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Ambassadors for Christ

Garhett Morgan


  • February 2, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we thank you for a warm building Florida this time of year especially this past week the small things that often we take for granted we're very thankful for thankful for a roof over our heads and heat in our homes but father we're so blessed but father we're not satisfied with just those blessings. We want to be in your presence this morning Father we know that you want to be here and that you are here and father we ask if there's anything in our hearts that are keeping you from being here more the Lord that we would cast that out so that we can be thrilled with your word and with your truth Florida this is your message and. If there's anything that I do tomorrow I ask that you would speak only as you do father bless bless us all and they our hearts be open to your word we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. I was at Meyer the other day and it was right before everything was going to hit that snow I mean and so Big Rapids church needed some salts for their sign walk and so I went to Myer to pick up a big bag of salt there and Big Rapids and I was going through the self checkout with my wife and there was a man and it was very very cold that day extremely cold and he was there and he was at the self checkout and he didn't have a cart or basket but he had 2 big bags of chips ice and he was holding them and one in each arm and as I passed by I looked at the gentleman and I kind of smirked and I said is it not cold enough there for your partner and he looked and he realized why I had said that and he smiled and I was taken back with his answer he looked at me and he saw my wife there and normally men don't talk like this when there's a lady around but he said well this ice isn't quite as cold as my wife's heart now is it and I was kind of taken aback by that he thought it was hilarious and my wife I don't think really heard it praise the Lord but now she does and we're checking out and then he asked me how I was doing and I said I'm blessed every day and I think he was taken just as much back by my answer that I was with his answer you know often we ask that question to people without really caring how are you we do that don't we we're just about ready to meet somebody or maybe you're meeting a coworker or whoever it might be that's is the way to start a conversation right so how are you doing it's been a while how are things going in reality more often than not when we ask that question sometimes we really could care less. We just want to get the conversation started right and so normally conversation goes how you doing good how about yourself just fine and then we continue our conversation but I've noticed something even in some Christian churches and in this place too that sometimes when we ask each other how we're doing we often don't answer in the way that I think or the Bible teaches a Christian should answer in fact they would be talking about how to have a positive Christian attitude and often having a Christian attitude a positive attitude is a lot easier said than done so we're really talking about what the Bible has to say about that today but before we before we do that I want to take a look at a verse go to Matthew Chapter 12 if you would Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 36 Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 36. Matthew 1236 this is a verse that we don't look at very often but it's one I think we should look at quite a bit Matthew Chapter 12 and verse 36 says something that's quite bold but a very true statement it says this but I say unto you now who's talking here is Jesus right when Jesus talking we should pay attention Amen this isn't pastor talking this is the creator of the universe talking to us but I say and to you that every I don't word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment Wow Did you catch that every idle word that men speaks is written down in the books of Heaven every off handed comments that you tell your wife in frustration every joke that you tell your coworker. Every word that you say to your child or your spouse that you know that you shouldn't all of those words that are spoken are taken and are taken down in the book of remembrance let's be fair and honest about this too every word of encouragement every word of lifting up your fellow brother every word of kindness every word of peace that's all written down too isn't it sometimes we can focus on one of the other but both of those things are written down the good as well as the bad but the problem is this all of that bad that we often say is written down and no matter how many kind words how many edifying words how many encouraging words we tell our fellow man that we say those words aren't going to be able to wipe away those negative words that we've said right you could spend the rest of your life series sharing this with other people which we should be doing but it doesn't matter as long as we have these other words here on The Book of Remembrance praise the Lord for Jesus and His righteousness Amen and all those things can be blotted out and wiped away for eternity in Man God is so good with that however when Jesus was talking to his disciples and was talking to the rest of humanity when he was here on earth this question came up how to have a good attitude or how to be converted and Jesus looked around where he was preaching and he found somebody that had the attitude and that had the conversion experience that he was looking for and this person wasn't probably somebody that people were thinking he would point to but go to Matthew already in Matthew but go to Matthew Chapter 18 verse 3 For this example of how a Christian should act Matthew Chapter 18 and verse 3 notice what it says here Matthew Chapter 18 in verse 3 says this. Well start in verse 2 in Jesus called a little child unto him and set him in the midst of him and said Verily I say unto you except you be converted and become as want as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven if you catch that now let's be honest here for just a moment when we think of children when we think of young adults young people often they have an attitude of don't they so when they start growing up a little bit sometimes we don't want that attitude but when Jesus is talking about a little child what I envision is somebody a child that's under the age of 2 you know what I mean right completely Ed a sense not caring about the position that he is in just meeting his needs met Let me ask you this a child at that age one of the main things that that child needs is love from his parents would you agree they crave it references a let me ask you Do you crave the love of God in your life because I can tell you this no love on this earth will be able to fill that love that you need that only comes from God we can find love from our children Amen that's a special kind of love we can find love from our spouse that's a special kind of love we can find love from our congregation and church family that's a special kind of love of my friends nothing compares with the love of God you can't find love anywhere else it's when young people are looking for a spouse or they're looking for a relationship with someone else one of the 1st things that I ask them as I know that that's important that you find that someday but are you experiencing the love of God because my friends when you are in experiencing the love of God and walking in that relationship with Him God will make you content Amen I was listening the other day to a conversation between a few believers not here in this room. But there was someone that was just a baby Christian and she is so excited about being a part of a 7th Day Adventist Church but she just lights up and there was someone else that had been in the church a little longer all season and this young baby Christian asked this lady Hey how are you doing like we always do. And then came the complaining I am so tired everything seems to be going wrong my finances are already having a hard time I've been sick all this time all these things are happening and it was like 15 minutes of complaining my friends let's be honest for a minute sometimes life throws you a curveball a man like life isn't pretty sometimes maybe you had a rough week maybe you have a rough month maybe had a rough past year I don't know what it might be but my friends who are living with Jesus we are always blessed Amen God is good even in the midst of hard times so when someone asks you how you're doing and you're tempted to complain we have nothing to complain about do we. Now it's one thing to be honest with one another and express the need for prayer amen like we should let each other know what's going on in our lives but we shouldn't focus on that Amen we should be focusing on what Jesus is doing in our life God is good even in the midst of trials we can have a good attitude go to Flippy and chapter 4 for just a 2nd here this is probably a very familiar text to you but it's one to be reminded of Philip is chapter 4 and verse 11 now this is Talk of Paul speaking here excuse me Paul speaking and he's talking about something he says talking about contentment Now I love Paul because if anyone has to speak on the subject Paul would be the guy remember that statement that he makes in the New Testament there and some of the church members are complaining a little bit and Paul just kind of has enough of the complaining and he goes if you want to talk about hard times I've been stoned I've been shipwrecked I've been whipped I've been beat and he just goes off this large and you're right if anyone had to complain it was Paul Paul didn't have a place to lay his had he was in prison I mean he died in prison he was executed Paul had a rough life as a Christian let's be honest but it was a life he was blessed with because look at his attitude here in Philippians 411 and says this not that I speak in respect of wands for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be what's there with to be content now no one knows your situation better than God and I don't know your exact situation that you're in today but my friends I can tell you this that God wants you to be content in the situation you're in a man God wants you to better yourself yes it's true but God wants you in the circumstances that you're in that life has given you or that you have often given yourself God wants you to be content when we talk about an attitude that Christ wants us to have let's be honest. Sometimes our attitude can change on a moment's notice I don't know if you've ever had that day that's been going well and then it just goes downhill fast you wake up in the morning you have your devotions you choose to have that good attitude and then something goes wrong that just sets you off and then something else snowballs on top of that and then something and then it just feels like if it doesn't rain it pours right how can we be content even in those issues when we're tempted to lose our temper. When we're tempted to be depressed when we're tempted to be snappy with the people that we love you know when I wake up in the morning and my wife on the spot for just a minute when I wake up in the morning 9 times out of 10 maybe 1000 times out of 20 I don't know but the percentage is pretty high when I wake up in the morning like I can as soon as I open my eyes I'm ready to roll and I'm happy so I wake up I'm out and I'm I mean I can be on the phone within 30 seconds of being out of bed just you know and I'm just I'm an energizer bunny ready to go my wife isn't that way when my wife wakes up in the morning she isn't just hopped up and my wife needs that time to sit back look around get her bearings have quiet read her Bible that's not me. And the 1st year of marriage was a little difficult because I didn't realize this so we'd wake up at the same time and I'm you know I'm loud I'm singing I'm doing my devotions out loud that I'm banging around with all these things and my wife was just like seriously. So my wife has done something that has. That I don't understand completely because sometimes every once in a while they'll be that one day and you can probably probably relate to this 99 times out of 20 I'm good but there's that one day every once in a while but I wake up not happy. And I know what to do my wife wakes up every morning and as she's having her devotions she wakes up an hour before me now so she can have that time because once I'm up there's there's no stopping so she wakes up an hour early she has her things she's getting ready and no matter what her mood is she can be in a good mood naturally she can be in a bad mood next with no matter what mood she is she tells herself in the morning no matter what's happening I choose to be happy today I choose to have a joyful heart today my friends that's really what it's all about whether it's in a split 2nd or a moments we all choose what attitude we have don't we we all choose what outlook on life we're going to have for that day and sometimes for me normally just comes naturally but sometimes it's not and then I don't know how to choose but we as Christians no matter what the situation we're in we need to learn how to choose to be content Amen no matter what situation we may be in Matthew 5 tells us we don't need to turn there but in Matthew chapter 5 a says Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the what do you know the lesser of the meek for they will inherit the earth and when you think of that verse for just a minute when I 1st read it I think Man I'm getting gypped I get the short end of the stick I don't want the earth the earth of the rough place I could care less but when Jesus talked about the meek and heresy in the earth he's talking about the new earth they meant the me will inherit the earth and if anyone knew what meekness was it was a guy by the name of John let's turn there this is really the core of what it Christian attitude should be it's in John chapter 3 and this isn't the John of revelation this is the John the cousin of Jesus. We normally call him John the Baptist. But in John Chapter 3 we find a key here to having a good attitude and John chapter 3 verse 27 now before we start let me ask you when John spoke were there large crowds or small crowds. Any one know there were large crowds you know I we know that John was pulling a large crowd was making lots of attention we know that because the fair cities were there and if the Fair see showed up it meant that they were most likely jealous of their power being taken from what I mean those people should be at their sermons their people should be at their synagogue and because the fair seas were at John's sermons that meant that they were worried about what their congregations were hearing right so John would pull large crowds from the surrounding areas and look what happens here in John chapter 3 verse 27 it says this John answered said a man can receive nothing except to be given him from heaven Amen. You yourself bear me witness that I said I am not the Christ but it that I am sense before him he that hath the bride is the bridegroom but the friend of the bridegroom which stands in here at him rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice this my joy there of us fulfill Now here is where it's at he must increase but I must decrease my friends that is the key to having a positive Christian attitude less if you're sol more of Jesus when John said that I'm sure his disciples were saying but John what about your dwindling crowd John soon found himself not speaking any more but John found his crowds decreasing to the point that John's disciples were complaining. John found his crowds decreasing and decreasing as they went to Jesus and he didn't have a problem with it Diddy. John didn't have a problem with it when he went to prison and finally John's headed up on a platter but he had faith in Jesus Amen my friends no matter what situation life may bring there needs to be less of Garrett and more of Jesus there needs to be less of you and more of Christ. How would Christ react to the situations that you find yourself in that is what a Christian attitude is based upon less of us more of Christ early writings page 112 says this if we dwell on things such as self with its dignity we will be humbled if you catch that if we continually dwell on ourselves in our pride it's promised that you will be humbled and that humbling experience might not be a joy ride most likely it's going to hurt but it says we will be humble in its place will be occupied by a simplicity which will bear were proof from others and will not be easily provoked a self-willed Spirit will not then come in to rule the soul. My friends if we in ourselves are ruling our own our own soul our own lives then we're going to fail all the time only but if we allow Christ to work within us then we have an amen Eggins I want to make another example here there was someone else that really needed this last and we talked about this a while ago but turned me to Acts chapter 7 was 22 for just a moment actually Chapter 7 verse 22. Acts Chapter 7 which $22.00. This is another one that needed to learn about an attitude of Christ His name was Moses and actually after 722 it says and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and indeed so it's possible mosis was part of the royal family of the most mighty nation on earth at the time Moses had access and was tots by the greatest commanders mathematicians philosophers scientists and battle tactics all of these things Moses was like the 5 star general of his day Moses was learned in all of these ways and Moses was smarts in fact that even says the most was great in word and he could speak he get inspired and he was great indeed to Moses was a powerhouse let me ask you when Moses came back to let his people go was he mighty in word anymore he started in fact he had to have his older brothers even speak for him because he wouldn't do it right something changed in Moses and something needed to change because look what it says here and continues on in verse I was my spot where personally and guys think 23 think you are the best and when he was full 40 years old so he's in his prime right it came into his heart to visit his brother and the children of Israel and seen one of them suffer wrong he defended him and eventually that was a press and smote the Egyptians so pas there you remember this right Moses was there and he's walking amongst his people the Israelites and he it's he he feels a need to free them and as he looks around and feels this need to free them he sees one of his fellow countrymen being beaten so what does he do he kills the guy. He kills the afflict or now here's the thing I believe that God gave Moses that desire to free his people amen because that was Moses destiny Moses destiny was to let his people go he had the right thing in mind but as soon as he leaned on his own understanding what happened he messed everything up and that very arrogance knowledgeable powerful man went from confidence at one moment to flee in Egypt the next and for 40 years moans this found himself in the wilderness until he was 80 years olds learning what it was to have a Christian character a Christian attitude Moses had to spend 40 years on learning the things that he had learned in Egypt now some of those things might have probably actually helped him later on in life some of things that he learned from the generals and mathematicians I'm sure those things came in handy but the things that didn't do him a good service was his attitude was his character Moses had some on learning to do and it took him 40 years and then the Israelites were let go and what that they have to do they had someone learning to do and it took them 40 years the majority of Moses life was found wandering in the desert aimlessly I don't know about you my friends but I don't have 40 years if God means to take 40 years on my life then so be it that's what he needs to do with me and I'm no prophet and I'm not setting times about that we have 40 years left you. The way the world is going I don't think we have 40 years. We need to be learning now what it's like to have a Christian attitude a man and a Christian character and that only comes by knowing God I want to look at 2 more verses here 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 23 is one of them 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 23. If we're going to look at anybody for a Christ like example we should look to Christ Amen and look what it says of Jesus in 1st Peter 2 were $23.00 talking about his attitude when he was oppressed who when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not but committed himself to him that judges righteously they meant are we humble enough to submit ourselves to the one that judges righteously I surely hope so last verses Philippians 25 full Libyans 2 in verse 5 after we feel. This is a verse that work we pretty much are we focused on every one of these messages and park Christianity but this is the key to the Christian walk Philippians 25 Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus simple isn't it let this minds be in you which was also in Christ Jesus makes sense but are we willing to not lean on our own understanding but let Christ work within us are we willing to do that I surely hope so because my friends God has called us to be embassadors for him. When you think of an ambassador an ambassador is somebody that has quite the job I mean think about it Ambassador represent a ambassador from the United States of America to China when that Ambassador ghost there he's not just for representing the president he's representing all of us right he's representing you and you and me he's representing this country when Ambassador from United States goes to China he's representing everybody is that a job that you just give willy nilly to anybody why you can have World War 3 on your hands within seconds right my friends God has chosen each and every one of us to be an ambassador from him not just for this world but all the surrounding worlds to it as you know that we are made a spectacle before men and angels the New Testament says and my friends how can we be an ambassador for Christ we will have a good attitude when people see us my friends they should not see us but they should see Jesus not everybody is going to look to Jesus for some people the closest thing to Christ that they will look is you and that's messed up isn't it but some of them will look to you to find answers and we need to point them to Jesus Amen we are the ambassadors of Christ and we need to live and act like one only through the power of Jesus Amen How do you know who Harlan block is anyone heard of Harlem block I know it's kind of a shift in the sermon but I like to do that to keep you awake it's like in a speed bump in the road when you're sleeping. Harlan block I guarantee each and every one of you have seen him before Harlan block is a part of a photograph that holds the record for being the most reproduced photograph in the history of the world. In fact you would probably know this picture if I showed you and I don't have it on the screen but I'm sure that you will recognize it even on the small screen here and I'm sure you will know within an instant and if you've seen this before Harlem block is this man right here in this image. Now for those who can't see it this is raising the flag on top of Mount Suribachi and he was Jima in World War 2 The interesting thing about Harlem block is that he in fact was a 7th Day Adventists Christian as you know that Harlem block was raised in Texas his mother moved to Texas with his father to become farmers and they were down in Texas his mother became part of a church in the 7th Avenue to church and she became on fire for the Lord Harlan's dad not so much he would rather work on the farm on Saturdays he supported his mom and in going to church and all those things and allowed the children to go but it wasn't for him or so he said Well Harlan bought grew up going to church and Sabbath school in the 70s church down there in Corpus Christi Texas and as he was there his mom also worked full time as a nurse to help pay for all of her children go to 7th Day Adventists Christian school Harlem block went up through the school and worked part time with his dad on the farm in Harlem but grew up and he grew tall and he grew strong was he became about a sophomore in high school in 1930 s. late 1930 s. he realized that he wanted to do something that he couldn't do in an avid a school Harlem block wanted to play football and as he looked around the 7th Day Adventist school he realized very quickly that there was no sports program whatsoever. He was a big man he was stocky he was strong he was tall for his age and a sophomore and so he asked his mom I think it's transfer to the public high school to play football and guess what his mother said no. So guess what Harlan went to his dad and he asked is that if he could transfer out of the sun down in a school to go and play football and this was Dad said of course and so he transferred in fact he was so good to football that he did anything that that team wanted him to do in his senior year in fact that high school football team went to went on the state championship he was a defensive end he was a linebacker he was a wide receiver in fact Harlan block was even a punter when they needed him to be a punter he did everything that that team need him to do he was all pro and Friday nights as he was there on the gridiron his dad was there cheering him on his mother was in the parlor praying for a soul now as most people saw Harlan Harlem he most people thought that he was quite the young man he was respectful he was kind he was meek in fact when he would tackle someone on the football field he would help them up and apologize for hitting them too hard. But his mom knew that he wasn't being faithful to what he was Raney's to believe and what was right well as he continued through high school he got a girlfriend and he was so respectful and in fact so shy and meek that he wouldn't even hold her hand well after high school World War 2 was in full swing and so he asked his mother if he could join the United States Marines and guess what she said no but he did anyway. So him and about 19 other of his high school friends after graduation went straight down to their current center and they signed up to be United States Marines and sure enough he was involved. He found himself there on of the bloodiest battle about the United States has ever fought in and as he was there he became what the ones in this picture are to be forever remembered forever memorialized in statues plaques all these things he was a different kind of soldier according to his platoon that survived in fact it said that after a battle he would go off when he had a moment of peace and he would weep for everything that had happened and he began to repent for his sins in fact a few of the people that actually survived that battle that were in his platoon actually came back one of them being Ira Hayes and you remember the old Johnny Cash saw few of them came back and actually looked to Jesus for help because of Harlan's example well when this picture was taken there was a few men in this picture home block being one of them and within a few minutes after this picture was taken the sergeant the n.c.o. the 1st one there at this picture was killed within a few minutes and guess who took command of the platoon Mr block within a few days of him taking command of the platoon guess what happened to Mr Block He didn't make any there it said the Harlem block went to the grave without ever swearing without taking a drink of alcohol without even ever kissing a girl and as some of those people came home only 2 of those people from that picture survived and I suppose as platoon came home they always remembered the example of Mr Block my friends today there are people dying all around us let's be honest I'm not talking physically but there are people all around us that are dying spiritually each and every day and they're looking to us for an example. This week it reads city I don't know if you know but Norm he's the one that always had the oxygen is Norm passed away earlier this week was baptized about a year and a half ago and when I heard that he had passed away the 1st thing that came to my mind was think goodness that we got to him in time my friends there are many people that die each and every day that we have not gotten to in time they die and Chryslers graze because we have neglected the work that we've been called to do and we can't even begin to do the work that God has called us to do if we're not representation of who Christ is I know that we're faulty I know that we're humans but my friends we serve a perfect God we serve a god that wants us to point to him and his people every day are dying around us searching for something more than this world has to offer we can't afford not to be anything but good ambassadors for Christ that moment that you lose your temper or speak that word that you know that you shouldn't there are people that are watching your children your spouses your coworkers they're watching being an ambassador for Jesus is quite a lot of pressure isn't it talk about a job description this isn't just representing some country of the earth but this is representing the kingdom of Christ I'm not worthy of that I don't know about you and I shy away from that job description because I know I'm not good enough but that's exactly where Christ wants you to be the more that we fill our need of Jesus the more of Jesus we should have if you're in for anything from this message please remember this remember the words of John the Baptist he must increase. And I must decrease. Father in heaven we know that the universe is looking upon this great controversy that's happening here on Earth and Lord we know that you have saved us and you are coming to get us Lord may we be ambassadors for you here on this earth please come quickly Father we pray the name of Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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