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The Cost of Being a Medical Missionary Part 3

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • June 26, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Heavenly Father it's been such a blessing to hear from you from different speakers to be blessed with the Word of God in the music that Angels play we just we just put ourselves in your hands this morning asking that you would communicate with our hearts yet one more time we need you every moment of every day and we want to be able to sing to the people around us as well and so all of this combined we need you that's it thank you for being our God in Jesus name a man. OK morning by morning we've been meeting together looking at what it means to be a medical missionary this will be our last study on that topic I have 2 more talks this week but they're not going to be directly on the topic of medical missionary work but it is going to be so this morning and this morning I want to begin with a little quotation from councils on the health page 540 the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work implied in this is that it's possible to do medical missionary did to do medical work and to just deal with the body the physical ailments of a person and not concern ourselves as we ought with the spiritual aspects of the person's life our work is mostly a spiritual work in the physical is a blessing for sure that's what they need in many times we reach them in their hearts through the work we can do for their physical but the main goal of course is to touch their hearts with salvation in the full sense of the word now there's 3 reasons for that and we're going to look at them one by one reason number one I find in the councils on the health again page 324 sickness of the mind prevails everywhere tell me about it this is just amazing 9 tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here here is where in the mind that's what it says but you know you have to be careful about this thing this morning because it's not saying that when you have a disease that is just in your head I think very many times there are physicians who might want to tell you it's in your imagination it isn't true you don't have the disease it's in your head but it isn't so this is not what it's saying the disease that it's talking about here is real but the cause of the disease is fall. The thinking it is diseased imaginations and soul just in the last few years at least what I've gotten acquainted with C B T Do you know what that is cognitive behavioral therapy Well apparently it is possible to lie to ourselves right about ourselves to the point where we believe ourselves when we tell ourselves lives about ourselves and a lot of people go around telling themselves that they are no good they are worthless they're useless and on and on and on because they've made a few mistakes in their lives they go on with a long face until it destroys them in they become sick over this thing where you don't have to become sick by the way did you know that we are all sinners Oh yeah yeah there's a quotation and it's amazing to me this quotation I just heard I just learned it a few months ago is this is from the pen of Alan White by the way she says and I don't have the reference here sorry but you can get it from me when I find my Bible again. She says we continually sin before God That's what she says and the word we here includes yourself we continually sin before God That's why we need and everlasting intercessor on our behalf all the time because in our nature we continually sin before God all the time. Is it any wonder that some people will look at themselves and be totally discouraged with themselves and then tell themselves that they are worthless but it isn't true it isn't true and I can prove it because of the price that God paid to have us he doesn't think were worthless it's cost him everything and he wants us at that price and that value is imputed onto us that way so I had to turn with me to Proverbs Chapter 23. And we're going to look at just the 1st part of Verse 7 it's a verse that you know very well for as he think it is that is as a man thinks or as a person thinks in his heart so is he so there you are how we think very often the things we allow our minds to think about or to dwell upon it will create in us health or disease just that way positive thinking of course will produce positive results negative thinking will produce negative results as far as health is concerned so think positively already don't you think you have is there any reason to think positively if there is any reason at all in this world it should be found in this room don't you think if we as a people know our God then isn't that a positive thing and isn't he not a good God if we could see God as our friend is he yes he is why is there some people who look at God as an enemy or or has someone that's coming after them to punish them for one thing or another or day look at something negative that happens in their lives and all of a sudden is why is God treating me this way but God isn't treating us this way and whatever it is that comes our way all things work together for good to them that love the Lord isn't that true yes yes last night I had the opportunity with Amy to give a Bible study to 5 ladies is the drug rehabilitation place I don't know exactly what you call it. Yes. That's where it was oh we had a wonderful time but this is what we talked about I gave a Bible study on all things working together for good and told stories we had a fantastic time and the reason I do that is because that concept is wonderful it's amazing we have a God that is our friend and whatever the devil can throw at us he can take it and turn it to our advantage it's amazing think we don't have any reason to be pessimistic However there are plenty of pessimistic people and you can recognise them fairly easily so if we live with eternal realities in mind we have every reason to be optimistic but if we focus our sights on temporal realities well you live in a world that is very very very negative let me tell you if you spend any time listening to the news and I happen I don't know why but I happen to like to listen to the news and you know what I'm beginning to think that's nonsense I mean to listen to the news is just is just discouraging there's so much negativity in this world now it's true the Holy Spirit is being grieved away from the world and so because the Holy Spirit is being grieved away from the world the crimes are becoming worse and worse and more atrocious and his SO CRUEL out there that it's enough to discourage anyone if you focus there but just because the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the world he's not being withdrawn from me is he will hope not now and I have every reason to be positive and to quit the complaining and the criticizing in the moaning in the groaning because we have a living God We can't afford to have a sweet disposition and with a sweet disposition comes an increase of health in any case our health will reflect our state of mind. Now we don't want to be imbalanced there are other reasons for being sick of course and so if someone is sick Come on you don't don't go assuming that it's their state of mind but 9 tenths of the time it is just the same there's a doctor Swain. Harvard Medical School found that in many cases of arthritis there was either home trouble or malice in the heart or resentment or lack of forgiveness or something very very negative now of brothers and sisters listen the arthritis is real but the cause is from stress that's caused by home troubles or malice in the heart or resentment or lack of forgiveness or something negative in in the life the cause originated with the improper thinking or in the improper focus and so we need to learn to focus what is positive so does this Dr Swain would when he would get patients with arthritis he would refuse to deal with the problem right away 1st of all he would begin by giving them Bible studies before dealing with the disease when I was at Eden Valley I was that in value for 12 years as the president and I reserved to myself the privilege of speaking with a lifestyle guest for 45 minutes every morning doing a devotional with them what a tremendous blessing that was to me and I suspect I hope and I trust it and from what the experience I've had the it was a tremendous experience for them also I didn't focus on anything that was what would be the word confrontational. You know where we could do that we could just go right in tell them about all our distinctive doctrines which is contrary to what they believe and all the rest and cause them a whole pile of stress well these people are coming to us not feeling well to begin with there's no point adding stress to the situation but lord there's a lot more in the Bible then just doctrines right if we can approach the people with the promises of God then the faithfulness of God and the love of God and God Himself and Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. It has a huge huge impact on the lives I've seen it I've seen it over and over again now you would think in the lifestyle center to spend 45 minutes to an hour every day with the patients would be a lot of time they did not resent it I had an older gentleman come he was 85 years old and and he was dying he had cancer and most of the people who came to the valley had cancer and he was unhappy his daughter and his daughter's husband were there and they took me aside to confide in me soon after they had arrived to tell me that their father who was a professor at that Venice university did not have assurance of salvation and he was scared to death of dying because he didn't know whether he would be saved or not and so I spent of course every day 45 minutes doing a devotional with them and when I after I do this then I began to focus more and more heavily on the promises of God and the beauty of the justification that is in Christ Jesus that the work has fulfilled that Jesus has fulfilled that work for us in him self through the cross of Calvary that there is no reason not to have hope in Jesus Christ and on and on it went that way and it just took a few days and the man turned right around. And of course he did die he died while he was at Eden Valley and then the whole family came in one by one they would come to me to say thank you for giving their father hope that he had died so happy because he had the assurance of salvation is there power in the Gospel Oh there is power in the Gospel in the Gospel story for sure and of course this is something more than pointing people to a higher power like we do in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous now I have nothing to say against 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous I think they've done a tremendous work but we have a work that is greater than that to do and we can not only point to a higher power and you decide what that is no no the people who come to us have a need of a personal friend in God They need this personal friend to make personal promises to them individually they need to grasp his reality that his reality is for them and once you can establish that in the heart of an individual god loves you and he will deal with you individually he he wants you in the kingdom you know what does the Bible say I know the thoughts that I have towards you thoughts of peace and not of the evil of evil to give you and an expected end or a wonderful future God for every individual in this room has a wonderful future in mind for you and I you and I of course need to cooperate with this and trust the Lord and keep His commandments and stay within the bounds of that which will make us happy and if we do it's a wonderful future no matter how things look day by day as they develop among us. Now it's true of course that if I had appendicitis I would rather have a Christian physician to deal with it but let me tell you what I'd rather have a pagan physician or an atheist physician to deal with it if there's nobody else around rather than to have a burst appendix itis pending. And then die from it as a matter of fact it happened to me just 12 months ago June last year I was in Kazakhstan doing a camp meeting 33 sermons to preach after I got through 15 of the 33 sermons I began to feel something wrong I could I didn't know what it was and then I was up all night just suffering it was getting worse and worse and worse and by morning then there was a sharp pain in this corner and I knew exactly what it was and I thought I can't you know I have to deal with this is nothing I can do here I am in Kazakhstan and what am I going to do so I went to the leadership of that little institution and I said I got to go to the hospital so they brought me to the hospital and they dealt with it and they were Muslim people ha maybe they'll poison me. Being a Christian Well they didn't I think they did a good job actually in the end even though they did not have the advanced scientists scientific the last discoveries that we've done in America where you can do 3 little incisions is big and then work through them and you get to the problem no no I've got a huge thing in you no way it's still worked I'm alive I'm still here to this day it's a blessing they are. If my problem is caused by wrong thinking then people who think are wrong are not the ones who are there to help me. Can you see that I mean it's one thing for an A for a an atheist or a Muslim to take my appendix out is quite another thing if they have to deal with my mind in their Muslim or an atheist or a pagan then how can they help me they can't help me and this is the end that is the advantage that you and I have we have our in connection with God We are in connection with truth we have the Holy Scriptures and we have the Holy Spirit and we have the holy angels and he is willing they are willing to come to our aid and when we speak to people we're speaking truth whether we're speaking truth to power or to little people doesn't matter truth is wonderful and it has a healing aspect to it so we go to the 2nd reason why the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work in this is it if the diseases we face are purely physical Well friends we still need the lord it's not just a matter of dealing with it on a cursory level we cannot change ourselves can we and so if you have an ailment that is purely physical has nothing to do with your thinking still and all except for the grace of God we're going to perish we need the grace of God Can an Ethiopian change his skin that's a Bible verse right Jeremiah Chapter 23 verse 13 Can Can a leopard changes pot No neither can you who are accustomed to do evil do good you cannot you cannot change yourself I cannot change myself I think. Dr send the ball yesterday use the verse Romans 8 verse 7 and the carnal heart is not subject to the Law God neither indeed can be we cannot change ourselves and if we need to make any changes especially lifestyle changes then obviously we need God's grace in a to be able to do it. There was a Dr Wilhelm Rob He had that spelt our A B. Now I don't know if I said it right but we Dr Wilhelm Rob said this prevention of heart disease requires willpower Why do you suppose that is well because in order to deal with heart disease you've got a disease you've got to deal with lifestyle that's just the way it is something has to change in the lifestyle if you're going to do a good job of dealing with heart disease and so a person needs to eat differently exercise differently abstain from smoking all of these things he goes on to say as patients however we are generally more attracted to willpower than to to a pill power than to willpower is that true. So it is and so we have the pharmaceutical in industry fighting like mad to come up 1st with the next miracle pill in order to cure whatever but they don't cure anything what they do is they mask are the symptoms and then they give you a great side effects and then all that they're doing is trying to fill their pockets with a lot of money by the way do you know what it cost me in Kazakhstan to have to stay 3 days in the hospital they wanted me to stay 7 but I was preaching at a camp meeting and I had to get back to preaching so I was in the hospital 3 days had surgery in all that goes with it whether you think it cost me. $250.00. How much does it cost in America to have you suppose an appendectomy. But I don't know what it costs but I'd be surprised if it is anywhere shy of $330000.00 something like that right yeah now does that tell you something how is it that they're able in Kazakhstan to do it for $250.00 pay the doctor the any sleazy ologist and everyone else that's involved and give you a hospital stay and all the rest that goes with that how is it that they can do it and survive at $250.00. 33000 is the average There you go I wasn't very far yeah. Oh maybe it's more. Isn't that amazing so don't tell me there is not corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and in the ME in all the rest in me I mean in all the rest yeah the so the serpent came to Eve in the Garden of Eden and he said to he did God say that you should need from this tree then that if you eat from this tree you're surely going to die you shall not surely die that's what he said the 1st lie and the strong lie and so what he meant is go ahead you can smoke you can overeat you can drink you can do drugs you can watch bad T.V. you can under exercise we've got a pill for all of it and if you'll take this pill then the benefit you get is that you can indulge in the temptation and everything will be just fine is that true isn't it our job to expose that kind of lie yes that's the work of the true medical missionary the work of the true medical missionary is largely spiritual work our work is there so that we can open the eyes of the people to see what is truth wonderful thing 3rd reason. And maybe it's the most important reason of all if we love people enough to try to add 10 years to their lives what then do you suppose we would be willing to do if we knew that we were going to add a W1XW1CW years to their lives what do you think but we don't think that way do we are now we're focused on the here and now and we want to add 10 years to their lives and if we do we we feel pride in the our ability to achieve this thing and it's a wonderful thing and if we have not saved their souls what have we achieved it's amazing it's amazing to me you know I was going to say something that I decided not to. Our approach to life is not merely humanitarian work we're not human this using human resources to meet human needs we are Christian. We have the opportunity to use human resources in conjunction with divine resources in accomplishing the supernatural work as the Lord ever accomplished supernatural work through you. I have seen so many miracles it's just amazing it's just so wonderful to see it when God will do it so natural remedies will be accompanied by God's help to accomplish supernatural results in it's true it's true is very hard to understand you know when you come out of the world I came out of the world and you think you're going to give me some water therapy and I'm going to be healed of cancer doesn't make any sense at all it's just doesn't seem like it's just not reasonable It's like the children in the wilderness being asked to look at a brass serpent and say you're going to be healed if you look at this thing had doesn't make any sense at all but that's the beauty of a god in heaven what he says will work so he tells us use natural remedies and the natural remedies will work I was thinking of Stephen Grabner I don't think you mind if I tell you this story anyways Stephen Grabner if you know he's the president of O.C.I. and he has a liver disease which will eventually they say become cancerous just the type of disease he's a candidate for a liver transplant in any case the that's a problem well about a year or 2 years ago he began having high fevers huge fevers so he would go to the doctor the doctor would give him an. Antibiotics and the fever would go down for 3 days and then the fever would come back he would go back they would try a different type of antibiotic and the fever would be gone for a few days and then he would come back it would come back in 3 days and that's how it went over and over and over again and I took him aside and I said why don't you go to wild and just do some favorite therapy. Maybe maybe i should you know but but he went back to the doctors and more antibiotics and the same thing over and over again finally you know after months and months of going through this he went to Wildwood and spent something like a week or something and the fevers went away for something like 3 weeks. But he went and overextended themselves on a canoe trip or something like this and it came back and saw some doctors had been talking to him that if they did in. The you know antibiotics that this will do it for sure so off he goes doing it again and it didn't work any more any better than before and finally I'm on his case again it worked at at at Wildwood and it worked for 3 weeks and if you stayed with it go back for another week and then keep going back every week for a day or 2 for more and more treatments and it'll it'll handle the thing the Lord will promised you know and finally he did it. And it worked. You see how gracious the Lord is. Because the Lord say you don't believe in me any better now that you can just go back to your doctor. But the Lord is gracious The Lord is gracious and his and his MO Dalat is do work in spite of the fact that they don't make sense to us but they do work in ministry of healing page 398 the highest of all sciences is the science of soul saving Yeah yeah how does it compare with other sciences whether it's the highest. There's no higher science than that so put yourself in the young person's shoes now and you go you go to Southern University that's where I'm at I like Southern University I like a lot of the people that are there everything seems to be. Good I don't know exactly how to judge it I'm not there to be able to judge it anyway so you're a young person then you're going to go to Southern University and then you go to your guidance counselor and you say to the guidance counselor I want to be a medical missionary What do you suppose the guidance counselor will tell you well he'll say OK you can become an ophthalmologist you can become a dentist you can become an orthodontist you can become a general practitioner you can become a E B G Y N A chiropractor a nurse a physician's assistant a clinical officer surgeon and the list goes on and on and on and now now do you know that these medical degrees will provide you with all kinds of wonderful tools that you can work that you can use in the Lord's work oh it's true the tools are wonderful Yeah but it will never make you a medical missionary never is not meant to either in messages to young people Page 227 the secret of soul winning can be learned only from the great teacher from whom. From Jesus that's all it comes direct you can go to school and by the way I'm not trying to denigrate school here or education I'd love to have some of the tools that some of the people come back with after they've gone and paid $100000.00 and that's the part I don't like. By the way it's amazing but that's how it is you know we have a wonderful accountant at O.C.I. He's a young man he's only he's $32.00 and he's a great accountant great but he owes 80000 dollars Now we can't pay that kind of money he needs and he wants to get married so he's going to get married next year we can't pay him enough to stay with us it's a tragedy see huge tragedy as far as I'm concerned yeah so in turn with me to call our shins chapter 2. Chapter 2 beautiful verse any time I speak of true education this is my go to verse and this is my springboard verse of verse 3 this is cautions Chapter 2 we're looking at verse 3 talking about Jesus it says in whom are here all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge is that true where all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden then where do you suppose we should go to school well we should go to the school of Christ. 1st and foremost again that does not mean that we don't go to school in this world and we don't gain some tools by going there but friends if you don't go there this school is and you can go to your schools if you want me might make a great living while you're here in this world but what's the point where here is for such a short time I don't know if some of you have ever realized how short life is but when you get to be my age you just wonder where in the world time has gone has just all passed and I even have great grandchildren already it doesn't make any sense at all none yeah I was so there we go. Isaiah 50 verse 4. 50 verse 4 I I alluded to this yesterday so today I thought I'd read it it's wonderful because this is what it means to go to the school of Christ at least one aspect of it Isaiah 50 verse 4 and this is Jesus speaking you know those of you who know your Bibles Well you know this verse Jesus says the Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary he wakens morning by morning he wakings my near here as the learned. What an experience that is to be awakened in the morning and to be guided by God for the day and to be told what to do do you know and if you meet a person on the street and you want to witness to that person you may have a set speech that you're going to give but how do you know of that set speech was going is going to touch their souls at all. I mean how do you know to say the right thing at the right time in the right spirit how can you know you can't know and we can't just have one speech that we give to everyone we might hit 102 if we've talked to 100 people that it touches their heart in some way but do you know that but the Spirit of God we could touch every heart because we could be guided by the Holy Spirit and we could say the right thing at just the right time in just the right spirit so as to as to lead that individual to see something they've never seen before what a blessing Well this is what Jesus was doing so that leads us to the question does God communicate with you. Yeah I was I hope so anyway but you know that everyone in the world has that experience and I I would suspect not everyone in this room has that experience we want to be communicated to by God don't we and what an experience we need to have and so Jesus morning by morning would go to talk to his father he didn't know or I think he didn't know what he was to meet during that day but his father was organizing life around him he had divine appointments here and there and the father would put in his heart and in his mind what it is that he was going to say and what he was going to do during the day I'm going to finish off with. Thinking about Jacob This is patriarchs and prophets 1778. And so I'm reading from the Spirit of Prophecy in this talking about Jacob and Ellen White says this he was thoughtful diligent care taking ever thinking more of the future than the present content to be at home occupied with his flocks in the soil he was patient and persevering interest the end foresightful he was affectionate and gentle ladies if you had a daughter wouldn't you mind would you mind to have this man to marry her. I mean while he was an amazing young man right compared to his brother who was rough and ready in every circumstance and love hunting in all or in living wildly goes on to say same quotation he was filled with UN missed unspeakable desire for the privileges which the birthright would confer he wanted the right thing God had promised it to him right from birth that the older would serve the younger Jacob being the younger would be the one to gain the birthright even though that was contrary to custom in those days and he wanted it he wanted it more than anything else the spiritual birthright was the object of his longing here were the privileges and honors that kindled his Moats most ardent desires and while he thus esteemed eternal above temporal blessings Jacob had not an experimental knowledge of the Lord God whom he revered his heart had not been renewed by divine grace in other words he was religious he had the right desires but he was not born again isn't that amazing and he was super nice and how deceptive is that it was enough to deceive his own mind right isn't that interesting. Yeah and so consequently because he desired to have the birthright and the blessing and everything else and these things were good and he was a good boy and all the rest he ended up cheating his brother out of the birthright he ended up conniving with his mother to lie to his father and then steal the blessing and then of course he was 20 years away from home never saw his mother again well why did he do it that way I mean it didn't make any sense God had promised him the birth right it was here is he but he just couldn't wait he thought he had to do whatever it took to get it now it's it's OK to do everything you can to get what God has promised outside of sinning and that's was the problem with Jacob he resorted to sin in order to get God's blessing why doesn't work very well. And so he got he got you had a terrible life for some time in the way but 20 years later by the book Jack you remember he encountered Jesus when He knew that he had Jesus within his grasp but did he say I will not let you go except you convert me that was the intent of it and so he needed a miracle and friends this is what I'm trying to say this morning we need him a miracle we need to invest our energies our prayers our time in getting for that miracle the 7th Day Adventist Church has been here for 175 years give or take since 844 the Lord intended to purify to himself a people so that in the end this people would in lighting the whole world with the glory of his character in them. Why are we still here 175 years later we've only managed to replicate ourselves over and over and over again replicating the lay of the scene lukewarmness that is the very thing we need to shed ourselves. On to think yes we need to invest in the miracle one of these days there's going to be a people maybe there are already are people who is pleading with God with agonizing cries for the miracle that they need the new heart that they need this is what we want as a church we're going to have to do something different somewhere along the way and so for by way of review here there's 3 things that the Lord expects from us because 9 tenths of all disease originates in the mind wrong thinking Secondly even if the illnesses are purely physical still the people need the grace of God to get past this thing and thirdly it isn't enough to extend people's lives for 10 years we want them to live forever don't you think oh yes Shall we stand Heavenly Father. Thank you for being with us again one more time for the Word of God and for the concepts that comes from the Bible and for the insights that we can have into True Living Lord we want to be true Christians forgive us that we have not been all that we could be and we asked and now you would give us a new heart in the fullest sense of the word that we may be SOL winners and we thank you in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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