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Prophecy and the Eternal Gospel

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 3, 2019
    6:30 PM
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Lord we're here on a Thursday night night number 11 it's been a joy in a pleasure to make this journey with everyone I pray Lord send your spirit tonight buss all of us I'm a prompter for study I pray Lord May your conviction be in your word may it be in this hour and that masking now Lord when it's all said and done that we would love you more and be the more prepared to challenge those who have mismanaged their ambassadorship and represented you wrongly to the world with doctrines that destroy hope and confidence so bless us now tonight Lord as we look at the eternal gospel set a watch before my lips a guard before the door of my mouth and I pray also for a holy boldness in Jesus' name amen. All right let's make the journey the eternal Gospel of. Jesus I want to put this in on the front side the other night I had a presentation on the the Gospel trumpets we realize that I don't know which night we're in where we are in the part of the Jewish festival year tonight that is the Feast of Trumpets it's going on in certain Jewish communities even this evening and I was showing you in 1st Corinthians 14 where it talks about the gift of prophecy is the one to desire that whole chapter it's about don't confuse people desire the gift of prophecy to edify which is to teach and instruct to exhort which is to encourage to do right and sometimes to correct put back in the path of right doing and to come for console but it's right in the early parts of that chapter where Paul writes and he says unless the trumpet gives a certain sound now those trumpets were used on battlefields to call people and then I took you immediately to the Book of Revelation where says the dragon went to make war. Now I just don't want you to miss this on the front side of the Book of Revelation that when Jesus shows up this is Revelation 110 the voice that he hears that John hears behind him is the voice is a trumpet this is a prophetic voice it will be clear and distinct The book is a revelation of Christ the ultimate and preeminent prophet of his own people all right I want to talk to you tonight about what you're learning tonight I'm going to emphasize something that for some is going to be very new. Most of you are here because it one point time you moved from a position of unbelief to belief someone presented the gospel to you and you came to the other side you came to a new perspective life came into your beam your very busy the hope that wells up from within was new and full and free so you moved from being an unbeliever to being a believer someone lifted up the story of God's love on the cross and you felt God was calling you and you moved some of you have never made that move yet some of you watching me online have never made that move yet I'm appealing to you tomorrow night I'm going to give an invitation to make that move I'm just warning you in advance God is giving you the highest order of Honor to invite you into a personal living relationship with Him Satan thought to separate us from forever from God where since he did know God was going to come down and connect us closer than we would have been if sin never happened it's an awesome thought. Dwell on it for a little while things but I've done it I've separated from his children misery what he didn't know is that before He created man he was ready to come if men needed him to it's an awesome thought but most people don't listen to me now or at least considering moving from running their own life to saying God you can be trusted I'll follow you but the warning I want to give right now is that the journey doesn't end Jesus said The road is wide that leads to destruction and many find it but the road is narrow that leads to eternal life it's the journey that is transformational so I made a decision I decided to follow Jesus some people think I got doctrinal truth and you know what getting doctrinal truth is the right thing to pursue Jesus was all about the truth his lit way of living embodied the application of that truth but what you teach about God matters when I'm done here tonight you're going to have a lot to think about at the end of the day what you believe about God is going to shape how you treat people and how you live your life don't anybody tell you that doctrine doesn't matter doctrine it be like saying all you need are muscles and a heart to live without bones I'd be a pile on the stage doctrine is the bones upon which God breathes beauty inaction systematizing everything don't let anybody ever run down the benefit of doctoring. If you had a bad foundation on your house you'd be paying forever to fix it you might come to the place where you'd say I'd rather get a bulldozer here and shove it in and put a good foundation under That's what doctrine is truth matters we're living in a supposedly postmodern age what we're going to find out when the spiritual world breaks wide open when this Earth face a crisis bigger crisis bigger than it's science can solve and its political systems can fix this world's going to be back at the feet of God and in the churches and the seams are going to be bursting on religious institutions at that moment in time a failure to have gotten to know God is going to create a crisis that God wanted to avert So when I come into a church I should study the doctrine but just getting the doctrine is just the beginning because the doctrine is the foundation for an ongoing and developing lifelong relationship so what happens it's not enough Jesus is the good shepherd and he moves on there goes the cross Jesus said I'm to bear with him now the truth of the matter is if I don't move after making the 1st move I'm kind of in the middle and I want to warn my 7th Day Adventist brothers and sisters there's a lot of people for whom this illustration is very relevant they've not only not followed their fathers and mothers and gone on to higher ground in advance the cause of God More they've taken the blessings and they've created a huge liability for their spiritual progress they haven't moved some of them have actually regressed But I want to tell you right now if you were to look at that man's life represented by the red dot you have a question Is he for God or is he for his old ways but Jesus isn't staying still and he moves on again and this time when he moves on things are starting to change and he goes just a little bit farther and when he gets a little farther and he shows up again. You tell me which side is the man on the proclaim Christ if if the cross itself is dividing the world he became a Christian she became a Christian didn't follow on didn't hear the voice of the Shepherd thinks they have doctrinal truth might even go away saying I receive Jesus I am saved and if they are unfortunate enough to believe that salvation was was only at the cross if they did it the point of the Cross wasn't to open up a relationship with their unfortunate to believe primarily just in legal justification their lost thinking their saved and they don't even know it. Think about it God didn't come along just so that every day he could pour a little more grace on our record and we could stay like we were God came into this world to give us a relevant revelation of who he is so that we could enter into a life changing relationship through His indwelling presence through the Holy Spirit so that we can actually be remade there's power in this Gospel that's represented by the resurrection power of Jesus and when Paul grabs on to the call to walk worthy which is a common call in the a pistols and Paul walk worthy it's because we've got resurrection power that can break the bonds of self-inflicted dysfunction and be said instead we've got resurrection power because we have the love of Christ that's inside our heart pure Fina So can you say amen friends tonight it's not enough that your mama and your papa believed in Jesus it's not even enough that you believe in Jesus I know people even of my own faith whom they have called themselves actually have heard of them administrate Diest and other words they have the culture of their church but they don't have the culture of Christ. Think about. God designed us to be so different. And when you know we're living in an age where the worst thing you can be is different but God designed it we should be so beautifully different. That everybody knows we've been with him so these 3 angels I saw 3 angels tonight I want to focus on the 1st angels message tomorrow night I'm going to focus on the 2nd which is the fall of Babel and I'm going to talk about what it is I'm going to talk about what to be looking for and I'm going to talk about how not to be in it the Bible that describes an amazing fall of the religious systems of this world that have long since abandoned the journey of following Jesus and being led by the Spirit but tonight the 1st one I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people by the way friends I love the New King James Version of the Bible and I love the King James Version of the Bible but I'm going to tell you they don't always get everything exactly right and this is one of those situations because the problem with this translation about the Greek language here is that the word everlasting has the nuance of being that once the Gospel showed up it's never going to end but tonight I have one order of business and that's to show you that this is not what it means let's go a little farther saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come I've explained to you already showing you that 2300 a problem see that when the prophecy was coming to an end there were people on the earth the saying the probs is coming to an end and Jesus is going to come and burn this world up the truth of the matter is Jesus was getting ready to go into the final vindicating motive ministry before he came because when he comes he brings his reward but the hour of judgments come and worship Him This is the big deal of the Book of Revelation who made heaven and earth and sea and the springs of water. Now just a little commentary the Geneva Study Bible says this angel is a type or a figure of the good and faithful servants of God whom God raised up to the proclaiming of the gospel of Christ that's right in the message everlasting Gospel both by preaching and by writing I just want to make something clear God has always worked through people and the word for angel means messenger the imperative ness the importance the loudness and the distinctness are all represented by these angels flying in the midst of a heaven but the messengers are always men women and children mangle says the same thing under the name of angels the preachers of the heavenly doctrine come in Revelation 146 and 7 so let's identify some key things out of this 1st angel number one it is a messenger with a and a very important message and I'm going to challenge all my 7th Day Adventists brothers and sisters right now if you've been a 7th Day Adventist all your life most of us are not acting like it's a very important message and I'm going to tell you something I want to firm you every single one of you that are here tonight or at least saying this message needs to be heard every single person tuning in is here because there's a group of people that have said this message ought to get out by the way tomorrow evening we are taking up one more offering and anybody that wants to say with their pocketbook it's an urgent message and it ought to get out we're going to give you one more chance no strong arming but an invitation to God's people to say this message needs to be heard it's an urgent message number 2. It is someone that understands and teaches the eternal gospel that is the focus of my study tonight if you don't understand and teach the eternal gospel this message can't come from you and it's not coming from your people group or your religious group this group must understand the eternal gospel before I'm done I'm going to push almost all religious institutions off the map and I'm not do it for spite and I'm not doing because I want to I'm just going to do it because there is a colossal amount of ignorance out there in regards to what this is and how doctrine much doctrine of much of the Christian world cannot give this message it's global in its mandate every nation kindred tribe tongue and people everybody ought to know who Jesus is a man it's human messengers we've gone over that so it's up to us to get on with the message but they understand and teach Bible prophecy pastor how do you get that out there because it's very clear it says the hour of judgment has come clearly that is the end of the $2300.00 days and those that are preaching this message are students of Bible prophecy and they understand that not only was the 1st coming of Jesus prophesied but a wake up call before the 2nd line and it focuses on knowing gone this is the great privilege it's the Creator God It focuses on because this group still believes that he made everything and I want to tell you that pushes a whole bunch of other churches right off the map because there are plenty of American denominator since the don't even believe the Bible is an inspired book. And lots believe that the story of Genesis chapter $1.00 and $2.00 could be ons could have been just made up to prop up the Jews give them special significance come up with a story line for how sin entered the world listen friends this group of people is unique and they're doing something now let's go to an accurate translation some people don't like the nearly inspired version they call it the n.i.v. But tonight I'm here to tell you the n.i.v. fulfills a role and that role is it's a dynamic translation of the Bible and it tries to capture the intended meaning it is a translation but it it tries to get the essence of what's being said as opposed to a wooden literalism of exactly every word but I'm not living and dying on one translation here it does not call it the everlasting Gospel it calls it the eternal gospel friends tell yourself there's a reason and ask yourself what the reason is why does it say eternal here instead of everlasting think about it it says eternal in another one the New American Standard Bible having an eternal Gospel to preach Let's go a little farther and eternal gospel Contemporary English Version and eternal gospels a matter of fact if you want to go back and look at the if you want to get your computer commentaries out look you're going to see far and away most translations are going to call this eternal there's a reason why because eternal captures a better essence of what the Gospel is it not only goes forward but it goes as far back words as eternity and I'm going to show you when we're all done here tonight that makes a big difference let's go back here there are a lot of people who believe that the Old Testament is one story about God in the New Testament is another. Some people are ignorant to the fact that the Gospel is mentioned in the Old Testament or that Paul the New Testament writer tells us that the Gospel was preached in the Old Testament Here it is therefore since the promise remains of entering is rest let is fear lest any of you seem to come short of it that would be a good message to give to the Hebrew people living after the cross. They fell short that's why you have that 490 weeks it was a 500 year almost moment of probation and by the way friends it's just a tad over 500 years since most consider the Protestant Reformation to have begun these general timeframes are lining up in some similar ways not that I'm giving general history and absolutely prophetic authority but I just want you to know when we see that there was about 800 years for Abraham and his seed up to the cross and about 800 years after the cross up to the final act of vindication in the most holy place these things have some merit of reflection they ought to be thought about just a little bit but since a promise remains of entering his rest let his fear lest you come short of it for indeed the Gospel was preached to us Paul's day Paul's people as well as to them this is a direct reference back to all of those Hebrews who came up through the ages hoping for the Messiah and what Paul is telling us the Gospel was preached to them is this clear Ferenc I want you to be absolutely certain you understand what's being said here the word gospel was not created in the New Testament it is a function of an eternal reality of who God is and while it is a Greek word it is a word that represents something about the one who came to save us not just an act of getting us out of hell the Gospel was preached to us as well as did em but the word which they heard didn't profit them because it was not mixed with faith with those who heard it and Paul goes in Ramon Romans to say How then shall they call on him of whom they've not believe and how say they believe in him of whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach unless they're sent you see it takes God says I want bread on my table in other words God's people blessed financially are to bring the resources in. To the organized work of his church to make sure that preachers can be sent as it's written still in the book of Romans how beautiful on Earth on the mountains are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace where is it quoting from Does anybody know he's quoting on the book of Isaiah who bring glad tidings of good things but they have not obey all obeyed the gospel for Isaiah says Lord who's believed our report so fake comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God But I say have they not heard yes indeed their sound has gone out to all the earth this is a quote out of some one team and their words to the end of the world you see Paul used the Old Testament freely sometimes a little loosely and he quoted often from what we call the Greek version of the Bible the Septuagint but Paul had a little dynamic sense himself about the application of scripture but he's making something very clear doesn't the message about God is not something new that appeared with Jesus the gospel has been around and then in Galatians he says in the scripture foreseen that God would justify the Gentiles by what my faith he preached a man I don't know what was Abraham was he a Jew or a Gentile he was clearly a gentile but I want to tell you something when he enter into a relationship with Jesus and a few generations later when he had a son named Jacob. Who became called Israel we see the origination of the Jewish communion and community Abraham him self was a Gentile. Who heard the call of Grace received by faith the words in confidence that what God said he could do and believed that in him that is in Abraham and Sarah through their lineage there would come a blessing to all the world that person was Jesus Christ so then you who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham Now Jesus wanted everybody to understand that he himself had come to fulfill this and he says it says and look for so he came to answer 3 of them brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and he stood up to read as he was handed the book of the prophet to Isaiah when he had opened the book he found the place where it is written the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captains in the recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord friends I'm doing the same thing here right now I am not Jesus I am standing as a messenger of his I am part of that 3 angels message I believe there ought to be an understanding of who God really is and that the eternal gospel ought to be understood clearly Jesus said when he closed the book today the scripture is fulfilled in your hearing and did they like it or did they not like it no they didn't like it man in fact by the time Jesus arrived on the scene if you were poor you were not blessed on the outside if you were diseased you reading worse off Jesus came to do what had been promised and experienced in the past ages but he came if all of those things in the past ages were shadows if they were little streams and Jesus came as the great Niagara. To pour forth grace on this world like it had never been poured on it before and by the way friends were supposed to make sure the fountain keeps on flowing freely beautifully and clearly so what is the eternal gospel Well there's the Greek words right out of revelation when Galleon Ionian and what it says is good news eternal it's existing through the eternal ages I want you to think about the good news goes backwards and it goes forward it matters no doubt gospel is used in its constant New Testament sense and the Gospel is called everlasting as declaring the eternal truth of God I'm going to bring in a few commentaries here because it's great truths have always existed do you believe this yes or no all right because it will forever remain unchanged yes or no. And because its effects will be ever lasting but let's go just a little bit farther Malakai prophet of God writing towards definitely he is the last recorded prophet in the Old Testament history says I am the Lord I change what not therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed and Paul will pick this up in Hebrews and say Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever there is certainly a coordinated message here no wonder it's guided by the Holy Spirit but I want you to understand something the Gospel existed before there was sin the Gospel was proclaimed in the Garden of Eden the Gospel was proclaimed in the symbolism of the Old Testament sanctuary the Gospel was proclaimed in its most glorious moment through the life of Jesus Christ the gospel is to continue to be a claim throughout eternity and I'm here to tell you when the ransom to the earth a re deemed the Bible says we'll still get together and talk about the Gospel every Sabbath can you say man why because the gospel the good news is not an act of God The gospel is God Himself the Bible tells us that before he made man he was prepared to save man giving him free choice knowing there was a civil war god understood this could cost an awful lot but love is worth it all who dwell on the earth will worship him whose names have not been written in the book of life and that's all important for somebody stop and think about whether your name's written in the book a life or not there's going to be a moment when you confess that Christ is Lord and God is King in the world as he is the Bible tells us that we've been but with a price we are to glorify God but the Bible also tells us that God Notice together in the in our mother's womb Listen I had one of you tell me I don't know if you're here tonight. But I had the most beautiful thought you share with me some of the most beautiful thoughts Listen to this I had a knitter listening the other night where the other day and somebody talked about Psalm 139 and this knitter found me not even to me I know and but I don't think it was and she said this to me she said you know you need to know something about knitters house knit together in my mother's womb she said knitters touch every stitch you think about. So when David's writing and talking about how intimately God is acquainted with us my oh my When we had Dr Hayes here and he said there's enough d.n.a. in us to go back to Pluto and back to Pluto and back to Pluto 12 times. This God we serve is amazing beyond understanding and there's a witness in a testimony in the biological in the chemical in the physical world to where this world is going to be without excuse this complex it is going to be beyond any form of chance and any honest man or woman in the sciences is going to be able to hear that his voice is gone out to all the world and his line under the ends of it indeed the good news is existed for things I want you to think about if God is the good news then the offer that was made to man was made to Lucifer before he became Satan I want you to think about this I don't know that Jesus would have had to die I don't understand what the ramifications would have been but the God who showed up in the garden is the same God who showed up on the cross and when he appealed to Lucifer to change when he appealed to lose of or to repent because Luciferian already gone a long ways the God who offered to save us made the same offer absolutely indisputably logically coherent and consistent that same God gave Lucifer a chance to start over. I want you to think about when we're living in the midst of the biggest battle it's ever been fought all the energies of heaven have been poured into saving us their engines in this room tonight there are evil angels that want to be here distracting us but I'm here to tell you if God is the eternal gospel himself it's not just that he did something that doing was just an act of Louie as if he's the one who said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak us is because he knew that the actions issued forth from the inner man as well God's not content with the outward obedience God's looking for and obedience is prompted That's why when he was done with Saul all he love song he told Samuel quit crying Oh Sam It was disappointing I don't know how much prophetic pride was on the line that he had picked a bad one while he was human. I'm not saying Samuel did think about it but it wouldn't surprise me if he thought about it God had to tell him when you quit crying over him I've rejected him now he's gone past the point of being willing to submit to me. I've got another man and you're not going to recognise Mitt 1st but I've looked at what's inside and he didn't say I looked at him and saw He's a giant killer he said I look at what's inside him I've been shaping him and he's been letting me put my divine hand on his life and he's he's gets the low post and he gets left out but he's not bitter and rude about it and I've chosen a man after my own heart the offer that was made to add a Mini and the offer that was made to you and me on the cross was made to Lucifer 2nd point some people look at the Old Testament and the New Testament and the model they ought to have is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde people say the Old Testament was law. The New Testament is Grace if that's the case then why did Paul choose Abraham as he is a one model about what righteousness by faith looks like I want you to think about this the Old Testament is not law the new covenant did not bring grace as a new Come oddity when David sinned he prayed that God would put a new and right spirit in him he asked that he would be washed with hyssop he didn't say God do I need to go climb the holy stairs. Grace is not a commodity of the New Testament Grace is a commodity of the entire Old Testament when God showed up in the garden and the people he came to save ran away from him it had a sad enough with that. But God loves too much because he's loved and when he showed up in the garden and said listen I never intended this for you but we're going to be hard you're going to swear and I never intended this for you but babies are going to bring pain before they bring joy and I and I never intended this for you either. But some day I'm going to step on your head because you can't ruin everything for everybody that was Grace I want to tell you when Noah preached for 120 years that was Grace when Abraham and his son Isaac were on Mount Mariah and he had made that 3 day journey and he and his son system Dad we've got it all but we don't have the sacrifice and his father says it's Ok son God has a sacrifice here provided when they get up to the top of the mountain he raises his hand to take his son's life and God says not so fast that's crazy. I want to tell you there are times when judgment on the wicked that have no interest but perverting corrupting and destroying and there's some pretty cataclysmic judgment that sometimes grace to. If I told you there was a group of serial murderers on their way into this church but there were some policemen out there that were going to have to do business with them you wouldn't be saying oh please please please don't use your guns the Old Testament is not Dr Jekyll and the New Testament is not Mr Hyde or however the literature goes I'm not even that familiar with Gone reached every person in the Old Testament with an imitation of grace just like he's reaching out to you and me now. And if you don't understand that I pray God he'll give you eyes to see there was nobody good enough in the Old Testament to earn salvation it has always only ever been an act of grace not of works lest any man should boast and that comes directly out of the same book of Galatians in which Abraham is an example the Bible says Abraham believed and that's how it all got under way God's law is eternal and changeless Now hang on because my little stray Sion in the beginning about the red dot that's right now especially if you're not a 7 day ad minister and for some of us all of us it is still for us as well but if you've not made a decision yet to keep the Sabbath the red dots gotta move You see this old testament sanctuary is the story of God wanting to be with his people the absolute consummate cosmic focus of God saving his people I'll die for you I'll open up a relationship with my father for you and I will advocate in your behalf not because my father is different to me but there is such a thing as holiness in the universe and justice and judgment we came into this plan of saving you as a godhead my role right now is to be the God man as I was the man God but that that little one of the reasons people reject a doctrine of a heavenly sanctuary I don't know how could be any more clear. But if this sanctuary is central to all of God's teachings it didn't go away at the cross Paul just directed us in the book of Heber's up to what God is now doing with the merits of what he did on the cross it's it's dynamic power to create real change and glory for God and I'm here to tell you one of the reasons people reject that sanctuary doctrine because if you hang on to it you end up in the most holy place and in the most holy places the Ark of the Covenant and in the ark of the Covenant is the law of God and of all the commandments that relate to relationship which is what Jesus died to restore as living to restore and is looking to reinstate it in an eternal way is the 4th Commandment the says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy It's not because God wants to be the killjoy it's because God is saying you know what when you go to experiencing the Sabbath rested 1st it's going to be it's going to be awkward because you're used to doing all your worldly fun things and you're going to find out that stopping to think about life is a little bit uncomfortable and withdrawing your affections from the world is a little bit unnatural but I'm here to tell you friends most of the world has to have a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde approach the Old Testament because you've got to relegate God's law especially that Sabbath lot to the Jews but I'm here to tell you that law the only part of the Bible written with God's finger is a well let's see if I have this slide up there's a Commandments it tell us how not to ruin the relationships and there's 2 commandments in the middle. Honor your father and mother that family unit in in the garden and keep your relationship with me alive that was in the garden too and the other 8 that around it there in the negative it's a shell don't do this you'll ruin it don't do that you'll ruin it and I want to tell you what child could be happier than to grow up in a home where mommy and daddy love each other and they love God and it's amazing you see if God Himself is the eternal gospel. Then there is no Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the love of God the 10 Commandment moral code is in place because what God is really after is a relationship the devil knows this friends he's a smart cookie and he's been out there trying to rearrange doctrine and habit and practice so that people don't really get to know God don't want to be with him in eternity and the best way you know it is they don't even want to spend one day with him think about it all eternity and less bliss forever being with a God I don't even want to be with for 24 hours most people don't like God there's 2 reasons One is they love the world and God gets in the way of that and number 2 is the god they've been told about burns people forever and seems exceptionally arbitrary and capricious. I want to make one more point. And that is when we had the encounter between Lucifer and even the garden where was the gospel and how was it manifested let me just ask you this question Would we all be celebrating a bit more good news if she never would have taken the fruit and he wasn't God's directive don't eat the fruit a gospel message and how about every other prophet that's followed since then that says in the name of holiness and hopefulness don't do that it's going to ruin you the gospel was in the garden. God the don't eat the fruit it was a glorious good news morning which was ignored and God It could have said that's it but he said he said I'm come away. Capacity All right heaven hold the forum on the way they need me down there they're called afraid they don't know what to do. And he came looking for. Because the heart of every false gospel or false teaching is a worn off sorry for the typo on the character and the law of God tonight friends I want you to understand something the Gospel is an act because the Gospel is God. And he stepped in to do what only a God of love could and would do the eternal gospel is the unchanging love of God revealed in a perfect law dedicated to protecting the liberty of the universe after Senate was manifested in promise and probably see of the coming deliver he did come but the great mystery of salvation is that through his own self-sacrifice paying the price for our sins he would remain our hearts restoring a love for the law of liberty now I'm going to end on these slides and they all come out of the Old Testament surprise surprise I'll give you a new heart and a new spirit if I if I told you these were out of a New Testament book and I put the wrong wrong chapter and verse up there you wouldn't know the difference because the Old Testament in the Old Testament of the stories in the theology it's it's the stories that explain the theology that Paul's going to develop where do you think he got all of his ideas it was an enlightened mind through the Holy Spirit filled with all of these stories. I'll give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you sounds a little bit like a new covenant and I'll take the heart of stone out of your flesh and I'll give you a heart of flesh in other words God says I'm going to take you from unfeeling to feelin. It's an amazing journey I'll put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you'll keep my judgments and do them and when that happened friends there is a beauty to holiness let me give a testimony for I put my last few slides up I let God pick my wife. I let God pick my job my career I let God pick where I live I let God pick whatever he wants to pick for me and I'm here to tell you if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change anything except some of my bad decisions when I didn't hear well or do well there is a beauty in holiness I brace for children they're all successful happy people productive respectable citizens of the United States of America and most of them seeking to do something to advance God's Cause there's beauty in holiness my home is happy it's ordered It's clean it's joyful Oh we have our moments but I'm here to tell you something this new covenant experience with God was experienced by Adam and Eve it was experienced by Abraham and David it was proclaimed by Jeremiah and Jesus came him self finally to say no more shadows I'm here in the flesh and it was proclaimed with power like never before this is eternal life Jesus said did I make this sermon up is my theology good or bad let's just end here this is eternal life. He doesn't reference to heaven he doesn't reference and no more crime pain or tears because we can begin the joy of knowing life eternal when we receive Jesus this is eternal life when the burdens roll off your heart when your when your spirit is set free to worship when you don't carry around a bunch of Gill and fear this is eternal life when you know my father and the one he sent who happens to be Jesus Christ friends God came down to this world because he was is and we're forever be the gospel there's a battle going on it's between satan. And our dear Savior and at the end of the day the issue is who will I love worship and obey Tonight friends I'm a gospel messenger I'm a modern day voice echoing in the sentiments of those prophetic cadences I want the trumpet to give a certain sound he's calling all of the administrators listening to me to not be the red dot that never moves God's been speaking to you and he said How come I was good enough in the beginning but along the way just are doing your own Veng spending too much time making money or org or getting more of this and more of that are having fun How come you won't follow me ought to be a part of the urgent message that I've raised you up to be. Their advantage here who've gone backwards not forwards we used to call that backsliding the Bible still does when Jesus is saying follow me I'm not going to make you try to jump the drag Grand Canyon but just take a step with me I praise the Lord that all of you are here we had at least 2 people last night who were surprised at how many people are here God's awakening his people he's doing a work. But I'm here to tell you friends for those of you that have never given Jesus a chance to be Lord of your life I'm appealing to you tonight. The highest order joy in the universe has to be at peace with God in the midst of a troubled world. My life's not been without plenty of trouble my job puts me in contact with hundreds and dozens of people that all by itself is a formula for trouble you can laugh sometimes I create the trouble and I'm here to tell you we had somewhere to run. Jesus said You can call him to the Apostle Paul you can call him daddy. Some of you didn't have good daddies but you've got one you need to me. I'm appealing to you tonight. If you've heard these messages before you haven't heard this one before you've heard ones like it but I'm just a piano keep going with there are so many Adventists who are living their lives without the 1st bit of urgency about anything while our schools get smaller and close while our church ages and we think all the young people have to be treated unique we're taking our cues from the social scientist I thought we were a family we took our cues from the Bible. We've tried that system for about a generation maybe it's time to go back to loving people and telling them the truth as it is in Jesus we've had too many I mean you look at this younger generation they don't give blood they don't go out and do things outside I mean all the things that I mean so you don't have to like fishing. But I can tell you when I was driving back from Montana and I heard an advertisement for blood that basically said Young people aren't giving blood by the way in France their blood drives coming up if you can sign up if your own negative I'm here to tell you our world has focused everything in on on people and the one of the reasons they're telling you kids this is because they want to steal them away from you and God and they know the more they sell focus the less the other focus and this is the perfect journey to the implosion of the family the church and happiness everybody gets it aside I like the fact this is a young man in the picture. Of Bimal says Remember the creator in the days of you so tonight I'm appealing friends it's time to go it's time to decide if you're watching on the internet I'm appealing to you Jesus is appealing if you're listening to me in this auditorium I'm appealing to you let's follow God. All the way home all the way to the high places and let's take the joy and tell you what if I was in the boat like those disciples were and the storm came down and I was a fisherman and I'd live my life on the sea and I was afraid. Jesus came walking they were complaining that everybody that ate the bread in the fish and he fed those thousands they were complaining they wanted to make him king and he wouldn't let him what Jesus problem Jesus said no get in the boat and started a site he goes up on a mountain and he starts to pray for them a storm comes because they're sitting in the boat complaining about Jesus and when you make problems for yourself they don't need to exist God sometimes sent problems to but sense back in you and Jesus comes down off the mountain and starts walking on the water and he gets close enough to them and they say it's cost only they don't say it like that I won't scream into the microphone and what does Jesus do is he let him squirm in their fear for a little bit that by what I would have done. He says these good cheere it's me. Who made life just got better and I want to tell you Peter says now that you let me walk on water like you and Jesus come. I'm pretty certain here that guy's turns back a big wave rolls in he can't see Jesus he's going to the bottom and Jesus just doesn't run that fast but he is God He never used his god power for himself but from wherever Jesus was on the water to where Peter was Jesus was there and his hand was down he had him Listen friends is for you and me to his catcher. And how about that night he stood up in the boat after being so tired and he raised his hands and he said peace beast. And every element. In that part of Palestine obeyed his voice this is a Living God he's alive today he's alive for you he's alive for you on the Internet he's real I know. There's anybody else here that knows it. Amen let's pray Lord I've asked people to make a decision Lord I know this is my calling and I know this is your moment and I'm praying for every person watching on the Internet. I'm praying Lord that the voice of the Holy Spirit which is the function of the spirit of probably see that the secrets of their heart would be revealed and they would know the voice of conviction a conviction that leads to a holy liberation and freedom and joy I forgive them that freedom war when they go on to know your real I'm praying for every boy and girl a man and woman is in this auditorium tonight I'm praying Lord given that freedom to take the next step if they've stopped the journey they came here tonight which was your prompting and I don't know what you're probably going to do beyond that but I pray give us back our urgency and for those who have not made a decision for you tonight Lord I'm praying give them the freedom between you and them to say Lord I follow you. Thank you Lord that someone gave me the invitation thank you for that church school and that church school teacher thank you for that grandma who prayed for me and that mother who put me in that school and that father who paid the bills. I'm just pray now may we all make a decision to follow Jesus all the way to heaven immediate that tree of life and enjoying eternity together thank you for stepping in to save man thank you for stepping in to save me thank you for stepping in to save all my friends my brothers and sisters here and may we do what we can to make sure everybody else gets the invitation to I'm praying this tonight in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audiophiles a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen more sermon leave it w w w audio verse or.


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