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Strength in Surrender: Surrendering Your Profession

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • November 2, 2019
    7:15 AM
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Well this morning we're going to talk a little bit about surrendering our profession and this is a story that or a passage of Scripture that is very close to my heart I love to preach on this passage and I think it is one of the most relevant passages of Scripture in the gospel today for our generation in our day in time and that we are living at the end of Earth's history we are 7th Day Adventist we are the people of the book God has raised us up for a very distinct a very specific purpose Amen and that is to proclaim to the world that Jesus is coming soon and with that comes great pressure from the world to do just the opposite of that I mean would agree with that and could be that in your workplace it could be that in your practice and your profession and your office and your hospital wherever you are working that there is that great pressure to hinder you from proclaiming that message and so today's subject is going to be on that very pressure of the pressure that comes from the world to hinder God's message wherever we are and how by God's grace by his strength and by his promises we can overcome that pressure Amen so let's pray together I'm just going to invite you to buy your heads wherever you are and I'm going to kneel this morning and you can pray for me as I pray for you Father in heaven this morning we praise you and thank you for the great sabbath day what a joy a day in which our hearts may be refreshed a day in which our hearts may be recreated rejuvenated revived and a day in which we find rest in our creator and our Savior and on this day we cease from our works as a sign to the. World that we cannot be saved by our works and lord it is in this day and in this hour that we pray for the power of the Spirit of God that you may revive our minds and you may help us understand the precious treasures that are in your word and so this morning as we died deep into the word we pray that you would be here bringing comfort to our hearts where needed bringing conviction to our hearts where needed and bringing a transformation where needed and so Lord we yield ourselves to you that you may do with us as it seems good to you during this time and we come in Jesus' name let everyone say amen I remember a number of years ago that I was in the Ukraine and when I worked for amazing facts we did created a number of global after those we planted app CO's and various places of the world to train young people and various other old people who didn't really matter which ones we had some of both how to be a witness for the Lord and we established one of those schools in Ukraine I remember that I did several Vangelis took meetings over there I remember that the Ukrainian Church of the conference leadership everything we sought to do they would tell us oh that can't be done here you can't do that here and the things that we were striving to do were what the Spirit of Prophecy told us to do it told us to do health fairs and health programs and they said all people here they won't come to that they won't come to that and he said look let's let's try it and so we went out to knock on doors and to invite people to talk about their health we invited them to talk about Bible studies we offer them Bible studies and the church leadership there said all that will never work people will never open the door for you and so we went out for the 1st time. On a Friday afternoon and we sent about 60 students out about 150 church members out and they went out knocking on doors and after about 2 hours they came back and they had to quit early because they had so many people who were interested in health and they had filled their entire schedule for bible studies and we didn't know what to do so they had all their slots filled on all the days and they would do Bible studies were filled in just 2 hours and then we said we want to have a Health Expo and invite all the people to from the meetings to come and they said Oh that will never work because people here you know they just have a certain way of life and they're not going to be interested in any of those things so we said let's do it anyway so we rented this public hall we sent all of our people out with flyers and on the day that we had the health fair which was just a couple of days before the meetings the people were standing at the door all the way down the hall down the stairs and out the door into the streets and literally you could see the doors Bowl geeing because the people were pushing on the door strictly to get in I when they open the doors arsed the people almost trampled our students trying to get in and to the to the different stations for the Health Expo and then they we said well we're going to do an evangelist experience and we're going to register people they said all that or never will they said because people from communism that lived in communism would never give you their name and address it's just fixed in their minds and so we had our evangelistic series our students went out and in 2 weeks with the church members passed out by hand about 110000 invitations to the meetings by hand and the people came we had so many people we had to do 2 sessions. And we said all we're going to do visitation and they said oh people would never let you come to their homes. And so we put out a sign up sheet at the front desk inviting people to sign up to visit with the speaker the people were knocking each other over trying to get there to sign up to do visitation there was one particular elderly man you know it's very interesting there's a strong Western in that that there are often times people will tell you that a certain thing won't work they'll tell you you just can't do this because the mindset of the people are a certain way but let me tell you Jesus came to change the mindset of people didn't he and his Adventists today we can often get ourselves in a certain mindset maybe as physicians you can say well it's difficult for me to share with my patients because of this reason or that reason maybe it's a hospital policy that prevents you maybe it's your own fear that that they will not respond in the way that you hope maybe it's your fear that they would become offended if you mentioned spiritual things but I'll tell you that there was a man who came to those meetings and he was a very elderly man he was in his early eighty's and he came every night and he came because of a young girl who was 16 years old who in the previous session. Had not believed in God and she was I don't want to tell stories take Miss time but she was on she was ready to give up on life and someone handed her an invitation to come to the meetings and she says well I might as well give God one final chance when she was on her way to the meetings a car almost struck her in the side as she was crossing the street to come into the auditorium and she looked up and she also had time to say was Dear God please save me it's kind of like Peter yesterday right and she said that that car almost miraculously stopped one inch from the side of her hip was struck her in the side and that night she gave her life to Christ she came the next session of our after show in the fall as a student and this young girl went and knocked on the door of this out early man and invited him to do Bible studies and then he came to the meetings this young girl who herself 6 months ago was an atheist and this man came to the meetings and he showed me a newspaper clip of a news story from 15 years prior and he said that he had a lot of problems a lot of issues with his stomach and in his in his just his whole abdomen area and so he went to the physicians and to the hospital and they did a scan and they said you have terminal cancer I don't remember what type of cancer it was they said we will give you 2 weeks to one month to live there's nothing that we can do for you you need to go home get yourself in order and prepare to die so he went home and he was not satisfied with that answer he said I began to fast. I began to pray I began to study my Bible every day. And he said and day after day I would fast pray and study my Bible and he said I kept waiting for the day that I would die and he said that day has still not yet come and more than 15 years. And he said I went back to the doctors and they said you have terminal cancer there's nothing we can do for you he says but I'm still alive today and he had a newspaper article where the no q. village had done an article on his story. And I got a picture with him and the young lady and friends I'm telling you that there are wonderful things that modern medicine can do but modern medicine has its limitations I think all of you know that but there are wonderful things also that can be done when modern medicine is mixed. And spirituality with the power of God. I believe that today. I believe that God can do things that modern medicine can do and I believe that the limitations of modern medicine are there that we might rely upon a power that is higher than us and God works through modern medicine because if it were not for modern medicine I would be did and God works through that and I believe in it but God still has a power that is greater than anything on this earth would he be believe that today yes or no and I want you to understand today that there is a power that takes place when there is a mixture a blending an integration of the spiritual and the physical God is interested in the whole body care and then whole person care he's not just interested in the physical he's not just interested in the mental or the emotional but he's interested in the spiritual and if you today as physicians and dentist and nurses and other types of health care professionals if you are simply minister in to the physical that you are missing more that God wants to do through your work you're missing something that God wants to do to your ministry so go with me to Matthew Chapter 3 Matthew Chapter 3 actually before we go there go through me to Luke Chapter one no I'm sorry let me back up I'm getting confused here go to Matthew 3 they're going to go to Luke one that we're coming back to Matthew 3 Matthew Chapter 3 and I want you to see this is the main passage we're going to study this morning Matthew 3 Verse one are you there. All right Matthew 3 in verse one the Bible says in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of today are saying Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is it hand for this is he who is spoken by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make his paths what straight now often times we've read this passage many times many of us have quoted it at various levels of ministry or maybe we preach a sermon whatever we're very familiar with this passage and we know that John was called to prepare the way for Jesus correct and the Bible goes on in the book of Isaiah talks about making the crooked path straight and he talks about leveling the hills and raising the valleys and etc etc Often we think about John as a means of simply preparing a pathway or a road for someone else correct however I want you to look at Luke chapter one hold your finger there because we're coming right back we're looking at one verse and Luke chapter one but in Luke chapter one. And in verse 17 I want you to know see a for reported point here John I'm sorry Luke chapter one verse 17 this is also speaking of John the Baptist's he will also go before him speaking of Jesus in the spirit and the power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers of the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just I noticed this last phrase this is the phrase I want you to see to make ready a what a wire a.p. poll repaired for the Lord now we know in ad the NIST type our g. whatever that John the Baptist's was to prepare a people for the 1st coming of Christ correct. As 7th Day Adventists we are a type of John the Baptist cold in the last days to prepare 8 people for which coming of the Lord the 2nd coming of the Lord you understand and you notice here that John is not just simply preparing a pathway for Jesus but he is actually preparing a people to receive Christ as I make sense to you this morning yes or no Ok And so I want you to understand this morning that every single one of us no matter what our profession are called to prepare a people for the Lord recalled to prepare what are people for the Lord not just simply to prepare the way for someone else but every one of us are called to prepare people it doesn't matter what your profession is it doesn't matter if you're a dentist a doctor a nurse or a physical therapist or whatever you are you are called to repair a people for Jesus soon return not your pastor not your you know your conference office but you and I are called to do that now let's look back at Matthew Chapter 3 and see exactly how we are called to do then Matthew Chapter 3 you can go right back there and we're going to look we're going to start back here in verse one now the people in John's day were in spiritual lethargy yes or no. That's why the Bible says No White says that Jesus was sent just at the right time and God knew this before hand because in the Book of Daniel he wrote about it he wrote about the exact year the exact time that Jesus would be baptized and begin his ministry in Daniel Chapter 9 it speaks of this and so God knew just the right time that the people of the earth needed to hear Ace distinct and specific message that he not and that was the life and ministry of Christ so likewise in the last days God knew the exact and specific time that the world needed to hear a distinct and specific message and thus he rose up a prophet or plea the 7th Day Adventist Church I mean you can say Amen. And friends you are part of that church therefore you are called to be a John the Baptist and he spoke with such a truth that it pierced their hearts look at me in Job Matthew 3 verse one and those days John the Baptist came preaching and the wilderness of today is saying repayment for the kingdom of heaven is that hand there was an urgency with the message of John the Baptists he was preparing the way for Christ to be revealed within those people whom he was baptizing and then he was preparing those people to receive Christ in them the hope of glory God would have you and I I believe this morning to speak the same way well does it mean to preach a message of repentance What does that mean it means essentially this to tell people stuff that they don't want to hear. To tell them stuff that their hearts chafe against to tell them stuff that their carnal natures and their carnal hearts will real at because their life is contrary to what God would have them to live now as physicians and as dentists and others other professionals you do this on a regular basis you preach a message of repentance you tell people you are overweight you need to change your lifestyle there is no pill for what the problem that you have you have diabetes you need to shift the way that you are living right you have a rotten tooth you need to start to brush your teeth and floss and do all the necessary things right as physicians physically you are regularly telling people giving people a message of repentance is that true yes or no. But let me tell you friends. There is a deeper message every 10 thousands that as a medical professional God is leading you to bear and to properly bear a message of repentance a message of repentance is has never been nor is it now in fact it's probably less now than ever been popular when you tell your patients you need to do this because they've been doing this all their life or they do harm man I don't want to do that don't you just have something that I can take that you know how it goes. But let me tell you friends a message of repentance is one that is born for a.p. you cannot there are masses rule of repentance for those that you do not love. You must love the person an order to bear a message of repentance to them you understand their. And you must think more of their person they're their soul then you think of their opinion of you you understand them and as physicians you often do this already you already understand that if I did not tell this person a certain thing in their life is at risk are you with me but how often we cower from doing the same thing spiritually we are ready to give them physical care we're ready to give them mental care and sometimes for those with good bedside manners even emotional care but sometimes how often are we actually giving them a message of repentance spiritually maybe you're not rebuking them for doing this or that but you are offering them spiritual care you are offering them Bible studies you are offering to pray with them you are giving them an opportunity to have a bridge into spiritual care and into spiritual repentance are you would that make sense John boy or a message of repentance and God is calling us to do the same now God are sorry John would lead men and women to begin thinking about great truths that he not John was not so concerned about what they thought about him as much as he was his care and his and the need for them to turn their lives over to the Lord he wasn't concerned about it. John 1st began to rise there thinking he wakened them out of their slumber and then he preached Christ to them many of your patients that come to you have already been aroused from their slumber do you see that because they have a crisis they have some level of issue in their lives and they are coming to you for that purpose but many of them do not know that it is their spiritual problem that has led to all the other problems in their lives but you as a 7th Day Adventist Medical professionals you understand this if the minister were to come to them and say look you have a spiritual problem they would not respond to that but you as a physician say you know I believe today that the fruit of your physical problems is because of a deeper problem that you have let me tell you about that and some of you may think yourselves Well we have policies in our hospitals that don't allow that yes and there are people around the world who have policies within their government they are not to worship God and they still do it if you ever get a chance read the book or listen to it called the heavenly man with brother you and him is anyone ever heard of that book yes or of you have. You want talk about policies and governmental rules you look at that book and then come and talk to me but your people have spiritual issues that you have an opportunity to minister to them about they have been awaken and their slumber and he called them to a life of repentance and Jesus is calling us to do the same we've come to the place where we want to often just simply tell people what they want to hear and I can imagine that it must be very frustrating for medical professionals to say you have this problem this is what you need to do and they don't do it. I mean you've experienced that they come back months later 6 months later and the same condition or even worse Well let me tell you pastors have the same problem we tell our churches you need to rise up and do the work and they just sit in slumber. But let me tell you friends the time has come for us to be bold in what we proclaim I don't mean tactless you have to always have to be tactful you always have to be loving but friends we are so concerned about being loving and kind and tactful that we're unwilling to tell people what they need to hear and that's not what God is calling you to do he's placed you in that place to tell them the entire message to bear to them a message of repentance and that's exactly what he's calling you to do today is 7th Day Adventists we have been raised to call the world out of spiritual any turn all death and we have to be more interested in what God and their eternal welfare and what God would say to them than what their opinions are of us or even the in pinions of our colleagues Now let me go on here and I'm going to go on to verse 4 it says now John himself was clothed in camels here with a leather belt around his waist and his food was locusts and wild honey then Jerusalem all Judea and all the region around the Jordan went out to him and were baptized by him in the Jordan confessing their sins I want to talk to you a little bit about peer pressure and often in every setting it doesn't really matter what setting it is we are often faced with various types of pressures to conform to certain things. I've heard the same I've heard it said many times that people say if I do not live a certain lifestyle if I do not rise up to certain social expectations certain professional expectations then I'm going to lose my influence with the people around me and we've never heard people say that specifically many times there are 7th Day Adventists who say if I were to live a 7th Day Adventist lifestyle around my colleagues or around my friends or around my neighbors or around those I associate with if they were to see me act contrary to what is expected of me in my circle of influence then I would lose influence of you understand what I'm saying here but I want you to do that John did not subscribe to the cultural norms of his day. You didn't see the priest walking around dressed in camel's hair in a stand you can see the priest walking around with those odd leather belts on the around their waist you didn't see the priest walking around with a diet of locusts and wild honey John was different yes or no John was very different from the others of his day and many people would assume you would even call John a little bit strange a little bit peculiar a little bit odd very different from what the norm was and what was expected of religious teachers in his day. And yet the Bible tells us that all of the peace talks are many all the people from all Jew Day came and listened to him preach let me tell you something friends people are looking for something different today did you see when that when that young man who the young boy that was killed the police officer I think from Dallas went in and are sorry she went in her house or she mistake the apartment she went in and shot this young boy and how the family responded in that one young brother of that young man went up and forgave her and he talked about and have you remember seeing that in the news and they embrace and you see how quickly that went around the world you understand that people are looking for different they are tired of the norms and let me tell you friends that sometimes we will go into a place and we will be a different person during the week at our work site then we are in church on Sabbath and we are living a lifestyle that the world will often expect rather then that wife style that Christ expects and we are looking for a reputation because we think somehow it's going to gain us influence with those we work with but I'll tell you friends you are likely losing influence you know why because your colleagues probably know to some to Pasadena that you're a 7th Day Adventist you understand they know that and when they see you living 2 different lifestyles they begin to lose respect but if you will stand and live for your convictions it may not seem apparent on the surface it may not become clear right away but in due time you're going to gain a very deep and influential respect from them. And when there is a crisis in their life they're going to come to you and they're going to want to know what it is they keep you calm and that keeps peace and that keeps you so consistent in your life and they're going to know the answer to that John the Baptist's was very different he didn't succumb to the pressures of those around him and friends let me tell you today that you do not have to succumb to the profess to the expectations and the pressures of the professional world. If it gets you in a place where you would would lose your job or you would lose your integrity because you would succumb to that type of pressure then it's time for you to leave or make your stand I'll tell you what friends it's not worth selling your soul to the corporate world it's not worth it it's better to live as a popper than to lose your godliness and to lose your peace and your joy and to sever that relationship with Christ John the Baptist was unwilling to do it and Christ calls you today so not just preach like John the Baptist's but he calls you to live like John the Baptist he calls you to be different now because you're trying to be contrary but because you want to be consistently following the savior you want to follow the lamb were ever he goes. John was not willing to compromise in his life he was not willing to yield to those expectations that were demanded of him when they compromised his integrity and his relationship with the Lord and as an influence God led him to have an influence over all the region and they came out and they heard John preach John. And his message wasn't just his message but it was his lifestyle my friends you cannot practice medicine as if there were no Christ returning to this earth very soon. John message John's message said repent for the Keenum of heaven is at hand but John the Baptist's also lived his life. As if the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand both personally and professionally you must give an account for your patience just as the minister must give an account for his flock and the parents for their children do you understand my friends that you are spiritually accountable before God for your patience because you know that now you're not responsible they reject your counsel but you are responsible to give the council. And friends out tell you I don't know what you face in the hospitals as far as policy and as far as other things but let me tell you if you will go to God in the closet he will teach you how to talk to people. If you will cry to him in the closet where no one sees he will show you how to speak with wisdom when everyone sees and he will give you just the right words to speak your patience to lead them and let me say that I was going to say this tomorrow but I'm going to say a little bit of it today God has called you to do more than pray with your patients he's called you to lead them to Christ and lead them to the admin to smash each and I don't know how it's going to be it's probably going to be different for every person but friends do you pray for your patients as much as you study their charts I hope that you are today I hope that you are pleading with God for every patient that you encounter that you might not just simply touch them physically that you are not just praying to Christ to heal them physically and give you wisdom and how to help them physically but that you are pleading with God to see a radical change in their life spiritually and let me tell you God can do that. He can do it and if he hasn't been doing it through your ministry it's probably not simply because of the hospital policies it's because you have compromised in your own life and you have been unwilling to let God usu in the fullness of the capacity of the ministry of medicine because I'll tell you friends every where I go there are people spiritually hungry and that multiplies intensely in the hospital room. You understand this you have a you have you have better interests in your office than the minister can find in the community you have him coming to you I remember when I was sick in the hospital I had my cancer issue and I was in there receiving the treatment and I was in the room next to a man and he was an elderly man he was dying from pancreatic cancer he had only weeks to live and as I began to talk to this man he began he was telling me about his life and he was telling me about you know how he grew up in the light that he had lived and he was telling me the mistakes that he had made in the regrets that he had the joys and the memories that he remembered and I remember he and I understood that that he was doing this because he was at the end of his life and then after probably 45 minutes he says to me so what is what is your what do you do what is your story and I said well I'm a minister of the gospel he said you are I said I am he said What church do you go to I said while on the 7th Day Adventist pastor he says you can't be serious I said I am serious he said I used to go to the minister and. He said My wife was a member and I attended although I never joined and he said one of his fondest memories was that the church used to have a Christmas play every year and he said for about 10 years I was the voice of God in the play it's what he told me I thought wow. And then he looks at me and he says over the years I drifted away from gone. Over the years I began to get busy with the affairs of life over the years I became overly obsessed with my job and making money and buying a bigger house and and all these building my retirement and all these things and he said and then I was struck with pancreatic cancer and he said Now I'm lying in this bed looking back over the years that I've missed with my family and over the years I've missed with my friends and then he asked me this question. He says Do you think that it's too late for me with Jesus do you think that there's still hope for me do you think that God would still receive me if I wanted if I wanted to come back to him and I thought this is the golden opportunity of the ages and by the grace of God I shared some scripture with him and we had a prayer and that man received Christ once again into his life and his whole face was different his whole face was lighted up he was joyful he was cheerful he said Brother will there I have 2 weeks 2 days or 2 years to live I'm going to spend every day rejoicing I'm going to tell my family about Jesus that men left the hospital 2 days later I never saw or heard from him again but I knew that his wife was secure in Christ you understand friends how many of your patients do you think it's possible had been laying and their beds or in their sick beds or in their death beds hoping and wishing that Christ would come to them one more time that Christ would give them one more opportunity that they could make themselves right with him but they were not sure if they would receive him if he would receive them and how many times. Have you possibly neglected to offer them that hope my friends today I can assure you that if I were a physician and it meant for me to risk my job. Versus risking that person's eternal life I can tell you that I'd be filing for unemployment the next day because the eternal things are so much greater than the temporal. People throughout the ages have risked more then you will risk your job to tell others about him people have risked their lives and God is calling you today to be John the Baptist to these people he's comin you not to compromise and your personal life he's calling you not to compromise in your professional life he's calling you not to compromise in your spiritual life he's Can you not to compromise in fear of what they might say or how they might respond or what they might say to get you into Robo but friends today take the risk and if you experience the consequence but you're faithful to God He will then put you in a place where you can do that on a regular basis John the Baptist was not just simply preparing a path for the Lord he was preparing our people for the Lord his message was a message of repentance we are not to impress the people that we work with. With our own reputation but rather we are invite to invite them with Christ reputation. Are you with me this morning some of us here this morning I don't claim that it's all of us might be all of us to some level. But all of us are tempted with these things all of us are tempted to succumb to the pressure of the atheistic physician on Mar floor that's always mocking our faith when we eat our Daniel one food. He's mocking you. All you're eating that graph again that tofu he's mocking us when we seek to pray with our patients he's mocking you when you manage to actually get that small break and maybe you spend a few minutes because you had a rough day reading your Bible and in the break room he's mocking you and we're tempted to compromise we're tempted when we're about to ask that person to pray and we see out of the corner of our eyes that one fellow walking past and you're afraid he might overhear you in the hallway we're tempted and God says in those moments without arrogance without without self-confidence but with a reliance of faith in Christ take the step of faith take the step that God is calling you to be be the message every Penton so that person not just physically but spiritually gone is calling you today he's not calling you to impress your colleagues. By the way you need to have the boldness. To be Christ to your colleagues as well you understand that you don't have to live the lifestyle. I mean let's just be open I mean I know that probably some physicians kind of relive this but there is a pressure to live a certain lifestyle personally as as of health care professional it's there and you know it to drive certain cars to do certain things to live a certain have a certain type of house there's all that pressure and when you get together for those meetings with those other professionals those that x. spectator that you're living that lifestyle what vacation and you take I mean people know it's true I hear people talk about it I don't know it personally I mean the expectation from everybody for a pastor is that he's going to drive a Toyota Corolla laws life and I don't mind that expectation I've got 240000 miles of micro Imman still going strong I'm a drive that thing with a drowned. I do not care about those things I didn't care about those things when I was a Christian but you need to be Christ to your colleagues as well and to be humble and to be kind and to be loving and when they ridicule you you pray to your God in heaven for an opportunity to somehow serve them and I can guarantee you that there will be a time when they're human strength and knowledge and wisdom will fail them and God will give you the wisdom to serve them without exposing them. But you cannot have that experience if you are caving into the pressure to live as they live you must live a different life you must eat the wild honey and the locusts you must wear the camel's hair and your workplace you understand I say that figurative Lee. Please don't do that next week. But God is calling you. John went on in verse 7 the last few minutes here were 7 but when he saw many of the fair season the Sadducees coming to his baptism he said to them rid of vipers son exactly which want to save your baptismal interest those that come to be baptized into the evidence church on a sabbath you don't say you dirty little snakes in the grass Roy That's what John said who want you to flee from the wrath to come therefore bear fruits worthy of why not he didn't just call them to repents and continue in the same way they had he called them to bear fruits of repentance. And verse 9 do not think to say to yourselves we have Abraham as our Father I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones and even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree and therefore every tree this not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire I indeed baptize you with water and to repentance but he was coming after me is mightier than I who sandals I are not worthy to carry he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire my friends today John rebuked the Pharisees and the people of his day when he said do not think that you have Abraham to call upon as your father I do not think that your linear and family heritage as going to be the thing that saves you because unless Christ is living within your heart unless Christ is revealing himself to the world around you through you then your spiritual heritage means nothing and it will be thrown into the fire. It doesn't matter if you were raised in the church it doesn't matter if your father and your grandfather or your mother and your grandfather were all good Adventist physicians if there is not fruit of Christ in the life then the Adventists heritage means nothing it means a one way ticket to destruction because he says there is coming one who will baptize you with the Spirit of God because your heritage and your lineage is not enough it is not enough to be a good Adventist physician or medical professional who doesn't eat Tork who doesn't do this and doesn't do that to refrain from evil does not save you because the 1st sees refrained from much all kinds of evil but the living Christ must be in you and if he is in you you will not be able to hold your peace you will speak on his behalf if he's in your. Bear fruits worthy of repentance my friends let me tell you. There will be many Adventists who will be lost. Because they trusted in their heritage rather than the Holy Spirit. There is nothing wrong with Aves heritage is a wonderful thing you understand this it's a thing to be happy about it's a thing to be in a Godly way proud of it's a thing to be thankful for but do understand this and understand it well then when it comes to the judgment your medical profession means nothing. And I say this kindly and sweetly and I say it out of love because I'm bearing a message of repentance for you and I care more about you then your opinion of me or what you think I might have said. But your medical degree means nothing in the judgment how many people you got well means nothing in the judgement what matters is how many people they bring to Christ and did I know 1st of all that I know Christ myself was he real to me and did I make him real to my patients I'm not saying your salvation is based upon if you say people are not as now what I'm saying but if you are saved you will save other people at the risk of anything in your life and your entrance to heaven is not based upon your medical degree or your medical accomplishments is the same as everybody else to accept a message of repentance for yourself to bear fruits of the message of repentance and then to proclaim to others a message of repentance ask your patients for bible studies and by church patients to the evangelist meetings invite your patience to the health programs that your church puts on. Don't be of the opinion that only the hospital can save them but understand that we have a message that will save people's lives both in this life in the life to come the John the Baptist's. When I was in the hospital in i.c.u.. There was a young man. Who was the same age as me 28 years old. Who came in just about less than 24 hours after I did he was placed in the room next to me and there he was on a ventilation system unconscious I asked the nurse what about this man the sheriff's department was there and all these things that they had they'd come in and out and his family finally came and the nurse told me that this young man for some reason or another had reached. A great depth of despair in his life. And he thought his life was not worth living. So he took Ferdy I know you'll know what these are the pain patches that you can that you can prescribe for people pain medication that comes through the patch you understand what the I mean we all know what those are he took 30 of those patches put them in his mouth chewed them and then swallowed all of the juice all of the medication from those patches after that he drank a 5th of vodka and then gradually very quickly he passed out until he was unconscious a friend found him there called the ambulance and they brought him to the hospital and he was right in the room next to me fighting for his life never regaining consciousness and after just a few days of being in that state he slipped away to his deaf. I don't know what drove that young man to that place. And I know that probably some of you see scenes like this on a daily basis and this young man was unconscious when he reached the hospital and no physician could reach him. But if God's church had perfect had if we had done the work that God truly had told us to do than that young man may have been reached sooner. And never had to reach that place but every day you have patients whom you can speak to. Every day God brings them in your path and I will tell you this morning that if you are in the closet with God He will bring more divine appointments to you than you can imagine you can even have to look for them he's going to bring them. And understand my friends that the spirit of prophecy and the scripture are both clear that you are spiritually responsible for your patients not just physically emotionally and mentally but also spiritually but listen friends what a privilege that you have I'm not just trying to make you feel guilty I'm trying to help you see the joy that God wants you to have and ministering to the whole person the complete package to be the hands and feet objectives. As you not just Minister to that patient but you serve them and you reveal Christ to them and you lead them to the feet of Jesus it will radically change your life when you lead others to him and so this morning I'm going to make an invitation to you today I'm asking you to not to surrender your profession I'm asking you to surrender your reputation to your colleagues. I'm asking you to surrender your reputation to your patients I'm asking you to surrender your reputation in and submitting to the expectations and the pressures that you face in the work place an order that you may take upon yourself Christ reputation. And that you may reveal him both to your colleagues and to your patients and to all others that you encounter. So this morning this is not a general invitation for us all stand for the closing prayer but God may be convicting your heart overwhelmingly that you need to change the way you deal with your profession that Christ can only shine through you if Christ is fully in throne within you and this morning you make the stand to surrender your reputation to him to resist and reject the expectations of the worldly practice of medicine and take upon yourself the reality of eternal things with Christ's way of practicing medicine and you're willing to make that choice today you're willing to make that decision today if that's you this morning just stand here feets not a general invitation but God is convicting you that you need to have this in your life and he's calling you to make certain changes I don't know what those are but you know what they are in god of move your heart there may be others this morning be John the Baptist's Amen Father in heaven this morning we see the turn await of the ministry that we have it's not just a practice of medicine it's a ministry of medicine. And you've called us Lord not to do things the way the world doesn't sometimes Lord we're in these places where the world runs the system and there's a great deal of pressure but Lord you have ways of counteracting those things but we must step out in faith we must trust you Daniel could have had his head removed from his shoulders when he asked the king not to eat the king's food but God you were with him because he had now and bowed low before the God of heaven and Lord today we would Ballo to you that your spirit may work within us and your life our lives may be transformed through yours and Lord we commit ourselves to you that we would be John the Baptist's preaching a message of repentance and love but a message of repentance and in the last help us oh Lord we pray for we have not the power to withstand the pressure of the world without Christ being with and we plead for it we pray for it and we expect it Lord because you promised it we come in Jesus' name in. 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