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Is Perception Reality?

Jared Thurmon




  • August 2, 2019
    1:00 PM
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Does anybody here. Have anyone your family's had drug addiction. Apart I want to tell you a story. About someone named Andy. Just as we start you need to know that Andy pretty much a total failure. He came from a family where one parent was kicked out of high school who barely got their GED into drugs trying to grow them in a car crash with a friend under the influence. Of the other parent graduated high school. He was taught in a minimal classroom by an educated teacher's as a kid. He learned to hustle on the streets to make money. But he took things for granted he wasn't always kind of people and at times he was known to be a complete jerk. He was encouraged to go to college by his parents but he skipped a lot of classes. And he never really used his degree. Made a lot of money after college and he spent it all. Started some businesses. None of them saw the success that he wanted. Millions of dollars invested. At times he was overbearing with his wife he nit picked at things he probably shouldn't. And many times he was miserable to be around. Because he thought he knew everything and clearly no business Accu men. In his life. Let me tell you another story. A story about a. Man named Andrew. We look at Endor story and say this is a total success story. Parents raised him in a loving home. They gave him the best education. He was given the best nutrition. Learned how to be an entrepreneur from a very young age began his 1st business at the age of 10. Was taught by experience how to interact with others and learn to negotiate. He was taught about the principles of life from the Bible. Some would consider him a serial entrepreneur. After graduate ecology started a business and he began to do that over and over again. After a number of years working on private ventures. He decided to work for the 7th Day Adventist Church. And join an organization called the administering you. And those 2 stories I just told you are my story. Every single detail is true. My middle name is Andrew so the 1st story and the best me. And sometimes perception can get us in trouble. Because perception can have you looking at a moment at a person's life and sadly a lot of times in your own life in the mirror and thinking I'm a failure. And then another morning. And I am a success. You know the story. This guy was poised for this is not my story for his 1st success. Grew up in what many considered the. He richest home. Every class his parents could get him into he was in. He was trained in the military he was trained in finance he was trained in linguistics. And he deep down felt that he was going to lead a revolution. And one day Moses walks up to somebody and says You're mistreating this guy and he kills him. And in a moment he thinks I'm going to be Pharaoh. The commander of the armies the greatest. Individual on the earth. And now I'm a murderer. What am I going to do now and he flees. And a few minutes earlier everybody on planet earth could have said this guy is poised for success. And gods as now. I got to take you out into the University of Midian for 40 years and you have to learn every thing you thought you knew. And we learn a couple interesting stories for interesting points about this here's one. About Moses and patriarchs and prophets his intellectual greatness distinguishes him above the great men of the ages as a historian poet philosopher general of armies and legislator he stands without a peer. But then into his psyche the Elders of Israel were taught by angels that the time for their deliverance was near and that Moses was the man whom God would employ. Angels then instructed Moses. The Jehovah's had chosen him to break the bond. Age of his people. He supposing they were to obtain their freedom by arms expected to lead the Hebrew host against the armies of Egypt. And so you can see all these things running through his mind then he's a murderer then he's out in the median. And I think we all can relate with Moses because we go through life and there are these moments sometimes you think and I got this degree a I got this training I've got these skills I am ready. And then Ellie God put you on your back. Or with the story I'm sure you know. Dr Marion James cancer tells you you have months to live. Or you're having a conversation with your dad. About this exciting new venture and then I land 3 hours later and he has been killed in a car accident. Life is going to throw some things at you. And you have to be in a place. That those circumstances don't throw you off. And I think the story of Moses and in my own story is just perception my greatest critic in my whole world is me. And I think the likelihood is if you're here and you signed up for this there's nobody who's a harder critic than you. Either you think you're the hottest thing since sliced bread. Or you are the ugly duckling. But whatever it is. You will be the loudest voice in your head. And what I've learned is if you want to get through life. With that piece that sort. Passes understanding you've got to know where your value comes from. You have to have a clear a clear destination in mind. That cancer amputation blind this. Disease broken relationships and and even some of the people you love most if they if they die it doesn't stop you from saying that's what I'm called to do. There was something that totally changed my life. Was a statement from Illinois where she says religion is I think it's crisis object lessons 349 says religion and business are not 2 separate things they're one. And there's this great war. In in Adventism. Where we think I do business. And I give to ministry. Or the other way around if you go in the convention hall I do ministry. And you do business. And then the legend of give me some business money to do ministry. And then sometimes it can really cripple you because you think I'm doing ministry. And ministry is built on donations. And I know there are places in life for a nonprofit. But I am not a fan of a nonprofit. Because in this society it kind of it kind of. Truth needs you don't really know. That you have to have a product or service. That people value so much that you think about something you bought that you love to buy like for me it's a strawberry milkshake like you take my $5.00 I want that. And maybe some gadget Maybe it's some shoes maybe it's something in life but you had a pleasurable moment giving someone money. And in exchange you've got something you value. And we can do that with services so I think. There are ministries that say look this is what we do we do it best a more efficient you can audit us you can look at everything we do and we realize you can't do what we do all the time but this is our product and service that we value and this is how we value it how could your business partner with us those companies that do this. But I believe we are all called to business. Even the physicians in the attorneys and the teachers is still a business. So you cannot not forget that point of religion in business there are so intertwined with the Hebrew word for liberal Hebrew word for work and for business it's actually the same word. That is so intertwined in what you do that your work is your ministry. And so I had the temptation presented to me a few years ago. To work with the 7th Day Adventist Church. Now some people would say Get Behind Me Satan. To that type of temptation but I said. I want to see the world change. And as I have wrestled and played with the Lord of how do we see something drastic happen on this planet. I think it happens with the room the church. But I'm going to give you a teaser I speak tonight that I hope everybody will come to my talk tonight the church I want to belong to is terrible. That's the title 7 o'clock. We have to come to a moment where we have to get real. And we have to say you know what. I've got friends that are here. There are systems that are broken. There are problems that we should acknowledge. There's a problem when we think the ministry is preaching in a pulpit. And we've done that pastors are going around necessarily saying that we've done that there's a problem and people feel but I'm called to code. I'm so promise sisters here and she has a hair salon that is awesome. And there's a ministry going on. Her and my mom do this and it's one of the top 20 salons in the country so proud of her. Thank you but it's just as much ministry as when I get to preach at our church each week. Because let's be real there are people that are not going to come to our church even if you paid them. But they will sit in that chair and have their hair done so come to get their car fix the come to buy your product or come to buy your service and they just need a little bitty bits of your religion. To smile. And shake how you do and. There's this. I'm in love with the Spirit of Prophecy It's like a diamond mine every answer of life is sitting. On our i Phones or in our bookshelves with it up but others a statement many profess faith in the truth but if it does not make them sincere. Kind. Patient. Forbearing heavenly minded it doesn't do that it's a curse to its possessor. And to possess sores and through their influence it is a curse to the world. And so that leads me to something that has been in the pit for me in my life. I love the 7th heaven a search. For when I get around have. Someone get real for a minute. When I'm in line with Abu Anas had ought to know a restaurant across the street here. And they are rude to the people serving them food. We just press pause we went up to heaven maybe we visited some of the unfallen worlds and we came back and just said OK let's just get a glimpse of this moment. This is the room that people. Of God is going to go through these people to the whole are. And they're upset that you run over them impossible burger. And so that's the same and is just so Drew if we can't be kind please keep your Jesus lock him up I don't want to hear about it. Because he's not even strong enough powerful enough to put a spile in your face. Do you want me to believe he's going to burst through the clouds and. Then take people off of planet. And I'm particularly passion about this is as we interact with one another. Because something I've seen that is the most beautiful thing on the earth is if and then we're real specific as if to 7th Day Adventists can sit down and totally disagree. I think this. Totally disagree with you and I think this maybe it's on politics maybe it's on racism maybe it's on how we do this maybe it's on how we do that. And I find that secular. Television at times. Can portray this better than we can 2 people passionately arguing their points and in the end. I love you. And for us we do it sometimes the dishes sleep all right brother. And so we hold our real feelings so you quicksort. 3 minutes here we go. There's an example of a corporation that was very successful and they made a product. That every time they made it they made $22800000000.00. And this is a real story then Disney says why is Pixar making films that are consistently good and why is Disney just failing miserably so the C.E.O. goes over to help Disney. And he can't figure it out because the estimates are we're making this film is going to be good so yeah it is going to get. To make the film it's a total flop it talks about this in his book creativity Inc Ed Catmull. He says we're trying to figure out what was going on at Pixar that was making us successful all the time. He said Well we started to realize we had something called the brain trust the brain trust is people that cared about something that in their sleep worked for the company but they loved storytelling they love the art of making a great product and so these 1020 people come into a room and somebody would come in and say I got a idea for Toy Story 19 and they would listen to this pitch and they would say you know we care for you right oh yeah I know you care for me because they've done that they've done the work of caring but then they say that's a bad idea. It doesn't make sense but. They define it sometimes as shelved for a few years keep working on it but you realize he said here was our secret candor we were on us with people all the time. But if we did that with our new. Product. A lot of times our food companies having been an avid ism and been an entrepreneur and worked with a lot of entrepreneurs usually one of the things we go out quickly is food and boy if we should be in food it's right now well money's grown on trees. But with food we often say. Is do you like my cookies do you like my bread you like my fake cheese do you like this do you like this and we go to friends and they say oh this is amazing we're not honest we just say you got a burger in your nose. Your hair looks really silly that you should talk to share it. But that idea of candor to me is so refreshing so I've come with come to grips with something from Matthew 7 verse 12 this is where we get the idea of the Golden Rule. This version says Therefore whatever you want men to do to you do also to them and then the heaviest part for this is the law and the prophets. This is what it's all about. So I. Have 2 things as were mentioned that to me are like the laws of life in fact if we sat down I could show you a study I think. I think the law and heaven here's a little controversy sorry was one law none liveth to himself. Or translated No one selfish here. And so the 2 things that I try to live by now are very difficult be kind. And be candid. And this is how I remember kindness is king candor is queen. The most important thing. Is to be kind. And I know this is our 1st Avonex. The 2nd most important thing is to be truthful and honest. With And here's here's the here's the delicacy of the matter. You can be kind and. Be a liar. You can be honest and be a jerk. But if you say are my most important thing is going to be kind. And I'm going to be honest. Being cocky all staying honest while being kind. If you remember that. We're going to see something happen in this movement. Just just when people come around us really and these people get along and they don't necessarily agree but they like each other they're kind to each other. And they don't slip away from conversations and tell you what they really think. They lay it all on the line. That's my prayer for this movement those 2 things and then the world's going to catch that and things are going to happen so I'd love to talk to you more about that please come tonight. Pray for me when you give a message called the church I want to belong to is terrible to you aren't following a recipe necessarily to make friends but I'm very committed to this is a moment we're going to tell some truth so thank you for letting me share this medium was produced by audio for me and avenues Lehmann's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about. That site. Or if you like this. Line. This is.


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