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Our Greatest Privilege

Doug Batchelor


Why do we as a church, as a body of believers exist? 


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • May 28, 2019
    8:00 AM
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Let's pray. Loving Lord thank you for this beautiful new day a new day of life and just pray that you be with us as we. Consider spiritual things and calibrate our minds towards the mission in Jesus' name amen. Back in 2008 there was a burglary in Berlin some thieves managed to steal a very expensive and precious gold coin that Canada had lent to a bird Berlin museum. It was called the Maple Leaf coin it had Queen Elizabeth on one side and a maple leaf on the other and the coin weighed 229 pounds. And they're still not sure how these 4 seeds were able to get this coin out of the building down a ladder. Across the street across some railroad tracks into a getaway car they've Ensley apprehended some thieves and never did recover the coin they're afraid that it's been melted down now and and converted to money. You know there's. We have a gold rush in America I don't know if if you know that in Australia they had a gold rush also. Met effect the largest gold nugget ever found was found in Australia and it weighed 173 pounds I think a one gold nugget they turned it up with a wagon wheel by accident and. In Australia in honor of their gold history of course and Sacramento we've you know we've got a lot of history surrounds us with Sutter creek in the gold rush in San Francisco. I think the 1st gold up here was found actually on Sutter's Mill I'm not mistaken Well in honor of that in 2011 the Perth meant wanting to outdo Canada. They cheat an incredible triumph for the successful casting of the world's largest gold bullion coin it's called the Australian kangaroo one ton gold coin. And it tips the scales it's 99.99 percent pure gold and this colossal coin is $31.00 inches around and 4 inches thick. It's worth $50000000.00 Australian dollars depending on the economy there are dollars worth less than ours now but that's the biggest coin in the world. It's not the most valuable coin necessarily in the world for coin collectors one of the most valuable coins or well the few that depends on what auctioneers or what people pay at an auction. For more than 100 years one of the most valuable coins in America has been an $1804.00 silver dollar it's known as the king of U.S. coins the coin is dated 1904 but actually it wasn't made until $834.00 which is one reason it's so rare the president at that time if he wanted to mentor number of coins to be gifts for international figures that he was going to be visiting It's a yes the meant to make a limited number of these coins but they didn't have a DI for $834.00 or coins so they pulled out their old dyes that they found from the 1804 coin that was 30 years old and they issued a number of silver now their original 1804 coin dye was made for gold but they use it now for silver so they made a limited number of these $1804.00 silver dollars. And the guys in the mint realized hey you know these are going to be valuable someday so they made a few extra for themselves that they ended up selling and I think that. One recently sold one coin a $1.00 coin and sold for $3000737.00 in Dallas Texas. So Luke 15 verse 8 then all the tax collectors in the sinner's drew near to him to hear him and the fairest season the scribes complain same this man receives sinners and eats with them. So he spoke a parable to them actually he speaks 3 parables he talks about the lost sheep the last coin The Lost Son you only find this in Luke by the way I'm going to talk about the last coin very long. What woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one coin does not light a lamp and sweep the house and search successfully until she finds it and when she has found it she calls her friends and her neighbors together saying rejoice with me I found the peace which I lost Likewise I say to you there will be joy in the presence of the angels of God or one sinner who repents. You never lost something precious and you had to search for. Now you might be thinking the coin how well you know she lost one out of 10 but in Bible times it's implied these are not coins that are used in regular currency sometimes when a woman got married different family members would bring them because the coins were pretty special because you know in the Bible when they paid coins actually didn't come around till the time of oh they became popular in the time of maybe the Persians in the Romans before that when the children of Israel left Egypt and they got paid for the wages to get coins or did it say they spoiled the Egyptians in the Egyptians paid them with gold. Jewelry and all the. I don't know why they never thought about this present in the equally weighed coins but back then they gave a bracelet the Rings and that's all that was their money back then and when the gays are paid Rebecca for watering his camels he took them gander jewelry then have coins back and paper money Chinese invent that that's fairly new. So these are usually something that she received at her wedding as a dowry or gifts and a very precious and when one was gone it was a tragedy. And she looked high and low. I lost the car key yesterday how do you know it's not one of these typical car keys you just plug and you turn the key there is one of these expensive things that you hear this last month. And I looked online I couldn't find it I looked online and it's $140.00 to replace it so I thought I was looking high and low I knew I had it and I looked I mean you folks would be laughing yes it was trash day. And so I thought could it have fallen out of my pocket into the trash in the trash now it was not full of it wasn't good I mean I dumped the vacuum dust in there and it was it was a mess and I thought well you know for $100.00 I looked through the trash and so I didn't look very deep but I kind of ferreted around in the trash a little bit and I went to laundry thought maybe it fell out and I went through the laundry hamper and pulled through and when you searching for something you know have you ever looked for something you go back and then you say it was there and I missed it the 1st time. So I not only looked in the obvious places once I look like 3 or 4 times I check my pocket 50 times I mean I'm lookin all over the house and here and a lot of other plans for yesterday mom looking all over for this key. Well I found it this morning. It's kind of funny how I found it is it occurred to me I can't start my car unless the key is in the car I'll leave the 2nd key in the bedroom and I'll go see if the car starts and it started. So it's somewhere in the car but I haven't found it yet. But I know it's there now. That in my car is running on its own so this woman she looks high and low and what does she do 1st of all what's a woman to church she's lost 110th of something very precious Can you think of something Biblically that comes in the nominations of 10. Commandments. And she lights a lamp one of the lamp a symbol of in the Bible by word is a lamp under my feet and a light to my path and she gets up the broom Well you have to speculate a little but the broom is usually something you use for just diligence and work and she begins to sweep the house and she carefully searches. It's as she sweeps she's looking in all the corners you go on underneath the bed she's going to just. Comb every area. You've probably heard before that when a child gets kids last I heard that a child was lost in Utah 5 year old and they get 220 rescuers together and when they're combing a wooded area they spread out you know like 5 yards apart and they get in a big line and they just completely sweep the areas so that everybody is looking over every inch as they move forward because they're looking for something precious they don't want to miss that child could be unconscious so she is sweeping through every area and finally because of the diligence she finds and what she do she calls her friends and never know if I said Hey guys I lost a dime out of a dollar we're going to a party come over and celebrate what's wrong with that effect I can understand if you've got $100.00 sheep and I lose one and I find I probably want to throw a party but back then that was really precious to them and so this woman all her friends know that she's looking and she's anxious and this is something from her wedding and she calls them all together and she rejoices and Jesus then goes on to say likewise I say to you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. Now when you think about why you came to work this morning did you ever think I came to make the angel saying. One of my big fears you heard me say it many times is that we should ever forget I was watching a Memorial Day a special on P.B.S. yesterday and they're interviewing some of the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors and they said we're so afraid that people are going to forget what happened back then and that America is going to become lax again we were caught off guard. And. You know I think there's a danger that we can forget as a church sometimes why we do what we do and it just turns into a job and pretty soon it gets Monday night you know God warns us not to forget certain things and. When you come to work here you're doing the most important work in the world I heard about this church they were building in England years ago it's an old of Angeles to illustration and a reporter wanted to go interview the workers and it was just a beehive of activity as they were all working on this church but so he went and he talked to one man who was you know put in the windows said So tell me about what you're doing he said well I'm putting in the windows and I'll tell you this is a really difficult because the stained glass windows your regular windows are a lot easier these things are so complex and ready to rip my hair out. And then he goes and he talks to another man that's the frame in a door and he said well I'm framing up the doors here and it's just you've got to get a really precise the church doors are really heavy and he goes up on the roof and he talks to a guy up on the scaffolding doing the roof you say you know what So I'm up here doing the roof and he said in these church roofs they're they're very difficult he said I don't like it much better working on regular houses because they're all uniform he says these things are round and they're odd shapes and I got these flying Dutch as buttresses and he said it's making all the seams work I can't guarantee it's not going to leak. Then he goes down into the basement and a plumber is putting in the boiler to heat the church and the reporter said so what are you doing so I'm building a monument to the glory of God. I guess down in the basement he's got the right attitude he's building a monument to the glory of God So whatever you do here. It's part of making angels sing the last words of Christ should be the 1st priority of Christians so go teach baptize and you know let's never take for granted when we get these testimonies we hear him all the time I hope you hear him too that of people who say I was reading I was watching and whatever the means is and my life has been transformed I mean that's what we're doing that's really exciting that you're involved in seeing lives transform God forbid we should ever forget the. How wonderful it is what a privilege is I still pinch myself it's a privilege to be involved in guns work him and.


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