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Spoiling Your Spiritual Appetite

Andy Im


Andy Im

Associate Director for the Dept of Public Campus Ministries in the Michigan Conference. Director of the Institute of Adventist Apologetics for C.A.M.P.U.S. 


  • August 3, 2019
    1:45 PM
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The Father we thank you so much once again. We pray for your Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us and direct us this evening May the words that are spoken tonight not be my own words but may they be a reflection of your thoughts and your or your truth in expression of your love Thank you Lord and we asked this in the name of Jesus a man. Can you tell that I like food. You know. The Bible says taste and see that the Lord is good how many of you how many men in here like to cook. How many of the husbands or the males up here like to actually cook and make delicious food show of hands he says I see a couple of hands how many of you down and maybe that's well sure you enjoy cooking and it's a really fun experience how many of you have a signature dish you know your go to dish that you when you're Would you have visitors coming at this go to dish that you prepare that you know because it's been proven and tested that that when they come on they're just going to eat that food and you're going to enjoy that meal together and lot of times when you make food it's like your honor is that steak right your pride of your your cuisine and the secret recipe that you haven't really if you were just looking up on You Tube And and you know kind of putting that big together and then after a while to trial and error you get a little bit better that Dish gets a little better and that kind of thing I can imagine. That meant that Martha had a signature dish and she had gone out she invited gaunt Jesus Christ into her home we find the story in Luke Chapter 10 versus 38 through 42 and verse 38 read that a woman named Martha welcomed Jesus into whose home was hers so she had the ownership the pressure was on her and so here she has I'm sure she had a couple of signature dishes she wanted to everything to be just perfect My wife knows that when I'm inviting when we're inviting guests and that kind of thing don't mess with me in the kitchen you know as as Pastor jested was mentioning you know we can only focus on one thing at a time and so it's whether the that to be we're frying or whatever we can't have any other external factors to distract us or to. Fuse us right there so I can imagine Martha having several dishes she was preparing welcomed into her house verse 39 and she had a sister called Mary who sat at the Lord's feet and listen to its teachings so there she is Mary sitting down listening to the words of Jesus sitting at his feet and I can imagine more thought you know she is frying things up she's getting things ready and she's like hey hey Mary like it's game time right now it's game time and I need a little help right now you know and she goes back you know he should want to burn things and she's giving her that I you know. Mom you're right and so here's the pressure is on and after some going back and forth and after the evil eye and all these kind of things she said the 1st 40 by Martha was distracted here she is distracted with much serving the Bible says and she went up to him and said so she reached this boiling point where she could take it no more and she goes to God himself to Jesus and says Lord those famous words don't you care like I'm doing all this work and I'm doing it for you but it was really about herself right at a certain level because humanly speaking that's what happens right when the pressure is on don't you care that my sister has left me to serve all by myself. And then not only does she make the subtle passive accusation against the character of God But now she's dictating to God what to do how you come and her you tell her tell her how mean. And of course Jesus in much patience says but the Lord answered her Martha Martha you are anxious and troubled about many things there are legitimate I understand. Seeing is necessary one thing is necessary Mary has chosen the good portion which will not be taken away from her. The Jesus said states here very explicitly that one thing is necessary in our lives on a day to day level and that is to sit at the feet of Jesus and to hear his words you know the piano lessons are very important there are crucial right the piano lessons the soccer games that's what where you know we call it soccer moms because they're rushing here and there because you don't want your kids to miss out on all the growth and all the things that all the other kids are learning but in this context don't forget that Jesus is stating very explicitly One thing is necessary and that's what Mary was doing right here to sit at the feet of Jesus and to hear his word you know family worship. It's so important I understand we're busy Laura and I both work. We have full time jobs and it's sometimes very challenging to squeeze in worship but how important it is to sit at the feet of Jesus with our children to listen to the words of God Amen and I want to appeal to all the parents in the if you're not doing worship it again it's not a checklist and stuff just something we do to appease God but don't you and I want to raise our children and have them fall in love with our Lord and Savior there is nothing more important than that one thing is necessary has chosen that good portion which will not be taken away from her you look at the story of blame blind Bartimaeus blind Bartimaeus sat by the road begging and when he heard that it was Jesus he began to cry out Jesus have mercy on me then many warm tend to be quiet but he cried out What does a say here all the more he cried Even her and then G. The said to him Go your way your faith has made you well when challenges arise when when things are impeding our progress in having that time to spend as a family with with Jesus in our in devotion in studying the Bible together with our children and when these impediments come. I hope that that is our cry we cry out all the more and say Lord one thing is necessary I do not want that to be taken from me and to commit to God that as a family we're going to spend that time and it's great to come to church once a week to worship together but how much even better it is to spend that time with our families before Jesus every day the question before I go there one of the things my daughter used to do this is our youngest This is Charisse she's 2 now but this is when she had her big fat chubby cheeks a lot of that is actually been reduced but one of the things that she used to cry out like all the time she doesn't do it anymore and I don't I hopefully we have to videos that have captured it but one of the things that she used to do is this is when we would feed her something that she liked and she would eat at and then she would just start going mall you know she could barely talk at the time when she was like one but she'd be like malls. And you know kids can't pronounce are that well so was this like more and she would start yelling at the top of her lungs. You know until we were just like OK you know and and we'd stuff for mouth with with the food and and the appeal is it's our hearts and is our minds crying out to God more we want more of you in our lives. Why don't we want it more. Well why is it that we don't wake up and the 1st thought is man I can't wait to spend time with God who spent time with Jesus and we studied on the 1st night some of the things that and impede that desire were born with natures that human nature where it's not in made it's not inherent that we we desire spiritual things so God even has to intercede in and change our desires and and help us in empower us to even desire and want spiritual things that God of course helps us with some of these things we we find in we read Romans Chapter 7 I know that in me this is Paul reflecting in my flesh there is nothing good there's no natural be the Highers I might even have the the will or the desire the intentions the dirt the determination the desire to to want to follow God It may be present with be but how to perform it but doing it is another thing entirely we have these he saw Ayers and yet it's so often very challenging Why don't we cry out more more of God. I want to share a principle. That we find in a number of chapter 11 verses one through 6 and we read here in chapter 4 verse 4 The children of Israel also wept again and said Who shall give us flesh to eat we remember the fish which we did eat in Egypt freely the Q Cumbers the melons and the leaks and the onions and the garlic Wow. But now our soul is dried away there is nothing at all except for this manna before our eyes how many of you have. Have eaten it doesn't matter how sweet or how good Maine goes how many of you love mango I'm not going to use the example of durian because most of you don't like durian and I accept that but most of us like mango most of us like a sweet crunchy grape that just bursts into your mouth with all that that flavor but it doesn't matter how good that fruit is if you were to get a big chocolate bar and I like the omens in it as well right and if you were to eat a bunch of chocolate just prior to eat eating that mango would that men go taste as good it would not because the chocolate is so sweet so let's just say this the level of chocolate sweetness is like way up here and in comparison Mengele sweet but it's down here and so even that chopped liver when you eat that chocolate that sweet chocolate you knew the capacity. To taste the essence of that name go the way that it is meant to be another way to say it is you get your appetite gets spoiled for lunch today when we were I got all this food for our 2 daughters and I piled it on there and like 11 father was I think it was Jacob people saying Man you're such a good father and this is like well you know this duty calls you know it's more like we just got to do this and so you had the food there and of course your my daughters came and they didn't eat like maybe but a bite and even that bite I had to like force them to eat it like if you eat this I'll give you ice cream. And so like they took maybe like a bite or 2 because their appetite was spoiled like one of the things then by the way I'm not judging anyone there were eating snacks in there they're B.B.'s in a set or such so by the time they came to the meal their appetite was already turned and they could they didn't want to eat the food and spiritually speaking that can also happen when Jesus said Taste the Lord and say. That he is good oftentimes there are things in our life there is chocolate if you will in your life that when we ingest Somebody things when it's time to spend time with the Lord it's more like. Actually I like kale how many of you like kale you know you develop that appreciation kills actually pretty good if you season it right it's pretty good but but there's things that are healthy that are that that pays very good but it depends on what you eat prior and if you look at the experience of the ancient Israelites all that fish that they were eating and by the way is that all bad no stab at all they were eating garlic garlics ave to believe in garlic right it could kill everything like even cancer and you know charcoal hey if you have kids take some charcoal by the way I'm being facetious because that's not going to work but where you often hear these things that anything even good things and yet when it when God rained down manna from talking about food that came down from heaven itself and it didn't taste good to them. Isn't that a powerful thing. Because they remembered what they had before. You think about drugs and people who do drugs it you go to such a heightened level of emotion and it's. Even joy and it's it's superficial it's imposed on you through chemicals and so forth and when you come down when you come down to normality right you feel and penis right when you're coming down just because you've been here and now what is normal is feels like depression you feel really really down and so you also see this this concept when it comes to other areas. Great controversy page 488 fated invents a number of schemes to occupy our minds he knows that with him everything depends on his diverting minds from Jesus and the truth so just think about what are some of these a number of schemes and diversions that are in our world. And because we're so low in the dated with the things that one has time to actually sit down and spend time with G. that the suit has its feet in here it's work it's like that manna hey we'd rather have that food in Egypt that what even Jesus is offering. Powerful thought here and you think of all these things these a number of schemes you know one of the things that we do with our kids and I'm sure you do this well and even research scientific research is backing this up that you know kids bending time just in front of their their their phones the that kind of thing is not positive for their their mental and intellectual development and so we're Laura and I are very very sensitive and we we do our best to to limit. Time spent in in media and that kind of thing because we want their taste buds to be fresh that when it's time for family worship right we're not competing with with Disney world constantly or some other aspects of things that are being done it's very hard as parents I understand that you know driving here and we go on we draw do a lot of driving and working for the conference we have to drive to campus Sabol it's a 3 hour trip and you know your kids are on the back and it's so easy to just like stick something in front of their face and right and of course sometimes as a last resort you may have to do that I'm not saying that we're perfect or we know we live it we're living just such a tight life that our kids are deprived of all these things no but it's a challenge that we face as parents and and so so when it's time for worship we want our kids to be able to appreciate what Jesus actually really pace like by not feeling or inundating them them with so much of the things of this world the entertainment and that type of thing. If you read in Isaiah Chapter 53 Verse 12 very powerful concept that you find here we all know Isaiah 53 speaking of Jesus to whom has a lord been revealed for he grew up like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him he was despised and rejected by men and we esteemed him not of course Jesus came down as that man and of course he was rejected just as the ancient Israelites rejected the man us so when Jesus came down from heaven they also rejected the bread of life it is very fascinating here he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty in other words. Jesus came down as scale instead of chocolate that's the bottom line right he came down a scale so that the attraction to him the attraction to him was not superficial it was the appeal was not to draw something that was carnal and you're like Whoa he's super rich I want to follow him because of that no. They follow Jesus he wanted the draw to be the Holy Spirit to be something that is all about love and nothing artificial nothing that was near or mere sugar but something that was actually healthy. How many of you remember I know that there are in this audience you will remember this because you guys are older like me. Or old like me and that is you remember that show Airwolf with Stringfellow hock I do love that show I'm going to show back in the day it's like you know the Russians were coming and like they were about to attack or whatever and then when all else failed string fellow Hoch would go to that cave right and then he'd go into that helicopter and then of course he would be downed the Russians or whatever and I was you know a show back in the day and I remember that the little kid came on Sabbath evenings remember that like 89 o'clock every night and every Sabbath evening we were little kids we look forward to their wall with Stringfellow hock and you know how the story goes there's always a bit of momentum where things are getting bad and where that where you get into that climactic point and the Russians are about to win and of course they call string. What is then again. I was like name string that's a weird name the Stringfellow hock they would call St Paul Hawken I remember we were asked you the show for like 3040 minutes that it was getting to the point that climactic moment where there were real action was going to take place and right at that moment my lovely grandmother right here. Just went and just turned off the television. All right she turned off the television and then she said Time fairly. Right. I remember I remember to this day how feeding angry I was. I was so bad it was. My brother and I had 2 cousins Ray and Jenny some of you know them and here we were. With my grandma singing blessed assurance Jesus is my and I can tell you. That it was like the worst time of my life. The worst time of my life and I remember thinking I'm just going through lip sinking I-G. that as sure as you know and going through the motion. And and I say that story because if you think about it there is no way that we can compete the one thing I have often asked this question if there was a if there was how many of you watch you know those Chef competition shows on Food Network and so were there so many of them now right and if there was this contest between God and Satan and assuming fall in nature who do you think would win of course got to pry concoct something that is this super healthy that's just a baby that blows that steak away or whatever right but never the less if you think about a Satan has the advantage because he can make make food or a dish that coincides with your carnality where God would not make a dish that would coincide with one's carnality if you will and I'm kind of speaking by way of analogy but when I think about our children. And to develop in them to help develop to work together with God to partner up with God and to fill their minds with things that would cause them to appreciate spiritual things is a responsibility of every mother and father and it's not something that that pastors should be doing is something that we as simply as parents should be doing for our young ones because we want them to be saved in the kingdom of God to appreciate spiritual things and there's a lot of every wharf in this world there's a lot of string fellow Iraq right in our society today and I just I want to introduce a thought in your mind to really be intentional with your children I know some of your children are older and that kind of thing but to really be intentional about giving them the best opportunity to taste Jesus so that they can see that he is good for themselves and men. It's really an appeal to all of us to myself included and I have fallen prey to you know they wake up and I'm doing the work and it's like I need a hey just you 2 and one thing I always always typos kids Bible stories and there I have them go to little cartoons or whatever and you know weeks we do that and we want them to have some spiritual if we're going to do it have them watch and listen to some spiritual thing that by the way. There is a. Shawn Boone straws ministry they have Discovery mounted how many of us parents are aware of discovery mountain are our girls absolutely love discovery mounds it's like a Christian program and it's really good and so we often have our our kids listening to that before find out what programs are out there so your kids can be exposed to that which is good and holy so that they might taste and see that the Lord is good this is my youngest This is Charisse right here take a not too long ago and and to livea and think about your own children think about your own children and what the most important thing ultimately in our lives here is yes we want our kids to be to be doctors one of the shows that we watch on You Tube sometimes if I treat them to watching. Pimple Popper Have you ever seen Dr pimple popper. Actually there are some times where I can't even watch that because you know they squeeze some stuff in like it's amazing how much white stuff just comes out of there. And it's fascinating to to our children and so forth. To feed that and you know it's kind of like maybe a subtle way like living you know maybe maybe you should be a doctor right and there's there's nothing wrong with with having high aspirations for children. But we can do that but what's even more important they could gain the whole world but how sad it would be that they fail to cultivate an appreciation for tasting the Lord to see that he is good and want to close on that that moment because on that on that no that we more than anything else in my life I I think about my kids sometimes and the world that we live in the society that we live in it's it's very challenging world out there and as parents may we put Jesus 1st in our lives and to cultivate those desires in our young ones so that together when Jesus comes in the clouds of glory we can as a family go together and meet the Lord in the air is that your your prayer and your desire and I know that's why you bring your kid children to can be I know every single parent that I've talked to in all my cousins and all the friends if I won't be like here again and again is I'm here. For my children and I know that that's already in your heart and mind but we can even we can even go next level and say Lord. I'll do whatever it takes and I just pray for my kids and your kids and I'm sure you're praying for yours and I know you are the Lord save us into a key to Bible E.G. This is coming very soon Amen you see the things going on in this world this is kooky stuff going on I don't know if you read the news that there's crazy things going on in not just in this country but the world and nature and society in crazy diseases that grow your brain and it's just weird stuff and I believe that God is coming soon let us be ready to see him face to face by prayer and my desire let's go ahead and close with a word a prayer and invite the Holy Spirit at this time Heavenly Father we thank you so much for the love that you have for us and there's those things in our lives that that we struggle with as parents as individuals as professionals sometimes we just want to go into our our our man cave and the equivalent for the ladies and just just we like to be apathetic sometimes just to turn our brains often and and to be and just go through life in this fashion and that's sometimes a temptation and a life below we pray for a love for you ultimately that's the motivation the reason why we serve you. And Lord even going to heaven it's not really about the Pearly Gates or the streets of gold but ultimately it's being reunited with our Savior and on top of that our families our friends that we can live together and forever with you this is our prayer Lord and save us save us in spite of ourselves and help us where we are weak and make a strong we thank you Lord we asked in the name of Jesus. And then this media was brought to you by audio produced a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons The Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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