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Unashamed? Which Cloud are You in?

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • January 3, 2010
    9:30 AM
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I haven't we come down to the last few minutes we had to share together and alone we want to savor each moment we assess your spirit in this place and we've been blessed our hearts and watered our hearts and that we want to gather up the fragments that remain we want to not miss a single blessing to have brass yet father were dealing with sacred divine infinite truth without finite centers and mortals today father I pray that that that I might not be the speaker but I just may be the spokesman that I might be a messenger that you would give the message that your Holy Spirit today would speak to each heart Lord I may overemphasize or underemphasized the way your spirit translate the words I speak to each person they might hear what they need to hear and just the right perspective and balance today we know that you have a tremendous burden on your heart you have an unfulfilled dream that you want to come in you want to claim as a zero zero Lord we just pray that we might take your dreams seriously we might not just have enjoyed a good conference we might leave you determine that we might leave here with that purpose in our hearts to do something meaningful to live more consecrated and committed lies to you or today I just pray that you'll take my lips to take my heart to forgive me for my sense of hiding in the cross that your word might be heard that Jesus might he seen his name we pray as I was thinking of what Shane really is and what it means to be ashamed one day I thought and at Taco Bell to get a quick bite to eat at this particular talk about that evening there was a group of junior high students the game in House document of interest based on grabbed my attention is a small Taco Bell has pretty much just need in and this group of students in the Taco Bell and is looking at these young teenagers yeah I noticed that there was sort of something similar not all of them they are the same style of clothes they were wearing dark clothes black clothes mostly and they all had black hair mostly obviously dyed black artificial black northwest of them have these the girls had these black fingernails residing in the middle picture right when I'm describing and they had piercings throughout their features made me wonder they been too close to a hand grenade or something when it done off there was not all over their faces I was looking at then I was thinking you know that makes a young person dressed like this and look like this I mean I was singing if you attend one of those young young people and put them in the middle of July see you all look so nice they might feel sort of out of place right they might feel sort of a shame but the fact that there was six or eight or ten of them I remember exactly the fact there was so many of them gave in this confidence and this unashamed and yes you are saying their peers around them look like them they dressed like that and I like them as Oakland then surrounded as they were by this group of their friends for them they thought they were normal I was sitting there observing them in sort of thinking about this and I realized they were looking at me and probably thinking I was really weird I was the one by myself they had a whole group the first thing I wanted to notice about chamber noted just two things about saying this morning but the first thing that I want just the notice about shame is that Shane is not just a function of our own hearts it requires somebody around us I greatly admired by myself when I do something that's embarrassing if not embarrassing right I'm not ashamed it's only there are witnesses somebody to see what I did that's when I become a shame I cannot go machine and I remember back some embarrassing moments in my life and I member one day I was with a friend I was about battle age thirteen fourteen years old and and I was with a friend and we were Islamists are definitely gone a high Google lake near our house and an my friend and I his body year older than me I think it we were we are picking up rocks and throwing them in the leg and just about I don't know maybe fifty yards or less into the lake there is a buoy and we were trying to hit the building monopolies are facilitating these rocks and were hurling them into the lake and trying to his ability to probably the Buddha was just about that the limit of our range you know we're barely making it even prior to the leg necessitating the ability as we're winding up and gaining those rocks as far as we could in the water robust anti- menace of rocks came from behind us well over our heads we watched as him beyond the movie and splashed into the lake now naturally we wanted to find out who had wrong is wrong they had a good arm we turned around and he wasn't there she was I still remember the shame and embarrassment as we work healing and those rockets I think the engine into the rock and effortlessly through it will be on where we could throw those rocks Jenny was one of those girls she was sort of every boy 's dream in every boy 's nightmare she was very feminine longhair pretty steel blue lies but you didn't want to need on a basketball court when she had the ball was driving for the basket you had two choices either gone out of the way or you found yourself wondering where did you come from how did she do that and why long for it was at church camp out in a spontaneous arm wrestling tournament broke out among the young boys you know how boys are I was probably one of the older boys and so it really wasn't very fair tournament probably and I are members rests arm wrestling the pastor 's son match and as we are wrestling leaving showed up on that testosterone filled scene by Jenny met with Jenny watching you had no choice you better win right rarely have been rarely have I ever been so the one in arm wrestling contest until Ginny stepped forward and said I wrestle the winter negative talk about fear I still remember squaring up with Jenny and working in the faces of all the boys around the circle and expression on her face says something like this if she needs you your day is not only embarrass yourself you've disgraced the male gender for all time Shane is a function not only of what we experience in our own hearts that the function of the witnesses in the crowd around us it requires somebody watching whose opinion matters to us are you with me Shane requires somebody watching whose opinion matters to us now by nature we are people Blazers we want to have others like us are concerned about what people think were influenced by the majority because we want to be on the side of the majority are you with me that you're not we care about what the majority cares about and whether we like it or not some of us may think why not really influenced by whether we like it or not we're all influence you cannot choose not to be influenced Daniel and probably do not choose to be not influenced the only thing we can do is we can choose what influences we have around us and so as I was thinking about these spots I realize the problem is that we often have these you idea about what the majority is out of me Bibles I'm sorry Roger Bibles this morning to second Kings chapter six second Kings chapter six and were growing to work and wanted only one instances were really short on time this morning second Kings chapter six were going to be looking at one instance of of a change of paradigm a change of perception of what the majority is music in our society in our thinking without this assumption is made the majority defines normality to detect that the majority to find normality in less than the way we operate normal classes like the majority of the people do what they draft for those those young friends in Taco Bell normal for them was address like that because that's the way the majority of their friends were so let's look here in second Kings chapter six in verse fifteen this is a story of Elisha 's servant he went outside and he found the seeming army surrounded the city celebrates fifteenth Windows 7 of the man of God was risen early and gone for the old host and past the city where the horses and chariots and his servants said under them alas my master what shall we do and Elisha said something that didn't make any sense to those who heard it and he answered fear not for they being with us on the ride then they that being am I'm in the seventh round of the diligent open as long as you want even assuming there were no rats is just a little community of houses and those visibility was probably a dozen houses or something like that and he will Syrian army is income of the city the Y to get away and Elisha says don't be afraid with those that are with us are more than those that are without completely irrational him nothing at all until Elijah had prayed that prayer he said Lord I pray he opened his eyes and he may see in the Bible says in verse seventeen the Lord opened the eyes of the young man and he saw any of the mountain was up horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha you see what I lies your new iron of Elijah and Ashley see those verses injured the fire before he prayed this prayer I don't know normally profits are just walking around you know viewing the unseen world Angels but it got grease on them are not allies you know something allies should know that there are more on the side of God and the argument as well by your resume and I decided to the apostles page five hundred ninety like this because God is always a majority you see we are your learning unable to love this little speck in the solar system in a small galaxies in space and we have the perception that those around us not even the billion people to live in the Western world or whatever it is we have this perception that the twenty thirtieth twenty thirteen people that surround our circle of influence in our normal and they're not we are not when the rest of the universe that's down from space because the Bible says we made a spectacle in the Angels the roads and in a demand right when the rest of the universe looks down from space and they seen us play this is not normal God defines normality I like me gone are the majority and gone to find normality and gone and that the ends of unfallen beings when they see what's happening on this earth moving this him I will not allow ideas not found in our circle of friends normality is now in the perceptions of God all this so difficult for us it's so difficult for us to have an accurate consistent perception that he is equated below with the perceptions of God is typical because around us we're surrounded constantly by world of sin where sending becomes normal what do you see when you turn on the television is cheating you see why you see adultery using violence disease selfishness and greed is normal in the business world is normal and entertainment wealth is not on the sports world is not all around us as we think it is but when heaven looks at this world it is anything but normal it's anything but normal and so we have a little bit of a problem I like it drove me a Bible study Hebrews Chapter 11 English Chapter 11 is on his face chapter of course I want to start by reading verses thirty two and onward it says Hebrews eleven verse thirty two and what shall I more safe for the time with family gets all giddy and American assassin object that David also salmon of the profits were thirty three losing faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire escaped the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong waxed valiant in fight turned to flight the armies of the aliens also applauded life of faith sounds pretty good doesn't it on the I want to live the faith with I mean they heroes it sounds great I would be containing one hundred thirty five faith does not always read through this overwhelming victory at least not from a human perspective women received their dead raised to life again others were not tortured not accepting deliverance good thing about a resurrection and others had trial of cool markings and scourging is late moreover bonds and imprisonment they were stoned they were sawn asunder were tempted were slain with the sword he wandered about in sheepskins and go skins being destitute afflicted tormented of whom the world was not worthy they wandered in deserts and mountains and caves of your fees or having obtained a good report through faith received not the promise my question is not working men and women to live a life of faith to go through those type of the Spirit in situations to go through the type of painful experiences that will need them to be rejected by their own people will link them to be killed by their own church I think the answer is they can't side of the perspective of normality those heavenly I was weak they got side of perspective of normality that was heaven the container is cemented when able grasses more excellent sacrifice he was doing it in the present it is only fear any happier pressure you understand that if I didn't care so much what his brother Cain thought about it sacrifice but he cared was what God thought about his sacrifice God of my normality brain will not gain and the same can be said throughout the book the chapter you see you are individuals who can not about the world 's opinion they can about God 's opinion enables that up against his only beer know what was going to be the laughingstock of the world Abraham was willing to separate from everything that was familiar though surrounded by the world they cared not about the opinions of the world knows as it says was willing rather to suffer a question of the people of God than this than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season you see the return of me back if you versus the verse thirteen the Bible says these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen enough are persuaded of them and embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth I love this verse because it gives a first step sequence that it takes in order for you to become a person of faith life able like Abraham like David like Moses not as a force where the first step that these men and women of faith went through as they became men and women of Hebrews Chapter 11 the Bible says they saw the promise is a far-off for them at first just like for us at first spiritual things will seem illusory they almost seem like MRI isn't real it is unreal is there really going to be a second coming I mean were surrounded by the real things right we can field and we can touch them we know they are real their somebody sitting next either someone sitting in front of you you're not a real but not how to never talk about that Jeannie is integrated at first it seems as though maybe it's just sort of mystical thing is just an imaginary is a real the Bible says they saw the promise of the firearm the second step in and stop there the second and the Bible says they were persuaded but then you see that the first step is to see the promises him the promise allowing the promise of the second coming of the second step is to be persuaded and Ashley believe that Israel and they happen Jane and coming again there is going to be a new heavens and a new hardware and weld righteousness there is going to be an end of silent suffering incident is going to write every tear from every high grade there are then persuaded of them is another step they took another step they embrace them the Bible says having seen them afar off the things that were persuaded of them and then they embrace them this became what they are this became of their actions were set up on technology infections and things of this world with such a affection on things above world of the real me so in these men and women of faith there was a progression from seeing the promises of our believing them to be true being persuaded of them and embracing them so that they're there hard there of their life revolve around them and I wondered today at which point are we in this progression where are we always don't afar partly in that persuaded are we in the embraced the final sentences after having seen them be persuaded of them and embracing them it says they confessed they were strangers and pilgrims on the year they were ashamed to be different normality is not here they say normality as they are worse than other backcountry and were going to be normal in that country 's eyes not in this land die they were not afraid to confess I confess your strings and pilgrims by the way you live your life is by the way four steps the Bible says continuing on in verse fourteen Grenada say such things declare plainly that a sitting country cannot haven't thought about it again it is assembled by type of the last generation right UIC are we wanting to be laceration remonstrated to be our our typo we wanted at a time right it was translated without seeing that have often heard little for raising a little story says that unit and I were walking together for so long that one day God that you know even walking diapers along because of my health than yours so wanted you to come at me I like to say this latest morning maybe it was laughing so hard with God the God that you know what you're understanding the mind normality is much more like heaven and on earth you'll be more comfortable there than here so I just come home with me and I think that the experience that we need to do I see weaning experience of God 's anger was your perception abnormality has knowledge on how to present an analogy you're going to be more comfortable here than you need out there so I had to come home last night wants but if I have that experience my friends I would be different from the world you can't have both have it both ways it's one way or the other and I'm convinced that the only way that we can have this experience of having all heavens normality become our normality is it in fact spending time each day in God 's word the first step is what having seen the promises what were those promises well thank you I see there in the flag when you're not spending time and on and not spending time with my Bible in front of me and I'm not spending time in prayer and I'm not spending time having the mind of God infused into my mind I will not have anything like these days the only greyhounds are mounting against my normality it had I'm spending time in the word of God the Bible says that he was just as well the next chapter and verse one and this is sort of the apex of my thoughts today the Bible says that he was twelve verse one therefore seeing we also are can pass about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us in Isa read this verse nice to think that this cloud of witnesses that while talking about they exist by virtue of the fact that I was born after the money as men and women of faith and on the north of there the bottom witnesses that just surrounds me by default the Bible to those get Taco Bell and this is the question comes to my mind in what sense does the Hebrews eleven cloud witness encompass them when I get dressed in the morning anything about Daniel but in thinking about the example of Moses it seems to me like they have a totally different the second point that I want to make about Shay versus Shane requires witness or witnesses right the second point is this you choose your cloud of witnesses Hesse you choose your cloud of witnesses and show us clearly is important to you those opinion really matters anyway you chosen your heroes are and you will become like your heroes your cloud of witnesses determines that you are saying are unashamed of Eli goes through the talk about their unashamed to dress that way because the cloud of witnesses with dressing that way to many heroes today many avenues n.b. but he rose that are the movie stars the pop music stars the fashion designers original famous and everyday wear forming characters habits based upon her cloud of witnesses using I really enjoyed last night its meetings meeting we talked about character development and you know that it is it's amazing how Holy Spirit dovetails messages one and WIC I think about thousands note how is it that characters for in relationship with his cloud of witnesses honey when I make a decision I don't always make the exact same decision every day of course back and making the same I'm also making those decisions based upon the same motivating factors vividly as if I go to choose the bison close the thing and I did buy a new pair of jeans and a pair of slacks I'm an American decision and subconsciously whether I know it or not I'm just confessing on the human being I think all this out this probably traits at some point injuring my reckoning of what I learned by comes the question consciously or subconsciously what are others in thing about this when it my decision-making that is what I'm eating what I'm listening to what I'm watching what I'm fine my decision-making is largely influenced by the cloud of witnesses around me right now is unsolicited like I'm not making a habit every day and going to the same rack in my new think again right now I am running now that I'm going to the decision I made and making it upon the same basis of the cloud of witnesses and round me previously on forming habits each day that is why in relationship of working with seven and the first Angels message the first injunction the first two words sank seeing your God the fear of God is simply the opposite of the fear of man right the fear of man since I don't know what I should do anything that people will say that we decide based upon what other people think and a dark cloud of witnesses that we are basing that upon right and it may be the Army got friends media coworkers need broadening your girlfriend but it's people whose influences opinion really matters that would be sons-in-law and the First Amendment lasting Gospels is no threat I have instead of basing decisions on what people think what people say that I have an advertising message of the Bible and God faith but God says that the fear of God you cannot move beyond that first command in the everlasting gospel if you do not first the fear of God in your heart you tell me did you know you will why even if you're surrounded by hat when his friend Jean IC thread clouds of witnesses that you are forming a habit of making decisions based on people and I ascended the time you want to standalone and the and you think you are not in the negativism is my mother not banks I have been so want anything in the market and mean the end of the backing of message you got out of fear of God into the first part of our savings message and methods noninfringing ICUs and we claim to be an army of young people have amended the Reno 's message to the world on a mission to take three and message the world in this generation we can do that we taken that three Angels messages really the fear of God in our hearts we need to be making decisions based upon a cloud of witnesses that is not human around us but based upon Laura normality that the basis of decision-making or God bless the people every day but I'm making decision my primary concern is what others will think what others will react my free time is spent the same way the world around me my clout of witnesses spend his free time my iPod is filled with the same music that goblin around me listens to my computers through the same torrent downloaded movies of the world around me is watching my bookshelves are all the same books and magazines that my neighbors themselves therefore while if I'm ashamed to be different and lifestyle matters indicates my cloud of witnesses which is around me my heroes are not saving the things of God and all of a sudden when an opportunity for witness arises unexpectedly unashamed to be different to work that way is not a fluke if character that every day allows you to make decisions based upon what people think and then every once in a while you get to make decisions based on what God thinks those narrow path with its need to be changed my friends so they don't have this may become our character now this is one thing that concerns me now do I see this sometimes infringes we have a great conference I watched I watch a lot of young people I listened to the seminars they go to I watch the decisions they make sometimes it really concerns me I'll just be honest with sometimes it really concerns I'm thinking what is the disconnect here right here do I see we really try to have a program is five days the seminars are trying to show the principles of the Bible is very promising July see principles about music entertainment or whatever it is the blood become as a wrapper around device income is rising as great and the library learning is a absolute contradiction to everything that I do I see him I maybe think of any dream Will do doctor and then later God said to Ezekiel you are just like a musician the plaintiffs and allow the people of the community not to urinate up range they go back and they don't do what you say Jesus quoted Matthew fifteen these people draw night now the mouse right their hearts are far from while that's not you I see how to share with your statement was very processing a couple paragraphs this is a conference about every Michigan May twenty seventeen the visits are some invisible visions of things that concern the church generally glory and majesty of God were made to pass performing said the angel is terrible in his majesty he realizes not terrible and is angry at your friend in daily strive to enter in at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that lead to destruction and many there be which go in there are because strait is the gate and narrow is the way the lead of a new life and few there be that find it these roads are distinct separate in opposite direction to the mental picture I existing separate in opposite directions nonlethal eternal life the other three journal I saw the distinction between these routes also the distinction between the companies traveling them the roads are opposite one is broad and smooth the other Marilyn Raggett so the parties of traveling an opposite in character and life in dress and conversation because that parties the travel to rose opposite roads are opposite also in character and life in dress any conversation as a child and now they are talking the joy and happiness they will have at the end of the journey will be actually had embraced the unseen things right talking about how I be there content is often said often being with a horribly sacred joy they do not dress like the company the broad road nor talk like them nor act like a pattern has been given them a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief open the road for them and traveled it himself his father received his footsteps and are comforted and cheered he went through safely so can they if they follow in his footsteps in the broad road our company with their persons their dress him assures in the way they launch freely and however gangly and a lot of their journeys end of the second instruction into the path every day they post near their destruction getting mad they rationalized on faster and faster to read full this looked to me as the last paragraph really catches my attention I saw many traveling on this broad road which way the broad road Rosalie 's instruction I thought many traveling many traveling in his broad roadmap the words written on them dead to the world the end of all things is at hand being also ready they looked like the main ones around them except a shaders sadness which I noticed on their count since their conversation was just like the thoughtless ones around them but it would occasionally play with great satisfaction to the letters undergarments calling for others to have the same upon the heirs that are doing outreach they were in Broadway in April best to be the number who were traveling the narrow way those around them would say there is no distinction between us we are alike we dress and talk and act alike only something clear you can change the way you dress the way you talk perhaps it will save you talking about lifestyle changes being salvific or salvation right were saved by the grace of Jesus Christ but I will make something clear your lifestyle may very well indicate which cloud of witnesses herein it may very well indicate what you're doing along that road which mode you're in is a serious business someone is in a safe better than why talk about reforming the life it's because I believe a GUI seen we need to not only have five or spiritual godliness in our experience here we got some changes in our lives we can all it says in the review and have a good twenty five nineteen oh two a revival of the Reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit revival and reformation are two different things guess that legitimate things revival signifies a removal is the original like a quickening of the powers of mind and heart and resurrection from spiritual death that I believe will take place in July see I like to see what takes place in a lesson in placing respondent I believe God is backing a revival of the license and felt my heart God spared as a people are making decisions that Jesus revived that will not last that is not an company Reformation she goes on he says Reformation signifies a green organization a change in ideas and theories habits and practices reformation will not bring him for righteousness and lightest and last is connected with the revival of the spirit revived one Reformation I didn't have wanted work and in doing this work they last land if you have a revival of the Reformation you very soon having their profession letters written on your environment we can point to music video I say it ranks makers young Reformation without revival yet legal and your miserable and you make everyone else around him and we need a revival and a Reformation of Reformation in the reorganization of your life as of the date line I didn't even think about what's been happening in all I really do I think you think where is my standard and normality coming from someone like to make you like Megan General Gilbert if you want to say Lord to happen I thought my standard not now he has been this glad and witnesses around me instead witnesses in the unseen world but beginning with gin this GUI see I want to have a paradigm shift I want to choose he was well he was eleven and twelve the be my glad witnesses if you like to see that this morning understand where you were saying today I want my standard abnormality to be based in I was banned in one one Alan Z I want my standard and what should be done with my time and money sending them my money was generally done with my influence I want to reimburse the approval of God another thing that you were not I want to be so close the husbands are mounting in Jesus and Satan meaning you knowledgeably have your hand in the honor that is this and you standing here this morning because that is your decision is standing in this morning because that is your burden that is your hearts desire standing in this morning because you want your perspective and that the perspective than that you desire because the lending because you want to be like you that's why he made businesses this morning I wanted to further appeal I want to ask a if there's somebody here who realizes that there they are not as far in this four step process of seeing the promises being persuaded of them embracing them and confessing them as they ought to be and he realized the only way they're going to move down that process in the basement Simon the word of God so that my mind my appeal now and there's some money here who would like to say in two thousand ten I want to spend more time in God 's word that I spent in two thousand nine I won my heart to be saturated with God 's will is not not the ones on television not within the movies I will do this unless you want to say that is what happened like you were in the same I want to know I want to lay my mind and now you and me in your safe environment they will send you my drying and no my mom 's see anything any when you may need anything in my life I than I needed change I knew that my friend I is a large lead me in the Ramallah there's something in my life I needed Jane not me doesn't mean the founder and your favored not know how to write the big time to remind my Mac and I want in the last one came I might manipulate them to become bored and want to spend more time in God 's Word God 's easier decision not going to help you but when the dog about a reorganization of Reformation are alive we must talk about visiting things I want to ask within specific decisions he made here is some of you and know your iPod that world music is of the devil 's music your computer is a violent movies that are not bringing one thousand and eleven is certainly not bringing you to close understanding of his mouth on ask for decision is acid by your heads closer I is not a decision between you and me here between you and anyone around you there's someone here will have to bottom lines are close if there's someone here once more there's something in the entertainment area my life with music and movies with that subscription to ESPN or some will like sinus consuming me changing my normality I'm out of this world if you want to say this morning I went over to Reformation in my life when I go I want your power I want to write I need your strength to make these changes doing these on this laser hand right you're saying I want to make these changes in my life I want a reformation unless God will bring me make the decision to believe near the living room by the thing I like that were going to believe that neither were going to leave those moving trying to get rid of that television advertising I don't know if we don't make it wasn't hard my friends remembering the Reformation never happen this will be replied within the year 's there may be some other need to make a Reformation other areas of our lives again while we had just allowed the items still close when I see there's someone here who realizes in the area of their home the way they came nearby Temple they need to change their habits and practices they need a reorganization I don't know what it is always reminding convicting you up but is very clear that diet or lifestyle facts are spiritual fact is if you want revival that lasts neither Reformation in your lifestyle maybe it's going to bed earlier saving them and spend the time of Jesus in the morning maybe is exercising so you have a clear mind and instead of being arose in the press you can have energy and happiness maybe as articles of food that you know are not healthy to what it has been a someone you want to say what I want to work a reorganization my health is major hand purpose in your heart right now and God will give me the strength and the blessing to make a Reformation receive God knows he can lawyer God knows he cannot knows it's hard and I believe that as we reorganize our lives as we go home this revival from UIC two thousand nine will not only lasts us through two thousand ten this revival can be the beginning of an entire generation of people who look and looking under Jesus lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily misled them and finished the race the goddess of war is that you desire father in heaven today we are grateful all you set our hearts he wanted arsenals through this key licensing we don't want it in the demand and by God 's grace by your grace it doesn't need to end Lord left his revivals will burn in our hearts and burn brighter with each passing day Lord you've told us that a revival of a Reformation or Reformation living out without revival cannot accomplish what we need in the boat today I just praise your name for young people people like to make decisions to take what they've learned this July seen not just as pleasant words not just as popular speakers but as real principle that you live by your check today I pray to change our sense of normality to be like heaven 's I pray Lord that you would help us to see things the way you see them someday varies I was only happy in heaven than the common claim is wrong war right now I'm praying for someone struggling with the decision this standard in my mouth you spend so skewed in a lot of witnesses is so pervasive and strong influence in my life they are afraid to make a decision for Jesus warned his and your spirit is called and even now purpose in their arms change the things that need to be changed and they know your spirit will so what I'm trying to those of meeting this isn't even an area of entertainment on the area of health I'm praying that she will give them strength father the devil will not let them go easily those habitudes of taking years of form will be difficult to change the provider agrees with this spirit I was very dying this always negative the power of your Word changing this isn't amounting in the Shane will happen within it it was here on blogger harassment on eternity made us men and women of Maine mangosteen I see not just the letters on our garments and I was beyond that narrow way of following Jesus footsteps thank you for going before us thank you for going behind this thank you for holding our hands thank you for giving us a string more maybe Jesus was the author and the finish upon me that VR experience in the brain Jesus this was used by audio verse fourteen points raise prices and are likely to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. received my son when or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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