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08-Through Hidden Opposition: Strength

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Callie Williams



  • November 23, 2019
    7:30 AM

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Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to N.P.R.'s Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issue and thought provoking suspect that he is your host just within the hour. On this episode is it possible that we see evidences of an early e-mail stay tune here on in verse hey it's just in from in Russia you got a whole series of topics prepared just for you partly for young adults and we want you to get even more involved in our Bible study so we prepared a Bible study guide called The End verse Bible study guide and you can access it by going to enter 1st Bible God or Jesus from there you can see all the topics study guides Terril blogs and whatnot study the Bible join our conversation here and welcome everyone to inverse we are in the midst of a wonderful study on the concept of leadership biblical leadership in the book of new Maya here in a studio with me are my friends the team the inverse team and we're going to read the Bible we're going to laugh a little We're going to pray a lot and we're going to study the Bible together Cal you can you pray for us. Father in heaven we thank you for the gift of your words and the record of different people's lives that we can learn from and learn more about you as well I pray that you guide us by your Holy Spirit now please give us insight and may we see what you want to see we ask this in Jesus' name amen amen I mean we are in my age after 6 and Israel can you read verses one to something there. Now what happened when Sam bell it to buy a guess from the Arab and the rest of our enemies heard that I had rebuilt the wall and that there were no breaks left in it at that time I had not hung the doors in the gates ballad and get them sent to me saying Come let us meet together among the villages in the plain of Ono but they thought to do me harm so I sent messengers to them saying I am doing a great work and I cannot come down why should the work seize while I leave it and go down to you but they sent me this message 4 times and I answered them in the same manner then Sambo sent his servant to me as before the 5th time with an open letter in his hand in it was written it is reported among the nations and get them says that you and the Jews planned to rebel therefore according to these rumors you are rebuilding the wall there you may be their king and you also pointed prophets to proclaim concerning you at Jerusalem saying there is a king in Judah now these matters will be reported to the king so come therefore and let us consult together then I sent him saying no such things as you say are being done but you invent them in your own hearts for they all were trying to make us afraid seeing their hand will be weakened in their work and it will not be done now therefore God strengthen my hands thank you Israel so Russian we've been going through a lot of different aspects in the in my o.e. look at his prayer in chapter one and are building in chapter 3 from Chapter 4 what's going on here to settle essentially what's happening is now that they could not discourage him from starting the work as they're building and as they're progressing the opposition just keeps trying different angles to discourage them to confuse them so we we see they start with external opposition they start ridiculing them then they move to threats and attacks and we're going to there's rumors of violence but God brings that to nothing and they're building on the. With you know digging in one hand in a weapon in the other hand to protect themselves and they're deciding to sleep there and not change their clothes and then eventually we come to a point now where they're moving towards subtlety like we couldn't get you by compromise we can't get you by threatening you so now we're going to try to say well let's come together let's move in a position of unity and hey man you're in danger we should really talk about this and now it's all the sudden that you've been against me this whole time now all the sudden you're interested in Co We'll get into the details of that but Chapter 6 will be sounding a little familiar again there's extra opposition if you know the structure of Nehemiah and I'm into these you know structures and I'm a nerd when it comes to this thank you because that out of it was an affirmation but you have what we call a mountain or chi asm or a Subway sandwich you have prayer in chapter one you have revival in Chapter 2 you have a list in chapter 3 you've got extra opposition in chapter 4 and you have internal opposition in Chapter 5 where we see the character of Jesus and now we're coming on the other side of that mound coming down to extra opposition if you follow the chapters after that will be another list and then revival and then a prayer and at the remaining chapters or which is called an appendix just doesn't matter they're just going to attach the thing and logically it does make more sense as an appendix so. To early I mean let's go to Chapter. Verse one you see send them and the rest of our enemies and Kelly what is actually going on in the plain of Ono. Point which is just. When you see oh no you want to always say I say oh no. But you don't. So they're trying to. Well they're the reaching out to him to try to bring them together and as you say like it's not working but they're still trying to get him away from away from the work which is how he responded verse 3 like I'm doing a great work so that I cannot comes out like I got up to then I even like coming to him they're like we're over here it's a little different when you look at chapter 4 and chapter 4 super angry and attacking directly death threats but in chapter 6 there's a skin a little kind of change in saying hey we fought long enough let's let's come together and like this is so straight up evil because if our Nehemiah like this is what I've been longing for is just like some peace and quiet and so it's like Ok so now like when you've beaten him in every single direction like I've tried to hurt you know is different ways and now it's like I'm giving you what you want this laced with poison so here but and so also like we're like told to live in peace with people as much as possible right now when that verse comes later but but that idea of like live peaceably So it's like you had me in my you just making a big deal are you just like unwilling to be at peace with people for good or to forgive Eve that people can change and some of that kind of playing maybe a Christian card here yeah Come together and this one will get to me the most because I mean it's like it be so easy to be like am I am I the one causing the issues now because I'm not willing and I mean clearly am I just like what are you but I'm not as strong as. The Am i was able to respond the way he responds and I think this is the theme at least in my mind that continues to merge because of chapter one near my is convinced that what he is doing is the result of a God given burden and that speaks to us. About the importance of vision you know and having a vision that is firmly rooted in God and not in human understanding I think if you're a human being if your vision is like if you have a vision to start a business and to you know make a lot of money and then you kind of face this kind of opposition at some point you're going to give up or alter or change or something because it's not worth it you know either that or you're going to give up too much for it but Nehemiah has been convinced that the vision that he has is a God given vision and it allows him to reach a point where he's even willing to be misunderstood like you're thinking if you're if you're if you're observing this from an outside perspective you can be looking at the amount I do you have no you know there's no room for for a change in you you're very like stuck in your ways you know there's no you know you're not willing to compromise with people like you're just of very harsh and hard individual bad for p.r. marketing skills are really bad media is going to you know is going to work for us and the the jury outside of us going to really side with sound balance so by They're saying like a quantity you just pause for a little bit take a break they're not saying like quit doing what you're doing they're just saying why don't you meet with us to Ono to be able to talk about our differences and here we discover that Satan never gives up they never gives up his goal is to get us to stop doing the work and the m.-i is convinced that the work that he's doing is God's work and nothing is going to prevent him from stopping even though even the attack of his own reputation very interesting that you see that they want there in verse 2 and verse to let the Come come together among the villages in the plain of Ono but they thought me too they thought to do me harm and I know how to Where does he get that from you know he just he gets this inside like a let's go meet at the McDonald's Oh they're trying to kill me I come from the streets lighting. You know if somebody is somebody is like trying to beat you down and they're threatening you and we want to fight and we want to fight and then all the sudden they're like hey let's come hang out let's go ball Yeah you're like is that a trap Yeah obviously like the artist on the card right you've already tried to hurt me and you've been explicit in tensional in blatant in your desire to do me harm you've already set yourself up as my enemy why would I think this would be any different this one level of street smarts and I got to give it to 2 Nehemiah I mean he's not only book smart he's street smart and you know that with intuitively there's also spiritual discernment going on here he's realizing he's in a great controversy right spiritual entities going on here but also just from a logical perspective the plane of Ono is far away you know if they're going to meet why not me in Jerusalem why not meet at some cafe at at noon but no let's meet at 1 o'clock in the morning in a street corner. In the wrong part of town and there's something and clearly about the invitation and what are they clearly saying by that invitation that I don't respect your work and I feel like this is more important because if you respected in truly wanted to protect me in my in the work he was doing you would have said hey you know what let's meet there in Jerusalem when you guys are changing shifts or something will connect but clearly you're trying to set up a way of us coming together that hinders my work I love the verse 3 says I am doing a great work you know it's like on these I'm not busy I'm to being such a great work. Can't get me if you just love that understands that delay is virtually defeat you know at the end the day of if he even did not not stop but if he did leave what he's doing if he didn't mean the work that God is called to do virtually he's been defeated and it's an important lesson for us to understand as leaders today that when God has placed upon us a burden a work to do we need to do that work now we need to accomplish that work to its will completion we need to not look at ourselves you know we face the. It's kind of challenges all the time we have internal guestrooms until by some ballots I want to do something great for the Lord Well you know not right now why don't you go in 1st get trained you know why don't you go through climb through some ladders and some hoops in order to reach a certain status for you to be able to do something why don't you come down to the plain of oh no you have a lot of zeal but you don't have a lot of maturity and so all of these are internal some ballots until bias and what happens is that many times many a time God will place a burden upon a young person to do a great and mighty work for them but this coming down to the plain of Ono will prevent them because they're thinking let me let me delay to a better time to a better moment let me delay to a point where I can convince my parents that it's better for me to do a ministry than it is to be a physician let me delay let me delay and in delaying saying has defeated us Nehemiah understands the critical principle that to delay a obedience to the burden that God has placed upon our hearts to do or to see that to its full completion is to be defeated you're saying is delay is a another form of disobedience. Another is obedience No I have 22 sons and I tell the 1st one to do something and he ultimately ends of doing it but it is his way of defying the system father is yeah I'll do it but I'll do it later and that's the same as this disobedience not doing it properly with the timing element was skipping the verse verse 15 I think so the wall was finished on the 25th day of a little in 52 days if he were to go to Ono that would take but a day you know with checking into the hotel and getting getting into the conference that's about another day and coming back that's another day that 3 days 3 days in a 52 day spend I mean that's a significant portion of time especially he needs to obey God and he's he's in a rush to get this done and so we see this timing element of obedience we come back after the break we're going to see these these these are old tactics but these are still modern and contemporary things that we see today of how people attack the work of God. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching the spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again and invest Bible Belt states and now back to the discussion. Everyone welcome back to here on in a verse where in chapter 6 of Nehemiah and we're talking about the playing of oh no you always want to say to you know so I say always honestly I say no to or no you know say oh no Ok I'll stop the 1st 4 verse 4 it's got a verse for the Bible says but they sent me this message 4 times I answered them in the same manner that in itself is also a tactic of the enemy Yeah one is compromise and hey let's let's have let's have some caffeinated coffee together but verse 4 is another one where like what's what's that tactics what you see that the devil is persistent you see the enemy is not just going to ask you one time a lot of times we can dispense so much effort you know getting victory over a test over a temptation one time that we think the devil is not going to come back again even the Bible tells us when he tempted Christ in the wilderness he left them for a time when Joseph and part of his wife were dealing with that situation right she came every single day in asking until it escalated to a point where you know she pulled his garment and he ran out this lets us know that we cannot feel comfortable in just one singular victory it's got to be a persistent mindset that I'm going to be faithful to the end till this thing is completely over and done with till the walls are completed that's it and having that power of focus on this aim that I have this burden that God has put upon my heart. It compels me to say that I must keep this aim steadily in view and I must now allow nothing to deter me from that and so just as they are persistent I need to be just as persistent in the tactic many times over comes as is the fact that we constantly get worn down where the person down and then eventually they're going to just and you see that you see that many times in Scripture I mean the Christian church you know was under attack for such a long time you threw the book of Hebrews It's like they're just worn out they're like you know what we've lost and I mean same thing at home you know what the kids like my kids over and over hey can I get this can I get this can I get this and after the one millionth time you're like you know what just get it man just get out of here like I want some peace and quiet of my life what do you want I'll give it to you you know and so. Here you have and I think Sebastian express it beautifully what happens is Nehemiah so concentrated on the vision that God has given to him and this is the only answer to having the strength to endure all the way into the end if we lose sight of the goal before us we're going to be worn out and we're going to eventually give in I also see maybe can take this principle of and broaden it that Satan attacks not just one generation but multiple generations with the same thing and then the persistent and then it's the upcoming generation that's coming and they're getting tired and they don't know the context that previous generations what we've been fighting over this one thing for hundreds of years let's just given not knowing and so they get tired and that's something that I that the next generation the younger generations have to be cognizant and sober with as truth has passed on us as responsibilities passed on to next generation it's not about Also assuming positions of power and responsibility but to maintain that that resistance and stance of why did previous generations feel that way and. No there is just older they were ignorant and the arrogant position increased so much tension because if you just had to trust in that previous generation Yes you may disagree with certain things that they did or how they want to about it but you had to trust at least their heart you have to leave give them the benefit of the doubt to say listen they answered in this manner for a reason and granted I may not have said it in those words I may not have done it in these context or oppose it in that way but I love the point that you're bringing up because generationally that lets you know that because the devil transcends that he recognizes like well if I create distrust between this younger and older generation then I'm going to win them simply because of your mistakes and because of your imperfections but it's like listen he answered in the same manner every single time and if we can convince the next generation to provide that same you know standard then you prevent the Dark Ages right you prevent the decay of the church morally and spiritually in its power there's a there's a lot of deep significance to that you know that phrase he answered in the same manner like if if so if someone continues to bother you with the same tactic I mean that's that's that's going to in most cases it's going to make you more escalate your response I told you know you know listen I we've got over this 50 times I already said no leave me alone you know I mean this this could escalate Yes but I think in the way he answers in the very same the very same manner every time because every time they come it's like his mind has been made up and I think it's significant that as a leader he's like look every day every single time you come to me you can expect this very same answer there's not there's even a same words but the same attitude and same out of the same place not just cunt pace the e-mail but he's actually saying the same sober attitude I'm doing regular yes yes yes yes yes I appreciate that that number 5 is where it gets into. A slightly different tactic in verse 44 emails were sent in 5 we see the 5th e-mail and then stand by that sent to servant to me as before the 5th time with an open letter in his hand so let me ask you a question what in the world is an open letter and let's talk about that little bit Kelly So an open letter Well you kind of alluded to earlier about the in an email I'm not going to take your point so it's kind of like. An e-mail carbon copy of this idea so it's open to anybody can read is the message or can read it Mr considerate with his messenger friend because you know people as he's walking like anybody could see it so it's a good way well and a bad way to to share like gossip and ideas so I mean and what they're saying here this is an invitation this is straight up slander this is like the most conniving convoluted it is required among the no show media like spin to get we to read it 1st 6 you know it is reported among the nations and get them says also that you did you said. This haphazardly like the most gossip such acquitted say that that you in the Jews' plantar about Therefore according to these rumors you are rebuilding the wall that you may be their king and you have also pointed prophets to proclaim Christian and you have Jerusalem saying there's a king in Judah now these matters will report to the king come therefore and let's consult together the threat threat threat threat this is how we're trying to help you this is what they call a friend in me. Here to help you with the rumors are and you've got some bad and maybe not maybe not a c.c. on an e-mail maybe just a social media post. Hey Sebastian like hey what's going on by posting on your on your wall I mean like a it's been reported reported and Cal you told me and I don't mean you know I mean. You know there's some you know you've been some as I'm going on here and explodes and I was going to read your wall be like even though it's a rumor it makes me look good because I'm here to help you out outcast the pawn and I think like I mean. It's so obvious what they're trying to do though and even a slight. You know I well mean friend to be like you they're just really down for doing that or Justin is definitely frenemy like he's been president and I'm not going to Sebastian I'll be like yeah you know just for the both of you it's like you are clearly trying to make him look awful there's nothing new under the sun and this is really about what it was last week drama is modern day that's what I was going to say is that even in this time in ancient Israel you have the power of the media just the idea that I can try to control this narrative and create a certain social pressure upon an individual to do an act Oh Come let's me is a private message oh you don't want to Me Ok I'm going to make it public and I'm going to use the media to pressure you to do what I want you to do and that the idea of like Israel said how I'm going to be perceived will that affect people's ability and willingness to work with me in the future of the people who are following me that to me just goes to show you that even from this time on to our day we see the same exact tactics being utilized to try to say what we should compromise because we don't want to be perceived this way and I've always operated on the principle that I would rather be rude than be misunderstood so it's like if I'm dealing with an individual and it's like well but that may come across as rude but I don't want to be misunderstood as saying I agree with this or I believe this when I don't but we're so concerned with the idea of well I'd rather be misunderstood than be considered a rude person or poor manners or that was an unkind comment and I personally believe that many issues would be resolved and things would eventually work themselves out if there was clarity rather than just you know Congeniality and oh yeah we're all kind and nice to each other and it's critical for a leader is worried about their reputation and if that's the ultimate thing in their life to protect reputation they can never be a strong leader Nehemiah what's happened to him is essentially. This have have have openly expressed a lot about him and have asked Nehemiah to defend himself and he in my does not take the bait he says Look you're wrong you created this in your own heart keep on working because what they will often do is it especially to leaders as he will put us in a situation will put leadership in a situation where you're forced to defend yourself instead of working towards the movement and self-preservation is selfishness and Nehemiah is so engrossed in this is what's crazy about him it's like the guy is so focused on the mission that God has called him to do that he doesn't care about his reputation he doesn't care about his job he doesn't even care about his life he's willing to do this and this is all for the rebuilding of a wall you know this is not for like the expression of the Kingdom of God is like unto a seed that's going to yeah I mean this is not this is not like the same exact mission to Jesus that this is a rebuilding of the wall I'd be like dude you're rebuilding a wall I go back and work go back issues and you know I'm saying go back and be the kings Cup there you gave it a good shot you built it halfway through Listen you did everything now except hang the walls you're cool like just told me what I don't know and you know the doors and the windows and so you know I just go back it's like this is essentially done but but but Nehemiah so ridiculously focused what he's saying I will complete this to the end I mean this is the kind of crazy leader that God needs and is on his one year until it's done and I don't I mean I love his reply in verse a savior and he just replies like no such things as you say are being done you invent them in your heart. That's Ok I can do every thing I says I love it it's curtain events and it's just it's just minimal but he's just doing what he needs to say I want to sector by their nonsense if you like a lawyer you know like a lawyer a lawyer will write you a very super short letter and as like I'm not going to bed. You know like no cordiality just like boom Nope that's not true Korn Article 3 you're wrong. So let's let's broaden out here and there are many young people and many old people and many regular people who are discouraged with politics yes and there is a there is foolish dramatic politics that's going on but it's one way where the devil just kind of gets a whole generation discouraged and one just checks out of the of the main issues at hand but we see here that Nehemiah is in the middle of politics he's not politicking but he's involved in the dynamics of the different parties going around and what are some things that we can say to these individuals young or old I think more young people are discouraged by it but there are plenty of old people who are turned off by it as well how do we transcend sees the larger issues at hand I think keep working you know you won't get discouraged as discouraged if you keep on working and don't allow the Polish politics you should you know address the political solution issues going on but never allow politics to to deter you or delay you from accomplishing the mission they've got its place and I would also add to that another day right which is don't allow politics to determine what you do because a lot of times people are changing themselves in changing their work and changing their expression in order to accommodate politics. Politics alternately in my perception is there's always going to be distribution of power and the recognition of that as long as there's a distribution of power a difference of power there's going to be politics Well I want this position because that position has x. amount of power and influence and that's what ultimately politicking is they see Nehemiah has power he's motivating the people he's rebuilding this this this group of people who represent the one true God So understanding that dynamic and recognizing the simplicity of how I should be focused which is this is my purpose this is my mission and this is where God is leading me our takeaway here is to not get bogged down in the drama and the politics of the environment around you and specially getting into self preservation but look at one of the main issues involved in those main issues are determined by our relationship with the Lord Jesus I hope you have been blessed by this conversation I know we have thanks for joining us see you next week here in inverse You've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan what Sebastian Baxter he could doctor at your house just. In this is brought to you by the full tithe television that changes like that and more inspiring ever so there's that embrace that all. The large the Amazons also move. In verse 5 until next time this is enforced.


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