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God’s Got a Plan and You’re In It!

James Black


James Black

Director of Youth Ministries, North American Division




  • August 2, 2019
    1:00 PM
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The Governor thank you so much for the opportunity we have coming. To listen to what you have to say to us. The greatest plan in the world over the next of kin. And those who gave your son Jesus and the one. Who is A. Someone who loves your class. I am really really very. Religious I'm about. This workshop and what we just experienced in the last session was a perfect pulling for where I want to take you to that. Come Sunday being here because when I look at you. Man I feel the power in the room. The problem is as the rest of the chosen people the same way. And that's the problem. When I was your word I would rest a problem because I'm not saying I'm you're living here they know that God got the greatest claims yet there has been. And that's the thing it's like hearing so many times when through I can talk about what's not working but you know what what what if you're working and what is good is working for you we're in a good space. And I want to love and obey the law and see that I can live quick and it will happen this very engaging it was an insult and was a real offense because those who know me this is not I'm going to win it but look to others with the 20 somethings women different. I felt a little not grabby in the last few years. I keep having aha moment because one of the 2 years I've been back on this thing the lesson that you have these aha moments because by playing this interview contingent with the other sound for example and singing and then you're my man one salary. This month when I was approaching I had swum out because of the radiation and chemo damaged my job in life. And so I knew my players were glad to have a bike at the hospital and mom. You have to find your mom. So therefore you know just what the plan to me is of the kindest heart and just think about those working red never for you. Because so many times you grew up as a generation that sometimes stop and think about him when is it going to happen. And you know my kids are all in their thirty's most of all I can believe in and then when young. I meet my son I'm like absolute with the other human being in basketball you 62 but I had this left hand job other than just small quick and. But I know you generation and I know the positive one thing and I just want to give you something a little bit different here in terms of discovering God's plan for your life because there's something that I see my nation. That was so quick to look at your neighbor and go get all of that stuff as working for you man or woman. In this thing you got a school with somebody you love is what I don't. Think can knock on hold on your head and some of the temper concern that some of the what women you know this is part of the you were the Sisters of the little guy my mom. And then the sample was lousy. And what I want to challenge you with an interest and if you can actually experience about where I am and I get my digs or into my legs but I did it on purpose because when the doctor that that been in you can understand you're not where I am age wise but you've got great is an advantage because you can discover something and nobody told me when I was working in the judge. Success was kept as a secret. I haven't dealt with it up hold when her gut says it was not in God's plan. You're not crazy about him he told me I be guarded we live. To let us in you go back to go along with him I think it's it a little bit of a fuse of of if a door. But he told me have sex. With our God. Don't you there Eve I. Tell you guys guy thing about this just a few others have a business and this is me oh Mark Penn and I get a little weird but. I didn't know. I must long because I serve somebody isn't the solution you know and I'll never get rid of the hell without being misunderstood anymore you did it. Because. You were just there because you know the standard is. To miss a cesspool at something and being over can mean gone has done something that was you know more commonly mo. And as we go more so for the how to get there what is this I'm all about. Some of you wonder what did I do with us of this I wonder if a bit of a how to start. If SA goes along O. me I'm very simple I don't know them and. The problem is it is. So with her womanhood B.C. guy who wins who will do. Well for you. And you got home right here. I'll begin to move back here to our 11 are like if. I can be the person. Who is on your the service you can to as the very sure want. But I think it was a girl who has one question. That was a while one move all of the work and had talked about this before you know. What was needed. I don't. Know who the hell. It is really out of I can't quite know how to trigger the bug so good. Working with kids. Is living up to me and what you recall them or what. But I mean with. The leaders of the Jews you are one of them you know where I read my review of the 0 or. More you thought. You never know how that or you know who her. Ex is are. You listening to music. Really person here it was the one thing it will all work to doing every day. Since I have had. Them. That their associates are good. They are. Very well. Known for her work. When we talk about. Discovering God's plan for our life. You have a purpose for God good with your plan. Now. Here's a fun. Part of a good life and how most of you should remember you know M.R. know they're out of order. But in the midst of all. I think. And important to remember one thing you put all this gem hard to put in the work and huge. Housing come in to use the. How the how but again according to the other with whom is land was the only thing I remember I was looking for something. Because there's no other for this other chance and why there are and would be interested in the mumbling in the old house you can believe in the very heart of gold something I'm too old to but I will tell myself that. Because of the promise of all I was up to here so I won't tire of the way I like you got a bogus argument with you room. No I heard your use of the tool of Earth know I've been hard go into our home all it is a blame game I'm sorry I got I would doubt about that. But mislead you couldn't you have another who wear but I would ask the question how old. Was on would move forward to every day is above with the way. I am when you come down here I'm going to do the. But I'm going to question Paula because you know I was shocked the work of anybody to think about whether there. Was. There or his and is there some you are very successful of Arsenal. Will be in their group here I'm not talking much. You know we're booked for those of you who are there is a subtle and well. There's something riveting go. And that is what we're going to see you learn when you wherever you go here I assume you agree with us often the. Weather is evil Mohsen stuck with me. This is either the good stuff in the middle every showing in the Bible or the one day. When Genesis really is about a guy who's a hooker I'm wondering if there isn't as well because if you want to that women are one of those Now I want to I want her work out right now in the sky with his life. And then a new transmission for him and we're on the road beside him you know how we see how God works I mean this is about isn't the whole lot of the about God a lot of stuff to happen as quickly. And you get back to one folk or were you can go and go on that walk down the block. And the guy said. Wow. And. You're. Good home is not always there not a good. Number after the evil didn't mean that rather than. The to only deal no matter who the boss of life even when they. Do so old by move over to the man who tends to them hospices Morrison poem or Jesus is OK Why yes and what I'm saying is a little in my belief moment in the right. He was asking me. For my NEW ORDER TO GOD I was wearing a blue how who the fuck was the person on the water. Or on the horse and then when you. Got even more the minister on me I'm one of the good citizens a lot of others were there the whole. And there are a lot of other work the show another. A little bit exalted out of him a good bit in the eating of. What you knew what it was for and so the moment it was a plan to you know nothing. And you want to be another one there is only God I want to play which is where oh I'm sorry that you got this idea this by degrees here because I do the Lord. And I hope presenting you with more not less fire. I mean I was once one of more than one. But doesn't how badly you want to argue when you come every morning saying God can't be do the US. God could no longer vote for him days and I'm sure it is that you wish I was done. All over the house or my game are the hardest position in the. Eye of the warmest for the longest serving the dozen you were going to watch no matter who was the lower 17 years and the luck guy and Tommy won their 1st of all God to me. So there you are whether you thought you were gay or mean other than a gun and go live in a country that doesn't love it. And that you understand her because I love your wife but since we didn't know my. Wife says I was in Austin. And here is why how could you do without her when I was there with what is having an. Because I need to know. If I can trust you with the. One other that I need to know. If I can trust you with. That. There were 6 people that were there with you and I. Won't mind the artist that is gonna hang up. On the stand right now then the Says Christmas here. Looking God was with a group of them going to hell. And I think their god force you were going or where it was. You know because again. You know because we're I who I am I got you always good for you now I think that way. But he does. That because. Because of sheep of the. Museum for me this is the heart of the war have just come down the hall is better than what you saw us last question when he went up because I wanted to go when he was over that we were there we want to think about something bigger. In the business. Of the US This. Time about the somebody is beating him you mean. The. Dark. Hair. Color. And he had that moment. In you have not because of the things I wanted when you took him to do and I'm going to tell us a few moments I want you to offer something we are still bad. That there's. Nothing in them and they're like bad as good. As I say. Because I believe that's where God has His life now we're going to war this crazy if you know who terms of the hour the last year last year. I got everybody covered that. It doesn't matter but what crazy guy says he didn't see nothing that wow because I asked. Him What did you mean the vision how big would it be. If you vote. I would a book on my children I was and you know. And I would call you in your column of. I don't have enough of it we heard you were here but I have another but you will what about 6 but it will come your way. About whether the Obama or what has happened but to the subtitle of my book or rather is a kind of dug out of where I'm at KNOW that I'm happy by. All or your better all or that they are one. That actually were not on my. I'm sorry you're not. The plan neither am I am this plan. If you value our big plan does not want to work. And go after a debt that is why you never will when you need a car guy like Holder to be on just you. Some live hundreds one person. But not thousands that did not on the journey I'm on. To have us take in the ordinary enabling an extraordinary. And on to a master of Muhammad somebody again bombs and how I was down 2 weeks later while I'm doing some of the response bothers you logy a whole bunch of us folks the whole of the good stuff and us enjoy but the one I wasn't you which is out when I was all our. I was with is a this is how a god got a plan in your head. In the summertime of how to know how to. Go work out. Something about enjoy King they were. But the point is can God forcing women influence. To gun shows and imply. Using. I want to bring Islamicize with. Us. Because with regards to the size. And I mean this is another one which I'm not really told him who. I mean the consensus. Was I'm the one who the more there will be you will see hands on the book he says I want to shout and we're going to Mexico. Because we messed up is a bad impression on me. Because everybody I know who I trusted you with. They know you were back head. How many years older than I am or how all of 18 books. Went in the hall of success. But I do put him out of it out of nowhere. You know what I do. Do you mean what I heard you said why did you homeboy. My mother who was a guy who was like you have you in you know here. I was like a lot of you do or that you are you know or you don't get. On what is. Not as fortunate as the mission called a liar who needed. I have become because of luck I may have the wording so I have to simulate having another hole over the top of it I want to hold no longer I want to go no one but we would have my dad. And I told him. I was after all that is our storytelling goal. A good arm over quote. I knew presumably how to go back. And Forth Google or understand on the drug not marketing to this guy who was little I get him her every step of the way. Though all of the hook and all you all got the nod. I agree with him. I was going to hand him back in here. And I do have one man who has and was on The View to say. That. The communication got him the means of always a highlight if I want to call him Dr. Oh you really are nothing. But he's a human you can order for him to work treatment is he doing this or. Was it no. I don't have a lot. But I will do pretty little bugger all the doctor. That's holiday. Passes this will not see an ass. Hole she's. Got. ME The whole world. And when I do this in there are no more. 0 one more than all mind you when you come on the other happenstance. Because you never really knew this God this network is moving is gonna be OK. Another getting ahold of those crazy guys is in its is in your head. That only God can accomplish. So I'm the boss of the guys from both his When I would not show you the show you didn't. Yes get countless on board but your job as forms of holy called Little simple girl has shown you and Melanson the soul of a new generation Paris girls are who are the most ugly and the THERE IS A VERY know what women will leave. And you know. Look who got the. I did have one of these over there who were remarkably. Well. Yes Lou I never. Was. Again and now. I'm. There until please me no. You must. Work or a good thing when there are 3. Women who are good. With. The work or the nerves of are going to the community and. When stuff is going bad. And I'm done connecting with you. Sometime Pastor Worley K.. When stuff is not going well and the bottom line that. You were needing because you are the moment now that said man. I meant this one on good or only messes up but every day you know we're on your good one every day. And when you bet your Billy G.. O.. O. When you've been doing this. Continue. God has your. Relationship with. And I have 10 more that we've already laid out in all. About maybe 6 months away little publication. Air I accidentally deleted and it being the whole. It is to hurt. You or the nothing covered this up and I go to the viewers and back to me I've got 3 of the 10. But here's the last. If I hambone files I wouldn't spending harmed working on own stocks. They didn't have a whole lot. And then I realized that I was saying those to him are just flash. I don't want to use some of them. As long as people were using time for the why all this but the government goal was that over 100 could be bought off of 25 books before we tired that was again by. A guy from the future talk to me about that. That was all. So God was a process going on Hollywood and he is fucking the bitter remarks about meth the whole oh everybody. And it was car. Whatever it is Bill now on your terms for you know now when I do. I'm in the hospital and I've got to be the out of all the rest of them if. I'm in the hospital but why I agreed with the issues and more pleased with the vet about it because if you don't get the Bash Gloria I don't want anything more for you docile and then my wife we're not hospital. I'm having a bad idea for the 2nd major north and he would still love is it which was the disease. But I really problem is that more than 24 when you came out of I'm going to go through. She said Are you going to live to see. Another member do you go on. And here is what God said to me. You see him. Politically dead while I'm doing what. He said because. He said now. I knew the plan would be easy. And that would make you a well man. But in one point he believes a lot of the story. I got Maverick guy. About one of the half 2nd. Every last year. And I was what you thought. It was you know I was. I mean. About respect. And he said now that she was the Valley of the Shadow down. And you know with the fire now are you. Going to go. Wow still wonders why. I sold. My car blamed well you can imagine for your solution were 22 long. Letters. I saw a man. Without power. And I shot. I miss it the mention of you with the bias of the 27 years I have a burden but it was. Mine I'm telling you this is having years ago you must have heard which your story of the party that. I was serving the community. And I have borne from our people. 7 the guys. I love doing because of the gentle release. And have always been fucking in the family you have emerged. As always for the most that my the good that you got. My mother her care we're going to do everything with what was given to this asking him how does what he does other Probably he's on the phone talking all day on the internet I want to play with them so there may have been one of the very end of the world where. I'm better than. My let out of want to. Realize I can't see. Or want to load. And I realize that the transition but when you think about our end of what. Our reality is. But I want to watch. And we're doing part of schools. The system and you're. Going to. Run that. With me. Because I'm with my own merit. And really here when that in this people. My wife. On stage with the governor of New Jersey and she's hardly. All. You see is that you know there. I was with the governor you think this. One is the number we're. Going to you. Know him one. Last minute go home you go to New Jersey what do you go home everyone has a home of the film shows they. Oh I'm starting to lose are you going. Do you or what. Is the much. I'm saying. That's really the beginning of the story. So one of the guns come with it let's assess the bomb Here's the Katie my business. That's not good enough I didn't bury the mogul of either one of them is like and they're. Oh no I'm going to do for you national national community and you know not. The world. And I'm going to position with women he's only going to your government when you need you don't need any and that's why you need nobody's permission. That's why. We're going to sit down after this question and kind of again Gus's little big hearted. And cynicism that now Washington but when the statement there was enough I mean what I do. Because I'm going to let me back up I will show you all of my. I'm being respectful but I want to miss the. Good use of the bus whether it's something good it won't power just like the others or you know that's are all about I'll be having this business. Because of our lives I'm going to marry me how. They got this is a 1000000000 worth of all your love is there. You are pretty sure. That you're borrowing one of them to me you want back to normal American is having full Welcome back and you know push. So but unfortunately my daughter was the same year and my wife was present government there while again. And I met. This and you know. Making our game. You know with. With Google. Heber of the kingdom brothers likeness and all all. The most important is not. So good looking for long. So many of you both of us. In front of. You know it was ugly others not only who were over your head about the time of the sudden old time abundance of those. In her but I'm talking about mother for the most of the government on. You. Oh I see another man has a. Pillow are. Our Sal's you know was. Lost in what needs are. You here the city for all these things oh everything we can multiply our home together. When you will. And there you do with years why this moment. Can you have no problem here all. They had all. See is someone you got as a god yes. Now mama all yes good here for we know where all. This is the heart of someone has according to her I'll ask. Let the devil. Yes. Or rather the focus of the voices of black producer you know. That I said. Well Barbara we needed to get. There but I don't know if those faces all this. All is good or even the end of a point good about Gaza you do what he says and print is going here's the best that we have that of our job is what happens you know. Probably worth doing good and they can trust the luck of the sun too bad for not too long already just to all the harm committed. Not moving nobody can know because of the help and he will have read your teenage successful. Oh have you here or whether you think about. The promise of the day. I want to get. This into the people who are here. For well a book of them where you are here. And the book is out of a prayer book both of you who are here for a new car you have a who's here with you because I'm not of the birth of the 2 of the. Resurgence of the player in the gutter the scripture contests that is what you are. This is a letter on the procedure I want this is over for me because in your game plan I want you to see. Your with number. Where you. By the way I'm not one of those who do not passes of other things. You know there's another among them I'm going to than this person and the context purposes remember were rewarded with a book purpose. Driven Life. Well how I remember them I was I. When I was the making of the frenzy. He would have unleashed hell. I only with him for every U.K. at the time of the release and we had one further with our selves to this I'll soon enough a book published in juvenile. Court but one of us rather we were told I'm not one was being straight but he was wild and he mistook you logically in the book. They weapons other than the whole thing in the book to put in the great illogic in context and life I have purpose done did you look like. Nothing got in the fire has. Been. My money what are you going to sell. Each time. You leave she. You and she. You know who got the truck from the O.B. then you want to hide in the stuff. By the bomb class. Because you believe in what will say. And I think the changes were good because of this hour with his motivation. Was for the very same in all your life. As God to guide you to the past with all the possible the good is the very very basic lesson and of their own we will have heard what he believes and even our. It will be like to get. Your answer he will do with what. It will hold and I will push you know what you wish. There is an. Import of God What is it that we all do. It is a what is it that we are to do. Now and Here. Now he will you. Will you know you have a good morning he. Are you going on when you hit him. I want to do folk have entire environment All right. So the things. Are. Well good other. People are. Now. Today. And. It says. Now. For. I'll go back. And bore wiring to my knees in 2 years to move the one I could. And in the mood to. With her to reading up and you know why these new mom help and I. Saw a lot of them are how to lose he's. There to guide. What I've been going through the day. That this other crazy ideas who are going to live with his birth just today do. It lighter and he can. Really use us to move him up the band. I'm going to ask you that which is it is outside the hall. And slightly more on the left arm of the building was more always where and so all we're going to listen let me just pause here and. Yes it was sort of our and our turn to going through whether it was tested. And I have my mouth full. I was feeling things out and got a bit of that with him I will. Double slow in this and he should stand. By while he very I was not hallucinating I got him asking awful who's made here and I big God really is up the double for me that isn't. Coming. And some other one howling wolf and are you coming by one of them or the house more just another more or is more like. They did this thing to another that some of those things and you know the saying was look I can't use a time period with that goober it was with one of the trust in God and I knew he was. This hand and my responsibility is a good all the same. And the entire I can't you know I'm not one but I have the short and I really believe me and my life is more valuable now because I was ever so much won't see who the poor that person. You've never met Mrs like. You however said this is the new me as the good of. All who feel that god. In my. Life. For. The. One problem that I have with my shows now focus and use. The gold watch. The show you are guilty. We look for you in time when. We don't question yes. We will be your reason. Is a bit happy that we don't push you for. Son that we were the other Oh yes. When I don't look at who are better yet or why hadn't moved our mind that they. Were good immunity agreement even when it was. Really looking good. Our civil rights slow I wouldn't want to explore all over the place. They're not going to get is this scares me. Because and 100 Look I mean some of the blame they give the I'm going to hate Have I had the positive that it's all. Unlimited Yes. The question the one I do when you come back from this warren and I'm going to he says I have a solution and that's a good proxy. And this one looks just and you know who you are you have to and you have to now are some who are already in the whole place in god knows where there's some point where you know that he knows what happened in that part of the puzzle we have here the numbers involved in the group and you move into a plan you will think they've got that vision and team would help me close up shooting 100 in this group so we go home and exercising with him here. In the summer but you have to now are some part of the problem in Iraq they don't have a repertoire to Stockmann. It literally does one day and one thing which is you know. Because of that one thing they are. Solving. If you've got this is not working for you you have all of the pie. I'm trying not to my children how to palm and I'm not one of those passes when he is black to brown eyes ears. The problem had it came were printed out. I'm not. I tell him I'm here is how to be critical thinkers. And the problem I have my son who's never was an easy job. This in the in this of them. He has nastier ah ah. He got his eyes. Because. On. Earth your good food good number was. Really. Smart. You are. Both good and loves. Us immediately and he wanted your life. And he had. The human race for them and I have another thing about. That from the monkey business. And he's an homage to the. Worth of the V.A. If you are hooked her she would know at the National Medical Association how the who both. Were she not always yes he was. One of them hard for whom I was OUR she was reduced to this little do the doctor had all. She had to warm her whole house who grew the war as a. Over the only thing to offer she had she worth you know the good news is there was not. And there is are always more. And more there was always she lived there. With her user. Who were here care. Were saying here you know they were. Where you are. Now really you know as you want to do all. We have to show to each generation and this law. I have border rescue as. I personally have those are those that. Are Born caught. Up boarding to all other stuff because they live here. And remember that she's. One of a near I didn't go off. And. Dark up where we'll be in one. As another of those words I was. Doing one very. Good hearted. Bad. And good for. She's. Good. For you she. And I use. Now. To build a house and he was our. Boys and Girls. And. Our platform will give him a divorce. All. Media was produced by audio brick. By Avenue layman services and industry. If you would like to learn more in I.S.I. please W.W.I.. Or if you like the free online service. Or.


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