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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • May 11, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we've come to another time in the week where we sit together as a church family and worship of you father you have blessed us more than we deserve and it's because of your multitude blessings that we linger a little bit longer to receive yet another blessing from your word so Father we ask that you will take the message that you would take your word and apply it right in our hearts where it needs to be that we will leave here different because of our encounter with you thank you Father speak to us now we ask in Jesus name Amen. The Bible describes the Christian experience in many different ways sometimes the Bible describes it in the illustration of farming sometimes it uses the athletic pursuits as a way of illustrating the Christian walk building shepherding the illustrations are endless in the Bible that are used to describe the Christian experience. But these analogies as good as they are they are serving a purpose to help us understand different facets and different elements of our Christian walk but there is one way that the Bible describes our Christian walk our Christian experience that you will find throughout Scripture and that is using the illustration or the metaphor of war or sermon entitled this morning is war time war has ravaged this planet since the beginning of time we know that Satan made this thing come to pass many years or many much before you know sin even entered into the world the Bible tells us in Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 7 that there was more in heaven and of course there is where it all began and we can trace this history throughout Scripture from the beginning in the book of Genesis all the way through to Revelation there is this common theme or thread of constant warfare that is taking place Revelation Chapter 13 in verse 7 the Bible says and it was given unto him to make war with the saints during the time of religious persecution in the dark ages Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 17 The Bible says in the Dragon was wroth with the woman that is Satan he was angry with God's people and went to make war with the remnant overseed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ war is the theme that we find throughout Scripture but the good news this morning is that the Bible tells us what the result of this war is and perhaps my favorite passage in the Book of Revelation is Revelation 17 a verse 14 where the Bible says in the shall make war with the lamb and the land. Shall Overcome would you say amen So yes there is this theme of this constant theme of war throughout Scripture you will find that the Bible does not describe a war time part of life and a non wartime part of life the Bible simply describes that we are in a war and his book prevailing prayer Taylor Bunch says this Christians are not on a playground enjoying a picnic we are on a battlefield engaged in a fight to the finish it is an all out war we occupy a fortress not a pleasure house the sooner we grasp this understanding that we are living in a constant war the better soldiers I believe we will become as long as we continue going around as though there is no war taking place as though we live in a time of peace we will find that we will be defeated one time after another can you imagine what it would be like to have a civilian dropped in the middle of a chaotic battle how well would he fare not very well we are living in a war we are not civilians but we are soldiers in this war that we are fighting a war of a surrendering of our souls to gone that is a war that we must constantly find inspiration tells us this the Christian life is a battle and a March what is a Christian life. It's a battle of the March the warfare is on ceasing with earnest determined efforts we must constantly oppose the forces of the enemy we must want constantly it's a daily thing we do not get a break from this until we get to the kingdom of heaven sure we live in a country where we are free to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience and we are grateful for that but sometimes I wonder if that serves to lull us into a state of complacency in this war that we are fighting because we are no longer persecuted for our beliefs as it was in times past in fact as you look at the Bible you will find particularly in the writings of Paul writing to the young man Timothy he encourages him to view his whole life and his whole ministry in the context of war Listen to this 1st in the Chapter one Verse 18 the Bible says this charge I commit unto the son Timothy according to the prophecies we which went before on on the that down by them mightest war a good warfare and then in his 2nd letter to Timothy he says this chapter 2 in verse 4 no man that entangle it himself in the affairs of this life that he may please him who had chosen him to be a soldier like the way the E.S.B. translates this version it says or this verse it says No soldier in tangles himself in civilian pursuits. And then Paul is writing to Timothy as a soldier who is in warfare he says in 1st in the chapter 6 verse 12 fight the good fight of faith lay hold upon eternal things where on to the hour also called and has professed a good profession before many witnesses and then of course Paul tells us and secondly former 7 I have fought the good fight faith you see it throughout the writings of Paul especially writing to Timothy that we are engaged in a war that we are to view our life our ministry our existence here on this earth as an all out battle between us and the forces of evil but perhaps the greatest tragedy in my humble opinion is that there are many who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior who are defeated in this battle time and time again and in my understanding of scripture this not to be God wants us to experience victory uninterrupted victory one after the other but because of the constant stress and strain of the battle that we are raging people. There hold and their sight upon God and they end up doing things that they regret. Perhaps there are many answers to be found in Scripture as to how we can be successful in a war such as what the Bible describes but I would like to submit to you one thing and it's this if you knew that tomorrow that there was going to be World War 3 that the at the center of that war was going to be Muskegon Michigan how would that change your life today would it be business as usual would you go home the softer noon and put your feet up and take a nap. If you knew that World War 3 was going to be fought and that Muskegon Michigan was going to be at the epicenter of that war how would that change your life today if we trained it drastically wouldn't it your whole life would shift in just a moment the moment you found that out because you would want to be prepared to win that battle began to be fought tomorrow would you not now the reality of it is you know what I'm going with the reality of it is World War 3 has already started that war we're 3 started the small when you woke up and breathed You know that 1st breath as you woke up this morning and you had to make decisions whether or not you were going to commit your life to the Lord and start your day off with devotions in prayer whether or not you were going to come to church all of these decisions that war started at that very moment and every moment moment when we wake up we have to realize that we are at the epicenter of this cosmic battle that is taking place that the Bible describes to us and the decisions that we make today will prepare us to face that war and here in lies the problem why there is defeat in this battle comes from a lack of preparation we know that we're going to be in a battle we will prepare so that when the battle comes we might be successful in your bible studies and Chapter 6. This is perhaps the most familiar passage in all of Scripture on the concept of war and I take a look at it through a new lens today and also in our time together next week if he says Chapter 6 Paul is summarizing his a pistol to the church of ethicists he has given them a lot of advice up to this point and now he's making his concluding remarks as P.S. if you will to his letter. And he says this in verse 10 begins Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his muds put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places where 4 take until you the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand Paul in chapter 6 of the book of infusions he starts off by writing to children and parents about obedience he talks a little bit about. Servants and masters and how they are to treat one another but then he makes this concluding remark Finally my brethren and of course we understand that as Paul is writing here in the in the book of emphasis or the Book of the seasons. It's not him that is speaking but it is God that is speaking through him so God is talking to his children here and what is the 1st thing that God tells us children to do there in verse 10 he says finally my brethren what do the say be would be strong in the Lord the 1st thing that we are told to do is that we need to be strong in the Lord listen to me brothers sisters as we engage in this battle the strength has not come from within but the strength comes from above and I'm thankful for that little verse because oftentimes when we think about the armor of God we start we go straight to the different elements of the armor but before we even get to the armor Paul tells us to be strong in the Lord it's not in our own strength that we meet this battle but it's in the power and strength of the Lord now we also understand from scripture that whenever God gives us a command we instantly translate that in our mind into a promise because when God commands us to do something he also enables us to do that very thing and so when God says to be strong in the Lord in that command is a promise that I can tap in to the power and strength of God and of course we have that great promise in the book of Philippians step before verse 19 that I can do all things through Christ who would strengthens us so when we have the power and the strength of God when we attain that strength in that power that comes from above Scripture tells us that we are able to do all things including being victorious in this battle somebody else Amen to that now unfortunately we are faced with a battle such as this the Christian tendency is to become discouraged. I want to tell you something brothers and sisters we all are subsets susceptible to this so I am not preaching down at you we are all susceptible to discouragement but the scourge ment is not the power and strength of Jehovah. Discouragement is not the power and strength of Jehovah and if it's victory that we want in this battle then discouragement needs to be put to the side and the power of God needs to be claimed as ours Now it's interesting to me they we can be closed in all of the modern forms of war you can have most recent development of a bullet proof vest and have a fancy war helmet on we can have all of the modern. War tools guns whatever maybe we can have all of that stuff but if we do not have a powerful and courageous heart doesn't matter what we have on the outside they all with me you can have all of the fancy outfit of war but if you do not have a heart that is powerful and courageous when you are brought into that war you will flee as a coward especially a war such of the one that we need to fight facing the enemy that the Bible has described to us in Scripture so I find it interesting that before Paul even talks about armor he talks about having a courageous powerful heart where the power comes from God and not from within this is me carefully brothers and sisters before you can put on the armor of God You have to have the power of God in your life we have too many people that are clinging around in spiritual armor looking like they are soldiers but they do not have the power of God inside of their hearts and so when they're brought into the moment of conflict instead of being strong and courageous they crumble and become discouraged. So they look good everybody thinks they're OK They think there's a good soldier you know they've got all of their armor on but their hearts failed them because they don't have the power of God so before Paul even brings in the concept of armor he 1st says listen the power has to come from above not from within I want you to meditate on that in the book of 2nd Corinthians Paul tells us this he says that his strength God says that his strength is made perfect in our weakness right Paul says that when I am weak then I am is the direct opposite of what we think of when it comes to strength spiritually speaking but God tells us what he simply telling us in that passage of scripture is that a weak person who has submitted to the power and authority of God They have put their own self to the side their own strength to their side their own self. You know things that they've been able to achieve in their own power and strength they put all that to the side and they recognize their weakness then God can fill them with strength from above really what it boils down to is the surrender of our soul to God when we do that then God can fill us with strength and here's a passage for you to judge down in you know it's Psalms $138.00 verse 3 wonderful promise and i Phone in my study this past week the Bible tells us in the day when I cry though answer is me and strengthened me with strength in mind soul does God want to give you strength yes or no sure he does and we can pray the Bible tells us that David prayed here he prayed and asked God to give him strength and when God when he prayed that prayer God's strength in him to meet the forces of darkness 1st Paul tells us that we need to have a strong and courageous heart. Not one that we have developed but one that God has given us that is one of the one of what it means to be a soldier we have not even talked about putting on armor at this point a powerful strong and courageous heart that comes from above then Paul goes on and he gives us another command 1st he says. He says put on sorry 1st 10 he says Be strong in the Lord and then the 2nd command that he gives in verse 11 is to put on the whole armor of God Now I find it interesting neither one of these commands are suggestions. God is not suggesting that we do this he's giving us a direct command and as you know in this context of war and soldiers and battles and all that kind of context of this the general is giving us a command and we do not argue with the generals comment he says go in my strength and put my armor on and so we say OK it's not a suggestion it's something that God has commanded us to do for you and Harold May 25 1005 says this if we have on the heavenly armor if we have on what we shall find that the results of sorry that the assaults of the enemy will not have power over us what will happen when we have the armor of God on Satan will not be successful he will not triumph over us God's armor has been proven to be successful in keeping us safe and let me ask you question what kind of people wear armor soldiers right you see civilians with armor on. So by the fact the pulsing put on the armor of God He is assuming in that command that you are a blood a soldier he said it's just implied in the passage if you're putting on armor then you are a soldier and soldiers go through special training to be able to be successful in battle civilians and we carefully civilians have no right to be in the middle of war when a civilian gets into the middle of war there are casualties that happen God wants us to be prepared and so he calls us as soldiers to go forth to the battle properly clad to meet the enemy with $0.06 and I want you to also notice something else the Bible says put on the armor of God whose armor is it who says it's God's armor stuff my armor I forgive me for stating the obvious here but it's not my armor it's not your armor it's not the churches armor it's not a doctrinal to it's God's armor he bestows it he owns it he prepares it and he gives it to you it's gone armor and just like all of my righteousness is one filthy rags so any armor that I may will be poor when it comes to the time of battle and listen brothers as we all do this we all devise our little ways of trying to be successful when the hour of temptation comes we all come up with our little you know our little armor that we put on and it's unfortunately it's made out of cardboard but for some reason we cling to it God says listen I want to give you armor that's going to protect you say thanks but no thanks I'll keep my cardboard. And so we come up with our own armor and when we get into the fray of the battle we find that our armor is in adequate it's OK to have cardboard on if there's sticks that are being thrown but that's not the kind of battle we're waging here and when we put on our own armor what we find is that we actually become a casualty instead of being able to stand victorious it's so God tells us put on my armor put the cardboard to the side burn it get rid of it put manee armor on because my armor is sturdier and it is proven to be successful when the hour of battle come. So 2 things Paul tells us to do before we even engage in battle to go in the strength of the Lord to ask God to give us a strong courageous heart and to put on God's armor instead of our own oh why is all of this necessary news will Paul goes on to say in verse 12 Paul goes on he says this for we wrestle not against what we wrestle not against flesh and blood what is Paul saying there he's saying that the battle that we are fighting is not human right this is me carefully what Paul is telling us is that the battle we are fighting is not against ordinary people the people in your home are not the battle the people you work with are not the battle the people you go to church with are not the battle the people that are on the board they're not the battle we wrestle not against flesh and blood it's not a human battle that we are fighting we are fighting a spiritual war and behind those little annoyances that we have there is a great enemy who is pulling strings trying to get you mad. This in the carefully brothers sisters the battle to be fought is a battle of self and when you find yourself getting angry because of the way somebody is treating you it's not the person it's the devil causing you to get angry that's the battle it's the battle with self when you feel annoyed or offended it's not the person that is the battle but it's Satan who is tempting you to get like that that's the battle you see sometimes we think if this person was not in my life the my life would be much easier No the devil would find somebody else to use and even if you removed all of those people out of your life then you are your own worst enemy because then you would think oh I've made it I'm ready for translation come on in it let's walk up to heaven and see God allows these people to be brought in our life because it reveals character traits in our life that are not like Jesus the battle is with self it's not with people that's what Paul is saying here when he says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but then he goes on he says this. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against Prince apologies and powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places there's no way that you will be successful in fighting this battle with this enemy if you go with cardboard on so now Paul is trying to paint the picture he's trying to create the need if you will so he says put on the armor of God By the way let me tell you why you need the armor of God because you're not going to be wrestling with people who are going through sticks and stones that cardboard is OK for but you're going to be wrestling with this demonic power that is far more powerful than you could ever be that's why you need God's armor that's creating the need here the full we fight does not sleep and he does not weary he is constant in his attacks. Bible tells us he is a subtle enemy he's a powerful enemy and he is a spiritual enemy he's creating the need for the armor of God and then in verse 13 Paul says this wherefore or Therefore some translations say so because of this enemy that he has described in verse 12 he says therefore taken to you though what the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand so because this is the enemy you need this I find it interesting that Paul twice says put on the what how much not just some of it right he's saying listen don't go to battle without your helmet on don't forget to take your breast plate and your shield and your sword don't go there you know with just your sword in your hand but go there with your with what the whole on from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet if you're going to be successful in fighting this battle Don't be a half hearted Christian Don't be a lopsided Christian that you know excels in one area but it's deficient others but had this rounded Christianity experience where you take the whole armor of God so that you can be successful when you meet the enemy like the way the New Living Translation translates this verse I read this morning it says this therefore put on every piece of God's armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil then after the battle you shall be standing firm if you catch them as powerful after the battle when you shall be able to because you have what how much of it. So when we have all of the armor of God forgive me for repeating myself we have all the armor of God when the battle is done what will you be doing standing somebody else Amen to that to God Paul is making this very clear force if you want to be success where we are in a war time context the Bible does not describe a you know a a life of war and a non-life of war it is. The only time that peace is going to con is when we leave this earth of turmoil and go to heaven the place of peace. So between now and then we just have to keep this constant vigilance of the battle that is raging all around it's not going to read the rest of this passage just very quickly here we'll get into this morn our studies give the next week but Paul goes on a verse 14 Romans Chapter 6 verse 14 he says Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness and your feet John with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace and above all taking the shield of faith where we're with you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked and take the helmet of salvation and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God 6 things that Paul tells us to take truth righteousness peace faith salvation and the Word of God Now look at that list when you look at that list of 6 things Paul takes the things that we typically view as a blessing is salvation a blessing is face a faith a blessing is the Word of God a blessing he takes these things that we look at as a blessing and he puts them in a war time context. We are not blessed with these things just so we can be all happy because we are blessed we are blessed with these things because it's the very armor that we need to wear in the battle Amen. So Paul takes these things that we are used to thinking of as blessings and he inserts them into a wartime context God's truth his righteousness is peace is faith salvation the Word of God They have all been conscripted for use in battle and this is the way that we overcome in the day of battle so if we know the truth courting the Paul we need to wear it as a belt if we have righteousness we need to wear it as a breastplate if we cherish the gospel of pleat peace we need to put it on like shoes that a soldier wears if we have the faith if we rest in the faith in the promises of God then we need to fasten them to our arm as a shield if we enjoy salvation we need to secure it on our head as a helmet if we love the Word of God we must use it as a as a sword now I think we all believe this I think most of us could sit down and close our Bibles and if we did that we could probably all come up with the 6 different elements of the armor of God just from the top of our heads because we're familiar with what it looks like but we're not as familiar of what it feels like to have it on is there a difference there's a day I can I can identify machine gun I can identify a bullet proof vest I can identify a helmet I can identify all of these things that soldiers where I can identify most of them but I have no idea what it's like to use and have those things on and there's all the difference in the world you can identify it but you may not be successful in using it in the battle because you have not. And trained with it and so God is see we have in our Christian life we oftentimes have this theoretical experience where we know what righteousness is we know what the truth is we know what the Word of God is we know about peace we know these different things and we can go to our proof texts and we can prove them from the Word of God but do we know what it's like to use it in battle that's the difference it's one thing to be able to identify and prove it it's another thing to actually use it when the battle comes to put that shield up and to block the fiery darts of the enemy to have that blessed breastplate of righteousness covering you when the enemy attacks you it's another thing to use it when the battle comes and that's a policy telling us to do he doesn't say to just identify it don't say look at it he don't say just tell other people about it he says the what put it on put on the armor of God I think that our casual approach to life reveals that for many of us we think we're living in times of peace the way you view life. Whether it's in a wartime context or time of peace will affect you greatly in the outcome this in the carefully war changes everything right. There many of you here who had the ads and grandparents that fought in wars or war won World War 2 You've sat and listened to many of their stories the history has been I mean there are reams and reams and reams of books that are written about the history of World War 2 did that change America yes or no. The fact that we were in a war it affected the soldiers on the front lines and it affected the children at home who were being subject to the rations. It affected everybody because they were in a war our approach to life will reveal whether or not we think as Christians that we are living in a time of peace or we are living in a time of war because war changes our perspective during the time of war newspapers carry the headlines about what's going on with the troops on the front lines during the time of war family talk about their loved ones who are fighting on the front lines during the time of war families write and they pray for the safety they write to and they pray for the safety of those who are fighting during the time of war everyone is on a high alert we are all armed we are all vigilant and we all spend our money differently because it's war and the objective of war is to get to the time of Pete's right so if I as a Christian view my world that I am living in a time of war is that going to affect how I live my life absolutely is it going to affect my wallet is it going to affect how I use my time it's going to affect everything but if I view my life as a time of peace is that going to change my use of money sure because during a time of war your finances and your energy are used to get to the time of peace during a time of peace your finances and your energy is used to find comfort it changes your whole perspective we're living in a time of war or are we living in a time of peace very few people think that we are living in a time of war a war that is greater than World War 2. Enemy that we have to fight is greater then out of Hitler and into the other tyrants that tried to rule this world the war that we are fighting is not in some far off distant land in the Middle East over crude oil or anything else that we might see being piped down to us through the media the war that we are fighting today is happening right here in the United States of America it's happening in every city every town every state every county every home and every family the casualties in this war don't just lose an eye or an arm or leg or even their physical life but the casualties in this war have eternal consequences if you life as war or do you view it as peace in 1940 the US government can commission a boat to be built 80000000 dollar troop carrier the sole purpose was for this machine of war to move soldiers quickly from one part of the world to another part it was designed to carry 15000 troops during the time of war but unfortunately the ship the S S United States was not finished until 1952 which happened to be 7 years after World War 2. It could travel 10000 miles without stopping for fuel or supplies it could outrun any other ship at that time it could travel nonstop to any place in the world in less than 10 days it was the fastest most reliable ship in the world the only thing was is that the S S United States never saw combat it was put on standby during the Cuban missile crisis but it was never used to actually ended up. Becoming a luxury liner and instead of carrying 15000 troops to battle it just carried about 2000 people heads of state presidents celebrities banks from what I understand Bill Clinton traveled on it at one point there were 695 state rooms in the S. S. United States 4 dining saloons 4 bars 2 theaters 5 acres of open deck a heated swimming pool and the world's 1st fully air conditioned cab ship that had been designed for war have become a means of indulgence for the wealthy you know things look a lot different on a luxury liner than they do on a ship of war don't they the faces of the people look different the conversations that are being had are different the speed at which the boat travels is different and I believe that we can learn a lot from the history of the S S United States it is now it is now more to a dock in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and it is there rotting you know. The church is a lot like the S.S. United States that ship was built for war and God's Church is also built for war and I wonder sometimes we view God's church more as a luxury liner than when as we do a ship of war in battle and I want to tell you something this morning brothers and sisters as the way we view life. If you view life as a time of peace then you will expect from the church comfort and entertainment. If you view life as war you will view the Church as a means of the creeping you for that war it changes everything and I think the problem that we are facing here in North America and we do not have the corner market on this in the 7th heaven is church but is definitely affecting us is that Christians in general we think we are living in a time of peace and so the church has to become a place where we get our spiritual fix instead of our marching orders and when we're not properly entertained when we don't get our selfish needs fulfilled or if we have a little discrepancy with somebody at church we feel that we have not gotten out of the church what we rightfully deserve I pay my time I pay my offering I expect to get this it all affects the way we view life I think it's time for us as God's children for us to change the way we view the life that we are living Yes we live in a peaceful country but we are still at war and the church is not to entertain you the church is to equip you and it's because we think that the church is to an inner tain us that we don't come to prayer meeting on Wednesday nights we don't think of it as a time when we are to be equipped it's because we think the church is today there to entertain us that we don't come to Sabbath school on Sabbath morning because we think of it more as an entertainment rather than in the quipping and let me tell you brothers and sisters if you're a soldier that's going to war you will not miss out on a time to be equipped because you know your life depends on. And so is the way we view our life that will ultimately affect how we interact with the church how we interact with each other and whether or not we will be successful in the end it is time for us to see that we are living in a wartime context not in a time of peace now I'm going to conclude on this I don't oftentimes read a long quote but this is worth reading signs of the times of August 30th 1905 says this The idea that Christ's followers can be excused from the conflict meeting no trials and at all times enjoying the comforts and even the luxuries of life is a fatal mistake was a fatal mistake thinking that we shouldn't have to meet any trials or difficulties thinking that we deserve to live in a luxury of life. A fatal mistake for a Christian the Christian life is a battle in a March calling for aggressive warfare perseverance and in durance it is not a mimic battle in which we are engaged this is no make believe conflict we have most powerful adversary to meet those who serve under the bloodstain banner of Prince Emmanuel will be given a difficult work which will tax every power of being they will have painful trials to endure for Christ's sake they will have conflicts which will rend their souls but but if they are faithful soldiers they will say our light affliction which is but for a moment work it for us a far more exceeding any turn away to glory while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporal. But the things which are not seen are eternal I know the temptation is to think that was a very depressing sermon brothers and sisters I pray that you are encouraged to know 2 things number one that God is going to help you win this battle and number 2 the battle is going to come to an end the battle is going to come to an end and God soldiers who are fighting in this battle they have a laser beam focus on the prize that is at the end they don't strive for peace here on this earth they strive for peace in the kingdom of heaven they don't strive for temporal gain but they strive for eternal prosperity they don't strive to be comfortable here but they strive to take as many people with them to the kingdom of heaven as possible it's a difference in perspective I pray that you are encouraged by the fact of knowing that if we stand with Prince Emmanuel that as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus that we will be successful in this battle and that one day we will look into the face of our Savior and hear that voice well done the good and faithful servant it's time for us to be soldiers of Christ Amen not just sing about it not just talk about it but actually do it so tomorrow morning I want to encourage you as you get up in the morning open your Bible study fees and step to 6 in addition to whatever you do in your devotional time and say Lord please give me your power and please put your armor on me today Amen Let's pray for that Father in heaven we thank you lord that you have seen fit to invest in us as your children that you don't just drop us in the fray of the battle with no means of protection and of warding off the enemy but Lord you put us into the battle equipped and set up. To be able to stand when the battle is over how encouraging that is a father as we face the battle with self this next week please put your armor on us and help us to fight in the power and strength of God and not in our own cardboard armor father may we go from one victory to another in our walk with you and may you send your Holy Spirit to continue to show us the path of eternal life Lord we long for that day when the conflict will be over what a restful time it will be in the peaceful atmosphere of the kingdom of heaven we long for that. But until then. Yes teach us. What we ask it in Jesus. And this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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