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Church Security Solutions

Leander Tomazeli


Understanding the liabilities and implications of bringing firearms into church.




  • June 19, 2018
    3:30 PM
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My name is Leander Thomas alley I'm from Adam this was management at the company I work for how many of you know what we do for the church how many of you are not quite sure yet like honestly good good good we are the insurance company for the church so not only from an insurance standpoint where we cover the lab billet he claims or the property sureness claims the auto insurance claims or maybe you go on a missionary trip a mission trip and you want to get short term travelling shuras and get it you can you can get it through us on our website so we do all the shuras stuff for the church we have we actually have a view prepared to introduce what we are and what we do for the church is very short so we are pretty much the sureness come the sureness company for the church right and it all started when we need the church decided to put some plants together it was about $25000.00 about 80 years ago in 1936 and after that we we kept growing growing and we are now we now insure over $60000000000.00 in assets so worldwide So that's that's the only reason the only reason why we exist is to serve the church so weak we call ourselves we're. Told a captive insurance company which is an insurance company with a specific purpose. Just to ensure our client let's say if. Baptist church once insurance and the they ask me Leander Can you provide me with a quote I say no sorry I only work for the church and that's what we do so and as a conference you have the option of going outside to get insurance elsewhere but we only exist really sort of the church so if all the conferences decide to get insurance elsewhere they can and we would call our business because that's that's what we do we just serve the church and by doing that we create it we create policies there are customized to better serve the church we understand the church like anyone else because we are the church and so the policies reflect that and we're going to talk about risk management for churches and schools and before I go for the. I am a mechanic Zach if necessary Mack is the customer service rep. How many of you know what a certificate of insurance is familiar with that term term that's what we do when you need when you renting you want to use the state's gymnasium and they require you to provide a certificate of insurance showing liability insurance so you request that through the conference the conference fills out a form the form gets submitted to Nancy and then C.E. shoes your certificate of insurance we call it the 0 odd certificate of insurance so that's that's our team that's your team available to you you have questions you have trouble you feel free to call me you have my phone number you have my cell phone cell. Like I said we don't we don't see ourselves as a business so much we are a ministry we only we are here to be a supporting mechanism to the conferences to the local churches so that she so that you can do your ministry without any concerns and without having to think too much about insurance we want to make sure that you are you are properly insured so that that you can do your ministry really that that's that's a good question so what we get is a declaration of benefit like it's a summary of the policy the legal authority of all the properties of all the churches and schools is the conference of the conference is the policy holder for the policy stays at the conference and then what you get is a church leadership you get a values which. You're building values your content values your square hooded your titles all the information that you need to operate but when you come soon surance and the policies. Of policy stays in the conference and the conference can send you a summary of benefits can change you a lot of information but that's the way we are structured. Who. Is your contact person for liability question and then Wendy Wow she is your person or property related question and then so let's say if you have a question about billing about profiting sureness billing you go to Wendy Welch and she can investigate or find out what your. Will the situation is for you in the process I just want to reemphasize the process of filing a claim. Just like you said you get a form from Michigan conference you fill out that form send it back to Michigan conference they submitted to us will we do when we get back form we have signed an adjuster an adjuster comes out see your property and William will look at the damages that were done say by hail once the adjuster sees the damages that adjuster right writes up a report that report will give us what we need to process. That are nuff So that's what we mean by risk financing that's the insurance portion of the operation we come in and we make payments make your property whole again all right now we there are other 2 parts of our ministry which is called risk control and the risk identification they can go hand in hand because once you identify the risk you want to control the risk you want to create a preventive prevention plan that will allow you to minimize the potentials of an accident taking place for example. That we're. Trying to see if there's a risk. You go into a church and then you see hoards Lanie on the floor all right that is a risk slips trips and falls are the most common. Claim now we get from across the entire division so by just simply removing the cords from that from that place you're going to potentially prevent an injury from say eclipse that's an example of of identifying the risk you walk into a room and say OK this court someone may trip and fall because of this so you you find ways as a safety officer or as a safety person or a leader of the church to prevent that or create a prevention plan so that that applies and we're going to give you a lot of a lot of examples later on as to what things that you can do you at the church property on site yes. No no emergency signs that that's exactly right I remember you from last year. Yeah we talked about this last year yeah now and now I'm connecting the faces you sit at something else you're 8 you know at that that's that's the kind of mindset we need to have the we go into our churches especially when if you are an assigned safety officer that's the mentality that that I recommend you having Are you going to a place and see well this activity Ah there's not enough supervisors here we have 20 kids running around just one teacher we need more people here so you take that you take that into your leadership and start making recommendations soup so you can. You know improve your quality. Of your church and all of your programs so that's what that's what the ministry is all about so identify control creating prevention methods minimize and avoid risks and then the risk financing when you actually have an accident and that risk is transferred over to the insurance company that So the risk management for safety offices or people who are in charge of helping the churches with safety in doesn't see any risk management community voted that in 2080 any risk management initiatives they are the following risk measuring communities having a risk management community at the conference and at the church level pastoral risk management awareness and education we're committed it supervised resources to the past historical staff so they can have more understanding ov the risk management initiatives and the things that a pastor can do. To minimize and prevent risks home playas with inspections and service emergency planning when we talk about the safety Sabbath and all that the conversations between like the active shooter drills the fire drills and practicing those drills at the church is is while we were trying to accomplish and preparing for international camp reads doesn't 90 we want to make sure that we're going to be ready from an insurance and 6 and liability standpoint that we have to do everything. That we need to do to make sure we're safe for the cameras 90 Oshkosh All right so those are the initiatives let's talk about those Now I don't want to bore you with this presentation so I want to see the conversation raise your hand provide your comment let's talk yes. Good question. Great question I'll answer that question with a story OK We had a situation where similar things it was a tree that was growth in some of the chain it needed to be cut moved the church instead of hiring a professional company someone who could handle the job of volunteer came over and sat pastor I got this I can do this I have some experience you know my my uncle lets me cut their their cherry once in a while I can do this for the church or the guy goes up there he falls he becomes permanent. The church pays out millions of dollars because of that injury and he. So that becomes a huge liability on the church by by not going through the proper channels I know I know from a very local church perspective it's own realistic at times but the ideal scenario is when you have a situation where you need professional work done from an insurance and liability standpoint always hire a professional company that is insured that that's the recommendation I had one hand here than go through. Yeah I I did touch on. Like liability and for sexuality elements of the church setting let me understand a little bit better what's your role at the school or well as it. Right now. Right now. You know and right now you know the search for. Work. Yeah I know we're going to talk about that for sure because it comes down to church school safety like always doing anything everything that we need to provide a safe environment for the outside kids and play even the side kids when it comes to physical the physical aspects of a building so are the building good condition and we have a we have a slide for that and I want to show you 2 pictures too so just hanging there we're going to go over that a little bit maybe. Not. A loss to law school. I'm not sure if it was a settlement or if it was from a lawsuit you could have been a settlement even before it got to the jury so I'm not sure on the on the details but I know it involved a lot of money and the lesson was clear that by having. You know it's it's really hard when you when you take it to a personal life like I see my personal church back home in Maryland we use companies like people from our church the own in operating companies so in in day come and say Pastor I'm going to volunteer my services to the church at how do you cross the line between you know you have to make sure your safety officer you have to ask the proper questions you have to say Are you licensed and bonded are you having sureness So that's that's where that you know that conversation starts but we have to be proactive in asking the right questions even if it's a volunteer within the church who wants to help and asking the right questions makes a huge difference not only to protect the volunteer book to protect the organization as well. Oh it depends. No no not necessarily Now let's say you're having a volunteer for safety for I'm sorry for Sabbath school volunteers how being as an assistant teacher for Sabbath school right I mean we we have volunteers like that or. On Like for example like roof roof roofing jobs or electrical prod jobs plumbing drop those are high risk a little more complex types of of of scenarios that's when you start asking the questions the I guess the it comes down to how how how much of a risk are we talking about and then if you're looking at roofing Let's take roofing for example if you if you send a volunteer up in roof I have no experience you're exposing your church and the conference and the overall organization the S.T.A. organization to a certain degree by placing someone to has no experience in a position to has a high risk so that's went. Right and that's where you have to use a judgment call because. Sometimes that person has 30 years of experience in moving jobs and they run maybe they run a company have they run a business they have insurance license and they and they have a very well structured business for roofing so you you have to analyzers the situation and make the best decision. Is to that answer the question a little bit more still are so let's we have a lot to talk about so when it comes to safety officers Ah it's hard to do this by ourselves if you're if you are at a church and you you need you need to implement those things that we're talking about and now we will talk about you're going to need leadership participation so you have some how to get ahold of your pastor and understand and show the pastor od the importance of risk management. And so you have to set practical goals create some accountability with the church and with your teen as the safety seen your church and you have to understand the why the watt in the who of this process of implementing prevention strategies Suzi your church level All right so we're going to go into that in a bit so the risk management committees who should be part of that this is a it's a big complicated but I don't want this to seem as complicated we're looking at a small team of people that can step in step up and in help with this brainstorming of ideas on how to make our churches safer so you're going to create a timeline of measurable goals and then some of the items on the agenda are the 15 passenger vans the emergency plan even inspections and. We're going to talk about these specials and follow up in a little bit but that involves. Going around your building your church building in identifying the potential hazards have a bunch of pictures that I want to show you on how you do that and some simple ways to do that so the safety committee you. You meet you brainstorm you come up with ideas measurable goals and then you start and those people they can be part of your safety committee and they should be part of your safety committee so that when you start implementing your initiatives your strategies implementing will be a lot easier because you have leadership support. SAFETY OFFICER What is the responsibility of a safety officer we have actually come up with a whole job description in our website for safety officer but sometimes I feel like that's. Over burden on people but sometimes people really want to take on that that job of being a safety officer and what the main the main tasks of the duties of a safety officer is even to analyze for example the incident response you have a an accident and the church elderly later lady comes in trips and falls and you have an accident at that point the safety officer is responsible document that is have a form filled out to show you know asking the proper question for making sure you understand you have the person's name phone number what the date of the accident what happened and the description of the accident so that's where the the safety off to the. Southeast faction evaluation we're going to get to that in a little bit and should be on the board safety education spearhead of the safety committee so the safety officer is the leader the person to lead the conversation the safety committee meetings so you meet on a regular basis your record meeting meeting it a record meet meeting it's formulate an emergency plan so that's huge Nowadays we talk about active shooter situations you talk about fire emergencies What are the emergency plans for your church. Formulate a facility inspection program. That's not complicate it it may sound complicated but you just have an inspection form Michaud I'm going to show you in a minute that you can go around your building and checking boxes showing you what is what is a potential problem what is not a potential potential problem and you bring that to your leadership so your board for. For changes. Where there is no council to people haul but in a multitude of counsellors there is safety Proverbs 1114 any question so far as we're going to get to the fun part in a little bit. So the 15 passenger vans how many of you have heard of this speech from the conference are the risk management talking about not to use 15 past events so this is this has been voted by the NE D. North American American division Ott's and this is the wording on the the working policy 15 passenger van use in the interest of safety denominational organizations shall not purchase least rent or use 15 passenger vans or more if modified passenger events for sponsored activities under any circumstance alternatives to 15 passenger vents include minivans S.U.V.s minuscule buses 15 passenger buses would do. We have enough supply data to tell you that those vans are extremely dangerous for our organization we have paid out. A lot millions of money of dollars because of claims. That I rose out of the use of 15 passenger vents not to mention the lives that we have lost because of the 15 passenger van and it was within the church within our group that. We lost lives and had some significant damages because of this. Yes Yes the 15 passenger vans and it's it's a good it's a good point because the the G.M.C. and the Fords they have a 12 and have a 50 passengers and sometimes they take what. Manufactured 15 passenger van and they take the last seat out and call it to a 12 passenger but that doesn't fix the problem the problem is a vehicle manufacturing problem when it comes to the when you base the wheel base ratio compared to the vehicle length it's unstable so the rollover probability is our lot higher than other vehicles that's where the problem lies so it's a vehicle problem so stay away from those and we've been preaching this message for a few years now and finally the any of you have have voted to put that word shall not is the 4 it was only a recommendation now it's a it's a shall now which makes a statement so. Right here the numbers so 95. 560553 occupants were killed. An average of $665.00 per year. And that's only for a 15 passenger van 44 percent were ejected 58 percent were in rollover crashes I personally have driven. A 15 passenger van full of books it was just a passenger full of books behind us very heavy load and we were I was driving from Maryland to Massachusetts I felt how unstable that and I had no knowledge of this no knowledge I never thought I would be working for a R.M. and I felt it was hard to control the vehicle so when I when I started fishing didn't like wow I remember talking to my friend you see it's hard to make a turn here question. Or. You know. I'm. Right. What do you mean by spec that will lower. The whole. Yeah exactly I know. Well that. And that's what that's what happens to most of our churches across the entire division is we get the nation's people because they are cheap and cheerful not not cheerful but because they're cheap they are donated to which the churches so to Pathfinder groups and we we get them as the nations where we don't say no because it's in the nation so we end up not asking the right questions no most cases in just using whatever we get so they they do show a sing a great risk then other then because of the weight they're built and and there's no way that we can go around checking for all the specs for all the events not not to mention that the National Geo and Schrader they put out an article on those vehicles on the few 1000 passenger vans because of. Their risk and their data their probability A So the rollover probability associate it with those who those vehicles are all right let's move forward so managing drivers as as church leaders or in any leadership capacity sometimes we have to drive a select the drivers in where we do that we have to make sure they have good driving records right know at fault accidents less than 2 citations within the past 3 years mostly 21 Years or Older The have a good reputation for safe driving habits proper license and registration and now I want to ask you a question what is adequate insurance if driving their own you call. Let's say you have a parent who wants to drive odd their kid is plus any other kid from the school or from the church on behalf of the church driving so an activity are you familiar with the proper adequate insurance requirement from anybody you work in policy know any gases as far as limits insurance limits rife I mean full coverage is a is a relative term. It comes down to the liability to the 3rd party liability and that's where that's where the $1300.00 comes comes in is full coverage. Now Nonis acerbic and because the property damage is the last number on the on the 10300 sometimes is that 100 the last number so the liability is actually the 1st and 2nd the bodily injury bodily injury and uninsured under-insured motorist So you're looking at having $1300.00 as being the minimum for to cover death firstly of liability insurance now we've had situations where. That limit exhausts OK So what happens after that so you're driving a kid or whoever to an activity and then you have a car accident that car accident let's say happens to be 800000 between all of the stuff involved medical bills pain pain and suffering all of that. So let's say you only have $300.00 on your insurance so your insurance will respond and will exhaust the $300.00 what happens after that because you were driving on behalf of the organization there is a potential that the church we will be brought into the table when it comes to insurance and we will pick up the excess of that so the 1st 3 you cover the less 5 the church's insurance would respond. I'm not I'm not I'm not sure of the local laws can anybody response to that there's a liability limit OK yes. Yeah as far as I know it I mean also should have a limited because that's what you pay for like I personally have my my car limits are 10300 and I have a number rela call a wheel that I pay really cheap but that picks up after my 300 all the way to a 1000000 and I have a friend of mine who's who tells me the end or the days we live in right now if that's not even enough all the way it's a 1000000 and he sat that I have I has an umbrella policy all the way to 3000000 because that's where he feels safe nowadays. Pretty crazy. That's what I pay to very very affordable and I'll give you an example. If you get in the car accident where you are at fault. And you end up that say you hit a more motorcycle the person driving that motorcycle was a breadwinner of the family he was let's say an architect how much an architect architect makes a year that's say a 100 a 100 grand. Guesses a 100 grand times how many years that family will be without his income so you times that that's where the the journey the judge finds his number so it's going to be a multimillion dollar claim that your insurance will have to pay so that if that is taken to court and just give you a scenario to your your personal. Personalized But anyways are so moving for when it comes to managing drivers you have to manage the particular you're going on a long trip you've got to you want to make sure that you have the managers the drivers well rested and you have a rotation of drivers if possible and distractions cellphones you know eating drinking there's a bunch of videos online or texting driving if you ever in a situation where you have to talk to young drivers look look those videos up and use use them to really scare the teenagers because I feel like the young adults nowadays and I could myself in that group. Sometimes we feel like week we can do we can text and drive really we can it's really it's really a reality so maintenance maintenance of the year goes to make sure that you have a good up keep her gram of the vehicle. And you maintain all the records of the relevant documents we have a form online for a premium polls trip inspection so if you go to our Web site Adventist risk dot org We have a bunch of resources a bunch of forms that can help you with your ministry and one of them is Korean told trip in action very useful All right there. Is pretty much checking the vehicle tire pressure fluid levels. Everything you go around the vehicle check mark helps if you don't know much about vehicles helps you to stay on track and what to look for All right so inspections how many of you. Over the last couple months have you have heard that someone came to the to your church to doing the action can anybody relate to that you have somebody somebody coming to your church to harm are sure OK that's good that's that's recommended but that's not what exactly what I'm referring to we have partnered with a company called very risk very risky is. Also Known As I have so which is the standard industry standard for property valuation and insurance rates and they are coming to our churches and doing a property evaluation why is that important it's important because we want to make sure they are our buildings are properly insured and we have. We have a good understanding of where we are from a property insurance standpoint. And that's what this is we want to make sure that we have so. The I.S.O. forms. Have recommendations so the church where Will is you outstanding recommendations not only that I have so if you have not received or seen and I still form you can also do a self inspection which follows the same pattern as the previous form but for the building you have all the questions right there you just go on walk around the building and complete I think I have a picture of that on the on the left that right that's what that's what the self inspection looks like you just will walk around the building and just check. Just to make sure your building is in good condition now. So conduct at least one premises inspection and report to local church board. Correct. That's right sure. Exactly. How do they happen a person a person comes to your location your property and he he goes he or she goes inside the property and outside. I see OK. Initially between. Myself and the conference I have requested the conference a list of contact information so the conference gave me maybe the passer's they are maybe the elders name or if the conference no safety officers phone number and name that's where I got that information from and then and then the company calls that person set up the appointment and gets it done so. You know that's a good point. And sometimes that happens we get you get the I.S.O. report or even any other report and you may find yourself just like that thinking. Is that accurate should we use that number of should we not use the number so that's where you have to go back to your board analyze and maybe if you want to get a 2nd opinion that's not a problem you should you should make sure that your building is accurately properly insured at a exact and fair value. Yet. Right yet so yeah we have had a situation situations where the property was under insured and not enough money was paid out because we. It was it was a complicated situation but between the insurance company and the insured we just didn't do a good job in making sure the buildings are proper values have having the proper values in place so that's where this report comes in very handy because the I.S.O. is a it's a very well known Rapido company that gives a very accurate idea of where our building should be. We also voted to have an audit checklist which means we're trying to make our churches accountable by. As answering the question if they have a safety officer if they have completed a self inspection that we were trying to keep all of our churches accountable to keep up the safety of our building. So you should be should be seen that maybe the audit checklist. Or maybe the auditor will ask you those questions are so you know on the on the evaluation that means you have a potential problem that's in regarding the reference to self and that action or right now is the fun part what's wrong with this picture. All right expired he said that was easy though some protection elements at the church. You have fire signatures sprinkler systems low key detectors fire alarm systems security systems in light of those are all protection protection elem element that we should be looking for will we will we think of safety for churches and schools. Very good that's the way should be yet very good claimable storage Now what's wrong with this picture oh I really gave it away so this is what caused a lot of trips in fall so that's where most of our liability claims come from and level sidewalks. Yet and that's a potential hazard is someone's fault and gets hurt that person can claim it's the mission Congress' fault or the Great Lakes academies all were or nothing seen the the side law. So life safety safety safety and sanctuary so exit doors unlocked how many of you have churches that have stuff in front of the exit door I hope not maybe but that's the case in some of our churches and we need to stay away from there from from that because in an emergency situation think about hundreds of people running for their lives trying to exit the building and there is something blocking them from doing that so that's us or. The AG who signs. Electrical box. Oh. Very good so you have proper lighting having. The exit signage go or hardware or sometimes I have seen for whatever reason doors swinging when they should have been singing out. So making sure your doors comply with that as well now posting signage is also recommended Now what's wrong what's wrong with this picture. The dark. Life I mean I can I can see it from like in their. Pocket. Now if lighting right I'm going to say this can be both right and wrong because if they X. It is not to that side and this one doesn't have the. Arrow out that could be right or that could be wrong depending on where did the door is that. Those are a good comment now. Sometimes we get not sometimes many times we get the churches you see donations and we have to be looking closely to those the nations to make sure that we're not just because it was donated that we're not paying attention to condition the condition of of the nation so we have to make sure. Actually in the moderates room that you don't have those falling apart cribs So those are good protections for for the outlets and in modest rooms electrical outlets kept the G.S. near saying change table scraps furnishing chemicals small objects those are things to look for in the mother's. Now this is this is big because we have had claiming where the pastor. Would hold the mike that was wired so that caused. Him to be elected like. Electrocuted. So did not use wired microphones. That's. About it I have seen and I remember seeing patent pastors doing that and they just have the mikes and then they get usually the mike is on the stand right and then the pastors get excited because they just had a baptism and they get excited and they grab the mike and then at that point that that's can't that's complicated I don't know the science behind that or at what point you get electrocuted but it's pretty dangerous and you can pretty much die. So non-slip materials on on the on the stairs because we were with had claims of people falling going up and down the stairs of the. Railings overflow draining your baptism tank we have had claimed drowning claims because no one drained the tank kids were playing after services and you know how kids are they fell on the on the tank and they drowned it was one kid who drowned nobody was there and Bush lies because it forgot to drain the. So use of candles can we use candles can we not use candles in church or schools my friend there says NO NO NO NO NO NO. Right and we do that. And it's very sad we I remember like not so long ago in my previous church we did the candle ceremony like. That or the candle show that you know that music then and. Let it shine let it shine and we would hold a candle around the church which was carpet and I can still remember as if it was today I wasn't working for it I am at that time so I couldn't really I didn't have the mindset but it was it's so dangerous especially because you have kids holding candles candles should be just prohibited from from use and there is there are some of the alternatives you have the battery operated candles that look just as good as the real one and you can prevent a huge huge problem and potentially save lives by not using those candles. So it's pretty crazy any any comments or anyone want to share personal experience. In the building inside the building. So direct me. I get. That the recommendation if you're going to have candles at church for a particular ceremony you have to be a candelabras. And and put in stay put you have to they cannot be moved now if you if you average my recommendation if you really want to use candles for a ceremony call the fire marshals call them instead should we do this can we do that what would you recommend and if so if we do days to just be on call you know this just be read it's a come in. That we're going to say no most likely but you haven't had a question. I think it's someone can help me but I think it's the candle in the actual cando that can burn. That's now I don't know honestly I you know I'm sure I'm. Right or. You. Are. For. Now. So would you rather take the chance and or are you the just is avoid the risk by using a battery operated that's the point we're just we're not I'm not saying it's going to burn I missed saying I'm saying if you can avoid the risk why take it. That you know. Those are are codes as far as I know that the conference may or may not have an internal policy on candles you have to check with the conference I know the local the local law some local laws are very strict when it comes to use of candles in houses of worship so my recommendation is calling the local farm marshal and asking them Are we allowed to use candles and houses of worship a recommendation is if you can avoid it don't use it as you can you can prevent someone from getting a major or potentially. Burn your building to the ground depending on the situation. Right now we see if you have if that's a good question if you have one person holding a candle and you can if you have a supervisor with a fire extinguisher ready to help but I don't see a problem and you're going to be right there catching fire get it get it over with. That's correct. That the times that I might my church used we did a circle around the entire church with a big church and we did a very big circle every single person had a candle in their hands and we were just doing like like you said this lighting each other's And. That. Exactly like you said yeah the kids they run around if it. Is some hair catches on fire who's liable who is liable who who organized the activity who did the trash did so if a kid can't you know have kids hair catches on fire we are most likely liable for the damages of that and what if what if that fire actually becomes a permanent injury to that person. And there's a lot when it comes to liability in permanent injuries when we specially when it comes to the. Cosmetics and damaging the permanent looks of a person that becomes a huge liability claim what's wrong with this picture. But don't we do this all the time as a child. As not even as a church on a personal level I can say you know I mean I have put myself and I have and I'm guilty of that some leftover pain in my furnace room I'm guilty of that who has and. So this is not by law we should have a least 3 feet of clearance. Radius around around the burners. That's the recommendation what's wrong with this one just him. You're laughing because it's going to be your church that looks like this right. There anyway Z. Yeah you have a lot of metals here right near the electrical panel that should not be there. So let's see so using signage for when he's cleaning cleaning the bathroom or cleaning the hallways signage can prevent a potential trip trip and or clips all playing are you ready the great the great aim of education is not knowledge but action my my goal with this presentation for you is just to create a mindset for safety a lot of this you will forget I hope not but that this stick shows that not the absorption rate of a presentation is not very high but here's something I want you to remember just think about safety in whatever capacity you are in whether you are a Sabbath school teacher or a safety officer or a teacher or anything you walk into a room think about safety what are you go to a place think about safety and putting knowledge action so we have just want to show you a few more things we have and see how many. OK so it will talk about playing in a bit we have this form called accident and then report which helps you to I think we've talked about this if you have an accident you want to report or have some sort of documentation describing the accident this is the form that you can use this is available on our website. It's easy to fill out and keeps keeps your incidents your accidents documented and it's very easy to fill out now what about filing a claim. We talked about the property side of things and how it works not just are get assigned go see a property send as a report and will process the payment but what about a liability claim so filing a claim is very easy you have to get the form the form you can get online or you can get it through your conference. You can go to our website and get the forms online. For liability or for any jury all the forms are available online. With the phone number so the phone number at the 247 hotline. Advertising voice 88951 or 276 and you press 2 for the claims of horn All right so. Emergency Planning as a safety officer as a safety person you want to look at. The emergency planning so active shooters fire emergency and what do you do in an emergency situation so we have. Our resources we have a monthly resources actually reclean resources that you can sign up for and we had our our safety Sabbath in March Do you remember the safety Sabbath communication Yes we try to do this as a as a beginning of a relationship with each local church to holes in emergency drill at a church at a local church what does that look like we try to do an active shooter drill. On a church which means educating our congregation as to how to respond to an active shooter situation we are we tend to me and if any of or any of us are found in an active shooter situation we are most likely to do the shocking not know what to do so the goal here is to start with baby steps teaching and communicating and showing because our churches and schools what to do in a situation such as fire or an active shooter situation we do we provide it and of enough resources and we have enough resources available to show you how to implement not to shoot or an active shooter situation and not only that but you can also invite your local police officers your local police department and they will be welcome most of them what I have seen so far are more than willing to come to your church to do a training and to give you some guidance as to how how to run a emergency higher margin he or an active shooter situation and we have a video to show the basics of. An active active shooter situation and what to do what to do but there is a lot more to it so that the that we can research in climate. I agree that that could be something beneficial. Which one of the. Yeah that's. Good and there are a bunch of courses online I personally did a course on active shooter it was it was a $25.00 course online called Alice A I see you just look look up Alice active shooter training and it's it's amazing what you can learn for only $25.00 and gives you a lot of resources need use on how to do what with your initial response basically if follows the concept of the video I'm about to show you so. Yes I think I think Team A has the saying niet I'm going to show you so I think I'm not sure but so yeah I mean that's that's the Wii there run hide and fight surviving in active shooter. That's if you do it right. The course I gave you the Alice the Alice course breaks it down in detail and it's about it said to me our city our course very good a definite recommend it I think in each actually gets your church to to listen to hear and to understand what to do now so holding your safety drill you we have a lot of resources under safety Sabbaths dot org so good coming back to your question when you asked about what resources are available so that we know what to do and where how how do we get there so a lot of a lot of resources are available under this website that I recommend. Taking no. Safety 7000 or so quickly last less lives are the main ones the most frequent property claims received at area is water damage so this is a preventable claim preventable the most common casualty claim received at Area is you guess. False yet everyone agree that's correct slip and fall injuries yeah that's the most. Common so working closely with whoever is responsible for the care and upkeep of your church and who sees an opening in stairs different parts of the building and needs different care depending on distance Susan that you're in so having that also makes a difference in the property aspect of your building we have forms also available on our website that helps you for each citizen to ask the right question so you don't have to know everything about the buildings you just use of the available resources that who will assist you in. Identifying the potential problems and then things to avoid this is an important slide and this is the last one attempting to place the blame on an individual so let's say you personally gets in a car accident don't give or take the blame of a car accident I'll give you an example one time this lady was in a car accident. After the accident she was in shock because of she didn't know what was going on her brain was in shock and she kept saying I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY is most like it was it was my fault I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry she was not at fault but at the end when they went to court the guy the other party used that against her and he or her whatever that party won the case because the lady was apologizing and taking the blame for something that she didn't have the blame on. Thanks for sharing so so things to avoid attempting to take the place of the administration in correct corrective action so for me this comes down to worsen with your administration in whatever capacity or whatever situation that you have going on if you see a question of the situation call your conference let them know what's going on this will create a backup on you for you and. The conference can be proactive and create and pursue whatever action needs to be take place release of information of any unauthorized parties to avoid questions or comments thank you so much guys for your time I hope this was beneficial or helpful to you so I am the goal is to create a mindset of safety we get for churches and schools and now have any question we can I do I do have. Though I have my business card right here if any of you need going to walk around. You can send me an e-mail I can save the presentation. And get you one more. So any other comments or or comment personal experience that you want to share with the group I'll leave some more on the table. Anybody else needs carte. If they want Yeah. Right so that we did a presentation on Tuesday. It was only about. Armed security at a church so I don't want. For that. Yet we know our policy right now excludes firearms so in all honestly across the insurance and industry it's not very many companies out there in fact I don't know of any personally at this moment that provides both Odd the general liability aspect with armed security what you have sometimes is a specific company that does specific insurance for armed security that we have though it would be a separate policy just for armed security everything under under the policy yet that now the question there is about the insurance limits as sometimes the insurance limits are even though the general liability may see a $1000000.00 or $23000000.00 they have a civil limit of 10200000 the penny on a wall coverage Calamy. Incent you can send me whatever questions you have in our Can I can I can compare the policies for you I can show you what's good on this outside of policy and I promise to be as honest as I can in transparent showing you what's good what's bad and what's good what's bad on our policy company in comparison now it's hard for somebody who doesn't do insurance on a regular basis there is a lot even myself I've been doing this job for 3 years and when I have to analyze policies like this and I've done it a few times I encounter things new in the new terminology it's just. Ongoing changing industry who ensures us we do we underwrite the policies for. Yeah we we underwrite we are insurance company that we underwrite the policies or general liability in cropper. And auto insurance there is something called Lean surance reinsurance is the insurance for the insurance company so let's say I don't want to get to technical but up to a $1000000.00. Pay out of pocket anything beyond a $1000000.00 comes from reinsurers so and that's the that's the way we managed. To operate the business of insurance so we have coverage the church have coverage all the way to $100000000.00 Yes Yes So the the conferences in the union they pay for the excess policies just like you and I have own Grella policies of the church have what we call the excess policy at the master policy that covers beyond that 1st layer of 1000000 although it's 100 and the other question. It's. You know I'm sorry had a question about. What happens in most cases before we actually get to a law. The attorney's getting balls the attorney from the other party and they settle well. Right so therefore before a claim gets to become a lawsuit there's a settlement in place so a lot of claims that could potentially be a lawsuit they get settled before it becomes a lawsuit so I don't know how many claims turning to lawsuits I don't know that answer but I do know they are our surnames work really heart not to become a law suit and be taken to jury because that it's a gamble but we never know what to expect we can go up to the penny on that claim we can go up to the millions if the jury makes the situation in whatever direction so the attorneys. Saddled the try to settle the blame for. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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