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Evaluating the Final Impressions

Kianna Simmons DDS


OBJECTIVES 1. Understand the greatest impressions are the ones we make, not the ones we take. 2. Explore how 'Christ in You' is attainable for everyone. 3. Share through testimony the outcomes of 'Christ in You' impressions. 4. Demonstrate how practicing 'Christ in You' will improve relationships with patients and subsequently inspire lasting change.


Kianna Simmons DDS

Private Dental Practice in Bermuda



  • November 1, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Our gracious Heavenly Father thank you as Dr Schwartz said last night we truly are blessed. No matter what our situation the fact that we're here today we know that there's no coincidence in the life of a Christian and so we thank you for the privilege and the opportunity that you have afforded us to be here and I pray Lord for myself at this moment that you remove me and that you would fill me with the words that you would have my colleagues my family my friends to hear from you I pray that you open their hearts their minds not to hear my voice but to hear you speaking to them is my prayer in Jesus' name a man all right so evaluating the final impression you know when dentistry one of the. I would say it's gotten easier getting easier one of the challenges we face is that most patients come to Oz but I'm going to. 99 percent of them hate coming to see us I think that if I got just a penny for every patient who has said. Doc I hate being here I would be a billionaire are a 1000 times over because it's not their favorite place to be but with that it presents an awesome opportunity not to take advantage of their vulnerabilities or anything but to be able to present Christ in a unique way and so today we're going to look at for evaluating the final impression when we're dealing with patients in. Well before I get to that these are our objectives here we want to understand as dentist that the greatest impressions are not the ones that we take Ok they're actually the impressions that we make we want to explore how Christ in us is attainable for each and every one of us not just ministers not just leaders but each of us this children of God I'm going to share with you through some of my testimony so my stories are Christ has worked in me and through me so I have these wonderful impressions on patients and I want to help demonstrate hall practicing Christ in you daily way improve your relationship with your patients your staff and people around you. That marketing bill that you hate to see but you do because you need patients to come in for some of you you would find that uplifting price actually is the greatest marketing plan that you could ever have so why does an impression. When I went to the dictionary and looked up impression there was about a 1001 emissions of an impression and when you get into this digital age of technology that even gets bigger because they use impressions on the Internet now for all sorts of things and it gets complicated but these are the 3 types of impressions that I'm going to really emphasize today and I want you to keep them in your mind the 1st one is the most common one for us is Dennis particularly it's an imprint of the teeth in the adjacent portions of the jaw for our usage in healing or treating patients the 2nd one is that an impression is an idea or an opinion of what something or someone is like and for many of us as health care professionals this is big for us our image what do we prevent what we show in our office how do we interact with our patients what do they think of me do they like me and the last one I think is an impression that we don't tend to think of enough but it's actually one of the most powerful ones if not the most effective one and that's the factor influence on the way someone feels or think think and so we're going to talk a little bit about that this morning. So here's the dental impressions you know when I come in my patients with a tray in my hand or material they're like wait a minute wait a minute this is a little bit I got a gag reflex I don't like this I can breathe over types of things and I feel like I'm in the mosque. 3123 but you know we get through it and you know technology is great I think probably in most fields but differently in dentistry it can leave your head spinning I mean I praise the Lord for Dr Steve because he always gives me a lot every time I come into a man that makes my life so much easier but I'm and I'm grateful for a man for that fact because of the network and because we can help each other and that's a wonderful thing. But I want to go back to our dental materials class for a quick 2nd when it comes to dental impressions. There are so many different techniques there's the lastic materials there's an elastic materials and then even now we've got technology so we can use all sorts of different digital scanners and devices so I don't have to put their gooey stuff in use something else and it becomes what am I going to use what's the best one to use what my patients like which one cost the least amount of money and work the best but ideally we choose not because of the things or what's available but because we want this we want the best final results for our patient we want them to be happy we want them to be smiling we want to have peace of mind we want to ensure that when we go to seek that crown of that bridge or that implant or whatever it is that it's going to fit it's going to stay and that our patients not going to call us at 1 o'clock in the morning or come in the office when they're not scheduled and say here's my crown and they're holding it in their hand instead of it being in their mouth because that's not what we want so we spend a lot of time evaluating our impressions to make sure the margins are perfect. We get Lou because there's we edge and I'm finding this process more real Just this week I had to spend my lips out and I used to be excited that I could proper 2000 using blue because I was young and I could see and it was great and then I started using my loops and I still thought I was young and I could see and it was great until they broke and I had. To get fixed and I couldn't see and I did a lot of praying because I needed God to see because I couldn't see and it was something that just hit me like a ton of bricks but the point is that we want the best outcome with what we do with our impressions and so we look at them we really take them not that we like to because that's more material more time. But ultimately we want a great result so that's the 1st impression that we talked about the next one is our impressions this is some pictures of some of the things affiliated with my office to my waiting room the external building my team an advert in one of the health magazines that we have there and this is the 2nd impression that we talked about in our definition. What do we want others to think about us now many of you I'm actually not doing it today which my husband thought was interesting but if you were to look at these pictures or even a slide presentation what would you think about me anything anybody except from my family. Anything What impression do you get from what you organized think you are that's wonderful I don't know that was the mayor Well that's a good one. Who. Who who thought that the purple. Yes purple I love purple everything I own is purple my doctor giving the dentist who I was able to take the practice over from I even got him wearing purple and he comes in he was like I can't believe you have me in purple but I love purple and the things that I haven't the opportunity are pretty much problem because I like it but it's funny because my patients come in and say Doc do you like purple. I'm like yeah right down to the impression materialize I did not plan that to be honest I didn't buy it because it was purple but. It just happened to be purple and then when I graduated from Demo screw all the color for dentistry is purple and I didn't go into dentistry because the color was purple but it just so happened that it was purple and again there's no coincidence in the life we're Christians so I don't know maybe go will tell me a little bit about that his sense of humor when I get to heaven but what do your patients. What are the impressions that your practice that your behavior that your mannerisms that your care has on them when you look at this picture at 1st how many saw a butterfly for us I know my mom did because she loved butterflies how many of you saw an apple 1st right really important point here everybody doesn't see the same thing the same way in the same order every time but what are you impressed seeing them by what you do what you have what you say there's an this is taken from. The ministry of health and healing it says there's an eloquent far more powerful than the Alec winds of words and that has a lot to do with who we are. How we interact with our patients how we interact with our staff in front of our patients how we interact with our staff our patients families and our staff families and this is just a picture of my office just to give you a little more insight as to what it looks like yeah it's a lot of purple in there as I stared but you know there's there's a reason for all of that it's God's purpose it's the purpose of God to glorify himself in his people before the world he expects those who bear the name of Christ to reasons that represent him and fought in word and indeed their fought to be pure and their words noble and uplifting drawing the earth around them nearer to the Savior this is a powerful passage for me because like many of you we have staff we have patients that even on our best days when we've broken up and we've had our devotional thought in prayer and we go in early and we pray over our office that we pray over our staff and we pray over our patients that are going to walk in the door that day that your staff member or your patient is going to do or say something that really task rather are not you are going to have words that are noble and uplifting and that would draw even them to the Savior but that's what God is calling for us to do the religion of Christ is to be interwoven with all that we do all that they do and say their Every their what. There every business transaction is to be fragrant if the presence of God I can't tell you how many times that my partner could tell my dad because I go home he's like my sounding board outside of my husband. I go home if it's not about staff or about a patient I'm in tears because some things happen and they frustrated me but I'm more frustrated because I'm like God I want to do you very. And you're telling me to do this I want to fire and you're telling me Cyrano how many times have I forgive in you. And it's a really humbling place to be when you're in a position when you have the power to do whatever because it's your own and God is saying not your will for My Will be done. But what about all of this you know this picture says everything as as members of a man as people who have come time and time again we know the who the who the what the where than the why who us you mean what we're to glorify God Where in all things when when we're in action what we do what we say why because this is going to fulfill God's purpose but how how do we do this I remember when I was younger my dad probably doesn't remember this but Sunday morning sometimes we would come out occasionally he'd be watching Billy Graham on t.v. and one day I said to my daily why do you listen to that you know I was raised at Venice and I was just like he's not at Venice why are we listening to him and I doubt there is something to me that stuck with me to this day he probably doesn't remember but he said. He always tells us how how we have that relationship with Christ it's easy for us to say you must have a relationship with Christ is easy to say that we must go our 5 God in all we do but how do we do that in the middle of the day when a patient is mean and rude and ungrateful for your starve wrist or worse yet they tell you that Dr Google says this and you're saying something different men may tell you clearly you are mistaken you don't know how to respond and do what Jesus would do Ray but this is how Christ in you get it it's not you who are responding but it's Christ in you that responds and you know Dr Schwartz said it he he brought it out last night. Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus in order for Christ to be in us we have to let it happen it's not something that we can work toward It's not something that we can practice it's something that we have to get out of the way past the purpose that this morning surrender and let God do the work after all he's not saying help me live here he's saying let me and so he's going to do the living in us if we let Him our own character and our experience determine our influence upon others in order to convince others of the power of Christ grace we must know it's power in our own hearts and lives the Gospel that we present for the saving or healing of must be that gospel by which our own souls are saved and healed only through a living faith and I underline living faith because. It's really important for us to understand that when we come to a man and we get rejuvenated and revitalize the Mr render that the moment that we have here is not a living faith on Monday morning unless we ask God afresh Monday morning to give us what we need to make it through that day something that is not constantly growing and moving is dead so if our face is the same face that we had last year and a man it's not a living faith to understand. If our faith is the same faith that we had lashed year at a man if not a living faith it should have grown and multiplied by leaps and bounds in this passion here and continue to do so that by God's grace when we come back to a man God willing in another year we're not in the place then that we are today so we've got to have a living faith and it's only through that living faith in Christ as our personal Savior is the possible to make our influence felt in a very skeptical world if we would draw us sinners out of the Swift Current our own feet must be firmly set upon the rock Christ Jesus workers can never take in the highest success we can be the best dentist no matter what the material is that we use no matter how fancy our lips are we can't be the best Arjun's no matter how many surgeries we've accomplished we can't be the best doctors no matter how many positive diagnosis we've made in healing things that we've done we can attain the highest success until we learn the secret of our strength it's not the number of. Evidence based articles that we've read the secret of our strength lies in Jesus Christ he is the greatest physician that ever lived there must give themselves time to think to pray and to wait and for many of us this waiting peace is often the hardest but we must give ourselves time to think to pray to wait upon God for we knew of physical mental and spiritual problems so how do we attain this how do we attain Christ in us by thinking by praying by waiting you know it's a beautiful thing last year I came to a man in. I had to present in the. Breakout session and I listened to the devotion by nation to the plan Aris because it was their mothers it was like man I have nothing to say they are saying the same thing but you know I believe all my heart that oftentimes they hear in our church you know this unity things difficult because you know we're all not the same world different when we have different ideologies and thoughts and I don't see it this way I don't see it that way but the truth of the matter is is that when Christ is in us Christ is the one I've never seen anything that's the same actually go against itself so I'm got Christ in mean you've got Christ in me there really shouldn't be any jarring because it's Christ that's living in me and the beautiful thing about Christ is that he makes everything synergistic it comes together without any work you know my husband used to be of and I say used to he used to be a football player he paid nationally internationally and he always used to say when he got reconverted that it doesn't take much to unify people you know you walk into a stadium of Liverpool fans who never know know each other's names or anything and they are one accord they're like family like they will fight for something for somebody that they don't know that's unity and like 5 seconds flat easy because they have the same girl the same interests the same belief for me it's very often disheartening that as a church there were so disconnected we're so on unified we're is Christ in us and that's this we can try to have these unity meetings unification process is that but the truth of the matter years what's lacking is Christ in me Christ in you Christ in one another because Christ brings us together. So attaining Christ in us is really simple but somehow we seem to make it complicated God told us that we need to think we need to pray and we need to meet so let's think about it we're at Mohnish that 7th Day Adventist Medical workers should remember that the Lord God a member to reign in Christ was the greatest physician that ever trod the skin cursed Iris you know do we really believe this is health care workers or do we believe the most recent evidence based literature out there are we ready to jump on the marijuana healing we'll because that's the greatest new thing that's out and science says that it's what's best or do we believe in the Great Physician what he says you have to answer me I want you to actually self where does my faith lie what do I believe in do I believe the books that I read in medical school over the God of the Bible do I believe what I see instead of what I say I believe think about it and God has called us to think about it the work of the physicians must begin in an understanding of the works and the teachings of the Great Physician follow Christ we must cooperate with the chief of physicians walking in you military of mind before him and sometimes that you military calls for us to put our patient to put our diagnosis to put our treatment plans before he m and say God what do you want me to do i loved one of Morris dead this morning she said let him loose loose them and let him go and that this too often we think we have the answer. And God the home of the answer and he has just given us the opportunity and privilege to be the one to come to him for the answer because we recognize the 7th Day Adventists we don't need our interest after Crisis done that for each and every one of us has done it for our patient but he's given us the privilege of being able to come on behalf of them to hear him and ask for how we can touch them in a real way and so we have to think about it many think about it we can appreciate the great salvation plan that he has made for each and every one of us where men appreciate the great salvation the sacrifice the south sacrifice seen in Christ life they will see that in their. So the 2nd thing we have to do is that we have to pray if we want to this Christ in us prayer is very important regular prayer gives us an unbroken hold on God so that life from him can flow into us then the purity and the holiness flow back from God to flow back to God from our lives I'm sorry this is one of my favorite prayers. I can remember I was it may have been Amen actually. I have a 4 year old son and. I was speaking with some people this morning I don't see them but I had the privilege of printing with them this morning from Wichita they are and it was beautiful because I I said we were talking about rearing kids and stuff like that and people always ask my husband and I surrender the next one coming and I said never not because my son is a bad boy and any He's really good but the time that we're living in is a very hard time to be a parent especially if you recognize the calling on your life I believe personally that that's my 1st work before dentistry before my patients I believe God's going to x. me we're the one that I gave you and that's a real burden for me because it's like I want to make sure that he know he knows who God is and the thing is before I can have an impression on my patients I have to impress him and I have to make sure that I'm impressed in him in the right way in the way that I'm teaching him to know and love and respect God but then also what he sees in me. That teaches him about God years and so this prayer has become a daily prayer for me because I recognize I cannot be a good mom I cannot be the best mom I can't be any mom with how doing it through me and so this is my prana should be our daily prayer Lord help me to do my best and you know what even if that is not enough but God promises that he will pick up the other pieces if I put my best in his hands teach me how to do better work we talk about a living faith but our work also has to be growing it can't be the same Give me the energy and the cheerfulness and this is hard sometimes. God had to teach me in a special way I. I'll put it this way and then you probably have an idea because some of you may live the same thing I have in the past when my local came and I was going on maternity leave I put it this way the day before I was going in to have my sister in to deliver my son I was on the floor in my office fixing Adamle chair so that everything could be work in the next day at 9 months pregnant and so the local came in this is why are you doing and I said I'm just making sure that it's fine so that was my life prior to my son and men 24 hours later I sat in the hospital holding this little bundle of energy joy and my life changed forever because I recognize that there was something more important than work that money than being the best at my job than what my colleagues or my community or the public fought about me I recognized that this little person was going to be really the last in there was going to used to teach me about how much he loves me and how much he does for me and I've been taking him for granted. And so my plan to be back to work in 6 weeks turned into 3 months and then after 3 months I was only going in half a day yeah the dentist half a day my staff my accountant was pulling her hair out and telling me that I was crazy she didn't know what I was doing and we're going to be able to close these doors quickly if I don't hurry up and snap out of my mommy hood spell that I was near and she says women do it every day what's wrong with you let him go to school come back to work and he was telling me something else and I didn't even know who this person was who was breaking up looking in the mirror because it's so wasn't me it was just what happened but 3 and a half 3 I'm sorry 3 months turned into 6 months and I finally came back at 3 days which I'm still at 5 years later 3 and a half days and so those 3 and a half days are of crazy days because 4 days of the week I believe God has called me to spend time with my sign and to teach him about him and the 3 days that he gave me a practice which is a whole nother story that I so don't have time for that Carlos told me I have to be done so I can't talk about that but that's another story on how I even have a practice but. I recognize that God had to give me the energy and the cheerfulness to work with my staff and patients in this really concentrated period of time so that I could do the service that he called me to do and it's been a humbling heartwarming frustrating experience but I tell you that it's a beautiful city experience when you recognize that God is the driver of that car and so I accept to help me to bring into my service the loving Ministry of the Savior and that's truly truly an undertaking that I can't you can't do in an obvious self God has to do it for us the Lord would have his people come to him for their power of healing he will baptizes with His Holy Spirit and He will fit us for a Sarvis that will make us a blasting and restoring the spiritual and physical health of those who need this healing so we've got to go to God And once we go to him and we put our petitions before him and we lay our plans in our thoughts before him. Then we have to wait. And my husband and I was share of color she asked today as we were catching up when a holding pattern right now. You know I can laugh about it today but a few months ago I was crying about it because I didn't know what was happening but God has a plan it's amazing the things that he's going to reveal to us but there's a quote I can never find it when I have to so I couldn't put it in here and nationally made a wonderful friend at the Amen conference and he's going through some things in his life and I wanted to find it and share with him but I can't find it but it's something that I hope fast to do and I encourage you to do the same it's a quote that says the white right and it stands let me get to heaven and God pulls back the veil and he reveals to us everything there is nothing how many things. There is nothing that has happened in our life that we want x. him to do differently so when I think about that and I think about when my son was one year earlier on and I went to the doctor and my specialty is an oral medicine I personally had to threaten the dermatologist and tell him if he didn't cut this thing off my back I was going to do it myself because I do it every day for my other patients but was in an area that I can't really see but if he didn't do what I was going to try he decided Ok he would do it and then I went back for my follow up and he sat me down and he said can I. Yeah so I'm really shocked. That a biopsy came back it's cancer and my son was born and my mom had just battled breast cancer and she was Bradley and breast cancer she was praying and hoping and worrying and stressing that she wasn't passing genes on to us and here was now that I have cancer and now I've got to go tell my parents that I've got cancer and I've got a one year and got a husband I've got a practice. What ideas I wait as a hard place to be it's a hard decision to do but that's what God tells us to do do we believe that God orders our steps so here it is us fast forward 5 years later praise the Lord I'm cancer free but 2 years ago I got a phone call so I don't know why cancer me the type of cancer that I head. I know risk factor I went to the dermatologist office in New York to have a procedure to basically at that point I decided no I'm not using cream I'm going to get a cut oil and so I sometimes terrorism isn't dark you know. I've done some research and I don't fit any of the criteria risk factors categories at all for this cancer is to help me understand that a little bit he said to me. You know. And I listen does not help me at all. Ok but 2 years ago I got a phone call Doc I want you to would you be reeling this is from my insurance right now from my plan in my office and he says would you be willing to do a testimonial for us. And and I said on one he says well you know you know the office reimbursement how well we do I said absolutely not but you know my colleague used to crucify me I said No you go home. He said Ok well I want your testimony your personal testimony and I said Ok. And I went and I filmed this 32nd commercial for them on the wonderful care which was wonderful That's a whole another testimony no Karla's time in no time. And I will share with you the outcome of that in a couple of minutes but we must wait we must be God told the disciples you shall receive power when not right away. And the Holy Spirit has come on you and you will be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth. We have to cooperate with the chief of his patients and then the Lord will blast our earnest efforts to relieve suffering humanity so that video that I recorded and Clay is my patients tell me like clockwork on Monday night in their living room homes one just mentioned to me last week docu with us every Monday night at the dinner table and I started laughing but it's my testimony on how God used the insurance company to work out the circumstances in my life. And the questions that I have 5 years ago about god why why cancer why me why at this time with my one year old son actually. They vanished because I recognized God knew that 5 years later there were be commercials playing on the homes of many people that I probably never would have been able to touch before but I got to tell them that Christ did something in me and when they come into my office there's that conversation that we can now have about my faith that probably never would have been able to happen before and so when I talk to them they axed me docking you pray for me I know you believe in God I had a patient 2 weeks ago who came in for a procedure I'd never met this patient reform Bermuda they actually asked to do 2 weeks of call yes free 2 weeks of call and they say it's r r give back so all of us gladly do yesterday and the patients come in and this patient came in for an emergency call and he had an issue and never met the patient before or the patients that in my chair and I was the begin to do the procedure he said before you start can you pray I was I woll. The patients actually me to pray. But it warmed my heart because that cancer that I had no idea why hall I even got it because I don't fit any of the criteria for God's law fit that it hit me so that I could be on a commercial 5 years Major that could go into the house of a patient who would come into my office to have the courage to ask me to pray for them and talk to them about Jesus isn't that wonderful waiting on God. The hardest thing for us to do is wait because we know so much we've been taught so much God has given us so much what we want makes sense to us for God tells us to wait on Him This is truly become one of my favorite hymns my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness and as I put the words in here there's another version that's that my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ my righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest frame but Hurley lean on Jesus' name so when we look at a 10 in Christ in us there are only 3 things we really need to do that's the think meditate on the salvation of Jesus Christ what he's done for us what he is doing for us what we know he will do for us in the future pray talk to him converse with him and then wait wait for him to pour out His Holy Spirit in such a way that the decisions we make are clear we know what he's saying we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is going to work it's not going to fail because it's not what I'm doing I know it's what's God's doing and so I know it's going to work. All of us who accept these duties will have a rich and a varied experience their own hearts will glow with Fiver and they will be strengthened and stimulated to be renewed to remove their varying efforts to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling because it is God that working in them both to will and to do with His good pleasure all that we are are can be belongs to God education discipline scale and every line should be use for him whether the amount entrusted to us is great we have one practice to practice this 3 or 4 It doesn't matter the Lord requires that his householders give their best and our best isn't good enough it doesn't matter because he is going to do with our best Mikey directors to lower those 5 learners than to fish more than we could ever think or imagine who thought I thought going to the University of Pennsylvania getting a degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world having network that was one of the top physicians and doctors being trained with some who wrote the textbook but make a difference but it was cancer on my back that God told me to a place where I could be on a television that in someone's house to be able to make a difference with the patient it wasn't me it was God This reward of joy that comes sorry it is not the amount of trust me of the improvement that brings to men and women the approbation of heaven but is the faithfulness the loyalty to God the loving service that is rendered that brings the divine benediction well done. That I had been face for a few things I will make the ruler over many and turns out into the joy of the Lord this joy this reward of joy doesn't wait until our entrance into the City of God but the faithful starving can have a foretaste in this life when the patients come into our practice when people tell us that we have touched their lives when family members come in and they say doc can you pray for me can you pray for my husband I had a patient run out of time but I'm going to tell you a couple stories I had a patient who came into my hygiene chair and he sat and he was in there with my hi Janice and she did her exam and she called me in I looked a little further and he had a little needle on the side of his tongue and he says to me are it's nothing it doesn't really bother me to hurt too much sometimes it is painful I said well hey how long has it been there and is that while it's been there for a little bit but it's not a big deal it doesn't really bother me I said to him you know listen. I really want you to come back and see me in 2 weeks don't do this that or the other still there I'm going to take a biopsy of it and we're going to see what it is reluctant me one of the patients who Doc You know I like you but I don't like what you do he says Ok I'll come back and so he comes back and he comes into my office and I say Ok Listen Mr d. I need to take an in and impressions are a biopsy I take the biopsy and I turned it off and of course what my clinical in think was telling me it was cancer. And I had to bring the patient he and his wife didn't want to come in from that day even though I tried to tell them when I have to bring bad news like that I want them to bring somebody else because you know once you tell a patient it's cancer they don't hear anything else you say you do know that right so none of the instructions you give it doesn't matter because they haven't heard a word after you say cancer. He came in by himself and he told me yes I hear everything you say and that's when he walks out of my door but I fall in process this isn't enough I need to call so I called his wife and I said you have been coming home and he has some bad and I wanted to call and follow up with you and I want you guys to know that I'm here for you I'm praying for you if there's anything I can do and his wife just started crying. You never know what's going to happen in a case like this in head and neck cancer usually it's very fast and patients can lose part of their face except for things like that so they would know what was going to happen even if he would have life and so I told them I referred them on. Overseas for treatment. And about 3 months later his wife called me and she just wanted to thing she said Dr Simmons I'm so grateful for what you've done for us thank you so much for taking the time thank you for calling me. My husband is going to. Start really and they're going to respect pretty much half of his tongue in order to save his life but I know if you hadn't called and told me he probably would have done nothing about it and so fast forward to about a week ago this is probably about 5 years ago forward to a week ago she comes in for something else that she's got going on now and she says Dr Simmons we just came back from my husband's follow up he's in full remission and I just want you to know I'm so grateful I'm so grateful for your prayers I'm so grateful for that he took the time to call me you have no idea how much this means to me and my family and it really hit me because you know sometimes we think that it's you know some of my colleagues they say drill fail and then Bill and that's their motto. And some of us me laugh and smile but I'll be honest when I came out of dental school that was part of my mantra through that's what I was going to do but God has taught me that it's so beyond that and when I look at the impressions that I'm making of my patient's life and I think about my son even what am I revealing to the people that I come in contact with. I have this picture looks similar to the one outside so a little different I had the opportunity and privilege to go to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and I met a young Haitian artist there and I told him I'm a dentist and he was just overwhelmed and excited and he was like What can I do I said well there's this picture right it's a great picture I love it it's great it's fantastic it is worth a 1000 words but the only thing is that my patients come in it looks nothing like me. I don't look bald both look a little all of their time and so you just don't worry I'll do something and it's amazing when you look at this picture I did not fit for the artist but he ran did this and my patients come in and hanging out in the front lobby and they think it's me and I thought I thought I had nothing to do it was God who did it but this picture sets the stage and I was really blast last man is that the pastor Vinnie the little tax at the bottom I don't even know it existed on the original painting but I want to put it because being shoes for nothing because I'm not in control God ears and I cannot tell you the number of patients who have felt so relaxed because this hangs in my waiting room they recognize that I submit myself to a higher power and that gives them the confidence and the comfort that they need of all the gifts that having can bestow upon human beings fellowship with Christ and His sufferings is the most weighty trust in the highest honor to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him but also to suffer for His sake so trust me when I tell you that there will be good times and there are great times when there are hard times too about 4 weeks ago I treat patients who come to the island he have crew ships. So I see the passengers in the patient the crew and me some reason they all like coming to Bermuda. They don't want to get it started thing in Port elsewhere and they come in and say oh I heard all about you all the way or ever go to school and they come in but I had a patient who came in and he was really mean and I got a call or email actually probably a month ago that he was going through the channels he believes I malpractise and I treated him badly and it really really hurt my heart because this is like why I don't do this but I wanted you to understand that yes these wonderful things happen but the suffering comes to you and what my cancer taught me and my experience taught me is that these beautiful books if you haven't I got to put this in stark cause I have to put this in there's a are cope war out there of these books that the classic century edition for kids it's so not for kids it's for all of us and I'm being serious I really truly am because my son listens to these things but recently we've been listening to the section on the death of Christ in the car and it really hit me that the greatest opportunity that we can have is to suffer like Christ he was perfect he did everything for everybody and he did it well and he did it right and he didn't offend anybody but they were offended and they were hurt and they were angry and they killed him so it's going to happen to us and we're nowhere near as perfect as he is. And so I want you to understand that with Christ in you there is going to come a hard time but you've got to remember that it's not you it's the Christ in you that is being persecuted and because it's the Christ in you that is being Christ persecuted it's the Christ in you that's going to be victorious and you've got to hold on to that when Christ called his disciples to follow him past the purpose talked about this this morning he offered them no flattering prospects he gave them no promise of Ghana wildly on No nor did they stipulate what they should receive the scariest that follow me and they left everything they rose up and they followed him today the Savior calls to us his workers as we call Matthew join him Peter if our hearts are touched by His love the question of compensation will not be other most in our mind we will rejoice to be a coworker with Christ and we shall fear not to trust his care if we may guard our strength we shall have clear perceptions of our duties and unselfish aspirations our life will be actuated by our noble purpose that will raise the bubs out fish on where the motives so evaluate your final impression not just my down your colleagues and here but each and every one of us God calls upon our His workers in this age of disease piety and provide a principle to reveal a healthy influential spirituality my brother and sisters this go it requires of you every jot of your influence is to be used on the side of Christ. Follow your leader he is the way the truth from the life he is your example upon all matter commission I workers rest the responsibility of keeping in view Christ life of on service they are to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus not like Peter taken them or for any reason but keeping them fixed on him the author and finisher of their faith He is the source of all light the founding of blasting God desires us to reach the standard of perfection made possible for us by the gift of Christ he calls upon us to make our choice on the right side to connect with heavenly agencies to adopt principles that will restart in our the divine image and what is that Christ in New Christ in you it's God's desire it's God's gift but it's your choice your choice is it going to be God's way or is it going to be my way choose you this day choose you dentists physicians optometrist nurses who you will serve for me in my house by God's grace we're going to choose to serve the lord what will your final impression be that's par hence they haven't a father thank you so much for this opportunity to in corage through my own learning that your way is always the best of a lot it's hard because. What you have before us. And the damage even good that we can do is just the number of people in this room today walked out of here allowing Christ to live in us how we could turn this world upside down. I pray in a special way Lloyd that each heart that has been on the sound of my voice be a your voice including me that we can commit afresh to day give our hearts to you and truly our lawyer to live inside of us to fulfill the purpose that you have created us to feel be thank you every praise you in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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