidly extending the 30 inches message into all the nations of earth God in His providence has brought min to our very doors and throws them as it were into our arms that they might learn the truth and be qualified to do a work we could not to get in the light before men of other towns do you see we talked about that earlier God has sent the world to us it was too dangerous to go there so God sent him here Cambodia Afghanis who Slim's Buddhists Hindus have a children's program going on among the refugees teaching them moral lessons and introducing them to Jesus in their homes with their families can learn more there at Reach the World Next Door dot com and the cards on the way out you can pick up one of these we have 2 semester training program for full time ministry but a goal can also do many of the things that are there right in the place where you're out if you know anybody who's not sure what they're doing this August that's today is an August 1st today starting August 21 we have a program and we still have some openings maybe God is calling you to sacrifice your luxuries you say wait a minute I'm not rich I don't have that much money. Let's compare ourselves to our brothers and sisters who don't have enough to take their children to the hospital today who are wondering if they're going to be able to put food on the table tonight for their children and they are some they had been US These are people that need our love desire of ages page 639 an amazing chapter called the least of these was while you were feasting at your bow to flee spread table I was famishing in the hovel or the empty street while you were at ease in your luxury as home I had nowhere to lay my head or you crowded your wardrobe with rich apparel I was just a too while you pursued your pleasures I languished in prison we need to live simply so others can simply be that maybe God is calling you to sacrifice something that you don't have to none of us can tell each other how that looks we cannot judge each other each of us have different amounts that come and go each of us have different things we waste things on but we can ask the Holy Spirit to impress us we can have a little jar like that picture showed that we can teach ourselves and our children our family to put something that we have truly sacrificed that God may bless and he may need to help us to sacrifice our business so we can train our own children admin is home for 89 speaks of the many children who work powerfully at the end of time to share the gospel where we cannot share but we need to train them now by taking them with us and helping them to learn to share as we reach out so what do you think what we've been talking about is a huge high and holy call amen if you're like me I look at that and I think how can I be that about the selfishness What about the self absorption that we're just so much about. But that's the gospel that's what we've been talking about is that Jesus has the ability to come and do that the 144000 that we've been lifting up is so special the end of time these are the ones who come out of the great tribulation and wash their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb Revelation 714 there's hope for us we can take our spotted garments and wash them white in the robe of Jesus Christ Bible tells us for the love of Christ compels us because we judge thus that if one died for all and all died and he died for all that those who lives would live no longer for themselves but for Him who died for them and rose again said printings 514 and 15 if anyone's in Christ he's a new creature creature old things have passed away behold all things have become new Jesus himself Peter 224 bore our sins in His own body on the tree that we having died his sins might live for righteousness by whose stripes you were healed therefore we mentioned that already we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were pleading through us we implore you on Christ behalf be reconciled to God today our Frash you have been called to be an ambassador for God to take the light of God's glory to the entire world you will be a message of righteousness by faith it will be a spoken 3 angels message for the whole world but as Christ object lessons page 41521000 says the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of His character of love the children of God are to manifest his glory the light of the Sun of Righteousness is to shine forth in good works in words of truth and deeds of holiness the whole earth wrapped as it is in the darkness of sin and sorrow and pain is to be lighted with the knowledge of God's law from no sect rank or class of people is the light shining from her. Throne to be excluded there is nothing that the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the Saviors love God he's wanting us to rise up and be his people now will you will you be that with me as we seek the Lord I want to give you a moment quietness to pray to simply ask the Lord to speak to our hearts Father in heaven today we looked a little bit at the darkness of this world we kept glancing up at Jesus the light of your glory signing from his face. And we want to see more and more of his glory there is soo much darkness in this world we want to be part of that light that fills the earth at the end of time we know that the darkness will get just more and more intense who become a persecuting darkness in which we must stand for you in your truth so the heavens fall but we also know that we cannot be consumed merely with the words and with the truth of it in a just a conceptual way that we must live out the truth of Jesus Christ to love the glory that he lived while on this earth and so father I plead that you would forgive us for the ways that we have wasted our money our time our own Christian Fellowship on ourselves the way we have neglected the refugees and immigrants others that you've sent right here in ways that we have have not sense the food in the water the safety around the world in the message of gospel of Jesus Christ we plead for your forgiveness father sometimes it's been in ignorance an error but many times we've just been comfortable and happy and so Father we ask that you would not only forgive us but you would transform us that you would give us the heart of Jesus Christ if you would give us the love of Jesus Christ the faith of Jesus these things that the Laodicean church is lacking the righteousness of Christ we might like Joe put on your justice as a robe and as a turban and we might go in and pluck the end pluck the victim from the enemy's T. board show us what it is that you want to specifically to do it may be grounding glorious and some awesome ministry for you somewhere or it may be simply the caring for someone who's sick in our family or reaching out to a neighbor who's lonely it starts Lord right where we are and so we ask that you would make us faithful and loving right in those places but Lord we ask for you to swell our numbers too to swell our hearts to reveal to us more and more of Christ so that we can show the world more and more of you to father think you for being with us go with us and send us to our individual tasks for your glory. May the rest of this weekend we be praying for one another and seeking the Spirit of God until your church is transformed in the outpouring of the final measure of your Holy Spirit comes and your loud cry goes forward with a glory that makes you look truly good and beautiful in the face of the worst darkness and thank you Jesus. This media was produced by audio verse for A.S.I. having just layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about the size please. Cite Mr. Or if you would like to do this for free online service leave as a W W W body averse.


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