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How to be Happy - Part 2

Gabriel Arruda


Everyone wants to be happy, but so few are. The Bible has 9 ancient happiness principals if which we incorporate into our lives will make us truly happy people. If you would like to learn about healing autoimmune diseases see ReverseAutoimmune.com.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • June 1, 2019
    11:00 AM
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This sermon has been made possible by Freedom House Ministry if you would like to learn more about how see the Angeles Times go to Freedom House Ministries dot com If you'd like to learn more about house reverse on to a new diseases because he is the 1st on to win dot com 35 about how we have the heart to hear him of the Go preach part one. That we want to hear this morning Dalai interested in being happy so. We hope you're actually being really. I don't love the I don't know all of us should be happy. And just a quick overview of our last messages recap of why this is relevant because a big part of the 1st message is to give God the glory and unhappy people cannot get out what we all learned that happiness is not based on our circumstances but it's based on our beliefs but we believe the boxers not so much our circumstances themselves. I mean that there are 6 happiness principles that actually had 3 more effective to be part of. As if we could pull that off these beliefs into our hearts I guarantee you'll be one of the happiest people you know summary of the last 3 happiness points point number one I am not. At the 1st point of it so words. How do you believe Number 2 I believe this to be happy I this help love and obey God has obviously it's his number 3 I insist to bless us so foundational superimportant to being happy and also I want to address something about the 1st happiness please I'm not. The I get time to address the last but what if you were a victim like what if you really want rescission Wesen where you were 100 percent you did nothing to deserve what happened to you and we often think of things that happened feel children who are born into the raw moment fortunately and have to suffer some pretty terrible and I'm going to be in this message but those want to happen to believe number 4. You know part of what makes the Christian life really challenging is more praying for something a long time and it does get its present never been through that we pray for something for years just like this the answer I don't see you know you pray for our you know play your part for something good something that you really got himself would want it could be a really bad financial situation of the usual difficulty maybe it's a really tough worst situation I've had it is tough work situation maybe it's a health challenge and you believe you know God wants me to have my health I believe that but not a phrase or yours or as a Relationship Challenge You know God wants this relationship to be healthy he wants a human player praying in your prayers and just nothing's happening. This can make the Christian experience quite a bit times when that means just seems to not come and I have a whole sermon on this but I'm going to touch on it right now as our 1st happiness plans number for happiness please number 4 my unanswered prayers are because God is preparing to do something better than what I prayed for let's hear that from scripture please tell your boss about me to John Chapter 11 and this is the famous story of Lazarus that we're sure we're all familiar with will start personal and work we did one of the 3 just now. Now a certain man was named last of us of Bethany but tower of Mary and her sister Martha it was that Mary was annoyed at the Lord with what Mina wiped his feet with her here whose brother the last post was sick therefore his sister's sent up to him saying Lord behold he whom doubt love this is sick he will not love this is sick and so. There's Lateralus Mary Mark the last resort is very very sick and so Mary Margaret Martha do something very logical writes They send a message to the he'll send a message to Jesus where this message this sends you know it's essentially a prayer when you sending a message to do this what are you doing here praying you're here you're trying for the name of God They sent a message uses Jesus Latham's whom you will know from your love he's very city police car here. And so what happens is who will pick it up in the 1st 6. Percival's. And when. He had hurt therefore that he was sick he have about what friends. Today it's still in the same place where he was he about 2 days still in the same place where he was so as you just got the message and what he intentionally do. Late intentionally daily to heal and by that time we know from later the story by the time Jesus got the message I'm sorry by the time he has got there how long it had last week spend. 4 days that's right he had been dead for Christ like he did he really to late and so what do you think is going to Mary and Martha smiles their brothers they know Jesus loves us Mina they sent a message 88 a prayer of you were praying for so regardless of the by the way you've been in that situation is his exact situation that they're they've all confident Jesus got the message they know it's in his power they've seen him heal people before it's in his power to do this what happens nothing. Absolutely nothing silence and then there was and there was a lot of scene here people before this is like a really good crowd this is a believer a disciple of Jesus if you loves if you have us why does he hate Why is this why the silence let's go to versus $4345.00 Jesus or I was on the scene he asks to be taken to the grave site and he says and one he had thus broken he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come forth and he that was dead came forth browned hand and foot with great clothes and his face was bound about with it up to Jesus say that to them loosen him and let him go then many of the Jews which came to marry and had seeing him are the things which Jesus did what happened friends but believed on Him believed not why the silence why the delay why did Jesus wait why friends because Jesus was preparing to do something better than what Mary and Mark that worked do is not true Can't you see this from the situation they were asking very marketable for a to Jesus can you raise up aren't sick brother his bed and Jesus and how what we're raising him from the dead. They said Lord would you please restore health was a body and he said I will restore hope to his body but I want to store spiritual health so many people that are here today and maybe we find ourselves asking christs in question here my body says I want to live my life we resort to Lord please give us our help that he says I want to give you have the Lord in myself from Jesus as I want to use as well and so Jesus was planning to do something much better than what Mary more than a Russian asking Christ to do their prayers were too narrow they were too limited and Jesus have a much bigger plan I think in many situations I see here from scripture Talat of the reasons why our prayers aren't answer is because they're too narrow we can't possibly be thinking as big as guides and God knows yourself better than actually what you're praying for he has a better bigger picture in mind a broader scope not just that let's go also to. Verse 15 restricting says this is Christ and I am glad for your 6 but I was not there to the intent you may believe that of the less let us go on to. Somebody else needs to believe he's actually speaking to the disciples here and you can say he's even speaking to Mary Martha. Via his disciples someone else these days. Not just the people around you who are watching a good or a tough situation but you yourself need to believe Christ allows prayers to linger here last answers prayers to linger for other people the nice for other people for you as well because we ourselves in the end to learn to persist in prayer I love well I says in reference to the story of a life of Carmel you know I've prayed. For the storm to come had rain to 300 years he knew it was the end of the prophecy he knew it was god's will i had to pray 7 times I mean because you know what she says she says have a light and got an answer the prayer vigil and he would have started to get the impression that he still had some I had some control over these things that God would just answer him immediately and God had to let him know I'm doing powerful things through you but it's still me that's doing and so sometimes God will to allow us to understand our correct position he wild things to later on and so for the Jews around them they believe the people are around in all of them and looking and also for your own self go back to the point about the people aren't watching this bit of the situation. You know people are convinced. Of the truth of our faith when we are doing great when everything's peaceful people are convinced of that you are faith when we have peace when there are things not that's what convinces us that's what people need to see to know that there are many periods in Christian history Murdoch have really tough things to happen to the church why so the world can see these people are has something supernatural they their happiness is not based on circumstances it's based on a spiritual belief that they've. Grafted into their heart because they spent time and once the world sees that they say we don't have it this that's something else that something completely different I'm reminded of a story of a actually my aunt. She. Went through a divorce she divorced my uncle when I was quite young and she was single for quite a while. And she ended up remarrying him unfortunately she remarried a gentleman who was 1st come to church but after the marriage said it wasn't really told and committed to Christ or the church this happens sometimes you know when their boyfriends the rapture of their husbands their And so this is a situation and we fortunately even got into some occult situations and just was really interested and you know I remember even as a kid having the Prussian that you know of anyone in the family was never going to accept Christ it was this guy then you have someone like that in your family you know a knuckle crazy uncle or just and there are just some of those you tend to picture them except in Christ you can't picture that being a Christian there is no way it's too it's too far from reality that was discovered. The years roll by and my aunts and of getting into a really difficult situation with the work where. She had a lot of pressure on her nails but it washed rest on her and her husband was you know witnessing all this and she would come home and explain the situation well she ended up doing the right thing she was just persisting in her she was taking it to God and God was giving her peace through this situation and lo and behold it didn't happen immediately after weeks and months God delivered her from the situation by giving her a promotion where she got was about better pay and was in a better position and she was out of that really tough work situation and the war last but the most important thing that happened was at the promotion later her husband came to her and he said you know I was watching you during situation I was imagining what I would be doing in your situation I would be very upset as to the treatment that you were receiving at work and so forth. And I just just got me thinking he said something strange started happening and this started sitting up in bed and I just thinking what I really don't know what's going to happen after I die I have theories as speculations by I really don't know and I've just seen something new that I. I can't of the conclusion that you have something there and so he starts talking to her she says Would you like to start studying the Bible they start studying the Bible he becomes a Christian the guy in the family who in my mind was like never going to be Christian he became a Christian he's a very diligent Bible student now they host Bible studies at their house it's a little out of line and so on. John about the various wax there are a that's him that he got going for a while then they do anyway and so it was through watching another Christian suffer that's how it is sometimes that's the one of the best most convincing things we can give him all arguments we could you know use the best logic we could short burst upon various which we should do but sometimes that's not enough sometimes people just need to see some things. And you just got work in our lives and not just that we need to leave the 1st well and there's another it goes deeper let's look at verse for verse 4 in John Chapter 11. And when Jesus heard that this is when he initially heard the last blossoms was sick he said that this sickness is not to the death but unto but for the glory of God that the Son of God might be glorified there Bob. You know my view circumstances and you want guys this to kill me at this and take me out as this is so difficult Are you trying to are you allowing my mind my spirit my whole to the discretion of me and this trial is not a day but a sort of thought that got me to be brave and I saw other people natively uniquely God Laurie needs to be revealed God will deliver I was. The organization taking you but such is God is big will who will not try you have as you were able but will with the patient make a way to live. Away the state that you may be able to bear so the bottom line of your friends or something relationship a marriage here and financial situation and God is not an answer you have to understand that it's quite possible that God is actually trying to do something that better. That's one of those that. I have personal experience with this. As many of you know off here again many years ago my grandmother died from auto immune or hepatitis Here's where my mom die from Are You have the tightest month after that I found out I had part of the Chinese and you know it was a real trial when I thought that was out it was a real trial because I knew that if I didn't do something different that was sold was going to be carrying my taxi I carry grounds casket and carry mom's casket and so on to be carried on to do something. The liver is not good or it have to pass can't just take it out and I'm afraid I really pray that it didn't just go away the trial didn't just go away for us but through the process we've learned how to reverse autoimmune diseases we were to look at how we did it we started our website rehearsal I mean dot com and every month thousands of people are coming to the websites I just last month all support 1000 people came to her saw that home and were getting testimonies from people who were put in or this protocol practice and actually reversing there are you see systems and there are conditions and so you know it was confusing for me why God allowed me to be healed at the time when I didn't realize I was actually paid to do something that he wanted to experience I was going to turn around less a lot of people. Now I just want you to guess why this could possibly be the case why the delay to your prayer could not be because guys doing something better to response number one because someone else has free will is involved can God force you to do things. He wants he wants it's against the principle of the rights to the forest. And those all else is free will the fall that sometimes takes time Dr Pao I don't think my like my up a level that I refer to who have actually received Christ died to change people but it just can't happen like that initial. Second meeting because the mind doing things to counter your own brains I just read we talked a lot of people and some people we speak to are very sick and we suggest some things that have proven to help people and their situation lifestyle changes if that's not the last and the people are very happy often you don't last don't you or I will do it I think myself once you do and having the baby or the stories about the will they suffer I think just. That some people are not willing to do it so we could be doing things to counter our. Butts and they for the most part for the common good Christian when you're standing does a lie. Because God is apparently something that. I happen to believe number. Alright a number of I happen to believe number 5 before I get to it just a little context. My wife and I we have our own business online business and so I really wanted to learn about how to run this really well as well although a lot of people online who had a lot of vibe about how to do online marketing and things like that and I heard a really interesting to religion marketing. And at this that every person is actually to. The person they are the person English. You market to that 2nd person the person what I want to be 20 pounds swimmer I will wear muscles I want to have more money I love to travel I'm sick of living is coming down. Every person has really seen people lose all something that we would like to improve ourselves or our situation and the fact is the most people friends are not totally happy with their servers the majority of us are not and it's still a lot of our joy the time spent thinking about them there are mine that are in the car business I have that still a lot of it would have you believe them or I see it happening as Liza revive and. Exactly where I need to be right now to correct the issues that got me here. And. I am exactly where I need to be right now to correct the issues that caused it's not a pocket of happiness really but it's still true. Though see this from scripture please turn your boss to The Book of Job Job Chapter 517 I trust that. The old happy is the man who does Well that's correct this corrects therefore despise not have the chasing the almighty those we've received his love for he made a store and find it up he willed it and his hands make holes. Such a powerful. Happy is a man whose courage it's courage why because God may break down to break down always brings down the bill that God always growth rates to heal so we can make something. You know sometimes I don't know when we're working in construction feeling remodeled or up sometimes deliver some bad thing down. And sometimes I have to do that part of my life he and we are going to tear nonprofit people but we have to be led by distractibility back up so that you are much freer than we were before. And the fact is most of the circumstances that we are happy about us are actually created by us. Now really this 2 categories those circumstances we got ourselves into their songs that we had of choice and I'll get to this but I want to do it that 1st category the circumstances that are created by us you know when we realize that you know what I'm 20 pounds overweight because I have bad eating habits I don't have the muscles because I don't go to the gym I don't work out I'm sure on Monday because I make bad financial decisions you're at the place happiness and then because of her ex because then we understand it's about characters character flaws got here and how we deal with character flaws can Jesus feel that it's a male crisis rationalised and it's 1st we need to cry me power to God we need to pray to God and I want to talk about prayer because there's really 2 ways of praying that feeling there's a surface level of praying and there's a deep we're praying that most Christians myself let me give you an example here's a service level God please help me to the story so that's the surface level Here's the deep prayer God please help me to overcome my bad let's see the difference is very very if you want to even deeper this is even better God please help me to say no to that don't box in the lunchroom at work either that or the very specific you are really good for air they were his right service level God please help me to get more muscles deeper God please help me to have the discipline to exercise even deeper got a place on me to get outside of that lift weights after work today even better service a lot of police on the make more money deeper God these popular come like that spending it's even deeper God please help me to stop buying those useless energies and then. Yeah OK. So we realized that we just don't need to pray for things we want but we need to pray for the reasons I was there 1st US and when he realized God was allowing you to be in your current circumstances to correct the very character flaws that got you there in the 1st place you actually want something beautiful. And sadly where I need to be. Later there's no better place on the planet Earth for you to the than we're exactly where you are right now exactly where you've overcome thing keeping me from anywhere I want not you when I go that I want to be the lot of them wow this is incredible and so very liberating when you understand going to now there are bad circumstances that are our control we all are. We in the Bible are many examples because of job performance losing what I do control Daniel getting shipped off that album because his people have turned from God So I think that the circumstances that were vast that were out there control they were just subjects when you did the what you do the search of how can you apply it to the the situation Romans 828 and we know the Bible says that how many things friends of all things work together for good to them who love God to them who are called according to his purpose what incredible this is a this is happening this power is right here if you truly believe that all things once you put your life in the life of Christ once you put your will of God will what ever comes you will ever happen See that's what you're good for the good of those around you to shake it just. Remarkably transform the way we look. And so God made allow you to be a bad circumstances that you didn't create but nonetheless will still work to your advantage to the purification your care it will still work for your good. 1st of all there can be to be the salvation of those around with it early church period especially the 2nd church period characterized by the church of a Smyrna this is the church got that got thrown into a row coliseums with gladiators a wild beast with a group persecuted church God allow that to happen to Christians that wasn't God you know taking a brick in a boat they fall apart we know God was there the whole time he saw them it's why Rand's the last Christians to suffer to make more Christians. So if you just look at Christian history the scripture you can't avoid that is garbled of whether he will do that but he may allow Christians to suffer to make more questions and you know what the true Christian will be willing to suffer to advance costing the true Christian the one who's not in it for the man some have the ones not in it for you know to follow another guy have to make grow them other than they're the ones in it because they love Jesus to commit it was piles of the will of the self too if it dances God's kingdom. And lastly friends when it you the goal of your life is to be elect uses all the sufferings of lead character growth will be faulty. I don't want to paint it into a pretty picture it's not it's never going to feel good so obvious I think that the suffering right it hurts it won't ever feel that you can't go through with peace that there is meaning this is working to my head says helping I be in this so what's your goal you know a lot of people are turning to me how the hell they're trying to make have planted 3 and they're doing something this policy. But if you love cop if you're obsessed with him just the goal of your life is to the lucky. That any suffering that contributes to that will you know blog they say doesn't feel good but I know this could and will ask for happiness believe number 5 I'm exactly where I need to be right now to correct the issues thank God the future of our acts our last happiness believe Number 6 idols I like all but this one. My value is based on what Jesus did for me not what I do for others. Yes especially in today's society we humans get in the trap of judging our value based on what we do who we are but if you know the society condition of the this way the pretty girls get asked more dates than the girls are absolutely right the guys who are good at sports they get more attention they get more brazen the skinning nerdy things right the people who make more money get more respect than people who donate more money might know the truth. So it is this is this is life this is high school is a scholar's this is this is the way it is in the career world and for a child that we get these side messages sent to us that listen if you want praise and you will accept this you have to perform you've got to be somebody even if you're not that person you have to do is pretend to be somebody and so we spent most of our lives pretending to be someone that we're not to get acceptance of praise from people who really don't care about us how does that sound what recipe for disaster for us we even spend our life trying to get praise an example from people who don't have the capacity to even appreciate don't even have the capacity to love what exercise in futility What a waste gigantic waste of time and then and it's an absolute trap and this is why sports stars musicians models we don't they should be so happy that some of the most miserable people. One of. My 1st serious girlfriend was actually really model and I got to go to some of her fans and stuff like that I was girls are that not she was not a very happy girl herself and the people who are the magazines I wish I could look like that look at her hair look at him look at this you know muscles bulging out everywhere a lot of people that are having to us and you know why because like sports stars sometimes they make the basket sometimes they don't the musicians sometimes they write hit song sometimes the whole album boss and as soon as the they miss the basket of the album bombs what goes down the things they're about all are happy because it's based on who they are at the. I heard as I put this together a really cool story came to me that I heard from a pastor who pastored that church that you growing up he was traveling and he was on a plane and this is back in the late eighty's early ninety's and he walked by someone who he thought that US and realized it was Darryl Strawberry Now if you follow baseball in the late eighty's early ninety's you know when they all started with us if you don't just realize that he was a very very well known baseball star if sitting there 1st class didn't stop or he said Well strawberry So he goes and he sits in his seat was thinking I think those men my sentiment. $75.00 of these 5 up in these are so he gets out on this a piece of paper he goes up to him and he says I Mr Charles want to get autographs and they all started as the Tories surveyed really crotchety person he didn't like people talking to you everyone knew he was on cocaine he was a cocaine addict and having their struggles like finding that it's something that you know that's just how he was it was very really what happened despite all us all of his success and so. The matter with the pastor and what about to see a startling 50 percent still strawberries asters Carola pastor Pastor this guy's body shop I'm trying to sort of getting his autograph sharing with him Christ. And so he decided to do something really bold because I go back so we went back and he knelt down they'll start listening 1st class on musical and he said Mr Starr I got something to ask you what they said. You know how when you get home all the people cheer. Up so you know how do you like making errors strike out people who was yap. This is what Jesus loves you work it all all that you make. Just like this this guy picked up here because you have just loves you well you hit home already there. They said. That's pretty cool he said you know I'd like to talk to you more about Jesus but no I have to be in my seat the flexibility is where you're going to send a vial to you and there are stars I would like that and they give him I have been Hatteras and passed a friend went back home said I was the actor's few months later years and he was there a stronger case cocaine becomes a Christian I was wondering could it then because maybe I had some part of that you know going to graduate but you know it may feel that he was a part of that you know how awesome and you know. That's what gives us this Jesus loves you not because of how you look not because of how he performed lots of because you're his child it's he created You're his creation. You know right as I thought of this I was reminded by a passage in the spirit prophecy Have you read it it's incredible desire to be a just Page 33 that says in the heart of Christ where a perfect harmony with God there was perfect peace and now there's a lot of explaining how did Christ have a perfect purpose he was never even laid by for us nor dejected by censure or disappoint it's only the greatest opposition and the most cruel treatment he was still of good courage and incredible I read that you were the 1st to her that way Jesus Christ I just blows me away nobody is like this nobody is like this Jesus out there it's me that's that's just blows my life with my hands you know how Christ was like that because he knew where he came from his value wasn't in the worthless applause of men who will cause you one second who the next 2nd your performance has value did it wasn't diminished because they'd callings or treated or had his gun came from the Father Payne knew that and so people do whatever. They that's that's you know I know I was at neither 5 I was not based on it when they told me it was you know worthless and it wasn't true he just was holy he was so solid That's why I want to be friends. And the Bible tells us where you get your value from this turn of the 1st peer chapter one book of 1st Peter chapter one 1st Peter one starting oversee for as much as ye know that he worked not me dealing with corruptible things as silver and gold from your vain conversation received by tradition from a father's but with what's the precious blood of Christ as a lamb without blemish and without spot was the price tag of the record of this 5 years a 1000000 dollars 10000000 dollars 100 trillion dollars You were not reading for the quotable things about since the blood of Jesus was your Christ friends you know how much it cost to see one of you sitting there but death of the Son of God the blood spilt blood of Jesus on the crops that's how much you cost so when you're tempted friends to feel a bit nobody you look at the cross of Jesus you look at him hanging there you looking at believing up there and you realize that this is where my values when you're tempted feel or discover new you know performing going to work maybe it'll look like you used to you look at the cross of Jesus friends and there you can find yourself. Praise Jesus out this week number 6 my value isn't based on what isn't based on what I do for anyone but it's based on our Jesus. That's where the value comes. So in summary happiness believe Number 4 my unanswered prayers are because God is preparing to do something better than praying for happiness believe number 5 and exactly where I need to be right now to correct the issues that are. Having this leave Number 6 my value is based on what Jesus did for me not what I do for Anyway if you really bring those trying to set your heart you can be a happier person I guarantee it. Now when you do when you're tempted you know we hear this message and who feel this is good stuff and the inspired but then you go out you start living left right and you get tempted what hat would you do when you're tempted to feel out of it what are you doing you're tempted to feel sorry for yourself when you're tempted to feel that God isn't is here your presence has now new friends for years or you're tempted to feel unhappy about your circumstances I would like to give you something very precious It's a formula for that the Lord has led through many years here you go 1st cry out to go. And I would go over this a few times then choose you choose to be happy even you don't feel happy choose to be happy just say savage and Mitt I can't 3rd claim by the stars so cry juice I can't claim about a verse and leave it with the form of a prayer I this is the South where I say when I intended to feel any of these things dear God I cried out to you I choose to be happy but I can't do it whether you care and then what about us. God I cry out to you choose to be happy I can't do it but you care and of course that I didn't really enjoying playing lately it's not by my it's or my power by the works I've been deliberately from feeling like you've done something like that all these things through this very thing says righteousness by faith and practical examples I've shared here chronic choose admit you can't God here if you claim the perseverance and you get out and move forward. Now I'd like to close with revisiting that happiness believe that online or not it would if you were one of something just literally happen to you if you were there to get think of situations like child abuse if you were mugs earlier arised re all these things how do you say I am not a victim situation like that. You have you not the same time if you want to heal you have to get out of the demon tell you how to get out of saying believing that I'm a victim that will keep you in perpetual was. So what do you do the fact is we've all been the victim of some some worse and others how do you get out of this frenzy you have to realize someone was a victim for you somewhere in between of it for I see if he says and with His stripes we are here with his stripes query you know the Bible says you know what happened on the cross on a spiritual level Jesus was experiencing your vote on the cross why was he doing there so he could in turn turn around and give you his healed spirits his healthy experience it's what's called the great exchange he said I'll take your said I'll do my practice I'll take you to get older and you'll be my guests I'll take your hurt and I believe you my face is not going to be healed. Priest he's US and all because we just heard that we do something America nothing he because of his love for us because we're his age and when we do that we accept the marriage you know the Bible says it says Therefore if any man at the end of crises and you know what's he's a new creature be all things are passed away and all things are because you are no longer effective why because you're going to die on the cross so that Jesus in a spiritual level could give you his human His peace something supernatural something that happens and spiritual that Christ offers for each person that I talk to people who experience I mean I know there's a rock that has much of the I talk to some people obviously. I don't know how it made it you know it's a 25 I went through it you went through and because they went through this process they talk about it as it happened somebody else saw because God the power of God They were the way to change and this is really the same process so salvation we have to have knowledge I really broke in sin we have to confess our sins friends we are honest we have to ask God to be who are asking to be a lot of our life so grab your life to him completely and believe that he gives you life and you the creature that's the way of salvation and you know this is the foundation of the reading glasses because if you don't have this experience there is no way you can keep the commandments of God healthy Jesus is no way to do that this is. So I think close I would be. My 1st bill is is there anyone here today that wants to accept Jesus again I mean if you accept it for but if you want to renew that decision you want or do you want to do that again this is something we don't just get converted once and they're out of the earth forever this is a decision you have to make continually because it's a relationship and. Is there anybody here to also say today I did choose to hear God my life except it was about what series of hands that's your decision what except God again. This guy. Has a. Is there anybody here who that who is Jesus but 1st you know really that has never strayed you heard of God Here you merely with God's heard about but you never 100 percent. Accept Jesus I want to live life that's a decision if there's anyone here to give you that option this feature has anyone here the success just as anyone else what's except for the 1st time to finally be the Lord lives now. There's. A beautiful process of creation I'll take your girls to. 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