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Word of God, Part 2

Scott Moore Phillip Sizemore



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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him our session starts at ten forty five Zechariah yes okay then we are officially within our eyeglasses on the blatantly know what I'm good to hear to begin with is those that are new here how many were not in this session last time okay now just to briefly share with them suppose you were here England just kick back for second in a briefly share with them the secret of studying Scripture so let's go ahead and without a word of prayer and then we will study the secrets will look at the synchronous setting Scripture father in heaven we thank you so much that we have the privilege of being here to study word Jesus we ask that you will fill us with your spirits we can understand in Jesus name we pray amen but for those that were not here there is a secret just studying Scripture that Jesus gives to us and look at the twenty fourth chapter your member Luke twenty four Jesus appears and begins walking with these two disciples on the road to Emmaus and Joyce Jesus was walking there he is talking to the disciples about why they are sad and why they are discouraged and may tell him it is because they don't know or Jesus is anymore when Jesus Germany Luke twenty four those you were here earlier repetition deepens impressions so good Luke twenty four and will begin reading inverse loop twenty four begin reading inverse twenty seven these disciples are disparagement I don't know where Jesus is another Jesus has been killed I know that some people say that he appeared to them that morning there just distraught and confused first twenty seventeen this is talking to you will see sense and the model says a beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself so Jesus starts with the Moses and then he walks them through all the Scriptures and he talked about what he talked about himself so Jesus goes from the books of Moses and he starts pulling out references for the first coming of the Messiah and what could happen to the Messiah and homicides when he killed all the way through the Old Testament he's giving them a topical Bible study on his life and so that's what we have to hear the secret to studying the Bible is to study the Bible in topics now what happens when we study the Bible and topics go to verse thirty two verse thirty two Luke twenty four and base abbeys and the two disciples they said one to another did not our heart burn within us while he talked last night away and while he opened to us the Scriptures I never read the Bible and you're wondering to yourself I can get anything out of this help me out when I started in Genesis among other numbers and got bogged down help me understand this Jesus said that if we won our understanding to be open that we will study the Bible just like he did not can we improve on the method of Christ we cannot assume we want to understand Scripture the way Jesus understood we will study the Bible and topics Jesus did the same thing in the upper room when the eleven disciples they are in Luke twenty four look at verse forty four and he said unto them this is verse forty four Luke twenty four these are the words which I strengthened to you whilst I was when you yet with you that all things must be hello which were written in the law of Moses and the prophets and in the Psalms concerning me so here is one reason the operon of eleven Jesus uses the books of Moses and uses the Psalms any as profits and he pulls out all those writings reference is to talk about him so Jesus gives us the precedents for studying Scripture in topics the reaction to those eleven look at verse forty five then opened he their understanding that they might understand the scriptures Jesus and method for studying the Bible was just studying the Bible in topics and when that topic was starting going all through Scripture women topical study in the truth was it will then to his followers now you want God to speak to us knowing we want God to communicate to us as well from this book and the way that God does that is this is even a Bible for us to study the Bible in topics then we had a box saying the Lord now some I asked me on the break there they said you know what happens if you study the Bible with someone or they come to an evangelistic series and then they don't follow through with the commitments that they've been making and now we have a sheet that we teach our very first week of the disciple of evangelism how to overcome excuses with Scripture and so each one of our students gets that and they think that in the front of the Bible now that I told you last class this is my newest Bible the life gave to me my old Bible actually has the outline of the shape where I think that in my Bible and when somebody would give me an excuse I was so we know winning homer sent next to you and I was certain that person and I would open up my Bible when I was a you know I have here a list of excuses with references that help us overcome those excuses so while you and I just look at these excuses and then we'll find God speaking to last so that's what we do when we guard overcoming excuses with Scripture reading the interesting getting that okay all that is going to be available for those either filling is achieved for evangelism no will put on the website as well so what we did during the first part of this Bible study just to bring the rest of you up to speed as we started our Bible study does anybody remember second Timothy chapter three verses fifteen through seventeen and we thought December sixteen where it says that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God so the first thing we discovered is admissible was given to us by God the second thing we discovered was found in one reference second Peter chapter one verse nineteen through twenty one and verse nineteen says that Elian here just went blank verse nineteen says we have a more sure word of prophecy and we discovered that it was more sure than a lot in verse sixteen then an eyewitness prophecy is more accurate than an eyewitness now Jesus gave us in our next reference the reason for prophecy John fourteen twenty nine what was the reason he gave us for prophecy so we can life what is your name Bonnie Bonnie got it right so that we believe Jesus savings before they take place so that we need to take place you may believe Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten when the Bible told and what separates John in the Bible from all other gods and what was because they gone the Bible can tell me and not beginning is is is a no-brainer that you're living right here you can look back and say OEM Apple and was not followed up by such and such a country which is followed by such and such a country but it's a completely different story can be over here in some cases more than two thousand years before something was that take place in the unit run and that's what makes been gone in the Bible is the only true God because he can tell me and from the very beginning then we went to Daniel chapter two we find out that Daniel is taken captive heaven if you are unfamiliar with the book of Daniel Regina what happens with Daniel Daniel just negative answer the interpretation of his or that the dream itself and here we are now focusing on the interpretation of the dream in our first class for those who have just joined us we have a system for marking our Bibles we are in the sixth reference of our word of God Bible study hour code for marking this is of course the letter W and we are since the reference so we were marking this in our Bibles the reference that we are in is Daniel two thirty one to thirty five as represented by the sinks in the circle the line represents that text Ryanair Daniel two twenty six through thirty represents what does you were here earlier that represents the reference that we just came from and this tells us where we are going to go to now you see if we go there next thing you know that I'm a prominent run as I told you before you know it's just jump all right so here we are Daniel chapter two verses thirty one through thirty five nothing really read that didn't win him to thirty one to thirty five we did not even as I must have been on the very edge of his royal throne because here's Daniel Eckstein rose slave telling that even after what he dreamed the night before class right so here is we will knows our next reference our seventh reference in this word of God Bible study we'll see there on the screen the head was made while talking outside jolt the Jackson arms were made on silver the belly and thighs are made up bronze delays are made of iron and feet and toes are made of and then there was this stone was cut out without hands and that's what anything is a saw in his dream that Nebuchadnezzar had told Daniel and all the other Wiseman you tell me what I dreamed and what it means Roman curriculum to pieces and turn your houses into place or donkeys go to the restroom so Daniels not safe yet is he Daniel must give the interpretation to Nebuchadnezzar and we talk just a moment ago in our last class what is it they gave Nebuchadnezzar the confidence that the interpretation from Daniel was going to be true because he told him his dream he told him his dream no otherwise meant to do that to Nebuchadnezzar spake is now in Daniel and Daniels gone so let's read the interpretation of that dream you actually read through it will just die here our next reference is seven W that means when the seventh text of this word of God Bible study you market it but the seven WS article you draw the line we just came from ninety two thirty one to thirty five our next reference to be Daniel one verse one remember when you are giving a Bible study you want a DOS saith the Lord everything that you share how many new and ever shared with somebody that happened he wore a garment of life never share that with someone who you knew that the harmony can you prevent it from Scripture I can prevent you from Scripture on Gandhi was the right references you want to know what those references are UK government 's classification and a televangelist rat LSR verse thirty six Daniel chapter two verse thirty six the Bible says here this is the dream and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the king that you remember that even as I should send this total déjà vu moment because Daniel has shared with him when he dreamed the night before going against in verse thirty seven now both team partaking of Kings for the God of heaven has given me a kingdom power and strength and glory who is Daniel give the credit to even though Nebuchadnezzar the king of kings was given credit to the God of heaven you and I would do well to do the same verse thirty eight and wheresoever the children of men dwell the beasts of the field in the files of the heavens has he given into thine hand and have made the ruler over them all now our best head of gold now when you study the Bible the way Jesus study the Bible you have to think so right now we're going to think are you ready to think Nebuchadnezzar is the chain of one five three give me a Bible book chapter and verse because you have to have and thus saith the Lord for everything you share with somebody from this book well if you're paying attention with our next reference Chris Daniel chapter one verse one you're absolutely right diamonds after one verse one the Bible says here in Daniel chapter one and verse one the word of God says in the third year of the reign of Jim Boykin King of Jerusalem King Nebuchadnezzar she babbling unto Jerusalem embassies as soon yet even as there is making a lot restraint according to the Bible Nashville and that's absolutely right so in Daniel chapter two when Daniel says and anticancer you are in this head of gold gold ammunition as a representative battle and its administrators are little further if Queen Elisabeth changing United States of America what country would you be representing the last United Kingdom or England try so negligent as in the kingdom battle and represents what country Babylon and now you say well you're using even a stretch I drink your own private interpretation because it went from being a eight unedited as a thing being ahead of golds and now it's about learning how to build figures and immediately knew that because that's not what Scripture says look at the next Lehman up again and slide it onto it tells us yes the head of gold is Babylon six oh five to five thirty nine BC was the neo- Babylonian rule underwent many innocent began to rule and into the end of the Babylonian kingdom so you're saying to make what you know that actually actually represents the kingdom rather than just that he can answer because of what he says in verse thirty nine let's look at verse thirty nine Daniel chapter two and verse thirty nine so that's our next reference I can into verse thirty nine and thirty nine A of there that you can focus on the first of verse thirty nine focus on the first time in verse thirty nine they were going to go get a nice sand the Lord to tell us who the next kingdom models because we must have enough saith the Lord for everything we share from Scripture so here we are going to jump into verse thirty nine the Bible says and after the shall arise another kingdom in very year to the so after Nebuchadnezzar shall arise another one another kingdom if there is another kingdom there must have been a first kingdom in what was at first kingdom babbling and who represented babbling Nebuchadnezzar because he was the chain of babbling you and I having thus saith the Lord that Havilland is represented by that head of gold Daniel says that you are the set of goals that he says in verse thirty nine a basket in the shower rise another kingdom in every year to yours well what kingdom was that let's just look at my screen here what's our next reference Daniel five remember the reference of going to is a lot of the reference we just came from is on the top now the reason we told you in our first class the reason of the riding where we came from and where we are going to his because sometimes you will shut your Bible and your excitement of studying this statement with somebody like Jesus studied Scripture in the excitement of doing that you will shut your Bible and then you will say all my badness I don't aware I am but remember we told you in the first class that you write all of those references in the front of the back of your Bible so did you get to a one badness moment you can just go back to the back of your violent from your Bible and find a reference in the right to so here we are Daniel chapter five will begin reading inverse one Daniel chapter five and verse one the Bible says here Daniel chapter five verse one Belshazzar the team made a great feast was Belshazzar the king kingdom was e.g. not productivity let's just keep reading with any summary when you're getting a Bible study people will try to stump you all the time my friends gone has given to the Seventh-day Adventist church truth don't let Satan and his error tried to distract you from the Missouri Word of God you will choose because you are starting it from the time your little remaining at grandma into the ominous message that God is given to discharge the Sharon is contained in Scriptures don't let people get you bamboozled a big bottle of bewildered you just stick with what you know to be the truth so here we are Daniel chapter five verse one Belshazzar became a great feast to a thousand of his lords and drank wine before the thousand verse two Belshazzar while she tasted the wine commanded to bring the gold and silver vessels which is on their listening there that you can master so is this the same kingdom in any Knesset was thinking of it certainly is coherent and you and I have a dog saith the Lord will since I was thirteen when the Madeleine continuing on here which his father Nebuchadnezzar taken out of the Temple which was in Jerusalem burst is continuing on the king and his princes his wives and his concubines might drink therein and then run the golden vessels were taken out of the temple of the house of God which is in Jerusalem and the king and his princes his wives and his concubines drank him him they drink why pray to the gods of silver and gold and gold and silver and brass and iron of wine and stone is on sound familiar capital one card it all sounds familiar and Janine ever heard the expression will match just handwriting on the wall my friends even atheists have heard that that same questions for handwriting on the wall looking when I came from my here listen what happens next year first time in the same hour came one fingers in the man's hand and rolled over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king 's palace and became loose on the part of the hand that wrote so you just imagine that Belshazzar is profaning the God of heaven by taking the holy vessels that Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the Temple in Jerusalem by putting perverted wine in their and drinking and pricing the gods of gold silver brass wood and iron praising those gods so he's blaspheming God of heaven and saw hand comes out from nowhere and writes on the wall when LSU limited jumping because of everyone when trying to find here when we try to find what the reason were in Daniel chapter five will try to find out what kingdom came after Madeleine Wright and we wanted Au Sable milk questions about you you know it anyway I'm just teaching you the secret of Jesus gives us against studying Scripture right let's go to verse for verse resizing of you know you wrote it down I can backup with them verse twenty five by the way Belshazzar calls in the Wiseman to tell him what is saying that was written on the plaster the one I guess why they couldn't telling someone they call in Daniel and Daniel gives in the interpretation because not using to Daniel of what is written first twenty five and this is the writing that was written meaning meaning tingle you for some misinterpretation of the thing meaning God has numbered the kingdom and finish it verse twenty seven typical power and balances and are found wanting here as my kingdom is divided and given to the lot the names and versions so here again we have a nonessential or the kingdom that comes after Babel and the kingdom that Nebuchadnezzar was picking up that Belshazzar was picking up now goes into the hands of the neo- Persian Empire so Daniel two thirty nine a main activity shall arise another kingdom in the rear to yours that kingdom that arises after battling is the Medo Persian Empire now Daniel was alive during the Babylonian kingdom and Daniel was alive during the Medo Persian kingdom so it's no big deal for Daniel to be able to tell what came after battling it's no big deal but Daniel was not alive during the next kingdom your member go on from the beginning can tell us again God that is what separates the Ghana Scripture from any other God because from the beginning he declared unto us me and what is what happened and you remember in our first class the two reasons for this dream were to tell us what was wanted take place at the what in time and what was going to take place from the dream up a hotel the end of time we found that verses twenty six to thirty year member that member that actress yes okay I know it's good that did what do you go to our reference we're going to Daniel chapter two we show you the chest and arms of silver with Medo Persian Empire and ruled from five thirty nine to three thirty one and a something happens in three thirty one it is very amazing a money value not just Daniel chapter two verse thirty nine the Daniel chapter two verse thirty nine the Bible says here Jesse Mercer ninety and a number of third kingdom of brass which shall bear rule over all the earth and what number kingdom is this the third work on the eleven thirty eight of posting in black and help facts are so having another third change on a brass so how do we know that it was written anything as it was represented a kingdom because afternoon follow the second scene in the now here we have a third kingdom that bears rule over all of your you and I wanted thus saith the Lord dumpling you and I want to know what was then thirteen and because Daniel was alive during the neo- Babylonian Empire Daniel was alive during heart of the Medo Persian empire that Daniel dies before it ever gets to the third kingdom represented by the metal brats well let's go to the Bible to find our answer were getting it in Daniel chapter eight verse twenty one twenty and twenty one and before we go there I'm going to be just a little illustration here just a little illustration in Daniel chapter eight you have a vision Daniel has a vision and in this vision Daniel sees a ram with two harms what is he saying a RAM if you want one of these arms is higher than the other one of also in that patient diagnoses and go with one horn what is Underwood Longhorn what is Longhorn Galloway is to the gym on RAM and individual learner am dies see the picture you doing around one oh begin he rammed eyes and then there is the go what does that have to do with finding out with a third kingdom is Matilda Daniel eight verse twenty nine in chapter eight and verse twenty the Bible says and then in chapter eight verse twenty the random which thou solemnized having the two horns are linked to someone media and Persia several revelers represented by the two horned goat by the RAM media and version five verse twenty one here is our thoughts saith the Lord Daniel could not known this unless the God of heaven had told him before he came to pass because when Daniel 's writing this is how come to pass yet verse twenty one and the wrong goat is the key of Greece and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king so it came down that destroys the Medo Persian Empire is what kingdom was drinks you have a sample or for you certainly do so what we have done is we are allowing the Scripture to interpret itself your member our second reference in second Peter was the Scripture is of no private interpretation you do not want to put our own interpretation on Scripture let's go down to Daniel chapter two and verse forty you two and verse forty and will just simply going over here is our thirteenth reference after we show you that the brass represented the Grecian Empire Berman Russell doesn't say some very interesting learning it is very interesting fact the middle Persian Empire had twenty soldiers to everyone while the soldier for the Grecian Empire so you figure here's here's the meal versions me up for the soldiers over here and over here on the Grecian side we have one soldier was going to win the twenty along the way the twenties going to win unless gone says otherwise and he did three three thirty one Greece Congress in Medo Persian Empire in a battle called the battle of Arbella where that meal versions were outnumbered her that the new version out numbered the Grecians twenty to one and check this out just what not all the needle Persian Empire collected their taxes in silver to select the armor of the Grecian army was made brass bronze absolutely how can Daniel have no that the Grecian entire would conquer the meeting Persian Empire when Daniel wasn't alive during that time how could he know God told my friends you and I are starting to get evidence enough to base our faith on your member that was the purpose of this study wasn't it to find evidence to base our faith on the star next reference as Daniel chapter two and verse forty Daniel chapter two and verse for a year probably already there Dana Kennedy resorting and a fourth kingdom shall be as strong as while iron forasmuch as I am breaking in pieces and subduing all things as ironed and rated all these shall I break in pieces and brews down the annual teaching moment right here he ready for teaching moment was written Brandon and one in Brandon 's fellow energy in a seven million five Brandon God right here in Daniel chapter two verse forty we have this forth change element made of what metal made of iron and revenue something significant integument of us forgot what it was Jesus was born while this fourth kingdom ruled the world this fourth kingdom ruled the world from one sixty eight BC all the way through two four seventy six eighty one kingdom was in control of this world I want a Bible chapter and verse to tell me what team down rule the world when Jesus was born in chapter two verse on your absolutely let's just know they were to find out what this fourth came down lots minute intervals between one sixty eight BC and four seventy six eighty Jesus was crucified in the thirty one A.D. Jesus was born before one eighty nine Wang what earthly kingdom was in control when Jesus was crucified or when Jesus was born so here we are in Luke chapter two and verse on Matthew Mark Luke chapter two and verse one the Bible says here in Luke chapter two and verse one and it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed now the only way to yield him demand that all the world be taxed is that you are doing lots ruling the world and who is it that demands that all the world be taxed Caesar Goss is that Caesar Augustus was what type of a ruler this is going to Caesar's rule for Brown that's absolutely wrong Jesus was born and crucified during the role of this for kingdom from one sixty eight BC to four seventy six eighty role is in control of the world around them and the world be taxed the Romans and carrying is the one that look at Jesus on the cross and said this man surely this man was the son of God my friends you and I have a biblical text in Luke two one it tells what kingdom was ruling the world when Jesus was born that's the fourth kingdom from Daniel chapter two so we'll just put that right here on the screen we had a head of gold which is valid Jesse arms of silver which is neo- Persian belly and thighs of Ron disagrees no iron when she is grown and how many get into the feet and toes partly of iron and partly of clay let's go back to Daniel chapter two you probably could you think that having your finger and then to good on you good on you Daniel chapter two starting in verse forty one the model says your negative forty one and where as now sauce the themes and toes part of potters Clay and part of iron the kingdom shall be one divided and my friends that the landlord here babbling was conquered by Medo Persia media Persia contrary to what was conquered by Greece Greece was conquered by Rome but the Bible says that will be one was a Seder in verse forty one the kingdom shall be divided now if you don't back up to the very beginning of verse forty one again what were putting our thinking caps on here whereas also lost the feet and toes part of potter 's clay and part of iron what is that verse was not in the first being the trained that Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar he has what was not in there that he just added what I'll you what I will or and go back to verse thirty three Novak in verse thirty three and some I give me the time to shout it out verse thirty three his legs of iron is the heart of iron and part of clay what was part of our departed later his feet now go to Daniel to verse forty one and whereas thou sauce the feet and toes what is the significance of adding the toes in the interpret Shannon Drane it was going to show loss how many genomes that the world that Rome was going to be dividing into and if you look at Mary says in verse forty two the kingdom shall be forty one rout of the kingdom should be divided a nation beginning of the strength of iron for as much as I saw the iron mixed with miry clay verse forty two and has nothing and follow us on and has been chosen that they were part of our departed place of the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken the want to know what a stinking nuns were locating and have to keep coming to the seminar actually that we don't do that one in this seminar but it is on the life on the edge video set in the back is all sauce over forty three ironies of miry clay they shall mingle themselves with the scene amendment they shall not leave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay so here we are together being in toes of iron play we just read Daniel two forty one to forty five my friends were always divided now if you are not altered let's all take our shoes off and discount Jimmy Josie out of the water at them all and will divide those by the number of people that are in this room or we can just guess and say that the average number of toes on someone's needs is ten how would Daniel know that the fourth kingdom that followed the third kingdom that was Greece would be wrong and in that role would not be conquered but would be divided what's the only way that Daniel could know that if the God of heaven and told again you and I knows you were here the very first class we learned that the man that had a top hat they went to the racetrack there's a gentleman down there in the betting area hotels and all his money on horse three course three wins and he doesn't think that his winnings goes Magnum placement of that same mass down there as Benjamin and horse number seven number seven comes in and when he goes down in a third time and it does say a man is down there and he says put your money on horse twelve what you think I'm a infinitive is important money on horse well horse twelve in the coming the next time he goes back down there that man won't even base his entire life on the word that man tells them what force that all the stillness of Babylon will be followed by Medo Persia and it wants to solicit me to Persia will be followed by Greece and while the solicit and recently followed by Ron and it was gone solicit Rome would not be conquered by the wrong would be divided and guess what it was and it is and what time do we let them twenty six thank you so let's go back now to Daniel chapter two verse forty one to forty five minus seven lead all the way through their let's start in verse forty four something very extraordinary happens during the time of divided Rome crazy when I all went down the respect of one's life you are only down to four seventy six eighty and enrollment is divided from four seventy six A.D. to the present in a time that you and I are alive wrong is divided so the next thing that happens in this damage aptitude and my friends when you study innocent people in their homes they just get all giddy and they get excited some people start crying some people sing in English person and you'll actually see Jesus secret of studying the Bible begin to work on people 's comments and there is no greater joy in this world than watching someone begin to believe in Jesus told you it was standing with his lady named Elizabeth Elizabeth was in front the other in Albuquerque New Mexico and I wish I could say that she completely changed her entire life but she didn't even know Jesus walks but she excepted Jesus and her heart and I have to believe that in his time Jesus is going to bring her out of the mess that he found her in because she was introduced to than God that can tell me in from the beginning and so here we have in Daniel chapter two verse forty four and in the days of these kings what seems is that talking about Kennedy talking about in the days of the King Nebuchadnezzar and know because management is on the same Kenny talk about the keynote of the media of media and Persia it cannot be because they party pass on the scene any talk about the kingdom Greece work with me here to be documenting exactly Brandon Kennedy talking about it it will beginning of his lawless pass off the scene it is divided the Bible is telling us that in the days of the invited role something is one happen to you when I get is when you said okay is is what the Lord has already sent to us to walk ask ourselves as a visiting visiting the visiting note is visiting is existing in it in the days of these games what happens in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed my friends it is in today's undivided room Dean of engineering during the time of divided on is wrong reunited yet know the seven there would be only teens and rulers in history than trying to unite now European Union is trying to United but they won't be able to just like the Parisians who had one soldier for every twenty of the real version of my they couldn't overcome the mean lineal version American overcome them because God said it wasn't a so here we have gone setting up his kingdom during the time that you and I are alive now how can Daniel have known except the God of heaven until because the God of heaven is only when it can be living in from the very beginning that you and I walked through this viable site shafts using the word of God to interpret itself within a topical study on the word of God that would give us enough evidence to base our faith in the God of the Bible on the web let's go to our nation reference here would you be Matthew twenty one twenty one verse forty four Matthew twenty one verse forty four nineteen twenty one verse forty four that's only represented God 's kingdom and listen to this model says in Matthew twenty one forty four Jesus is speaking Jesus says and whosoever shall fall on the stone shall be one broken but on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him to how and where your member that Stalin it comes out that was cut out of a mountain without hands and hits that image on its feet and you know when you're we will send his people even when those people in the IV notice that when looking in the eyes maybe you can surmise this is a player but I will eventually take any notice accurate you got to look people in the eyes because you are standing right there as the voice piece for God in that person 's house the voice piece for God in a person 's garage the voice peace from God when you're on the brink at work in union Daniel June fifteen minutes and finally on that break and whosoever Severson fall on this stone shall be broken but I'm whose average of all Lebron and our salmon is that without handout announcing and rushes that image on its feet is the second coming of Jesus and Jesus is Nextel if we fall on Jesus will be broken our all our natural self will follow away and Jesus will give us a new car but if we remain hard and rebellious against God and his word it will grind us down it will be blown away just like the check from the summer threshing to my friend and this is the appeal you always give an appeal during your Bible study at the end of your bottles if you can do small appeals throughout the Bible study even better because you want a clear insect people you clear them on point and you keep going just like I told you I want the Bible share their book chapter and verse it tells me that Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon we went to Daniel chapter one verse twenty seven cents August the many hazards thinking about you are clear on that in the new window did you notice how we did it all through this study you do the same thing when you study the Bible with other people because if somebody does not we are on something that means they are confused and he can the person is not a convicted person and a person is not convicted is somebody that is not going to get into the truth of the word of God Seattle make sure that what you're showing people is clear was whether the estimation of what you're presenting to people is clear you love them in the eyes make sure that they're getting I been trying to make eye contact with you guys in the glare of the alliance here to see if anybody had on their face now some people have some people have confusion marks some people have conviction marks and so you ask that Bible teacher that Bible instructor it's your job to determine whether what you just said was clear enough and the best way to do this this is it's difficult but all you have to do is say exactly and I'll tell you what it was clear there was nothing Obama said he would reasonably honest enough to say you know that that wasn't very clear help me out on you have to make sure they're not confused with a clear abnormal reference in our Bible study well we just went let's go down to our seventeenth reference which is found in Ezekiel Ezekiel twenty one twenty five Ezekiel is anybody know the try before going on that's absolutely right we made it down a little time to just go back to McDaniel and then turned to the left and you will find Ezekiel now you don't you know what an easy way is to find a book of Malachi never had trouble finding book of Malachi you will never have trouble after this moment again in your entire life before the book of Matthew which nobody has trouble finding any backup one they are okay we're in Ezekiel twenty one Ezekiel twenty one versus twenty six and twenty seven Ezekiel twenty one versus twenty six twenty seven the sand the Lord God remove the diagram and take off the crown they shall not be the same exalt him in his low and embrace him that is not that he says I will overturn from battle and the Medo Persia overturned from university degrees overturn from Greece to Rome and it shall be no more until he whose right it is and I will give it to him so you understand that there is no one world roller right now because Jesus will be the next ruler of this planet called Earth and that will happen in the time frame we frontline was given a Bible study to a lady and she said to me her gang attempted to all my law but I never understood until you took me from one verse to another verse and showed me what it when you let God 's word interpret itself people will get excited just like those two disciples on the road tonight 's people will just mail the jumping out of their skin with excitement because they have heard the voice of God speak to them and my friend is it your desire to place your bet on the word of God okay maybe it's a first time you are is what I'm doing now is I'm giving you the appeal that we give to someone at the end of this liable something maybe this is the first time you've heard if that's the case are you willing to studying this book more to see what else the God of the Bible has to say I was saying I would read when you can say have you seen today that God gives us evidence and not to base our faith in him on sure I guess I can see that so as we continue to study God 's word when God asks us to do something what are you going to do it while trying to do during this Bible study this very first level setting of people what I'm trying to do is get those people to agree yes this is God 's word this book can be trusted and I'm willing to put my faith in what it says as long as you have that basis where ever you whenever you study the Bible of that person you can always refer back to that decision that they made to make this book the basis of their faith and remember remind them that as long as we let this book interpret itself on not getting her own interpretation but we are getting what God wants us to know and that's what makes a topical while setting some very very powerful we are not wondering that we will listen to second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one are very last reference here was my time second Peter chapter one five minutes appraisal of second Peter chapter one verses ten and eleven that person has made a decision to make the Bible instead of the standard for their life second Peter chapter one verse ten says wherefore the rather brethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure for easy do these things you shall never fall for so an insurance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we base our faith on the word of God God will make sure that we are sent into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is that what you want to end up is an everlasting kingdom of Jesus that he's going to set up in the near future don't you believe Jesus is coming soon our next study is on the topic of the signs of the times exercise more to do that study for us and again which is doing and studying the Bible the same way Jesus would and that will turn that will open our understanding the Scripture animal life our hearts on fire now does anyone know very quickly how to show that adamantly had a garment of light on it was inevitably the physiology and I don't will have any loss of normal flatness of justice justice chapter three Joseph showed his real has licenses Genesis chapter three very quickly here with my time for all good Genesis chapter three and verse seven Genesis chapter three and verse seven the Bible says in Genesis three percentage images showing how many laminate undergarment worn in the eyes of them both were opened and they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons silently were not making in all the sudden Avenue San and now they want now they are naked and so then they have to put on something to cover their nakedness and what I put on the front of the elites did not consider them to be clothed when they had big leads on go to verse twenty a bunch nineteen eighteen seventeen sixteen twenty one mercifully one unto Adam also enter his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins and clothes them so Adam and Eve check this out how many maiden sells underwear and got comes along and put close on the last lap just as you are close because God is not into redundancy as I believe evidently were closed with something prior to send it a try to cover their nakedness with Italy's failure still naked they put clothes on what was it that made a loss when they sin known to Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one and verse twin team six Genesis chapter one verse twenty six the Bible says and God said let us make man in our image symbolism Mammon he made anemic job the image of God after our likeness so man was to be a reflection was to be created in the likeness of the anonymous on model for this is the ticket right here some one hundred four some one hundred four verse two Psalm one hundred former student how many were made in the image of God that many were all of a sudden naked neighbor that believes God is in process and what were they clothed with prior to that they remember they were made in the image of God so model for verse two says well let's start verse one bless the Lord O my soul old Lord my God thou art very great thou art clothed with honor and majesty who covers myself as a guard at he will remain in the image of God and God is close with one line what you may lose when they send the garment of life powerful was my friends we must have and not saith the Lord everything we share with people in the testimony of Jesus I something it's not new it's in here we just started in a similarity is powerful battery were called the number enlightening you taking notes and you can prove this from the word go confusion on conventional convention Calvary I has visited setting my friends everything must come from the Bible and that's what life on the edge is designed to do and pesticides well this afternoon is when the new signs of the times and spirit of prophecy offered both of them the very incredible and you don't oneness without restriction father we thank you so much for the privilege given to us to learn what we learned today we ask that you will be with us as we go to the recession that you will speak to our hearts we pray this in the name of Jesus this means he was produced by audio versus working license generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. she was a for or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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