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Right Thinking: How to be Happy and Healthy in a World of Depression and Sickness - Part 1

Michael Lemon René Lemon


Often times, life becomes toilsome and burdensome. People are looking for ways to feel better... are you one of them? Fiind out how you can improve your life in this though provoking seminar.


  • August 16, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Father in heaven I pray Lord that you will. Speak to us from your heart Lord we are looking for what you want us to have and that is happiness and joy in this world that seems to be pervy did with sickness and depression and addiction. And Lord you are the answer to that that has always been your desire for your children I pray Lord that you will Pless Renee and I as we talk and each one of us who is here that as we participate that we will learn and grow closer to you and that we will experience what your desire is for each one of us this morning and as we grow from this point forward that we will hold on to you and grow to the extent that you want us to grow that is eternally this is not a short journey this is an eternal one and you will be with us every step of the way we thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Our whole series is for talks there we're going to have they will build on each other and you will see that it is extremely practical and we are basing it on this one sentence which I mentioned this morning from ministry of healing and it is. So here it is the only security for any soul is right thinking at that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he OK so the word is is the same as an equal sign I was an English teacher for many many years and so that I would tell my students if you're a mouth brain think of an equal sign so if I have 2 plus 2 what I have equals for there you go OK So here we have that the only security. Right the only security for any soul equals but. Right thinking there you go as a man thinketh in his heart so equals is he so you are what you what what you think there you go. For him when did. And when they were done and. From. Day one when done he looked so based on a book that I read called every day deserves a chance I was inspired and we are going to go through the diary of a dog for one day a guy let's go through it what would it look like. And 8 o'clock in the morning oh boy a dog food my favorite at 9 30 am boy a car right my favorite. At 940000 my favorite 10 30 am Oh boy another car ride my favorite. And you may have been 380 boy or dog food my favorite 12 noon oh boy the kids my favorite. And one of the park then God Oh boy you must favorite at 4 pm Oh boy the kids again my favorite. And 5 pm Oh boy. But I think he read at 5 30 pm My favorite. Game Oh boy playing favorites 8 30 pm Oh boy sleeping in the master's bed my favorite. Now what would it look like it was a diary a cat. To you and me to be my hands and. My captors continued to talk me with bizarre little dangling objects. And additions well. You know I sustain myself by the hope of escape and the mild satisfaction I derive from for ruining a few. Pieces of furniture. From me and now that. I attempt to kill my captors the smarting by weavings through their walking feet nearly succeeded. Must try this strategy at the top of the stairs. Seeking to disguise and ripoff the phrase I once again in chief. And on a favorite kid must run as the big display my diabolical disposition ID capitated mouse and deposit its headless body on their kitchen floor they only couldn't condescended patting my head and calling me a struggle Kitty. Not working according to plan. During a gathering of the company as a place me to confine. My confinement was due to my power of. My flute what this means and how to use that my own teenage I'm convinced the other household captives are flunkies perhaps snitches. The dog is routinely released and seems naive be happy to recant he is no doubt a hall of weights. The bird speaks with humans regularly must be an informant. I am certain he reports my every move due to his current placement in the metal cage his safety is assured but I can wait it is only a matter of time. Full day. And the day that I have a cat one is content Yeah and 91 that piece yeah they would all one grateful to Graham be the same house Fames to stand is a master too tiny different. So which life sounds more like yours. Where your private thoughts may need. Afraid Oh boy my favorite. Yet is the. Brains to think like a dog. Thinking like him can and 508 to me. This is the day when just in the olden. Days has joy. Hey I've got an ad idea how about we ask for some volunteers to come up here and help us get an idea so here's my plan before you volunteer or I volunteer you. Are going to ask that when you come up here you imagine that there's no one here except for you and God so it could be this room it could be in your shower you could be sitting down you could be standing up it could be at the beach where ever you feel completely alone with God and you want to speak to him now you don't know what the day is going to look like but you're going to say this verse with faith. And so I want you to say it out loud or however you want to say it you can change the way. Hurting so that you're speaking directly to God however you want to do it who want to come up here and and do that any of you. Just come on up here thank you. I'm going to ask for 2 more. See the gentleman is like ready OK ladies don't let him over do you there OK OK just before he goes next anyone else you ask and one more OK Before we go I can ask you guys to introduce yourselves 1st is. Go ahead. Mark get OK And you. Could OK so who do you think should go for it 1st Gil Margret or Jason go OK because he went he went up there very well but you know they say the 1st should be last the last should be 1st so what do you think. You know OK I'm his brother OK OK Go Go ahead you're on. So I'm So this is this is not us this is just you and God and now you're talking to him in the morning and you're lifting up your voice to God and you're speaking to him How are you doing it are you are you on your knees are you are you sitting are you standing are you at the beach imagine where you are are you in the shower where you comfortable are you singing this so why did we do this little random exercise. We did it because we we are primed and programmed in this world that we live in to not think the things that God wants us to think. So if we do not intentionally make a decision to express our faith early in the morning. And we do not make that decision to intentionally Priam and program ourselves in the right direction the world will prime and Program us in a different direction in tiredly. And. So we are being conned and way more than we realize to thinking is the way every morning I have to offer myself this question What is this. I reach for way their way. Out of reach for my phone would do out of reach from our computer because what oh oh then there are the voices. And those voices on trying to be away from and trying to. Think in through 2 ways to buy the right to believe certain things and from Thomas and he saw the problem but from time to fade. So here's what I've decided and I've decided this a long time ago the 1st advice I'm going to pick up at the beginning of every day is this device the Word of God and the 1st text I'm going to read is from the Scriptures and so that's for the 1st hour or so I want to spend time with God My 1st hour they're going to have to make a decision the night before to get to bed on time and because I've got a lot of other things to do that day I want to get some exercise in I want to drink my water I want to eat my breakfast before I go to work and so I want to spend an hour with God and that is a non-negotiable how bout you. Making that decision there's something that happens to us as soon as our feet hit the floor it's like a herd of wild animals is coming in our direction and you can't stop it and so you want to hit the pause button and say God. Lead me in the right direction. So this is a good way of doing it to get up in the morning and say this is the day that the Lord has made now it was interesting that Jason said I should rejoice and be glad and then he said let me this is exactly the verses let me it's like giving God permission let us rejoice and be glad in it so you're saying Lord you're in control Let me read Joyce and be caught in it because things are going to happen today they may be read things that I should rejoice about they may be things that I'm not going to feel naturally to about rejoicing about. Things. So for the rest of this presentation this particular presentation we're going to kind of be hitting it with all kinds of information about health and happiness and these are from science in the Bible and so what we want you to do is to use your mind to think of Biblical examples you can put up your hand you can stop us at any moment things that that that connect with us we're going to start off with a true and false question and. And these true and false questions is only 4 of them all of them will be answered at the end but they'll be answered throughout and so just think in terms of what would your answer be to these true and false questions. When. Happiness. Think about it falls. A number too many people do not know how to find happiness. OK OK And then to me you. Know and the 4th one is your happiness can change others. So here's what the Bible says OK for number one the bible thing and Miri horn doing good. Things but I'm broke for it dries the. Thought handiness you good for you we've heard a lot of you think number one right to me going to elaborate more on that and this is what it says in the Bible and you want to. Make an approach drawn so here's a Science Daily says that the white blood cells develop in the yellow bone marrow So what do we know about white blood cells. Of the one that's out of the most. Of your youth as to. Any. One of you know whole connection of difference and that to destroy a and unity and virus so when Solomon was talking more than a 1000 years ago about this topic I believe God inspired him and that he was saying Mary heart does good like medicine so there is there is when you are happy it goes right down to your very selves right break down your bones and it either makes you stronger healthy you know physically or it dries up that bone marrow and it takes away from you so. Happiness equals health. Is exactly what the Bible is telling us now what does science say folk look at the Earth in one day the research going on and as soon as they she mentioned the labels and now. They've changed it to the end with the strain of the cold far and a week mates and individuals do when you know before it is time to stand hand fortune off the bottom is much better than the need. I really don't know if I'd want to be a part of this study intentionally air you can you can inject me with a flu virus but they'd just feel better. Right they actually had fewer. Jake the 3rd and so often you know that way that was mentioned by the doctors Sunday with maybe needing a coffee place information and nice conversation so it's true happiness is good for you it's good for you so you want to give you a few exercises to do the 1st one how to prime your mind in the right direction. OK And a very focused way of calm in your mind in the 5 to reach you think. Ministry of healing things saw in the way and then we can always use again courage. Everything that is open the heart to the son lots of the same he has prayed we shall have our own he plays there is a guarantee can you think of a story in the Bible where song was used as a weapon. DAVID Very good so David used it to do what to to soothe the saw and sorrow was going to kill him with his weapon OK that spear as they tried to kill him and then. I singing it's. There's a place in the book education where Ellen White says that when Jesus woke up in the morning his voice could be heard singing and when it did it brought it radiated light and the presence of good happy angels felt it felt very comfortable in that presence and it dispelled darkness from the minds of the other workers. Do you know there's always a song in your mind have you noticed that there's always a song in your mind and if there's no song in your mind the devil will try and put one in there OK Every notice that you get to the end of there is like one of my thinking you know where did that come from OK So that's one little exercise that you can do every single day to premiere prime your mind in the right direction one of the sing that song again I say to my students interesting is on every day and then they say we should sing another one today and I say OK. Let's do another one so we sing another one. Great hue. And. Range ready. So here's the here's the quote from ministry of healing page $251.00 it says nothing tends more to promote the health of the body. And of the soul then does a spirit of gratitude and praise and Kay So here's what we want to you to do and this is something we used to do with our children every single day we would tell them in the morning to tell us as we were eating breakfast 3 things that they're grateful for and for and to do it at night at the end of the day so as we were having worship 3 things I want to take a moment right now to think of 3 things that you are grateful for and as you write those things out it's amazing how many times I have been inspired by this when I was feeling kind of gloomy and you kind of feel down and you feel like things are just too much and then I went for a run and then I thought What am I thankful for like I'm thankful for my eyesight there are other people who are blind and I know that I'm thankful that I can actually go for a run what do you think will work so write those things down just 3 things do it real quick you can do it on your device or you can take out your pen and read it on a piece of paper or you can even just do it in your mind just 3 things here's from a study you can continue with that how happiness affects your health expressing gratitude is demonstrated is a demonstrated way of fostering happiness demonstrated researchers have found that people who regularly write down things which they are grateful for which they are grateful in gratitude journals have increased satisfaction in life higher energies levels and improved health. So this is proven it's one of the the hallmarks of of happiness is like this is been proven in science if you express gratitude yet Ellen White wrote about it a lot of time a long time before it was shown by science so we should. Be home. And. Think of course you want to be theirs and there's no question they're right so here's another study that says. A sunny outlook could mean fewer called air and less heart disease discovered in this one Harvard University study and that faculty and it was researched and which shows then I'm happy you know e's take more think they stayed away and every $1.00 more days a month or 50 extra days you know that's a Gallup health way study it's a well being index and so what you're talking about there is 15 extra days a year that's 15 working days that's 3 weeks off just because they're not feeling well and due to unhappiness so data show that positive mood optimism and humor are linked to better health and well being happier people can live longer healthier lives so this is from happiness affects your health by a doctor you have the name on the board there it's hard to her papers say that OK Go ahead Laura. That. Also is a Harvard assertion of faith of society human development and how and she found then emotions run tendency as things are there is the end of hopefulness I mean Gage meant $190.00 days straight with emotional bad abuse to reduce the risk of Connery haunt. Them to the protective effect was distinct and measurable even are we taking into account such whole of the behavior as not smoking and greed you need fun so that's saying that. Even with these other things there. Even not smoking and and exercising when you are healthy or when you're happy or your emotional state affects your physical state further It also expects your finances One study found that how happy individuals were as college freshman predicted how high their income was 19 years later regardless of their initial level of wealth I don't know if you've ever seen the Nun Study the nuns that he was it was a just just studying nuns who lived over a period of 70 to 80 years and they just coded their journals and those who were who had more happy comments in their journals lived up to an average of 10 years longer than those who had unhappy comments in their journals So which kind of people do you want to be around of course you want to be around happy people and those are the kind of individuals who are actually promoting health for their bodies. Needed evolution also narrow though and range action right so think of that in terms of making money. If you're if you're happier and your your mind set is not so narrow it's open to opportunities and of course you're going to be better off and you're going to be relating better to other individuals as well so positive emotions make make us more thoughtful more creative and often open to new ideas incredible. Become who creative right not just bad but it brain with doesn't mean. When we came in cold and not i knew me. Down after. Rain. So are you convinced that happiness is good for you absolutely OK here's a study that that I thought was very very fascinating it says one study people who read out a letter of appreciation to someone in their lives where measurably happier almost a month later so here's what happened in this study people were asked to write down a letter to someone 1st of all they had to think about someone who had done something nice for them and they hadn't really thanked them properly it could have been even a year years ago or even a you know short time ago but whatever it was and to write that letter and here is the hard part to go to that person and read the letter to them and the letter should be no shorter than one page a day in length that could be longer but nor should and then a page about 300 worth. About the size of the page. Was the size of pages that OK to be answered about the kind of words out there other words on the page and so what do you think happened every time they went and read these letters to these individuals. They became happier but they cried 1st. Every single time they wept because they're sharing with that person and every time it's very emotional So we want to give that to you as a challenge OK to think of someone who you haven't thing and write them a letter this will work this will work I guarantee you every single time every person who ever does this it works it increases their levels of happiness and then you start thinking of people in terms of how grateful I am for them and you go to them and actually speak to them and encourage a very encouraging for them as well as. For Yourself and very very impactful. So everyone's entire huge. Phrase really just all spiritual thing also reports and recent shows and things. Notice they. Raise if they get the benefit right so how do you express your faith well I want to give you some ways in which you can do that I want you to focus on power promises and then when you focus on them so you could I'm just giving you some that are on the screen here one of them here is an insect Chronicles Chapter 15 verse 7 and here it says speaking and or the prophet is speaking to us and he says to him but as for you he says Be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded not if someone said that to you at work that would be very encouraging when you know and if it's a prophet of God who says that. So take that and say this is my promise this is got this is always as when you read the Bible you should read it as as God speaking to you personally OK and take it personal and express that thing. So yes I'm not a Palm promise rejoicing No nor would always say to again rejoins do not be anxious about anything but in every generation prayer and teach with and. Create prison children read to go for me to look at different ways to. To think happiness and he had the 1st one was when we wanted to give them the is a singing the song is a weapon and I think in one word. And adding to it it would be very. Good info you write that you. HAVE A HUGE you write from need to be a huge thought when you need you. And anything. And not a thing thingy. Oh God how are promises in the Bible and this one here rejoice in the Lord always he's writing to the full Libyans do you know where Paul was at the time. He was in prison and so he is in prison and in that book of Libyans every time he says something about his negative situation he says 4 times more something positive so he outweighs the negative to positive for to what it which is a good race you are going to talk about that next time so those who in everything is in this beautiful those who in everything may God 1st and last and best are the happiest people in the world this is tremendous messages to young people Page 38 and look at this when ministry of healing page human. Positive. Human. When. Seeing was the 1st one song as a weapon the next one was gratitude to state your make your gratitude list every single day OK if there are so much research on that that has shown that if people do that for 30 days they affect the last up to 6 to 6 months OK half a year so it's amazing so gratitude of gratitude What was the 3rd one. Our promises we also asked you to write a letter of appreciation to someone and into great attitude of gratitude Yeah it does as well and then. Focus on power promises OK got that way yeah yeah the 3rd or 4th. OK and she's yeah OK. Good. So this one is a beautiful quote is it OK for messages young people but this was really. It's a decision yeah you have to make I think it is positive. To resist me and guard. This content and the words and feelings as much as. I might as much as you know he has and he's just prayed you know how. Can you make a decision to pray absolutely can you make a decision according to this to resist those feelings of. Depression or discouragement Yes it's very good yeah and that would be complaining. The children of Israel seem to do that a lot have you noticed Yeah I was reading I mean I've been your remote Bible every morning and I started again in the Old Testament and I was like why these guys keep grumbling you know so many good things are happening in the next thing they're just like out of water. So many people don't know how to find happiness false Well I think about there are many different ways of going to 3 different ways that most people try to find happiness OK One of them is called the hedonist and he didn't. Write you then you know how to enjoy them praise the Lord. And. He inquired. With pain and. With that. Eat drink and be merry Yeah kind of like you only live once right but your life is going to be shark is going to be unhappy OK But you know you're going to pleasure 8 now so so I'm in kind of fell for that trap didn't he in Ecclesiastes got the 21 into it says I said to myself Now here's Solomon was he wise as debatable right. God gave him a lot of wisdom and it's true but he didn't use it right that right when he was serving God But when he started you know multiplying why it was you know 300 wives and 700 talking about even if he spent one day of the year he couldn't visit all of them read it after take at least 3 years and he just started living for pleasure there was gold like silver you know it was just everything was was in excess it says and I said to myself Come now I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good but that also proved to be. Meaningless laughter I said is madness and what does pleasure accomplish he goes on in verse 10. And what so ever mine eyes desired I kept not from them not wise I withheld not my heart from in the joy he calls it Joy OK So here's the question does God want you to experience joy Well I believe so here's a verse from John Chapter 15 verse 11 we're going to go into this one in detail a couple of times throughout this a to morrow Sabbath afternoon if you do not want to miss tomorrow afternoon it is so good like what we're going to go through it really takes apart this verse says these things have I spoken unto you that what do you say my joy this is Jesus speaking my joy might be remain in you and that your joy might be fall so Jesus is actually giving his mission statement here right here very very clearly says I've I'm striking down to this world to give you these words so that my joy might be in you. So this work this book could basically be called a guidebook to happiness. Right I came to bring you joy. Because it. Can't be any. Huge thing. So this professor Professor Brett Ford. So a lady from Berkeley California she wanted it's a very simple question isn't it can people make themselves happy by choosing to be happy. Find hunches to me. Happy air and she would or she put it another way if you decide today now to if you decided or start to dedicate more of your life to deliberately seeking out happiness would you actually be happier a week from now or a year from now so you get the question so they measured people's level of happiness to begin with and then they asked them to decide you're going to decide you are going to be happy and then they measure this across different countries and those countries where the United States and Canada they were in the West and Japan and China in the east and so if you decided to be happy measuring your level of happiness at the beginning and then you decided that you're going to become happy and you tried to make yourself happy. Could you become happier over a period of time so did their level of happiness go up those in the West no no. But those in the east. Yes. The Christian. Ways. And. So now all of you are puzzled right you're looking at me like well. Yes Yeah so the people in the world so the countries in the West were Canada the United States the countries in the east were Japan and China and they could have used other Asian countries and here's what they found that measuring their level of happiness to begin with and then they said you are going to intentionally decide to make yourself happy are those in the West who intentionally tried to make themselves happy or couldn't in fact their happiness scores went down after they tried to make themselves happier but those in the in the east their happiness scores went up. Why so here is the difference would you say that they have 2 different cultures OK So here's what they did to try and measure the different cultures they showed them a picture like this which is a picture of a leader standing up at the front they said describe what you see and those people in the ways focused on the deed. They feed he looks confident and he's strong and he's a good leader. Going to make the nation go some way whereas those in the east they described the crowd they hardly even mention the leader it was very interesting. Then they were shown a picture like this is the one smiling happy or sad so everyone or rare looks like they're sad and blue and the person with the happy face or the smiley face they're asked is that person happy or sad those in the West said yes. Would you write those in the east said he can't possibly be happy if all his friends are unhappy he is not happy he's only putting on a happy face just think it's just a faint run through yet so here's the here's the difference. Those in the West had this attitude from all these studies it's all about me. And so by focusing on me and saying I'm going to make myself happy Did it work. No actually it was contra it made them sad or made them I'm happy whereas those in the east end all of. Us And so the attitude in the West was get get kind of the attitude of them all. Going to the shopping mall get get read as much as you cat actually says that that is the attitude or the the motto of hell. That's pretty scary isn't it whereas. If it wasn't and she did. Give give and some will. These know who will be me and more we so can you find that principle in the Bible. In foot in Chapter 2 Paul says let this attitude be in you which was also in Christ Jesus right he says just before that consider others as more important than yourself and that incredible right although he was in the in the form of God He did not consider it robbery to be equal with God but he made himself of no reputation right so he put us 1st. I love this quote from steps to Christ and think and use the word from. His son he. Found and from that means a short lived and part of the way and is filled with. Some of. Joy and then function in. God that amazing So we're going to see that we're going to build on that principle over and over again and are going to see how this is really just in the center of the scriptures in the center of the message of connecting with Christ this is not just a seminar about how I can make myself happy no no no this is how you can serve Christ and have Christ in your heart and over flowing out to others. So here's another way in which people try to make themselves happier by becoming a rat race or in order yes going. Yes what is true happiness Yes and that is that is something that researchers have a hard time pinpointing they come down to this idea of well being OK maybe that's a better way of putting it and so how do you how do you promote well being well those people in the east they were looking at. Their wellbeing is connected with your well being so I am not I am not happy if you're not happy in other words so I'm putting you above myself and I'm putting your happiness as you know the measure of my happiness or my satisfaction so you think of Jesus it says for the joy who for the joy set before him injured the cross so the joy. That was set before him to get there what was the joy it was us. The joy that was set before him was us being saved and he went through that experience so that we would be with him eternally What are you without people you love right where are you without people you love no no person is an island no person can do it on their own just try it you'll be unhappy as you need people right there is that there is this place into their ages where it says Jesus was possessed of one purpose he lived to bless others one purpose. That was his purpose he lived to bless others this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about what you or you would like to listen to more sermon leading Visit W W W. Dot org.


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