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Signs of the Times

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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him or anything now this afternoon right now but after letting in an apartment right and you'll be sleeping in on the assignment find a vulnerability in the near is a couple of things I want to ask you will you give my love living on a regular basis you are you and sometimes people get a whiny United Bible study and regarding him as the weather that was the reason knows not even my beloved and I went no problem that is not an issue at all really regarding the development of removal of letting my usually the main reason we don't want to Bible study is because we're afraid I is questioning anything I will bring them you don't want because they are doing or getting on people 's economic meltdown about ninety nine percent of the week everything in line with the loading of the violence of either getting and asking hard questions he's aware that the Bible may don't know anything no a lot about this case that says that nearly half of the body the minimum argument that right is aware that the Bible bailout in another asking the public heard things and use later to become one of the authentic timeline and that it was really impressive is his all yeah my lane I thanked and second readings after five anything there there there is unprecedentedly knowing that they really than you would think when the questioning and start with but that mostly we these dynamite with aren't going to be very argumentative Celia and we are the people have like all the try sending them and if anything is not in the Bible some I like that and it is very argumentative and reanimated and I don't really want to play the Bible he is one of these lesser you on whatever is on the line were here to seeing souls leaving about the purpose of Bible study and the policy now that the young Bible studies that we were doing and why will you have anyone here playing on early market revival some Sony vicinity like to know what it looks like an completed Bible designers completed and is it in my Bible I think the kind of markup everyone the studies and a lot of fun and illness in a home and open Bible and government thanks thanks thanks it is a little of my life is there any particular subject I like this so much that when I started freezing more often I started putting my mangled in sermons and other sermon I preached in my Bible I can think of any Georgia Greece several different sermons and when I don't any know that it has been in my Bible market analysis and went in the Bible that if your mind is very easy that bring together going just to help you understand the need by Michael Scott was representing or wanting someone else is presenting an angled examiner while letting the minor and difficult like in the same house that is no way I would know what to say no I don't really think that I would notice that you're not like that he and he is pretty good I mean I can understand what you're sending in the Bible study that remained in the is very difficult because I'm not sure I'll know what to say whenever an event the eighty terabyte and that if I started getting Bible study with only one Bible and I found out that when I read the Bible when you pray we read the Bible and as the Spirit of God to show you what to say to help you through it there we open up your Bible needs are sharing with somebody even if I know that all those things you really need or desire their nasty and they think we now definitely want to sell you my training on dry and by now that you didn't know what to say when you get the text another good suggestion I did it myself if of why African Bible study or ever will by means of the meeting sermon things like that I like to do things like watch a DVD of the same sermon whether I presented or someone else presented before I go presented first online airplane that point other than what you can remember an antidote on your mind Google did a Bible study back to find out a hearing the fact that the things that you need to remember to thank him manual have a breakout thing here nothing in the studies each other on okay you must be one against letting the users but the amazing fact that he got to like that you have notes in their and his little intimidating to know the Bible is Madonna my favorite dried though they were going on right now on the iMac amazes me Matthew chapter twenty four it will be focusing on both of the study and antigovernment rethinking idea that no one ever say that this is in your mind that he was given a study by night that this welcome your mind and we doesn't get the stunning I fully ever about the Bible went on to home or what anything to give them Bibles that everything is seminar spiritual thing the Bible says are spiritually discerned and so in order understanding must first ask God to give us understanding Philip Bauer has rewarded where Lord Jesus I wanted you so much that you given us an opportunity in this date the study word but I have to do open up our minds that will hear what you're saying to us through this is a message for this study and whenever you make indigenous to follow what is it you're telling us a similar asset you help us to share it unashamed with the people around us we ask it in the name of Jesus amen now by this study the second study regarding coverage and when you give more like a Bible study we mark them up in order with Martin in order to study in our Bibles like him the list will be back there I think around on the Internet as well on our website in other words and the order you should get a study then you don't want to go against the young Antichrist on the second study you probably did a little foundation and the values that we haven't already developed a list of the working order you should get the Bible studies in the ring the second study right now we assigned the time before we looking at at this time and we market my love you never how to know the leader in your field was not here to understand what the Bible the roving again okay go but was a getting example again is that it is not in the size of time and in your Bible you'll radiated at the S the Sierra tango and that is simply assigned the time so that when you get all twenty four studies marked in your Bible you don't say if you don't have the brigades and their existence the real confusing the market by without abbreviations that's very important you have that and that's what it is a love that is actually marked with here is the list of facilities in the study I noticed the majority of them are from Matthew chapter twenty four marking up your Bible even this study are another study when you have a whole lot in this same area there were other things I do think colored pencils the first three vortex on Monday looking at me say and read and know okay read read read all of the grin and a half they're not real the one blue they are not going either colored pencil ethicality dwindling in the supermarket website was a individual grounded in their so here's a list of fourteen text in the study is based on size of hunting around market will look at it right now we go to the first text in the study revelation chapter sixteen is rolling out the revelation chapter sixteen is the first thing I noticed house market that is exactly how you market your Bible the one as the van for the first fact in the signs of time study profitable to that line across the represent represents Revelation sixteen fifteen if it were your app in the middle is where you're at there's nothing about the line in way that we go back to think you just came from and we have a company executive though what if the next fact that we go to you but if you put something in that and in a line on the bottom underneath it is the next thank you we going to actually do that with Revelation chapter sixteen verse fifteen that make sense to market my mother felt marked up you can be Matthew twenty four forty two and forty four the replicas they think that they these first few taxonomy looking at me look at assignment time study the main idea and very beginning is Jesus told us to be wanting for something as any homework again I may look at some holiday SNL and begin to talk to the person even home somehow like a very animated even on getting Bible study that found that people really don't get it really doesn't bother them much if I do that you like and am only giving them among the public is there see them I don't know that part but I did a little animated in the study because it's very exciting thing or a God now just tersely how many people here are like lifelong seven and quantity of honey seven administration most of their life you have your be okay as I does not cover everybody relax that is because sometimes we get into these studies we ourselves are very excited about it because I will I heard this all before you get like that before I is meeting the archer in having felt on her list before you make many miseries and people that I know the site is very thing drivable and it comes to someone asking them why they believe what they believe in if you struggle at times very important you would get the remarkably studied and learned yourself budgeting is pretty important to know what you believe what you believe that it is now probably the Sabbath on Saturday night is why I can go back it up that's not a good thing what you'll find if you go through anything marketing studies up and go through the Bible and get the studies by giving them what to find out is that you learn the Bible and learn why you believe what you believe and I believe personally I would rate as an abandonment I was raised and even became a Christian about fifteen years ago seven administration of fifteen years ago and one of the best things I think for everybody in order for you to did a study in the church and be grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ in a just-in-time yourself learning what the Bible has to say and learning why you believe what you believe you are already doing in the first three fax number three title again hearing the study one of ongoing market of how little bit and in the making different and arrest is all about watching will find out that Jesus and the menorah got to be watching for something the Portland Revelation chapter sixteen verse fifteen we can turn their resign a little podiums got been helpful Hannah broken arm again hand my right hand left him again this went on the Bible it broken and in these reasons the men of the West under Revelation chapter sixteen in our Bible from a sixteen N verse fifteen terabyte of how to get the Great Lakes in your setting it home to me I am open of the book of my my my my once a month on the Morgan of Bible study as a kind revelation in her interview with me to the Bible looking around from finding out when you get studied as one of the things you make everything record everything in an innings of the meetings and things like that maybe like company seminars and things don't other way around in the Bible whatsoever is not a bad idea to tell people what about the Bible are revelations last look at my window in the back of mine and Revelation sixteen Emerson deliver the Bible has to say behold I come as a thief in the night blessed is even of what watches watches and keeps his garments as he walks like an atheist shame so John you're writing the book of Revelation under it under the inspiration the Holy Spirit not tell him the right in the book of Revelation to be watching watching watching her while before going to find out if we continue to this study document my mom got it Martin XOR going to Revelation we would we get major revelations after twenty sixteen verse fifteen why does Matthew twenty four as you turn to Matthew twenty four notice on the screen what's written a PC when you get to Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen two forty four somewhere around that area for the vicinity of that you want to put out circle with a line in and near at USC for the second time to time for the study you just came from Revelation sixteen fifteen eleven on the top line why will a line in the middle must bring like coming out in December is where you're at right now in the miles that he was in nineteen twenty four and in the line of the writing on the monitor for one thing we're going to write that you get the idea of how the model marking work will continue through this dishonest on this format is the continued through them Revelation sixteen venting on Monday December twenty four reportedly the forty four Matthew the twenty fourth chapter you can turn their first book of the New Testament Matthew twenty four forty two forty four the Bible says this first thing Jesus as their watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord doth come to what the context of the watching here the coming of the Lord needs the symbol is to know what to say anything in the Bible setting anything is redacted says watch therefore we do not know that our dear Lord does count if you're getting a study right here and were having a Bible study hall not okay no one is only watching for any visit was a side effect of the coming of the Lord is what God wanted me looking for anyone looking anywhere else in the style of designer yet they would not looking what is it specifically that he wanted me watching for me to say that right now that is very simple he displayed a very you know where you're going in and that that kind of thing and actually in the next part of our visit this know that that the Goodman of the house had known what hour the people down he would've watched and without a severance house be broken therefore be you also ready for in such an hour as you think not the son of man come to Jesus as the watching the ready because it is in our young thing is going to happen he wanted him and in the study are using right now to think about it our win a time for many people saying no we been hearing this model life perhaps in a church in our regular things that happen into account in setting what those people are following in the Reading all the time we watching regretting you got a popular teasing out there and he is like him secretly quietly and quickly voyageur of you think are rapidly running out of things and no one will notice I have no one to know that you notice our next thing the Bible in terms of your model he says that is not the case against his people first Thessalonians chapter five now the other is on a separate five Wheaton will run a three SD below this is the third rep everybody using in our study and as these emphasize the times three has fee for enforcement on his five figure six were going to Matthew twenty four one thirty three car as you study your Bible and as you prepare the study begin to someone else you'll start learning and remembering what the next text that does anybody know Rob Robert had roughly one hundred twenty four one two three is about innovation and it is what Jesus is saying there in the disciple standing as a halo to the Temple and economic data all that want their company one stone upon another I need to know where you're going in the next article study you get the study you are writing your Bible to give it twice you'll be able to go and you know women expect to meet you just aren't like that so you decide to get elected times and you remember late I did maybe little bastard I do remember one time maybe little flirty recruitment leveraging funds on those first Thessalonians five United look at Thessalonians you know that the books of the New Testament are needed that C-section is an athletic order subject living to your mind when you ask Roman script installation reasons lipgloss in the component direction to get that these are all athletic order Thessalonians Timothy Titus medical or New Testament so good-looking first Thessalonians Chapter five H verse two through sixth now pay close attention here is another watch fact that we jealously watching it up to the altar of the Depaul riding are you watching what was going to be watching for anything very interesting in that he says are you no one not want to be a surprise to some pumps most buildings and also incoming ideas although many who think the Prime Minister individuals will not find out right here in the anonymous surprise for one thing and if you know anything the only thing you know trouble believing the Bible that evening what is I there involving with Lieutenant for you yourselves know perfectly that there the Lord comes out editing a nine million euros obviously critical in the know wasn't expecting it for when they shall say peace and safety design this project comes upon them after available on the woman with child and they shall not escape is an interesting here just to hang on in your mind that Paul is likening the second coming to a woman in travail in birth birthing event on your mind and it would be relevant is that the minutes they shall not escape but you brethren it is really writing this hard drive to the Thessalonians writing drunken driving Christians eighth-inning you brethren are not in darkness that they should overtake you visit me so the second coming of Jesus is an obvious need in the night to Christians according to Bob no I thought it was a entertainment company as of the it will ridiculously which is one that is destroying about what people believe about the second coming of Jesus is a motivator like the Christians out a fit of vomiting year the children of the light children of the day you're not in darkness nor argued the night therefore let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober now let's think about this for a minute you have John writing the book of Revelation and he says for us to watch you have Jesus speaking in a book of Matthew and he said they eating watching and looking out you have Paul writing and look at that I Thessalonians there any capacity watching and sober and looking for something now because anything I fairly intelligent people on the outlet they turned all upside down coming how many people you know in nineteen thousand years ago anything are nice today not very many are the but these guys one that wrote the Bible the authors of the Scriptures you know they are found in certain pretty intelligent people pretty pretty important people in Italy and in the world and the whole world is heard about the writings of the Bible basically were almost there again he is an account that women have been in Marion County people willing to advertise the watching valiantly sober going to look out what it all in exhibiting California be looking out for in a format that the lead or they can did the transition you might say into the next fact what it would be looking for if you don't know that they don't hold long drawnout thing in a Bible study this am excited I wonder what it is looking for bigger government remember that right I wonder what it would be looking for in a form and find unexploded a book of Matthew chapter twenty four versus one to three will be in the will be in Matthew twenty four pretty much the rest of the study back to the left in your Bible urine from the right back to the left Matthew twenty four with start of verse one is a talking here Matthew twenty four you have white with red letters and you know that Jesus is only the one doing the speaking so what if I know what you have to say annually about Atlanta they specifically about what the Bible similarly what's important remember just as once you a lot because you don't know our homecoming Paul says be vigilant in watching what you don't know what what are the Son of Man is coming Revelation W looking out the golf Jesus is coming Nancy is like Jesus here will be looking at even be telling us what were looking for recounts and you might find some new and interesting things here and in the context of think we looking at verse one Jesus went out and departed from the Temple his disciples came in the show in the building the vehicle seat of DeKalb beautiful churches him them is the only thing I value not barely I think of you rather there shall not be here left one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down on a house outrageously and the disciples thought wow it can destroy these masses ultimately one on top of another it must be being well right you know that's what they were thinking of the present neck in a descent upon the mount of olives the disciples came to him privately and send them tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of your coming and in the world they asked two questions here they didn't know they were asking the question they got anything as serious as the demo being destroyed nothing in the world that hate jealous when shall these things be the building destroyed but we know that in seventy A.D. degree or remember seventy A.D. when will it will be destroyed and while Ms. Sawyer coming into the world Jesus here actually give them both answers at once taking the land that the destruction of the Temple he blamed that ride along with us that's designed that things were going on for the second coming of Jesus he put them together one after and will look at that now is moving exactly asked campaign wins in the world what if Jesus wanted me watching for what happened in the world according the Bible Jesus comes it throughout even now when I only studied English everything in the world of the company coming of Jesus the stone comes and destroys the image that was in the previous study so what were looking for now in the signs of these things taking place what's really going on on his art for example if you looking at and I wish that the only drawback a lot of have given Bible study thinking you don't be in the home for over an hour and it's hard for me allowing in the full everything right now to decide that I'm going to do that James chapter five one two five and economic problems related eighteen with economic problems and show Diane and I wonder all the time we got rid of that invasion because he'll be there through three hours and the next I'm going to get a lot of that enable another one thing for everything this guy or gal and enabling to the door so we all know near the genie on anyone at the door they got a giggle of an hour and if I use coming this cut out a lot of the really good using of the high gluten vitamin and made his and they legally traded me to know that Jesus is coming soon but we have to think right with Bible study enough over the previous of the answer modify near as does the next part of the text were in the twenty four one two three of the next expert appointed Matthew twenty four verse four we has anyone for your motherboard that one is hardly anything appears on your Bible could align there like stop reading here make your comment here right any resulting like simple enough market by Lebanon way Matthew twenty four starting in verse four through seven now again is another great temptation right here for me whenever you get this he start reading down from four to seven break anything to stop the reading of it and start commenting on not do that because my comment on it and you go through the rest the studies right now is renowned for your look what Jesus said to be looking for right before he comes the very first thing he says in verse four and Jesus answered and said to them take he that no man deceive you isn't it interesting when the disciples ask about the time is coming that will be like right before he comes in the first place after the files of what don't be the same no one easily said that I did I asked this question in this point is that he had when I asked this question how many people were from one-on-one study are you to see are you you're not you know and because Jesus Christ now that is really what it might say something like that having of your estate you have to be sure about the same as their feet while there is all I nominated everything they claim to Israel again minimum magazine losing about the time things like that anyhow I went on about the skyrocketing Andrea anger management and home Bible study right on it and then you feel like you're nothing going on honestly how do we know that the question is and all I can do this illustration is the great civilization how many people know when you're sleeping me know when you're sleeping now don't not yelling immensely we like the setting is a thing like what when you're missing you don't know you're listening and leaving town unless the end the elixir or the cure for the section is found right here in the Bible to really study and what I find out in the study perhaps he might learn something from the Bible today you didn't know before noon I think it here and if you're honest very high-fat thankful I was listening to that point right to find out perhaps we are deceived in some places that let one of the Bible tells us to not believe in the news so let us look at it now for thinking is that it don't be deceived deepening their maybes in the second and last phase concerning the second coming of Jesus and inadvertently throw that for sure for sure that's why simultaneously for many will come in my name thing I'm Christ in the same many you and your wars and rumors of wars and economic trouble for all these things must come to pass with the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers for various places another interpretation that an innocent oversight with very all the beginning of sorrows so Jesus says here you have earthquake my grandma have wars and rumors of wars the only thing on me and people starving to death of the all condescension about Jesus Christ and who he has always think of a deceptive in the last night now what the skeptics at this point blogging is my real loud we know anything right we collect the war and all I had heard the voice quality troubles meant Jesus and amazingly ring that their specificity Ashley and aren't and anything is nonthinking prophesying the ballot nothing is how earthquakes and where you are the worst moment in hand I know the people listening to Jesus at this time heard something that many of my here because the translation would pick up on it right now in this admitted that he compared his second coming the two things will get the second one first by the second was found in our next fix Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirty two thirty three Matthew twenty four verse thirty two to thirty three loves go there Matthew twenty four was still there thirty ten thirty three and twenty says now learn the parable of the big three ways branches yet tender he puts forth leaves and you know that summer is my so when you see the leaves on a tree starting to turn color and using a little blossoms in a book coming out in the summer is nigh and in the next Murphy said that so likewise when you shall see what you're watching right you see these things know that it is near even at the doors don't how is anyone that was near when you see anything happening in Atlanta they've always happen and always have anything competitive entry blossoming with Alan Novak kept another text the one that we that that I really been focusing on your personally converted to a big treatment impairment of something else it is again often in a translation is very simple here as you look at this back to Matthew twenty four and first verse eight so you know now the seventh ST Denver seven effect on the final time study seven SV Matthew twenty four England verse eight ninety twenty four eight three it would mean though that this is a couple of things I like to do here you have your own personal story if you want if they hate outside of this guy any becoming a name is Philip Sizemore and you know this guy and you can tell the story he won the biggest light of this point I can't take people a little bit off subject per second and a health and make them even more than the best way to do this blackmail whenever I was twenty two years old amid a slowdown began Christian through her witness against him that is hedonism and I will love you a lot so I married her and every got married about eighteen months later and were married she started getting fat as you want about American rebellion getting bigger and bigger acid there's something not right about her image is also the primary is getting bigger and bigger enough for now alive within the article thoroughly will arrive in August until she's pregnant ethical okay nine Ireland is pregnant again but there was unsigned meeting place wasn't there now nothing like that it may not even hammered hospital all the time of the regular incoming it wasn't within one Sabbath after church we live home and Lord comes out of the bathroom she says that the water just broke said that this time I will worry about it nothing happening even if I said no not at all I will tell the doctors and hospitals really wasn't as we call the hospital if they bring in writing and so jump in the car you know I'm driving really fast of this country Road Barrington Eastern Kentucky area and weight we get in the hospital and not a taker in any purpose machining for the little things however regret round belly I think of all over her right and on the lotto tickets out on the law on the site here with the grass will start and every time that Laura would do this that photograph which is you don't instrument down your happening she is having contractions every hour or so twenty minutes whenever was very so often that things are going up into the regular how I want to relax and is doing that all he needs none at all and he is doing an independent department even got into the evening the later got the more until finally at about three in the morning about how you are required every minute he was just anything that might now and again and this is one often start to contract after contract after contract as he was in labor pains and every thirty morning negative of the basement because you have all the contractors you to handle right now maybe one table morning regarding Ringling on nine ninety ninety five operative month of November nineteen anyway if you have any right that closer the baby got been born the more and closer together and more intense work those contractions is more intent more and more put together now with that in mind I want to know something you probably never noticed before Matthew chapter twenty four of the people listening to him fully understood automatic twenty former statement when it says all these are the beginning of sorrows now you may already know near your Bible parties the paper networks sorrows is a great word is only our limits and I fully correct or not the word literally meaning is translated in other parts of the Bible birth claims nonexistent about a minute when she is talking to the people standing around he said you see these things will be just like birth pains they got questions I got it anyway we report sorrow that is not of sorrow this is the beginning of sorrows and senseless that you understand what the word literally means and is translated in other places of the Bible it means birth may not have a screen for you there is no sorrows and are the little green things over there and is as back pain especially throw at childbirth things out about their listening to him being intimate in their language when he says I was in the beginning of sorrows event is the beginning of birth pains now let's take I have implemented everything you said there wore the river the wording of the day anyhow again for the night you think about how didn't I now your family going on he is learning closer closing at like a woman having a baby is a birthright and that he had contracted now three months into my thing is that anybody knows that I have a contract contract and you know where the ball labor find anything eminently even the even breathing thing the letter never know delivery about right down the block labor pains but no sign of it is something on all near my something not right any as closer and closer together more more than the bond of a newborn at the nightly when Jesus was saying when he says I all these are the beginning of sorrows he says don't think because you always had wars was always earthquakes because you've always had payment because he always had Catholic does not think that his immunology going on like that he says and pay attention and we get closer and closer together more more intense you know them coming soon from your thing there's no way to give this allows anything the same things you don't have to need a record of the any bargaining and I like that hereto this study is a very difficult but again because it's always changing right as you have a major earthquake and if that I will spend a lot of time worrying about the details of it if anybody has a blood and blood pressure they have a temperature date their going alive breathing they know that things are getting worse you'll have to belabor the point of more NASA more that get all the details of these things he understood his general general thing regular Bible study for the part remember all his thing in her papers in economic thing if someone is very optimistic to be hard to get along with that wildly abandoned Indonesian information and share with them I've never run across that even the secular mind you are you paying attention to those things on our world today even the people there have to be it religious they know there's something not right my mom my mom I was at the hotel is reasonably young no relation whatsoever my mind and I had ten years ago that even the name am I realize anything that my right and admit you might think will that not anything new it is remain for my mother nothing like that in the event of the big revelation even the people in the world are paying attention know that things are right right now and you can show them that now to think about how many people here is pretty signed up on our sorrows mins the Ossining in every goal in mind that out nothing about what's that like someone that has never heard this that it were doing any good at the personal no more than one of focusing on reading this study as well is make it a point that everybody knows this doesn't always happen to me before he ever give us all sorrows being working bit to make sure you don't hang voice this definitely is not real Jesus is not really tell you anything special is a and get them to understand that now the front it was nothing special he always had a thing and then we set the hook you know he said that there is not to call off your Internet has landed because the gorilla hanging open everything is the most powerful point in the study acting these things are the other not new they are more intense minutes ago one here is another revelation our Savior on the next section ninety seven four million versus four and five eleven twenty four is about this that the false Christ's the false prophets part of this study ninety seven twenty four and verse four and five look what it says Jesus answered and said unto them take heed that no man deceive you many shall come in my name saying I'm crisis emitting nonmechanical something here you don't have to give this in your study but even if you can understand what they explain it I think you be blessed by Billy speaking here Jesus now notice what he says Jesus says many will come in my name saying I am Christ and to see many are seeing in what is normally written with our service reading the tentative finding the thing I minimize my name Sandra Lee Manning reminded of talking about himself things are trying to sound like a sign the only thing the person they themselves are not helping about Jesus is speaking militarily done in my name every government on Jesus and prevent people in my name username thing I can rise to drive thing that Jesus is Christ in the same many new see that in the back there with Eddie and not the reverse of these are exactly going into the other one is Matthew twenty four eleven twenty four finally talk about false false prophets coming from with how inclining themselves we cry or consulting profits they hear a difficult attention is what Jesus is saying else a megapixel is available for the Jesus anger counseling in Jesus Christ and use of the platform to the cementing that will for a time W Wright and laughing is a lot of happening he will claim that Jesus Christ was using as a platform to mislead people if possible you know Paul sent the same thing happening here this is an extra text you don't have uses the notice is not in a study appearing you'll notice I have uses in around one hundred second Corinthians Israel quickly second greatest Chapter 11 Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans register your place mark their in the Matthew look at what Paul says in second practice Chapter 11 is a fascinating visitor whatever farewells try to say they are the line becoming thing that Jesus is the Christ for use as a platform to see people you see on television many people claim alleging that Jesus Christ whether getting it in the millions of dollars in annual endeavor think they help in our ministries and all kind of crazy nonsense out there like there anything succeeding to be healed but I think that that statement is a shockingly faster TV and I think that their healing that I think that electricity is happening on right either in that it only and has anyone really want off the same year in birthing apprentice Chapter 11 verse thirteen for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into apostles of Christ the genus designating a coming along transforming itself in the problem of Christ but what is the next and Nomar over Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore it is no great thing if his ministers is Satan 's ministers also transformed and the ministers of righteousness is and shall be according to their works according to the right of all it am possible offering air in your twenties I know many people coming cleanliness for the season and made you think I know you think about all the other things I why is he has began with Don Dana seemed if anything is going on and definitely think you know anything is good really nice demo can be maintaining Danny pretending I don't deny standing again I don't remain not been downloaded in any painting and drawing drawn you in pigment pigment bearing that he tried valiantly to the site and original coming people are becoming the only thing that Jesus is the Christ and their values are the platforms are the same people in the interesting don't you think that that wasn't there in the very first thing it is also in the things I find that many of my my name saying him cry and shout the same many people think they are bailing anybody thinking of trying I put these the people the claimant Jesus is the Christ executive authorities no call warns about it Angie is worth about okay now let's look at the others there with Matthew chapter twenty four verse eleven and exactly do you think you can understand that explains the money of it you can eliminate the need to buy the DVDs and record they have that you don't get the rest of the evening of this the firemen are you a Bible study on as well any number in here and again and then write it down and understand little more detail the love letters in the next part of this in verse eleven he says nicely and the same thing that is a little different the twenty fifth many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many you know the difference there many false prophets shall rise and if we may think it will be false prophets and a look at verse twenty four there shall arise false cries and false prophets they just show great signs and wonders is a must that it were possible they would deceive the very elect so you see that also again Ethan 's needs is a little different here there shall arise false Christ versus freedom to bring their immediate manual counting continues the main thing that Jesus Christ that we both promised to authorize the understand that the students now have it always does things sure even I can see this is that you know that Jesus will reign on the cross the other with another guys for the diamond they hear what his name was Barabbas the only laymen some of the father that in an interesting of his name 's elements of the body he was planning the light and the site is to say the people he is legal insurrection however the Romans even in his day your boss prize and false prophets that he wasn't saying anything new but leave the added an infection in her about being blackbird playing and we had an influx of this has been an increase of this if you haven't noticed that you're not paying attention maybe good thing in this case involved by false prophets and you have noticed that he shouldn't drink and there you go what are your Christian television you hear all kinds of nonsense of the enough exactly what seems to be taking place so easy to go into all the name address and all the things needed to make significant general idea in most people the thing is they know that they think they can play notes of the foregoing alkyl there was a prison Matthew chapter twenty four and verse seven now twenty four seventy seven for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and without everything in one of the lizard on that one wanting what they say the only nation rising inflation again against kingdom they doesn't normally not just war is not his rumor that were not his nation rising inflation ninety seven is really like birth pains or there's going to be a increase will look for a core identity is not up on the scale of it more than it ever had before that's only looking for with this and in thinking like well let's find another area many twenty four seven because it be worth interesting thing World War I fifteen million people nine isn't it funny how you say that it's a ninety nine I did little more below even one millionth of a resident met will more than a million people in the whole local area less of us I said that Allah will destroy including you in anemones of easier than a million people died in World War I they call it the war began all were surely mankind is part of my mouth now there's never been a war in all of history like World War I the whole world is involved fifteen million people died because of mourners and estimate you have a fifteen million one hundred outliners are degrees of my manual marketing the people that that's pretty impressive and it might not do well no one will want to fight anymore along and another were even benevolent jerk World War II in the five million people your enemy people that in fifty five million people that again and estimate that an estimate and work as obesity that's not talking about all the in the curriculum things that happened people starving and everything like that as a result of work surely after that just as a direct result of bombs dropping and people die and estimate fifty five million I was reading off oh and again when I feel that evening was examined and I'm presented with a series I get a hold on for details we have all kind of things running the point but doing a vital study I think these the zoo and I made this point very interesting and estimated that there is no more death in the twentieth century alone never all previous work getting all the earth is referred that they can record or even guesstimate on wars and people that I is estimated that in the twentieth century alone that more people die from nineteen hundred to two thousand and the result of work on predisposing mine now with that in mind think about going on in the world right now you have the war on terror is a scale never in because having your defeat terrorism right at the whole idea behind that you can have if you were going to have nations right now admitting leaders and nations admitting we had to have continual work Jesus said there would be an increase idea ever heard that ever to aromatic in years past leaders saying the war will never end on we know the worth of in one day for Jesus constantly says not before he comes it will be a great increase in words how to think more than interesting anyone today thinking back to my grandparents and others to after World War II thought it wasn't great homecoming of the fingerling inventor now you know things are looking up at the baby boomers and maybe the world will find everything they find out and now you have people sitting here most of us here today I have labeled with all my heart and I do the same thing on about that I don't wait out with her old enough you can imagine the world last like that when things are mass and were bonding for another measurement so from there taken the next day the twenty fourth seventy reroute air to same-sex his enemy families now that's a very interesting one the whole famine idea because were all wrong for me you know anybody personally happened a hungry I don't know anybody personally have to go hungry and even the worst-case scenario in our countries the penniless everything will work or Buddha or our youngest money whenever they think you'll had no money only longer life than in the worst case scenario this country people still have that happen there are people on an underlying but if that's a minority investor is a small thing in this country is right now what you deliver worldwide specific there there is anything that cannot fifty thousand in an economic and earnings outlook of the World Health Organization and several other organizations the low estimate on people starving and then everything in this country is fifty thousand the highest and is not a hundred thousand top of the loan in this thing about it every day in this world within a hundred thousand people roughly starve to death the display on September eleventh two thousand and one roughly fifty thousand people started think about the history of this world we can reach a billion people on this planet a billion people until your eighteen hundred subprime year eighteen hundred there was a nine billion people on this planet and today brothers and sisters fifty thousand two hundred thousand people are starving it of everything it doesn't take long to many years of of this kind of starvation every twelve in what would the world population this is years ago that's how I can increase when Jesus is speaking a looking out to the court or time is going on in the last part of his artistry and he said it would be so bad additionally great earthquakes in the great famine of the worst worse than ever before it will be like a woman in birthing ECF eating in the study so far it's not that hard you don't also did the youngest of a few things here and there again we need an evangelistic series and you really want your with an audience that is a different scenario than getting a Bible study is likely the ideas out there for people in on a regular rambling they recognize and think I'm getting better and not just in this country I would think the research and a humming under global they have the great underground caverns then I got here about indexing on tort liability only stores on the lack underneath the city meeting is remodeling on the mile I cannot believe the none that all of the research on this on this theme the advertisers were they getting paid enough like that my understanding was a useless more than anything can some brains out in our government until I caught a lot of money distorting the latest discoveries in the market for years the device garden together and make a living underground related in any private farmers to grow the excavated in Florida he's it was a bad year in editing the people visiting while some years back think of how I think Congress is an idea if we don't pay the farmers and store all effectively we can save a ton of money that was going on at a cheaper the patient is not to grow so much that they do not impose on their bills we put in Montenegro it is cheaper than paying the growing story that I think are doing so they quit having a surplus number of distinct from it what happens when you haven't had years of Hugo Walmart to buy your friend is five dollars love on the again inflation and that no hyperplasia rendering and tuning of the large love not a whole lot other things there with your money that my mentor just a thought Dee isn't going to like that and I believe in the Bible correct all along and it has been coming to nation your you and at this point we make a living make a living appeal sometimes the person studying the only hope you have a learning to trust the author told you these things happen near what it said in John fourteen twenty nine or greater study behold a report from the path that went for the press to be scared to death of the Muslims if you believe right in other words when you see anything happening at all eternal things are coming not be taking place is not what do you think on the right and anymore I never want hardware my on on the resulting hole in the late elimination at right into your home in the in the bed of his finger having his peers feel enjoy wine in a joyous and hand-painted counterpane but your craving in LA now I think you nominated in writing or drawing and at the same with a sign they were looking at willy-nilly is illegal in some New England residents visiting and he reminded people of the call things are getting so bad it is simply made for that much closer to managing the thing that Jesus is coming soon and this is why I believe let's go to the next one here Matthew twenty four seven again it's another example of the body on a petrol of this and my daughter set of a market mother her little brother but is not at once it is designed as the pleasantly at a diseases and I were looking for an increase is likely to increase another thinking is that we get worse and worse I think getting worse and worse as bargaining down yes and in short has been our lifetime like thirtysomething on down the eighteenth grounding out with diseases not only coming they can read it research of the other coming back we have some of them that are brand-new Francis age nothing new for you because you know you heard about your life that's only older Voltaire maybe wanting to develop a boarding something crowd is anybody know four -year-old this is with a heavy and I rather will either when AIDS first met menacing man and if you let it easy to persuade others and you don't regret that a likely alternative is no an it's like forty million people or something like many are dying from in these diseases are not only no but we had some income back to H1N1 what's the although it is something or not but they never determine I want to give all of our bird flu only other thing are very people dying of Louisville forty thousand people in the eye I got here to Dublin I think the recording out my back these things are honoring increased of overlooking for an earthen increase in diseases on this planet maybe not here but if you travel in a overseas find out that this is exactly my thinking Blake and it's coming here it deftly coming and a lot of it is here are going to increase according to a twenty four seven beginning in a Bible study this one simple outline one simple idea will work are going according to long-term records is about nineteen hundred weeks back about seventy major earthquake that are about and one great earthquake nature of in any given year veteran of the SDS in the website you don't need it I think you logical survey website to go there I don't know how they are quite lovely things like business examples are things like this were not really haven't any more earthquake in Houston because I have populated places you have been observing here again in Greek the machinist this is an diverse places you'll look at making regarding record at their yield work literally means and translated in other places it needs inhabited but no more diverse places as diverse places sometime I will translate various places the wording inhabited Jesus said the earthquake and inhabited places like that and Eric Harris dictionary and making on this thing is I don't have on your meditative habit places so there had always been earthquakes the other here they're there but only more more inhabited places and that's why people die a lot of people live earthquakes of this thing happen or more regular in inhabited places noticed along the way around time I know many twenty four 's at seven and a network that give one here Matthew twenty four verse twelve look what it says is not all bad news related to the end of announcement all the administrators of the good news Lewis is over twelve big twelve by Dominic twenty shall amount the love of many will build the GSS iniquity shall abound one of iniquity own iniquity of it not only sin is the practicing of sin yet get his sanity Minnesota and since sometime but iniquity is like the practicing is in his wages as a regular thing for you I think that's the kind of idea because the whole amount of irregular kind the manual wax cold networking will become heartless and cruel and he goes on to say look on your inning is on the same that it be just like it was nice another look at verse twenty seven twenty four thirty seven minutes a day in the know worth of Calacanis on amending the seventh of the Isabella and what they can do here is taken simply to the book of Genesis and show them something very interesting about the need of not meeting that very briefly about the days of Noah Genesis six unwanted back a note when you get the dollar two hundred ninety nine and written down let me know it's a copy of them again to that clock the one thing I don't like about this in your block I love a man with a limit of the carried on to their online I Genesis six verse five and a comeback I listened it wasn't that you are moving a problem no one to compare the address element is to fix first by what it says not all of them in some of the and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of Doppler particle evil continually most the time we think of the days of Noah we think of it nothing really bad with all that according going on in bloodshed things like that you know is there this is because the imagination about their heart was only evil continually television if their imagination of boxes are probably thought about was evil and wickedness evil things it wasn't practicing wickedness that they were thinking about going to bring that Jesus and because I got the last days it is I might you are not the same thing about doing pathways as needed and wanted to know and they know the problem was there was always thinking about what I think we can think the members eleven also let a little more than the earth with all the grunt before God and he heard was built with one piece that appeared today in evening is at the Santa Ana 's church but a board meeting is getting nothing but people I know there's a lot of violence out there that you think you mean it certainly is a list of the newly remodeled television initially wanting your going ahead with violence that was gone on in our churches and our furniture Jesus America we don't know so says there is no earth was filled with violence and inadvertently get in everything that was bad on the earth at that time that what was in the days of Noah and Jesus said to be the same way the regular time and we haven't really had a positive test because now the business because of things like I'm on the status unanimous it is a Bible study that because of things like you I think this last part of the field right now is being revealed as were sitting here Matthew twenty four and verse fourteen the Bible everything in the gospel of this kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nation and in what you been watching for what you've been looking for what you are paying attention to begin will come that Holly Madison rally taking place I think and life without out the GSS Haven and is in the income this Gospel learned on all the world and it is a major part of it it is an end will come in models that only thing it difficult for the landline is coming to an end they think of all the bad things about coming in one Main last time I was banding together on increases in one last thing taking place in it just like Berkeley display getting closer and closer and more intense the gospel is going world ending in one income for the promise is given an elastic is that here Matthew twenty four and verse thirty read on you by four thirty three he says that likewise when you justly all the thing seven all these things were all incentives of my dislike of anything when it all comes together the same time as doing right now for sitting here we see all these things come together disliked this know that it is near even at the doors windows they are even endorse when all these things are coming together ingrained in us with happening today and in the last part of the appeal of the last part of the building is not given in a study with them Gephardt a being of things gotten that all the world instead of accounts or standby is not painted in one of two groups of three and each one of us really want to groups will be part of the people that is finishing up Matthew twenty four fourteen taken as gospel to all the world for a witness in an incoming unlimited part of people in any hearing that message the new be reached my prayer is that you become part of the people that are sharing this good news with others rather than sisters with all my heart these things are intensifying probably a difficult one of Lehman probably because Genghis Khan seen in online a day or anyone websites a name of the news and it's getting worse and intensify and you said it would pray father and I think you so much for the signs you give us your second coming when I pray you help before let's take this Bible study and share with others Lord I believe it is very simple to do is read the Bible and in and in notice what is eager that you're saying and apply it in the I know that many people hard dislike this type of the disciples in the book of Luke twenty four their hearts are warm and we shared a topical Bible studies with them and show them when you were at the thing Guinness curry for nothing in frame with any unashamed to share the truth of others everyone here Lori will be among the people that it is likely that you're working the county is mainly a payment this was the display audio persons working license generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you by seed please visit www. 's new lifestyle that I will review like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse more


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