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  • December 14, 2019
    7:30 AM

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Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issue and thought provoking. Post Justin with interact with all the revivals that are happening in the world does the Bible give a biblical definition of what true Bible revival looks like on this. Verse it's just information got a whole series of topics prepared just for you personally for young adults and we want you to get even more involved in our Bible study so we prepared a Bible study guide called the inverse Bible study guide and you can access it by going to enter verse Bible. From there you can see all of our topics study guides blogs and whatnot study the Bible join our conversation here on. Welcome to in a verse a study where we go through the Bible with friends and we read and we pray and we have a good time in the studio with me are some of my good friends and we're going to read the Bible specially Nehemiah Chapter 8 is where as we've been looking at leadership principles all throughout the book of Nehemiah and I've studied this book so many times but in conversation with you all I mean I've been blessed there's some things that there is a there's a blessing with group dynamics and sharing all of our things together so we're going pray for the Holy Spirit is all to me the Holy Spirit who does lead us especially because the Bible study and Sebastian can you pray for us yes let's pray off father what a privilege we have again to study a word we pray Lord that the Spirit of truth would guide us into all truth. And Lord as we discussed the topic of revival rebuilding the people followed that we ourselves might be revived and then we made leave this conversation transformed is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen what Israel for 1st question can you give us a description of what's going on so far and maybe for months 6 to 6 and 7 you know all the way that you're going to start from the very beginning. Finally Nehemiah has been able to along with the people build the wall you know and and as a risky 2 days I believe the missing 52 days yeah and as a result of this now the people have been gathered together and we're going to begin to read the Scriptures and the scriptures will ultimately lead into a revival and so I think the context of the foundation of this the lesson that emerges where we're at now is that the purpose of the goal the ultimate goal of leadership is to lead people to revival to a transformation of life and we see here in this in the 2nd half of Nehemiah about scepter 7 onwards now we're looking at my reviving the people not just the logistical rebuilding of the wall but how that feeds into reviving the people so let's go to chapter 8 of Nehemiah verse one who can you start reading for us. Now all the people gathered together as one man in the open square that was in front of the Watergate and they told the scribe to bring the book of the Law of Moses which the Lord had commanded Israel so as are the priest brought the law before the assembly of men and women and all who could hear with understanding on the 1st day of the 7th month then he read from it in the open square that was in front of the Watergate from morning until midday before the men and women and those who could understand and the ears of all the people were attentive to the book of the law so as were the scribe still up the stood on a platform of wood which they had made for the purpose and beside him at his right hand stood Mattathias Shama. Region Hilkiah and miss I sat and at his left hand to die Amicia Melky just Hashim house by Diana Decker I And Micheline Robin thank you and as for Open the book Inside in the sight of all the people where he was standing above all the people and when he opened it all the people stood up and blessed the Lord the great God then all the people on said Amen amen while lifting up their hands and they bow their heads and worship the Lord with their faces to the ground also just sure Benny sure of bya Jammin out Qube ship it via Deja mass area as a RIAA Jos a bad hand then Pella Iowa and the Levites help the people to understand the law and the people stood in their place so they read distinctly from the book in the law of God and they gave the sense and help them to understand the reading and then my own who was the governor as were the priest and scribes and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people this day is holy to the Lord your God do not mourn no weep for all the people wept when they heard the words of the Law Thank you seek you for that. Well I'll do a jump ball question anything that you see in this 1st half of chapter 8 this is one of my favorite favorite favorite chapters Well the Bible the immediate thing that jumps out to me in verse one is the fact that the people gather together as one man the Bible says in the open square that was in front of the Watergate in the told as were the scribes to bring the book of the Law of Moses which the Lord I commended is room so we see that as they're gathering together as one men in this unified mindset that phrase is denoting the fact that they all came there in the same spirit in the same need in the same desire and there was something burning in every single person who attended they understood with this ceremony represented and and that is just a profound foundation for any revival right this idea of gathering together but yet having the same mindset you can attend the same physical place and you can be in the same physical space but if you don't have the same heart in mind you're not gather together as one man well it's bifurcated a little bit and I appreciate those 2 steps there on one level that physical gathering in itself is very important we are seeing less and less of that in our digital age where people are just saying hey I'll see you there and then they don't even show up or they're you know digitally streaming online and right and it's slowly we're losing the fabric of community and being together physically in one place together although my guess is the next generation wants to have that more than ever I mean we want that organic hang out time more than ever but we're war with our devices and we'll think about the contrasts right of current cultures trending towards these one off events like the Burning Man that happens in the desert and these people go out there and I mean they're doing you know God who God knows what was happening out there but why is it that they're so drawn to these kind of experiences that this event happens once a year for just $24.00. Where's like well why well because I'm so digitally disconnected and now I get to descend upon this physical place and we're all enjoying a similar frame of mind desires goals expressions and connection and then we go back to our regularly scheduled lives at the end of the day there's a power to the physical meeting don't forsee the assembling of yourselves absolute in the 2nd half you're mentioning and then they also have the same mentality to you at the same goal and heart to do that so it gives us merit I mean let's ask you a question what do you say to young people who are injured or not young people just anyone who says they go to church but they don't get anything out of it and when they go no one says hi No they don't say hi to anyone and what's the point of going to church I rather just watch inverse online with Sebastian and Israel I'm through and Jonathan and Cali and Justin and I don't want to go to my local church which only has you know maybe another 6 people who are a 107 years old and help us help us work through that because this is a conversation that we're actually having with my local church which is a very small church when I 30 people and what about I worship service and how can we make it a welcoming people etc and something that one of the worship committee members said in one of our meetings was you know we could come up with all the gimmicks that we want and we could you know revise the order of service and really advise and etc but at the end of the day why are you coming into a ship you know and that's something that yes we need to make sure that all ships of this is good and it's quality but there's something about the person who is coming into the service and what they're anticipating from the experience and it seems he is there was a certain anticipation of what they were going to experience in this coming together and when we come into the house of God What is it that we are anticipating that we have the a for an idea to be entertained because it's on that. Entertained and it's not entertaining I don't get what I came for and my day for. Music that's going to make me feel like the Holy Ghost just came down because if the music and like that then I didn't get my praise on today and I'm not going back to that church so what is it that I'm anticipating in the worship experience what what's the whole purpose of church in the fifty's and I think even that concept has been lost in our general purpose of church to begin with yes you know that is lost we don't we don't know why we go to church what I love about this passage in the in my is the fact that it really brings everyone to the same level and the same playing field like we think in reality we everyone here probably be lost to a different kind of cultural background we have different upbringings and there are definitely things that make us different but ultimately at the in the day we're all flesh and blood we're all the same and and we're all the same whether you know you live in the southern part of the United States or the northern part of the United States or a different you know outside of the United States you know wherever ultimately what ends up happening is that at the end of day there's a similarity that that binds the whole human family together not just currently but also from now to ancient times in other words what is happening in the book of Nehemiah even though it's happening thousands of years ago with a different group of people in a different time under different context is ultimately the same in many many aspects and so the question that I ask myself is what is it that people want and Nehemiah Chapter 8 verse one answers that question it is the people that come to the leadership and they say we want the Word of God we want the word to be read we want the law of God to be read to us and what has happened here is significant because you know there is this love the lid that the people won't rise above the leadership. Nehemiah has been so engrossed and diligent in focusing on the rebuilding of the law the now people have a singular fixation on the study of God's word and there's no distraction of you know who's here or what's being done or is the Word of God going to be read in a manner that is going to you know make me feel good it's like they don't care about any of that they want the Word of God and they have a singular fixation on that and so Nehemiah has transferred that from the building of the one now to the building of the individual historical context tells us that these Israelites were sent to Babylon this disaster there's a national loss of identity then they're brought back to Babylon Jerusalem and they're rebuilding the city but they weren't really getting any traction Yemeni my coms and now they rebuilt the city and it's almost the sense of like now what. Now where is the lord going to take us what's the next stage there's a little bit of anxiety what what water What's what's what's what's in our destiny what's next now that the extra ills have been finished and they're looking and that direction whenever we have that anxiety can only come from the Word of God It gives us a destiny a projection of what's what God wants us to do I love it in verse 234 I mean what we just read the Bible is really center the center piece they're reading but how are they reading it's just not they're just not doing scripture reading here right there's a nuance to it how did he do it. Before before the how something that I noted in verse 2 and then comes up again the people who were assembled it says men women and all who could hear with understanding with their eyes I like that because you know going to church with my little kids you know I have a 3 year old and sometimes sitting through the worship service there are things that he can understand from the 7 he may not get everything when you know all the all those all the stuff that's it that's mentioned but he'll pick up and after after church he'll say Oh God God made the birds you know and he got that from the same and so just anyone who has the ability to understand to comprehend is welcome and invited into the reading of the last phrases all inclusive of all those who understand you know when you 1st read it for the 1st time sounds like the 3rd gender you have the man you have the women and then you've all those who can understand but but it's kind of saying anyone else the kids and the and one that's not inclusive and men and women that's an interesting which goes to show that revival is an all inclusive. Element you know God wants the whole family unit to be revived by his word when come back after the break we're going to look at the ingredients to how to pull together a biblical recipe ultimately by the grace of God but there are some things that the Bible delineate Stay with us after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching by over on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Here in episode 11 of the season on leadership in the book of Nehemiah and this episode we're looking at the recipe for revival and before the break we looked at how gathering together was one crucial ingredient 2nd one is the Word of God and I want to ask you the question that I asked before the break is what are those just not doing a reading there's Are there some the Bible goes into some detail on how their readings of action Well the 1st thing we see is as they're reading in the open square in the people can understand the Bible says the universe 3 in the ears of all the people were attentive to the book of the law so there is a very intentional listening then it says in verse 4 when as with the scribe stood on a platform of wood which they had made for the purpose and beside him and it lists all the people in verse 5 he opened the book on the side of all the people for he was standing above them and when he opened it the people stood up so here we see there's a certain reverence that they're having There's almost worshipful experience this isn't just like a hey we're going to read the Bible and we're just going to be revived What if there is a worship experience surrounding the Word of God that is central to and the attitude change really impacts how we understand the Bible yes we're not reading a difficult book to crack and try to put our brains through there isn't some literature and Alice says this isn't a book club right we're coming to it with a certain reverence like I'm not in line with the holiness of what this book is a spouse not that this book in itself has holiness but the words the meaning of himself does but that attitude will change yes makes is makes I mean is. It is like night and day but I think so many people do they stay feel like you know when they come to the Word of God they don't get anything out of it so I go on reading this book I'm trying to do my personal devotions I go to church etc etc and even referencing that previous question when you come to church or even when you come to the Word of God It's the mind set is the foundation of the experience if I come to church to worship Jesus it doesn't matter who else came to worship Jesus because Jesus is worthy so me coming to church and whoever else is there is a relevant to the question because I'm arriving here to worship God when I come to the Word of God I must approach the Word of God as if it is what it says it is and that is the word of gone this is the expression of my creator this is the thoughts of deity and when I approach it that way I'm going to take reverence in time to be attentive and recognize God is speaking to me through the pages of this book and that's why that's why you can have people read the Bible and be atheist so you know that's why you have atheists here Logan who study the Bible and have all this Bible knowledge and yet have no relationship with God because why how you're approaching the Word of God impacts how the word of God is going to impact many of them as they read it deep in their doubt been is their atheism it supports their philosophy Well if we can go to mechanics of what they're reading and I mentioned something about Ok so in the right there in verse 4 says so as are the scribes stood on a platform of wood and then you had the freezer which they had made for that purpose and so you have talked about different ingredients one of them was gathering the other was the Word of God the and the 3rd one here is from my perspective his purpose so the you know the so they get together and they actually construct. A structure for the very purpose of the reading of the Word of God And so it in other words there is an intentionality here. Sometimes revival takes place spontaneously you have different parts of the Bible when the Spirit of God just falls but here you have an intentional component let's build because we are and why are they why are they the building they're building because they're expecting that God is going to do something and so really the purpose creating a purpose or intentionality is a result of an expectation that God is going to honor his word when the reading of His word is being reached and so you the 3rd degree I would say is the purpose yeah amen to that verse 3 they are reading from morning to midday the Hebrew saying from about 6 o'clock in the morning from sunrise to about midday noon so this is a this isn't a 6 2nd Bible reading that someone asks you to read right before the sermon and you kind of have to stumble over the words and thank you so much for reading this in the name is very difficult but this is a 6 hour Bible reading but if you look even deeper they're not just reading the Bible they're also doing something else to verse 7 you have those names there that I'm not going to read they help the people to understand the law and the people stood in their place so they read distinctly from the book and the law of God They gave the sense and helped them to understand the reading so what you have units dynamic is you have the leaders up front and they have the pulpit which they made for this purpose and they're opening up the scroll and they're reading in front in front of these people in front of the Watergate and all these people are listening for 6 hours they're not just listening to the Bible being read but then you have the Levites are going down to the on the floor and now they're there helping the people understand what the reading was just about so what I mean for me this this reminds me of like old school Sabbath school Yeah and you know when you have like 9 status cool classes in the one room it was just a lot of chatter going on and but you have They're breaking up into groups and they're really are listening and then they're like hey did you understand and they're breaking apart answering questions and the important part is not just the reading but the understand getting it into the mind undermining him. What the purpose was but it is so critical because it lets you know that understanding is so fundamental to revival understanding the word of God because a lot of times people who need revival which it means to live again which means you are alive once you knew the Bible you were familiar with the Word of God you were familiar with who God was but something has died something has been lost right you've lost your zeal your energy your 1st love whatever it is so we're reviving you again and a lot of times what's happened in that death period where you spiritually died in need to be revived is you lost a sense of the understanding the significance of the stuff you already know and I can honestly say that for a lot of people who are young believers who feel like all church is nothing this is boring right I feel like the Bible is irrelevant is using not an indictment on the Word of God It's indictment on their understanding of the significance of the things that are in the Word of God and therefore that's all this is older people who may say and these young people have no respect for the Bible have no respect for God a lot of times it's not an issue of a malevolent desire to undermine the church as much as it is in ignorance a certain level of I don't understand why this is significant it requires teaching getting down with the people and helping them understand to get the sense of what it's trying to say and I think that's fundamentally what we're seeing when we read Drew there's a deep emotional there is a response to what is a zeal to what is taking place yes but there's also a deep intellectual spawns and so revival requires these 2 things that requires in emotional response to the Word of God and intellectual response of the Word of God If you miss one of the other you have a disaster and I would say the emotions stem from their understanding you know if you have. Revivals today that that that that's simulate the emotional reaction with really no foundation of why are you feeling that way well there's just it's just you know the more you just keep repeating the same thing over and over and I'm going to. Emotional enough and so and so the the emotions without the until that leads to fanaticism Yes You know it leads to you know yet to fanaticism and at the same time if you have the intellectual emotional response it leads to fairest and so here I was Has I'm a dry theological Anderson and so here you have the combination of the 2 God is presenting the word people are looking at the word and comparing the word to their lives they realize that they are not in line with the Word of God This is as a result of a struggle this is this is a result of a struggle with scripture over a long period of time and understanding in reality what the Bible says that the thing is this that many times we don't see our sinfulness or the seriousness of our condition because we don't understand the holiness of God right and so I read the Bible on like that I'll kill obviously. When I lie it's to help someone else I'm not a you know I'm a better person that I am in evil person but we don't understand the significance of who got is and once we get to the point where scripture our eyes are open and we understand what holiness really is and who God really is then I'm like oh my goodness I never understood how deep of a sinner I am I'm actually a greater sooner than the person that has a murder because of what takes place in my mind and this creates an emotional response like God I don't like why I am and I cannot change who I am and I need you to change me and this begins the work of revival this is what is taking place and it takes place because of leadership leadership plays the role in leading people to the revival and I think we cannot over stress the fact that the role of leadership in Scripture through the Bible spiritual leadership is always to transform the character of the individual to be more like Christ. I I think it's important it is important the gathering together of the people you know and sing about the role of leader ship in bringing people together for this kind of an experience it is possible to read the Bible and understand and have an experience with the Word of God by itself but there's something significant in this experience of coming together with a group of people and that corporate understanding that develops and even our understanding of scripture as as in debt then as powerful as my understanding of scripture can be when I'm by myself when I study something with my brother my sister and and we come to a corporate understanding of the Word of God there's something it's like it's like the next level you know the experience where whoa God revealed us to me but God is revealing this to him too like this isn't a private interpretation of the would have God this is the Holy Spirit is speaking the same thing to all of us so I think it is it is important to have a personal experience with God's word and a personal revival time every single day and I worship in the daily devotions but it's also important that we have that corporate experience when we come together for a small group Bible study or worship together on Sabbath where we corporately coming to understand what the Word of God says are today's corporate meetings based on that are there we are revivals when people say we're going to have a revival is a chapter in the blueprint for that. I think really doesn't happen I think really did He said absolutely not and rarely should should should we. Are. Absolutely directly to know that never happened here and in verse 3 different medical opinions Ok we have 2 minutes. On the no side is the placement of scripture. In a might have to 8 Central insult a platform for the purpose of elevating the reading of the Word of God and in a lot of our worship experience the scripture is peripheral You know it's not the focal point everything you know what should be experienced pointing to what's the reading of the Word of God going to be it's kind of like you know like you know while you have to have a sermon and even then sometimes a summons or not even based on the sermon should be an exposition of the region but often it's just some story or something and suspense and announcements of more theological merit Ok And this is my point because you said rarely rarely say I was. Going to point because I reword what you say yes it should happen more it really does yes Ok I believe that my point is saying absolutely we put these elements in often times you have to. Read it that's Ok The Lord is my strength so when you think about these meetings we've put a lot of these elements in there gathering the Word of God I think the problem is the people they were prepared for this experience in b. you see that the attitude in the mindset that they brought to it and what the leadership is providing are to meet the 2 differences that happened but I think the ingredients are there well there you have it out there what do you think out there do we have biblical revivals or are there manmade revivals based on excitement and enthusiasm and you can kind of guess where I'm kind of leaning towards Sun Sun I saw a letter email communicate with us on social media on what you think thanks for joining us next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes life for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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