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The Cross, 3 Angels and Healing Grace

Mark Finley


A deeper look into the Master's Method, True Medical Missionary work.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 24, 2019
    7:30 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you with all of our hearts for the opportunity to serve you the greatest desire of our life is to be your servants to be in your place at your appointed time to minister to the people that you bring within our pathways as it was written of Jesus that he wanted to do the will of the Father and that his great desire was to see people who will Jesus said in John 10 verse 10 I've come to give to give you life and give it more abundantly and Lord help us to be ministers of that abundant life in a broken world help us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and become I and compassionate loving and helpful to others to reveal your love you know a world of selfishness we pray in Jesus name oh man my topic tonight is the Master's methods a number of years ago Dr Louis Evans told the story about visiting a friend in Korea his friend was a surgeon who had made significant money in the United States put it but who then was impressed by the Holy Spirit to move away from his medical practice and go out to Korea and minister in a very small village Dr Evans went out to spend time with his friend and it just so happened that day that his friend who's performing a very delicate operation on an N N old native Korean woman in a tent in a makeshift tent the operation would take approximately 7 hours and as Dr Evans tells the story he said the odorous were oppressive the heat was stifling it was just a very difficult situation and this dedicated medical missionary. Servant of God operated on that woman for 7 straight hours he made the slit in the stomach when Ian and delicately looked at the tumor ultimately removed that tumor so very carefully at the end of 7 hours this missionary physician pulled off his mask looked at Dr Evans and said she is going to be all right she's going to make it they sewed up the woman and then came back to the humble simple office of this medical missionary physician and when they got back to the office Dr Evans said I looked at my friend and I said I have a question for you how much do you get for an operation like this out here you know if I would have done that operation in the States it would have been a $4050000.00 operation how much do you get and this medical missionary said Well to begin with I get this and he pulled out an old dented copper coin from the 3rd draw down on his desk and he said you know this woman came in here about 2 weeks ago and I examined her and I sensed that this was a life and death situation that she was going to die if she'd have this operation and she said to me a doctor I don't know if I can afford it he said well how much do you have and she pulled out all the this old dented copper coin and she said that's exactly what I have Doc and he said you know it just so happens that that's just enough. And so he looked at Dr Evans and he said 1st I get this old dented copper coin but he said then most of all I have the priceless awareness that for 7 hours these hands become the hands of Jesus healing one of his need each. Every time you reach out unselfishly and touch somebody for Christ you have the joy the Jesus is working in your life you have the priceless awareness when you minister to others that Jesus sees through our eyes he listens through our years he speaks through our voice he loves through our heart need touch it is through our hands somebody said that anybody wrapped up in themself is a very small package. And one of the greatest impacts of medical missionary work is simply this that in a world of selfishness where people are grasping in wanting to get to see someone coming to them with no personal motives but simply wanting to serve simply wanting to touch employee wanting to bless what a neighbor is sick if you bring them a little for the whole weight wheat bread that's homemade and you bring them some soup vegetable soup and you touch them for Jesus in a unique way that opens their hearts for the gospel I can remember a time when my wife and I were visiting our friend Paul Harvey some of you may have heard of Paul Harvey Paul R.V. was one of the most well known and listened to radio commentators in America he often would quote. Ellen White My wife and I got acquainted with him through the it is written telecast his aunt had because his wife's aunt was a 7th Day Adventist and when Paul and his wife visited Arizona where they had another home beside Chicago where his major new radio network was they would often visit the camelbacks and they have an issue church on one occasion. My wife and I were going to post office in Chicago to visit him until he had made beautiful homemade bread it's amazing how a loaf of home made bread something that simple breaks down prejudice you don't have to be a physician to be a medical missionary you don't have to be a nurse to be a medical missionary what is medical missionary work it's unselfishly serving in the name of Christ for Jesus' sake to bless others so we went into Paul Harvey's office and I knew his secretary June pretty well and I said June to me and I are ear we have some whole wheat bread for Paul and she said you know he's meeting today with 3 of 4 of the top Republican operatives because they certainly wanted his support with a national radio program when it came to elections she said he's in there with meeting with some of the top brass of the Republican Party and she said but let me tell him that you interior here with the bread so she went in and said Paul Mark and to me here with the bread he leaves those top brass in the Republican Party because he wanted a loaf of bread you see so he came out and spoke to us and he said Oh he said you know I'm so glad you guys came by we spent a few moments with him had prayer gave him the bread it is amazing how simple acts of kindness open the hearts of people every time we meet the needs of another we are reflecting the ministry of Christ every time we unselfishly minister by somebodies bedside and offer a prayer with them we are really at representing the grace of Christ every time we kindly serve people see the reflection of Jesus in us every time we go out of ourselves with compare. National concern to reveal Jesus' love to the people around us hearts are touched and lives are changed you see you and I have not been cold simply to get up in the morning with some common occupation and eat our granola or our oatmeal or our mangoes or Gammick strawberries grown on the farm of you cheap pines and then go to work for the day and then come home that evening but ours has a much broader cooling in the great controversy between good and evil what Adam and Eve sinned their swirled was broken by selfishness. The IT center of C N S I N is I and most people have an eye problem. And that his life revolves around them and God calls us to look beyond ourselves men and women in this world are looking more than anything else more than anything else for a revelation of the character of Christ the unselfishness of Jesus the kindness of Jesus the compassion of Jesus a little boy. In New York City was in Harlem he came from a poverty stricken home and a preacher was standing on the street corner with his Bible open preaching about the love of God and the little boy from the back of the crowd put his hands over his mouth and he yelled out Mr I want to see you love with skin on it. The great need of our world may be less sermons and more love with skin on it because as we minister to people it's at that point their hearts and minds are open to the Gospel you and I have been called by the Master as a visible manifestation of unselfish love in an age of selfishness Now you've been called by Jesus himself to break down prejudice to soften hard hearts that's what medical missionary work is all about it breaks down prejudice it softens our hearts it opens closed minds it ministers healing to people with broken spirits and diseased mob of bodies when we fall in the footsteps of cheats us we meet people everywhere in Jesus' name now I want to take you want to journey with me through the Gospel of Mark. And we're going to take our Bibles out as well if you have your bible we're going to take a little journey through the Gospel of Mark so here's your quiz for a gospel of John rather we're going to go through the Gospel of John we'll go to Mark a little later here's your quiz question for tonight are you ready for the quiz question some are some are not are you ready for the quiz question all right you've got to do you've got to have a Bible Now take your Bible out. Stifle and take that out what are the 1st words spoken by Jesus in John chapter one. Did Jesus speak those words if you got a red letter edition it doesn't count you'll find it easy OK what are the 1st words spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of John who's got it what see he why is that significant. Why is it the most powerful principle of leading people to Jesus what seek in the Bible there is something called the Law of 1st mention what's that law everybody 1st mentioned when is the Sabbath mentioned 1st in the Bible. Genesis and then you develop Sabbath theology throughout a Genesis so the law of 1st mention says when something is mentioned in Scripture 1st look there for the embryonic truth and principle so when you come to the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 What do they refer back to. Creation now when it's marriage mentioned 1st in the Bible. Genesis and the rest of Scripture when it's referring to marriage will most of the time refer back to Genesis you go to the Book of Daniel where do you have the prime vision of end time events in Daniel what Chapter 2 Daniel 7 of the 4 beast refers back to Daniel what to Daniel 8 refers back to Daniel 7 and Daniel 2 and you're never going to understand Daniel leaven unless you go back and base it on Daniel 27 and 8 so the law of the 1st mention says this look where something is mentioned 1st because that's significant So Jesus has 2 disciples that are following him and as these 2 disciples follow Him Jesus says to them John let's read John one verse 38 from the screen together then Jesus turned and seeing them following said to them what do you see Jesus never began with his agenda he began was there is he said What do you see what's going on in your mind what's in the deepest recesses of your heart what are your needs where do you hurt are you experiencing pain see the what sci fi principle never begins where we are it begins where they are it never begins with our concerns it begins with they are it's so true medical missionary work. It is the unselfish ministry of Christ that looks for other people and what they are seeking seeking to know what's in the deepest recesses of their heart seeking to know what their needs are and seeking to help them through their pain now when you look at the Gospel of John if you're a student of the Gospel of John you recognize that John 234 and 5 are case histories their case histories revealing the what see key principle and they revealed the 4 greatest needs in human life in John chapter 6 Jesus said so greatly met those 4 basic human needs that he they wanted to make him king so there are 4 basic human needs when you come to John a 2nd chapter the Bible says Jesus bigot rather Jesus began with others agenda not is. He was more interested in their needs than his own Jesus always begins where people are never where he is now we go John Chapter 2 we begin there are 4 basic needs in John 2 Jesus meets a social need in John 3 he meets a spiritual need in John 4 he meets an emotional need and in John 5 he meets a physical need so those are the 4 basic needs of life there is social needs there are spiritual needs there are emotional needs and there are physical needs now in John Chapter 2 we come to the wedding feast of the canine of Galilee now it is likely that at that wedding feast in the cane of Galilee it's very likely that this is one of Mary's relatives can of Galilee is a very small village it probably had 350 maybe 400 people there Mary is invited to the wedding why do we know it's likely that it's one of her relatives because if it was not one of her relatives she would not have any authority to command the steward's to go to to wait for Jesus said in that culture a woman would not have done that unless she was part of the relatives and part of the family so we go to John Chapter 2 and notice it says on the 3rd day there was a wedding in Canaan of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there now do we ever have any weddings here at E.G. Pines in this chapel we ever have any weddings here we do occasionally So suppose I'm going to suppose now suppose Dr Mark's son is what age is going to get married at. 45 OK. I will not go down that pathway suppose Dr Mark son is of marital age is that OK Doc OK so he and his wife are so. Credibly excited he has found this most wonderful young woman they've been praying about it and praying about it and praying about it and she is the the boy is dedicated to services girl is dedicated to service and they're here to get married and so wonderful wedding and Dr Sandoval and his dear wife invite my wife and I to come and I say to her Wilson Look Dr seemed a very good friend of mine would you come so the General Conference president joins me and 2 or 3 of the vice president's comment we're sitting here we are so thrilled with this wedding then we're going to have this beautiful reception there up at the Senate area at you cheap times and so we all get ready to go up there but to Wilson Iowa talking and talking and talking after the meeting and we don't get to the reception to about a half an hour after it started and we're standing in line and we look down and they just ran out of the vegetarian a whole wheat chicken salad sandwiches made of Bonzo is no more are they and we look down there and that unfermented grape juice they ran out of that too and we've been starving because we just came from Washington and now. Dr said of a comes and he says I am so embarrassed but there is nothing to eat how would he have felt. Terrible right pretty embarrassed in the culture of the Middle East multiply that $100.00 times so they run out of this one and Jesus says to them Jesus is concerned what's he concerned about he's concerned about a person who's socially embarrassed he's concerned about a the social needs that take place right then he's concerned about a person who is embarrassed before his friends now I know what somebody is thinking here they're thinking why the world is ever create fermented wine he did not do you know I can show you from the text why that wine could not possibly have been fermented and I'll show you from the Bible text Now this is just a little aside in case and a bit of ask you about this this is not the main point of the lecture OK you have your Bibles out because you're going to see something different in this text than you've ever seen most of you on the 3rd day verse one What day was it. Why does John make a point of saying on the 3rd day what miracle of Jesus Was this his 1st miracle John says on the 3rd day can you think of any other expressions in the Gospel of John where it uses the 3rd day expression. Yeah destroy this body and on the what 3rd So when you use the 3rd day expression what is that a pointer to everybody the cross I continue there was a wedding what happened on the cross Jesus and His people were united in a grand wedding because he any reconciles his people to Himself in Cain of Galilee what do we know about Cain it was noticed as the village of wickedness so Christ's cross is put between 2 thieves in a wicked in the middle of a wicked world and there on the 3rd day he would raise up again now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding and when they had run out of wine the mother of Jesus said to them they have no wine no notice verse 4 is your key Jesus said to her Woman What does your concern have to do with me my hour is not yet come what do you know in the Bible want to use the expression my hour put your finger in John one go to John 17 here he says my hour is not come every time in John without exception that you read the expression my hour it is always pointing forward to the cross of Calvary John Chapter 17. What is he saying in John Chapter 17 this is the final intercessory prayer of Christ Jesus spoke these words and lift up his eyes to heaven verse one father the hour what has come what did he say in John Chapter 2 my hour has what not yet come but what does he say here my hour has come what was this hour that had come the hour of the cross the hour of Calvary's mountain the hour of glow God His Hill the hour that Peter would deny Him in Judas would be train him in the nails would be driven through his hands and the crown of thorns would be put on his head so what was going on in John Chapter 2 Christ was taking the old formalism in the ritualism of the water of Judaism and turning it into the wine of the gospel he was revealing in that 1st miracle the fact that the cross of Christ would be planted in the center of wickedness and that all humanity would be saved through His grace and by his power now notice something else that's really amazing in John Chapter 2 see there is a much deeper lesson this could not have been fermented wine because fermentation is the sign of sin and the blood of Christ was not seen tinge couldn't have been fermented white it has to be on fermented based on the narrative in John to now look here in John the 2nd chapter again verse 6 Now there were set there 6 water pots of stone Now according to the manner of the purification of the Jews containing if you have the King James Version of the Bible what does it say. What does it use what is a. Yes but says something about firkins doesn't it. OK yeah OK How much is that. 20 to 30 gallons of God So Jesus when He multiplies when it will when he when he turns the water into wine it's not 20 to 30 gallons how. People how many people were about in that village 350 now Doc I know you don't know this by experience but I'm sure you've studied it how much wine does it take for a person to get drunk. Friends and size and if they're. Their target Sure but about. 40 So could you get drunk on a gallon of wine could you get drunk on a half gallon good OK Could you get drunk on a quarter of a gallon possibly OK So let's say half gallon if you got 350. If you if you've got 180 gallons here and you get drunk on a half gallon easy you're going to get about 5600 people drunk there weren't that many people in that village why so much wine because there's so much grace. That's why I. Say Jesus takes the wind the water of Judaism. And he gives an eternal lesson. By creating unfermented grape juice that they could drink in abundance to indicate that there is grace for all there is enough for you my friend there's a grace for you now all that was just a side that wasn't even in the lecture all right now we need to go back to what was the main point of John to why did Jesus work this miracle in John to 2 reasons one to illustrate that his grace is sufficient for all his 1st miracle points forward to his last act on the cross 2nd reason why you perform this miracle is a practical reason somebody has social embarrassment now we go to so Jesus Here's the Jesus model whenever there's a need meet it now we go to Chapter 3 The need is not social it's spiritual What who is who comes to Jesus by night in John 3 who does that make a Demas Now we shouldn't condemn nikka Demas for coming at night because it's a miracle he came at all he's a Pharisee the formalism of Judaism the ritual of Judaism does not satisfy his heart he needs the wind of the Spirit to change his life in encounter with the living Christ so formalism can never change you ritual can never change you it's only as you have this account with Christ Jesus does not offer Nik a Demas a hydrotherapy treatment in a sanitarium he doesn't do that he doesn't invite him to a cooking school why not because. That was not his immediate need now after of course he gets an extraction in health but Nica Demas came seeking Christ and Jesus always begins where people are and Jesus said to him You must be born again transform of your life in John chapter 4 at the felt need is neither social nor spiritual in John chapter 4 you have the woman at the well come to Christ and her need is emotional men have treated her body as a plaything and therefore she's depressed she's discouraged What time does she come to the well what time knew why do you think she came at noon because nobody else would be there and you typically draw water when at the warmest at the at the coolest part of the morning she wanted to avoid anybody she was socially embarrassed but yet Jesus deals with her as so kindly he asks are for a favor in the Middle East one of the Arab sayings is that water is the gift of God and you never refuse somebody who wants a drink of water in the Middle East and so he starts by asking her favor she says the wells deep how you going to get water by yourself and he says Give me something to drink and she draws the water and he says he will drink this water is going to thirst again but he who I had drinks the water that I give him will never thirst again she says give me this water and it's amazing at the end of the story she leaves her waterpot he met her emotional need he revealed to her that she was a woman of worth and a woman who was not simply one to be looked at with lust the law is no notice here is the Jesus motto John one Jesus says What are you seeking it begins where people are John 2 we meet social needs John 3 meet spiritual needs John for he needs emotional needs John 5 he needs physical needs take your Bible please and turn to John the 5th chapter it is here in John chapter for. I have the Jesus meets physical needs. Jesus was a master at meeting the needs of people and as a myth he met their needs unselfishly kindly and compassionately. He won their affection and their attention notice John Chapter 5 1st one after these things there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is Beth there's the by the Sheep Gate What is the Sheep Gate the Sheep Gate was the gate that they drove the sheep through to be sacrificed at the temple and so Jesus walks through the Sheep Gate as the Lamb of God foreshadowing Calvary's cross now there was in Jerusalem in a get a pool that is called in the Hebrew Bethesda having 5 porches Why does the Bible make a distinction 5 porches Genesis Exodus of the tickets numbers today are on me so basically what's going on is Jesus walks into. The pulpit the area the pulpit that is now what is Bethesda me and I'll come back to the 5 porches Beth as Beth is always House of dwelling place of Bethlehem really Heaven means bread Beth means house of her dwelling place of bread Jesus the Bread of Life was born in the house of the Baker Bethsaida Satan is fish Beth is House of Jesus goes to Bethsaida and he calls Peter James and John from a fishing village to be fishers of men Beth as good as that is Mercy Beth is House of so Jesus goes to the place in Jerusalem that has people that are suffering the worst suffering he goes to a man who had palsy for 38 years he shaking from head to foot the man is absolutely hopeless and Jesus goes he walks through the Sheep Gate as the Son of God He goes to Bethesda and he goes among the 5 porches and he illustrates that there is no power it's merely in the law to save but there is power in the living Christ to enable us to keep the Law of God and so he walks into that place where it's the most despicable where people are lying there dying and he sees one poor sufferer 38 years and he reaches out his hand and he says that man will you be made whole Beth is to Jesus ministers to the physical needs of men and women and every physical miracle that Christ performed was an illustration of what he can do in your life in mind he can take our palsied Saul's and he can redeem them by His grace and transform for them by His love no matter how much habits have gripped us it could be 38 years of habits gripping us but he makes our place of suffering a house of mercy no notice Jesus meets their physical needs There he comes and he heals that man. What happens and John the 6th chapter Jesus in John 5 said to the man do you want to get well incidentally all change begins with a choice or change begins with a choice and Jesus says to the man do you want to get well here is Jesus method of evangelism you find indeed and you meet it Jesus touch people at their point of deepest needs would it not be exciting if every 7th Day Adventist Church was reaching out to its community in kindness and compassion love health programs on a Monday night a Bible study on a Tuesday night stress management programs cooking schools overcoming depression programs feeding programs for the poor where that is necessary reading classes for immigrants computer classes for kids that haven't been able to go to school wouldn't it be incredible if Advena shirtless with the center of redemptive love if they were the eyes and he ends of Christ would it not only be incredible if you and I took on the Ministry of Love in unselfish compassion to the people around us ministry of healing page $143.00 you've memorized it many of you know it let's read it together Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good we pause there was Jesus our hermit. Was to Jesus believe the world is so wicked I got to run as far as I can from it because I don't want to be contaminated by the world did you ever read a history about Simon studied peace Simon stylee tits said the world is terrible it's wicked I got to get away from it so he built a pillar. Pillar was 4050 feet tall and he Any got hoisted up on that pillar and he sat there so he would be separate from the world and the world wouldn't contaminated you think that was a good idea what did Jesus say I pray not that you're taken out of the world but you're kept from the evil somebody said the Christian is like. A sailor in a boat it's already it's all right if the boat is in the water but it's not a right if there's water in the book if you didn't get that your wife will explain it to you later it's all right if the Christian is in the world. Because God does not send us to be hermits sitting on some bull above the world God sends us into the world with a message of redemptive love Christ method what does it say here what's the next for Christ method what alone will give what how many you want true success. In reaching the people the Savior did what with men can you reach people if you don't mingle with them mingled with went as one who desired their good was that meeting he met their needs he showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs won their confidence then what did you pay them follow me no notice here are some steps Jesus mingles with people he has an unselfish attitude he desires they're good he shows sympathy for them he's concerned about them the he ministers to their needs that breaks down their prejudice and wins their confidence and then they're open for divine spiritual realities as we minister to people in their loneliness and Hardik their minds become open to eternal realities now there is a difference between felt needs an ultimate needs and it would be well to pause on that what is a felt need to see the felt need is the need the person perceives they have it might be the need to quit smoking might be the need to felt need to lose weight it might be the need for a happier marriage these are felt the needs of the people perceive that they have those needs it might be the need the felt need to alleviating pain if a person is in absolute pain and you want to give them a Bible study on the mark of the beast. What do you think about that. It's not the time he cut it. If that person is in pain if the person wants to quit smoking and you want to give him a Bible study on the Sabbath you haven't earned the right yet to be heard. It may be the felt need of a cure for heart disease or cancer that may be the reason they come to this institution they have heart disease they learn that their aggregate cholesterol is over $200.00 that they have more than 4 times the chance of a heart attack they were in that their boy. Pressure is high they've got hypertension and they come in a Godly physician ministers to the godly lifestyle counselors minister to them they walk with them they pray with them these people begin to improve in their hearts are open to the gospel now the felt need is the one that a person is interested in satisfying now the ultimate need is what human beings need most in the long run and that's reconciliation with God every human being has a longing in their heart for God. A cliche ask these 3 Verse 5 it says God is put eternity in their hearts John chapter one. It says Christ is the light that lights every man born into the world so every human being born into this world is be is moved upon by the Holy Spirit God has put this eternal longing in their hearts every human being senses that at some time in their life the need for reconciliation with God That's the ultimate need now even psychologists recognize there's Here's Martin slate them and he was the former president of the American Psychological Association he wrote a book called Authentic Happiness legions of people in the middle of great wealth he's talking about America are rich but aimless they are full of doubt about everything and starving spiritually This is an amazing statement from the president former president the American Psychological Association he said people are starving spiritually Phillip Cushman is another American psychologist and he concurs that our prosperous individualistic society has constructed a self that is fundamentally a disappointment to itself. The material values of this life do not satisfy and what we minister like Jesus minister hearts are open they want genuine authentic spirituality. And Australian epidemiology is that is one who studies disease populations by the name of Richard Eckersley wrote a book called well and good and this is what he said filling up an empty self is a poor substitute for the meaning derived from deep in enduring personal social and spiritual attachments as a result our society is realizing that it's been running on empty and is seeking to rediscover a deeper spiritual comfort while here we have a society that is ready. For the message that Jesus Christ as entrusted to this church. 7th Day Adventists are not an antiquated movement from the 19th century that have nothing relevant to say to a 21st century society our message and this society were made for one another I will show you more about that we talk about the 3 angels message tomorrow night now Jesus wasn't content to merely heal the woman with an issue of blood from a physical affliction he longed to evoke a response a thing in her heart no let's let's go back take your Bible out again turn to Luke Chapter 8. Luke the 8th chapter. Because the question is sometimes asked Do you have an ulterior motive in your when you conduct your health programs when you minister to people of the Santorum do you have an ulterior motive. The response to that question is simply this we have no personal motives but we want the best for the other individual and we recognize that without probing the spirit show and without probing the depth of spirituality we are not offering them the best because you can help a person get on a better diet but how long are they going to stay on that diet if they don't have the power of Christ living in their life you can help a person over smoking but if you're not introducing them to the power of the Living Christ to get the power to that how long are they going to stay on that why is it that lifestyle change is so minimal in many people's lives overall they want to change their life it's because they don't have the strength of the power so do we have ultimate motives our ulterior motive is the best for that person. And therefore we want them to have the most abundant life here therefore we are not embarrassed at all to introduce them to the living Christ and spiritual things because that is part of a treatment modality. Let's suppose that you knew Let's suppose you're a physician and you know that there is a cure for cancer but you don't offer that to the patient because you think the patient's going to be upset. What would you call that in the medical community malpractise. Are there scientific studies done by prestigious universities that indicate that if a person is more spiritual they're less likely to have there they are they'll have lower mortality rates or there's some studies like that duck. So therefore we don't need to be embarrassed at all interger ating in all of our programs physical mental spiritual dimensions. In our church we started with a little church of 3035 people today there's 150 people that are members and 200 people coming to the church our ties when we started was 44000 dollars a year now it's $500000.00 a year in the last 3 years we've had between $7.90 non Adventists walk through the doors of our church and we integrate physical mental spiritual dimensions because the human beings are whole people now look I want to see something in Luke Chapter 8 that's that's amazing Luke 8 verse 43. Here is a woman that has an issue of blood what is an issue of blood it is a menstrual cycle that does not stop so she has constantly flowing she's weak she's a May she hated she is trembling and shaking but worse than that blood was considered to be unclean as the result of that she had to be sent out of her home her children could no longer sit upon her lap her husband could no longer embrace or so I want you to picture this woman sweating dirty filthy issue of blood blood stained garments walks through the streets saying unclean unclean unclean. She has a little savings that she spends on physicians now incidentally Luke is a physician so he's a little more charitable with the physicians Mark's Gospel says she spent all our money and got worse. Blue Jet Blue Chapter 8 verse 43 now a woman having a flow of blood for 12 years so for 12 years who spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed see who just says she spent all our money he doesn't add the phrase she got worse but does she spends all her livelihood she goes from physician after physician she goes from medical practitioner to medical practitioner no help for this woman and she's weak she's thin she's a May she ate it she's discouraged she's depressed she wants. To be healed no notice you see that word healed in verse 43. In 1st $43.00 the word for healed is therapy that's the Greek word for heal therapy what English word do we get from therapy. Therapy what what's another What's a definition for therapy therapy is a modeller T. that we use to cure the disease so the woman is going from doctor to doctor in she's saying please please somebody find a cure for my disease I don't care what it is I don't care what it is find a cure for this disease whatever pill I have to take whatever you are but remedy I have to take whatever I have to do find a cure please all she wants is the cure now we continue. She comes from behind him touches the border of his garment and immediately your flow blood stops. And Jesus said who touched me. When all denied it Peter and those said to him Master Master. The multitude say you're pressing me to touch me but Jesus said somebody touch me because virtue went out for me verse 47 now when the woman saw the church that she was not hidden she came trembling falling down before him she declared him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched him and how she was healed immediately Now notice the word healed again it is a different Greek word that word healed is I am male and I am male means the disease is no longer they are it's gone see the 1st healed is she wants a cure that asked with the cure for the disease the 2nd healed is the disease is gone now it gets more interesting verse $48.00 Jesus said to her daughter another word she's not just a woman with a disease she is a daughter be of good cheer Jesus says their daughter you're a child of God redeemed by the cross of Calvary you will be be of good cheer your faith has made you well your faith is healed you see the word for well there it's an interesting word the Greek word is 0000 issues to 110 times in the Gospels 92 times out of 110 it is used for the word salvation so what Jesus is saying to this woman here is you've reached out and touched me by faith and now the broken is that sin has brought has made you or. Now you are physically whole you can go home now you are emotionally whole you don't have to be depressed anymore socially you are whole because you can now go and rejoice with your family and spiritually you are whole because you've touched Jesus was not content to be a miracle worker that simply gave out curious neither was he content that disease was removed Jesus wanted Zozo Jesus wanted wholeness for his patients he wasn't content to heal with there are he long to heal withered souls he wasn't content to merely heal disease bodies he longed to heal disease mines he wasn't content to heal people extra He wanted them to be healed deep inside he wasn't content to heal them physically he wants to heal them spiritually because if love prompts you to help her people quit smoking so they can live 7 more years or 8 more years or to get him on a better diet so they won't die for another 15 when that same love wants you to prompt you to want them to have eternity physical healing without spiritual healing is incomplete. So medical missionary workers and that's every one of us who are ministering in unselfish love look for opportunities to break down prejudice we minister in kindness and love we do what we can to serve others and when we do that we look for opportunities to be ministers of the grace of God Christ was interested in more much more than opening blind eyes he longed for people to see Divine realities do we have ulterior motives as we minister physically and mentally and emotionally of people indeed we do know all teary motives that focus on ourself we want the best for others we're willing to help people because they're children of God created in His image whether they responded or not but we want to give them the opportunity to respond we recognize that without the spiritual their lives will be incomplete if love prompts us to meet their physical needs that same love will cause us to want to give them everything Jesus offers. Dr Harry Miller gave his life as a mission doctor in China. One afternoon when he graduated from Battle Creek sanitarium under the tutelage of Dr Kellogg he was walking with stellar Hauser one of his older students and she said What are your plans for the future Dr he had work some at battlecry Dr Kellogg looked at Dr Miller as a protege. And when Stella Hauser asked Dr Harry Miller that question Miller went home to his little apartment he began to pray and the Lord impressed him to leave his outstanding practice and go to China now it's not necessary for everybody anybody to go overseas it is necessary to have a change our mind set wherever we minister but Dr Miller got serious about service he said life is not all about me and he got on his knees and he cried out to God and he said God I want to serve all I want to do is serve and the Lord impressed him to go to China so he wrote a letter to the General Conference and you got this response the board has no funds to send you that's a common response we send from the General Conference of the Lord has no funds to send you we don't we don't have any funds Dr Harry Miller continue to pray. And China Burton does life and he said whether we have funds or not I'm going to go but he knew that in going he would need literature even though he was going as a doctor he saw the value of Christian literature so he bought a press with his own money bought his passage on the ship with his own money and he said I'm going to figure out how to print literature in China and so thank God for those medical missionaries that realize the importance of literature to give to people and so he knew would have to prove himself taught himself printing set up a printing press set up a little clinic there Dr Kellogg tried to dissuade him believing that he was wasting his talents on an unknown future so Kellogg comes to Harry Miller and he said look at you you're brilliant young physician you're going to waste your talents in China we don't have any hospitals there there is there is at this point Abraham will Roughead go on earlier but in a breakthrough and so that was a lay person who went began giving out tracks to sailors who got the clerk of the court Abraham were routed to translate steps to Christ into Chinese His story is amazing but there was a very low very small number of that as believers in China at the time and so Harvey Kellog Dr John Harvey killed tries to dissuade Dr Miller from going Kellogg was persuasive but the needs of China stood out in stark relief against the attractive alternative and so Dr Miller went on the way over in the boat you know in those days you can get on an airplane and fly over there in 1516 hours you travelled by ocean it took a few days to get there and he travelled Dr Miller travelled on the Canadian Pacific Empress of India the seas were so bad he was sick the whole way there. Leading over the railing you know he's vomiting is vomiting the whole time feeding the fish and he was sick. In fact he was so sick that he went down to his cabin and he saw those waves rolling and rolling and rolling from his cab he made a vow and here was this vile I'm going to China and stay there all my life I'm never going back to America again I'll die before going through a siege of seasickness like that. That's what Miller said. He got there. And his medical mission ministry was to carry him to all parts he eventually came back to America many times he went to more than 50 nations of the world he established our sanitariums in our hospitals all through Asia China Korea the Philippines and he had one of the most wide ranging most significant medical practices in history he was the one who invented from the soybean soy milk in China because he saw babies that were allergic to cows milk and many of them were sick some of them were dying and so he extracted he developed the soybean products. Dr Miller never performed surgery without praying for his patients he shared literature with them and led many to the foot of the cross Dr Miller made a choice and it's the choice that is facing every one of us not the choice to go overseas unless God kosher but it's the choice will I live my life for myself or will I live a life of unselfish service my father was brought up in New York City. He moved there from Georgia when he was only 7 years old he never knew his real father brought up by a stepfather and mother in New York City. He went only to the 1st 89 grade C. I think he went to 13 schools in 8 grades they were constantly moving they were brought up he was brought up in Harlem in Hell's Kitchen in New York and so the later he became a 7th Day Adventist and had his own business but when I was a college student and one of my sisters I have 3 sisters that would always take us on the yearly visit to New York City when I was dating my wife Tammy in college my father said you've got to bring her to New York City because we've got to walk the streets of the ghettos we got to smell the smells I want anybody and he could scare guys away that way easy if they were dating my sisters because we'd go to New York City and he would show them where we were born and brought were where he was brought up I remember once it was a very hot July day sweaty we'd have air conditioning in the car those days and dad rolled down the windows of the car we came to the Bowery now in the Bowery you got drunk flying all over the street and it stinks it stinks now the bar is been improved today but in those days really stone stopped at a red light one of these drunk man got up and began weaving his way across the street I could smell him half a block away he got closer and closer and closer to the car window is down. Looks through the window and he says Do you have something to eat for a hungry man we fumbled around with a little lunch there and we gave him an apple he smiled had no teeth that can eat the apple. And we will throw What else do we have what else do we have we had a banana gave him a banana and you know it's one of those magic moments in my life he reached through the window and pulled me nose to nose with him as the closest I ever had to becoming a did. I have never drunk alcohol in my life and I don't intend to start but he was breathing these few points into my face he put his hands around the back of my head and pulled my head close to his and he said these words thank you Jesus thank you Jesus and he walked away and so I saw that man walking back across the street with his little pen and pan handling I thought to myself that's what Christianity is all about Christianity it's not about you it's not about me it's not trying hard enough to be saved and if we're lucky will make it to the kingdom it is rather being so charmed by Christ love so enamored by Christ grace so moved by the Cross that we give our lives in unselfish surface there is a song. That was written as a poem and rather than singing it I want you to read it with me it's found on page 574574. And I want us to read this as our prayer of commitment quietly prayerfully meditatively that I will pray. The title of it is Oh Master let me walk with the do you have a hymn No 574 hold up your Him No if you have it so I can see it wonderful we're going to read it together let's read. Oh master who let me who walk with the in a lowly paths of service free. Tell me the ice secret help me bear the strain of toil the fret of care help me the slow of heart to move by song clear winning words of love teach me the way Word feet to stay and guide them in the whole Mord way teach me thy patience still with the in closer dear company in work that keeps faith sweet and strong in trust that triumphs over wrong in a hole that sands of a shining ray far down the future's broadening way in peace that only can give. With me Oh Master let me you don't you love that 1st phrase Oh Master let me do what work with the in what in what. In a lonely paths of service free most of us sitting in this room have already given our lives to Jesus and to service. But meetings like this are opportunities for us to go deeper Is there somebody here tonight that is we kneel and pray you say I have heard the call of Christ. To unselfish service I've heard the call of Christ to go deeper true joy in life comes. When we walk with the Master in service is there somebody that you've heard that call tonight and you've said Lord I don't know really all that this means but all I know. As I want to walk with you in a lowly paths of service for a teach me dear Jesus what you want me to do would you just raise your hand and where it's possible let's nail if it's not just bow your head and I will pray. Father in heaven. The call of Christ is the call of service the call of Christ is the call of ministry the call of Christ is the call out of ourselves to bless others for the sake of your kingdom we're thankful that there is plenty of grace that flows from Calvary's cross for us that there is no shortage of your grace. This evening we kneel before you. We pray that your spirit would move deeply upon our hearts we pray that you open our eyes in a knowing to us with the spirit so we can see the needs of others around us. Teach us to look beyond ourselves to be a blessing to others may we live lives of sacrificial service and kindness as Jesus meant the physical the mental the social the emotional the spiritual needs of people or to help us to meet the needs of others for you. May their prejudice be broken down the prejudice that labor the prejudice that husband or wife that doesn't know you that son or daughter may we so minister to love that we break down prejudice and share your love of the gospel with others send us from this place committed to serve. In Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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