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Adult Sabbath School Second Sabbath




  • June 22, 2019
    1:15 PM
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Dear father how do we thank you for the opportunity we have this morning to study your word or do we invite the author the Holy Spirit the one who inspired the Apostles the prophets of old who wrote these words to be in our midst and give a center standing for we ask it in Jesus' name amen. As written there in our Sabbath afternoon lesson our memory verse for the week is this comes from 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 but you are chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light that particular passage as a good job of kind of an overview synopsis of where we're headed in this week study that God has called us not just to receive salvation but to also be transmitters of that great light to others a chosen generation for the purpose of calling forth praise from all people and sometimes we think about our witness kind of like we talk about here global mission and outreach and even personal ministry outside in the world to those we meet but the lesson this week asks a more personal question it starts with that what have they seen in your house that the elements of sharing our faith in witnessing for the Lord aren't just some pieces and parts on public display or at certain occasions but really cut to the heart of our own personal intimate private lives that home reveals the heart that's what's really going on here. So as we discuss this what strikes you even just in this memory verse that comes to mind what are some thoughts to start coming from your head well the thing that 1st pops into my mind is that the people that care about us the most often get the worst version of ourselves. When we're at home we oftentimes let that surface guard down and around our spouse or our children we can if we're not careful allow the flesh to come out and who we really are is who we are at home not who we are church or it work where it's quite easy to do it temporarily. But if if we're if we're going to be genuine it's going to come out in the home out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and ultimately that's going to happen in the home Ok so you've been should a version of yourself is it possible that people have 2 selves. I think Uncle Arthur addressed that years ago I don't know how many of you remember the story I think it's called 2 Susie's Ok airline that's all I had to read they know their own letters to the ones with the grand kids and kids currently remember the name. To Caroline that was the spirit of that illustration Yes where there was the Sweet Caroline at school her her teacher thought she was such a sweetheart and she was very naughty and mean at home and so her mother decided to one day invite the teacher over to home without letting Caroline know and the teacher was hiding away in another room when Caroline came home and Caroline came and was really speaking very nasty to her mother and was not being nice at all and then she came around and she saw her teacher and peed sure but of course the teacher could see that there were indeed 2 Caroline mercy but in a way we do have 2 selves because the flesh and the spirit are always wrestling and so the point is that we tend to. When we're in the most comfortable settings oftentimes be most willing to yield to the flesh when in reality we need to guard especially when we're around those who we are most responsible for and their influence means the most with we should be especially careful at home all right so a lot of things to unpack in this lesson this week and so we're excited about that Geron want to you take us to 2nd Chronicles and talk to us a little bit about this illustration from King Hezekiah as life yes in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 32 the lesson use the example of Hezekiah now Hezekiah was a good king in fact prophets in Kings indicates that Hezekiah was one of the best kings since King David he was known for his reformers he was a reformer that time with a time of national apostasy and he resort the Passover they had a great Passover and he was a good king now toward the end of Hezekiah is life he got deathly sick and there was a message revealed to him by a prophet of the Lord that he was going to die now that's quite a message to come to anyone that he was going to die the message was that your house in order has a kind of wasn't ready to die yet and he pleaded with the Lord to give him more time more life and God answered that prayer in a miraculous way and promised that he would add 15 years to his life. Now there was a sign that Hezekiah asked for this is a very interesting sign in the sign was that the sun dial would go back on the sundial Now the incredible thing was that people from other nations saw this this wasn't just on Hezekiah it's sundial this was all around and over in Babylon they saw this and they heard about the miracle that happened and so ambassadors from Babylon came and this is where you know Hezekiah is. Downfall where we see it here I'm reading from 2nd Chronicles Chapter 32 verse 24 in those days had the coyote was sick and near death and he prayed to the Lord and he spoke to him and gave him a sign and that sign with the sundial that we just read about going down to verse 27 Hezekiah had very great riches and on are and made himself treasuries for silver for gold for precious stones for spices for shields and all kinds of desirable aid them storehouses for the harvest of grain wine and oil and stalls for all kinds of livestock and folds and flocks and and you can read on there but then you get to verse $31.00 and what word begins verse $31.00 however but it is like oh man what is always have to come but it does however regarding the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon whom they sent to him to enquire about the wonder that was done in the land what wonder was that that was that sign so they came to enquire about the sign about the miracle of his healing. But what did he do well what he did was that said here in verse 31 God withdrew from him in order to test him that he might know all that was in his heart the sad thing that instead of exulting God and and giving God the glory he just showed him all the wonderful stores in his house now there's a lot in that story obviously but that's focused on that in part obviously the Lord had blessed him greatly as was evident by all those store houses but when the opportunity came to reveal in his own life and by his personal testimony the grantor of God in the glory of his character instead of ascribing that glory to the source we're truly belongs rightfully he just kind of showed him around the house and it certainly implied that this is not doing pretty good do you see this you see and never once did that opportunity manifest in a great testimony in the Lord said he would Drew to test him that's a fascinating it I think the idea of testing him is pretty universal. In other words the idea of what we speak about in our most comfortable settings will reveal to ourselves where we currently are spiritual oftentimes in steps to Christ on page 58 she actually speaks of this very test she says it is true that there may be an outward correctness of the Portman without the renewing power of Christ the love of influence and the desire for the esteem of others may produce a well ordered life self-respect may lead us to avoid the appearance of evil a selfish heart may perform generous actions by what means then are we to determine whose side we are on so again what's the test. Who has the heart with whom are our thoughts of whom do we love to converse who has our warmest affections and our best energies if we are Christ Our thoughts are with him in our sweetest thoughts are of him all we have in ours consecrated to Him We long to bear his image breathe his spirit do His will and please Him in all things so how many times have we in our own lives been able to see if we're beginning to stray or be our lose some of our spiritual grip we find ourselves. A little more interested in secular earthly stuff and it becomes becomes more of an obsession to us and it's a good signal for any of us that if I am not wanting to be in those spiritual settings wanting to talk about the Lord then it's evidence that my heart needs renewed and I was reading in prophets and Kings this morning and it said here on page 347 the story of Hezekiah it's failure is fraught with an important lesson for all and it's basically the same lesson that you just brought out in the question I was asking myself as you know how do I There's the opportunities that God gives us to really share about his glory and how is it that we don't miss both and there was the statement here I found I thought with interesting it in it is basically thing the thing thing that you just said but said when mind and heart are filled with the love of God it will not be difficult to impart that which enters into the spiritual life so I think the solution here and perhaps that had the kind had been daily filling his mind and heart with the love of God that would have been the natural outflowing when the ambassadors arrived rather than you know showing him all his cool stuff at 1st I wondered how could it be after God had done this wonderful Merica for Hezekiah of saving his life sparing him for 15 more years and turning the son back I mean that's a pretty big deal how could he not help that share with these visitors look at this amazing God But then as I thought about it further maybe could it be that Hezekiah was embarrassed after all these are secular people and maybe they they wouldn't be interested in God and 9 about God so he wanted to relate to them on their level which would be these secular things and I wonder if today maybe. We are afraid to share about God with secular people when God in fact is the and wonderful things for us and that the secular people would be blessed if we only had the courage to share just think what would have happened if Hezekiah would have had the courage to share with secular people from that and you know this idea going back to this whole memory verse right your chosen drink for the purpose of proclaiming the wonderful praises of God who brought you out of darkness in them you have an experience to share you've been brought out and you have something to reveal in your life and God gives opportunity yes to test where we are and to be a witness to others and that's exactly what a camp meeting thing is as a witness right and it makes me think of this passage from the New Testament the a book of the fusions the Apostle Paul. He has some interesting ways that he approaches topics and he writes from an interesting perspective and ones you see in his writings Paul writes like a man who is being watched he writes things like I believe that God has made us a spectacle both to men and to angels right and he picks up that theme in a piece in chapter 3 and I'm thinking again about Hezekiah had this opportunity all these other people coming in to see what was going on and look at me right in fact chapter 3 of the features verse 10. Again Paul is talking about how God wants us to see God wants us to be an agent of his glory to the intent in verse 10 that now the manifold wisdom of God This is kind of a heavy phrases break it down this wisdom of God is manifold that's multifaceted it's complex it's deep it's a big idea of God right God's plan his power here his what it calls the manifold wisdom of God might be made known and look at the next 3 words by the church but to home to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places you get the picture God lives in heavenly places the principalities and powers live in heavenly places of God wanted explained something about his wisdom his mind his plan the simplest most straightforward thing they could do is just turn and just say it to explain it to them but it betrays the idea that even God can say everything straight out true but people need to see it demonstrated to understand it and appreciate it right for instance in the beginning of the great controversy God was right to cast Satan out of heaven but he didn't destroy him right then and there even though he would have been perfectly within his rights to do so because the other beings wouldn't have understood it they would have seen why Satan needs to die but the cross of Calvary made it very clear why Satan should die he was indeed a liar and a murderer he was revealed God allowed it to happen and now the angels those principalities and powers in the heavenly places are not looking for a reason why Satan should die that's abundantly evident but they do have a question why any of us should be allowed to live and God could turn to the angels and say oh don't worry it's going to be fine they're going to be great. And they're going to say yes I know inferi and we trust you but we need to see that it actually works that God can change lives and so he puts us on display as an evidence of his power and glory not to demonstrate that we are so great but that he is so great through our lives and experience Hezekiah had that opportunity to be a witness before angels and men and instead of giving the glory to God He takes it to himself There's a lesson for all of us and there I just love this passage in a fusion see if we continue on down in that same chapter you know God doesn't give that he doesn't just set us on our own and say you need to do this on your own if we look down in efficiency chapter 3 verse 16 we read that he would grant you according to the riches of His glory now Hezekiah thought he had riches but has a cause riches that was nothing compared to God's riches the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you've been rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all the saints What is the width and length and depth and height to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. And that gives us wonderful power we can claim the riches of Christ glory to live in us Oh I just wanted to tack on on a feature ins 3 this idea of God being the manifold wisdom of God being made known by the church which by the way you try to unpack the wisdom of God simply means you know his full character his justice his fairness the things that the universe is looking at to determine whether or not they're accurate and true are made known by the church and that makes me think of a passage in Matthew where Jesus was talking about John the Baptist Matthew 1118 says For John came neither eating or drinking and they came they say he has a demon the Son of Man came eating and drinking and they say look a glutton in a wine babe or a friend of tax collectors and sinners so people are just you know if they see one thing they're saying one of the other they try to cast other blame on him but then he finally finalizes they are good by saying But wisdom is justified by her children so again the manifold wisdom of God is made known by the church wisdom is justified by her children the idea is that you can't really justify yourself very accurately because people will question the you know. The sincerity or you can always be question I mean when Lucifer cast his claims against God in heaven really it wasn't possible for God to say no that's not true because of course the claim was that he's not telling you the truth so you have to have it be validated some other way would be as if somebody accused me of abusing one of my daughters. And I said No I don't do that well that would have only so much weight but what they would be watching is how my daughter interacts with me and what she says about me and house comfortable she is around me and when when the universe sees the people of God even through persecution through tribulation like Job going through this experience of suffering and everything but still yet I will trust Him It is the most validating thing in terms of the manifold wisdom of God more than anything that he personally could say and so we bear witness to the goodness of God by the trust that we have in him in and how we live in our daily lives it actually paints a picture of God either for good or not. Well let's move to Deuteronomy Chapter 6 and talk about where is that image of God formulated I mean it's formed not again as we talk about in the public sphere alone or not just on the Sabbath day or not just in the special circumstances but in the very most intimate most personal parts of our lives is where this character of God is not only formed but revealed informed in others through our witness Deuteronomy Chapter 6 very famous passage here verses 6 and 7 it says and these words which I command you today shall be in your what heart so God didn't day just have them on your mind or just write it he wants the words to be in our hearts right then it says in verse 7 you shout teach them diligently to your children up pause right here Jim I couldn't help but think about your appeal today what is one of the best ways to have the Word of God in your heart is a help put the word of God in someone else's heart right he said if you want to in your heart you start teaching them to others and it starts where in the home. Diligently he says teach them to your children and you shall talk of them when you walk into the walk I'm sorry talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up you shall bind them as signs on your head and they shall be as afraid as from plates on your between your eyes you shall write them on the doorpost of your house and on your gate is really going to great links here to talk about the importance of the Word of God starting in the home in the everyday routine of life that's where this great witness for the Lord 1st begins is right in the home and it gives the illustration of the New Testament how Simon Peter wasn't called directly by Jesus but 1st he was found by his brother and that was passing right amen praise the Lord for Andrew we need some injuries in them and. All throughout the Bible record the gospel record Andrew really doesn't make that many appearances but every single time Andrew is mentioned he's always bringing somebody to Jesus now he's not a Simon Peter I'm guessing their household was interesting growing up. Peter is always stepping out of but in faith or in presumption of doing nothing but Andrew just quietly behind the scenes bringing someone to Jesus right in his own old you know lesson is about what is in your house what did they see in your house and going back to that the memory text where it talks about proclaiming God's word that also that proclaiming is not simply your public life but that's your private life as well and what I mean by private life is your family your home life and I think one of the greatest things we as a Christian families need to do is create opportunities. For spiritual conversations to come up with in our homes and I personally have found I have 3 young children one of the best ways is to have morning and evening family worship you know in verse 6 here it says you shall teach them diligently to your children and talk of them when you sit in your house when you want by the way what maybe when you walk by the way we don't do as much walking as we used to but we do a lot of driving so maybe when you're driving in your car you perhaps there could be Bible stories you could listen to with the children or even the Bible and said When you lie down and when you rise up you almost have that morning and evening worship implied there and I know for a fact that if we weren't having morning and evening worship in our home there wouldn't be those opportunities for our children to ask questions like Where did Satan come from and in these deep questions these opportunities I think it's important that we create these Ok genes these opportunities the places for children to ask right in the Bible gives us that template right there in Deuteronomy you know I'm thinking about just the the beauty of being able to influence people by bringing them into a very vulnerable place in your life so when you invite people into your home you are in. Writing them to get to know you better and to take a look I mean it's it's a very personal thing and that in and of itself creates trust trust begets trust and when you do that it automatically begins to build a relationship and when they see that you're not you know all sterile and what have you but it's your very comfortable in your home this is a lot about just making people feel comfortable in your home that is a wonderful influence but on the idea of family worship There's a quote that I wanted to share this made me think of here in. Child guides the book child guides is as in our efforts for the comfort and happiness of guests let us not overlook our obligations to God the our prayer should not need to go acted for any consideration then toward the end of that quote it says Let all who visit Christians see that the hour prayer is the most precious the most sacred and the happiest hour of the day and the idea I get is let all who visit Christians in other words it's speaking of the person visiting as perhaps not a Christian so let them see from visiting a Christian that means that even if they're not a Christian we should invite them into that time of prayer that we have in our homes that they can see Porton it is to us and how much of a blessing it is in our home and again this comes back to not being embarrassed Oh they wouldn't want to join us so whatever I think or so we might be surprised when we invite people to join us for family worship how much they would appreciate that singing reading the Bible together and so on well and I think about that too maybe one of the reasons we're barrister if we were to be embarrassed is like we're having such a good time visiting with our guest but wait now let's turn off the phone we need to draw the shades it's time for worship. And it gets very heavy and quiet in. Listen to that statement again let them see that it is the happiest time of the day that our day would be worse if we didn't have this right that I know that in our lives we have busy schedules and what not and we try to make that time each day with our kids to spend it refute the day and talk about Jesus and review what the just all kinds of things prayed together sing songs and if we don't have that opportunity it's missed right I would I would love to be part of a household and praise God that I am currently and I want to keep going that the worship power is happy that it's joyous and that something we want to share of all the treasures we can share in our home wouldn't this be one of them that they get the privilege of joining us in worship and we can sing together and pray together and reflect on the goodness and glory of God I would hate to miss that time and that's I think what the Lord is saying here it's not like all right you have to do it in the morning then when you're walking you've got to do it again and I know it's a privilege it's a joy it's a happy time to be able to talk about Jesus and be a Christian home care and I think I'd be remiss there maybe some here are not sure like how you do family worship what are you talking about I found this book at the a.b.c. It's called the disciple the disciples of Hamburg did everyone here just go it's got a chapter in it called the family altar and it just describes the importance of family worship and gives a lot of principles and practical ways to have family worship him and so there's a handy resource available just for that very thing listen in that book again. And where is that of all a.b.c. am in the size I wish it were but right transitioning to away from shameless plugs on the Sabbath morning not to get. What happens let's go to it kind of touches on in the next day's lesson but it's a natural extension of this conversation we're assuming that every home where Christian lives is everyone's on the same page is happy and ordered We just want to strive for that high standards we enjoy our family worship time together everything is bliss. But are there homes we're not everyone is on the same spiritual page where there is some tension over the very thing that should be bringing is joy is actually bringing some frustration What does the Bible what Bible Council do we see here and what principles can we extract for our lives today I think one of the facts we need to go to if you want to yeah I can read from the lesson it talks about Paul's counsel in 1st Corinthians Chapter 7 and. I won't read all of it I start verse 12 this is 1st Corinthians 712 but to the rest I not the Lord say if any brother has a wife who does not believe and she is willing to live with him let him not divorce or and a woman who has a husband who does not believe if he is willing to live with her letter not divorce him but the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband otherwise your children would be clean but now their holy but if the unbeliever departs let him depart a brother or sister is not in a bond such cases but God has called us to peace and I should read the last verse where how do you know a wife whether you will save your husband or how do you know husband whether you will save your wife so you read that scripture. Yeah it left it hanging rock and you know I thought somebody else might come up but I'll try so it seems like there's From what I've seen and this is I mean I pastored here in Michigan a number of churches and there are some churches where there was a significant number of parents who brought their children to Sabbath school whose spouse never came and we had this divided home situation I would go so far as to say we should be very mindful of how to witness to the spouses of our members who may not be members we should make that a an intentional effort but there's 2 different things that I have found that they struggle with on one side it's how. Do I win my spouse so there's the need to be patient the need to not impose everything that you believe on your spouse like on Sabbaths make your spouse turn off the t.v. shut down everything that they normally do that kind of make them keep a pseudo Sabbath with you it's not generally very helpful unless they're very amenable very you know agreeable they might be embittered by that a little bit it might be better in some cases to spend Sabbath with like minded believers and give them some free time during those sacred hours but there's that difficulty of needing to be sure your patient in and they're not converted so they are going to you know not always act on their best behavior if you will so it requires extra you know if you're a Christian you should make your home even sweeter and your spouse should see that in patience and mercy and what have you So that's one side of it that's difficult for those who are in the situation the other is of voiding falling into worldliness again. So on the other side you have the challenge of you know it's difficult when you have somebody living in the house and they're watching those things that you are inclined to want to watch they're wanting you to go on those trips that you used to go on they're constantly bringing up what you used to be and it requires sometimes for you to take some stands so to maybe say I'm not going to go there I'm I'm going to spend Sabbath with these friends and not at home I'm going to make sure that my 1st duty and responsibility is always to God So there's a difficult balance that no question is very difficult but the Lord will help us to be able to be kind and merciful but in the same time principled enough to stand on what the Lord has asked us to do you know Jim the situation reminds me of my grandparents my grandmother was raised in an admin is home but then she decided to leave the church and at that time she met my grandfather and they got married well after a few years my grandmother decided to come back into the church and started keeping the Sabbath again and became a vegetarian and my grampa looks at her this is what I signed up for you know the this isn't the person he had married and yet my grandmother kept praying for him praying for him would have family family worship and would invite him he wouldn't come but she would still have her own little worship and would pray for him and this went on actually for decades and she would cook meat for him and be very loving and sweet about it and one day he just said to her Well if you're not going to eat it I'm not going to eat it either and so that was that was fine you know she hadn't pushed him and she was a really good cook by the way so she fixed him wonderful males he loved that well towards as. I got older my grandfather got cancer and through the influence actually of pathfinders and the sweet influence of my grandmother he took Bible studies and was baptized he lived 7 more years after that and he said those were the best years of his life his last and museum and so there's a power in the Christian life as a witness to other people especially in the home and obviously that influences on children but also on people who are not under direct supervision yet but your peers your contemporaries your spouse your family members your brothers sisters cousins and there is a power of personal influence that is entrusted to the Christian by Got In fact if you go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 11 Paul again one of Paul's interesting ways of writing he says things that we wouldn't if someone were to say them in a sermon today you think Well that was a little bit arrogant of you to say that but Paul just gets away with it I don't know how he does it but for instance look at 1st printings Chapter 11 and verse one Jaron Could you read that foresters group these 111 sure imitate me just as I also imitate Christ you know I we kind of I've got myself saying No no don't don't look to me as your example Jesus is your sample don't don't look at me and you don't but Paul had no problem saying hey follow me. Imitate me. But he always qualified as I imitate Christ. Right but he understood that Jesus was no longer physically there he had to been taken to Heaven he was now in the heavenly realms you know not visible any day and so if you say hey follow this invisible Jesus they're going to say well where is it and he said Well I tell you what follow me as I follow him and he put himself up on more than one occasion right he would refer to this power of personal influence did you have a subtext of it yeah I was looking at this book. And there's a section here about meant the importance of mentoring and it is amazing how frequently this is especially the New Testament repeated you have Jesus who said in John 1412 the works that I do he will do also the one who believes in him he says I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you Peter says that elders should be established but they should not be Haven as lords over those entrusted to do them but to be examples to the flock and then Paul in addition to the text in the 1st Corinthians to the flippin says join in following my example and note those who so walk as you have us for a pattern I mean this is a continual thing where in the New Testament you get the picture that discipleship you know when you think about Jesus what taught the disciples was not just his teachings to the crowd but that they learned how to pray by watching Jesus pray they learn how to share with others in a very kind and yet firm way when needed by the way Jesus did everything that Jesus did they learned from and in the same way when we are talking about making disciples in the church we have to model things that's that's unless our words are have corresponding example then it loses its power and influence. I would say that you know this is a great subject we each one of us myself and each one of you are an example whether you realize it or not people will follow you yes so be someone worthy to follow we always like to say you know follow Jesus and that's that's fine and dandy but people will follow us. An example I have I was studying in a in a bible study group about 15 people with new members and we were discussing a lifestyle issue what Christian should or should not do and one of the new members piped up and said does Pastor Jaron do that and that was his answer to the question and so I think we we are not answer to the question. The answer is we did not do that particular thing in that case but I think we have to realize we are teaching others who we are an example period so what are we sharing by that example mercy you know and that in our own home I were so running out of time and it's killing me here but Child Guidance page $530.00 to go back around to the you know the original thing we started the entire Sabbath school program with you know how you got to just come to Sabbath school and be on time listen to this one child guides page 530 she says fathers and mothers should make it a rule that their children attend public worship on the Sabbath and should enforce the rule wait for it. By of their own example. She continues saying by example as well as precept we should impress upon them the importance of religious teaching you know the book really should be called parent guidance but the reality is each of us whether it's through our own children or to our own spouses or own neighbors or coworkers or friends or family members extended wherever we are we are living breathing witness is an influence and example of what Christianity is. So the question we leave with you today is what are they seeing in your home what do they see in your time management in the management of money the language you speak your temperament your diligence and work your excellence in school whatever the capacity is in which God has given you opportunity to encounter other people are you a reflection of God's glory or you living the Hezekiah life just wanting to show off instead of show forth the glory of God It is my prayer and I believe the prayer of all of us here today that we each individually have that conversion experience where we can literally say to people imitate me as I imitate Christ is that your prayer today do you want to be imitators of price of the people can see you as an example let's bear heads forward a prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for giving us the ultimate example of your love grace kindness justice and mercy in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ thank you for giving us your word thank you for giving us the testimony of these apostles and thank you for giving us the Spirit of Prophecy to make that direct application today in our lives a lord with all of that theory we want to be more than that we want to be put into practice in our own homes in our own lives so that I would pray today that you would bless each individual here. That you would make us the witness that you want us to be as we seek to not show forth to show off our own ability to show for for you. We pray all of us Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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