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Your Sword Unleashed: Three Easy Ways to Write a Bible Study

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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father heaven wheezes thank you once again that we can be with you that you can teach us more than we pray that your spirit will lead and guide our our next study together and that he would cross near to you and a you would open our minds keep us away keep us alert and may the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts and an ingrained these principles into our minds we pray in Jesus name amen RA is three easy ways to write a new Bible studies on the floor we jump into those three ways as one of recently go over and saw a few characteristics that you need to really observe the need to really pay attention to when you're thinking about writing your own Bible science and not these things apply to any type of study that you're going to be doing that the first one is that the study must be relevant to the hearer in their personal life in other words this study that you study with him whether it's the Sabbath whether it is you know what happens when you die whether it's is having real that study itself the information that you give may not always seem relevant to the person you're starting with Civil War is your job as the Bible worker what you have to do with that study had to make it while relevant for that person is unlimited you want to do that I need to we need to make those Bible studies personal for that person so in other words if you go and you but so you go to a a welding shop and you don't know anything about welding and that guy is standing there talking to you about welding for eight hours as I can for you yes or no are you getting tired about by the time you get to the NES Renault is that you don't find anything that applies you I personally probably not work that well there was sitting there and he was telling you all kinds of stories and him he made parallels between well-being coming I just pulled a random example is that more beneficial yes I know she is any Bible subject and it can be as boring and irrelevant as all get out to the person work and be as powerful and as personal to a person it all depends upon what how you do this that SMA sense I okay numbers are the foundation of main idea mustard -based online the Bible we should take a statement from some famous preacher and and and use that as the basis for our Bible study in a sense we should open our Bible and point to attacks and try to do a Bible study on we should do a liable city based on some new philosophical idea what our Bible studies and be exactly what the title is a wide Bible study involving some people take the latest great idea and try to talk about than a Bible study that is not in help people make decisions for Christ is not to help people is not only relevant to them the Bible is what changes people 's lives not famous preachers not great thoughts not Chinese Proverbs but the Bible okay and so we need to keep the Bible is the focus of Christ should be the center of every thought you should be the core this Shelby enter the outer circumference of every ideally present for it is only when prices look to know that people are drawn to him he is the center of our faith now amuse me demonstrate this for you hotly make the Sabbath Christ centered if we write a Bible study can we give all the text on the seventh day is the Sabbath God bless that he sanctified and he rested on it on the Sabbath is a sign that God is our Lord from Ezekiel the Sabbath is the is the day of the Lord 's day we have all these different statements right those of us are losing personal things the fact something so I need to make the Sabbath personal I need to make it Christ centered for a person so how I do that fine with him okay what else is my client okay price going to the church on Saban 's benefactor as it is it personal that person is in fact is anyone else want to take a staff on the Sabbath Rhine when your experiences with salad right was the Sabbath the review was renamed Al ask what is this avenue for you okay it gives you peace and brings whole Ryan is one thing for a person to accept the Sabbath because it's the right day it's another thing for a person to realize that Jesus is the creator of the sad right as so the way we make it Christ centers is not just say well Jesus got sat on a method that they are not picking on you but but just as safe as you sent out that does not make Christ centered but what does the Sabbath means of Christ it means that the Sabbath is a day that Jesus wants to spend with us right it's a day that he created especially for us it's a hassle and time it's a day that Christ wants to spend with you and has been with me right what about the state of the dead how do we make that Christ centered Jesus understands what that once you understand that because they experience it right that's one reason what is the shortest axonal vinyl Jesus wept Brian why was he leaving because Lazarus was dead as well right I understand I understand the state of him why and what he was also weeping for that reason but I understand the reason okay but Jesus understood notches that personally but he understands what it's like to lose a loved one that makes sense Jesus understands what it's like to suffer that aching feeling when someone close to you slips away from that rap music that will reach the heart of a person and they know that Jesus is not some guy that sits on the throne and looks down upon us and he doesn't have any idea what we go through is that sound better or does this sound letter that Jesus was a personnel walked in your shoes he understands that because those around him Medicare now some of those people die right Jesus understands the pain of death but because Jesus is confident right because Jesus has overcome death thinking give us peace when we are suffering from those I think that makes sense because Jesus is overcoming that inking a deal must be free over the failure of our own personal death right Jesus and give us hope they don't nominate design sense that those are the type of things that make a Bible seek Christ centered rather than the dead know not anything the Sabbath the design between you and the Lord that the he is the Lord by novice sanctifies the of the seventh day is right those are great things and even in a Bible study group Bible studies also need to reach out to people they need to identify them with Jesus and nine as a hottest price personally vitamin Bible study we need to understand that this is the only doctrinal prospect emotional or practical nature be careful giving Bible studies on things like will my paddle to having right now I have is anyone ever ask that you that that go to heaven people ask those questions of the time that the answer that you can get in how many minutes probably like less than one right less than one minute no fire why was anyone things like this might very know to have been or whatever like that right make sure that you have a purpose and angle with your Bible study this a few more characteristics on things happening here okay to you what you don't have to know everything you should be familiar with the subject I you share what you know what you think is no one there all women try to you while setting or should you prepare beforehand that we have to know everything it doesn't but you need to know something right the study should not be so wrong they go longer than how long an hour prepare your material had a time no more than tenfold while sex and know how to salt fields the estate to create interest in a future subject in other words keep among rewrite mangler front of them next week have you ever wondered what happens when you die I never wonder if you go to heaven Rachel were in a study that next week and while studying right salty else and your Bible studies are right about three ways to use or to write your own Bible studies the first one I want to talk about is using premade wireless as you guys have seen these Bible studies before I amazing fact file studies store gold search research in the discovered while studies is all these different types of Bible studies out there and they're all very very good if you're deciding to use a Bible study with a single person you send that person hey I just ran across a great series of Bible studies I didn't want to do them alone I'm looking for someone to do than what would you be interested in doing them with me and if they're interested what you think of that of say yes right and then you can start that wirelessly with that person that's as great way to do it just as people I was limiting these studies myself would you be willing to do them with me I went in alone and in many the real line will say yes it's that simple to simply ask them so how do I take these studies are typically using these studies are laid out question answer format right it was a number one no what does God say about the same commandments or does whatever and then reviewed the Bible text for the answer right there goes all into through and there's maybe ten fifteen questions for study right and you go to the study in the house a little question at the end would you like to give your hearts Jesus Thayer whatever that is in question those are fine people are doing them on their own what you're giving the Bible study and you're just you just read the question looked up the text really of the text read the question without the text read that at the party with me as I get a little bit old you need to make your Bible study why be a lie right and there's different ways that we can do that so let's just say I take a Bible study and I have this on this nonviolence that it was sent I have historical supply of prophecy Bible study right I have all the questions laid out there are several things that I want to add to that Bible study that will make it very very interesting and I'm going to go to those one by one number eight or A remember to deal with sales needs so what is a fellow of the antibody nobody knows yet what what they need another words if I have you know let's say I I need a homeless person right and try to witness to that man and he has had a meal in three days as a think about what I'm telling him mercy thinking about who needs to eat right so what's is felt we fooled right if I have a person a friend of mine and their spouse this died three you know I probably think about what I'm trying to share with them what are they thinking about the pain that they are experiencing right to make sense and soul of felt need is simply anything in my life that I'm experiencing that that I need help with Ryan that's a felt need from the roots I feel that need in my life more than anything else that's a felt need and so in my Bible studies I need to deal with felt needs right now I can't always get wrongdoing bottles until someone you can't always spend your time with the problems right and we can week because your purpose although you there you're their friend and you need to be a friend of them and help them with the problems if you're never studying the Bible with them is that a problem also it's no see got have to balance you don't want to spend all your time hanging out and but you don't want to be so consumed the Bible say that you never you never encourage them or help them and be their friend as well right so with in my Bible study I need to be ready to deal with felt needs okay so what I want to do is I want to have two or three additional Bible texts that I have within my study that I know that that person may be dealing with crime so let's say I've been studying with the person and let's say just for instance on studying the great controversies are whatever whatever may be in study with them and they say out of the blue you know I just lost my job last week I I didn't want to tell you the beginning I'm feeling so badly about it I just lost my job was that I felt me guess you know what is it Bible text that I could use that could share with that person that will help them with FLV anything worked out okay seeking first the kingdom of God Matthew six thirty three and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you right and don't worry about wasting away should drink is a will a you never seen the rights for Satan right what about Philippians four nineteen one sound say my Gaza supply all your needs according to his riches and glory price is right and so we need to have text that is a helpful ahead of time to know what problems they're dealing with so that I can have text on no great resource to help you with this is a Bible promise book you can get one at Walmart for about three dollars K and has a list of subjects financial troubles death of distress on divorce would ever have illusions that it has a list of Bible promises and is good to memorize as many promises that you can write on but until you can get to that point had some prepared ahead of time just a couple of facts and that way when when they present a problem or you know there's struggling with it you can address that don't need within your Bible study right on major studying death and you know that they had a loved one you know when I have a loved one passed away this text really spoke to my heart really gave me a lot of peace and comfort in my life question execute in their experiencing PEI inner turmoil and and paying from the decibel level one and they see that you have something that helped you when you went through a similar trial do you think that they'll be interested in hearing about that is not they went one way and so they'll say yes please share that me some habitats that deal with the spell needs asked questions on to find out what hinders them right or what what there may be struggling with you you can ask simple questions like Houston we've been going well you know sometimes when asked by one confidence of the person I'll does openly ask them you'll is there anything you're struggling with this week is anything I can keep in prayer for you when you asked what is prayer for you that is typically an open way than to start here with you things that trouble them and when they do today is you the opportunity to share that while sex with them and and and so God wants you to use these wonderful promises to help you are to help them rather we promises and your study to help some of that meeting gives them confidence that God is the answer don't feel like if someone starts hearing a problem with you don't feel like you have to become a professional counselor Brian you're not qualified in most cases due to counsel people on in-depth things like that they say man going through a divorce and and you know here's a situation you think that I should divorce that person hour whatever you know don't attempt to answer the question to say no one I don't know what the answer is that God does not hear promise with you I want to assure you that I'm not great with you and if there's a pastor or someone that they really have a crisis I would encourage you to guide them to that pastor right someone that they can talk with so don't feel like you have every answer and then share with them a similar experience you've had and how God has helped you through that experience right let's say they start here you about their divorce you and you went through a divorce yourself or maybe your parents went through a divorce or someone close to you you can share with them that experience and it rightly helps people and you can so you know I claim this Bible prompts when I when I was going through this and I found that God 's promises work right and is economic boost confidence and a person for God and God for that person has no it will only as so don't be afraid to share experiences but on the other hand don't use your experience as a as animal has an outlet like for your problems in your Bibles to contact right and some people I I know they've done a hearing before you know it and since the person receiving the Bible study to find counsel the person that is getting your amine as all know don't just get on your your hobbyhorse or no pour yourself off that person but share the experience year be sure to dwell on how God helped to gain the victory and that right and emphasize that person over and over again that God is the answer right God is the answer I don't know how to work it out for you but I know that he will and even though your circumstances sometimes may not change around the outside we can have peace on the inside and then God will give us peace and the insights of Bielefeld needs secondly including personal testimonies on user short story about how God has worked in your life on how he's answered prayer you know I told you earlier this year I had cancer I will I was almost dead on I was in the hospital for over forty days and earlier in March and so when I share something with people guess what I share with them I share how God answered the prayer thousands of people were praying for me all across the world and God miraculously healed me I be there wasn't a bright light or anything but the hinges healed me and I am cancer free now I have no cancer at all so when I hear that my Sierra wireless and someone guess what I story is that I can use a Fisher held on shield me but also when I was suffering how he was given me peace even though I had peace even though I didn't want to live right and so everybody has some type of story that they can use about what God has done for them at some point in her life right or share a story about someone also use personal testimonies in your Bible studies this helps keep the Bible study interesting right remember we don't want to go read the question book of the facts really question the want to tell stories that are relevant to understanding as you go along in your study the following okay this will greatly enhance your vinyl siding RISC have a goal when you go into a Bible study happened specifically what you want to a caucus don't just go in and say I have this list this whole mess of stuff in a macabre with them all the states note they are and say I want them to understand what happens when a person dies I want to understand that Jesus is the source of all comfort when when when someone close to us dies I want them to understand that there is hope beyond the grave right to make a list of goals that you want to accomplish with that person in your Bible study and have those goals in mind you may not get to all of them in that time that's okay you can pick up where he left off but but be sure the more organized you are the more structured you are the easier it's going to be to move to that Bible study and end the less easy it will be to get off the subject it's very easy to do that is not is a wheat we go in there with good intentions were starting to study and before you know it were talking for forty five minutes about something that is completely not important right so having a goal in mind keeps you on track right of don't get so distracted by too much as a patient you never have had time for the study all I had this guy one time and in man and I got to the point where it's like and I don't I don't typically tell people this but it's like I didn't want the guy to talk to anyone given the opportunity because of idea and the opportunity he would talk the next twenty minutes and it's like you know typically you can cut people all know first second and say let's go on to number six right but this guy it was like I don't know how the dreams because he never stopped talking was his will flow twenty minutes I couldn't even have embraced as I got my wife really want is that hot anymore right and so you got to be careful that you don't you don't do that what I do is I look for little cracks in the middle of conversational state that's very interesting let's keep going I study was giggling on right why try to take control the subject I'll say no that's great I'll make like a one sentence comment and then I'll move on right and so he can in most people don't even pay attention a lot of people just talk just be talking behind me and if you cut them off they're not as not to hurt their feelings right you just keep on going they don't know the difference okay they just talk anytime you have an opportunity to get out of a chair for these people right be careful and don't yet too distracted all right you will use also illustrations and your vinyl siding on as anyone not know what an illustration is set up a meeting no illustrations on the view are alive out there I live present stimuli strafing for the person next to the life right okay all right so you want to use illustrations this can be a story of how long an amazing fact a personal testimony it can be anything that you use to help a person understand a particular point that makes sense like for instance an illustration to say which day is or or the seventh day is the Sabbath right and I say will someone will say over what is what about anything I could choose any seven day write a discount on the calendar of seven days and take a sample why does it have to be specifically Saturday then I would use the illustration of when I got married right and there was my wife and six bridesmaids and I told my wife pay on the middle all was one of the seven girls they could be you I could be your gourmet tomorrow I met as long as I go home with one of these seven and not one of those seven over there all right set your yesterday is not true is I have to go home with who how many ladies and be happy in your your husband went home with one of your bridesmaids not all right so is that it makes sense to the following that's an illustration it helps a person understand the point that you're trying to make okay so I typically spend a lot more time on this but on them have to roll over it frequently I have a whole couple pages on illustrations in your handout you can read that I have a whole list of websites that you can go to make illustrations I have all that information for you have a list of characteristics you were looking for illustrations and whatnot right major crisis and others can review this section right on to find the lesson of the three or four sections now this is what you want to be when you take that study deal those were the things were asked to a number how to do it you want to take the Bible study and you were reading the Bible study your self gay now let me ask you this when you listen to a sermon hungry and you are able to remember every single thing you heard in that sermon we see her hands nobody right will you go to a meeting one of us right we have photographic memory but most of us don't remember everything the preacher said right but there may be some point some ideas some thought maybe it's a sentence maybe it's a few sentences and when he says that sentencing just like just like Joel to write news like you don't talk about this is some type of hard truth in his home and do you forget that you you know you don't forget that through the right it was personal it was practical it was powerful anything you like to come in recipe with me and he may do that three or four times and you walk on a sermon you say who man the right someone he said Manny Jennifer that sermon I may say what the preacher say man I don't remember my bullet was in the right and so the Muslims don't remember the whole sermon but you can walk you can say there was three or four things he said that just stuck with me you don't talk about when a creature does that that's what you want to do in your Bible studies and many sermon you want to draw out the top three or four main ideas from that study and you want to say I want to emphasize these three or four points to that person during my study that way when I leave if they remember anything at all there can remember these things that make sense the following format okay source use the example of the Sabbath RI all were sung what are some main thoughts about the Sabbath that we would understand something out of the air then we would really really want to emphasize to a person okay what's to say that the seventh day Sabbath right which days after Sabbath rightly then you know that that's a main thought that I would emphasize of the whole sermon was another idea it was given out of love right it's a love gift to you humanity right and God wants to spend that time with us right it's a it's a relationship issue okay so we want them to know what day the correct Sabbath is want them to know that it's a love relationship it's a it's a it's a gift from God what's one more thought and were just words example here yes okay probably in Mesa write at the son of God because it's not a big enough fight it's a good idea but it's not big enough idea to make a Windows May ninetieth what's one more thing what okay still relevant today right God wants us to see the Sabbath when today Ryan so remains when the Sabbath is the Sabbath is a negative relationship between me and Christ understand this still relevant today and God wants to keep if you see how those three main ideas they're very broad right and within those things within selling them with spaces that I'm in a say the Lord sanctify a seven day I must say that within that category right within Minnesota title that some idea but I want those three or four main ideas so that way when I believe that study that persons got those ideas in their head that makes sense right so I take that study I read through it and I say one of the top three or four main ideas that I want to draw out the best study and I want to emphasize that person as I study with them okay so what I do is I call these amenities I called them main point some of you freaks a sermon before is the same principle as preaching a sermon three or four main points three or four main ideas that cover the broadness of the subject for study okay secondly including two personal testimonies in the study somewhere within the Bible study wherever you sense that they fit you need to include to personal customers so let's use the example the Sabbath let's say wet talks about the own not buying or selling on the staff writer not working on the Sabbath the better not working on the Sabbath what type of personal testimony might you tell if you have one maybe you are faced with a café and had to give up a job right maybe you feel her face when I went to crisis where you are Bible says don't work on the Sabbath but you have a job where he had worked every Saturday you had to decide and you decided to be faithful to God and God blessed you need to the office and maybe lost her job but think I gave you a better job right or or whatever the services we shall tell a person 's testimony about something that God did for you this related to that subject is in a sense you will have at least two of those in your Bible study somewhere because it's one thing to tell system would remain road is one thing to tell Road Road and God will bless you he will honor you if you keep his staff Ryan is true is applied her life as it really real to her but if I say Rhoda God will bless you and I reviewed you to set let me tell you a story about what happened to me one time boom boom boom boom boom then the promises from black ink on paper to real relevance in her life is in a sense really sees God promises apply in a real-life situation the following that's what a personal testimony will do that's why it's powerful so everybody does this testimony does not have to be some three-page story it can be a simple Bible truth like for instance it can be as simple by God gave me so much peace right the first time you read this that I lost that love one I read this Bible texts and by gave me peace is a testimony is is or can be a story can be short or can we longer a so include at least two of those in your Bible study now how many main ideas I remember now three or four depending on your signal less than three no more than four and with each of those made I be using those main points into that point that you really want to emphasize you need to have some type of illustration that helps them understand that point God wants your Sabbath is as is something that God wants us to do is a relationship with you and I talk about maybe my wife and I do relationship we had right if I missed her our anniversary which is by the way Saturday night we married for five years is a man to congratulate me afterwards right given by our anniversary gift later I so so I would use that I was and what happened I miss my wife's anniversary right okay site and the main point is that God wants that relationship with us what would I do the relationship of me my wife it would damage it when right and so I want to emphasize in that in the illustration the concept help them understand the main point that I'm trying to get across to them don't use more than ten to twelve Bible text friends I'm telling you you don't have to know them down you don't happen in them to the wall if they need more tests to understand they will ask you or you can ask then is it clear to you was it clear from the Bible if they say I don't quite understand then what you use more tax if you go in there using that the tax on telling a economy in trouble their tournament will prophesy before the human study that day and you know is that I will study then at the end this is vitally vitally important at the very end of your of your Bible study you want to do a summary know what you think you can summarize not everything but what the main points right because what this does is what even do it ovarian of your Bible sit here to ask them for a bit and decision in any given appeal and asked them for a decision and so before you begin that appeal before you you are all that is in question what do you want to be fresh in their minds you want those points to be fresh in her mind so what I tell them as I say let's review this again just before we close here number one we learned today that the seventh day is the Sabbath and that is the seventh day of the week is Saturday and secondly that God loves us so much he wants to spend time was he wants us to keep and honor the Sabbath and thoroughly resolved that the Sabbath is relevant to our lives today I now do you see those things from the Bible when they clearly yes then you can say have you considered keeping the Sabbath cabinet thought more about appeals tomorrow and you can ask that person would you like to follow Jesus by keeping his cell and they sat right to what that does this summary that review and help set up your opportunity to ask that person for decision you always want to ask a decision in every Bible study so let's say you're starting your first Bible study how to you have to ask them to light falling on the ground except Jesus as their Savior and a model study know if you study the first pilot study let's say can we trust the Bible that's the study we study with them right and we at the end we asked them a simple question do you want to see what God 's plan is for your life or based upon what was said that you think we can have confidence in the Bible and they say what yes so what will by making little decisions what is I help in the later number of make big decisions to see how that works if they continue get them in the habit of saying yes to little things then when it comes to things they will be able to do that they will make those decisions much more easily the following are okay always always always make an appeal and ask a decision so that's how you would do a job a series of a Bible study guides he said what does things the personal testimonies you draw the main ideas you add stories and illustrations and at the end you give a summary and asked for decision is it's very very easy most of the Bible study is Artie therefore you users simply need to add those few elements I think they can do it are you sure aren't you guys can do it it's very very easy all right secondly now you are and ask all I will now give you an assignment I would say next week I would give you a Bible study guide notes say next week I want to have all those things done in a Bible study and I would help you do it many vessel practices so if you want to have more what you need to come income after I simmered to writing doctrinal or not the Bible studies you know sometimes you need to need to give a study that is en route that is on doctrinal non- talk about sometimes someone is struggling with photography or they want to know how to stop smoking or the women know how to how to have more faith or are they had an anger problem right and if you study the Sabbath with someone and in the real need is how to stop being addicted to the ethnography is that Sabbath study can help soften help the medicine you need we need to know how to live right Bible studies that will apply to people specifically we need to have both five studies absolutely right but I may be in the middle of my Bible study series and I may say you know what I have to tell you I have this addiction I have this problem is our right to stop your series for a week or two and study with them how to have victory over that is very probably you better do that right that really that because of you keep no one on your your composting nothing that person until they see are they still experience victory in their life so hard why do this time I write on this is on page forty two forty two in your study guide on number one priority what to provide finance that goes without saying right we always have to pray pray pray for God 's guidance number two begin with text that your arty familiar with let's say you must pick a subject like anger was the same anger someone has a temper problem they realize anything of any victory is so let's say you know what half a dozen text of the talk about anger what what are some that talk about anger maria soft answer turns away wrath but to write another main reason also start with the text that you already know okay right of the text now turns out right the text out and so that way you have all front of you gay you may know three tax you may know twenty thanks you may know all the text in the libelants are vital no right down the ones that you know and start there are I three console other resources for text and ideas there are books lot of books like the Bible promise book there is honey gives single by Mark Finley studying together and has a whole series of Bible studies on not on non- practical subjects are the anger faith prayer all these different things on to some of those a look at some of those books I encourage you not to just copy their their settings and the reason I encourage you not to do that is because it's hard to track someone else's thoughts right if you're first starting to do your own studies it's okay but the more experience you get the more you got to want it to start doing your own to make sense of that way it's easier for you to think in those studies window your own thoughts rather than someone else's thoughts it works okay for a while but eventually want to break out on that mold so contact these others sources and look up these facts and see what other people have to say what text they use and you may be able was there I argument in this avoiding coffee number five years of Bible software concordances search for other tasks open that the court is that big bad book on your bookshelf but you had for five years and you didn't know what to do with it as collected once Dustin you know were so assigning only get one because like a big book we think it's cool but usually put it on the shelf and don't do anything whether I know I'm talking now I know a lot of you are grinning right now you don't talk about so pull out that concordance and let's say were studying anger look up the word anger and look at all the steps I'm not saying that you have to read every single taxes or maybe two hundred references right was scanned down the importance and pick out some key texts on anger lookup associated words what's an associated word with anger in the Bible wrath what else angry anger looked up all different words if you looking salvation what would you look up salvation say saves redeem whatever right to look up associated words and collect a database of Bible texts okay so you may have at the end of your research you may have a hundred Bible text okay and you know what those XA right now now you're ready for your Bible study write him a hundred fax Ryan ready for that spiritual machine gun right was locked and loaded what I needed to I need to narrow down the open down right if I have a hundred texts or whatever I want to narrow it down to a certain number what's that number was a Saturday or nine miles remember I said ten to twelve I will take some outcome back to that minute is you need an introduction text I need a closing text right in with the nine of the top text now this may require a little bit of study J him to spend twenty hours on the study that you have spent an hour to take researching this text and saying what architects that speak the loudest on this issue right one of the text that will really bring a point home and there may be in Texas says Paul was angry at Barnabas right is that is that it lets you use no but it was Texas says a soft answer turns away wrath is edited text views so you will lose necessary water powerful text that really stand out right and narrow it down to the top nine that may take a limited time but you'll be able to do it okay all right and if you really want to see if you really don't have time just go straight to the studying together right and I look at some of those but I encourage you to do it on your own so you will be ready you'll be ready you understand the text better read the text for the literal sense first okay this rate it was the text say then secondly you want to read it again and look for the one spiritual meaning what's the spiritual application okay on another words what's the spiritual context what's this text same to me how to supply to me spiritually I so for instance I may read a story in the Bible about somebody that was angry that I want to reread it for the spiritual meaning of the words what is that text how does that affect supply in my life what is the spiritual lesson in this facts are you with me okay certainly does this place applied to the situation in dealing with what this particular person okay let's say the man gets angry and screens that his wife all the time round is a text that says a soft answer turns away wrath does that apply to him not particularly because one is the one that's yelling right know what that testifies that he was is why will that it find her whenever I is I have to determine business tax apply to the person in a study one doesn't apply to their particular situation gang are doing so far I'm here with me I'm your lost my good guys need is a good Bible students are number four will this tax fee the person 's heart now it may not always what you need to have some facts at least probably happen and this is who we don't have all tanks that are pushing that he and don't have all texts are just facts okay you need to make sure that you have a good plan all right once I have these nine fax and I have them on my seat and nail them down so this is taken similar I nailed him down then I want to bring out the main idea from each text okay what is each text saying a soft answer turns away wrath what is the texting was the main idea if you got one sentence what's the main idea but when someone responds to you in anger what should you do it should not get angry back right needed maintain what patient's right and the call in someone else's anger with you or with okay so what is the main idea of the text go through each of your contacts and pull out the main idea for each text okay that's good to be your commentary when you read the text then you been unable to comment on it based upon the main thought that you brought out from each text right okay all right what is this text say to me about my relations without these are some ways that I can pull out the main text some questions I can ask a soft answer turns away wrath so I read that taxman I say what is this text say to me about my relationship with God the question asked the question asked isn't it is there an example for me to follow is there an example RSS as you may saw answer right three is there is a sin to confess for or when this tax or additional is various around saw and turns away wrath depends on what I'm done writing avoid these things okay so we need to ask these types of questions is there and you need for me to perform itself what is it saw answers right okay is there a lesson to apply and some of these are a little bit on similar is there a practical application so will the tax and ask these various questions about the text and you're done come up with with all kinds of ideas I probably got been doing all right okay is very easy to do that many times that the word is right they are so powerful and so loaded we just need to learn the right way to pull that power our right and these types of questions will do that so go through each of those nine tax pullout the main idea from each tax and then I want to do the same thing again but I did in my previous studying what was it come up with what three or four main ideas that speak louder than any other from this set of nine Bible texts okay with me right so once I've done that I develop my three or four main ideas all right then developed the three main ideas on these are called main points are very talked about that and it should be a simple rascal statements of truth okay something is going to hit hard home and so for instance on when someone deals with anger and they say you know I just can't forgive that person I get so angry at them when they walked in the room what's the main idea that I can use this can account for that thought simply this have you as a person ever done anything to you that's worse than what you have written on the price right is that it is edited file that's a powerful statement is not to forget right so that's the main idea and want to use in my Bible study on be sure that this this comes from the tax and it's not your own your own idea write notes make something up to make sure that these ideas come from the Bible texts okay for each main point you want to have how many text to Bible texts and then you want to have one in reserve so I have three main points are many taxes that that's six but then I have one reserve reaches only how many night right so that's my nine Bible texts that make sense so I have three main points I have three tax-free 's main point I have to that I plan to share that person and then I have one in reserve he went okay very versatile so what I'm doing is on starting with a whole mess of my websites with a bunch of different thoughts it is just like writing or anything else I'm funneling it down to bring into a refined point that I can then share with someone else in a brief amount of time are you with me okay so that's all I'm doing is I'm funneling it now I developed some thoughts on this is Kyle like God no the main idea of the main idea of the text it is going to give a brief commentary on each text and you can use the questions that are under number seven asked questions zero Bible studies you share with them now this is this is a powerful principle if I'm just reading the text of a it's not doing a whole lot of good okay I need to ask them questions so I can know how God is speaking to them right as if I don't know how that's speaking to them and I keep talking what am I never do under following below whatever opportunity I have that to let God speak to that person in a special way right so I know how is God speaking to them through what were studying so that I know how to hold my study and draw them closer to the Lord right okay so assassin questions these are the questions I would ask for my Bible study as I go through the study number one what does this text save you many great tests and that a great job questions alas what might be their response is in any case what might be the response I don't get it nothing right then will I know Manheim and I need to explain the tax than would the more I what they say you know what I since gone climbing to keep the Sabbath because of the steps what would I know then is God speaking to their heart yes what if they say what we rated taxes says don't do anything harmful to your body snow our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit and we say words that say to you and they say we know why smoking is damaging to my body I sensed that God may be calling me to give up smoking one oh I know but convicting them right so it tells me a lot of things based upon what they say it tells me a lot other questions you can ask what you think God wants us to know from this tax on and I'm what that tells me is not so much what is says to them but what they think God is thinking that makes sense is that important to know yes these see how the example of whatever it is applies to your life analysts say I'm I'm reading a story from the Bible were studying a passage and I said you see how this example of this person applies to your life is that important it's important isn't it D what changes do you sense God call you to make your life because of this that the question was that tell you how that's speaking them write what God is specifically asking them to do Meme say nothing then amazing God 's calling and you said you wanted whenever I was following through with this bring us closer to Christ right that held me to know whether they believe that this tax is just a fact work is really Christ calling them to do this right on Highway is following through this bring us closer to Christ and I want to know if it's really try speaking to the car repair just listening to me told Interfax and the final question is if God wants us to do this do you think that he can give us what we need to do it in very good into smoking and they are convicted that they need to stop does that necessarily mean that they'll stop rental agreement as what it means is they need the power and if they don't realize that they don't understand that and I think given the power is unlikely that the plaintiffs are not probably not that they know and they believe that God can give them the power willing committee reports absolutely right absolutely so I need to know what they believe and then I can share them the right tax that God can can give them that victory right we would meet there with the immigrants are we sure not only will the requirements of God Ross a while you need to keep Sabbath you need to not work you need to set some to be off on the Sabbath don't virus on the Sabbath don't wear jewelry don't eat pork Dan Ryan noting this Peggy ours are these damaging to people don't do this don't do that but instead what we need to say spend time with common sense of pride it's a joy to privilege focus on God 's promises not so much on the requirements hi we sure use personal testimonies etc. are you mention this be sure that you don't conflict with what the rest the Bible says the best way to do that is to start with your hundred text and dwindling down because of you start with a hundred tax and you bring them down to nine are you can have a theme of what the Bible says if you start with one and go to could you conflict with what the rest of Bible says that make sense start with a hundred and whittle down don't start whining a lot because you'll you'll eventually start teaching error that the safest way to see what the whole Bible says he is an expert intro and appeal you can use a Bible story amazing factor whatever the appeal text should be more than information it should be something that pulls there hard to follow Jesus was a great sex for that John fourteen fifteen if you love me keep my amendment 's right is acceptable or hard to follow him if any man followed me once about me let him take up his cross and following a rise in attacks that pulls people 's heart Jesus is in a good appeal text it's a good appeal taxes and RI and then lastly given appeal the end helps a person C will die once and ask them when you're starting the Sabbath don't say you want to give your heart to Jesus is why you are a asinine question to step four studies ago if I'm starting the Sabbath what's I asked him to do to decide if I map of doing a study on baptism what's and asked them to do be baptized right don't just try to get away with these little you are not deleting your life second Bible study when you're asking them we are studying within the true church is asked to join the church right will keep you from making a decision so ask that the decision question that route the study rather than just a generic one I wasn't deciding look-alike when you finish with it now that I come in jumble your brain a little bit this is the outline of the study units in your book as well page forty two introduction one Bible text the body of your study you have your three main points made one two and three and a common tax-free Tuan two and then one in reserve right and then for each main point I should have a illustration somewhere in my Bible study I soon have one personal testimonies I should have an appeal and a hello a summary and a decision okay so I have my introduction water quantity text my appeal wanted to text my body with the three main points a person to see how it all comes together and when you present that it'll be powerful in the spirit villain of the interesting and you'll see people 's lives transformed our right to take three more minutes okay the last one is the five W 's and the age I called to find you when you're in school you had to write a paper on which he had answer the five W 's who what when where how online right and I've never done that before you can do that in a Bible study could you know that it's very very simple take me three minutes to explain it to you pick a subject ask the Holy Spirit to lead you think the subject in the Bible and answer these five questions right let's choose the subject of faith okay I can do this in six easy questions on and this is what my study will look like who needs what they highlight answer that I look up the Bible who needs faith everyone needs faith right everyone in space according to the Bible secondly what is faith right I find them I will text that describes what rate is right thirdly when does God give us faith and when we need faith the mouse right I research my research all my text on faith I find text to answer these questions on being where do we discover they write where to restore faith why his face so important to us why is it vital to the Christian life right and then lastly how do we increase our faith how do we share our faith how was faith relevant to us today now you can you can change these questions around are all listed in your notes you can change his questions around and you can build viable site just by answering the five W 's and the eighth right and all you do is research the text look them up and it's that simple right ages go down your questions with that person you can do that with any Bible subject the sadness who created the status what is the sound was significance of the half my life when is the Sabbath where do we know where we find God in the Sabbath or or or where should we be on the Sabbath right on why is this so important why is it relevant to us how we keep the Sabbath right you can use that for anything is powerful isn't it the five W 's in the age all it takes is a little bit of research and a little bit of organization and you can give a Bible study for anybody amen I know this session was a look at Intel's many stories and whatnot but I had to get all that information in and Eiffel is helpful some of you who see her handwheel so I now let me see your hands if you plan to use it right this is my assignment for you all tonight when you get home from the seminar to a subject and answer the five W 's they are I do that right now and do it tonight before you lose it and forget and do it tonight and you may not finish the whole thing but work on it and keep working on it and before you know it within a couple hours earlier or however long it takes you may think you commenced you can have an effect the Bible states share with someone else and and so you guys can do it remember you do you are you still have what it takes for Jesus to use you to give a Bible study because God doesn't need perfect talent and skill he needs you amen you really believe that if you really believe that you know I usually recommend thank you so much as been enjoyed a happy tomorrow morning my friend Kevin I don't think he's in here now my friend Kevin 's hemisphere how do we answer hard object in our Bible studies or in Bible studies how we answer those difficult objections and questions and then our second session will be Kevin Annie and I will be here together will have a panel of Q&A panel and you guys can ask questions about what's important to you about circumstances you've dealt with in Bible studies or whatever and will be happy to answer any questions that we can okay was closed for what we do stand together as we close with a word of prayer because of the great wish you had more time to spend with you guys and so maybe you can come to ask over and over even when especially when one of the other on mission schools I encourage you to think about it pray about it like that leaves you recommend was pretty notified in heaven today was so thankful for the principles you give us to have simple Bible studies and Laura know for some people today this may seem overwhelming but when we sit down when we apply it it's very very easy and I pray that you would use each person here to begin writing their own studies to go home follow the instructions that they have in their book step-by-step visual leave them to develop wonderful tools wonderful studies that they can use and you can use through them to change people 's lives for eternity what a joy it will be to be in heaven with these folks and as we see how it impacted their lives when we were here on this Earth and that we will rejoice for ever as we spend time with them and with you throughout all eternity uses Florida in a mighty way helpless arise the challenge and to step up to the plate and be willing to be used by the inventors or prayer in our desire in Jesus name amen this was the use of audio persons working twice generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about CYC please visit www. she was well done or if you'd like to listen to more free online service please visit www. done on U-verse got more


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