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Are You Uptight Instead of Alright? - Part 3

Laurie Snyman




  • June 22, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Is your prayer to think the way God wants you to think. And to act the way God would have you act and that's really important would you close that door slightly So thank you Romans 122 is a verse that I think every believer needs to know and they need to know it well and it says being not conformed to this world but be transformed what does that mean was transforming change how completely changed completely and so it would be a lie as we couldn't be completely changed correct so evidently God has a plan for us and he wants to completely change. All right and so we can actually be changed member the children of Israel they were in the wilderness for 40 years and despite the fact that God had a promise for them and a promised land they wandered for a long time and I think it's really sad that a lot of us Christians are wondering we can go to all the seminars we can read all the books we can read all of our pamphlets we can go to camp meeting we can go to retreats we can go to all kinds of things and we can actually not be changed you know imagine that and I think that I believe you can listen to audio verse and pod cast and all the I believe that that's because they were focusing on the wrong thing if it wasn't for those Egypt ssion. If it wasn't for the heat if it wasn't for the fact that we're not eating more than manna they were always focusing on the wrong thing if I I mean maybe today we could say if I was married or if I wasn't married to the person I am married to or if my kids were a problem or would like we always have these ifs but I really believe that our attitude impacts our life and going to pick these up our spiritual life is impacted by what yes people don't recognize this have you ever had a mother who says What were you thinking and they go. Right move a dog don't know well the truth is they don't know what they're thinking because they're not aware we need to be more aware of what we're thinking because it him when we think a certain thing what it impacts our feelings it comes out and our behavior and it impacts our spiritual life when I spiritual life is not going well I think about what you're thinking Does that sound like a dorky phrase but we need to think about what we're thinking and we need to exercise what we're thinking now what is apathy I don't care it's too tiring I just want to relax I just want to chill out I don't want to do anything and when where that way is when the devil will come in with a force so we need to be very careful now I'm going to go over a few of the things that we've already gone over this week but I also want to bring in some other things that we just didn't get to I thought I said we really needed a few more hours of this. Sometimes were very critical of people. You're been critical really. Some of you are some nice so is being critical could be could God have given us a personality to be critical Yeah how could it benefit us to be critical if I have an eye for what decorating Wouldn't that be nice to have a critical eye for that what if I'm a really good organizer and I think you know we need to organize this this in this we need to get this on the row and then and there's all these other people going who I think that's a great idea like when that be helpful it does seem it net a negative but it could be constructive couldn't it but when does it get negative I remember in one of my churches somebody said I don't know why people don't act like me we get a lot more done. I don't want to say who said that yeah I have a lot to learn you know yeah and how about you know why is it that they always do this and do that and I don't really like the way the past he's not feeding me Bob Obama like we can get really critical now. You know is it OK to observe people and notice things. But. Man I can't I'm not really looking at anyone OK I can't believe he's wearing a toupee does he think that's natural. Why is that woman with that man and she don't look like they really match up knew. How she's got a lotta wrinkles now doesn't she. Isn't that that other woman that was a naturist in our neighborhood the other day you know I think I heard yelling at the kids over by the trailers any of you ever do. Oh it's just me OK I saw that look that apathetic look no not me right yeah. And when we're critical and it's not submitted to Christ we are out there for ourselves aren't we were demeaning what is really a critical person what are they thinking I'm better than you. You didn't do it my way so therefore you're not very good at it there was a woman that was. At a church that I went to. It was a new church that we had just come to and I was really excited to see your Because you know how you walk into a new church and you don't really know anybody and so I was so excited to see her and this woman that. This this girl was the daughter of some of the woman that I knew really well who had been very critical at our other church but anyway I was so happy to see her because she was a face and so then this person came up to me and I said how you do and she said well you know I said I didn't know you went to this church and she said why don't know why we go to this church you know the kids are always running around the church and people never clean it looks like the door is here they've got fingerprints all over when we cleaned us a family we always got those fingerprints off and she said you know pot lucks here are really bad and everything we're starting to think about another church and I thought she acts just like her mother. Isn't that an issue is that whatever we do critical or anger or whatever we pass it on in our generations isn't that another thing that we have to be really careful about what we think and how we act. Criticism is destructive How about being picky Ikey some of us have personalities that are very black and white so. Somebody a new member came to our family and she I gave her this really lovely graduation gift I thought I'd be so nice and I picked it out it was so perfect for her and I thought it was so special and I sent it to her because you know we weren't there at the graduation and I wanted her to really enjoy it and so then I waited for my thank you note and I waited I'll still be waiting. I never got that thank you note and so then I said to somebody the family member of this person so did they ever get that oh yes they really enjoyed it well that's nice. Ever felt that way. Nice what's wrong with my attitude. Yes you know and a perfect world we probably would have somebody who thanked us for it but if we only do things that we get a pat on the back we will always be miserable there is a article that you can Google I'm going to talk to you about it a little later but it's about how to be miserable and one of them is to always expect people to praise you for things many of the things we're doing for God right we're really not doing them for that person and remember Martha and Mary who was who was the one that was having a problem. Martha was the cook at such a she wanted some help and Mary was at the feet of Jesus and I would assume that Martha had been so busy with the preparation that she didn't get filled that morning with Jesus right and so what she was doing was making her angry she was probably slamming that those dishes around in the kitchen and slamming the door and then she went out and said Jesus why is she out here when she should be helping me in the kitchen you never felt that way. When we are empty and we don't have God in our hearts we start to get really irritated and bitter with people all right selfishness we're talking about some of our thinking and our it's reflecting a selfishness and when how did you like the stinking thinking that that you had a list of did you see that kind of thinking the ones that are illogical much of that is selfishness we want things to be a certain way and when we set ourselves up an expectation like that we will always be disappointed there was a beggar that was standing on the corner and he was talking to his friends and he said to his friends he said he said you know if I only had $100.00 I would never complain or even ask for any more money and a businessman was walking by and he said sir what did I hear you say said I said if I had a $100.00 I probably wouldn't do this anymore and I had I I just wouldn't even need anything I'd just be really satisfied so the man said Well this is your special day Any took one $100.00 out of his wallet and he gave it to the man and as he walked away he heard the the beggar say to his friends I should I asked him for $200.00. Because we're really never satisfied are we who can satisfy our hunger. We know that and then Satan keeps telling us you know you expect better you you deserve better you're untitled you know you're special people don't seem to treat you the way they should and we don't want to entertain that how many of you know the sun Satan is a liar and a snake in the grass you know that I'm humble me so I can you know. He's always in some Christians Yeah right isn't that true. The Bible says that we are to demolish every argument and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God 2nd Corinthians I want you to say this with me we are to take captive. Every thought to make it obedient. To Christ can you say that we are to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ Is that true that a 2nd Corinthians 15 1st John 44 I remind you that it is written He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world so when we have Christ filling our hearts we will not struggle with our thinking the way that we are struggling but we also have to keep inviting him and submitting to His Will here's a really great quote steps to Christ $12061.00 God wants us to be happy and peaceful Can you tell us what God wants God wants us to be what. But happiness that comes from being selfish soon passes away that here that doesn't last this happiness leaves a person lonely and filled with sorrow we talked the other day about somebody who wanted to get decorate something and they said it over and over and then when they got it decorated they go I'm really still not happy because it's empty it's like no big deal there is a real oh I'm sorry I gotta read one more this happiness leaves a person lonely and filled with sorrow so it's just an emptiness but there is real lasting joy in the service of God We may miss some of the pleasures in this world but we can be happy as we think of the joys we will have and haven't anybody remember the rope what we learn about the rope. We have a short time and one day we will get the rewards but it may not be on this earth OK I told you there was a popular article in Google says how to be miserable you can look it up how to be miserable and it's regarded some some there's some research on it here it is YOU READY think about yourself think about what you want talk about yourself to everybody talk about your feelings and your opinions all the time expect everyone to appreciate all that you do and thank you take personally what people say practice being jealous and envious trust nobody but yourself demand that everyone agree with you be overly sensitive about people's comments sulk when you don't get your way don't let anyone forget a service that you rendered shirk your duties whenever you can and do as little as possible for others so what do you learn from that what is that yes I was going to say when you boil it all down is being selfish isn't it now I see some lady standing but I think there's some shares right there in the middle and there's one friend by the way did any of you have any problems last year at this time did you have some problems that were facing life changes doesn't things go by can you remember all the problems and issues that you were facing So why do we get ourselves in such a knot when they pass away there are things that we have issues with but everything starts to die down right and moves forward some things get worse but most times things we need to be recognizing that. And what do we do when we are upset about something what should be our 1st thing that we need to do pray to God because when we have a problem we're exercising our faith and here's a great. A great quote also and I don't know which book it would be any of our knowledgeable people H. S. 132 This is from Alan White anybody know. How Yes hello insurance I'm sure that's who it is that would be her yeah OK it says it is difficult to exercise a living faith when we are in darkness and discouragement Would you agree but this is the very time we should exercise our faith but says one I had don't feel like at such times I should be praying in faith Well then will you allow Satan to gain the victory simply because you do not feel like resisting him when he were talking about Satan sees that you have the greatest need a Divine Aid He will try the hardest at that time to beat you back from God if he can keep you away from the source of strength he knows that you will walk in darkness discouraging him we are to perseverant prayer even when we don't feel like it because we will gain victory and we will develop our faith our faith has to be exercised I'm sorry Oh thank you very much Miss Halle I prefer she. Can other thing that I wanted to say is that some people look at. Gil's that are out in the world to help us with our thinking and one of those is Trans a dental meditation and yoga and many times they say empty your minds. Let me tell you that your minds are a warehouse and Satan wants to Phil Long as soon as you empty it he's got a U.-Haul and he's pushing stuff in I think it's much better when we try to memorize or have bible verses on hand and we sits there and we think about him Do you remember in here we talked about when we have a Bible verse what is it that we are thinking we're thinking the Bible verse what are we feeling after we have good feelings when we think about the promises of God What is the behavior we want to share it we feel hopeful and encouraged and it does impact our spiritual life in a healthy way correct so remember that sometimes the things of the world are not the best and here is another thing by the way T.V. radio. Games etc can fill your minds with things that are traumatizing and push got out but this is what Philippians 48 says and I know that you know it finally brothers and sisters whatever is what true whatever is noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent are praiseworthy what are we told Think on these things isn't it wonderful to think about good things and what happens when we think about good things how do we. Yeah you heard about the feel good theology out there the bible is a feel good thing isn't it and when we are contemplating the good things of God What is our behavior yes what are we more likely to do in our in our lives. Think of others and the others oriented be entrusted when you're having a bad mood think about what you're thinking and so we aren't going to be saved by our acts we're going to be saved by our submission to God But how does that impact our spiritual life when we're thinking about good things. It strengthens our spiritual life doesn't it OK Any of you had an attitude had we have somebody around that has a bad attitude. A boss a parent did you ever have somebody who says we got to wait until they're in a good at it and good mood before we can approach them have ever had that do you think that Christians should be in a bad mood is that it is that a short lapse because what causes the mood what causes the feeling. Just thoughts what are people usually thinking when they're in a bad mood it's not fair it's not ride I hate this. This this is just not the right thing to do people aren't paying enough my dad used to talk going to sleep on Friday night after he put down the review. He'd put down the review and go I buy the my my dad was a car dealer and you know kind of entrepreneur and he'd go that's where all my money go. And we go Where does your money because he would talk he go those ministers he was wrong I'm married to one. Of those ministers are taking all of my money and we'd say well maybe you should become a minister and you go I'm going to starting Monday. We just keep it going. And then we'd say oh we're going to you know what should we call you call me father so and so and we'd go Oh wrong religion OK but I guess you know you aren't that aware when you're half asleep but anyway yeah. So if we have a bad attitude you think God expects us to move forward to change that when we're aware of it should people be afraid to approach us because we have a bad attitude who we represent. So we have a responsibility to do something about it and so what do we need to deal. You know opportunity you need to do this right. And we need to watch our mouths and what we say to people should we just act on our feelings by the way what does what happens Have you ever I mean I have to tell you did you ever feel like slap and someone really none of you felt that way Oh good a teacher admitted that. Remember and Sound of Music remember how you used to blow the whistle and just line the kids up. Was that the 3 stooges that would just slap them all on the line what happens if you slap children whether they are your own or not is not a good thing and most of us know that we shouldn't act on that right. Isn't that interesting we can stop our actions unless somebody is not watching sometimes then were really bad even people who abuse a spouse as soon as the officer comes to the door hello Mr Officer How can I help you it's amazing how we can get control over that but we really need to do the best which is to change what and have you ever gotten yourself really worked up oh I've gotten myself worked at everybody thinks that I'm I'm so easy going right I'm not that easy going is I have that Calera personality too I'm very driven and I notice that the ones that I love to drive are those easy going people I'm just like I want to tell him what to do and plan their whole lives for them. Once there was a little boy and he had a bad temper and his dad game a bag of nails and he told them I want you to put those in the fence and I want you to hammer each of those in the back of the fence so the boy drove in those nails there were 37 nails in his bag and so he hammered and hammered and hammered so then the boy had a temper problem as Dad was trying to give him an illustration so then when he was done he told his dad he was done could he go out and play now I know his dad said I want you to now remove all those nails from the back of the fence and the kid went. And then. The boy said to his dad I did what you tell me to do and his father took him by the hand and led him to the fence and he said you did well but look at all the holes in the fence he said well you told me to do that you said yes and I wanted to illustrate he said no matter what you do when you are angry at people you may be able to remove what you've done but you still leave a scar and that's an illustration for all of us and he said to his dad I hope you can forgive me and his dad said Of course I have but remember that doesn't matter what you do and every put a knife into somebody's heart there's always the image we can't just let loose and do what we want people tell me all the time you know and counseling I let her have it I told her just how I felt and I said And do you feel better they might have at that moment but afterwards after feel guilty right because if they're Christians which I see mostly Christian the Lord's working on their heart and then there's a problem Deuteronomy 316 says Be strong oh by the way most of the time the reason that we're critical of people is because we're fearful and it says Be strong and courageous do not fear or be in dread for it is the Lord who goes before you he will not leave you or for sake you so when you hear about the Lord the Lord not leaving you are for say King you. Sorry. How does that make you feel and it says it will give you courage he wants you to be courageous So when you're thinking that you think you have more of an ability to be courageous and when you know that the Lord is taking care of you and that he's going to be for you and he will never for sake you how does that impact you spiritually. Do you see why I say people who are not getting their thinking together are having struggles in their spiritual life they're not going any farther we need to make sure that we are being impacted by what God wants to tell us and who or have any of you ever gotten on a flight and it was delayed. Does that get under your skin. Yes I was on a flight and it was very foggy and there was a man who was so mad he told the lady at the desk and then he told the stewardess and then he told the pilot he was so irritated and the pilot kept saying well you know we need to have everybody safe and he said but our bus schedule and I kept thinking I don't want to get on the plane if he gets manipulated by this man because I don't want to arrive you know die just because this man had a schedule right but isn't it amazing how we can really get ourselves keyed up and isn't that a good illustration that I don't like to be at of control that's all about fear and when we are wanting to be in control which most of us are we have more stress and anxiety so we have to recognize that God is in the driver's seat and we need to let him take it over for when we're not in control we have more anxiety and stress when you take a stress test they want to know if you have had any adjustments or changes in your life that's what they're checking because when we're out of control is when we feel more stress Here's a secret by the way you can't control anything yourself you think you can you can make an attempt that you really can't have you ever heard the truth I mean the saying It is what it is isn't that the truth. It is what it is many of us don't accept that have you noticed we want it our way we have no power have you heard the other saying about let go and let God doesn't that make you nervous just thinking about. Who is more capable than any of us we talked about Google Earth and how you know we start getting so focused on our little piece of earth right in front of us and what we can do to control it and yet God is in the galaxies and knows the beginning from the end and yet we think that we can steer our lives in a much better way. Jesus was on this earth and he was bullied would you agree bullied by so many people and yet there's that song that says and he never said a mom willing word when we talk about people that's another thing that we bring stress. And we really need to be careful because we have to keep saying I can do all things through Jesus I am only as good as Jesus makes me Jesus is the one who's who is my strength he's the one who's my talent is the one who is he who drives me he's the one who helps me walk each day he is the one so we need to do it OK so then another thing I want to talk to you see this is like the potluck this is like all the things we didn't get to talk how about why me what's wrong with the why and me. When I have a why me thought what kind of feelings do I have self-pity did you like that one the self hating did you hear me Tanya about the answer my trailer would think I had a little self pity I still have so many apps to work on. Especially when one bites me all right so when we are saying why me what's my feeling about anger irritation frustration OK when you have those feelings how could it be transferred into a behavior. I might lash out at somebody I might say something wrong I might be impatient what shut down it could be the opposite Yeah paralyze clam up why sometimes I should clam up rather than let loose right yeah and when I'm feeling really sorry for myself I can get really mad at God Have you ever thought of that. You know I told you about my client the Cayman just because she has some irritations or life and she says why does God hate me and so sometimes when we feel sorry for ourselves we think God is really far and he doesn't really care about us but we really need to take those thoughts captive I was telling you the other day somebody was teasing me because my hair was fuzzy in the rain when we did the Y. me we need to think about there's somebody out there with chemo who doesn't have any here I was just thinking about my husband who doesn't have much here now OK. When my feet are tired there's people who doesn't don't have any feet right. When we don't sleep in bed we can be glad that we're not in the hospital where it's noisy or in a nursing home or we have to be turn before we can sleep when we feel irritated we need to think about people who haven't had food for days when we feel upset at our car repairs we should be glad we have a car and that we're not at the bus station on a freezing morning there's just so much and by the way every night I want you to know that you can turn all of your worries over to God because he's going to be up all night and he can fix and work on those things is not a nice feeling how many of you try to take them back from him every night and you want to sit there and play with them and think about him and think about how he's not working on things because you have a better idea. And then amazing if you want to know one of the things that I tell people who are having a lot of sleeping problems because they've got a lot of things going on in their mind is that you get a notebook and you write down what your problem is and what you think was the solution or whatever at that moment and then you make an appointment with yourself that you're going to think about it the next day like at 2 o'clock it's amazing when your adrenaline is not pumping how you could care less about what's in that no book but you can keep telling yourself every time you're thinking about it it's in the notebook and I don't have to worry about or God is taking care of that and as I told you Journaling is a very good thing worrying is like a rocking chair gives you a lot of movement it gives you something to do but it doesn't help you to get anywhere does it Matthew 625 Therefore I tell you Do not be anxious about your life what you eat or what you drink nor about your body or what you're going to put on Isn't life more than food and body more than clothing What is God saying Do not be what what's another word for anxiety worry concerns Here's another one from 1st testimony 702 a contented mind what is contented me happy calm fulfilled whatever a contented mind a cheerful spirit is hell to the body and strength to the soul you feel good feel good. Tone in is just popping up there your neurotransmitters are fired up and you feel good you get up in the morning go Wow another who watch out Devil your ego. All right nothing is so fruitful a cause of disease as is depression gloominess and sadness What do you know about neurotransmitters anybody gets nurses in here. Neurotransmitters those are endorphins endorphins are in your brain we see as. Serotonin is one nor epinephrine is another one there's a 3rd one dope a me that's correct different parts of the brain when you are low depressed your Sarah tone and goes down which makes you feel sad and your nor epinephrine goes up which makes you feel anxious so what is it they give you in an antidepressant is usually a fair tone and medication that gets you back up so and your Nora Ephron Afrin when their tone is at the right level it comes down your neurotransmitters fire up in your brain and that's what sends you through did you know that just by smiling that you fire up your neurotransmitters with your Seroquel and you know that Christians need to be happy right how many of you are Christian how many of you are happy to tell your face. And when you think that people out there who have those silly smiles and you want to wipe them off just know that they're half years in you they've got more endorphins going than you do. All right I'm trying to work up to our exercise I can't wait for exercise so now I have another exercise for you this is a verbal one can you say oh no I want it I want it stresses you can be oh no oh no right now what am I going to do OK all right I'd like you to say Oh no every time I make one of these statements and I want you to make sure that you think it's you. You've got a flat tire. You're getting the stomach flu. Your hands all over your tan or your R.V.. You just heard yourself. Now I'd like to change that. Since God is in control and he's got your life and he'll be with you always I'd like you to say oh ow. Ow ow ow ow can you say that. That's much better than oh no right oh wow I'm going to say it again and I want to see if you can take the energy out of these statements you've got a flat tire. You're getting the stomach flu. You have an answer all over your tenure me. You just turn yourself. Did you notice how just saying it is no big deal very important for you to recognize that we need to not be in a panic about things and when we are is when we're going to react the most make a decision that you're going to be grateful and positive and cheerful you know how mother Sue the baby when a baby's crying they go now now now now it's going to be OK Don't you think God wants to say to you now. He wants to soothe us and he has everything he's taking care of Hebrews 136 says so we can confidently say the Lord is my helper can you say that the Lord is my helper I will not fear. What can man do to me. Let's see that again The Lord is my heart I will not fear what can man do to me. Oh wow oh no that wasn't in the verse. But it was really fun OK. Paul prayed that we'd be strong in our trials and tribulations and when we give our problems to God he's able to give us a vacation from it when you're talking about your problems over and over and over I have couples that come in maybe they've had an adultery issue and they talk about it over and over I mean nobody wants to come home from work and talk about sometimes we just need to take a breather and not talk about something and then talk about it when we decide that we're going to talk about it not when the devil brings it up but when it's going to be helpful All right let's see I think that we can work on our exercise are you excited. Did. We're going to have a good day right all right now you could I get. People to help me with these papers yes they're all the same even though they're different colors can I bother you. Oh no no oh wow oh wow oh wow can bother you. OK it says we all need to do exams self-examination according to these bible verses I have considered my way and I've turned my steps to you statues let us examine our ways and test them all of you have thinking problems because you are human and you live in this world and you're not and haven't yet says give careful thought there we go at the thought thing I forgot the T. there give careful thought to your ways Hey Guy one fine when destructive core thoughts are rehearsed in or has they bring about a destructive negative emotion that we struggle with and may even influence our actions we need to stop them and replace them with godly ways of thinking so here is an example destructive thought God does not love me now don't look at your paper. Can you refute that to me what's wrong with that statement God does not love me so when I want one person put their hand up and tell me what's wrong with that statement OK Go ahead Mr God died for me so that's a lie what else anything else it's a lie OK what else belief Yeah absolutely so so correct that statement God does not love me God loves me how much 100 percent how often. How many days. So we can say god loves me 100 percent all the time every day would that be correct OK now it's that would be our our. Our human take on it we really need a verse to back that up so somebody a verse that refutes that God does not love me that refutes that sentence God does not love me what's a verse that you could think of that doesn't tell me that tells me different what. Were OK The one about the sparrows that I am more valuable that he sees the sparrow fall and he loves us even more John $316.00 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son anybody else. Not willing that anyone should perish Thank Heaven you say oh wow that's a really good morning isn't it all right so and then you look here and it says here are some destructive thoughts that you might have and there's some pass abilities and we're not going to go to those yet so I have another erroneous thoughts and I will add I would like you to help me with this one. Everybody must like me at all times Could somebody tell me let's let's look at this in pieces everybody what's wrong with that oh everyone. Everyone What's wrong with everyone. It's too bride it's. It's black and white what else. You can't know everyone in the world see it's an exaggeration isn't it true nobody likes me he heard you kid say that it's natural but it's in their world but they think it's you know what we make it bigger so they have to learn from us that that's not true everybody must what's wrong with the word must. It's forced you must like me right what's wrong with that. It's a free country isn't it people don't have to like me right everyone must like me do they have to like me all the time not a reality statement All right do you notice that we say these kind of statements to ourselves inside our heads and we're not always aware of them and I would like you as of today to start being very aware of what the devil is telling you and what you just passively accept because it comes to your brain and you just think that everything is in your mind is true so I would like you to do a refuting statement who could put a statement that is reality based and true and make it out of this OK go ahead everyone is not going to like me all the time and that's and I like that because I want to make a positive and that's OK. What a relief isn't it. Yeah some people like me you know what some people just don't know me or they would like no. Actually my husband had a church where there was a lot of stuff going on the board meeting and he came home and he'd say Man it was really rough and I got really loud and people were really discouraging and I go so everybody doesn't like you all the time and he and he didn't say anything but then I'd hear him talking to his head Alderney goes well you know everybody's not going to like me all the time and yeah he really was listening right. I think. I can exhibit likeable behavior but it is not my responsibility how they're going to respond to me right. And it may be that they want you to drink and that's why they don't like you and so you've decided not to and so if you think that you have to people please you're in trouble right. That's right so everybody must like me all the time and we said people don't have to like me all the time and it's OK What is the Bible verse that can refute this for me so that I can put a new thought in my head. Were not already how Jesus loves me this I know that's a good one. Do you see so you get that you get that what we're doing all right do you think that you can do this on your own or would you like to do it as a group. Absolutely not yes. Yeah OK I'm trying to figure out do we want to do it as you guys are all kind of fun. Should we do it as a group. OK these are very because I was going to give them to you to work on but OK I'll just do that is that all in favor say aye OK I'm opposing it now can it I don't want to be that agreeable I don't want to be a people pleaser All right here's here's the comma and so you're listening what happened bad to me in the past is going to determine my future so who would like to tell me what's wrong with the statement before we refute it and change it tell me what's wrong with that what happened to me in the past that was bad was impact my future I had done all you looked at the things and I handed out somebody actually rather oh that's a good thing which by the way if you didn't get our handout on Wednesday they're right here so that is minor. Fortune telling OK that's a good one all right what else what's wrong with this. Only God knows the future and are we always a product of our past well why would we even want to come to the Lord if there's nothing we can do about yesterday. If there's no hope. And. Yes It's like trying to drive down the freeway and looking at the rearview mirror only we don't know where we're going right so how do you know have you noticed how people will tell you about their past all the time like they're keeping it up there so everybody knows like they write it down you know like abused or smacked or unloved or whatever and it's like you didn't even know but they had to remind you about that. And I'm like and if you said something to God like you remember that I was abused in my past no that I that I slapped my brother and God and you asked for forgiveness What would God say what are you talking about right now C.R.D. forgave us so why would I think that that would determine my future so change this statement to make it correct. That's correct let's make it even more positive Can you think of something maybe say just because it happened in the past doesn't mean it's going to happen in the future what we need to say I can rise above my past that's right I'm forgiven and I have a great future planned right I have a choice. Griffin and I we have lunch together she says. I said something negative Can you imagine that and she said. I am a great I'm a great person I I have a God loves me I'm a great person oh I have to think about and I'm on my way to even a better life every day because I'm making a good choice about where I'm going and I'm like yes every day I want to commit to God Don't you so OK that's great that sounds pretty good and the Bible verse was about a new creation anybody else came up with another one that I just don't want to pass all right you know what we need to do is have those Bible verses ready so we can insert them when we need them right all right. Things always go bad for me. Was always me oh if this is O's. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've see. As Igor isn't. Oh ma Oh ma. Is it quiet here. Yes I sing that periodic Lee at my house when nobody is helping me with the dishes or something. Yeah OK what's wrong with that things always go bad for me. It's a lie because why it's not true all the time is it can things go bad for me but does it all the time that's an exaggeration do you notice how we exaggerate to make ourselves sound true nobody ever knows we don't really ever does anything for we are does though know why what does that one used to say when we were little I want to go eat some worms or you know. So what would be refuting that go ahead. Yes I do feel sorry for myself tell me what I need to do to correct my think what should i thought be instead. Well. All things work together for good that's a great verse so I need to say what oh well did you say Oh well I might. Pursue peace right this is going to pass right this too shall pass. That right. It makes sense doesn't it. Oh no she thought that was solve it OK I'd rather avoid a problem than deal with it stereotyping what gender would say this more often. Now how why would you think that. Women usually will deal with crisis faster than men if that's and that's a stereotype men have more problems acknowledging mistakes I don't know it's just something in our our culture but what happens when we do not work on conflicts. They get bigger like a snowball and they accumulate people usually come up with more reasons about why they're upset and usually get stinkier and bigger etc and so we need to deal with it so I'd rather avoid a problem than deal with it they may feel that way but what does God want us to do. Anything in the Bible says about what we're supposed to do Matthew 18 folks if you have a problem with your brother what are you supposed to do go to them and talk to them so I may rather do this but under God's help I need to go work on an issue and get it reconciled would that be true all right there's another one other than Matthew 18 but go ahead don't let the sun go down on your anger. I was fortune telling was and. Yeah that's right don't let the sun go down there are many verses on how important Actually it says that when you go into the temple forgot where this is in the Old Testament and you have a problem against your brother. Leave your offering there did you notice that they want you to leave your offering Now isn't that just how it is. But you're supposed to go out and solve it and then you're supposed to come back because you don't want to have any problems I remember that there was a church that was struggling in our conference and there were many families in there that were related and they were often vote together even though they weren't attending they'd come to all the constituency meetings and I remember the pastor's wife telling me that she felt when she walked into that shirt that she just felt like the hair on her head standing up like she felt the double was in that church because the people were so unkind to one another and so on loving and and so they had no interest in the community and and I think that as soon as we don't deal with things that somehow the Lord withdraws some of his power from that church or whatever because he wants to have people loving people we're supposed to be a hospital for 6 people are we not and if we aren't doing our focus which is to consider people in the community then we actually are having some big problems in our churches so deal with your problems as God has wanted you to do how about this these are kind of self pity I always make bad choices I hear that from people all the time. I should say all the time sometimes I hear that from people. I always make bad choices I hear that from people so if I if I think that way how my going to feel. Discouraged and hopeless what's my behavior could be reckless could be doing yes I was going to say sometimes when we say this we do more of that bad behavior so it's a real problem and then we do this whoa is me life is terrible god hates me I don't know why I just keep living OK so let's change that I always make bad choices what do I need to say instead sometimes I make bad choices when I forget to pray and consider what God wants me to do would that be appropriate All right that's great glad you're on it all right and a verse that would go along with that. I love that one say that do you know the verse. Yeah which reminds me that I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil for the hour with me right and the Lord can help us to make better decisions hasty decisions are certainly some of the most unhelpful because we forgot to ask the Lord actually when I was looking at the couples that were being ordained I asked the pastors what was meant I mean what they felt about their wives and ministry and one of the pastors I think was Elder guns Allah said that his wife one of the things that he appreciates the most is that everything they do she wants to pray and come up with a decision about if God wants us to do that and that he felt that that was a huge help to him and I'm just like you know if if your spouse doesn't do it or your mother doesn't do it earlier kids don't do it make sure you do it you say have we asked the Lord what he wants us to do such an important thing trust and. Trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on to lean not on to your own understanding in all your right ways acknowledge him and he yes there I go again of course I always mess up what's wrong with that I don't always maybe I did it this time but maybe not last time and that is there hope I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me right. Of course I always mess up how about this one life is miserable what's wrong with that is life always miserable you get to the you get the understanding is that a lot of these things are like feeling sorry for ourself and their exaggerations and we often think this way so what is the Truth Life has many blessings despite the trials would not be true I don't be a Pollyanna and just say there's nothing wrong out there and everything is good despite the trials there are blessings are there not just Despite the roses that have the horns are these beautiful flowers and a Bible verse is all that's good and joy of the Lord is my string I think I'll just stick with that one Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. I am never treated the way I deserve to be treated what's what's wrong with that does everybody treat me bad no but I might think about it at that way at that moment you never had children say that or your grandchildren everything's about all the time like we need to recognize that when we exaggerate like that we really make ourselves feel bad and the truth is that I'm not always treated that way but I might be treated signal at that moment or in that situation. So to refute that statement is what it's a lie and I want to hear a statement that would be ral reality based Are you all getting tired is the time for Doenitz insight or something. Feels cold like that right now OK. I'm never treated the way I deserve to be treated would you would you think that we all deserve to be treated well all the time. Do I even didn't deserve to have shelter or water like is it really isn't it a blessing of God I don't deserve anything it was that be true. Yeah being kind one to another where you can say. To bless to be stress. Yeah so I mean I think of Carlo right people come up to him and say Where's your arm and he'll say I you know I lost it when I was 4 and a half will you need an arm and he says no I really don't I have run this way since I'm 4 and a half and I don't think I need one well when you get to have in the Lord's going to give you an arm and he's like well what would I do with a. Half and then people say people say to him Well you know it's not fair that you don't have an arm and he says you know my brothers and sisters they didn't get any education because nobody you know they couldn't go to a handicap school like I could so I actually got a degree and they didn't get anything and it was because of my arm Emily he sees that as a blessing we need to look at our disability and our problems as a blessing don't we. How about this one what. A man don't you love that one can you well I make sure everybody heard that would you read it again. Amen that's wonderful thank you Romans 18 correct. How about this I can't cope well if things don't go my way I things are going to go your way. Is it a choice every day how you're going to cope if you had a bad day yesterday can you actually have a good day today. If you wake up crabby on the wrong side of bed today can you wake up better tomorrow if you're feeling moody right now could you put a song in your heart and change the way you're thinking if you have some misfortune can you still be thankful can you Praise God even when you're upset this is like the grand finale of the fireworks gone OK Like do I deserve anything any day I'm just like do I really deserve anything like I may not cope and that would be my choice wouldn't it be because God has given me all these skills and how I'm going to cope is not true so if things don't go my way I will not be in control all the time and I can choose how I'm going to cope I have skills and I'm going to keep working on it how many of you will look at this paper that you have a look on the back and you'll think about a destructive thought that you hold close to you and you will do a correction thought and you'll have a Bible verse that you will you know that you will reinforce it with and then you will try to keep in handy so that when you get into that mindset which by the way our brains are like trails and they lead to a certain spot Have you ever had now some of you are so young you don't remember those vinyl records or. Remember them with a needle and if there was a scratch what happen. Aaron the just going on. And guess what our brains have areas of our brain because we're so used to our patterns that it goes back to that same spot all the time but when we think out of the box and do what God wants us to do we actually change that lets say a little little girl is going to Granny's house through the woods right and she is always going you know in a square and she goes all the way to Granny's house and she likes to go that way because there's this groove in the path the ever been on a bike trail there is this group in the path and it's easy to go to ground to grandmother's house but then she starts to think you know I want to go faster I want to shortcut so she thinks I'm going to go on an angle to grandmother's house I thought I could cut some time off and that day she doesn't really cut off time because her spokes and her and her bike get all caught and there's vines and she has to remove logs and she has to get through the weeds and everything but after a while she starts to go that way all the time and what happens to that trail. It gets better and the groove gets stronger and she goes to grandmother's house in less time but at any time what happens to the trail that she's no longer using. It starts Isn't it funny how grows back and they said that our brain is the same way we could go back to that old trail at any time as soon as we're off our vigilance about what's going on in our brain we can go back to the old trail and we can redo it but if we want to do a new way God will help us blaze a trail it's not always fun because you have to really think about it how long does it take to do a good habit. 33 weeks to 6 weeks they say but you can go back there any time remember that you have to keep on focusing where God is and where you are so that you can continue so I would recommend highly that you X. or size your thinking with this sheet and on the other side gave you some ideas about some of the destructive thoughts that you might have there towards the bottom but when you're not paying attention what does it say yes we go back the old way saying really wants us to forget his lies I'm going to give you some power thoughts you might want to write these down anybody need a pen pens. There are what you could use when. Anybody. Anybody more. Power thoughts are things that encourage you and you know there are you can Google Power thoughts and you can write your own but here are some power thoughts that I think are really helpful I can handle anything with God's help you think that's a good power thought you know I don't need any anyone to say Wow Laurie that was a really good power thought but I'm just like because God is with me that's the truth isn't and I can handle anything with God's help. When I start to feel powerless I need to get that in there right get in there OK member we said I don't feel loved or I feel insecure or whatever God loves me unconditionally would that be true Jesus loves me this I know be bold admit it you can say you know God I know I don't feel this way but a feeling is just a feeling and the devil really wants to manipulate me so I just want you to know that I give you my trust I know you can take care of me and I know that you everything is going to work out because you're with me I know that not everything is going to be perfect I may not like it but you know you and me are in this together and I know you can take care of me and I know you love me unconditionally so we're on this journey together right here's another one make me tough skinned so that I will not get offended easily people are going to say things that irritate you people are going to hurt you people are going to say things on purpose and and by accident and I need God to help me have a tough skin because I'm representing him I don't want to yell at people I don't want to get mad at I want to be demeaning I want to represent him fully and be stable how many of you want to be stable. Number 4 I will not fear whenever you get nervous or anxious or whatever I will not fear why did we say that that's correct it's a Bible verse that tells us that how about the next one I trust you completely God I trust you completely and I have no need to worry these are just ones that I've come up with you could come up with much better ones I'm sure I'm forgiven. Phrase God I'm forgiven right. I'm forgiven. When any time you're you're tempted to think that you're really bad I'm forgiven. These are things that you need to put in your mind because these are are taken from Bible verses that tell us that we are you know we're forgetting we can we don't always have the whole Bible verse there we just want to have this in our minds so that these will refute some of those negative things that we're thinking God will meet my needs abundantly Or maybe God meets my needs I want to make it present God meets my needs abundantly so anything else that you can think of a one that I've missed that you think oh go ahead there's a couple of them in there is there I will prevail against you so like Lord you will win the fight that could be a power thought you will win the fight they will not prevail against me he said you'll make him make you like a bronze wall like they will not get me and don't they won't get me down OK here's another I'm going to read you this verse all were all were over I got it one more thing the true Christian does not allow any earthly consideration to come in between his soul and God This is from review and Herald January 24880. Your feelings might not be always of a joyous nature clouds would at times shadow the horizon of your experience but the Christian's hope does not rest upon the sandy foundation of feeling those who act from principle will behold the glory of God beyond the shadows and rest upon the sure word a promise they will not be deterred from honoring God however dark it may seem adversity and trial will only give them an opportunity to show the sincerity of their faith and let your faith be like Job's that you may declare Though He slay me yet I will trust him lay hold on the promises of your Heavenly Father and remember his former dealing with you and with his servants for all things work together for good to them that love the Lord is not a wonderful promise would you please stand and let's thank the Lord that is good and they want to help us with our mind. Father way just saying Que that your ideal for our lives is so much higher than we even imagine your father I pray for the battle that's going on in each person's mind today however big or small I just trail or that you will give them victory help them to find the stamina to keep focusing on you and the power that you want to give help them to refute the things that the devil pushes and their brain I pray Lord that you will help us to move forward in our spiritual experience Help us Lord as we deal with feelings to be aware of what we're thinking and Lord I pray that we will all be in heaven one day when all the struggles and battles are over and we will just enjoy ourselves and there will not be a devil out there that wants to keep on messing with us we thank you lord that you want to bring us to have been and that you want to be with you and your father and your son in your Holy Spirit we just thank you Lord that we can be in heaven and May and that our trials will be your only. 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