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God's Ordained Order - Part 5

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • August 16, 2019
    12:37 PM
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Loving lard bless assess we study your work you promise for your spirit to be with us and so we pray that you will lead us in Jesus name Amen OK the subject of adornment jewelry and those things has come into question recently and one of the problems a contributor to that is that at the General Conference meeting him of all the representatives the issue of the wedding ring came up and the reason it came up is because in some countries. Women who don't wear wedding rings are considered to be. Bad ladies and in some places have you with a lady and she happens to be your wife and unite wearing a wedding band you cannot go into a hotel they will not allow you to rent a hotel. Right it happens that way in some places so because of that problem Mrs White had written concerning to the wedding band that in cases like that don't make an issue of it but that the band should be a very simple man OK now the way I said and then she says in America we don't have that problem so we cannot use that excuse but in places where you have that issue don't trouble the people who have to go they had to deal with their own conscience on that basically that's the issue but the question I want Dharm and this goes back to the Bible so we started way in the beginning in the beginning we know that that there were jewels in the than there were one united there was during the then. Jewels. Look Rejali Genesis chapter 2 verse 11 and 12 and you see that it speaks about gold speak about want goal and speaks about some jewels of the name all the jewels and then explain this to you that in the beginning these things were not on the people they were on the ground where on the ground God is a beauty as a lover of beauty and A Just as flowers a beautiful birds are beautiful the also made Bill Stone and so the purpose of it all was to. Bring pleasure to Eisai because since God loves beauty he wants us to also be blessed by those things which are beautiful or you say and I'm grateful you know how to be honest with you I grew up. In the asphalt jungle of New York City and I couldn't understand why people would say I've always been out of the old whole tree I would say what's wrong with that person with beautiful about that tree I couldn't see any beauty in and stuff however when I became converted something happened to my side all of a sudden I began to see beauty and trees and flowers and all the OK so that's why I said beauty is in the eyes of was or should be better said beauty is in the lack of be this in the eyes of the blind. OK so in Genesis chapter 2 you find then that there is there are jewels now. Let me see something maybe I pressed the wrong one did. This ones who want to should take place OK. So. In Eden the jewels in jazz were on the ground not on the people and that's an important point to remember because in Genesis chapter one and 2 is the creation and in the new creation we have the same thing we have. The presence of jewels in the new B. beginning however when man fell he lost his covering of puberty is clothed the. He calls himself a physical use now I should say this to you unless spoken to some artists who always paint Adam Anees shrinking in the garden you know what I mean OK And I've talked to some of the plate and I said Why do you do that oh because it's difficult to explain to the people I said it's not difficult at all it is clear that it doesn't say that that man and woman are naked is says a man and his wife a naked is there a difference with that what's the difference changer Janice's fellow is. Or just a man it turned to Genesis chapter 2. Which which Bible. Is that the Bible or that Andrew. That's not the Bible comments from people not the Bible. You're correct but I'm not asking you to listen to my commas unless you do go to the bible go where. The Bible so look at the Bible then look at them I will and look at the last few verses the last 2 verses what does it say. Chapter 2 and the last 2 verses what does it say. Why we're not gay the man has life right there we're not ashamed and this is marital language or what and so what else are the say there therefore shall I was. The 1st. Portion of manly. OK so it doesn't say the man and the woman make it a Says a man and his high wife were naked and as per their property by the way my brother supports my position it says very plainly that they were not running around naked they were close was that they were close with light that were close to what. What I'm saying she says that they were close with light as. I mean by. The center saying its center saying that when you go in you consider light light can cover a person. By the light of your eyes my. Do you know. I do you do know that that all of us have light. Now but I'm saying all of us look during the during the war when I was in during the Vietnam War One of the things we had to be careful was that we had to be able to hide ourselves at night because the body gives selves a certain amount of infrared light OK that can be picked up. And if you were not careful they picked up your infrared lighting they could just aim at that infrared lighting and kill you so it was important for us to understand that even though you you could not see the light those who had the special equipment could write so we are alive today because we recognize that you follow good counsel another thing that we were told was that you shouldn't smoke at night because you like can be seen at a great distance a lot like this and because like can be seen a great distance does so just didn't think they could be seen because they're just a little light right but at night you can see that light for a long long distances and all they had to do is aim at that little light and shoot and kill whoever was smoking so there's no question that that light is more than what we think you had your hand up you know the interesting thing is that this says a god is close with light that is what. Light. A garment of light and so anyway we have that language in right in Genesis has to do with marital language in fact Jesus later on in Matthew Chapter 19 addresses that particular marital language by saying therefore shall a man leave his father and mother in Cleveland with wife then twain shall be one flesh and just as a using that quote in that because the rabbis got to the place where they thought they can give a bill of the Boersma And Jesus said not so the not know that from the beginning they were made male and female and so the idea is that when a man and wife are together they should not be ashame in their nakedness as the idea. OK And when you think about it think about it in the New Heavens how will people be dress what does the Bible say. It says they will be clothed with a robot righteousness What does that mean we'll study that but let's continue. God and clothes and a money where. What's interesting is this that they as a husband and wife didn't need to be ashamed but when they sin whatever cover them disappeared and they realize that they were watching naked and they made it whether they do they sought to replace with their own garment that which had been taken away but God was not satisfied with that and so God and clothe them with a garment skin and so this garment was a little bit more or should I say much more covering than the garment that they chose an apron doesn't cover much that true by the coat from shoulder down to the to the heel does cover much so they would go to skin now gold and silver then. Were in the beginning but they began to be introduced in the beginning of the Bible so let's turn to Genizah 13 and verse 2 It is 13 a version. In Genesis 13 very soon we see then that the that the jewels of the gold in the silver setter they were 1st in the ground began to be used for the purpose of exchange are you there have tempted their children too and Abraham was one. Very rich and one cattle and what else shelter and then go so now that which was on the ground began to be used as a means of wealth of means what well so the more Cal you had the more show you had the more goal you had the more wealthy you were so the Bible says that Abraham was very rich which means he must have had quite a lot of. Gold and quite a lot of children right and then Chapter 44 the turn to Chapter 44 and verse 8 can't the 44th verse 8 in Genesis there are 44 more shade. You have to 44 and verse 8. Know this again are you there with me. All right. In Chapter 44 but behold the money which we found in our sacks mouth we brought again on to the other the land of Canaan how then should we steal the Lord's house silver or go so what the silver or gold began to be called. Money so they were riches but now there was money. And want money they began to use silver and gold as a means of exchange you gave gold and silver for food for Rayman or for whatever so now the gold from the ground is now being used as money OK then it goes beyond being used as money. Jewels then will begin to use ASH than your balls as what. That evolves and began to be made in fashion into what we call today jury where we call that jury. Which means then that the people used to keep their money in sacks and used to bury it in the ground and all that now they begin to fashion it into something that they can wear So there there are many countries that you go to today that love go you'll see that they wear also said change and also to bracelets and all sorts of means of showing how wealthy they are by what they wear so Joey then the jewel became money and then finally became jewelry or what we call ornaments OK but it was valuable for example when Abraham servant went to get a wife for Isaac one of the ways that he while the. Family of Rebecca was by bring it out sacks of was jewelry. He gave he gave all sorts of things all right so. There was there was a jury that was being used now to buy influence except her and the way that the man demonstrated that he came from Abraham was by having all this wealth and giving it to Rebecca's brother and the family and all that so now jewelry was being used as a bargaining chip as well as a. Bargaining chip so now it's money is riches and now it is a dormant OK but it's also gifts is also one yes so they are now using Jory as gifts All right so as you follow through then finally Joyce became one. God and so if you look at Genesis 35 look at Genesis 35 no this weather says that Genesis 35 the Bible says then that Jacob was so by God to go to Bethel to worship to build an altar so God says go to math Elam build an altar. Because that's where I met you when you were fleeing from your brother all right show Jacob then turns around and tells his family that they're going to go and worship with Hell by the way the word Bethel means that whiling of God mean. On the word best means dwelling on how stuff for example Jesus had bought in Bethlehem which means that he was born in the House of Bread he was the living OK So Bethel was it's interesting that when Jacob had that vision coming from the latter coming down jacket then thought that he was in the actual location where heaven communicated with her where there were tears of laughter and the people from heaven came down that ladder down to the earth so he said I didn't know that I was in the only place of God but he called the Bethel right now he's coming back and he's fearful for his life because of his brother who is still angry and so God says I want you to go back to the place where you met me. And the rest and all to the worship so Jake of then tells his family verse 2 and Jacob said to his household and to all the will with him put away the strange god to the among you may be clean and change of government so 3 things the way the wide range God's change your garments and be clean All right 3 things which is interesting because when God finds us where we are he doesn't leave us ass we are. His purpose is to brain and changes but then we go on to follow God One of the 1st things that I got convicted the vase when I was in show business and I had that experience with God in that apartment I remember immediately realizing that music to me had become a God I had not one Bible study I had no no i information on that subject it was a spirit of God Later on understood how the Spirit of God were clear got convict in me that music had become to me a god. And so the 1st thing I had to do be willing to put away my God and what I did in that I'm thankful I did because all the boys who were with me and then. Some thankful that I was willing to give it up they were all right so George became God And so then his house his attacks. The rise go to Bethel and make their own altar on to God who has it mean that they of my distress and what's with me in the way which I win and they gave on to Jake up all the strange gods which were in there. In their hand please understand that this must be not something they had in their hands in other words they didn't just come to Jacob carrying their gods in their hands in the sand here on say they came to Jacob and Jacob said that you need to put away to strange gods Now what's interesting is that they understood what that meant so they put away the strange gods another set says and they gave on the change gods which were in their hand and all their one. Which one in them is and Jake of hit them on the old which was my shekel So now then Jake up understands that one thing you do not do is have another god before God. And if he's going to follow God he must put God 1st and therefore he's encouraging his family to put away the strange gods OK So whether they do they obey him that with the way the strange gods now later on. After they put away the strange gods and change their clothing by the way that's that's synonymous with washing and the Bible says not a thing if I have the time I give you a whole study on baptism from the beginning in the Old Testament no one's baptized the reason why no one baptized because the word baptism does not exist in the Hebrew language everybody is baptized in the Old Testament who was a believer but the word baptize was not used or was used was washed and cleanse or hues. That's why Dave has said Wash me and walk and cleanse me from my sins in my neck with his right so they understood that if you gonna come to God you must be clean you must be one you must be clean now how do I know that well later on when God appears to the Hebrews. To deliver them lest Exodus Chapter 3 X. in the chapter 3 Look at verse 22 Exodus chapter 3 verse 22 notice what God says to the Israelites Exodus chapter 3 verse 22 not as it says but every woman shall borrow of her neighbor and of her that So join us in her house jewels of Cilla and jewels of gold and Raymond and you shall put them upon your sons and upon your daughters and just ball the Egyptians in other words we go and gather. I know we're all doing gathering now and longer how many churches still doing here and. Those churches that are not doing you missing a blessing in getting was the only time when all of our people were required to go door to door and somehow I got killed which stopped the movement of lay involvement. But anyway this is the 1st incident of England the people of God were to go to the Egyptians and borrow and watch and borrow from them was. An remnant right now is what the call the Are you kidding get all the gold and silver you can get so they did that and so this was a repayment for the 400 years of slavery that they had not paid the Jews for the services they had run that. Now what's interesting is this in Numbers $31.00 West $50.51 the issue lies gave jewels to the erecting of the Chapman Acol so that which they gathered out of the God then used to build the. Sanctuary in memory he said that the Make Me a sanctuary that my daughter among them to what was used was that which say brought phonied from each of the jewels a silver the gold except were now being utilized to bill a temple for God you think God had plans ahead of the game yes all right so now however the sad thing is that people began to put on the jewels on themselves showing us what God says to them Are you then Exodus 33 now Exodus 33. None is then that the people are told what to do concerning their ornaments Exodus 33. If you there. And when the people heard these evil tidings a moron and no man did put on his watch ornaments where the Lord has said to Moses send to the children of Israel you are a stiff necked people I will come up up into the mists of the in a moment and consume the debt for now put all of that I want that on a man from the THEN I mean the want to do to the and the children of Israel strip themselves of the ornament by the mouth hard so if God was to deal with them what were they to do 1st. They were to strip all their arguments and if you happen to be an issue in those days and you heard God say take all that rain what would you do. You would say not wait a minute mark my grandmother gave this ring. Yes they were on say what would you do with it us take it up to the Lord said You better take it out and I may know what to do with it and there were no fussing with the law and then right so we see then that even though God allowed to have riches. Automatically God did not want them to do was. To wear the riches. So because that's what the heat and the pagans then a deck themselves out with jewels and everything else now modesty then was something that God required among his people in fact even the altar that was he wrecked it they were not to erect the altar on steps so that their nakedness be not seen. In other words a priest were to wear long the robes but still they were not to wreck their altar on steps so that the nakedness be not seen Now when you consider that how much naked eye can you see under a robe and going up the steps Ladies can you see a lot of nakedness when somebody's going up the steps with a long row now so he has a point his the point guys God has made us. The what you would say the most beautiful thing that he could create beside the animals and everything else mankind was the the apex of his creation. But God also had principles for that creation he wanted them to live in a way that they were modest they were one part of this and that they were clean and they were one when you heard the term modesty and you also heard the term fly and then this is next to this so if you read through the Old Testament to see that God constantly one of them to be washed be clean be washed be clean now. As we continue on then. Later on God uses a symbol that usually is used by people who promote jewelry as this is speaking about jewelry but in reality what God is doing in this in this particular. Verse of scripture is a god is telling the Jews that he took them out of Egypt when they were naked and he dressed them with jewels and tapestry and all that other words he he was addressing the church which was symbolized by the tabernacle which was decked with jewels and ram it etc You understand what I'm saying so this is sometimes misused by people or misunderstood by people saying Well God gave them jewels and dress them up and it says there where the nationality is speaking about the tabernacle was it speaking about tabernacle because God can pierce a woman to a comely and done a good virtue. Or right now let's continue on through the example of Christ we know then that Christ is not wear jewelry is that true or yes and no. But how do you prove that on. Where the men and women and women when he was on their feet they have the stars in his crown So how do we know that Jesus and I wear jewelry trying to that chapter Chapter 19 of John John Chapter 19 and I want you to know that verse way through in 24 John Chantel 19 or 23 and 24 this is speaking about the crucifixion of Christ when Christ with being crucified there were 4 soldiers there at the foot of the cross and they decided that they would divide his belongings between them correct yes but when it came to the only peach. Quality material that he had which was his tunic or his robe What did they decide to do it is cited to cast lots or to cast the dice for the right to gamble for who it would be his the question why didn't they repent for parts. Because it was not valuable for parts without it will one part right so question then they cast lots for that which was single correct the other parts they divided because they were not part but the single unit they decided to cast lots for so question that they cast lots for his reign. His necklace his bracelet why not. Have one. Now it's clear from the Bible that there were ladies who supported Christ in His ministry is that true and so even though they have they had access because even from Harris court there were people who were supporting Christ was supporting Christ and she was from Harrod's clan even though they had access to all this stuff yet Christ himself did not use. The only thing that he added value was here is. This tune Other than that there's no no no on gambling for anything else now let's continue on here so when the soldiers gamble for Christ The long as there were only clothes there were no jewels God wants His children to focus on. The end side not on the external this why Matthew $628.00 or 30 Apparently God made jewels to adorn the Earth would be when the 2 of them are so that you can take a picture once I finish because I'm OK now in Isaiah chapter 3 verse 16 and 24 to 24 you find a picture when the church was in apostasy which was what in the process and it reveals in the just Church what's in the posse by the way they were adorning themselves. By the. By the way they were drawn in so if you look at Isaiah chapter 3 verse 16 it gives us a whole list of the different things that the people were wearing which means then that they were into a lot of fashion in those days when not the 1st again involved in session I remember when I 1st went to church my 1st appear in church I had to confess you I wore my showbiz best. I mean I went with my best I had the ring on every finger. I had a Tom Jones shirt which is open down to the belly of the Shah macho you are and I have bloomer sleeves and my pants were a bell bottom hip hugger Rambo collar. I went to church like dad and I've discovered I look like a Christmas tree. But. I looked around and realized I was the only one of the plays. And they were kind there but I remember feeling so of the place I kind of shrunk down into them you know. And what's interesting is that when I went when I went home finally and had the conversion experience not only did I give up my my. Music but I looked at my hands and I saw these rings had a ring on the thumbs and I don't ever figure and I thought. When I were in my doing with the stuff and I just plucked them off my fingers and threw them in the garbage can. Now I have to tell you I had no bible studies it was simply conviction of the Spirit of God And later on when I studied the Bible I then began to realize the truth about it all right so in Isaiah Chapter 3 you can see a long list you then well if you look at the long list this is not speaking about Israel in good condition but it is still in bad condition in a star somewhere 16. The Lord says because a dog is a Zeina Hachi and walk with strange force and stretched forth next wanted eyes walking in then seeing as they go and think when making a tinkling with their feet so I would say these girls wanted attention whether they want. Attention and as says them for the lawless might with a scab the crown of the head of the Zion in the log will discover the secret parts in that day the Lord will take away the bravery of the tinkling ornaments about their feet and their Coulson their round time is like the moon the chains in the bracelets and the mufflers the bonnet the corn on the men to the legs and the head bands in the brace tablets the earrings the rain so the and the nose jewels the changeable sizzle apparel elementals of wimples the Christian pins a glass is by the way the glasses were see through dresses see through dresses. Just like today. More and more women are getting this stuff that you can see through some some of them wear pants on they fix at are but you can see through the dress right so anyway and says is says and the fine linen the hoods and the and the veils come to pass in a stead a sweet smell this shall be stink instead of a girdle rant instead of well set him baldness instead of a stomach her girding of sackcloth and burning instead of beauty and so God then reveals that the people ALL THE NATION at turn all the blessings that God wanted to give them so they could be a blessing to the people they had turned him in working for themselves and a large dent said OK all that you are using to show how gorgeous and all beautiful and accept or etc Its going to go away and then it says that you know return to nakedness and the sad thing is that what happened was that when the other nations attacked them and took them captive The women had to take up their dresses and whole dresses up as a poor and they were paraded in front of mobs of people to see their nakedness So unfortunately what God was saying was if you don't follow my counsel you'll end up suffering from these other things that will happen yes ma'am. She says we are going to have to 3 to buy I would describe as sin a snake in this she's speaking about a close the with. Be not seen That's correct. Yeah it's in other words that when God's people turn to sin. Is he speaking their naked naked and God wants them to dress with the righteous is a crisis of the covering of the righteous of Christ is to cover up their nakedness now. That's continued then because in the New Testament then you find also statements the Apostles taught modesty and simplicity the dress in 1st Timothy Chapter 2 verse 9 in 10 Let's go to that we're getting close to 3 o'clock source Timothy. Chapter 2 verse $9.10 others where the says it's in like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with a change in this same face and essence of Biotene I would buy that hair or goal of pearls will cost you a re which become a women professing God and this with good works all right and then the Peter himself also addresses this question and Peter Shaz and 1st Peter chapter 3. That this is a practice of old when Whole In other words if you look at Peter 1st Peter had to 3125 especially It says who's a dawn in the not be that out with the dawning of plating of hair in the wearing of gold the putting on of apparel then to be the hidden man of the heart in that which is not corruptible even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which in the side of God this great prize for after this man and the old time the holy women also who trusted in God Dawn themselves being subject on to their own husbands in other words obviously Peter is point and back to the past to women who are godly and he says that the women who are gone did not of gone himself with the outward but rather with the and. That makes sense. OK so we can see then that in Revelation Chapter 12 then there are 2 women Chapter 13 a chapter 12 part of the 17 and 12 Chapter 12 a woman is close with the son represents a faithful church and the son assess UN and Malakai represents Christ's righteousness so he's covering then there's another woman and she's close with purple and deck with jewels which represents an apostate church which is interesting then that god then uses a dormant to represent that which represented apostasy and represents and uses the lack of the development of that which represents faithfulness So you have a unfaithful woman that with jewels and you have a faithful woman who doesn't use the jewels you understand what I'm saying now it says that she has a crown of 12 stars which represent was the 12 apostles All right so you have then. 2 women and then this is something that I was struck with later on Assad was studying a subject that Lucifer is the only being is made with jewels who is it Lucifer. Is the only being that Maywood you which means to me with I was struck well who is this thought could it be that since he was the one that was made with jewels that these tempting people to emulate him before his fall he was made would you that doesn't mean that he didn't continue with the 2 So what I'm saying is is it possible then that he's tempting people to emulate his appearance rather than the make and quiet Christ who did not wear jewels. When the Jews expected the Messiah they expected him to come as a ruling king dressed like a king attired like a king with authority of a king but Christ came as a route as a one route so that no one would but would be allured to him because of his beauty in other words Christ said not want the physical appearance to be that which drew people he wanted his character his love to draw people all right but in the world for example when you look at television you see people who are famous usually ladies light to attire themselves with wads. Were in on them and send eccentric correct and the more they conduct themselves or Jorian etc The more pretty they seem to be when I was in showbiz as I can remember a stark reality that a lot of those people who are coming to the clubs at night at the nightclub the lights were always dim I maybe use the other night clubs and they have you all right so the lights were always watch them and the people who went in there were always decked with but paint and all that. And many ties I discover one time I was in a nightclub I read a poem on these gorgeous women walked in and I mean gorgeous women teased hair and all that in Iraq cetera. Jewels and all that. And when I went to talk to one of them their voice did not sound like a woman. You understand the rest of the school. So. Early room. And the way. The things of life but what's interesting is what's interesting is that those people those people in their minds thought that these things made them look the other phone so the X. Theory A is what people seem to focus on but Christ wants us to focus where on the interior and that's what makes people beautiful what they are like in the heart so you can see then why it is that God does not want us to follow the examples of for example jest about. Scripture uses Yes a lot of the example of what we all want to be correct rather than what we ought to be and show. The saved eventually will wear one where robes read Revelation 3 Verse 4 and 5818 so I want to read that for us off the. Chapter 3 verse $45.18 you'll notice the emphasis that Christ gives us and he has to do with overcoming what does that say there are nations around the 3 Verse $45.18 What does it say. People who live. By. The 100. I will never have a lot of life. For my father. And that beautiful promise to the one that doesn't want that ever comes from a close. White Rankin So if he's going to be close to where I am a man shot in the kingdom we will then return back to the original because in the original the just war on the ground in the new beginning the Jews will also be on the ground yes or. That's correct. There's a difference between having a crown and when you're the reason for the crown is because we have become kings as far as he's concerned. By the different because if you look at the Bible it only mentions a crown that we will wear but all the other stuff is where the jewels will be the foundation of the city. The walls will be made of what a transparent gold the the gates will be made the pearl so all the precious jewels Except will be there for our admiration and so if the law is going to give you a crown then wait until he gives it to you. And I believe I am amazed that he will give us all a crown representing that we have conquered and that become victorious. But there's no mention in the Bible that besides the crown that will wear any other thing then a robot righteous and then you have a nation Chapter 7 it says that we're cloak with right white garment with. White on it which is a righteousness of St So jewels will not be on the people but on the wall the streets and the foundation of the city and so and all the pictures that Mrs White has of Jesus she always does see him as John saw him John Sean him close with a gallon to his feet and his waist with a girdle which was what Lee White what the white part of the high priest would wear in the Old Testament saying to. Show he has not shown with earrings and shoes and I was shown one thing and by the way today people are putting earrings everywhere not true. I mean I see people and I feel sorry for the people because I remember the ox they use to put a ring around the oxen draw and now you have young ladies attractive young ladies with this you know ring in their nose and I think to myself I wonder that lady on the stand that she's that she's allowing herself to be treated like an ox. You know and then I asked him you know this is her Jaharis I don't have any more questions than that. And you know the tattoos the Bible says we should not mark ourselves correctly and show the tattoos if a thousands of dollars get tattoos get the arm all painted up and I think to myself you know is else people were converted would they want those things on there and the answer is No The sad thing is that obviously the enemy is doing everything he can to disfigure the image of God. And God wants us to come back to his image and that can only be done through Christ and when Christ was in the heart He leads to simplicity of walk simplicity of grass simplicity of what we think of simplicity of how we eat everything about the life of Christ lay sister simplicity and I find that more comforting I remember when I was in show business trying to always show off with this ring or that ring that this thing or that thing the clothing etc People would just constantly at war with one another by what they wore how they could show off and on. And I was so thankful I come to this camp meeting for example and I don't know about you fall but I rejoice in seeing people who come because they desire to know more about you know. They come because they desire to be more like him and and you know I haven't seen one fight in show business every night there was some battle going on. It will get drunk and fly one other I haven't seen one fight here they may be someone with somebody fighting someplace I haven't seen them have you. Yes or I have been. In many places I don't wear wedding man. But wherever I go I immediately begin my sermon to talk about my beautiful wife my lovely wife. And I do it on purpose I want to send out a signal I'm very content. I'm very happy with with my Our So what happens I'm in Poland and I'm talking about all the the my wife accessor and this woman once wants me to visit her so thought OK so I took my translator with me when I got there she told the translator noddle Nicci I can speak English. So he left a left me there by myself so anyway I'm sitting in there's a problem with this lady and I make sure I should across from her you know and then she proceeds to tell me that she makes herself available to the priests and if I want she could make herself available to me. Now I could have been wearing a ring around my neck in Assam I'm saying and they wouldn't matter one iota you know what I'm saying and so it's what I discovered in showbusiness women would go to the clubs and they would take off their rings and put them in their bags and did whatever they wanted to do then when they went home they put the ring back on men would do the same thing the reality is that my wife was a concert master in the York City. In the symphony and she didn't wear a wedding man and my wife is a very attractive lady. And she was even more so when she was younger. You know the way we will well we were older you know when we. Well what that's OK. I mean you know so my wife was always a very attractive lady and she was very very talented and I mean at 19 she was a concert master in the York City. And she didn't wear wedding band and one time somebody. Somebody whistle that her and I thought the problem was that the skirt was a little too high you know over on the a little bit and I said to her honey you need to lower your skirt We need to be a witness so my wife sense to me and I'm not working or my skirt. And I thought I'm a husband should have a brain. And so. Later on we're walking down the street and somebody whistles again and I think close to one target her skirt and she said go ahead and pull a you really give a son to look at. You know I could not get that girl to understand where we are with or where you know we are our brother's keeper and you know you attempt in these guys to whistle at you and all that you're a pretty girl you know no matter what I'm sure other than saying. So one day I decided. Having a devotional and I was struck to the hide about I was trying to be the Holy Spirit. Trying to force her to see my way and I repented I said God forgive me but I said God you're going to have to tie my tongue somehow so I don't say anything to her ever again about how she dresses so I come out of the bathroom whether she have on most prettiest dress and she says how do I look great. Because I promised the Lord that I would not force anything again about that. So are you sure I'm sure. You know anyway. I decided I told him I said Honey I'm sorry all this time I've been trying to pressure you to see things my way and I realize I've been wrong this has to be your own experience between you on the Lord. From now on I'm not going to tell you how to dress. So few weeks later she came to me she was crying and she said I was studying and the last spoke to me that I've been badly us against you she said honestly I just thought you had a jealousy problem and I was not going to submit to your jealousy as she said God revealed to me didn't matter what what your problem was I had a problem I was being obstinate not willing to consider your feeling so she said Forgive me she said From now on she's a promise we don't have any money I was in the army the times that we don't have any money I said look honey if you want to lengthen your dresses God will provide God this. Then she's wearing long dresses she's she's pregnant she looks like a battleship OK and we're walking down the street and what do you suppose happens. Somebody whistle. And then I realize what I realize. It doesn't matter you guys had to carry yourself in a way that let people know that you are not available here Mary you are happy and content and my wife has done the same so even though she has some challenges at times when people wanted to talk to her one guy said How can I get acquainted with a lady a young lady like you my wife says I'm happily married oh I'm sorry he said I didn't see a wedding ring she said I understand but He gives me an opportunity to tell you about my crisis. So anyway. I think that we all have to have an experience of the Lord and have a reason why we believe what we believe what he said yes ma'am. But you see what I'm saying is the problem is that there aren't men who look for women who are married so that they can do whatever they want to and they don't have any responsibility out to them. We live in a wicked world that's the reality and so if a person feels that they must wear something then don't make an issue OK but but that doesn't mean that God does not want us to have a certain direction his ideal his what is ideal is for us to reach the standards of him and so if we should for that we'll be happy but in the meantime as we reach and we hope that will be supported by others will not criticize him as wearing something that they don't think we ought to be wearing because that's where the problem comes being just mental against people who are wearing this wearing right let's pray together yes. Thank you praise the Lord and I hope that you study more and more and more there's much in the scriptures and as I said the more study the more I see the more I realize I haven't seen and so let's continue by God's grace to press on to study and to make sure that our face stands alone on the Word of God the Father thank you so much for your mercy for your word and all that you reveal as your couse help us to stand. On that which has been inspired by you and Lord may nothing move from opposition. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you 1st if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit W.W.W.. Verse or.


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