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The End of Secrets, Watching and Waiting

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 28, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Lord we're here tonight we want to honor you. We want to know you so that we could worship you. We want Lord to be lives transformed by your indwelling presence under the control in the beauty of the Holy Spirit so bless this now Lord as we make a journey bless us as we anticipate your return in Jesus name I pray Amen. Tonight friends I want to talk with you about the end of secrets. There was a Bible that was printed in the early 1906 it was the 1st Bible that had or at least the 1st popularized Bible that had commentary in it. That commentary brought into the prophetic understanding of the world something we call Futurism Now I want to tell you from the days of Martin Luther and beyond when people read the prophecies and they could see that God anchored the understanding in history that allowed you to project forward and understand the future. When they begin as or had his dream and Daniel said after he revealed the dream and the interpretation you're the head of gold at your kingdom it wasn't hard to understand that the kingdoms would that would follow would fit in the progression that Daniel identified and we haven't done it yet but if you go farther into the Book of Daniel Daniel actually name some of those kingdoms some people don't believe the Bible mainly because they don't want to believe but some will say it's too accurate to have been written ahead of time. So it had to be written after the fact is a little Jewish pick me up Rod Rod Ra kind of thing. I'm here to tell you that you will either have to come face to face with the fact that Jesus Christ is a reality and that this book is history hope in the present and confidence for the future you're going to have to come to grips with whether or not there is a god and since there is no other religion like Christianity you remember that story on Night Number one the mom a Muslim cleric a Muslim spiritual leader the rabbi a Jewish spiritual leader and a Christian Pastor Timothy Keller and he said to that group Kal gathered at that school for social studies in New York City Christianity is either a superior religion or an inferior religion because it makes a claim that the only way to God the Father is through God the Son It makes a huge statements and either Jesus is a liar and a fake or he is what he says he is but he can't be anything in between so Christianity is either a superior religion where God comes in search of you he's not just another teacher telling you how to be better and maybe pulled it off with a higher state in a future existence he's either the author of creation and redemption in future restoration or he is the worst fake and phony that's ever existed but we ought to take time and discover personally through an experience you'll encounter with this living God and His word conviction ought to be allowed to grow and God ought to be able to show himself and either piece is the result and hope in the moment and hope for the future it's not but the Bible is so accurate that some of said it was all written after the fact. It predicted nothing. And some people are so afraid of the focus of the prophecies that they say you can't understand any of it in the now it all points to the future and of course it does point to the future but if you have no reference in the now if you can anchor down the start of a prophecy How can you know what its end is and so from Martin Luther's day on working as people study the Bible and let it define its own terms it was easy enough to see what things were pointed towards But along comes a man by the name of Scofield and he prints a Bible in which he puts all his commentary and he takes statements of prophecy and he no longer anchors them by letting the Bible define the starting point and the Bible define the terms he chooses his own terms and pretty soon we have a new doctrine that appears on the scene of the earth. Never before believed before the early 1900 the the term secret rapture I don't believe even existed before Cyrus Scofield printed his Bible but I want to tell you it was popularized by Hal Lindsey some of your old enough to remember the story of The Late Great Planet Earth I want to tell you one of my professors the parents of some of the members that attend this church took how Lindsey's predictions apart it's so deflating It's so if I was a theologian if I was Hal Lindsey and I was still alive I'd be so embarrassed I'd want to crawl under a rock because you can take all of the predictions out of that book and you can show that not one of them came true but they were all based on Scofield's Bible they were all based on the idea of Futurism. The idea that somehow people would just be whisked away. What's the point of whisking them away well you need to know the point in their mind the point was that when people got whisked away everybody else who didn't care would say oh we are to change or else we're not going to heaven Well now mind you going to heaven is good and waking people up matters but that's the role of a prophet that's the role of people who are living different lives and proclaiming the glory of our God You see the reality is you can't fall in love with someone else I'm not sure I even like the analogy I'm about to use you can't be merry Christ reveals Himself the church is his bride you can't be married to someone and keep giving your heart away to someone else and say well when it's time for me to wake up I'll go back and be with this person have any of you tried to switch your emotions like that is that how it works you can deepen your love you can fall more in love in this case with the world in an illicit affair and all the sudden you say oh I don't want the world anymore but that one and run back over and say Oh Jesus I want to be with you. Unfortunately in my line of work I have to deal with people who blur the lines of the sacred circle of marriage and I want to tell you something getting somebody who's giving their heart away to somebody else to stop and turn around and go back to the original is all most impossible as a matter of fact when someone has a alien bond that's what we call it the right Bond is with the spouse the wrong bond is with the wrong person who didn't make you promises didn't stand at this altar didn't have witnesses to watch you say I do and didn't say before God I'll keep my word the wrong person once you've given your heart a wave to them the wrong person robs you of being able to give your heart back to the right person Satan knows this. And so Satan understands the power of basically saying world don't worry you just go on with the party you just go on loving the things you love but when the airplanes don't have pilots and the trucks don't have drivers and when the garbage man disappears and the truck is sitting there Eileen in front of you it's because somebody got raptured away and when that happens you ought to wake up as if that's what would make you love God. So much of this is tied to a focus on the legal purging of a record as long as you get your record cleared everything's good go to heaven the problem is if you love the world being in heaven with Jesus is going to be torture to you and he knows that you see that the center and the joy of heaven is Jesus himself it's been together with him forever the secret Rapture is an exceptionally dangerous teaching because it suggests to the world you don't have to worry about the work of sanctification in the transformation of your life the readiness to live as a citizen of Heaven you don't have to think about how each day is your day of probation you just go through Live doing what you want to do and when you hear the bell ringing when the people are whisked away then you get serious like the main thing you got of void is to get out of hell free card or main thing you get again there is no such thing as a secret about the return of Jesus nothing. He appeared in obscurity and poverty as the Lamb of God that would take away the sin of the world but when he comes again all of those things that the Jews are hoping for in the 1st coming are going to be in the 2nd Coming but look at how slick the devil is he wants he wanted the people back then to expect a great king but now and so when he when Jesus didn't come with fanfare in the Angels well he can be king but now when Jesus is coming back as a king and the game is over and it's not a game the war's over when he comes back as a king and he set it on a throne and he has his 10000 angels with Him the devil wants you to think Don't worry don't pay attention don't get ready just wait for the secret rapture and then it'll be time to get serious about all this it was something that the wise men knew was coming because they were studying the Bible when Jesus was born the 1st time and the prophet Simeon and the prophet is Anna they were sensitive to the spirit when they brought Jesus into the temple they sense God's moving and they proclaim that this was the long awaited Messiah you just get people looking for the wrong thing and you just get people loving the wrong thing and they want the right thing. You will never find well I shouldn't say that you will find only one thing in Scripture about the 2nd coming that's a secret and I'm going to show it to you tonight but everything else about Jesus' 2nd Coming is not a secret as a matter of fact Jesus said writing through the prophet Malakai that before the great and terrible day of the Lord he'd send Elijah the prophet you ask yourself friends how many people in Israel in the days of Alija didn't know that Alija had proclaimed that there was a problem Elijah and said for 3 and a half years it's not going to rain until this nation turns back to God Everybody knew who Alija was most of them hated him if they could have found him they would have turned him over to a had any Elijah would have been executed on the spot the coming of the spirit of the Elijah the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy is going to get the world's attention for anyone that wants to know so how will Jesus come back and how can I know that I'll be ready when he comes friends you can be ready live today ready and they will say to you Look here look there don't go out after them or follow them if they say to you Matthew says it is well not just Luke look he's in the desert don't go now I brought this up several times and I'm bringing it up again the message is don't look don't check it out don't investigate it to see if it's right or wrong and before this evening is done you'll know why because the manifestation of spiritual power that's going to be at the end of time is going to overwhelm the senses of men I don't know if you followed this climate change thing very much but one of the things they're saying is just listen to the scientists just listen to the scientists listen science is good. And I think we should listen to the scientists but when science is no longer the main game it's no longer the talk of the town when the spiritual manifestations are abounding and there's demons working miracles what they're going to say is just listen to the experts just listen to the theologians Listen friends you need to be your own theologian and read the Bible and know what Jesus says could you say Man that's why you're here you're not going to have someone drop into your house and say well just 2nd I've got 100 slides on that topic let me go through them with you know you need to say I know what the Bible says and even if you only had 12 color coded marked Bible verses put the 1st verse to start your bible study in the cover in the flyleaf and then just use a color. And when you get to the 1st verse you write it down on the flyleaf of your Bible when you get to the for the 1st verse right in the margins the 2nd verse and that will take you to the next one and you can give a Bible study you don't have to have it all tucked away in your brain although it's good to do that don't go don't get on your phone don't get on that web page it's just an invitation to be deceived Christ is coming from above he's not showing up on the earth where you got to go seek him out the Bible is very clear about how it's going to work it will be a literal event and not hard for you to recognize Jesus was standing with his disciples and they he was taken up out of their midst the Bible says when the angel showed up the men of Galilee why stand you gazing here into heaven this same Jesus whom you've seen taken up will so come in like manner. It's the same way it happened in reverse so as he was taken up into heaven so he's going to come back but when he comes back we're meeting him up in the air did you ever notice that the Bible says we're meeting him in the clouds we're not meeting him on the earth so don't tune into a.b.c. c.b.s. n.b.c. or Fox News because they don't have the story they've got the fake they've got the delusion and Satan is paying keen attention and he's going to mimic Christ in the end and I'm going to jail he's going to work miracles and people who don't know their Bible are going to think that's the proof but that's actually the deception listen to me working a miracle proves nothing except that you have access to supernatural power it might be evil power Satan stood in the place of Gabriel before he was exiled from heaven Gabriel took his place he stood in the very presence of God These are angels these are fallen angels we call them demons working miracles and you bet they're going to work miracles and it's going to deceive he come in the like manner as you've seen him go into heaven a real Christ ascended a real Christ will descend but he's not coming down to this earth we're meeting him up there this is not going to be our home he's going to have to cleanse it and make it better a very visible event behold he is coming with clouds and a few people are going to see him on their i Phones. And it isn't quite what it says every eye will see him it's our job to make sure they know who he is before he comes so they could say I want to be with him. Instead people have painted him in the worst uses we talked about this morning Christ coming is going to be an audible event the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout you know last night we were preaching and that thunder rattled through here kind of got our attention. And I was laying in bed in El Salvador taking a trip to build some buildings down in El Salvador I was down there on a site visit and I want to tell you I was laying there the rain rolled in and there was a bolt of lightning that struck close and I have never heard or at least not a long time a peal of thunder that loud I mean I sat up in bed and it was hard to go back to sleep listen when Jesus shouts the dead are going to hear it the reverberations the sound waves are going to shake this old earth and the graves are going to pop open and the archangel who is Jesus He's the leader of the angels going to blow on that gospel trumpet and all throughout the universe everybody can and all the celebration is on the night of woe is over Christ is getting his people let's go see what's happening the dead in Christ will rise 1st it will be the literal it will be visible it will be audible there will be no secrets Jesus is coming and he's starting the celebration and we are the focus then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up to gether Now listen to me. Nowhere in the Bible do you find that one group gets to enjoy the joys of heaven ahead of someone else with the exception of a very few individuals Eliza was taken to heaven alive without dying he represents those who will be translated at the end of the age without time Enoch walked with God Genesis says he was not for God took him he represents a similar group of people whose lives have been washed in the blood of Christ in the transformation of Christ Presence within them is prepare them to live in Heaven and then Moses died on Mt His go the Scriptures clear he died but the book of Jude tells us that Jesus fought with the devil over the body of Moses and he said The Lord rebuke you and he resurrected Moses and there in the books of the Gospel story Elijah and Moses meet with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration beyond that friends only the 1st fruits the people that were resurrected when Jesus died that's a very small group of people but they fit the symbolism of one of the Hebrew festivals where they were to bring their 1st fruits and offer them to God Well Jesus did the same thing when he was resurrected those when he died those that died and were resurrected when Jesus went to heaven he took him back with them and they were the 1st fruits that represent it eventually your story and my story deemed renewed restored and in the presence of God The Scriptures are very clear the re deemed of the earth the masses without the exception of those who represent special statements about the plan of salvation so like Elijah translated and Moses resurrected the billions of people those millions that will be ready are all going at the same time nobody gets the 7 year head start on anybody else Christ coming will be a glorious event now I'm going to have a little fun here. It says for as the lightning that flashes out of one part under heaven and shines to the other part under heaven so also will the coming of the Son of Man be alright let's do this what are we looking at. Can anybody tell. You're looking at the village church last night it quarter to 9. Most all of you were gone. But someone wasn't Joe Weber who does the video reproduction was walking out to us Chuck and he took a picture that's the pergola entrance that's where most of you come in now pay attention and see if it works. Now that was last night but course it had a kind of quick So let's look at it it's not slow motion it's still framed Are you ready that's last night at 845 and that's last night at 845. Let's look at it one more time that's last night at $845.00 and that's last night at $845.00 The difference is the lightning Jesus said your eyes could be closed but it'll be an unavoidable event. You could be laying in bed with these thin pieces of skin covering up the irises in the lenses but when the lightning flashes outside you still know. The real Christ is coming in the sky and it won't be a secret he's coming to resurrect the dead and nothing will be a secret when he comes I believe based on the writing of the prophets and the type ology of the journey out of Egypt into the promised land that we're going to make a journey to heaven with them and he will be the ultimate Moses was a type of Christ Jesus is the true shepherd of this people he's going to take us on a journey to heaven going through the vast cosmos the Son of Man will appear in heaven and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn this will be a sad thing it's not Jesus wish some people away and all the tribes of the earth say oh we better get serious about this know Jesus has a people at the end that are proclaiming that he's coming it was in subtlety almost you could say in secret the 1st time he showed up without pomp and circumstance but the 2nd time will be completely different he's coming to claim his own he's coming to declare victory and nothing will be secret or private about it they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory that is not a secret every eye will see him unfortunately for some it will not be good news but this is where the church has a mandate Listen friends don't waste your time. With things that don't help other people know and get the privilege of being ready. There are millions a billions on the face of the earth that don't understand the plan of salvation they don't know there's a God you could love they think it's either get right or get fried and they're not that interested to be frank. The truth of the matter is they've bought into the lie they've been told a falsehood cries coming it's going to be a climatic event I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet this is another place in scripture where it's very clear it's going to be a wake up moment unfortunately for some it will be waking up to despair the trumpet will sound the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed that's when I take on my incorruption and my mortality is traded in for him and Talladega Jesus will be here to change everything and it will include my very nature my very body my very being great marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just untrue are your ways of the saints I don't think we can hardly imagine how wonderful it's going to be to receive our parents back to receive our children back to meet generations that preceded us especially when they've been ripped out of our hands by accident or disease I don't think we can begin to imagine how anxious the angels are to get the celebration going but their interest is small compared to the interest of God and yet God is waiting for someone a prophetic voice to announce to the world that there will be an end and yet there is hope they hold this is our God we've waited for him he will save us this is the lord we've waited for him and we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation these are the words that will be on the hearts the minds the lips and the tongues of those who are saved and now is the time behold now is the day of salvation so how do you get ready for Jesus every day how do we prepare for the 2nd coming by making the choice to let Jesus live in our heart and give our lives as a living sacrifice every day. It's like the story I told the smaller of the of Nan Wood who was in France several many years ago and she helped this little old poor lady it turned out that as a visiting student scientists her kindness letter to have the privilege of meeting none other than Marie Curie the 1st woman to win a Nobel Prize the 1st woman to win 2 Nobel Prizes and the only person ever to win 2 Nobel Prizes in 2 different scientific categories but what happens when Jesus comes the seismic of the evils this earth is going to give up its dead the righteous dead come back to life the righteous living or a change in mortality is bestowed and the wicked living are destroyed they don't want to see Jesus the light is too much for them the righteousness the righteous welcome Christ and the righteous go to heaven so what about that secret rapture now I'm going to Chile the only thing that secret about the secret rapture right here but of that day and of that hour knows no one not even the angels of heaven but my father only but know this if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into Are you getting an idea of what secret it's the time not the man. It's the what the time there's only one thing that secret in the Bible about Jesus coming back it's when it's not whether it's visible or not it's not whether it's audible or not it's not whether it's literal or not it's not about people disappearing it's about Christ of Piri. And when Christ appears our hope is not only is stablished in a new reality it is the glorious and grand celebration of the World Church on earth and the church in heaven being united there is nothing secret about the Returning to Christ except the actual moment and that's important to remember when Jesus comes as a thief the world will not expect it and there will be some unfortunately in the church who did not expect it but I love this verse France there for you also what right here be ready be ready you think you're going to live threescore and 7 you might. And you might be in a car crash or you might be at the doctor and your world might crash the beautiful thing about being ready is that you have heaven on earth when you're ready it's in your heart the good news is you have the peace of God no matter what comes your way when you live ready because Jesus has set up his throne in your mind your body Paul says is the temple of the Living God therefore glorify God in your body and whether you eat or drink or whatever you do glorify God be ready you can't make yourself ready but you can choose to let Jesus live in you and he will continue the work and you can live in the peace and be ready concerning the times in the seasons brother you have no need that I should write you now why are these verses about to come up because while we cannot know the day or the hour Jesus didn't tell us in the latter chapters of Luke and in Matthew chip Luke $21.00 in Matthew $24.00 Jesus didn't go over all these signs so that we could just sit around saying well I wonder when Jesus is coming. No I don't know the day or the hour but I told you the other night that Jesus says when he goes through these signs these are just the beginning of birth pangs. I went over the fact that these things will intensify. And there's nobody that's looking for Jesus who needs to be surprised when he appears this is what Paul says concerning the times in the seasons you have no need that I should write to you times and seasons for you know yourself perfectly that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night again it's just the time it's nothing else for when they say peace and safety because we're going to go through some trauma and a new world order is going to be established in the word on the street is going to be it's a Ok you just do what we say peace and safety but it's not then sudden destruction comes upon them isn't it interesting that Paul would be echoing Paul's metaphor as labor pains upon a pregnant woman and they shall not escape but we're not done let's go a little farther but you brethren he doesn't say you customers he doesn't say you patrons he says you brother you sisters you're not in darkness that this day should overtake you as a thief you are sons and daughters of light and Sons Of The Day We are not of the night nor of the darkness Therefore let us not what sleep. As others do but let us watch and be sober and many of you ever been around a drunk man they might be funny and they might be mean but it's an awful lot better when they're sober. You know why we're not to be imbibing in every opportunity that comes our way we're not to take up every job in promotion some of them are in direct contradiction with our role of raising our kids. Some of them are and direct competition with our role of partnering with our church family to proclaim the good news of Christ coming and put on seminars like this we're not to be asleep because we've been lulled into this fatal distraction that comes with all the opportunity that's in this in this world in this country we're not to simply pursue our ease and pleasure God actually tells us pay attention he says don't be afraid to go do what I said to do you know what's wrong with many in the church today. Is that the temptation is to hunker down and save up a lot of money and maybe store up a lot of food and get off the grid and all these things so that you've got yourself a little buffer when the trouble comes Jesus says that isn't what you're supposed to be doing. Now there's nothing wrong if you want to set a little extra food aside but I need to tell you something friends nobody saving themselves in the last days trouble is going to be too great and too intense you're going to need a living Savior who shows up with living solutions and provide you a living hope so don't get go don't go dig a bunker but live sober so what's wrong with lots of Christians they're so worried about themselves that the only thing they can do is be afraid you want to lose your fear. Than do the 2 things Jesus said to do before he left after 40 days of being on the earth he told his disciples to do 2 things just to. He told them you weigh in Jerusalem until the gift I want to give you comes to you that was the Holy Spirit we can be seeking. And then the other thing he said is go. So when you go to work friends you're going into the 9 to 5 missionary zone but you go after having waited on the Lord in the morning and I want to tell you something you're going to watch God work and your fears going to go away because your interest going to be focused on reaching people for God he's going to be by your side and in you in the faith chapters are going to grow and your confidence going to get stronger and you know what you're not going to be afraid any more than the fact that you prioritize coming out of this meeting it's a good thing the prophetic voice of Jesus is resonating through these scriptures the call to confidence is there in the words of our professors who have been showing us that the Bible is true and science proclaims a creator and the words of hope and joy in the songs that we've heard some but too many people are afraid because all they're doing is wanted to shield themselves so they can have a continuing good life and everybody else can go to hell almost quite literally our institutions our churches our schools and our homes are to be preparing our own selves and our children for the highest a noble is calling that has ever come to a living being in this cosmos and that is be an ambassador for Christ wherever you go and by the way friends you come to this church every Sabbath as an ambassador for Jesus only come here as a missionary and by the blessings you receive rejoice but make sure you love some blessings behind when you go nobody anticipating the return of Christ need to be afraid if they let the love of God fill them and they just turn every day over to him he'll do with it what he wants many of them will look very ordinary faithful mothers faithful fathers faithful teachers faithful preachers. Faithful engineers faithful doctors faithful lawyers faithful builders. But nobody needs to be afraid unless their focus is only on themselves. And I'm afraid that too many in my church one of the best educated religious groups in the world have scraped and pulled and drawn all the benefits of their education and their culture and their networking way too much only to themselves and the world is languishing for hope it's not just the pope who is talking about the fact that the rich nations should be thinking about doing a little bit others I'm not talking to the nations I'm talking to the people of God tonight. And I'm calling you all to realize that as we watch the birth pangs intensify remember a couple of things number one deliverance is on the way that's what happens when a Mama's big with a baby there comes a point she wants it out or there is a Mama's in the room. And it's a little bit troublesome on the way out but it's all forgotten when she holds a baby in her arms. I'm thankful to my mom and listen friends for too long the preachers in the pulpits of America have been content to let you have what you want. What casually through life enjoying the blessings that the prophetic voice of the Scriptures and for those that are of my faith the Spirit of Prophecy those voices are calling us to the highest order of joy I want to tell you today in this auditorium I'm looking around for the people right now the small many in this auditorium I met a doctor met him in the hallway. He was one to Christ. By one of our older members who was a missionary a long ways away from here when he was a little boy she just kept reaching out to him bringing him to the Sabbath school and today he's a 7th Day Adventist doctor with a missionary spirit and he said dancing the cause of Christ. Don't be afraid Jesus said the gates of hell can't stand up to you so you feel like David and the world looks like Goliath Have you ever read the story do you know how it turned out oh yes he was commissioned which meant when the stone came out of the sling the Angelic Guidance system directed it right where it needed to go and a few moments later he was standing over the prostate form of a big bully. But everybody else that watch all of sudden had new courage friends of your read about Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo they were dealing with another big bully who knew better because it already had Daniel proclaim they'd be babbling me to Persia Greece and Rome and he had set up that big statue of gold he knew better why did he put 3 of his most faithful advisors between a rock and a hard spot but I want to tell you what if they had to choose between the rock and a hard spot they were going to choose the rock that's higher than them and he was an impregnable rock and when they threw them in the furnace the ones who threw them in fell down dead but Shadrack me shaken Abednego after they fell on the coals got up and dusted those ashes of those ropes off and there was Jesus a nice to meet you guys. And then we can answer is a pout of his chair walking in disbelief to the furnace he can only get so close but he knows. Daniel's witness was not without merit the merit the witness of shadow Acme shack in a Bendigo was not without effect even though he had distanced himself and disagreed with his previous assessment that there is no other god like the god of Daniel he was back there again and maybe even on his knees and pleading to them to come out and he wanted to hear all about it. He had one more round of pride before he was humbled but the last story of never can never has him testifying that the Lord is God why. Because for Hebrew boys decided God was real and they would live for God in a foreign land feeling somewhat powerless except for the fact that they knew their God could save them when they went through the water and went through the fire yes France don't be afraid let Jesus Use your life in the ordinary places and yes you will suffer some the 2nd coming in a surprise only to those who are not walking with God and not study their bible take heed unto yourself however let your hearts be weighed down with carousing It's almost like Jesus knew what the 21st century would look like watch video on demand play video games with a 1000 other people on the face of the planet friends it's time to abandon those things and say God I don't have enough life I don't have a life long enough to waste time doing that and I don't have a brain strong enough to resist the reshaping the devil wants to put on it as I engage the world and it's the deuces me. Drunkenness because if the age of addiction and dysfunction was on Jesus' mind and the cares of this like Jesus said I don't want that day to come on you unexpectedly So what about one taken in the other left 2 men will be in the field one will be taken in the other left and they say There it is the secret rapture and I say no it's not. As it was in the days of Noah Jesus said so shall it be as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be and all it's saying is what Jesus said all along they will be sheep and goats will be weighed in tears one class will be saved one will be lost on Fortunately too many. Will have learned and listened too late the kings of the earth and the great men the rich man the commanders in the mighty men every slave and every free man who has not received Jesus will have no other desire than to hide because they have now the fear that cannot be relieved and they will say to the mountains and the rocks fall on us and Highness in the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb let me ask you friends how would it make you feel if you came home tonight and your dog saw you and stuck its tail between its legs and ran away whimpering how would it feel if after a business trip you came home and your kids saw you Pastor Joe tells how his little boy too little to understand what a long trip away means after he's gone for 3 and a half weeks on extreme Bible work out his boy looks at him less than 2 years all not sure what to make of the fact he disappeared out of his life one day and then he looks away he's not ready to be in his daddy's arms. Imagine how that made him feel you. Jesus doesn't want anybody to feel this way but there will come an end there's no 2nd opportunity. That's why there is an Alija message that's why there is a great and loud call as the Book of Revelation describes it that's why there's 3 angels in chapter 14 and another angel in chapter 18 and they have a megaphone a they cry with a loud voice come out of Babylon come out of the confusion come to God find of rockets higher than yourself now is that time Christ coming going to be literal visible audible Glorio glorious climactic and joyous for most but not all but friends we are to give everybody a chance to see Jesus in our lives and see the beauty of holiness before we tell them the message that's in the Bible you're the Bible they're reading are they finding a beautiful statement of Christ's love and faithfulness and fidelity Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again this is the message it's supposed to be the best news you've ever heard may it not be that we have to find all of these ropes all of these sandcastles that our lives of fall of washed away by tragedy and destruction may it not be that we have loved this world so much that the idea of Jesus coming really isn't such a good life I've been thinking about it lately America's been pretty good to most of us Christians no lions dance no fiery furnace has no jail cells although I will tell you any 18 hundreds there were 7 Day Adventists who went to jail for keeping the Sabbath there are some not so good chapters out there but America's been good pretty good to us for the last 100 years I just wonder if maybe it's been a little bit too good but tonight I'm appealing to you Jesus is calling this the light shines from the east into the West so he wants his message to be Herald around the world. He saying today is there anything that would keep you from being ready from the coming for the coming of Christ he's asking us to consider what trifling thing of this age actually stands in the way tonight I want you to think about where here at the end of the Sabbath where here slightly more now than right at the halfway mark of our series I want you to say to Jesus if you desire to say Lord I want nothing to stand between me and the eternal inheritance you've already paid for God is here tonight he's speaking to us through the power of the Holy Spirit the prophecy the gift of prophecy the revealing of the secrets of the heart like those 2 men on the road to m a s God speaking to us and our hearts echoing with the call of the spear friends tonight I'm asking you to make new decisions to say to yourself. I will refocus my life around the great mission and the great movement of this and time message so that others could know Jesus will come soon and they don't need to be free they can be waiting and watching trusting in the gift of salvation he's provided and longing and looking for the coming of our Lord and Savior listen to meditate as man Josee minister to us. Would you like to go. It's better than what we have here you don't have to get old you don't have to get sick. You don't have to watch your fortune your fortune washed away or your children wander from your hopes and ambitions. Listen friends. Nobody's going to heaven by themselves you gotta take somebody else with you. We gotta press to gather and pray together we gotta wait we gotta go. Jesus is waiting to come. He doesn't want anybody left behind he didn't suffer and guess seminary. Only to leave people behind he didn't hang on a cross make it in a shame struggling to breathe he didn't watch the darkness around him and cry out My God my God why have you set forsaken me only to leave somebody behind your kindness on the jobsite You respect to your boss your faithfulness to your child even when they don't like it you're studying us as a Christian. The presence of the Holy Spirit in your life will give your words credibility tonight I just want to tell you there are a lot more people in this world who realize it's not going to last. But they need a beautiful invitation to a beautiful something better. The night. You'd like to. Rededicate your life. To giving that call and having that freedom that absence of shame that holy laughter rolling out of your heart and anticipating a stroll with Jesus he'd like to say Jesus I'm sorry when I've let my heart become too attached to what's here but I want to go home and I want to bring as many people with me as I can if you'd like to do that tonight would you stand with me. We all only get one lifetime. So as long as it's taken. We just have the one life we have. Give us back a sense Lord. Of your assurance. Give us back Lord not that you took it but help us to get with the locus of Eton give us back Lord that sense of focus that sense of love for people. Thank you for so many beautiful Christians that I get to fellowship with Gordon thank you that you're refocused us thank you for these meetings. Thank you for the reminder this world is not our home. But you're coming back and you've made a place the mansions are already there. Just waiting to fill them. Maybe go from this place tonight. With a decision and a desire to be there is my prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w audio verse or.


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