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Strength in Surrender: Surrendering Yourself

Wes Peppers


Surrendering everything to God is hard to do, especially in the post-modern culture we now live. Expectations and reputations are always on the line. Pressing demands and the tyranny of the “urgent” drive our schedules. Yet in life's chaos, the question always lingers in our hearts: Is His purpose being fulfilled in my life? True service for God can only be experienced through true surrender to God. Otherwise, we are only deceiving ourselves while serving ourselves. Christ in us becomes a most joyful experience as we lay everything on the altar...everything. Is your heart surrendered today? Priorities will always speak the truth.


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • November 1, 2019
    7:30 AM
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I wanted to just briefly before I dive into our messages mornings give you a bit of my background I was not raised in the atmosphere time of you were raised in the church and proud of it amen and I wish I had had that background but unfortunately I did not my parents were not Avonex or even Christians and I grew up in a you say a Christ was home and I was involved in sports for a number of years played football and was a pretty big star in my in my hometown and when I went on to college I became an atheist and I wasn't really anything before that but I became an atheist and really had no interest in religion I thought it was all fairy tales and fables and I just wanted to be do my own thing and find freedom but instead I found slavery and the Lord through Divine Providence has led me to himself and I ultimately when I was on the verge of suicide decided to study the Bible to prove there was no God and that there was no purpose to life but the Lord spared me and he brought me to a place where I am today and I'm so thankful for that I'll talk probably a little bit about that throughout the weekend but when I 1st started the Bible it was like a just a divine revelation to me my life was transformed and I hope that your life is transformed I know for those many people have told me for those who grow up in the church is often a a difficult thing to really to really experience what you might call a conversion but let me tell you God has been with you since your birth a man he's been with you since your birth and he's been speaking to your heart and you know in 2009 I actually had cancer and I almost died from a septic infection and I'll probably share a little bit about that throughout the weekend but I'll tell you friends you know you. You really don't understand. How do I say this you really don't understand how precious life is until you go through a situation I know many of you being physicians in and working in the medical field have seen others on the others you've been on the other side of that but it's really during those times when God draws close to you and I want you to know that as physicians you have an opportunity to draw close to your patients in a special way when they're on that receiving in but friends I've been I've had a lot of suffering in my life I've had a lot of experiences that no one in this room even knows about that only God myself know about and I'm sure that if we could all open up the chapters of our life God would we others would be shocked at what they might see in our lives in the difficulties that we may go through that we internalize But I want to know this weekend that God is there with you throughout them all you know I actually wanted to be a physician. I wanted to go to medical school I wanted to become an e.r. doctor but the Lord shortly after my conversion called me into the ministry and it was actually it state university that I found my faith when most young people are leaving the faith at university I actually found my faith and the Lord converting the my senior year in college and I was the all to my knowledge I was the only 7th Day Adventists on a campus of about 12000 students and so I knew of no other Adventists barely any in the area and when I 1st came to the Lord I went to a little local church and I was 22 at that time and the the only person that was closest to my age in that church was over 50 so went from 22 to 50 and then it went up in the sixty's seventy's and eighty's and there was a couple of people there in their ninety's but you know what that very 1st Sabbath I sat in the pew listening to the to the elderly lady play the piano missing every other note. I'm like Dr Guthrie this morning. I just sat there in tears because I said Lord this is where you want me to be this is God's run and church life did not make sense to me before I knew the Lord and before I understood the admin as message and friends I wouldn't have cared if all the people in the church were over 100 that's what I wanted to be you know when young people say to me today all well you know we in our local church there's no young people but there's the Lord and he's the only one you need Amen and so I rejoice and I began to witness to others on campus and I'll tell you maybe more about that before we get into our message this morning you know I was thinking about what to share. Because I'm a pastor and most of you are physicians or dentist or nurses or medical professionals and I thought to myself you know what does a pastor share with medical professionals and you know that common thing that you hear at these types of conferences would be all well you know the pastors and the dentist need to work together and there's meant true medical missionary work and all those things are correct and true but as I looked at the schedule you're going to hear all of those things in the seminars and so I thought you know I don't know that that's exactly what you need to hear more and I began to pray about it Lord began impress me on something to share and I'll tell you about that in just a minute but what I have found is that true ministers and physicians are really not that different from each other Notice I said true ministers and true physicians essentially And many ways they are doing the same work or should be doing the same work and listen a lot of times it's the truth I mean I'll just tell you right now I didn't come from an abacus background I came out of the world so I will be quite raw with you this weekend Ok so just know to head of time and not you know I consider myself professional but I I also consider myself real and I just want to be straight up with you the reputation that a lot of ministers have not I didn't say all but I said some or a lot is that they're lazy and incompetent and that they only went into the ministry because they couldn't do anything else how many have heard somebody say that before maybe you said dad thought that about your pastor before and let me tell you it's true. That there are Pastor I mean I supervise pastors and I have some pastors we love our pastors in Michigan Amen but some are pastors can be lazy some are pastors are incompetent some of our pastors don't check their e-mails and other things and if some of the things that they did in the ministry if they did that in a secular job they would have been fired yesterday and it's true but there are godly ministers and there are ministers who could be very successful in the business world they could probably be millionaires but they've sensed that call to the pastoral ministry and then there's a reputation amongst many about physicians that they are that they are arrogant. That they are arrogant that they are Conky that they don't listen to their patients that they don't listen to people that they many times view themselves as a mini God Some don't have bedside manners and they're harsh and cutting nasty to their nurses there's those kind of reputations that physicians say of which you know there are some godly physicians out there in men. Who Love the Lord who are not just doing medical or doing medicine because they are in it for the salary you know one thing you know about administers of is one thing you know they don't go in it for the money and then. They go with it because God called them but I believe that God is calling godly physicians and I believe that their physicians if they made half as much as a pastor they'd still do it because they have a burden to influence their patients for the Lord and that they realize that there is a greater work beyond just the daily routine of the office but there is an eternal work for every soul that comes through the doors of their practice or through their hospital yes. So there are kinds of reputations but when we are converted and we are committed there are great similarities in this work because we are both working for eternity what he say this morning and God has a special place in his heart for physicians and I include dentists in that in medical professionals wine because he is one of the men God has a special place in his heart for pastors because he is one and he wants to bring those 2 together so that they work in unison with each other and essentially do the same work so when I thought about what I'm going to share with you this weekend I thought about this and the end he who manatee is humanity and we're all in need of a savior one thing I know for sure is that physicians need to hear the Gospel medical professionals need to hear the gospel. And I don't make the assumption this morning that all of you have accepted the gospel or that you've even understood the gospel I don't make the assumption today that just because you may be the head elder of your local church or whatever positions you hold in the church that you really understand who Jesus is and so this morning I'm going to take you through the story of Peter and I believe this morning that there are a lot of similarities between Peter and pastors and Peter and physicians medical professionals so that being said let's bow our heads together this morning and I'm going to kneel I'm just going to pray and ask the Lord's blessing to be with us Father in heaven this morning as we dive into the gospel I pray that your heart would minister to us this morning that we would hear your words and that we would understand and know the truth as it is in Jesus and that we would surrender ourselves to it and father I just pray for the power of the Spirit of God to raise upon our hearts to come and speak to us to draw near to you and most importantly for us to surrender ourselves in our professions to make ourselves vulnerable both for physicians and pastors as a very almost taboo thing to do but Father we are amongst friends this morning and we are amongst the Savior and as you look into the depths of our hearts today I pray that you would open to us the understanding that you would have us to have about your word and about your will for our lives and Lord I know that the business of life can call our ears and our hearts away. From the words that you wish to speak but here in this place as we are stepping aside we are called aside for a while I just pray Lord that your hand of kindness will be upon us and that your love would be in our midst and that we would in this weekend surrender ourselves to you we ask your blessing and we come in Jesus' name amen. The 3 messages I'm going to share with you this weekend. Are based upon surrender because I believe that a lot of pastors are on surrendered to the Savior and I believe that a lot of medical professionals are and surrendered in fact I believe the majority of our church is on surrendered to the Savior we see it everywhere do we not we see the fruits of on conversion we see the fruits of Unser render we see the fruits of people who are unwilling to be unified in the truth and we see all of these things in a kind of wreak havoc upon our churches and I understand that to be true so this morning I'm going to speak to you about the surrender of yourself through the life of Peter the Apostle Christ in you cannot be truly formed unless there is a complete surrender of self tomorrow I'm going to talk to you about the surrender of your profession not your profession of faith but your profession of professionalism and then on Sunday going to talk to you about the profession the surrender of your medical practice your practice in the medical field and how you can draw closer to those who are around you but this morning going to talk about surrender to self and we're going to look at 1st the call of Peter by Jesus his calling in his life Secondly we're going to look at his error of confidence and thirdly his cowardice and his conversion are you ready for that this morning all right please open your Bibles to Matthew Chapter 4 and while you're turning there I want you to just hear my own call to ministry someone is going to have to help me with time and meant to bring my phone of some of it's bring in my phone because I don't see a clock on the make sure I've been known to preach longer than I should and more than one occasion so I was want to make sure that I'm. All right 43 minutes prophet. No I'm kidding I'm kidding. I remember my own call to ministry that when I went from being atheist to Christian and Adventist I recognized in my own life that I had no interest in doing any pursuing anything else except ministry I didn't know exactly what that call would look like I didn't know exactly what that what my line of work would be but I knew that God was calling me to do something for him I almost in my senior year of college quit college because I wanted to go be a missionary in Congo and the Lord convinced me through my prayer time that that was not exactly what he had in mind but gradually God called me and I went to the amazing facts school events alyssum and what not but one thing I knew that was burning in my mind was that God had called me to serve him and I want to I want to help you understand something this morning that I don't I don't think it really matters what profession you are in whether you're a medical professional or in some other capacity there might be some students here or whatever but that the number one thing that God has called you to do in your life is not your profession but it is your service to the master and the everything else in your life needs to be centered focused around that are you understand that this morning and to many people I think disassociate those 2 they go to church on Sabbath and they practice their faith and they're honest good Godly people throughout the week but when they go to work that faith and that drive and that call to service that God has upon their life does not cross over into their business or their profession and so I want you to see something here from the Gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter 4 and verse 18 Matthew chapter 4 and verse 18 the Bible says and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw 2 brothers Simon called Peter an. Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea and they were fishermen and then he said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of Wundt of men and immediately they left their nets and followed him going on from there he saw 2 other brothers change the son of the he and John his brother in the boat with 70 their father and then in their rents he called them and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him here you have 2 sets of brothers who when Jesus called the Bible doesn't say they finished folding their nets the Bible doesn't say they finished drawing in the catch The Bible says that what did they do what was the word that he used twice immediately they left their gnats and followed Jesus there was something about this Jesus that they were drawn to I don't know I from what it seems like they had never seen Jesus before in their life but the presence of Jesus caused them in the midst of their own profession to 1st say Call Now listen I don't think this morning that God is calling you necessarily to leave your profession he might be he might be calling you to something else outside your profession but I do believe this morning is that he is calling each and every one of you to forsake everything within your profession to do while for sake every thing where within your prayer profession and that he is calling us in all of our lives to lay down our professions on the altar and use them as He wills and use them for His glory now I want to take you to another passage here. And it's a parallel passage. And it is Luke Chapter 5 Luke Chapter 5 go with me there. Luke Chapter 5 and we're going to see the same story just a little bit expanded Luke Chapter 5 and verse one. Luke Chapter 5 and verse one it says here so it was as the multitude pressed about him to hear the Word of God He stood by the lake of just Center it and saw it too both standing by the lake but the fishermen had gone from them and were washing their nets then he got into one of the boats which was Simons and asked him to push out a little from the land so he sat down and taught the multitude from the boat when he had stopped speaking he said to Simon launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch but Simon answered and said to him Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing Nevertheless at your word I will let down the net and when they have done this they caught a great number of fish and their net was breaking so they signal to their partners from the other boat to come and help them and they came and filled the both the boats so that they began to sink when signing Peter saw it he fell down at Jesus' knees saying Depart from me for I am a sinful man o. Lord for when he and all who were with him were astonished at the catch that they were which was taken and so also were James and the son of John the sons of Zebedee were partners with Simon and Jesus said to Simon Do not be afraid from now on you will catch men so when they have brought their boats to land they did want they 1st so call and followed him now I want you to understand something these guys had just had the biggest success they had ever had in their profession you understand that they had just caught the biggest catch that they had ever caught probably they couldn't take 10 catches and combined them and make the catch that they had caught that day. And at that moment at that moment Jesus calls them to come and follow him immediately he calls them right at the height of their success to forsake all and really friends whether we for a sake all for another profession or we for sake all within our profession it doesn't really matter because Jesus is giving the same call to each and every one of us does that make sense to you this morning now want you to listen here to some from the desire of ages so I have some a few paragraphs here I want you to see and then I'm on the top make some points out of this it says Peter was unmindful now of boats or lay lady this miracle above any other this is from desire of aids to 46 if you like to follow along this miracle above any other he had ever witness was to him a manifestation of divine power so there was a point in Peter's life when he recognized that divine power had come alongside his lowly profession to make sense and something miraculous had taken place there was a transformation in Jesus he saw one who had hell of nature under his control the presence of divinity revealed his own holiness love for his master Shane for his own unbelieve gratitude for the condensation of Christ. Condensation of price condescension of price of love all the sense of his own cleanliness in His presence of infinite purity overwhelmed him think about their. While his companions were securing the contents of the net Peter felt the Saviour's feet explaining the part for me for I'm a sinful man humanity with his weakness and sin was brought in contrast with the perfection of divinity and he fell altogether deficient and unholy thus it has been with all who have been granted a view of God's greatness and majesty Peter exclaimed Depart from me from the sinful man yet he clung to the feet of Jesus feeling that he could not be parted from him the Savior answered fear not you shall catch men from now on let me jump down this until this time none of the disciples had fully united as cool laborers with Jesus they had witnessed many of his miracles and had listened to his to teaching but they had not entirely for saken their former employment but now Jesus called them to 1st sate their former life and unite their interests with his Peter had accepted the call upon reaching the shore he bid them follow me immediately they had left all and followed him I want to read this sentence that I missed skipped over it says Ed was after Peter had been led to self-renunciation and dependence upon divine power that he received the call to his work for Christ I want to propose to you today that in every profession whether it be medical or business or whatever else that there are professed Christians who have not had this experience. Does that make sense they are doing a work and they are trusting in themselves and I'll just be straight for with you and both pastoral and in medical work there is a great temptation to trust wholly in yourself listen you're the one that endured all that medical school you're the one who stayed up countless nights studying all night then going to take the exam you're the one who worked hard you're the one who who endured all the tests in the residency isn't all these different things and I have accomplished and I've achieved this thing I've paid the price I've paid the sacrifice and I've done all these things to a good who are and today so I deserve whatever it is that I'm getting whatever salary and getting whatever it is that the mindset of some just just tell me if I'm right on or not that's the mindset of some and Peter came to that point where he had said all my life I've been laboring and doing all these things but right here in front of me is the greatest successful catch that I've ever made but listen friends the greatest catch he ever made came not from himself but it came from a mix of humanity and divinity coming together to make sense and that is what brought the miracle in his life and when Jesus worked this miracle for him he recognized that he was in the presence of one who is greater than him and he fell upon his knees and said Depart from Me Lord for I am a sinful man and I'll tell you friends my fear is this that for many pastors I'm going to is going to keep saying pastors because I don't want you to think I'm just picking on physicians but that's why you're here to be picked on this week and. Amen but I believe that not only for pastors but many physicians there are many. Who have not come to the place where they have had that experience of divinity flashing in their hearts and in their lives and they have not recognized their own sinfulness they have not recognized their need for dependence upon the Savior they do not recognize that without him they would be nothing that they would still be toiling and many are toiling in the success of the world Listen my friends is very clear to me this morning that we can never reach our full potential until we realize 1st our own condition and listen the world often as lauding physicians any Even many times pastors as the higher folks in the in the society and in communities and they're the ones that people look to for moral guidance they're the ones that that often are looked to as just just just more than the common person but friends we need to understand that if we are going to be in the full service of Christ we have to have a full surrender we're going to be in the full service of Christ we have to recognise that when we come into the presence of divinity every single day that we have to realise how sinful we are and often there's pride in the heart and often there is arrogance in the life both in pastors and ministers I've met some very arrogant pastors and let me tell you I don't know what it was for what it might be for you but for me I remember that before when I 1st came into the church I would lay before the Lord and I would just sweep because I knew the central missive my own heart but you know when you're in the church for a while and you begin to adopt the admin is cultural things begin to shift and things begin to change you start to do all the right things and eat the right things and in at the right way and do all these different things and it almost sometimes becomes a ritual like a routine. And I became then a speaker and people began to invite me different places and I began to be noticed by this one and that one in that convention and whatever and I remember that there was a jealousy and a pride that began to swell up in my own heart as a speaker and this is why I'm so against young speakers who have not served in the ministry to be up on platforms like g y c I'm against it ministers who have not gone through the toiling sacrifice because what happens is they get on that platform and the world sees them as someone who has some level of talent when they have not gone through the experience of rejection and various things that they go through the the difficulties of ministry and then they get recognized all the around the world and God would have them do a greater work but they are not willing to be molded because they're not willing to go into the pastoral ministry because they think that the world needs them and I'll tell you I could list some names which I won't but I think that's happened to several people that are well known in the administers and the same thing can happen in the world of the physician the world will look at you as this glorious thing but you know you do not recognize it is so easy to slip into that hole to slip into that trap that temptation you understand and their only protection is to continually come into the presence of divinity because when you're in the presence of divinity you recognize the weakness of humanity or you recognize your own sinful situation if you're listening to all the voices outside that tell you how wonderful you are and how hard you work and how all this a great sacrifice you made then friends your own heart is going to swell and puff up. And the next time that we think to ourselves that we've made a great sacrifice in our lives we need only look to the sacrifice of Christ and we realized that we have made no sacrifice and let me tell you I used to become jealous of other speakers I used to say why would they invite him to that conference when they invite me I'll just be vulnerable that's exactly what I was thinking I used to see the list of speakers and I thought well I'm a better speaker than that when that one and that one and you can make the parallel in your own life and your own profession because we all do it I'm not afraid to say it because I know that you all have done it to at some point your life. And I'll tell you it wasn't until God laid me flat upon my back in 2009 when I had cancer and my life was on the line. That began to realize that's not the way the gun operates and friends I'll tell you I came into the presence of God because I had no other choice. I was almost going to die and friends sometimes that's what it takes sometimes God will cause you to be embarrassed in front of your colleagues because he's trying to get your attention sometimes he'll cause you to make a mistake and you get reprimanded by the hospital or whoever because he's trying to get your attention because he wants you to come into the presence of divinity and he wants you to see the condition of our own hearts. Listen a physician as no less a sinner than the person who's that works at Wal-Mart or wherever else we are all human beings we may have different lifestyles and different whatever but we're all at the core sinful and Peter recognize his sinfulness and that's what saved his life. Jesus called them to for sake their former life and I'll make you fisherman fishers of men and read another statement to you from the star of ages it says to Matthew in his wealth and to Andrew and Peter in their poverty the same test was brought. The same consecration was made by each at the moments of success when their nets were filled with fish and the impulses of the old life were the strongest Jesus asked the disciples at the seed to leave all for the work of the gospel so every soul is tested as to whether the desire for a temporal good or for a fellowship with Christ is the strongest think about the most successful time in your career I don't know what it is maybe it was that promotion maybe it was when you paid off your student debt so now you are able to have a greater revenue or whatever Think about it the test for you today is no different than the test of fishermen 2000 years ago your success and I'm not just it's not financial but it's professional Your success is only good and this life is all you have to live for us this life I told medical students I said God is not called you into the medical field so you can live a selfish life. God has not called you to be a dentist so you can live as you please he's given you a calling to ministry he's given you a calling to not just save lives earthly but save lives eternally and if that's all you ever live for we're going to die without any significance or any purpose in your life no matter what the world thinks of you you've been called to do the work of a gospel Minister you've been called to reach into a place of the human heart that very few in this world can by bringing healing to the body and bringing healing to the mind but more importantly bringing healing to the soul and as you bring healing to the mind in the body it gives you an avenue to the heart you have a greater opportunity than even the ordained minister of the 7th Day Adventist Church what are you doing with that opportunity today what have you done with it throughout the course of your career there I ask how many souls have you led to the Savior and how many souls have you led into his remnant church because let me tell you God will give us opportunities every day every day a better move on let me just read this last paragraph here principle is always exacting no man can succeed in the service of God unless as a whole heart is in the work and he counts all things but loss for the excellent sea of the knowledge of Christ. No man who makes any reserve or in other words no man who has a Tate's in any way can be the disciple of Christ much less can he be is called laborer when men appreciate the great salvation the self-sacrifice seen in the life of Christ it will also be seen in there wherever he leads the way they will rejoice to follow I can tell you friends that that many of your patients my already are probably already hoping that you would offer to pray with them. As Not even a matter of you working up the gumption ask many of them are already waiting hoping that you'll ask them I remember when I had surgery for my cancer I said to the doctor you going to pray for me he said well you're a pastor I said it doesn't matter I said I want to know that your heart is surrendered to the Savior he says well I don't pray out in public I said You better learn now. I said let me pray for you and then you're going to pray for yourself and for me so that's what I did and I was an agonised minister I wanted prayer for my doctor but I want to talk to you about this weekend I don't want to get into it now and I have to do but God wants you to do more than pray for your patients that is the word that is like one percent understand we'll talk about that later Secondly Peter's confidence Matthew Chapter 14 Matthew Chapter 14 go there with me to Matthew Chapter 14. Restart in verse 22 Matthew Chapter 14 verse 22. Immediately I don't know that I'll read this whole passage about who's going to tell you for sake of time but you understand the story the Bible tells us that they went out on the sea and the storm began to rise up right and they were fearful and they were distrusting and they saw Jesus walking on the sea and they thought it was a ghost so not only was it bad enough that there was a storm but now where there is Ghost and Jesus calls out to them Don't be afraid and then notice what happens here verse 27 but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying be a good cheer it is I do not be afraid that the be a life promised for us amen and Peter answered him and said Lord if it is you command me to come out to you on the water so he said Come I want Peter had come down out of the boat he walked on the water to go to Jesus but when he saw all the wind was boisterous he was afraid and began sinking and beginning to sink he cried out saying Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him and said to him all of you of little faith why did you doubt and then they got in the boat and the wind ceased and then those who were in the boat came and worshiped him saying Truly you are the son of gone now I hate to just stand and read to you but I was reading these passages and they're so good so do you mind indulge me for just a minute that Ok You sure are all right probably nothing worse than a medical professional sent me read to write you like to read yourself but you can follow along surveyed spates 31 as soon as they could credit the wondrous fact Peter was almost beside himself with joy as if he could scarcely yet believe he cried out lowered if it be you let me come to you in the water looking into it and he said come looking under Jesus Peter walks security how does he walk. But as in self satisfaction he glances back toward his companions in the boat and his eyes are turned from the savior How often does that happen in the secular world your I'm talking about. Jesus calls amount he goes. And he's walking he's looking at Jesus he looks back and he says. Here and there all over there I'm closer to the master I'm closer to that promotion I'm out running my others my companions my brothers that ever happen the wind is boisterous the waves roll high and come directly between him in the master and he's afraid for a moment crisis hidden from his view and his faith gives way he begins to sink but while the bills talk with death Peter lives his eyes from the angry waters and fixing them upon Jesus says Lord save me immediately Jesus grasp the outstretched hand saying all of that out of Little Faith why did you doubt and notice this weight walking by his side Peter's hand is in that of his master and they stepped into the boat together so Gee Peter even after his sinking once again walked on water but Peter was now subdued and silent and wet as correct with salt water Nonetheless he had no reason now to boast over his fellows that's a medical word isn't it for the through unbelief and self exaltation he had very nearly lost his life lost his life when he turned his eyes from Jesus his footing was lost and he saying in the waves. Jesus read that as character because he knew how sorely their faith was to be tried in this investment on the sea in this incident on the sea he desired to reveal to Peter his own weakness to show that his safety was in constant dependence upon Divine Power amidst the storm of temptation he could only walk safely as in he was in utter self distrust and that he should rely upon the Savior it was on the point where he thought himself strong that Peter was weak and not until he discerned his weakness could realize his need of dependence upon crys had he learned the lesson that Jesus sought to teach him in that experience on the sea he would not have failed in the great test that was to come upon him let me go back here friends Peter and his self add saltation nearly lost his life and so to you if that is the spirit and which we operate whether you're a minister or were a physician a dentist whatever then we will lose our life or you with me this morning our own hearts at one point or another will sink under the billows of life and we will begin to drowned. Had Peter not remembered that Jesus was near Had he not cried out to the Savior he would have died and his sins while he was swallowing that salt water he managed to gurgle out Lord save me it's probably all he had time to say short ascendency ever said he always had some say who had saved me and let me help you see this friends at some point or another you're going to be brought to a test if you haven't already that you cannot pass. Without the utter dependence of the Savior dependence upon the sea for me it was when I was laying on my deathbed in the hospital my vitals have been going up and now when I checked into the hospital my blood pressure was 55 or 27 my white blood cell count was there a point to that infection had started to take its course and I was dying and they had to give me medication just to increase my blood pressure and I was laying in i.c.u. with 2 I.V.'s one in each arm and a central line in my knack and as it was about 3 o'clock in the morning and I realized as I was laying there that there was nothing that any physician on earth could do for me there was nothing that my wife could do for me nothing that anyone in the whole hospital could do for me and I lay there and I wrestled with God and I recognized. I said Lord it unless you do a miracle and you make some sort of divine intervention I'm going to die right here in this bed I'm dying Lord I'm sinking beneath the waves and the Lord said I can do nothing for you until you have 1st humble yourself before me and I let on that bed and I wept and I cried to the Lord and when I recognized that I had no strength to deliver myself he began to dream near Broadmoor and his heart touched my heart and I surrendered myself to him and the peace of God flooded my heart and the next day I began to recover and we tell you friends we need medical professionals with that type of surrender and spirituality on the other side of the bed. When we see our patients laying there in those conditions it ought to every day cause us to recommit ourselves to the Lord and recognize that the work you do is too great for you no matter what your skill level is no matter what your education is no matter what your scores were the work is too great for you and you will sink below it to their destruction and to your own destruction unless you recognize that the Lord is your only help a surrender of self Peter almost lost his life and I wonder for all of us how many other times that we have almost lost our own lives and didn't even know it and wasn't at the mercy of God that saved us Jesus wants us to learn the lesson that our confidence is in vain if it's in ourselves and there is no hope outside of Him Lord save me Lord save me if in your heart right now you're saying this guy doesn't know what he's talking about I'm doing fine in my profession just wait a while it'll come it'll come and that confidence is going to be ground into the dust and you're going to be searching your own hard not knowing what to do in the sink beneath the waves. On the Lord's going to reaching out his hand to you and pray to God they were not so far in the way that we can't see his hand but if we are. In mercy God will reach his hand through the water full of Saudi men do you think with this morning for the mercy of God that it think for the day for the love of God God has a purpose for your life more than just practicing medicine. He wants you to heal with the leaves from the Tree of Life. Thirdly in the last few minutes here Peter's cowardice and his conversion Matthew chapter 26 if you go with me there Matthew chapter 26 and the story of his denial verse 31 and on then Jesus said to them Matthew 2631 Jesus said to them all of you will be made to stumble because of me this night for it is written I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered but after I have been raised I will go before you into Galilee Peter 1st one to speak had just cried out Lord save me had just recognize that his confidence can be in itself but only in Christ just realize that his his own profession was a failure without the Savior and what does he do he does it again you ever done it again before you know did you do it again this morning. But Peter answered and said Him even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never be made to stumble he's in the boat again he's looking back at his companion saying I'm over here and there over there man even amongst the Nestors at the pastor's meetings there's this competition with each other there's the striving to see who can be greater there's the striving of who can be up front and who can be the one that gets to do the devotionals and who can be the one that has the most baptisms and who can be the one that cetera et cetera et cetera so I know it's happening among even in the admin to circle Lord they say they you know they may do this in the world but I they're not the Egan's they can ism is good but there are some the good things that are bad Coca-Cola and Bud curve you can understand there they are. So I'm not knocking being an ism but I'm just saying I'm in knocking the internal striving that we often have with each other and maybe even with our colleagues is it possible that Adventists physicians and medical professionals are striving for the mastery even with non-Christian colleagues are you with me is it possible that we would even that we would even step on others who in our in our own profession that we're supposed to be revealing the character of Christ to I won't for sake you Lord but every day we for sake him with that type of the Spirit assuredly I say to you Jesus said that this night before the reserve crows you will deny me 3 times and Peter said to me even if I have to go to die to die with you I will not deny you and so said all of that of cycles Listen friends when Jesus when Peter said Lord even if I have to die for you I'll do it he meant it. Before Peter was broken on the rock he loved Jesus when Peter was walking out on the water and looking back thinking of himself better than his brothers he loved Jesus are you with me Peter loved Jesus He had a great and deep affection for Jesus but Peter was not yet broken up on the rock I believe today friends and I can't know the heart of every person but just to base upon the things that I observe in the church there is a lot of people today in the agonist shirts that love Jesus but their hearts have not been broken for him they have not come to the place. Or they are in the presence of the vanity and recognize their own true sinfulness but they love Jesus if you work if you didn't love Jesus you wouldn't be in the avenue search actually you might be a fair a Sees were still in the Jewish faith one day they hated Jesus My fear is that many of us love Jesus but we deny him and the way that we conduct our lives we deny him when it really matters we did 9 him to look good in front of others we deny Him to make ourselves look elevated in exalted but in reality from the depths of our heart we betray him Christ's solemn call to Peter on that day was to search his heart. And friends as 7th Day Adventists we know and understand that we are living in the day of judgment at least we used to believe that. There are people not even there are ministers now who not only do they not preach on it but they actually preach against it but we are living in solemn times on the very 9th edge of eternity and Jesus called to Peter 2000 years ago as a call to us today to search our hearts and the depths of our soul to know that we have been broken upon the rock and stead of going to more can vet we go to all kinds of conventions today we need to go to our closets nothing against conventions but don't go to the conventional less you went to the closet don't go to your job in the morning until you have gone to your cause it God is calling us out of self-confidence. Into Christ dependence you Peter had cried out and that moment Lord save me Lord save me how different his outcome would have been say 30 we got to go on to the very last one quickly on the last one to the last point Mark Chapter 14 Mark Chapter 14 and I'm going to close. I may make an altar call this weekend is it Ok this to tell you had a time Mark Chapter 14 and verse 66 you know the passage 3 times Peter denies Jesus the one who walked on the water the one whom Jesus when he confessed that he was the Christ said flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my father which is in heaven Peter who had so said and done even up to this point many great things for Jesus but now would deny Him You see friends if Jesus had asked Peter to do something great for him Peter would have done it wouldn't he if when Peter pulled out his sword and sliced off the ear of that priest and Jesus had said Peter cut the other one off they were done it without hesitation and if he does said I could take up the arms and fight those Roman soldiers I'll give you the power to defeat them he would have done it but the problem was that Jesus was calling Peter to do something great but in the eyes of the kingdom of heaven not in the kingdoms of earth did you catch that. And my friends today that is what God is calling you and I to to do something great for the kingdom of heaven not the kingdoms of the earth and when we do something great for the kingdom of heaven we must 1st be willing to recognize ourselves and humble ourselves before him to know our condition to know our problem and to know that we need total dependence upon him and so Peter goes on and denies him 3 times and in verse $71.00 the 3rd time it says and then he began to curse and swear. These are of ages says that Peter was even trying to sort of join in the mocking of Jesus during the trial but he couldn't it was just couldn't do it but he was swearing I don't know the man whom you speak. Do you say that in your practice not verbal ie But the way you conduct yourself I don't know them in a 2nd time the rooster crowed and Peter called to mind the word that Jesus said You will deny me 3 times and notice the last sentence of that chapter it says and when he thought about it he wept the other Gospels say that he wept bitterly. He wept how that early but I want you to think about that for just a minute the Bible says when he thought about it he wept bitterly friends Satan has gotten our lives so busy that we don't have time to think about it. We deny deny deny and we don't think about it we don't reflect it and quickly as we just begin to wrap up here if we do wrap up let me just read to you a couple paragraphs here from this are of ages on this very chapter it says while that it from page 712 while the degrading olds were fresh upon his lips the shrill crowing of the cock was still ringing in his ears the Savior turned from the frowning judges and looked upon his poor disciple at that same time Peter's eyes were drawn to the master and that gentle countenance he read deep pity and sorrow but there was no anger there Peter just cursed and said I don't know the man Jesus turned with pity in love to his poor disciple in his weakness even in his weakness Jesus looked upon him the sight of that pale suffering face those quivering lips that look of compassion and forgiveness pierced his heart like an arrow conscience was a rouse memory was active Peter called to mind his promise a few short hours ago that he would go to prison with his Lord and to death he remembered his grief when the Savior told him in the upper chamber that he would deny his lord he had just declared that he had not known Jesus but now realize with bitter grief how well his Lord knew him is the friends of we are on willing to search our own selves then the eye of Jesus will search us do you know what it is to have the searching I have Jesus upon your art every one of us need it because he will show you the most wicked places in your heart and yet at the same time a love that you cannot turn away from. And of compassion to change your heart amen the searching I of Jesus a tide of memories rushed over him and the Saviors mercy kindness and long suffering his gentleness and patience toward his disciples was all remembered he recalled the caution sign and behold Satan has desired to have you that he makes sift you as wheat but I have prayed for the that your faith would fill not say desires you this morning just as much as he desired Peter I your only protection is that the Savior would intercede for you Joe only protection jungly hope he reflected with horror upon his own gratitude an able to once more he looked at his master and saw sac religious hand raised to smite him in the face unable to any longer to endure the scene he rushed heartbroken from the hole he pressed on in solitude and darkness he knew not and cared not whether at last he found himself and get 70 the scene of a few hours before vividly came to his mind the suffering face of his Lord stained with blood sweat and convulsed with anguish rose before him he remembered with bitter remorse that Jesus had wept and agonized in prayer alone while those who would have united with him and that trying our were sleeping he remembered his solemn charge watch and pray that you enter into temptation he witnessed again the scene in the judgment hall it was torture to his bleeding heart to know that he had added the heaviest burden of the saviors from Italy ation and grief on the very spot where Jesus had poured out his soul and agony to his father Peter fell upon his face and wished that he might die it was in sleeping when Jesus bade him watch him pray that Peter had prayed prepared the way for his great sin all the disciples by sleeping in that critical a critical hour sustained a great loss. Christ knew the fiery ordeal through which they were to pass he knew all Satan would work to paralyze their senses before therefore it was good he gave them the warning had those hours in the gardens been spent on watching in prayer Peter would not have left to been left to depend upon his own feeble strength he would have not had the night his Lord imagine that had the disciples watch with Christ in agony they would been prepared to be whole the suffering upon the cross they would have understood in some degree the nature of his overpowering anguish and they would have been able to recall his words that for told his suffering his death the resurrection amid the the gloom of the most trying our rays of hope would have lighted upon the darkness and sustain their faith one final point in sleeping they suffered tremendous loss they suffered and lost that which would sustain them through the greatest trial of their faith and they all for silken and fled only John stayed relatively close on the cross they could not bear it and they and they left because they were what the Bible says something about sleeping and God's last day church doesn't it something about 10 virgins going to sleep something about being lukewarm satisfied merely with this life pleased to look good in the eyes of men but what often is pleasing to men is an abomination to God Jesus calls us today just like he did to Peter in the others and says watch and pray lest you enter into temptation and your profession and your practice what are you doing are you sleeping or are you watching and praying. For a great loss is at risk not just to yourself but to your family to your patients to your church and Jesus would love to sustain you through that trial that's coming and let me tell you what friends no profession no calling whether it be a pastor or a doctor or whatever else will sustain us through the trials that are to come upon this world unless we have surrendered ourselves wholly to the Master so this morning I'm asking you in inviting you to surrender yourself and it I don't know what's in your life today you've got burdens that I don't know and I've got burdens that you don't know what I'm going to be the 1st to say Lord today I want to research under my life to you because when Peter surrendered his life he fell upon the rock and he was broken he wept bitterly Jesus when He resurrected call him by name and said Go and tell my disciples and tell Peter and I have risen and Jesus will rise in your hearts this morning and he called Peter again into his service and he wants to call you and I into his service to day men which you research render yourself to day Amen would you stand with me as we pray Father in heaven this morning we've seen the life of Peter in the life of Peter we've seen ourselves and we need Lord a revival of surrender like we've not had and what I pray this morning that you'll give it to us some of us in our talents and skills have. Depended upon ourselves and yet Lord will sink beneath the waves some of us Lord have bowed Lee and arrogantly proclaimed I'll not deny you and we go to church every week. But in our daily lives we deny you over and over again but Lord you went to the garden for us you went to the cross for us and you desire to bring us to the cross our sound. And may we bear that cross with joy and we bear it with happiness and lowered it before we can even bear our cross we have to be falling upon the rock that is broken and we must be broken today or help us we pray to surrender ourselves to you. Lest we deceive ourselves and serve ourselves. May we serve you with all of our hearts today in Jesus name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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