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Every Wind of Doctrine Part 2

Mark Finley


Prerequisites for receiving the Holy Spirit.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 27, 2019
    7:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for the opportunity again tonight to share your word thank you for these wonderful treatments that bring health and healing to our bodies we know that these treatments are simply a vehicle that the Holy Spirit uses that it's not water that cures us or of diet or herbs it's not exercise or rest these are mode Dalla to use that God uses that God is the great healer but we cooperate with him when we enter into these natural mode Dalat he is of healing and so we thank you that you can use these simple remedies now tonight bless our meeting in Jesus name man. You remember this week there we are discussing restoration in the image of God we've been pointing out all week that. C.N.N. is leads us to have a broken relationship with God and that separation from God leads to sickness suffering heartache and disease we noted last night that God has raised up the 7th Day Adventist Church to proclaim his last day message to the world and that message is founded Revelation 146 to 12 although we will not delve deeply into the 2nd angel's message tonight we'll be mentioning that as we go along but tonight we're going to look at the power that the 1st angels message will be carried with by to the world going to study particularly tonight the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain and loud cry we want to look at the prerequisites that it takes for the latter rain to be poured out how each one of us can receive abundant the abundance of the spirit we want to look at also some false ideas about the Holy Spirit also much more about that on Sabbath morning but I do want to look at the contrast between genuine revival and false revival So we're going to begin by taking a look at the promised revival I've read a fascinating story a number of years ago a lady called her insurance agent and she seemed rather agitated on the phone and she said I need to talk immediately to my insurance agent the secretary passed the phone to the insurance agent and the lady said I need to increase the insurance on my house immediately the insurance agent said look I have a mountain of things to do but I will be there tomorrow and we can discuss what you need we'll take a look at the square footage of your house we'll take a look at the needs that you have and I'm happy to do it she said no tomorrow will not do we have I have to increase the insurer. In my house today he said Look lady I will come tomorrow she continued to assist be quite insistent and he became more frustrated on the phone and then she said Mr you don't understand my house is on fire I have to increase my coverage now. She had waited too long and there are many people that say well when when I hear certain events take place at that point I get serious about my faith get serious about prayer and get serious about Bible study and at the end at that moment I will prepare for the coming of Christ but the coming of Christ the best way to be ready is to get ready and to stay ready for the coming of Christ the latter rain does not fall upon the church until the early rain has already fallen and if we fail to receive the early rain and don't understand the prerequisites for the minute for the being filled with the spirit today will not be participants in the reception of the Latter Rain So let's go back and take a look at the promise of the spirit in the 1st century try to discover what criteria. Took place then too for the early disciples you recall that in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 Jesus said let's read it together but do you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem in all Judea and some area and to the end of the earth no notice the power of the Holy Spirit would enable the disciples to be mighty witnesses in Jerusalem their neighboring areas some area of the next Prague province Judea the northern part of Israel Samarium and to the ends of the earth you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you without the power of the Holy Spirit little Sipos would have been powerless to reach the world. 120 disciples met that day in the upper room and they saw God There are approximately 60000000 people living in the Roman Empire at the time so if you take 120 disciples and there's 60000000 people living in the Roman Empire that sort of ratio of 12500000 now today there there is one 7th Day Adventists in the world for every 292 people one advantage for every 292 people but in the days of the Apostles there was one Christian approximately there could have been more P. side the disciples had met in the upper room but just for a purse back to if there was about 125-250-0000 the Holy Spirit was poured out in dramatic fashion they began with 120 in the upper room and by the end of that day when the on the end of the Day of Pentecost there were over 3000 that were baptized the next chapter 2 by Acts Chapter 4 there were another 5000 men that were baptized by Acts 4 you have at least 12000 when you begin to look throughout the book of Acts Cornelius is comes to Christ in his baptized a Roman centurion of the Italian band the Ethiopian eunuch his baptized takes the gospel to Africa churches are planted there are tens of thousands baptized by the end of the the 1st century there are 1000000 Christians in the empire according to most sociologists of Christianity so the ratio now is one to 60 not 12500000 when the Holy Spirit is poured out what the church would takes what it would be impossible for the church to do the Holy Spirit is poured out and God does something remarkable as the disciples prayed as they confess their sins as they sought God for power to proclaim His Grace the flood gates of heaven opened in the reign of the Spirit poured down. Upon them notice what the Bible says this was not one or 2 people that were filled with the Holy Spirit the Bible says they were what's the next word all filled with the Holy Spirit today we see some gentle showers of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit but there will come a time when God's faithful believe this will all be filled with the Holy Spirit they were all filled with the Holy Spirit began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave the moderates don't let that kind of thing that expression other tongues confusion you the Greek word there is. Other languages so the gift of tongues in the New Testament was the gift of real languages that allowed the disciples to proclaim the gospel they had never understood the those languages before now incidentally in the book of Acts of the Apostles when White says that the gift of real languages that was given to these disciples was not a gift that was taken away so that any place they went they were able to proclaim the gospel in the language of the people where they went so the gift of real languages that was given why was that gift of real languages necessary I want to show you something interesting take your Bible and turn to accept or to. Hear in Acts chapter 2 Your understand the significance God is a divine strategist what is God everybody a divine strategist It was the feast of Pentecost So Jews came throughout from throughout Europe they came from as far away as Rome there were 3 feasts that every Jewish male had to attend when they were held in Jerusalem one of them was the feast of Pentecost and so they came from Europe. They came from Asia they came from Africa Now notice what the text says here ve X. 2 Verse 3 and onwards now there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven now that could trouble you a little bit because when you look at the number of the nations there are only about a dozen listed there and there was nobody from China so the skeptics of the Bible begin to argue about oh there wasn't people from every nation under heaven here but from every known nation that the disciples knew about every nation under heaven within the realm of their understanding they were there and the people who came there had the capacity to take the Gospel to every nation so we go on and when this sound occurred the MOTU came together they were confused because everyone heard them speak in his own language how many of you here today speak more than one language can I see your hands OK How many here today your mother tongue is not English your mother tongue is not English OK I would guess your mother tongue is Romanian Is that true so you understand what I'm saying in English but there still may be occasionally some words that I speak that you look at one another say translate that for me do you speak in English or Romanian at home. You speak both OK So if your mother tongue is not Hebrew which these Jews coming to the day of Pentecost they would have spoken Hebrew they would have had worship in Hebrew but if your mother tongue is an African dialect how do you feel when you hear your mother tongue spoken How do you feel when you hear Romanian or Spanish or your mother tone so they came understanding Hebrew but God broke the language barrier to demonstrate the veracity and truthfulness of the gospel and he let the disciples speak the languages which they had never learned before so that the those would be impressed with the truthfulness of the gospel now you see some interesting things here it says verse 7 then they were all amazed and marveled saying to one another look are not all these who speak Galileans I mean these are Jews there galleons but their speaking our language is so that attracted their attention but who were these people how is it that we hear each in our own language that we were born Parthians Medes and Ila might swear words Parthenia media knew a might that's all in part of the areas of Iran and Iraq that's those areas today joining a Mesopotamia where is that part of Iran Iraq but part of Turkey Judea of course that's Israel capital C. it is turkey Pontus and then in Asia so their people came from Asia pergi a pimp Ilya that's a Southwest Turkey Egypt that came from Africa parts of Libya and adjoining Sareen they came from Africa they came from Rome there were Jews and proselytes So when you look at this very carefully and you begin to analyze where these people came from they came from Asia we don't know how far in Asia there could have been somebody from China I don't know but they certainly came from Asia they came from Europe they came from. The African continent and the Bible says that the Holy Spirit came down in possessed these disciples that you've come to pass in the last days so what happened in actually Chapter 2 is merely a micro cause of them of what God is going to do in the last days of various history once again the Holy Spirit will be poured out it shall come to pass in the last days pour out my Spirit on what does it say there of flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesied your young men shall see visions your old men shall dream dreams God has no respect to gender no experience going to be poured out without measure on your sons and daughters male and female god is no respect of age or Holy Spirit's going to be poured out without measure on the young in the old God has no respect of social status the Holy Spirit's going to be poured out without measure and men servants made servants the promise of God is that as the church has faithfully witnessed down through the ages as we have shared Jesus says personal witness has taken place his Bible studies have been given as evangelists to meet is that been held as publications have been printed and given out as we've had our radio and T.V. programs as we've had our health institutions all of that is going to come to one glorious climax and end it when the Holy Spirit has been poured out God is going to move so powerfully beyond what we can imagine the Holy Spirit will be poured out in Pentecostal power Pentecost will be repeated again notice read it with me the lapse of time what's that mean the lapse of time was that. The passing of time the delay the lapse we going to start reading to get those lapse of time has wrought no change in Christ parting promise to send the Holy Spirit as his. It is it is not because of any restriction on the part of God that the riches of His Grace do not flow worth wood to men if the fulfillment of the promise is not seen as it might be it is because the promise is not appreciated as it should be if Paul were willing Oh all would be filled with the spirit where ever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter little thought of there is spiritual drop spiritual darkness spiritual declension and death the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the Church and which would bring all other blessings in its train is lacking though offered in infinite pointed to is God just as willing to pour out His Holy Spirit in the latter rain power in the church today as he was 2000 years ago. Is that power still available for the church today does God long to pour out the power of the Holy Spirit for the finishing of his work indeed he does Revelation Chapter 18 verse one predicts that that will take place after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority that's the Latter Rain power the latter rain comes the earth was alumina aided with His glory that is the character of God and he cried mightily with a loud voice that's the loud cry so the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain gives power for the finishing of God's work on earth listen as I read testimonies to ministers 392 evil had been accumulating for centuries and could only be restrained by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit the 3rd person of the Godhead I should pause there just for a moment. There and we'll talk more about this Sabbath morning but there is an anti Trinitarian movement that is rocking and dividing 7th Day Adventist churches and I'm here to tell you tonight it's not biblical number one number 2 it's not in harmony with the tenor of the writings of L. and white the writings of Ellen White a very clear that the 3rd Person of the Godhead is the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit is a divine person and you know when you read these statements like where she says the 3rd Person of the Godhead I've talked to these anti Trinitarian people here's what they'll say oh that was that was added in she didn't write that when you go back to the white state and I can show you the original manuscript in her handwriting where she wrote it so you know that's one advantage of being there at the white state and I can show you not one statement but 30 statements from 868 and on to 19 hundreds so this was not something that was written and added in after not at all it starts at 860 it that's another topic a bit and I get off I'm back on the Holy Spirit now evil had been accumulating for centuries and could only be restrained by what the mighty power of what everybody. And what is the Holy Spirit. Who would come with no modified energy but in the fullness of divine power I long for that don't you for the Holy Spirit to come in the fullness of divine power we long for this last day revival Now here's what X. predicts the Holy Spirit will be poured out in full power the gospel are spread quickly around the world multitude So respond to the preaching of God's word. Thousands of share the words of life with their neighbors and find responsive hearts waiting to receive the truth I love that old song by you Leno wins Borton I remember in the early 1970 S. see. You lean in her family were at Wildwood I remember when she wrote this song for elder frizzy to preach I was sitting in the audience my heart was so moved it's Pastor frizzy out of Rizzi preached and you lean get up and saying the Savior is longing His Spirit to show as mighty in power as days so long ago but Hearts must be open and emptied of sin revival is needed with the. Lord center if I feel and let it begin with me fill me I pray take all self away that others that I beauty may see cleanse me blessid savior Oh Lord hear my heartfelt plea send a revival from heaven and let it begin with me you lean had it right the theology of the song is right you know so many people say if the General Conference would only do this. If my church would only do this revival always begins with one man and one woman if your family's going to be revived it's because there's a revival in your heart it's because the Spirit of God has broken your heart it's because the Spirit of God has filled your life if revival is going to come to a local church it's because there are men and women personally experienced revive. If revival is going to come to your conference it's because churches and people are seeking God and praying if revival is going to come to the world it's not a corporate revival or an institutional revival it's a personal revival with men and women whose hearts are open and broken seeking God Now one of the prerequisites for receiving the lottery if we look at the Book of Acts What are the prerequisites for the reception of the law to reign we find them there in the book of Acts the 1st rip prerequisite to receive the Holy Spirit is God Now notice what Scripture says Zechariah $101.00 let's talk let's read it together ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain are we living on the knife edge of eternity are we living in the toenails of Daniel's image we've had Babilon meat of Persia Greece and Rome the breakup of the Roman Empire has occurred there have been attempts to unite the Roman Empire we are living in the toenails of Daniel's image are the signs of the times in Matthew chapter $24.00 being fulfilled all around us are they do we see those is the gospel going to the ends of the earth through radio television Internet in unique ways today do we need the power of the Latter Rain to see the fulfillment of God's promise is this the time of the lottery Now if there is a Latter Rain What does that imply there must have been what an early rain god is taking a picture from agriculture if you have your Bible turned to James the 5th chapter James the 5th chapter. And here are the 4th chapter we're going to look at a symbol in the book of James and here we need to do understand a little bit about the early rain and if one does not understand the early rain it will be very difficult to understand the latter rain it is James Chapter 5 verse 7 and onward James Chapter 5 verse 7 and onward therefore be patient brethren in till the coming of the Lord is the 7th Day Adventist Church has been proclaiming the message of the return of Jesus since 844. Growing out of the mill right movement God raised up a divine movement of destiny and here James speaks to us as well as the early Christians who've looked forward to the coming of Christ for 2000 years therefore be patient brothers and sisters until the coming of the Lord see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth waiting patiently for it until he receives the early and the latter rain so here we have this idea of the early and latter rain linked together now it is for the agricultural system cycle is different than here I have heard some people say well the early rain was poured out in the spring and Latter Rain in the fall not so that's not the way it happens in Israel in Israel the early rain tends to come in the fall because that's when the grain is planted so grain is planted in the fall October issue late September October issue early November there are a gentle rains that fall in the fall and those rains in Israel were germinate the seed that they would cause the stock to grow and produce the plant and produce the grain in the for all the early rather in the springtime about April time starting in April harvest in Israel goes for about April to mid July some crops are harvested in August in early September but the grain crop a to cure what this is talking about is in July and the latter rains would begin to fall in the in the in the spring time to bring that crop to maturity and harvest so you have both the early rain and the latter rain I've heard people on their knees praying like this oh Lord we need your Holy Spirit Oh Lord give me the spirit let's talk a little bit about the Holy Spirit. Can anybody come to Christ without the Holy Spirit so the Holy Spirit convicts us and leads us to Jesus can we grow in Christian grace without the Holy Spirit not at all so the Holy Spirit is is the 3rd person of the Godhead that is unable ing us to grow in grace as we pray enabling us to grow in grace as we read the Word of God So when we pray for the Holy Spirit It's not like I don't have any of the Spirit but so I'm trying to seek God to receive something I do not have. When I'm praying for the Holy Spirit I recognize that what God has already done in my life through His Spirit is insufficient for the task that he's given me so I'm seeking more of the spirit I'm asking now for the latter rain power to come into my life to filming with His grace in his mercy notice what it says in review and herald March to and this was a reprint that came actually in 1987 it was from a letter that Ellen White wrote she said Do not rest satisfied that in the ordinary course of the season the rain will fall ask for it we must seek his favors with our whole heart if the showers of grace are to come to us so we are not saying God I don't have any of the spirit were saying God thank you so much for for converting my heart 3 Holy Spirit thank you for for guiding me when I study the word through your spirit but Lord I know. That I need further development in your Grace Lord give me more of your spirit Lord as the deer pants for the water broke so I my heart pants for you who are to revive my heart through your spirit Lord touch me through your Grace Lord fill me with Latter Rain power notice what are a Tory a great revivalist of another century said we are too busy to pray and so we're too busy to have power we have a great deal of activity but we accomplish little we have many services but few conversions much machinery but few results why because our hearts are broken with God seeking Him through prayer asking him to fill our lives with his spirit Well the 2nd prerequisites of the 1st prerequisite of receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and greater drafts of the Spirit in your own life the 1st prerequisite is asking for the spirit I love what it says in Luke Chapter 11 Jesus says if you then being evil not to give give good gifts to your children how much more how much are Will he give the what Holy Spirit to him that does what asks Are you seeking God daily for the abundance of the Holy Spirit in your life do you have little groups meeting in your church on Sabbath morning praying that the Holy Spirit will come down on the preacher praying that God will bring people to the church are you seeking God with another person for the moving of the Spirit in your life the 2nd prerequisite is an on divided heart you know when God is a group of people whose main desire is to please him he'll pour out His Spirit in abundance what is an undivided heart and undivided heart is a heart that says God All I want in my life is to please you you remember at Jesus' baptism. Jesus walked into the water at baptism to begin his 3 and a half year ministry and the father spoke from heaven Luke 3 verse 22 you are my beloved Son in whom. The father was pleased with the son because the son made a decision to did nothing else that wouldn't in his life to do nothing in his life that wouldn't please The Father read John 8 verse 29 with me and he who sent Me is with me the father has not left me alone for I always do those things that please Him Jesus made the eternal decision that in his life there was one thing that mattered what pleased to God If you settle that issue in your life you solve a 1000 difficulties because you say God I'm not fighting with you anymore I'm not battling with you anymore all I want to know God is what pleases you and if you reveal to me what pleases you I want to do that in fact you remember when Jesus came to get 70 there as he knelt with guests get 70 and I remember a sermon that Elder frizzy preach and here is the title of the sermon the problem that solves all problems. The problem that solves all problems you know what the problem that solves all problems is it's the issue of the will it's the issue of the will see the will as the governing power in the nature of man that brings all of the Faculties under its way once your will is totally surrendered to Christ that solves a 1000 problems in the Christian life because you don't have to sit in front of some T.V. screen and say Should I watch this or not all you do is get on your knees and say God is this your will and play honest with God play honest with God you know if it's his will enough you to watch that thing you know and it solves a 1000 problems in the spiritual life when you get on your knees and say look my will is consecrated to God All I want to know is what God wants you remember Jesus is praying and get 70 and do you think Jesus was singing the doxology and get 70 praise God for more blessings flow he was thinking about the cross and he said if it's possible let this what cup pass from me he said if it's possible what was the cup the cup of suffering the cup of pain the cup of agony the cup of guilt in condemnation that he would bear on the cross but he said not as I will but as you will Jesus hung on Calvary's cross not so we would not have to bear a cross but so we would have the courage and the strength to carry the crosses that he has given us in life and what is a prerequisite for the reception of the Latter Rain the finishing of God's work and getting off this planet a group of people who want nothing more than to please Jesus and want nothing more than to do is will the group of people who are connected with the source of divine power and who recognize that power comes from him did you see that story some time ago lady bought a new refrigerator stacked it with. All of the juices and fruits. Came back to one of the little the. Cation came back a few days later in the things were moldy and green and she said I just paid quite a fancy some for this new refrigerator cold repairman he found out that she had forgotten to plug it in. Does it make a difference whether you are connected to the source of power or not. You cannot produce the fruits of the Spirit unless you're connected to the source of divine or an undivided heart seeking God see spiritual power comes when you're connected to a source of unlimited power I love that statement you can find it in steps to Christ which you also find in testimonies there is no limit to the usefulness how much limit everybody. No limit to what the usefulness of the one who puts putting self aside what's another name for putting self aside an undivided heart a desire to please God The surrendering my will to him there is no limit how do you define No Limit how do you define no limit. Without End OK No Limit is no limit because if there was a limit it would be no limit OK there is no limit to the usefulness of the one putting self aside makes room for the work of the Holy Spirit upon his art and lives a life what holy consecrated to good God wants to do something with your life that's incredible God wants to do something with your life it's absolutely amazing when we come and seek the Holy Spirit of God pours it out in our lives as we seek Him and pray as we come with an undivided heart and say Lord I've settled that issue all you I want to do is please you all I want to do is have my will one with your will now every test we have is an opportunity to discover what's in our hearts there is a passage here in the book of Hebrews take your Bible and turn to Hebrews the 12 chapter every test we thinks. Here is a test to find out what is in our hearts if it's not in our heart it's not going to come out of our heart and here is the biblical evidence of that Hebrews the 12th chapter and you're looking there at the 15th verse Heber's 12 verse 15 every test that God gives to us is to find out what's in our heart if if you are tempted by worldly amusement that's because the love Muse ment is in your heart if you are tempted to have 3 scoops of ice cream Nandi going on 2 pieces of apple pie each day for dessert and the apple pie is half sugar and you crave that that tells you what's in your heart the love of appetite if you want to watch some videos that are risque there's lust in your heart it tells you that if somebody makes you angry they make you angry anger was already in your heart look here is the biblical evidence of that Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 15 looking what's the next word looking what what's diligently What's that mean. Yeah looking yeah looking earnestly looking carefully looking at diligently lest anyone fall short of the grace of God Lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many be defiled roots produce shoots and shoots produce fruits. Roots produce shoots and shoots produce fruits so if there is a root of bitterness in your heart that is going to produce this shoot of anger and that's going to produce the fruit of broken relationships so if you have in your heart the root of an uncontrolled appetite that will produce the chute of overeating which will produce the fruit of could produce the fruit of corny art disease obesity whatever if you have the. Root of lust in your heart that will produce the food being obsessed with magazines and videos etc that will produce the fruit of broken relationships and so what Jesus is saying here is if you want to be have the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life diligently into your heart for those roots that have their tentacles way down there and say God I don't want anything but your will seek God in on your knees saying God I don't want one thing to to separate me from you I want to do what pleases you and when you have a test and you see something come out of your heart you can say Lord I never knew that that route was there that produced the chute thank you for telling me that I've been critical of another person therefore that it is not the problem of the other person but it's in my heart and what I want to deal with that I want to weed out those chutes now the 3rd prerequisite for the reception the Holy Spirit saturating our minds with the Word of God. False revival is always based on emotion genuine revival is always based on the word as we shall see the same Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible inspires us as we read it the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is not going to be poured out on a church with men and women who have instant devotions and men and women whose minds are not saturated with the Word of God Notice John 6 verse $3363.00 the words that I speak to you are what spirit and their life what does that mean it means their spiritual words that produce a spiritual fruit in your life their life what does that mean they are life changing their life giving in the foundation of all the authentic genuine revival is in God's Word can I be very open with you and honest with you one of my big concerns today with what's taking place in the church is the desire for an instant religion and a drift away from God's Word I preach to thousands and thousands of people around the world I just came from 5 camp meetings preached at Michigan preaching Pennsylvania preached at Indiana preach in New Jersey and then we came here and so I preach to thousands of people and here's what I notice Adventists used to be known as the people of the book but very very we are drifting from that which today where the people of the T.V. screen many Adventists get their religious experience from 3 B.N. hope Channel etc I praise God for 3 A.B.N. it's praise God for hope you know but I will tell you something if Hope chin or 3 A.B.N. become the major source of your spiritual experience you're going to have a weak superficial spiritual experience there is something that takes place as we open the Word of God. And I have an encounter with the living Christ in whose word it is a life transformation when it comes to the foundation of all genuine revival is God's word no notice Psalms 119 verse 25 read it with me my soul clings to the dust revive me according to your word so when my soul clings to the dust oh my revive according to David according to is what word next text someone 19 verse 28 my soul melts from heaviness when you depressed and discouraged you need revival strengthen me according to what your word some 119 verse 81 my soul things for yourself they should but I do what hope in your word some 119 verse 154 plead my cause and redeem me revive me according to your word there never has been a genuine revival in the history of the world since the time of Christ unless the Word of God is profound has been the foundation of that take the middle ages the world A.N.Z. is poured their minds over the Word of God and brought Revival you take Huss Jerome Guth or swindling Calvin you take the John Wesley all these revivals are based on the Word of God And what about the early had been movement is a revival based way or directly on the Word of God the Holy Spirit comes to us when we're quietly meditating upon his word seeking to live a more Christ like godly life the spirit of God speaks to us in those moments of quiet this he reveals to us things about ourselves he drives us to our knees he fills our hearts and our lives James Chapter one Verse 21 you need to see this in the Bible not only on the screen let's look at James Chapter one Verse 21 we want to we want to compare that. Because sometimes I've had people say to me Well Pastor Mark I read the Bible have devotions but I'm not making as much progress as I want I want to help you with that tonight James Chapter one Verse 21 we're going to compare that with a passage in Hebrew James one and you're looking there verse $21.00 therefore lay aside do we have it James one verse $21.00 we have a church say man if we have James one verse $21.00 therefore lay aside all filthiness and the overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness the what implanted word which is able to save your soul you can read the Bible but if the Word of God is not in planted in your mind through the Holy Spirit your life will not be transformed how is the holy how it does the Holy Spirit implant the word in our minds go back to Hebrews Chapter 41 book before James and we're going to read about a group of people that read the Bible but they did not get any blessing from it and Hebrews 4 tells you how to get that blessing notice Hebrews 4 Verse 2 for indeed the Gospel was preached to them as well as to us but the word which they heard did not profit them now did these people have the gospel preached him did they did they hear the Word of God You see in those days not everybody had a Bible so you'd have somebody in the Jewish temple read the Word of God The real it word of God was read but did it profit these people. Didn't profit them does the Bible say it didn't profit them it does it says it did not profit them why not not being mixed with faith in those that heard it so how is the Word of God James one verse 21 implanted in your mind it must be mixed with something and what is it mixed with faith so when I read a promise like flippin for 19 my God shall supply all your need I don't read that and go on I say God implant that in my mind Lord I'm at a time in need and I grasp that promise by faith I believe it I believe that every promise in the book is mine every chapter every verse every line so as we read the Word of God the Holy Spirit that inspired the word comes into our life creates a mighty revival in our hearts as the word is implanted in our mind so I read God is our refuge and strain some 46 a very present help in trouble therefore will not we fear that the earth be removed in the mountains carried into the midst of the sea and I read God I need a refuge in strength you have set it in your word I believe it God implant that truth in my mind and help me to live as if I believe you are my refuge and straight toward God pours out his genuine spirit which leads men and women to seek him in sleep sincere repentance for their sins in a new revelation of His will in their lives now the true genuine spirit of revival kindled by the Holy Spirit originates with God and it's from above the false revival originates from the evil one it is from beneath Now let me ask you this question can the devil read the Bible. Does the devil know the prophecies that are in the Bible. Does the devil know that the latter rain is going to come and does he see those prophecies. If you were the devil no that's not good to say. Do you think the devil might think like this the latter rains coming so many introduce a false revival ahead of time to sweep people off their feet with emotion so let's we need to look at both the counterfeit and the genuine Satan is conditioning the minds of millions to receive a counterfeit religious experience and be deceived by an emotional form of religion that is happening we live at a time of instance if you know anything about Hollywood at all or T.V. what they do is flash multiple images on the screen because they know that the concentration of human beings is so so narrow you see that in children playing video games one of the big problems with the video games is not simply the violent content but one of the big problems is the rapidity with which the images come before the mind of the child and that destroys cognitive thinking and this is all part of the devil scheme see we live in a multi-tasking society where somebody is eating breakfast themself their child is on their lap they're feeding the kid and then they've got their cell phone in their ear and they're talking on their cell phone C instant you can instantly text people today so some people even in my sermons I mean I know nobody's doing that here but even in my sermons people are texting back and forth you know my wife and I were without even a wonderful one of those rare occasions that we do this in a Mediterranean restaurant we could get a wonderful vegan meal and we were sitting down and there was a husband or wife across from us and they didn't talk all the meal they were just texting the whole meal no relationship what's going on in our society it's an instant society where people have to have things fast fast fast. You cannot have a quick religious experience with God It takes time and so what the devil is doing is preparing an entire generation of tens of thousands and millions of people for an instant religious experience that makes them feel good but doesn't deal with the root problem their scenes and I'm going to show you that what the devil strategy is Satan is going to pour out his counterfeit spirit of signs wonders and miracles to reste to deceive with a false religious excitement and we can see that taking place in our world today now let's look at some of the prophecies of this Matthew 24 verse 24 for false prophets and false prophets will arise and show what great signs and wonders to deceive if possible what the elect you know there's a statement in 2nd selected messages I think it's about 280 that says this these apparent miracles will bring 7th they have an asst to the test it's a very interesting statement these apparent miracles will bring some they haven't is to the test so the devil is going to show great signs and wonders external signs and wonders if possible even to deceive the elect look Revelation 13 verse 13 and 14 he performs great signs this is how the mark of the beast is formed so that even makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men and he deceives those on Earth that dwell on the earth now we need to pause there how do you understand a biblical symbol you know somebody says fire down from heaven that's that's a. That's really a nuclear war fire is going to be out from heaven Well that's personal interpretation the Bible says in 2nd Peter virtue after one verse $21.00 no scripture is of what private interpretation when is the 1st time fire is mentioned in the Bible your bible students help me now come on was the 1st time fires mention the Bible the book what's the 1st book of the Bible give you a hint what's the 1st chapter the 2nd chapter the 3rd chapter OK the 1st time we mention fire is the angel with what the sort of fire. Guarding the flaming sword guarding entrance back in to eat in what did that fire represent the Divine Presence of God When you look at the Chicago in a glory of fire above the saying sure what is that represent it within the most holy place between the 2 cherubims the presence of God When you see the pillar of fire what does that represent the presence of God when he logic comes down in the fire comes out what does that represent the presence of God So when you look at fire what did fire represent in the days of Pentecost fire represented the presence of God through the power of the Holy Spirit to to send a message out but is this genuine presence of God It's not it's a false fire that comes down or a false holy ghost movement that's what this is talking about he performs great science that even makes fire that's the holy false holy ghost movement so the devil creates a false spiritual movement that apparently fire comes down from heaven on earth in the sight of men and he deceives those 12 upon the earth by those signs so this in this false spiritual revival this false holy ghost movement there is some signs that he's granted to do in the side of the beast that's the false miracles the agencies that Satan uses to deceive many people on earth final hours is going to be false miracles notice revelation 16 verse 14 for they are the spirits of demon performing Now if you have the King James that says miracles which is a little better translation the New King James that says performing miracles or signs that go out to the kings of the earth and the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty So what is the scenario that's going to shape up for this false revival Well there will be famine across the world they'll be international conflict in the world they'll be an economic disaster in one hour of their riches come to naught according to Revelation chapter 18 and in the context of natural disasters political disaster is social disasters economic disasters in that. The devil will then create a false revival they'll be miracles that will be wrought church and state will be your $98.00 in that conflict and then the false spiritual powers will go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them into the battle the Great Day of God Almighty so there is this false religious revival that the devil sands because he knows that the latter rain is coming great controversy $588.00 through the agency of spiritual ism miracles will be wrought the sickle be healed many deniable undeniable wonders will be performed now will God work miracles in the last days Willie he did indeed he will will the sick be healed in the last days they will be we should expect miracles but miracles always are the outgrowth of the study of God's Word will God use natural remedies and perform some miracles through them he sure will but can God perform direct miracles an answer to prayer definitely but how do you know then the difference between the false miracles that are worked and the genuine false miracles never lead to obedience false miracles are based on sensational wonders they're based on emotionalism and the way are of any so-called religious revival which is more interested in feeling good that in being good false revivals tend to emphasize the gifts of the Spirit genuine revivals emphasize the fruits of the spirit. The scriptures never ask us to pray for the gifts of the Spirit they ask us to seek the fruits of the Spirit because the gifts of the Spirit are the gifts that God gives And so in false revivals you're hearing about signs and wonders you're hearing about the miraculous you're hearing about sensational so false revivals play on the emotions and they play on the X. turn all signs and wonders genuine revivals lead us to our knees to repentance they lead us to be Haven't I. Undivided heart to be totally committed to Christ they lead us to that into the depths of studying God's Word they lead us to empowered witness in the community that's the hallmarks of a genuine authentic revival genuine revivals lead us to our knees false revivals our external Sin Sation Oh that lead us to a false understanding of the gifts of the spirit the disciples opened their hearts to God in earnest prayer they repented of their sins they confessed their faults they committed their lives to obeying God and they were passionate about living for Jesus and sharing his love with others one of the more outstanding statements in the writings of L. and white that outlined this beautifully was found a great controversy Let me read it before the final visitation of God judgments upon the earth What's that everybody the final visitation God judges what's another name for those 7 last plagues so before the 7 last place before the final visitation of God judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since after start times so he this is going to give you a time sequence before the outpouring of the 7 last plagues there's going to be a mighty revive the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children what's that the Spirit of God That's the letter rain what's that the power of God That's the loud cry so you have a sequence here give. There's going to be a revival God's people be on their knees praying they will be asking God to give them an undivided heart they'll say God we don't want to do anything but that will displease you they will be seeking God through His Word so that's the revival pretty it'll be a revival of primitive godliness it hasn't been witness since I have a star times the Spirit of God will be poured out that's a lot of rain the power of God that's loud cry the enemy of souls Who's the enemy of souls everybody who is that you're asleep now come out who's the enemy is so Satan the enemy I don't want you to miss this the enemy of souls if the desires Uda hinder this work What work does the enemy of souls want to hinder what work is that. The latter rain and the loud cry Why does he want to hinder it because the work of God will be finished and Jesus will come so he wants us to hinder that work before the time for such a movement will come a kind of movement revival letter a loud cry he that's the devil will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a what counterfeit so does the counterfeit revival take place before or after the genuine revival before you got it before in those churches that he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear God's special blessing is poured out they'll be manifest what is thought to be a great religious interest multitude swore exalt that God is working miraculously for them when the work is that of another spirit under religious guys Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world what is this our safety What is the safeguard the safeguard is the Word of God. The safeguard is an undivided heart the safeguard is seeking God in prayer the safeguard against all false revivals is being sure that there is nothing in our hearts that we want more than we want Cheesus nothing in our hearts that we want more than his will nothing in our hearts that we will or that to police him here the points that I want white makes God's pointing to send a mighty revival to his church and in His Holy Spirit is going to be poured out powerfully the enemy desires to hinder the latter rain and will introduce a counterfeit revival unto a religious guy Satan is going to deceive the whole world but Spirit filled lives are different than the false revive they're guided by the word they're instructed by the word they're in power of the word their sanctified by the word they are transformed by the Word of God Now there is the last prerequisite that we want to talk about tonight and that's to put away all dissension between you and anyone else you see if you look at Acts chapter 2 they were all with what one accord in one place what's one accord mean together there is something about the togetherness the Peter the James the John the Mathews put aside the dissension when the disciples met in the upper room they put away all differences all desire for supremacy I'm quoting now they came close together in Christian fellowship they drew nearer and nearer to God and as they did this they realized what a privilege had been there is in being permitted to associate so closely with Christ sadness filled their hearts as they thought of how many times they had grieved him by their slowness of comprehension their failure to understand the lessons for their good he was trying to teach them acts the Apostles page 37 these days were days of deep heart searching they were one in their desire to bring the Gospel to the world. There was something that swallowed up their interest something that was more important than the divisions that divided them something that was more important than their petty differences something that was more important than the barriers in interpersonal relationships something that was more important than the conflicts that they had and that something was to know Christ and to share Christ the task was so large the task was so big before them Ellen White puts it this way let Christians put away all dissension and give themselves to God for the saving of the last let them ask in faith for the promise blessing and it will come the outpouring of the spirit in the days of the apostles was the former reigning Glorious was the result but the latter rate will be what everybody more abundant Is it necessary for you to forgive somebody that has hurt you if you don't forgive them they not only have hurt you once but they hurt you every day a lack of forgiveness allows the person that hurt us to continue to hurt us but when there is forgiveness in your heart forgiveness is not justifying what another has done for you to you when a young woman whose father has abused or forgives him she does not justify his behavior but she release is him from her condemnation because Christ has released her from his condemnation when somebody has hurt you deeply and badly to change the course of your life and you you choose to forgive them it doesn't mean you're going to be their best friend tomorrow but what it does mean is that you are not going to have condemnation in your heart any longer for them. That you sense in the light of Calvary's cross in the light of the magnificence of his love that he forgave you when you did not deserve it so you choose to forgive them when they don't deserve it forgiveness is not an emotion it's a choice it's a choice in the light of Keller very efficient for $32.00 says Be kind to one another forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you card him who. Was in a German prison camp with her sit with her sister Betsy and was Raven spoke was one of the more difficult prison camps and all of Europe. She watched person after person waste away they were I'm a she aged they were divided into 3 groups that when they came to the prison camp the old in the young were together they were taken immediately to the furnace is to be burnt the sick in infirmed. Were given work to do and when they could work no longer they were taken to the to the furnace is to be burned when the 3rd group the healthy could no longer work they were burned coroner sister Betsy were there and there was one guard short stocky 510 muscular that it was one of the most vindictive guards one of the guards that had could not control his temper and one day that guard ripped off Betsy's blouse and she stood there so embarrassed he says hit her in the face knocked her on the ground and for the joy of hearing her ribs crack he took his leather boot and stamped on her ribs. Curry said I heard my sister's ribs crack I heard the cry of pain. And she said I could hardly take it Betsy died shortly thereafter when the prison camp was liberated Corrie was freed and she established a home for people who had been prisoners of this in humanity and she said this she wrote I notice that the ones that food for Give got well and the ones that couldn't forgive never got well one night Curry was in a church in Munich Germany and she was preaching she preached on forgiveness and she saw him walk up the aisle and as he walked up the aisle he was 510 and short and stocky. She recognized him the guard that stamped on Betsy's ribs he reached out his hand and said Will you forgive me she said I could not every emotion in me said This man was the cruelest but then she thought Jesus has forgiven me and she reached out and took his hand and embrace them and said I forgive you when will the Latter Rain be poured out when God has a group of people who are on their knees praying when God has a group of people who are able to say I don't want anything between me and Jesus when God is a group of people who saturates their mind with the Word of God and when God is a group of people that say Yes yes I can forgive. There is a song that I love to sing tomorrow or rather Sabbath morning we go into more of this lecture in the Holy Spirit but I want you to take your hymnals and turn to him number 265. Do you have a sense in your own life that God has been guiding you by His Spirit how many of you believe here that God's begun a good work and you can I see your hands how many believe that the Holy Spirit has been working in your life in some way at all can I see your hands now how many of you want more of the spirit how many of you want to be filled with the spirit look at these words breathe on the breath of God. To 65 fill me with life what I knew that I may love what thou this love and do without is to breathe on the breath of God until my heart is pure until with the I will one will to do and to endure look at the 3rd verse breathe on the breath of God till I am holy that I until this earthly part of me glows with fire divine breathed on the breath of God so shy constant B. and live that perfect life in eternity would you like to sing can someone go to the piano for us and saying it let's sing this together if we can't we will simply sing it out capella Come on up somebody help me here and start this song breathe on me breath of God fill me with life a new Come on up Kal you can help me leave this song. Breathe on me breath of go fill me with a life a new that I'm a love without a soul and do what. It's do is that your prayer what are the 4 major points tonight review with me the 4 major points tonight. To receive the Holy Spirit we 1st must what Ascot are we asking him because we don't have any of the Spirit in our life we're asking him why because we want what more 2nd prerequisite is what an undivided heart stepping on our knees and saying God I want nothing in my life that's not an army with your Will 3rd prerequisite is saturating our minds with what the Word of God 4th prerequisite is the willingness to have nothing between us and anybody else the 43 requisite is no dissension between us asking God to take away any of those barriers that exist between us and others the difference. Between a true and genuine revival of a false revival is simply this all true revivals will lead us to know Christ more deeply obey him more fully and go out to witness for him more passionately false revival is interested in sensationalism and the emotions genuine revival is interested in true character change. Father in Heaven in this very very quiet moment we have song breathe on me breath of God and fill me with a life a new father that is the desire of our hearts where there are roots that are deeply imbedded. Can reveal them to us by your spirit so we can see them so they can be rooted out we thank you for the working of the Spirit in our lives we thank you that we can claim the promise that if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those that ask him Father you're not playing games with us you don't tell us to come and seek and not give we believe tonight that as we come before you the best we know with undivided hearts open to you that at this moment you are giving us an abundance of your spirit and we want to seek the abundance tomorrow and the next day and the next that the law to reign in the abundance of the Spirit is not something that comes and sweeps over us once and sweeps us off our feet but the day by day we draw closer to you through your word day by day you speak to us in your Word Day by day you fill us with your Holy Spirit until we are so filled that it's overflowing and others are touched in the latter rain comes in the loud cry so Lord fill us tonight fill us tomorrow keep filling us every day so there our hearts are one with you just overflowing with your Grace to bless others send us from this place sensing that we've met with you tonight in Christ's name on. 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