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The Elijah Solution - Part 1

Rich Constantinescu




  • June 17, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Heavenly Father thank you so much that you love each one of us with an everlasting love and with loving kindness you have drawn us and you are drawing us and you will continue to draw us and Lord we want your image in us we want to be prepared to worship you face to face and not only that but we want to bring many others into the presence of your glorious throne in heaven and so we ask father for the revival of our own hearts father we don't approach the study of your word casually we realize that only your Holy Spirit can rightly teach us all things as Jesus promised us and so we ask for the special gift of the person of your Holy Spirit to fill this place in our hearts as we study your word in Jesus' name we pray Amen. By way of introduction My name is Richard Konstantinov skew and I'm a native of Hinsdale Illinois I was born in Hill Hospital My parents immigrated. In the mid seventy's and I'm a former New Ager So I drifted off the path considerably in Isaiah 8 verse 20 it says to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them and in the context of that verse it talks about the wizards that peep and that mater and I'm so glad that the Word of God does not need updating that we have clear clear words and instruction from God and we don't need any muttering Amen we can have the straight truth and you know as we look at technology we're going to be recording this lecture by God's grace Please pray that the technology works. But. We need to update technology very frequently and you see these old outdated things that look so new but the Word of God does not need updating and it's just so wonderful and so I'm just so thankful not to be with the Wizards that people that matter but I'm with God's people today who want to clear word from his scriptures Today's topic is revival plan the Alija solution revival means life again revive and there is more blessing than we have ever experienced and if you just Chapter 3 it says that he is able to do exceeding really abundantly above all that we could ask or think and there's nothing special about Peter James John any of the Apostles Amen they had certain offices and those offices need to be respected and yet the Holy Spirit is given without boundaries think about the early Advent movement in 18 thirties forties the Scandinavian children young children 5 and 6 years old they would stand up on the tables when their parents couldn't preach in with when the pastors couldn't labor and they delivered the 3 angels or the 1st angels message and they preach with power because the Holy Spirit does not know boundaries and fact I live next to a donkey and if the Holy Spirit can speak through a donkey. Then he can speak through you and me and we need to say I asked for that experience so revival we want that revival that primitive revival that's our point we're going to talk about how we can experience that through the alliance of message Eliza was very unpopular with some people. And yet we know that God only sends messages of reproof when they are positively needed and when a great blessing will come and so we're we're going to talk about the Alija solution and the picture that you see on a screen on the screen here is to illustrate how important God's messages are Tomas Martina's was a man in Bolivia who was running from the law and anytime he saw police coming true story you can read about it in the newspapers every time he saw police coming he would always. Try to evade them and Tomaz didn't know that they were actually bringing him good news but he was a derelict he was an alcoholic he would just drink his money do a little few odd jobs for some coins and and just go and waste it on some alcohol and so every time he saw police he remembered that he had written some bad checks and so he didn't want to get caught for those bad checks and so he evaded them he didn't know that the wife that he had been married to for a brief time and had divorced but the divorce was never finalized had inherited $6000000.00 and she had died and he was the only heir to that money. And they were looking for him high and low and he kept on evading them and they never found him how sad when God sends a line is when God sends messages and messengers of rebuke when he sends the law you know Malakai chapter 4 if you'll go with me there it talks about. How God would send the lives of before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And it's because he wants to bless us Amen we need the reproof of God's messages in Malakai chapter 4 Bearse one it says For behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven and all the proud in all the do wickedly shall be stubble and the day that come a shall burn them up say at the Lord of hosts that it shall leave them neither wrote nor branch fact this is not opinion this is going to happen the good news is that God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked he has given his own son to take the punishment of the world upon him and so the iniquity of us all was laid upon Jesus he does not want to suffer this and yet it's a fact that those to that do not receive the gospel will have to go through this judgment and it's our work as 7th Day Adventists to preach the 3 angels messages to the world so that we can warn them of the impending destruction it's an unpopular message Noah was not the favorite fireside preacher of the delusions he was not welcomed and yet it is a very important message that we preach that the hour of his judgment is come and there is a way out verse 2 says but unto you that fear my name so the 1st angel's message is what fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come can you see the parallel between verses one to America 4 and the 1st angels message so there's a judgment in Molokai Chapter 4 verse one and then it says but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with what humility now the word for healing is often translated as salvation in Scripture salvation healing in salvation. God wants to save and heal us and he wants to prepare us for his coming to avoid the fires of hell in verse one we need to have the Sun of Righteousness arise so that we are healed the purpose for Jesus coming was very simple the purpose for Jesus coming was to save us from our sins and this is the message that we have to give to the world that we have a Savior who is able to transform our hearts and prepare us for the great day when Jesus comes verse 3 says you shall shut down the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this if the Lord of Hosts remember it says verse 4 and we're going to talk about scripture memorization later on in other lectures this week for those that stick with this revival plan through to the last day I'll give you a special memory pack with some verse cards and we'll be talking about practical ways to memorize scripture as I said I'm a former New Ager in the way that I was able to get rid of the addiction of spiritualism which is very difficult to get rid of is the power of the Word of God in the heart remembering the Word of God I had actually taken so much l.s.d. that I was I was taking it every weekend and as much as I could whenever I could I would start it's this. To sell it even as a teenager and I was literally hallucinating for years after I stopped taking it and my purpose of taking it so much was so that I would constantly have this spiritual I took it for spiritual reasons these drugs. And you know the devil he's a liar he can't come in he can't come and deceive us often and lesser minds are compromised so he usually he usually mixes his deceptions with the substances and the only way that really I got over that was through hiding and remembering the Word of God So it's very important Only those who fortified their minds of the words of the Bible will stand to the last great conflict remember the The Law of Moses my servant which I commanded unto him in horror of for all Israel with the statutes and judgment sure my 616 says stand in the way and see and ask for the old paths where is the good way and walk there in there's nothing new under the sun you are not special and I am not special apart from other human beings in sense of having some challenge that God has not already provided a solution for God has given us everything that we need and he's given it to us in His word and through the messages of the prophets and we need to remember and go back if we find ourself straying verse 5 says Behold I will send you the law. Elijah the prophet my God is Jova my God as Yahweh the Eternal One of the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day the Lord what's the purpose of Alija the solution of having the healing in the way the wings of Christ the Son of righteousness What is the purpose of Alija to come before the great and dreadful day of the Lord it says in verse 6 he shall what he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children aren't you glad that God has not left us to simply turn on our own volition that we have help from God to turn us can he help us in our church in the challenges that we're facing can help us in our families in our local churches conferences unions divisions. He can absolutely turn us because he is the Savior and he has a solution and it is the alliance a solution he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the youth of the curse Let's go to verse one of chapter 3 in Melaka and explore this alliance of theme a little bit more it says in verse one Behold I will send my what messenger and he shall prepare the way before me so in ancient times when a king went out and even today when a president goes out this Secret Service and the people that are in charge of the logistics they go for a 4th before this head of state and they make sure that the way is clear there's no roadblocks an obstacle they don't want to get to a place where they have to turn the whole thing around and so they make sure that everything is clean and if there's a pot hole they fill it in if there is an obstruction they remove it and so in Isaiah Chapter 40 it says come for comfort you my people say through God speaking comfortably into Jerusalem and cry under her that are warfares accomplice that are iniquity is pardon for she has received the Lord double for all her sins the voice of him that cry if in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make straight in the desert a highway for God and that was a prophecy of a lie Joe because John the Baptist said that he was a voice crying in the wilderness referring to Isaiah Chapter 40 verse 5 or verse 4 And Jesus said If you can receive it this is Elijah So what will go to those texts later in Matthew Chapter 11. But it says speak comfortably unto Jerusalem and crime to her cry and her and he was a voice crying in the wilderness friends it takes preparation to meet the God who created every atom in this universe we need to make some changes some riff raff or reformatory decisions in our lives in response to the testimonies that God has given to us and we need to share this information with others because this is the greatest task that has ever come upon mankind meeting the creator of the universe face to face which no one has done in mortal flesh and lived and so before Jesus comes the messenger of the Lord is sent to prepare the way and the Lord says in verse one of chapter 3 of Malikai says Shell suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant who need to light and behold he shall come saith the Lord of Hosts question to those scholars when did the Lord suddenly come to his temple in the context of the day of his coming verse 2 just before the day of his coming when did the Lord Jesus go to his temple where in the Bible can we find that story. Like the wonders fire business. Yes So in the Bible there's a prophecy of the Lord coming to his temple which chapter would that be Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel Chapter 7 let's go there will come back to Melaka chapter 3. He came suddenly and unexpectedly God's people were waiting for him on earth thinking that until 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed meant that he would cleanse the earth with fire and that was a presupposition that was a prejudicial. Idea because all the churches at that time believed that the earth was the sanctuary but there's no biblical evidence for that imminent clearly says that John saw the sanctuary in heaven and that Paul talks about and Hebrews Chapter 8 it is in heaven and so Daniel Chapter 7 here Jesus comes when there is a judgment verse 9 says I be held to the throne were cast down the ancient days to sit did sit whose garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like the pure will his stone was like the fiery flame and his Will's as burning fire so the Ancient of Days God the Father makes no mistakes he has all the righteousness he knows what the truth is we can be sure that he can figure out our lives Amen he can help us with any situation and then it says verse 10 that the judgment was sent the last part of Verse 10 and the books were open so here's a judgment and the law of God is the foundation of the judgment so in the book of James It says the law of liberty that we will be judged by and quotes from the 10 Commandments so the law of God which is love to him and love to man is going to be the basis for the judgment and then the books are open which record the actions and the thoughts and the motives of all of the creatures of Earth verse 11. Dropping down actually to verse 13 John Daniel says I saw in the night visions behold one like the. Son of Man And this is Jesus Christ one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven Jesus used this phrase to describe himself throughout his ministry Son of Man. He came with the clouds of heaven and he came to the earth is that what it says no it says came to the Ancient of Days now the Lord is in his holy temple the bible says his throne is in heaven and this is a scene that happens in heaven and Jesus comes to the ancient days they brought him near before him and it says that verse 26 the judgment shall sit and then verse 27 the kingdom in dominion the greatness of the Kingdom and of the whole have been shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him and so the purpose of this judgment is to see who is going to take the kingdom Amen that's the purpose is to look at the character say Who can I get God wants to give this kingdom to us amen this is what Jesus said in Luke 1232 Fear not Little Flock for it is the Father's good pleasure to what give you the kingdom Amen so this father seated here he's not seated here to try to keep us out of heaven he is seated here so that he might find any possible way to prepare us to pass that test Amen now it is a big test brothers and sisters and it takes preparation go through a 2nd Peter chapter 3 it's very important that we understand that this is not something that we will just trip and end up into heaven Amen we're not going that's not going to happen Jesus said that. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life and few there be that find it and he talked about the importance of surrendering everything but friends don't worry whatever God is asking you to give up for him whatever he is asking you to do for him is a light burden compared to the glory which he will give you while you bear that burden and so. In 2nd Peter chapter 3 It talks about this preparation it will start with verse 11. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved what manner of persons are you to be in all holy conversation and godliness verse 12 looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God were in the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved in the elements shall melt with fervent heat now we're having wonderful blessings here can't meaning here but friends this world is full of sorrow there is too there are terrible terrible things happening right now people are sick people are discouraged they're tempted they're addicted they're abusing others they're being abused and there's so much terror that it's just it's horrible and sinful on this planet and God wants to recreate this planet and change it so verse 13 says nevertheless we according to his promise look for new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness' now think with me if this earth that's coming is going to all only have righteousness in it what needs to happen to our hearts before Jesus comes. We need to be the new creations Amen so 2nd a 2nd not Chronicles 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 or 17 says Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creation or a new Creator Creature if you pronounce that differently its creator if any man be in Christ he's a new creature or creation or creator all things are what passed away behold all things become new I say 6517 For behold I create new heavens and a new or the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind Revelation chapter 21 the same thing old is passed away the new is come in God wants to continually take our characters and go from glory to glory that we might be ready to live in the New Earth that's the reason why God sends His messenger messengers and his messages through the prophets through Eliza John the Baptist the spirit of prophecy today the testimonies for the church is so that we might inherit that $6000000.00 inheritance that we talked about earlier so to speak that we might have the kingdom given to us and so we should ask a lawyer please guide me and show me trim the things from my life help me to have a reformation because we cannot have revival without reformation that the Alija message back to Melaka Malakai chapter 3. I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me the Lord who seeks verse one shall suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in the whole the shall come saith the Lord of Hosts So the messenger of the Covenant John the Baptist's Jesus said was the messenger of the Lord he was more than a prophet and he came before the 1st coming to turn the hearts of those who were seeking after the world to their Heavenly Father and he preached a straight message and so the spirit of prophecy today the testimonies for the church and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy they are preparing a people not for the 1st coming when Jesus comes as a lamb for the slaughter but they are preparing us for the 2nd coming when he is coming with the clouds of glory. He is sending a messenger the messenger of the Lord to prepare the way John the Baptist or large averse who may have by the Davis coming and who shall stand when he appears for he is like a refiner's fire and like a fuller so peaceful citizen refiner a purified of Soul of silver he shall purify who the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness so he shall sit so when Jesus came to the most holy place in Daniel Chapter 7 I saw in the night visions Daniel Daniel said when like the Son of Man came the clouds of heaven and came to the engine of days and they brought him near before him in the Ancient of Days is seated on a throne right sitting on a throne the thrones were cast down the judgment was set the books were opened and so Jesus comes in suddenly to his temple unexpected to his people on earth and he sits down and right now he is involved in the work of the judgment and the purpose is to purify us here it talks about a corresponding work of cleaning the hearts of his people while he is cleansing the heavenly sanctuary or did you follow Daniel Chapter 8 says until 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed God must have a clean people before he can seal them. He must clean us and praise his name he is able to do that friends don't look at your own sins except to know that you have them and look to Jesus look to his messages look to his rebukes don't shy away from the straight testimony of the Scriptures and the prophets if something hurts it's for your good he wants to clean us to purify so that when he comes in glory we have nothing to hide Amen you know there's a wonderful thing in innocency whenever I used to see a police car being a rebellious young teenager I used to run. I mean it was like who Eric you know turned the corner and now when I see a police car remember I was doing by working for as a pastor down and virgin and I went to this town that. Was one day full of police cars and there were police cars everywhere and they were doing some raid or something I don't know what was happening but it made me nervous and you know what made me nervous I went into the gas station and someone told me they said be careful the cops are out and I thought I'm worried about the reason why they're here that's the reason I'm worried. So I bring them on you know however many need to send I want to be innocent when Jesus comes so we need to be refined and purified as gold and silver notice that they may offer of the Lord and offering in righteousness Now Samuel said to obey is better than what to sack than sacrifice now that may include giving of our wealth that may include giving of our time and our talents and our influence but essentially God wants. To help us to offer ourselves up as living sacrifices holy acceptable unto him which is our reasonable service like I said before there's nothing special about Peter James and John welcome so glad you could join us so there is nothing different about you or me than anybody in the scriptures the Holy Spirit knows no boundaries there is no limit we're told to the usefulness of one who laying self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God He can clean us and we need to be seeking that notice 1st for then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem God's people be pleasant unto the Lord as when in the days of old and as in former years stand in the way and see and ask for the old paths where is the good way and walk there and you will find rest in your souls Jesus said Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my oath upon you learn of me. You shall find rest unto your souls the days of old we will find rest and to our souls This is talking about a revival of primitive godliness primitive What is primitive mean means prime or firsts So here then when he purifies us then our offering and to obey is better than sacrifice right. Our offerings and also that may include giving Ok the next you know if you if you go to verse 8 is says Will a man rob God yet you have Robbie but you say we're in have we robbed The entire lives and offerings so I'm a clued physically giving however it goes much deeper than that Christ wants our hearts He wants everything about us and when we believe that he has offered us revival that he is seated in the judgment in order to prepare us to receive the kingdom and we're willing to make any sacrifice for him only if he refines us and blesses us and and is with us then we will receive the early in the latter rain notice at the end of chapter 4 Behold I will send you. The prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord he shelter in the heart of the fathers to the children the heart of the children of their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse alive his message is the Laodicean message notice very carefully 1st kings 821 a line just stands upon Mount Carmel there was iniquity and apostasy in Israel there was idolatry there was the bassist heathenism happening friends do not get discouraged when you see apostasy in God's Roman church people try to tell me oh yeah we've passed the line and. People try to tell me I'm repeating myself because we're getting the camera reset right now. People try to tell me we crossed the line and we're we're we're too rebellious as a people that God is now calling a new a new remnant and my answer is show me where we are worse than the church in the days of Alija God has a solution for our rebellion. And we do not need to worry he has his fingers on the pulse of our church and he has a very important message called the Laodicean message in Revelation 3 and it's the same message as you see right now in 1st kings 18 a lie just stands and before the rain the refreshing the reviving everything was dead representing the deadness of soul that Israel had in apostasy against God the judgments of God repond is real no fruit lots of evangelism and a small handful of fruit I mean look they had to be eating something from somewhere right people don't live for 3 and a half years without having some food right there was something somewhere and they struck that up and you know our vandalism needs some rain we need the showers of blessing but before we get to getting on our knees and praying for the showers of blessing friends we need a lie just because the 1st thing that Alija did was not ask for rain because the whole reason why rain was withheld was so that's Israel could be brought to make a total surrender to God and so he starts he goes in 1st kings 18 he goes to the people he says 1st he asks a have he says gather to me all Israel there needs to be a plan for revival it's our greatest need what's your plan you know we don't just pray about of Angelus and we actually have to make plans and we have to execute now we must pray and I start her groups wherever I go and I have amazing experiences with God that God has shown himself mighty in response to prayer I've seen him work and prayer is absolutely vital no revival without prayer but there are other parts to a larger story besides prayer. He calls all of Israel he says I want everybody there why does he call Israel he doesn't trust just the prophets of Bale and the king and his entourage he wants everyone Amen and so we'll see this later on in the story he calls them all to Mt Carmel and this is his message 1st to the people before the revival before the rain which is a type of what God is going to do and is doing I believe here at the end of time through the Spirit of Prophecy today he calls for a whole hearted decision and he asks How long are you halting between 2 opinions if the Lord be God follow him if you will be hot than be hot but if Bale then follow Him If you're cold be cold but don't halts and be lukewarm you got to make a decision so follow the Lord with all your heart and Jesus had this as a prerequisite before people followed him Jesus did you know there's a there's a church sign where I live in Oklahoma where I'm a pastor at another church and it says cone as you are big letters and then there is a little sign next to the door that says no smoking. Friends we come as we are to God But when we come into his fellowship and in his presence close with the righteousness of Christ some things need to stay at the door Hebrews Chapter 6 tells us that I'm sorry 2nd. Yes Hebrews Chapter 6 and 2nd Corinthians 6 both. Says touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you come out from among them and be separate saith the Lord. God wants to cleanse us and to and to do a mighty work of reformation in our lives no more in the middle we need to choose and so this is the Laodicean message I know your works that you're halting between 2 opinions this is the Elijah message now friends follow me very closely John the Baptist Jesus said If you can receive in a Matthew Chapter 11 is Alija are you following he shall prepare the way before the 1st coming he said in the same chapter in Matthew Chapter 11 in verse 9 that John the Baptist was more than a prophet and he was the messenger of the Lord so we have more than a prophet we have messenger of the Lord and we have the. The law the lesser light point of the great and John chapter one so in John Chapter want to says John the Baptist was not that light but he was sent to bear witness of that light he was sent to bear witness and the moon was put it says in Psalms to bear witness in heaven because where you see the moon you know that the sun is shining because it has light from the Sun So John the Baptist came before the 1st coming was the messenger of the Lord was more than a profits and was the lesser light pointing to the greater light does that sound familiar to you as god given a gift to the remnant church in harmony with Malakai chapter 3 Behold I will send my messenger. He shall prepare the way before me and the Lord to me seek shell suddenly come to a Subway is going to sit and he's going to purify the sons of Levi and there's a messenger preaching the straight testimony has God given our church the Spirit of Prophecy friends do not be ashamed of that gift it is the gift of the law to this church it is the testimony of Jesus in Revelation $1217.00 It says The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed for 2 reasons which one keep the commandments of God and to have the testimony of Jesus Christ which according to Revelation 9 $110.00 is the spirit of prophecy it is the testimony of Jesus Christ friends the Spirit of Prophecy is not optional it is not optional for us in the end of time it is no more optional than a larger was who never wrote any chapters of the Bible it is no more optional than John the Baptist who was a non canonical prophet It doesn't mean that he was against the scripture it doesn't mean that he was in place of the scripture it means that he had a message from God to prepare the people of Israel for the coming of the Lord and His message was extremely important and vital to the church accepting Jesus the 1st time and in the same way God has given the Spirit of Prophecy at the end of time to prepare us no notice this Revelation Chapter 3 if you know the context Revelation 3 go with me there Revelation 3. Unto the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans by the way what does the word Laodicean mean. D.k.m. means judgment and allow means people so the people of the judgments the people judge the people living during the judgement and in fact he threatens them with judgement why because he doesn't love them no fear not Little Flock for the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom Amen look if you stick with Jesus no matter what the cost if you follow him closely if you say Lord we for 2nd all to follow you we don't have anywhere else to go Jesus is going to take you to the gates of Paradise nothing is going to separate you from him it doesn't matter what weapon Satan throws at you it doesn't matter what trouble or temptation comes to you it doesn't matter the hereditary nature that you have he is going to give you victory because that is his name Jesus Yeshua God is my salvation he is going to take us all the way unto the angel the Church of the Laodiceans those who are being judged while he is seated to purify a people he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer Lord an offering in righteousness so that our offering is as good as those of old Amen friends Abraham was like you and I are you in me he was Abraham was a sinner saved by Grace David was like us hold on Deborah Esther the same Mary Elizabeth Anna Simeon all the Apostles early church this is the message that we have to give to people that you can become a Son of God a daughter of God and we have to exemplify in our own life God is looking for people in his own image at the end of time recreated by His Spirit and He has a very special message called the Laodicean message of illogic message. And notice who is speaking in Revelation 3 and to the angel of the Church of the latest scenes right these things say with the kind of sort of the maybe if these things say the men you can trust Jesus and his messages these things saith the all men the faithful and true what witness a witness friends gives testimony this is the testimony of Jesus to His Church the spirit of prophecy came here through John the Apostle I was in the spirit he said on the Lord's Day which by the way according to Scripture is the 7th day there is no scripture anywhere in the Bible any more than there is a scripture saying that the earth is the sanctuary that says that the 1st day is the Lord's Day It says if you turn away your foot from the sabbath my holy day and Isaiah $58.00 mark $227.00 the son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath day of the Sabbath and so that is the Lord's day he was in the spirit of the Lord's they the Holy Spirit came Revelation one when the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God given to him to show into a servant's things which must shortly come to pass he sentenced signified it by his angel by his spirit by as an angel or ministering spirits by as a Angelo unto a servant John that the Holy Spirit was coming down through from the father to Jesus through his angel there are 3 separate personalities and have an Amen we know that because the Holy Spirit does not speak of himself but whatever he hears he speaks he receives from Christ and He shows it don't let anyone tell you oh it's just it's it's the representative of Jesus but it's someone separate from Jesus in the sense of being a person he doesn't speak of himself but what every years from Jesus he speaks there's some confusion about that we're going to get over it and then maybe. But but it's very clear it's very clear it's a mystery and yet we can we can be sure that it's a separate entity. And so the Holy Spirit was speaking through the Revelator through the Revelator and I know this because every message every message of the Church of the 7 churches ends with these words he that has an ear and who's speaking by the way Who's dictating this John who is giving a message he's saying right which thou sayest you know he says I turn a saw the voices make the being turned I saw 7 golden candlesticks in the midst of some candles that Kemalist one like on the Son of man clothed the garment it's Jesus is the revelation of Jesus Christ 1st one says Jesus is giving this message to John but he's giving it to him through the Holy Spirit and so each message to each church ends with these words he that has an ear let him hear what Jesus says of the churches actually says what the Spirit says to the churches because out of his mouth goes a sharp 2 edged sword the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God And so they're united they work in harmony Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and the father work in harmony together and so he is the faithful and the true witness and a witness gives testimony and the testimony of Jesus friends is the Spirit of Prophecy are you following the Alija message is the Laodicean message don't hold between 2 opinions Alija came with prophetic authority being a non-canonical prophet calling Israel to repentance just like John the Baptist before the 1st coming of the Lord and before the 2nd coming of the Lord and friends we are right at the 2nd coming of the Lord hurricane Harvey I live down above Texas. In Oklahoma and we have a disaster rescue team that God has blessed us to be able to assemble that God has been assembling. And we were able to go down to the flooded areas of hurricane Harvey down on the coast of Texas it was a disaster area the size of New Jersey I took this picture. It was truly catastrophic and God moved in amazing ways I wish I could tell you how he just paved the way for us to be able to go and distribute literature and pray with people and help them and give them things and and minister to them an amazing ministry if you want to know how to start one of these in your church let me know and we will send people to you it's just them and it's great for young people to get involved to use their muscles their brains their expertise etc So we go down here it was just catastrophic we're told we should have a continual sense of the shortness of time and of the fearful events which prophecy has declared must speedily take place it is because these truths are not made a reality that the life is so inconsistent with the truth which we profess we're living in the day of judgments this is the day of judgment that we're in right now and God has a special message of preparation for us to prepare to meet him and to prepare others and we need to learn those messages we need to read the testimonies soon after this Puerto Rico looked like a bomb hit it. Ofelia became the record 10th straight hurricane heading towards Europe and Barbuda had no one living on it for the 1st time in 300 years followed by 2 quakes that shook southern Mexico already coping with disasters the worst shooting mass shooting of civilians in u.s. history leaving 59 dead in Las Vegas California fires right on its heels deadliest week of fires in state history friends if you are asleep this is the week to wake up. We are living in the time just before Jesus comes he has given us the opportunity to have him reform our lives and to bless us we're going to be talking about this throughout the week I know it's the same same title every day it's going to be the same topic but we're going to explore these truths terrible terrible fires in California the c.d.c. Center for Disease Control 3 sexually transmitted diseases hit record highs across the United States it has never been a better time to be a law abiding cry still Christian. I am so happy I have a faithful wife and I am so happy that God has taught me that he has a plan for marriage it is wonderful praise the Lord and God has mercy for those that have transgressed and he can bless and help even that situation Amen Dr Thomas Andrew chief medical examiner of New Hampshire the opioid epidemic this man gave up his he was the chief medical examiner he wasn't making a Glock salary Ok he wasn't making a conference salary he wasn't making a salary that probably most of us are acquainted with he was the chief medical examiner and he said this. You understand why I'm talking about a salary shortly. He said it's almost as if the Vista Goss' are at the gates and the gates are starting to crumble Dr Andrew said this is a scientist Ok he said I'm not an alarmist by nature this is not overhyped it has completely overwhelmed us overdose deaths piling up mortgage papers to go through in paper boxes stacked up in the highway this tall people losing their 18 year old that 15 year old their 25 year old 30 year old mother of 3 to a terrible ravaging opioid epidemic. In a sharp career turn he is entering a seminary program he quit his job as chief medical examiner of the state of New Hampshire to go God bless him to end I don't know what seminary it was but I can't fault him for his decision if he was called God bless him. God has people that he is waiting to call into the remnant church to pursue a divinity degree and ultimately plans to minister young people stay away from drugs drugs he gave away that career because he realized Look we've got something more important on our hands than making lots of money and getting votes we have more to do here oh that we would wake up here are the boxes the papers that need to go through the largest fire in history minutes. Not only was it the worst week of fires is the largest fire grease. That one was in Southern California that fire was in Mendocino the minutes you know complex fire 290000 acres. In Greece it was the hottest This was a year and a half ago I believe it's among the it was Monk the hottest of Greece's years on record if not the hottest overall according to the data that I looked at but notice this friends if you do not think that we are really living in the days of judgment if there was one sin above another that which call for the destruction of the race by the flood it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God and cause confusion everywhere and that is happening in many and varied forms. In fact as it was in the days of Noah Social be also in the days of the Son of Man human animal humorous or gestating on us richer research farms a mix between the 2 now friends what hits the news is just that tiny little shaving of ice on the top of the water what is happening every nation has science programs when I was studying chemistry in college I remember my professor telling me that most people that take Ph D.'s in chemistry do their Ph D.'s in chemistry equipment because if you've ever seen just an undergraduate chemistry book you know it's like almost as big to be a foundation for something it's really thick and she says whoever actually does a Ph d. in actual chemistry instead of just chemical equipment and the laboratory things and how to study it the government snatches them up right away the smartest and the brightest don't kid yourself are bought up by the strongest nations on Earth they've got their teams out there looking and there is a whole lot more happening with genetic engineering than we know about. A.b.c. news mixing humans and animals for science. Animal human hybrids have long been the stuff of fairy tales and myths from the half man half more centered to singing mermaids now the swift pace of genetic engineering has some worried that such mixed creatures known as timorous after the fabulous piece of Greek mythology are making the leap from the pages of fiction to reality friends that was the line that God would not allow the end to delusions to cross any further when they got to a certain point because those are his kids. And we're not doing that to my kids I am not going to allow you to confuse the creation past a certain point we are right on the borders of the Promised Land friends it is time for the Alija message it is not time for us to be anything other than fervently hot and we have some tools to to provide for you today that will help you in that because the larger message is the spirit of prophecy because it's the testimony of Jesus the faithful and true witness not the kind of maybe sort of but the Amen the truth you can trust Alija you can trust John the Baptist and you can trust the Spirit prophecy today I'll show you some data if you come back tomorrow you'll be amazed at some data that you probably have never seen before about how the Spirit prophecies being authenticated in science come and bring your friends by the way this is precisely why I do not let my kids watch fiction because we think it's just some person's imagination and it's really laying the foundation for devilish ideas that it really doesn't matter we can just more everything the way that we want to hold it we can't we have a creator and he has a law and you are not supposed to do certain things and this is just preparing that all these fictional cartoons and these these shows these supposedly kids things look whatsoever things are true that's the 1st gate it needs to go through to get to my kids it's got to be true not everything true is good but that's the 1st gate Ok there's a filtration system 2nd filter there filter etc Ok on is just your lovely What sort of things you know are upright noble lovely a good report Think on these things but this is happening the swift pace of genetic engineering has some worried we already talk about that one this is a zebra and a horse as a source. This is just what we're seeing Ok this is just what's published you understand and no one tells all their trade secrets and the governments are not telling you all there's these are normal mammalian cells their genetic engine engineered according to a Ted Talk that. I watched to have a bio luminescent Gene taken from a deep sea jellyfish they incorporated this and made glow in the dark pigs mice and cats. I mean you know look there's there's some place that if they're going to go where they mix they mix the image of God Ok we were made in God's image we are God's children and that is a line that the Creator is going to step in at some point and I believe it soon because I'll just show you some of these are these are these are all clones right here but these are actually these are actually mixes with multiple species they're creating insect bots in animal bots where they're mixing robots with the brains of creatures and controlling them through their brain. So they can actually make this cockroach go left or right or forward or backwards with a joystick in another room. They use this for spying but everything is like a snowball the greater the snowball gets the more surface area that the more velocity it goes down and then the revolution of that snowball picks up much more snow with each turn Ok so you know I will get to crisper in a moment here but today actually implanted this in a pupil and it was developed as an insect bot as a mock that came out of the pupa they didn't have to go get them off and do surgery they actually implanted it in the pupil. And they could put that pupil anywhere and do whatever they want which you know everyone spies I kind of smile when nations get a lot raged at each other we found them spying Ok that's bad but. Everyone does it and you know I'm fully American I love this country my parents escaped from socialist Romania I'm very happy to be here Amen but my concern is that we're right on track with into delusions with some of the things that we're doing and some of these things and the genetic engineering and. It's not it's not good Here's a rats a robo rat I can't go into all these details I'm going to have to close here we've got 30 seconds. So amazing things but suffice it to say this is from the ted talk crisper you're looking at a c. t. g. which are the components of d.n.a. And basically the cost has gone so far down that they're very easily accessible for people to perform these experiments and you just need a laboratory and of course there's you know there's rules and ethics and we know how nations follow the rules of ethics and and all that. All right we're out of time so I want to respect your time but let me just recap. Jesus is coming soon. And he does not want any of us to be lost but there's a real work of preparation that needs to happen in our hearts and we are Laodicea we need the spirit prophecy I know you may have heard people say and quote the spirit prophecy saying well if we had studied the Bible we wouldn't need this for prophecy so me or I I study the Bible and that's like that's like having a terminal illness and going to the doctor and the doctor says if you had listened to my advice before you wouldn't be in this position but now that you are here here's what you need to do and you say oh well he said that if I had done what he had told me then I wouldn't need this so I don't need this I'll just go do that was too late for that you need to just do it he says I meant so we've been given a special gift and Jesus is standing at the door each been given hopefully or on your way out please pick up this plant and please come back tomorrow and bring friends all right you might think where are they going to sit we'll find places Ok because we have to have a plan for revival It can't just be if Ariel It's the most important work that we need to be a part of right now God's people desperately need it and the world is waiting for God's people to be revived hope you've enjoyed today I'll take one question before we close good no questions All right let's pray. Yes Simply sign up in the back we do have actually have a testimonies for the church reading plan 10 pages a day in 16 months you will be so profited by this I cannot tell you and you'll find out more on why you will be profited by it tomorrow but Sign up today and it's just we try to make it as easy as possible you get an e-mail every day with 10 pages plus a link to audio you can listen to it in 16 months you'll finish the whole testimony of the church most people have never read the series and Jesus is knocking on our door. Then that I love he said I rebuke and chase and be zealous therefore So please tell us Lee write your name on that sheet let's break Heavenly Father Lord we thank you that you love us enough to warn us and Lord help us not to resist your straight testimony help us to be willing to see what you have to offer in the larger message bless each one of us today Lord we thank you that it is your good pleasure that you would give us the kingdom please purify our hearts you know the burdens that we carry Lord we entrust Lord we all made poor decisions in our lives and some of us are making better decisions now and maybe we're deciding now that we're going to do that but Lord we need you because we need a Savior we need your blessing bless us today give us what we need and please bring a mighty revival to church Jesus this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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