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The Wedding

Dean Cullinane


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.




  • October 10, 2019
    11:00 AM


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Father in heaven or we are still waiting still waiting for your son to come so waiting for that day when the clouds will be rolled back has a scroll still waiting for that trumpet sound still waiting for the voice of the archangel as it descends Help us Lord not to lose hope in this time but to look forward and to prepare for the day that is coming father we've all sinned against you and against heaven and we're not worthy to be called your daughters or your son's father your son Jesus Christ the bridegroom himself will forever be worthy to be called our savior so we ask that he would speak to us today this special day that you are blessed sanctified and set apart we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. The wedding. The wedding I have a testimony actually from when my wife and I got married it's very easy when organizing a wedding that is primarily just about 2 different people to make that day entirely about those 2 people we when we were planning this out came to a consensus an agreement that if anyone was going to be lifted up on that day would be Jesus himself and we wanted the day to be more about what God has done for us than what we had done or going to do for each other and we tried to put a conscious effort into making sure that each part of the service was understandable to people that did not yet have a relationship with Jesus weddings probably more than any other service maybe alongside funerals in our church I think have the greatest capacity for evangelism rarely are you going to get more unconverted or more unbelievers present in your church than when there is a wedding or unfortunately when there is a funeral. And I remember at our wedding. A wedding ceremony in the evening a young lady came to me and my wife and she said as one let you guys know that I've seen a picture of God today that has made me want to sub him for the rest of my life and I think that's the whole point of the wedding the whole point of the wedding is that one would make a commitment for the rest of their life now marriages in the time of Jesus marriages when the Bible was written differ widely wildly from what you and I see as marriages today there's a lot more preparation back then there was far more ceremony and a lot more formalism there's usually there was usually a number of steps that I want to briefly take you through the steps of marriages before and in the day of Christ step one would have been the proles or all the betrothal what would happen is the groom would go to the father's house the father of the bride and he would then he 1st when he would leave listen to me because this is all going to come back so we're going to come full circle the groom would leave his father's house and he would head to the house of the bride and then he would make the proposal to her a payment would be put down for her and then they would establish the marriage covenant they would make sure that what this marriage law was going to look like was set out before them both Step 2 would be what we call the period of engagement the groom would then return to his father's house and that usually meant being apart from his bride to be for about 12 months and in those 12 months at his father's house he would build an extension to his father's house which would sort of as the house for him and his wife to be then. He would return from his father's house to the Prince to the place of the bride but he would return at a time unknown to the bride and just before His return the bride would spend time undergoing a period of ritual cleansing it was in stage 3 upon his return upon his arrival that the wedding ceremony would happen and a few people not everyone a few people were invited to this wedding ceremony and then step for step 4 he would return with his bride now to his father's house then the marriage would be consummated and the wedding feast would be celebrated for the next 7 days and that wedding feast would consist of anyone who wanted to be there now there is a reason there is a reason why Christ and His Church are likened to a groom and his bride the father was actually the one that paid for the bride in the very 1st step it will be the father that put down the payment and we see that step $1.00 has already been accomplished in this and Knology Step one The father has already paid for the one whom his son loves he paid that price with walk with his son's life and so step to follow shortly off to Jesus said I go to a place where you cannot come the marriage doesn't work like that I don't propose and then take you back home with me no no I'm going to go and prepare a place for you in my Father's house there are what many mansions I go why to prepare a place for you so that when I come back I can receive you unto myself Step 3 the bride would be fetched Mind you it was not the son that decided his time over time it was the father. The father was the only one that knew when the son would return because he would request the son to return and the only condition upon that was that the son's work would be finished the preparation would be complete now the bride the bride doesn't know the price doesn't know exactly what time says no that means it means that she always has to be ready you know that means ladies that's like knowing that your wedding day is 12 months from now and spending every single day from now getting ready for that day 12 whole months in preparation for one single day 365 days of preparation for one day how do you think that sounds a little overcompensated But here's the thing the bride has 365 days to prepare for that one day God has given us 70 years or more to prepare for that one day and how many of us are still unprepared 12 months doesn't seem like a long time anymore I've been here 20 is 28 times 12 you do the math so wake up with my own Gone song with the bride would not be caught completely unaware as because when the groom would get close there would be a loud shell it's a message would go forth ball hold the bride groom cometh be prepared be prepared you see why Jesus uses this analogy so many times do you see why it seems to be is supposed especially as we get towards the end of his life the thing that he keeps going back to the marriage the marriage the marriage I remember as those 8 months became 2 months. And then became a single month and then 3 months 33 weeks and then 2 weeks you know happened around the 2 week mark mark for those of you that will hear the panic monkey came out some of you remember the panic monkey on I was the panic monster keep going though to mix up with the panic monster came up about 2 weeks and said hey did you have even written your vows yet panic monster came out I remember getting a week a week away from the wedding and now I downloaded those silly apps as well 6 days left 5 days left for will be randomly popping fireworks all over the place to let me know there was 4 days left I remember one way of trying to just get it off my mind was to go and preach I traveled 3 hours getting a call to preach the night before on the Sabbath we were getting married on the Sunday it was just too much for me to bear ha so I just I need some time out of this space where everyone is asking me if I'm ready and what I think and and what's going to happen is need to go a good 4 hours up north to people well places where nobody knows me and just preach the word and it was therapy it was therapy and then the night came and I headed back down to London headed to the church and spent maybe another 7 or 8 hours setting the church up I went to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning to get up for 7 o'clock panic monster going crazy you still haven't written your vows. And you know what's the interesting thing you know what's interesting about this whole wedding process I've been to many weddings I know how weddings go down. I know all of the little formalities I know the stages I know how the engines is work I've got it down exactly how far you're meant to walk down the aisle I don't know all of these things I've seen it so many times but on the day I realize something I realize that the knowledge of knowing what was going to happen still did nothing to help me prepare for that happening I knew I was going to stand there and say my vows do you think that helped when I stood there to say my vows Oh I knew that I was going to have to say I do do you think do you think the knowledge of that helped you when I saw that we had to remember this is the part that we practiced none of that helped the knowledge of what was about to happen did not make it easier to go through it 7th Day Adventists we have it in our name the advent of Christ the coming of Jesus here's the thing we know what happens we're living before the event yet we know exactly what's going to take place almost to the t. if you don't know here's a quick synopsis the remnant of God faithfully preach the 3 angels message and eventually Sunday laws are enforced there's a shaking within the church the latter rain falls on God's people and they are empowered to preach the last message ever given to known as the loud cry and from then from whence that goes forward everyone is divided into 2 groups those that accept the seal of God and those that relegate themselves to accepting the mark of the beast and when the ceiling of God is triune ish probation will close and from that point forth God's wroth will be poured out without mixture the 7 last plagues befalling the entire. As God's people of indicated as God's character is vindicated and then Jesus returns we know all these things and if you don't know these things by the way if you're not too clued up on how well this is work you can practically have everything down by the end of the day we've got books that were specifically written for you and I so that we would know these things books like Lost evidence books like the great controversy. Written for God's church so that we would know but I think I think written for another purpose not just so that we would know but so that we would be ready and I proposed to you this morning that there is a difference between knowing and being prepared just because you know about it doesn't mean you're ready for it and you might think oh but that's obviously preacher is it is it really that obvious because if we truly were not trusting in our own knowledge of what's going to happen to get us through that time then we probably be doing more to actually prepare for that time you know the bride could not just state that she knew that the bright one that the groom was coming she could not just rest on her laurels and say well I'm sure he's on his way she had to undergo a period of cleansing she had to be ready she had to make sure her dress was ready she had to make sure that it was her You're welcome she was busy preparing she was not I don't my to remind you that those that were idle when the bridegroom was returning fell asleep they were banned forever more from that event there was a work to do to prepare for the wedding but Jesus knew that I made a large scale this work would not be done. Picture it for yourself imagine that Jesus is in the heavenly sanctuary spending his the line cleansing it of awesomeness was we here on Earth spend all life filling it back up we have employed us lay our Savior as Lost lave But Jesus knew it would be so Matthew chapter 24 if you have your Bibles Matthew chapter 24 when you then just say man I can hear some scrolling away Matthew chapter 24 The Bible says from verse 36 Speaking of that day but of that day and hour no with no man no not the angel of heaven but who but my father only and then he says but as the days of no worse so shall be the coming of the Son of man for as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that no were entered into the ark and they knew not until the flood came. And took them all away so shall all sold the coming of the Son of Man be jump over to Luke Chapter 17 with me it wasn't just the days of nowhere that were mentioned Luke Chapter 17 were in verse 29. But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even so thus it shall be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed and if you jump up to $27.00 again it mentions the days of north of us $28.00 as it was in the days of Lot they did eat they drink they bought they sold they planted and they build it so when we look at the days of Noah and the dollar and the days of Lot combined What are they doing well they eating their drinking then marrying they giving in marriage their buying their selling their prompting and their building if there's one word that could sum all of that up do you know what it is they're living what are they doing when to all knowledge the 2 most cataclysmic events to have before them the earth thus far off right at the doorsteps then just living marrying and giving in marriage eating and drinking partying celebrating buddying and selling planting in building studying and parsing or maybe studying and failing anything really but preparing. To think anything wrong with Mary with giving in marriage with eating with drinking with buying with selling with plant saying with building No the Lord said Whatever you do whether you eat or whether you drink do it all for the glory of God There's nothing wrong with these things but what it appears to be in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot is that these things during the last night we talked about these things see he 1st the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and all what all of these things shall be added unto you these things became a priority now I'm not saying that they're a priority in your life just saying that they're a priority in some people's lives when Noah was telling that the flood was coming to the people no that's a question did the people know that the flood was coming. You believe they did some of your starting to doubt now that I've asked the opposite question stay true to your beliefs go back to Matthew chapter 24. Or read it again. First the chief reson the days that were before the flood they were eating drinking marrying giving in marriage until the day that no end to the ark and what was the Bible say in verse 39 and what and they did not know what and they know it was no walk on faith for in giving the message nor preach for how long for an entire generation 120 years of preaching righteousness no was counted righteous the 8th man to get into the ark anyone ever stop to think why he was that man he is the last one in what I think is the last one because he was the 1st one out there preaching to everyone preached until the very last moment when the hand of the angel of the Lord would just lift up that door the 8th man into the ark you think it was on faith for I don't know you see here's the thing nor preach the message soul that everyone alive at that point would know what is the difference there is a difference between an intellectual assent to truth and a practical understanding and a belief in it if you know but the knowledge is doing nothing to change you it's because you actually don't know you haven't got the 1st clue about it you are telling me that you know there's a flood coming but you don't have an ark That's cause you don't know then the thing about know the reason why no Was message about this great day that was coming that the people needed to prepare for the thing that was so powerful about his message was not merely that he was preaching about something great that was going to take place that had never taken place before rather it was it was the fact that he had his Bible in one hand and his hammer in the other. It was the fact that he could preach the message but standing behind this man was was no flowers and mirrors it was a boat to show the people that Whilst this may sound astronomically insane to you because rain has never even dropped from the sky I believe it you tell me to the people closest to you believe that you believe can people see you are because to preach a message that a flood is coming and have no boat beside you that's insanity that's the most discouraging message I've ever heard you're telling me that you know something's coming and you knew nothing about it nothing more than I say nothing turns non Christians away from God more than a message that the believers do not live want to preach about a 2nd coming when I preach about a wedding rather you don't even have a soup where you go it was the point of having the knowledge if that knowledge is doing nothing for you and you know you know where we've made a tragic mistake it's right here in our very schools I'm not pointing my finger specifically southern I'm pointing my finger at our schools because throughout the ages we have become so focused on knowledge everything has shifted so that it's all become about knowledge what do you know the students that we celebrate all know the ones that are out there working for Jesus the missionaries on the other side of the world you know they're the ones that have the highest g.p.a. this oh I've got a 4.0 praise the Lord you have 4 years of college no souls one what's the point of your knowledge if it's not changing you. What's the point of setting assignments teaches that's just merely about reflecting another man's thoughts God did not put me on this earth so I could regurgitate some Ph D's dissertation he put me here and gave me an education so that I could reflect his image was the assignments that give you the Word of God and say Go home study this thing and write a paper on how this will change your life true education give me a break so just in the schools where we've made this error we do this all the time in our evangelist experience as well 28 summons 14 days to be that you never told me it was a boot camp. You have told me that would have to done 6 months of prior training to even understand the language that you're speaking. It's what we do of prophecy you know we've made prophecies made of Bible arithmetic well brothers if you sit down here for 3 months long enough you'll know that $457.00 plus $2300.00 minus one equals 844 here's your degree is that prophecy that's the point of prophecy really because when I read 2nd Peter chapter one Peter told me that the moral purpose of prophecy was that the day Star would arise in your heart that they start being Jesus when is the last time you had a prophecy seminar all about Jesus the point of prophecy was Jesus and the prophecy that's not pointing to Jesus is pointless and I'll be honest I don't care what the 3rd toll on the left foot of the beast is if you're not using any of your toes to win souls for Jesus. The purpose of our message is not to factory produce intellectual sinners It's to create medical missionary to what their hearts want nothing but to see souls in the kingdom but no no no no we'll just we'll settle for knowledge as long as we know. As long as we know will be fine and why it says in the book desire of ages that the greatest deception of the human mind in Christ's day was that a mere assent to the truth constitutes righteousness in all human experience pardon me a theoretical knowledge of the truth has been proved to be insufficient for the saving of the soul it does not bring forth the fruits of righteousness and jealous regard for what is termed theological truth often accompanies a hatred of genuine truth as made manifest in the life the darkest chapters of history are burdened with the record of crimes committed by bigoted religionists the faith she says that is unto salvation is not a mere intellectual assent to the truth he who waits for entire knowledge before you were exercise faith cannot receive a blessing from God It is not enough to believe about Christ we must believe in you see we know we know that at the end of time the mark of the beast will go you know the mark of the beast is. Yes Ok we know what it's not it's not a barcode on a micro chip it's not an i Phone. We know what it is though but do we really. In my studies I've come to one simple conclusion that the mark of the beast is simply a call to worship it's a song it's a call to worship for the carnal heart they're singing already from the same song they're playing to the same beat the reason why we can get to Revelation Chapter 13 verse 8. And the Bible says that the whole world. In whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life show wonder after the beast the reason we can get there is because when that call goes out to accept that Mark it's going out to people whose hearts are carnal on converted already a line with the Anti-Christ it is the logical next step it's just a call to worship will you publicly worship the thing that you have been privately worshipping for so long with a little bit of persecution behind it to help you make a decision I believe that there will be people on this earth that have never heard of the mark of the beast that will never receive it in the same way that there will be people on this earth that preached the mark of the beast that will be 1st in line you know why because it's never been about the knowledge and don't get me wrong don't get me wrong it helps it helps to know some things it helps to read in. It helps to have an understanding but just because you grew up in the church doesn't mean that you grew up in Christ you may see him as but it doesn't mean you know him. It's not about the knowledge have you allowed that knowledge have you allowed the word of truth to pierce you to the very bone the key to overcoming in the last days is not knowing the timeline of last day of events it's about having the last day. It's about having a heart that has been touched by the love of Jesus that wants nothing more than to touch other this is what marriage is all about this is what the wedding is all about you're standing there and you're looking at the one that you love and you're saying Here's my heart. He is my life and you know when it comes to that point when it comes to that time that my friends is not the time to make a decision you don't make the decision standing at the altar looking in their eyes the decision has to come long before that point what you're doing at that point you're surrendering you're saying to them you know I have wants I have dreams I have desires I have aims outcomes I have objectives I have plans and I will give up every single one of them for you so you know you're ready to get married you're ready to give up every single thing you have have ever thought of have ever owned just for that person I promised my wife I said if life with you means homeless in a cardboard box I traded for the World Trade the world for that I'd give everything that I have for that. And I remember standing there on that day looking into my wife's eyes as tears rolled down her cheek and I was I'm not going to recite my vows because I don't want to make you guys cry. I basically said to her made my hands or yours my feet are yours. My ears are yours my mouth is yours my body is yours mine is all yours my life is yours everything that I have is yours and on marriage with Jesus is no different to that as we stand there in front of him blood rolling down his cheeks Jesus my hands are yours my feet they're yours my ears my mouth my body my eyes my life is yours. Christ has no body now but you was you the bride of Christ the Church of Christ are the Body of Christ he moves when you move he goes where you take him he touches the people where you are in the same way at the wedding that 2 individuals unite and become one so it is the same that Christ and his bride blend the human and the divine I remember when my wife and I were getting marriage counseling. Pre marriage counseling mind you wanted to be put through our paces before we made the decision thought it might be better than to spend money trying to fix it afterwards prevention is better than cure and. Better that you build a fence on the edge of the cliff than an ambulance down in the Valley so we went there with pasta Alan Hutch and we traveled 3 hours every month for those 8 months to spend a day with him and I remember the 1st day that we got there he said Dean dollar I hope you don't regret this that set the tone he said I want you to know as your pastor as your counselor as your advisor I have one goal over the next 8 months and it is simple my single anymore and objective in the time that I have with you guys is to make sure that you do not get married thanks for that pastor. That's that that is what we were looking for yeah he said if you can get through these 8 sessions and if you can stay faithful to one another in these 8 sessions if you still desire one another after these 8 sessions and you can rest assured that I think it's God's will for you guys to unite Ok. And then he said this he said in my time observing you you guys are both completely different people and he meant that because we are come when they say opposites opposites attract I think they were talking about us but he said that in that he sees the work of God and he explained why because I was kind of puzzled he said because Diem walling if both of you were the same that one of you would be unnecessary. I believe that it is one of God's greatest Joyce to take something that looks like it cannot be blended with something else and blended into the most beautiful picture and that's where you come in because if you look inside and if you have anything like the picture that I have inside sometimes it looks theoretically impossible that my life my character more saw and the character of Christ can ever be blended together but my friends if there's anything that you've learned from attending this these meetings I hope that it's this I hope that you see that in the same way that a man desires to spend his life with his woman and a woman desires to spend her life with a man the same way if not more so God wants to spend his entire existence which exceeds beyond eternity with you and he will blend he will take all that you have all that you are every good thing that he ever put in you he can blend you with the image of Jesus not so that we all become cookie cutter Christians are you with me but soul that in our individuality we can reflect the image of God Do not forget that the image of God was 1st reflected in plurality. It was Man and Woman 2 opposites that when they were together God said This is my image this is marriage taking 2 beings that looked like they cannot be together that it's just not going to work that 2 Lives to soul fish hypocrites cannot possibly So firstly live for one another and God says all just you wait you thought parting the Red Sea was special you thought raining manna down was something oh man wait you see what I do with these guys the greatest testimony this has ever seen is a family united in g. It's why Satan Hades families it's why he's done everything he can to pervert the image of sex in the mind of young people so that he can make you marry to everyone married to self even God is saving you God is saving you for him the bridegroom cometh I don't think you're ready just because you know that the bridegroom coming through it's time to get ready it's time that you put as much effort into your spiritual life now as though you were actually getting married how much effort would you be putting in then how many phone calls would you be making how many people would you be contacting to try to help you out when I'm speaking about your marriage or speaking about the marriage of an eternity hope the hope of anything that you've been encouraged that your life can be blended with Jesus I want you to turn as we close to the Book of Genesis the Book of Genesis chapter 2. The Bible says in Genesis Chapter 24 Genesis story Genesis chapter 2 verse 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh Jesus left his father for you Jesus left heaven for you Jesus left his life behind for you. Well you leave your. That's your design standards we prayed together asking the Lord to prepare us for the day that is coming you know I was puzzled when given this theme joy. Do you I see se puzzled the wife of Jesus it's got to be the most specific theme of been have ever been given in my 9 years of preaching the word you know I was confused because throughout all the Bible it looks like the church God's people are the bride and then you get to Revelation Chapter 19 and in Revelation Chapter 1000 verse 7 it says Let us speak that I'm rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is come and his wife had made herself ready and so was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the linen is the righteousness of the saints verse 9 and he says to me right bless it are they which according to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and he saith unto me these are the true sayings of God and like Ok this is a little strange chapter 21 verse one says this and I saw a new earth and a new heaven for the 1st heaven and the 1st to a passed away and there was no more sea and I John saw the holy city New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband in verse 3 says and I heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes there shall be no more death there shall be no more sorrow nor crying need this shall there be any more pain for the form of things are possed away and then he concludes as this. Come here is a I will show the the bride the Lamb's wife. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain and he showed me that great city the holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God and it baffled me how is it all of a sudden New Jerusalem is the bride I thought it was God's people I woke up extra early this morning to try and figure this one out and it dawned upon me God's people are his church his church is made up of his people that's where his presence is that's where he Tabernacles. And at the end of time at the end of these 1000 years that pos as the Earth that we now call home is destroyed and John looks and sees the New Jerusalem and he is told by the angel that's the bride Why is that the bride because now you're in it because now you are in it the bride of Christ now calls New Jerusalem home. Now calls the new of home. And they become synonymous friends heaven is yours if you want it the new. Is yours if you want this marriage this wedding this commitment for eternity is yours if today you would say yes and so just like last night I want to make one final appeal if today you want to say yes to that for the 1st time. For the 1st time maybe or if you've wandered far away from God And today you hear his voice calling you back inviting you back to this wedding over an eternity lost you come to the front maybe you didn't have a chance to come last night maybe last night you were battling over making that decision. But the voice of God is calling you if he's calling you today if you hear the Spirit speaking touching your heart. You want to commit your life to the one who committed his for you. You come to live. As anyone else. Jesus is asking Will you marry you promise me your life. Will you have me will you hold me. In sickness. The way he's going there's no death in that bride there's no death note is. No pain no sorrow it's not just the wedding over the time it's you guys it's the marriage. Just a few seconds and then we pray together as anyone else feels oppressed to come forward. You know as for together Father in Heaven the invitation alone the invitation alone is more than we desire to tap the actual opportunity to enter into a covenant with you a relationship with you that will span eternity. For that we don't deserve that. But how can we say no to Jesus how can we say no to what he did how can we say no to what he's doing. How can we say no to what he's going to do. Father we know that day is coming we know everything. We asked that you would help us to be prepared for it. Help us to get our lives in order Lord help us to prioritize your kingdom and your righteousness over these things. Give us a desire to seek you 1st give us a desire. To say yes to the cross. Give us the desire to work during this waiting period. Give us a desire to be clothed in your righteousness and set of our own. And may all that are gathered here be gathered on that day when you come faithfully awaiting. The bridegroom Comus. That be the message. For you name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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