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Game On, Game Over, Gave Up

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • March 9, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Lord open our hearts. We do believe you're here we want to humble ourselves before you were sinners and you love us you came because we are seeing. This world offers a certain type of joy is short lived and deceptive. You offer us a different kind of joy which involves the remaking of our hearts which sometimes is not easy. I'm just praying Lord that your spirit be impressing hearts especially my own as we make this journey in the word now in Jesus name I pray Amen. I mean the 3rd sermon in a series on the Holy Spirit and it seems to be a subject matter where the devil is trying to agitate and get us to go backwards my previous 2 messages are on our You Tube page I encourage you to look at them if you cannot have any interest at all but I can tell you of this morning's message game and gave over gave up I'm not going to be in the last category. And I want to be in the game on category and when the game's over I want to be in the Jesus category man now I always like comeback stories America is a place of opportunity and some of you are too young to remember this and some of you are now back in 1997 after 18 months of consecutive losses the Apple Corporation was saved from bankruptcy by none other than a by no. Bill Gates from Microsoft now what you need to know is that Apple had been suing Microsoft because they said Microsoft copied their. Their interface you know the mouse and the graphical interface and so when they were there in Las Vegas for one of Steve Jobs famous engagements. Bill Gates came on the big jumbotron and there was little bitty Steve Jobs and probably Bill Gates wanted it this way Microsoft gave loaned $150000000.00 to Apple announced nobody knew back then that Apple was going to harness this thing called the i Phone i Phones did not exist then but they tied together the communication and music experience and they went on in on August to have $28.00 team to become the 1st company in the history of the world whose worth would top one trillion dollars Now right now they're not worth that much because some legging i Phone sales but to think about the fact I mean when Bill Gates came on that big screen and Steve Jobs announced it there were boos and all kinds of things because of the the heckling and the the Nemesis between these companies but it was and it is probably the single most amazing business comeback story in the history of the United States and I'm going to tell you one other there was a gentleman. Who started a business that most of you interact with today semi often. And in the course of it all Fred Smith as a Yale student wrote a paper in one of his business classes for which he turned to see. So some of your sea papers not that we want to encourage mediocrity but some of you who are there in the sea category hang on I can still remember when Dr Andrus is said my A students come back as professors might be students come back as members of the boredom I see students come back as millionaires. Fred Smith Smith wrote this article for yell of for which he got a C. and you know if you attend Yale you might be coming from a little bit better well heeled financially situation and he received an inheritance for $4000000.00 and with a little bit more that he added to it he started a company that most or you are benefited by especially in the holiday seasons but he got to a place where his company was down to where you only had $5000.00 left and he had a $24000.00 fuel bill for his fleet of trucks. Now I'm not here to recommend what he did but I am here to say this after preaching the sermon today it may be that it's time for you to do the same thing he did and take a gamble now I'm not talking about running over to Las Vegas like he did with his last $5000.00 but Fred Smith who is the C.E.O. of Fed Ex almost was not one of the wealthiest men in the world but he took his last $5000.00 and he thought I'm going to go to Las Vegas and see if I can get a little more money out of this you know the odds turned out good for him he actually won if you want to say it that way $27000.00 he paid his $24000.00 fuel bill for his fleet of Fedex trucks and I guess you could say the rest is history God. Is looking to formulate a comeback for his church we're in a situation right now where the church is constantly backing up I don't mean just avin to them but I include having to some Anybody that says it's not true is not paying attention now the difference between me and you and some of the people who say it is some people are negative and I'm positive I actually believe the best days for this church are in the future but they won't be the best days if we keep doing things exactly like we're doing today and I'm not here to suggest for a 2nd that I've got some kind of mechanical fix for this church because I don't lots of times we want to say it's our structure lots of times we want to say it's how much money we're spending on this or how much money we're spending on that and we want to check or with think or with the mechanics we want to tinker with the structure we want to blame the old people we want to blame the young people and I'm not here today to do anything but blame all the people all right including myself but I'm also here today to offer a solution because when you look at the statistics there are exceptionally bleak I mean it used to be I listen this morning to a I listen I won't tell you the website because I'm not really excited about sending people there but it used to be called the Catholic Television T.V. The Catholics said no that's not us that doesn't represent us don't call yourself that which was a wise move but nonetheless the man on the video was is a militant Catholic and he took great delight in explaining in his 5 minute 13 2nd video that America is now only at least at the time he was quoting statistics only 48 percent Protestant so he took great delight in saying America can no longer say it is a Protestant nation now I want to tell you why it's not a good news to find out that people are letting go of their religious affiliation but there is a reason why and I'm going to tell you the reason why the reason why is that if you don't go forward in your journey with Christ you go backwards. And so what Luther learned was good he took the church forward what Wesley and Whitfield did was good it took the church forward what many of these great reformers did as they moved the church for but then their people said in effect we've gone far enough we don't want to go any farther now if you think Adventism is immune to that you need to stop and think again Evan Tizen is is finding itself in the exact same place in the exact same position it's not that we refuse new truths it's that we've hung on instead to our cultural experience our social experience without hanging primarily on the Jesus I'm moving forward whether our friends do or not so if you happen to be a Catholic there's a little bit of good news nationwide Catholic membership has increased between 20 between 202017 but the number of churches have declined but let's move over to the Protestants the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that CEL CA has lost about 30 percent of its congregation its membership and it's down by 12 and a half percent and it's churches so if that was Michigan all you'd have to do with our 180 churches is get rid of about 23 of them which 23 we're going to get rid of the little ones probably not the big ones and you know in our Michigan conference there might be $23.00 there on the bubble. It might be that a generation now they don't exist is that OK with everybody is that all right we keep backing up as the devil takes these thugs the common culture which by the way the common culture runs 180 degrees opposite of Christian culture right now when I was a kid we were. I should say my parents' generation was incensed by some of the television programs that were coming on which had 2 women living with a man. And other forays into what we would call social unacceptability But today I want you to know that the immorality of our age actually has turned itself and calls the church the problem the new bigotry is the old belief system now by the way if you're 7 they haven't S.-U. still fall into a category of people that we call fundamental I hope you don't have a non-thinking fundamentalist perspective but if fundamentals means doing the basics well like in this case believing the Bible and knowing the scriptures you can proudly be a Protestant fundamental list if it means mindless propagation of thought with heartless actions towards people who are in the wrong then that's terrible and I would feel awfully bad to call you a brother or a sister. Had an interesting conversation yesterday I I went over to Buller hall where I was able to enjoy the research of a number of students. And I walked by after I was done looking at a few I walked by one that dealt with the dynamics of social pressure and stress that come to people who practice various sexual lifestyles No I had to stop nobody was there and I thought I'd have a conversation with this individual so you know they're all hoping somebody will stop and visit with them it's a little bit awkward to stand there and watch all these people go by nobody stops so it was a guy there and we had a visit he had a good research project he was trying to do a good thing all I wanted to make sure was that his Verizon's were expanded enough his horizons Veras in his in his pocket. And so I said to him Have you thought about the fact that there's something in your research you can't quantify. And of course what is that I said if you thought about the fact that 1st I asked him Are you a Christian he said Yes Are you a 7 day Hamis he said Yes I said then have you thought about the fact that since God is alive in the Holy Spirits here is work is to convict the world of sin and judgment a righteous necessity thought about the fact that somebody practicing this kind of lifestyle might be under the conviction of the Holy Spirit not just the ostracisation of the people he's around he was willing to a sin as a seed to that of course I'm very willing to a seed to what he wanted to make a point which was it's important that we treat these people the right way and to that I give a hearty amen and thank you for the research this morning I want to go on a journey and stead of watching the Lutheran Church go down by 12 percent the Methodist church go down by 60 percent the Presbyterian Church go down by 40 percent instead of watching these moderate and liberal denominations who have lost their way they've lost the vision of their founder which was a commitment to the word I'm not willing to stand by and watch our schools and our churches wither on the vine and die and I hope you're not either because the truth of the matter is as much as you might not like occasionally how something works in your family being without a family is worse than having one even if it's a struggling one this church is our family we're brothers and sisters in Christ and our job is to pull together to press together and to lift up Jesus to a fallen world the problem is we find ourselves sometimes operating on the wrong mentality pick your Bibles this morning and open them up if you would accept your 18 Acts Chapter 18 is the story of a learned man mighty in the Scriptures Acts Chapter 18 Apollo's. From Alexandria which happened to be the center of Greek thinking Apollo's from Alexandria where even the Greek way of looking at the Bible had begun to influence the Hebrews which might have something to say for why Jesus appeared to his own and his own being destitute as the hills of Gibbo A did not receive him. Apollo us 20 years this narrative is written by Luke after Pentecost Apollos is a man who receives a thumbs up review by the writer he says in verse 24 of acts 18 now a Jew named Apollo's and Alexandrian by birth an eloquent man came to Evans this he was mighty in the Scriptures he was what friends he was mighty in the Scriptures he was focusing on the right thing are we focusing on the right thing to do we have time to be in the scriptures alone become mighty in the scriptures I want to tell you something we are living in an age where we are scrimmage Jean for the postseason game America is a prophetic movement it has been placed here too in light in the world with the gospel truth but where it was once distinctly a religious country went out legalizing religion its culture was religious primarily now the culture instead of just veering off a little ways from Christianity the culture is running 100 percent opposite of what the country once stood for but I want you to understand is that this all by itself is a sign that Jesus is coming soon the polarization of politics the anger in society the hatred between the rich and the poor these are all signs that the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from the earth and Jesus will come soon. They were signs that existed 20 years ago I can remember as a boy or a young man I should say in Washington D.C. And then later on the road trip up to Boston I went to a Red Sox game and as I was walking into the ballpark tipple Neil walked by me out of the bar park Tip O'Neill walked by me going into the ballpark he was the leader of the Democrats and that day you know back then people could talk to each other but as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and we agree in common on less and less it's more about fighting and angling than anything else to get what you want this is a sign of the times the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from our earth and what we're seeing is that even free speech is now propaganda more often than it is truth you can get your flavor of this or your flavor of that news by going to a certain station I want you to know this is a preparation to make every credible source of information questionable We are coming near to the final postseason game now listen if I said to you and I don't want to veer off too far on the sports arena but if I said to you if I took a team that wasn't even in the that was in the bottom of the bottom and they played terrible all season long and I said that's a team that I think should go to the Super Bowl and I'm willing to bet my life savings that they'll win or let's do it worse than that let's say you're in some kind of league. And your team never comes together to play a single game all summer long you're in a softball team your team never comes together all summer long to even play a game but then you find out that there is going to be one final game at the end and the winners live in The Losers die how do you feel about how you approach the season. What I'm trying to say to you is that in a very secular culture religion looks irrelevant more than that it looks like the problem but all of a sudden we're going to go from game all off or over we're going to go to game on and when game is on there is only a few chapters in the game is over and what's at stake is your eternal destiny it's whether or not you want to experience a life of love liberty freedom and joy in Christ for all eternity with the ones you love this is what's at stake and so when we approach this component of the Scriptures casually we haven't even met the mark that Apollo's met he was not filled with the Holy Spirit we're going to find out he wasn't teaching His disciples about the Holy Spirit but he is still getting a favorable reference from Luke the doctor he was mighty in the scriptures we might need to let go of some of our extracurriculars we might not be able to be as good at this very good that we can't do everything but the one thing we can't let go of is our time with God in His word this is where we have to be turn off the television give up the Netflix spend less time on Facebook let yourself have some time to be quiet and to think and a hunger for truth because there's going to come a day when if you're gospel armor has never been put on you are not going to feel like going out against the truth like David said he could do in the name of gun it'll be game over before the game even begun we all of a great comeback story go Frederick Smith writer see paper for Yale and come out as well the wealthiest men in the world but it takes a lot of grit to succeed and let's not be confused for as much as Jesus does for us he does not hold the spoon up to our mouth and say please eat this you'll like it. Be does a Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness if their reason you're not hungry and thirsty for righteousness talk to him about so what happens Apollo says 12 apostles he has 12 disciples this man verse 25 have been instructed in the way of the Lord and being fervent in spirit he was speaking and teaching accurately the things concerning Jesus so he gets another thumb up he is accurate on the life of Jesus but there is a little almost parents ethical phrase here being acquainted only with the baptism of John he began to speak out boldly in the synagogue but they were to listeners who recognize something was not there when Priscilla and equality heard him they took him aside and explain to him the way of God More accurately and when he wanted to go across to a K. a The brother encouraged him and wrote to the disciples to welcome him and when he arrived he greatly helped those who believe through grace very powerfully refuted the Jews in public demonstrating by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ and you know Paul has so much confidence in him that he will write a policy and say Please come back to Corinth and coke and Apollo so say not right now and Paul will have to tell him that he doesn't really sense he should go now let's go up to chapter 19 remember we're 2 decades after Pentecost the outpouring the Holy Spirit it happened that While Apollos was at Corinth which he eventually must have gone Paul passed through the upper country and he came to ethicists and some and found some disciples now it's going to tell us that he found 12 about 12 disciples verse 2 he said to them Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe and they said to him No we have not even heard whether there is a Holy Spirit. And he said into what then were you baptized and they said in the John's bad his and Paul said John baptized with the baptism of repentance telling the people to believe in Him who is coming after him that is in Jesus and I want to hit the pause button Apollos was mighty in the Scriptures he defended against the Jews he was accurate in the description of Jesus but he was preaching without the powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit His disciples didn't even know there was a holy spirit did they was it would it have been proper then for everybody had been taught by a palace to say well Apollo's didn't teach us anything about the Holy Spirit so there must not be a Holy Spirit is your loyalty to the teacher is your loyalty to Jesus the teacher of teachers are you learning to hear his voice so you can follow truth are you in the word so you can be in Christ this is an important thing some who are naysaying the doctrine of the Godhead and would have us go backwards say that you know people like your I a smith they were they didn't believe in this doctrine of the Trinity Well you know what maybe you're right I didn't live long enough to understand it but our other founders who went forward embraced it in the same way that Apollo says the disciples are going to embrace it the question for us today is are we personally embracing. Pentecost as 2000 years ago but there is a personal Pentecost for all of us I'm to be filled with the spirit day by day I'm the hunger and longed for so that my life can be fruitful and victorious there are lots of 7 they haven't is going to rely who are not being filled with the spirit thus their lives are about the perpetual bondage of an accusing conscience. There is no freedom and no power Listen the baptism of John was a call to repentance when John got put in jail Jesus called people to repentance but praise God it didn't stop there Jesus told the disciples don't leave town until you got the promise of what I said I'd give you and during those 10 days of praying they ready their heart in humility before the Lord and on the last of those 10 days the sound of a mighty rushing wind came through that room and there were tons of fire above them and everything changed Peter who ran away from 3 from a couple maids and a servant of the high priest is now bold to preach a gospel message in which there is a call to repentance but there is also an invitation to receive a refreshing from above Listen a message of repentance is primarily about morality and conduct now there is nothing wrong with morality and there is nothing wrong with moral conduct but that is that is as far as your religion goes you're living like Paul in Romans Chapter 7 when he says who's going to deliver me from this bondage and this debt a call to repentance matters but being filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized by the Holy Spirit liberates frees ennobles and empowers for a different kind of life and if you don't receive that power eventually you will abandon that nagging voice that always tells you you're just doing wrong worse and that you are wrong you're bad now I'm not saying one negative thing about living a moral life what I'm saying is is that living a moral life is only really possible to transformation which is what the end well of the Holy Spirit gives you. If you're not transformed you can go your whole life with a nagging conscience and wonder about whether or not you have assurance in Christ. But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit God gives you victory in places where you've only known bondage before it's so absolutely imperative that we are bad ties not only with the water but with the fire because if you're not baptized with the Holy Spirit you just need to go back into the watery grave over and over and over and over and over and over again and we all need forgiveness throughout our lives thank the cation is work of a lifetime but the power of the Holy Spirit actually allows you to get out of the swamp and fly high. I tell you to I. Criticize the other day one of my friends told me about it now my friends probably don't tell me about all the criticism they hear about me which is nice the Bible says Be careful not to listen too carefully lest you hear your servant cursing you for you know you yourself have cursed as well but I had one of my friends tell me about one of my criticisms it Lacey followed it up the he didn't believe it that they said yeah ran into a person other day says you only preach on 2 things going to get you to thinks this if you agree with my critic you get your 2 things they said yeah they said you only preach on 2 things El Salvador and i Phones. Well let's spin the wheel one more time R. I already did El Salvador here by the way I want to preach about Montana and Amazon and Puerto Rico too by the way and by the way folks I hope when these young people collect the offerings at the end I hope you show them what a generous church you are because the reflex influence is already at work here so help and go to Puerto Rico with as many things to give away to the students as possible Amen. All right so heavy wallets ready when you go out the door today and show great lakes have a secure me that your hearts are enlarging for the gospel work so anyway. Let's get on to the other thing I preach about right here I do have them an i Phone and. I'm going to spin the wheel one more time you know I only wish that I could tell you everything that I learned about little kids who get their purity and their innocence destroyed by this I heard another story this week but I'm not going to tell it to you because it wouldn't do any good for you to know it in my line of work I've got a lot of things that they weren't purified by the love of Jesus that come in this brain I'd be livin in the muck but I'm going to tell you just 2 days ago I had somebody tell me about a 5th grader who was commenting with his other 5th graders on things that no adult man should have been commenting on to another adult man you think I'm against these things I'm against them when they're put in hands the not ready to receive them just make sure I'm clear you don't get purity back easily you don't get innocents back easily and there are people listening to me right now who are chained to this thing and the wrong spots you can take you with a touch of a thing or you betcha I'm against it because eternal souls there weren't ready for this were ruined by what would appear to be progressive parents who wouldn't want their kids to be denied when everybody else has one well when everybody else goes to hell will you be OK with your kids being in that line and. Think about it it's time to rise up and be leaders if you're a parent it's time for you to be leaders if you're a teacher it's time for you to be leaders if you're administrators it's time for you to be leaders if you're pastors. It's not OK we are locked in a battle for the soul and when you open things up in little kids hearts and minds that they don't know how to control and they don't even understand maybe the millstone not to be gotten out and we oughta tie the rope to one end of it to us and think about walking down to the bridge that's exactly what Jesus said dereliction of duty apathy and indifference in an age where the preseason battles are being fought the game is almost over but it's about to begin in the final season and when it begins we're going to find out there are some people that have been so progressive that they've progressed their way all the way over to the world's way of thinking and coming back to seen it like Jesus sees will knock so on palatable that they won't even desire to go I don't want to church whether it's this church or Cedar Lake or wherever you might go I don't want to churches focused only on the baptism of repentance but I tell you what if you as parents won't talk about repentance to your kids and you don't know what right and wrong as you can be sure being filled with the Holy Spirit will never be a reality the baptism in the water precedes the baptism by the fire usually. It's the holy spirit self that brings us to life and gives us a sense that there needs to be repentance here are these 12 men in ethicists it appears that after policy sent in there nothing's happened but Paul is there and after a little while the sale of idols to Diana great is the God of F.S.S. the sails to idols fall out there's an uproar in the city they want to kill the leaders of this Christian sect and the commentary by the secular says you fill the whole world with your teaching. Paul was not that powerful of a person to do it but God is big enough to get it done amen and you know what the game almost looks like it's over and almost looks like it doesn't matter Christianity is backing up backing up backing up apologizing for its value system in a world where the microphone is held by everybody who has a humanist liberal agenda where you should indulge yourself any way you want it doesn't matter if it ruins your wife's life or ruins your kid's life or ruins the society or ruins the church that's where we're headed and finally when it all falls to pieces we're going to be back over at the starting place which is we gotta get back to God and then the game will be on the only thing is the question will then be is the game over because I wasn't preparing in the pre-season for what I knew was coming when people of the book where people have privacy of all things we should be wise enough to know and sense enough the Holy Spirit to say I'm backing up and I'm backing away from this without the Holy Spirit the 7 they haven't as church is becoming painfully clear cannot go forward we need our hearts revive with the love of Jesus we need our hearts are sure that we're forgiven we need the confidence to stand up for what we know is right and we need to be an embarrassed when we do it nothing can compensate for the lack of the Holy Spirit what gas is to the engine and electricity to the motor the Holy Spirit is to the souls battle was sin you stuck this in yeah we just stuck the idols in your life you built them you sure did what's the likelihood of you wanted to tear down something you build it's a mist of peace I love this I mean when I can get my tunes on who says this isn't Christian music when I can 10 lies my eyes when I can feed on that violence when I can spend my money on whatever I want to spend it on Who are you to rain on my parade. The truth of the matter is we have idols in our lives the Holy Spirit keeps coming to us in times like this church service or a vespers or a family worship and he same to you which is given up could you give it to me we don't want to tear down what we've built up let's go find a teacher who agrees with us let's get an Apollo send our corner so we can do what we want the Holy Spirit you know to listen to Paul you're my followers listen friends at the end of the day nobody's going to have an excuse because like Hebrews states in the beginning God in who divers in divers places and manifest Times spoke God speaks he is speaking loud enough for every human being to hear some are gradually or rapidly turning off or turning down the volume at the end it won't be that provision wasn't made and the shepherd didn't come looking it will be that we said Go away now if you have that which most of us do or have the only way you're going to get rid of that Idol. This is a little. I like mine. You won't even want to call it an idle man I have an interesting job if there's anybody listen to me here Dave is called to be a preacher you better be ready for game on. I have the most interesting challenging job in the world I'm a physician to the soul I'm a lawyer for the cause of Christ and I'm a shepherd for the Saints I were all those hats almost all the time but I'm going to tell you something when the Holy Spirit speaks he speaks loud enough to be heard that's why we still come to church that's why we still have family works when the Holy Spirit speaks you don't have to say I don't have the power he says I know but would you give me permission most people won't even call their idols an Idol it's like everybody who's marriage the lines are blurring. When that person at work starts paying too much attention to you you will never admit and tell it goes farther than you thought it could go that there was something going on there that should have been going on it doesn't have to end up as an affair. But those lines of propriety end up blurry in a marriage at some point time is the same way you know there's no problem in the same way with the Nile my love affair with something Satan has put in my life I don't want to call it a problem because as soon as I call it a problem I just turned up the sense of guilt and I've gotta do something either turn got off or turn it over. This is where we're at. You don't hear much preaching about repentance is a matter of fact when I listen to that website this morning. The Catholic commentator on there he wasn't a priest by the way just a Catholic News commentator he went so far as to say that Protestantism is partially responsible for the Pagan is a sion of our society and I want you to think about that what he's saying is is that Protestantism abandon the call to moral living and just fused all of that into church and you can have whatever you want at church your music your drama your cap it Geno your convenience everything but conviction when the Protestant church moved away from the call to repentance to right and wrong when there was no clarion call to move in the narrow way in effect the Protestant church was paving the way for a conscious conscious less progression to paganism. You think it doesn't happen in 7 they haven't just been I'll guarantee you absolutely it does flatter the center and he'll flatter you back some of your race horses some of those horses that you love of kick to they've bit you. Some of you raise kids they kick in by 2. If you think they quit kicking and biting when they become adolescents you're wrong they just kick in by different. You're the worst person in the world I hate you nobody else does this my 29 year old turned 29 in April I finally made it. He told me the other day on the phone now listen I was born in 1964 so let's put all this in perspective but he told me the other day on the phone that we raised him like we were growing up in the sixty's I'm not sure what the sixty's predates the seventy's you know. Some of you grew up in the seventy's with me this kid gave me more grief than all the 3 others combined. I think he was a walking me which probably explains that. He called me up the other day it's amazing what life does life as the ultimate educator this is wired on or the people are great here everybody's in school some some aren't learning we called me up the other day and he said dad now he's my only married child I have 3 boys and a girl is my oldest he said dad. I got my payback. He said Dad when I have kids I'm going to raise them just like you. Damn tell me if you're a parent if you have to wait 29 years to hear it it's OK But you know what I was changing for his favor I was not his friend I was his dad and even as a 28 year old about to turn 29 I haven't quit being his dad No I don't Dad him I don't Father him like I did when he was 6 or 16 or 26 but you know the good news is now he calls me up for advice. You know you need to remember something parents you don't have to be liked by your kids to influence them you just need to be respected people get over it like comes and goes you don't even like your spouse sometimes it's true Listen I have a wonderful spouse she's way better for me than I am for her but I'm going to tell you have to be married for 33 years you don't always like your spouse and you definitely don't always like your kids right. But you love them can I get an amen which means your parents teachers parents pastors leaders we cannot abandon our call to unique living. It is our lifestyle that's the walking billboard that gets the attention it's our love lived out in our lives style a holy pure lifestyle but you know what we must have freedom we must have fragrance we must have fruitfulness and that you can't create more ality and a focus on conduct can create that but the in Philly is always spirit lives you up above all of that accusation of conscience and motivate you would love to win a lost world which may mean somebody living in your house and it may mean somebody you're working with and it may mean somebody you're going to school but I'm going to tell you what you can't drown out the voice of the Holy Spirit and if you do I shouldn't say easily but if you do. You've traded in this world as the one that you vote is the only one you've had an interest in. Listen. We will always be the minority we will never be in the ascendancy with numbers all I want you to know is the whole Old Testament is full of stories just like that and when Jonathan said to his armor bear I'm thinking maybe we ought to go do something about this guy. How I love these people they prayed about it. And they had a sign and they basically said if they tell us to come on up it's game on and you know what that's exactly what happened and they kind of that crazy cliff and 2 men took on a whole troop and they won I'm on the winning side today do you want to be on the winning side I am asking you Are you seeking the Holy Spirit to fill your life or you progressing and a fairly orthodox Adventist cultural journey are you making time are you seeking Jesus can he tell you include this X. clue that are you willing to let Jesus live in your heart just like we sang. 547 must be one of my favorite songs be them my vision those Irish people they write the best songs. That will in me Dwelly and I with the wine. That's how you win Now listen there is a beauty in holiness I'm married to the most fantastic woman for me I trust every word she says I don't doubt her love and fidelity to me she is not a violent person she's not greedy in coverages she's respectful of her parents and older people she loves and honors God she's kind to her students she's a faithful work she wouldn't think of taking God's name in vain and she's a whole lot more than I can tell you just doing a quick synopsis of the think a mammoth and I'm going to tell you something living with her is beauty. There's beauty in holiness the devil's trying to tell you is badness. I know a person right now who's living with someone they shouldn't be living with everything seems all right right now. But let me ask you this if they were to get married 5 years into the marriage do you think they might have a doubt that the absence of morality that preceded the marriage might still be a problem in that person's heart there's no beauty in it in the long term. Some people don't want the Holy Spirit to come because if he can't he's going to rain on their parade if that's what's going to happen you're in the wrong parade. And it doesn't matter who else is there with you I'm asking you today would you be willing. I didn't ask if you wanted to. Would you be willing to let the Holy Spirit lead you to the next step in your life and if it means tearing down an idol or if it means by changing your habits that you'd let him give you the power and eventually the desire to do it are you willing. If I asked you all the stand you all would because nobody doesn't want to stand when everybody else is standing. And I do think I should give people an invitation to say yes to the call that comes from the Divine Worship now. But I'm going to do it a little bit differently. But if we just pray could you bet your heads I'm going to do it while we're praying and you with God Do what you need to do while we're talking to the. Lord not again. We've been taught that everything's going to be OK science of solve everything the government will step in and make things right we're not prepared for the Time Lord when this country's resources and organizational ability is overrun when it appears that we've ruined the planet whether you think mandated or it just wore out. We're not prepared Lauren and when we think about it we're naturally afraid we don't want to live fearful. The problem is Lord we're stuck between what we really love. And you and nobody here wants to say Lord they really love that more than they love you and nobody even wants to get close to being really admitting that something's an Idol especially if they like it so much so Lorne. Have not asked him for uniformity and conformity and appeal for everybody to stand ins and about their heads and I'm pausing so you could speak our sacred institutions are not perpetual and they're under attack and I don't believe you ever intended for us to keep backing up and downsizing so I'm asking or that you'd move on the hearts of my brothers and sisters that are gathered here from the youngest one that self-aware and intelligent enough to understand my words to the oldest person who barely made it here today but loves this cause and I'm praying learn that we could be brutally honest with ourselves through your power knowing how loved we are and that we would make a decision to seek the infilling of your spirit for every day so that no contact would be missing out on the fragrance of Christ in shined within lots of people will be going to lots of places this week where I pray bless them but in the next 7 days we're going to go to home we're going to go to work and we're going to go maybe back to church or to school may we go nowhere at the beginning of our day without going filled with you forgive our sins Lord we've neglected and we fallen in love with things we should know. And some things aren't even bad Lord they're just in the wrong place. So I'm praying said is free and if someone were to talk to us about the Holy Spirit. May we be able to quickly engage in a very free dialogue. On just make us humble and use with them I pray Here's a list of Jesus' Name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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