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I Believe in Miracles

Sebastien Braxton


C.S. Lewis, in his book "Miracles," wrote that there are two types of people in the world: naturalists and supernaturalists. We will be exploring the righteousness of Christ as illustrated through His miraculous healing ministry within the gospel accounts.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • November 2, 2019
    11:30 AM


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Father in heaven we are overjoyed to be in your presence this morning the Bible says that we should enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise father we are not here to hear the words of a man Our interest is not in political speeches pontificating or simply discourses but like those Greeks of old that came to Jerusalem around the time of the Passover. They wanted to see Jesus and know it is not that physicians and health care providers are excluded from the need of Jesus Lord we all want to see him we all want to be touched by His Spirit and that is why we bow our heads now and pray that you would use this man who is but dust in your sight father it is our prayer that you would speak through Ming and you would speak to me this is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience as we offer this prayer from our hearts let all of God's people say amen. I entitled My sermon in the booklet I believe in miracles I believe in miracles you know I was told I've worked in a lot of hospitals and with a lot of different medical staff and one of the things that I used to hear often times in these medical facilities is that doctors make the worst patients is actually. Ok just want to make sure. Doctors make the worst patients. And so I wanted to speak to an audience of health care providers. Across various specialties as if you are the patient. That is my intention this morning is to shift from being the provider to the one provided for and so if you would for a minute put your doctor had on the shelf put your physical therapy had on the shelf your nursing your dentistry your ophthalmology whatever specialty it is put it aside you are the patient this morning. C.s. Lewis in his book on miracles he believes that there are only 2 types of people in the world naturalists and supernaturalists he says naturalists believe that nature is all that there is but you see a supernaturalist they believe that nature is not all that there is now that seems like a very simple definition to divide them but there is an understanding that nature and what it is is critical to understanding the difference and so we have to explore what do we mean by nature or that which is natural and since most of us are health care providers and practitioners you're probably not worries or lovers of rhetorical art like myself allow us to use some basic sentences where you might hear this word in the wrong live at a certain sense of what nature is by definition so let me phrase this in terms of some statements or questions where we might use this word perhaps you might go up to an individual and ask the question Are those your natural teeth. I didn't say you should I just said if you did now a dentist maybe you could ask that question but I would never ask that question. Are those your natural teeth Another thing you might say is the dog in his natural state is covered with fleas. Oh another stain you might say is I love to be in nature and to be refreshing from the week. Maybe something else you might hear is a girlfriend Going to me a guy going to meet his girlfriend's father for the very 1st time God have mercy on the man that comes to my door. She turned to him and said Just be natural now what can we draw from all these statements about nature nature is what we will get if we take no measure to stop it it is something that comes from its own self thus in each statement this definition is plainly understood you see when we say Are those your natural teeth here we mean that the teeth that grow are their own selves we're not talking about dentures designed by someone outside of your body if that's clear can you say man. If you don't wash or clean the dog i.e. taking any measures to stop it your dog will be covered with fleas. If you go to a place in nature what you mean is not just the garden in the back but a place that is untouched by a gardener or any outside influence or hands and when the government tells her boyfriend just be natural what she's saying is I want you to behave as if the fact that you're meeting my dad for the 1st time does not influence who you are that's what she saying. Just act as if you're not meeting my dad just be who you are when my dad is not around good luck with that. But that's what she means thus a naturalist believes that everything that happens in the universe everything that happens inside of a human being everything that happens in the ocean or in the sky or in the Andromeda galaxy happens of its own self there are no of then it's in the universe by which an outside power a mind or influence is required in order to bring about a change but a supernaturalist believes that some things require an outside influence a mind a power that is greater than nature in order to bring about a specific result you see a naturalist believes in a world without windows a world where there is no thing and no one beyond nature that can influence the universe as we know it in other words a world without miracles. All things that happen happen of their own selves. At these things we admire we study we seek to understand but we do not necessarily wonder which is what the word miracle means essentially in its Latin roots Murari to wonder the Gospels are filled with experiences that don't happen naturally. Things that we would not say that happened of their own selves for example if a man is paralyzed for 30 years he doesn't just get up and walk because a Jewish rabbi says so that's not natural Can you say men. Another example is Dead people don't return from the grave 4 days after being buried by invitation or calling the dead person by that name that's not natural Can you say man you see a supernaturalist believes in miracles. Experiences that show a power above and outside of nature coming into nature to bring about something that nature could not accomplish of its own self I don't know about you but this sounds a lot like the Gospel to me this sounds curiously like Ellen White statement on righteousness by faith to testimonies to ministers page 456 listen to what she says. We cannot save ourselves we cannot regenerate ourselves and our heavenly cords there will be no song song to me that love to myself and watched myself I'm still quoting redeemed myself until me big old every in honor blessing in praise but this is the key note of the song that is sung by many here in this world. What is justification by faith it is the work of God in Lane the grey area of man in the dust and doing for man dark which it is not in his power to do for himself. You see if you believe in miracles then you believe in the supernatural. And if you believe in the supernatural then you are a supernaturalist And if you are supernatural is then you believe that there is a power above and outside of nature outside of the universe especially humanity that can do what it is not in our own power to accomplish and if you believe that then you believe in the Gospel. And the Gospel can be the best and most clearly illustrated through miracles. Particularly miracles that involve people for these miracles reveal Jesus's ability to do something in the human being in the human soul that the same goal could not do for itself namely as our team States Christ in you. You cannot do that I cannot do that I want you to take your Bibles and turn with me to the book of efficiency chapter 3 if emotions chapter 3 it is actually in your program booklet as well. If e.g. in chapter 3 and verse 7 teen when you're there you could say amen. If you're not there to say Have mercy. If ease in chapter 3 in both 17 The Bible says this is the prayer. Of Paul that Christ made Wow Where in your hearts to one faith tells us that Paul's prayer and expression of the Holy Spirit's desire for I believe. And readers of scripture is that Christ would do well in our hearts how by faith Christ in you is only possible by faith in the Gospels reveal especially for a conference that gathers those who have dedicated their lives to healing the simplest in clearest expressions of faith. You see I want to use 3 examples this morning this afternoon that reveal what sincere faith looks like to allow Christ to dwell in our hearts it's one thing to talk about Christ dwelling in your heart how to set up your waiting room. How to go about asking people to pray but I don't know about you but I've had some people offer me prayer who weren't very Christ like before. They were trying to pray with me because they were sincerely concerned for my soul. They were trying to play with me to influence me in a certain direction. But sometimes we use prayer as an excuse of gossip. God have mercy on us. And some want to walk you through just 3 brief encounters of human healing and explore are the lessons that they can teach us about faith that leads to cry for dwelling in your heart and in mine if you have your Bibles I want you to trust me to the Gospel of Mark Chapter 10 Mark Chapter 10 going to begin in verse 46 of the story of blind Bartimaeus blind Bartimaeus. Mark Chapter 10 beginning in verse 46. When you there you can say. The Bible says now they came to Jericho as he went out to Jericho with his disciples and a great multitude blind Bartimaeus the son of the mayor sat by the road begging and when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth He began to cry out and say Jesus son of David have mercy on me so Jesus stood still now verse $48.00 says that many want him to be what they say because they but he cried out all the more. And they called him and sorry and so Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called then they called the blind man saying to him Be of good cheer rise. He is calling you and throwing aside his garment he rose and came to Jesus so Jesus answered and said to him What do you want me to do for you the blind man said to him. That is my teacher or my master that I may receive my sight then Jesus said to him Go your way your work has made you well your faith has made you well in a myriad only he received his sight and follow Jesus on the road now where do we see blind Bartimaeus his faith in the story the 1st thing that we see is the moment that he heard because he was blind he didn't see Jesus passing by he didn't experience any sort of miracles outside of his vicinity but they are that Jesus was there and the moment he knew that Jesus was passing by he started crying out Jesus son of David have mercy upon me. The very quiet self expressed bow to me is his own sense of his own glory he recognized that he wasn't asking for a favor he was asking for mercy he wasn't asking for a gift he was asking for mercy which means I don't deserve what I'm asking from you have you ever asked someone something you didn't deserve. Most of us we have too much pride to even do that. I don't even deserve to ask us from you so therefore we would rather suffer in silence then to go to the person in complete humility and say you know what I need this see I was raised my dad is a very prideful man too so I came upon a situation where if you can do it yourself then you just don't do it even if it takes you 10 years when it could have gone twice as fast Had you asked for help. But because of this I came up into a mindset where you know what why would I ask this person on our account to private I ask for 5 dollars. Sorry I don't borrow money from people people like that and ashes money that's just $5.00 or so and in looking at this the moment he knew his immediate faith reached out to Jesus not because he would deserve what he was asking faith has nothing to do with our worthiness we cannot go to Jesus and say I want you to do well into my heart because I deserve it that is a mostly of God. He is granting it to us not because we earned it or because we did anything or because we are worthy because we are not. We do not deserve the presence of the Almighty God inside of our souls. Yes we want to be medical missionaries Yes we want to transform our practices but we are asking firm God something that we do not deserve we can never earn it doesn't matter what you name your practice it doesn't matter how many Bible verses you have in pictures on the wall it doesn't matter if you pray before you open and play at your clothes it doesn't make us worthy. We are asking for mercy from God And so in this very moment his faith took hold but she wasn't done then the 2nd point we see in his faith is his persistence you see when others particularly followers of Jesus they told him to be quiet. Because they stopped calling for Jesus you know how many times I've had to witness reluctantly. Going into a situation I'll never forget being in college and I I remember my senior year finishing my my business degree I used to work at the College of Education. And so as I was coming to work that day I realized I had no clean clothes number one and number 2 I was traveling to go preach in Indiana University and so I thought to myself you know the last time I travel Delta lost my luggage I did not have a suit for 3 days so I said you know what I can't resist this so I wore my suit to school. And to work. Some more ground is nice suit and as I'm coming out the dean of the college of education comes in he says Oh Are Good morning sir you look really nice today what was the occasion Oh you know our laundry day laundry day. Then he then he looks at me says you were sue because a laundry day. I said Well arm also traveling I'm going somewhere he says Oh Will Will you go in I'm going to Indiana University what are you going to do I'm going to speak I'm a I'm usually very talkative type of person in those situations but you can just sense right we're recalling from the situation. So I said I am going to speak what are you going to speak about our you know morality. How to Be a good person. Then he looks at me he says like what are you going to say. Can you hear the Holy Spirit like hello. On the platter. Can you tell him about Jesus please. But I was a preacher you know Francis of Assissi said no sense preaching anywhere if you're not preaching everywhere. Blind Bartimaeus people told them to be quiet brothers and sisters I met a woman she was a nurse she worked in a prison and of course these prisoners like blind Bartimaeus you know people did not believe that these people were worthy of mercy so she had patients inside of the hospital in the prison who would tell her that the nurses would come in when they were dealing with all kinds of conditions persistent pain and the nurses would say you know what because of what you did I'm going to reduce your pain med by 50 percent. You deserve to suffer a little bit. Can you imagine So there is guy is in prison sick in pain in she decides herself as the nurse you deserve every ounce of pain you're going to get some going to go and reduce your dose. So she said I would tell her these things but she said you know I thought like that was not right. That is not what God told us to do. So she decided that she was not going to operate this way and so one day she walks in and as she's walking into applied this this medication She trips over the hospital bit and I mean she's a she's a pretty happy lady and when she tripped and put her hand to catch yourself on the wall her hand went to the wall She's about 10 stories up. So as she's pulling forward the man that she was also be applying the medication to he was paralyzed from the waist down so he reaches out and grabs her clothes and his bed starts moving with her. Then another prisoner goes in a wheelchair grabs his bed and starts pulling there still falling forward then another Chris now runs in. For prisoners pulling this woman in all these individuals and she said there was nothing at the bottom but metal rods she said I knew if I fell I was dead so finally they pulled out dark inside and as they pulled her finally back inside the guards came running in it's a get your hands off or get you and they were ready to arrest them and do all the stuff and she said no leave them alone they are the result of life. And all of the sudden the question was asked in the interview to the nurse why do you think they helped you not fall out of there she says because I treated them as if they were a patient not a prisoner. We have to be very careful as health providers that we do not discriminate based upon the people we see. Many times the greatest opportunities for God's miracles are the blind Bartimaeus is that we want to be quiet. We hope they never come back to the doctor's office. We hope they switch to some other provider I was reading a study out of Minnesota University of Minnesota and they were talking about they did a survey among physicians and providers and they noticed that 80 percent of them anonymously emitted that they do not provide thorough care to people who are grossly overweight. They said they feel as if they're not going to apply it anyway so they don't even tell them don't even when necessary to us. These are physicians by profession but I have to move forward. Another place that we see blind brought to Mrs Faith is that he came when Jesus called. He told Jesus was going to give him something else other than what he needed he would not have come soon as they said Jesus stood still and he said the master is calling for you you can come so bad to me is comes and we see the very next thing Jesus says What would you have me to do for you his request was an expression of his faith he said Oh God I may receive my sight Well if you don't think Jesus could do it why would he ask but then he goes forward. Jesus told him Your faith has made you well. That's interesting because of we're dealing with this as an illustration of saving faith of how you and I get Christ to dwell in our hearts it is only possible by the same faith that led her to Mrs cried to be heard and that led her to Mayes to receive his sight in the 1st place so I have a question for you as our patients today. Don't see yourself as Jesus in this story you are the blind man if you do not want Christ to dwell in our hearts if he is not dwelling in our hearts by faith and notice the text doesn't say visiting in your heart. Doesn't say stopping by doesn't say in an hour it says dwelling in your heart that means Jesus is abiding Jesus is continually there we just talked about continuity of care. And how important that is. It is only possible if like there to me is just hearing that Jesus is near what is our response does our faith immediately grow towards Christ the moment we hear Jesus is near or that he's passing by is Jesus here Amen. How many visits don't answer me how many visits have been made to the prayer room to cry out to Jesus to have mercy upon you. How many visits have been made to the prayer room so that you can personally beg Jesus to dwell in your heart. We just don't need seminars in information like talk to me is Jesus brought you here to m.n. cause the master is calling for you. And because of this moment I made visits to the prayer room at least 6 times since I've been here every time I've gone and it's empty How else is Christ going to dwell in our hearts if we don't ask and I'm not even more corporately you personally. Because the theme is not Christ in us. It's Christ in you 2nd person individual singular. Because that leaves you and I to a place to say am I appropriating the thing to myself but guess what we don't like that because that's hard to measure right. That's hard to really assess what's the metric for that what's the surrogate marker for that how do we know well I know the crisis throwing him out because of this. See that makes us feel very helpless very out of control you think bottom is cared about or he sure did not because guess what if we like bow to me as we have the same faith that this man had we would want to have Christ in our hearts as radically as he wanted to see it but is that how bad we want it. I want Jesus in my heart it's radically as a blind man wants to see. Do you feel as if you are blind if you don't have Christ in your heart because that is the truth because we don't have Christ willing in our hearts we really are blind anyway because you will not see patients as God sees them. You will not recognize the leading of the Holy Spirit we will not be able to look at the circumstance and say oh you know what I see what Jesus is doing here like a brother talked about and the opening night said well how many of us are excited when you're ready to close down another person walks in now we're not excited was trying to get out of here. Would have God had a miracle there we miss because we are spiritually blind. And want to keep moving forward because I don't have a lot of time left you know I love the fact that brought to me is asserted his request you see his faith led him to keep crying out for mercy you need to know he didn't ask just one time he asked in a way that he would not be denied. Because when you wanted as much as you want to see you would persist and persists I want Christ in my heart I want him to do well in my heart I'm not going to stop asking to have received the request but you see if we all are increased with goods and feel like we have need of nothing we will never go. Well I got my my notes and such and such is going to send me the slide handouts I should be good to go I don't know if we need as much information as we need deep soul searching in prayer together. Because I don't know about you but when you see a person that you deeply respect like your doctor. Finding a place where they themselves feel that they are out of their depth where you see someone you respect bowing down before someone else and owning the fact in front of your patient load I don't know how to address the situation this is beyond my capabilities we need you now just the patient. We need you to do for us what we cannot accomplish. Because we believe in miracles see after the. Unfortunate I can't dwell on the point. I'm looking at like 6 minutes. I want to take you to another story quickly Mark Chapter 9. Mark Chapter 9. The story of the father of the boy who was possessed we're going to start in verse 21 Jesus come down with the story closest disciples they couldn't cast out the demon so Jesus in verse 21 asked this father how long has this been happening to you and he said from childhood and often he has thrown him both into the fire and into the world to destroy him but if you can do anything have compassion on us and help us Jesus said to him if you can believe how many things are possible all things are possible to him who what police tell him who knows. Yes or No Ok That's interesting. Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears in his eyes lol but i believe how my wife unbelief we see the faith of the father in this story. Because it was accepted on behalf of his son. His son couldn't come to Jesus and many of us our patients do not have the faith to come to Jesus but you and i do we can come to Jesus on their behalf knowing their circumstance and also the faith of the Father father led him to bring his son to the disciples I tried to bring them to your disciples but you know they couldn't do it so then he said we're going to go to Jesus there is the persistence again but here's the kicker in this story he said to Jesus if you can. That's funny because the interesting thing here is that there was no limitation on the power of Jesus he came and said if you can Jesus say well if you can believe. This is not a bow your son is not cured because I lack power. Your son is not cured because you lack faith. Because of your unbelief in other words the unbelief of the Father the weakness and the fail to have his fate was a worse condition than the possession of the boy. The situation hinges just on this point I. Notice a commentary on the story says desire wages paid for 29 if you can do anything have compassion on us and help us with the prayer of the Father how many are same Boden soul has echoed that prayer and to all of the pitying Saviour's answer is if you can believe all things are possible to him to have believes. It is faith that connects us with Heaven and brings us strength for coping with the powers of darkness in Christ in we're in Christ God has provided means for subduing every tree Hallelujah do doctors have sinful traits yes or no do no says absent for traits what about Dennis suffer colors. No sinful trees. So and looking at this why we all have any sense of traits of course we do. Because it will be so easy to have the gospel it can of essentially. The words escape my mind it's bubbling up out of our souls as a physician when we ourselves have drank of that fountain. It's easy for me to look at a client look at a patient in the hour you know like dark I just don't think I can get off the meat I just don't think I can get off the sugar you are right you can't because I know what it's like to shrug as your physician I know what it's like to feel powerless before your habits but I found the cure I found an answer I found a power because I believe in miracles do you believe in miracles. Did you know that they did a USA Today study they surveyed how many Americans believe in God as understood in Scripture Aryans about 30 to 40 percent how many if you believe in the supernatural in miracles and angels and devils and all the stuff 100 percent. So people believe in miracles. They believe in the supernatural I believe there is a power how dare that's greater than nature. But they don't believe in God they haven't connected. And in this very instance the father comes in she finishes the statement she says resisting every temptation how ever strong it is. That's why the Bible says were sent to balance Grace did much more a pound but that's trying to say is I want you to take your worst temptation I want you to take your greatest struggle I want you to take the habit that you struggle the most to yield to God and to overcome take the power that God has over your mind to share go there to fight and then multiply that by a 1000000000 and now you have the power of grace. You don't catch what I just said. The more powerful the sin the more powerful Grace is shown to be. So in this sense you say whoa hold on I'm struggling I keep failing day after day after day I'm losing my temper I don't know how to treat my family I'm disrespecting my husband or my wife and you like I don't know why this is a persistent struggle it's been in our marriage for years just what sin is abounding But that's Ok because Grace does much more about. How ever strong moving forward but many feel that they lack faith they embody for it I would. Notice when she says they lack faith and therefore they remain away from Christ. Let these souls in their helpless unworthiness cast themselves upon the mercy of the compassionate Savior look not to self but to Christ he who healed the sick and cast out demons when he walked among men is the same Mighty we deem are today faith comes by the Word of God then grasp this promise I will in no wise cast down those who come to me cast yourself at his feet and with the cry Lord I believe. Help my unbelief you can never perish while you do this never. And quote. Only have a few more minutes and so I have to wrap this so I want you to go to Mark Chapter 5 this Roman and. Mark Chapter 5 verse 22. The story of Jarius and the woman with the issue of blood here we see in this particular story they both were coming to Jesus they both had situations that went from bad to worse they both had to have a faith a belief in Christ that endure delays and appreciation and they both had a situation where it was critical that only. Only was central to their situation I want to show you that I want you to look 1st and foremost there in March up to 5 and notice what she says in verse 28 verse 28 this is the woman with the issue she said if only I may touch his clothes I shall be what. I shall be whole I shall be made one by in a 1000000 leave the fountain of her blood was what dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction that's interesting now Bob this is happening just the situation gets worse and notice when Jesus says verse $36.00 to jurors as soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken he said to the ruler of the synagogue do not be afraid only one. Belief and he told the woman in verse 34 daughter your faith has made you well go in peace and be healed of your affliction. Do you know these are the ages page 343 says in that one touch was concentrated the faith of her life. Is that how you're reaching out after Christ this morning when you bow in prayer is that the faith of your life see it's easy when material things are not the danger. But one of the danger is in these spiritual area. What if that's the deficit do we bring the same energy. To our own spiritual deficit. If we want Christ to dwell in us there's only one place to go. That is to Jesus. Now want to move forward to bring this to an end this is desired ages page $347.00. It says The Wandering crowd that pressed close about Christ realized no accession of vital power none. They were touching Jesus but nobody was healed. But when the suffering woman put forth her hand to touch him believing that she would be made whole she felt the healing virtues so in spiritual things this is where picks up to talk about faith she says to talk of religion in a casual way to play with out soul hunger and living faith of veils nothing. A nominal faith in Christ which exception merely as the savior of the world can never bring healing to the so. The faith that is unto salvation is not a mere intellectual assent to the truth he who waits for entire knowledge before he will exercise faith can not receive blessing from God It is not enough to believe about Christ we must believe in Him The only faith that will benefit us is that which embrace is him as a person no savior which appropriates his merits to ourselves many hold faith as an opinion I'm still quoting saving faith is a transaction by which those who receive Christ join themselves in a covenant relation to God genuine faith is life a living faith means an increase of vigor a confiding trust by which the soul becomes a conquering power see brothers this is when we talk about Christ dwelling in your hearts by faith it is not talking of religion in a casual way. It is nothing malady in prayer without sorrow hunger in living faith but you say Sebastian how do we get there you can not do with of yourself if you and I are feeling like our prayers are formality we have to go to Jesus and be a patient. We gotta let the Great Physician operate. And when he says Take 2 of these in Simi in the morning we gotta follow it because there is nothing more frustrating to a provider then you coming back and saying the cure doesn't work when you don't follow what I prescribe. Brothers and sisters if we want to have Christ in our hearts. We've got to have a personal transaction it's not just belief it's not just intellectual assent covenant relationship sounds like marriage. Covenant. A decision that Jesus is going to be in a very specific place in your mind I've often said to people that many of us who grow up in the faith we have a relationship with Jesus like it's an arranged marriage we always knew you were going to be a question just like in some cultures we only knew you were going to marry that person. So now I grew up I was raised 7th Day Adventists. You were born in sin and you've been shaped in inequity and until you and I come into a covenant relationship with Jesus. We haven't truly express faith. Now the face that's going to cause Christ to dwell in our hearts in transform our health ministry. So you and I have to come to a certain place at the altar just like a man and a woman have to come we have to stand before the Lord Himself and we got to be asked the question Will you take Jesus. To be your Lord and your savior person o. Lord and Savior. And do you solemnly swear. To have him to love him. To serve him. For better. Or for worse in sickness or in health for richer or for poorer forsaking all others till death that's a covenant. So when my faith is down my relationship with Jesus is struggling of him back in the covenant yet. I'm sure the bad situation is sometimes you gotta Renu your vows. Sometimes you gotta go to marriage counseling Sometimes you gotta sit down with someone and say listen something's not right between you and Jesus. Maybe today's the day that the Lord is saying to you and to me listen one now where we're supposed to be if there's anything that's more discouraging. To a spouse. Is the idea that I could say as a spouse I am doing everything for you but you and I don't have a relationship that's how people become strangers in their own home was doing everything for you really. So where is the relationship. Then just a formality. Just nominal. And some of us we have to be honest today we may be doctors we may be praying with patients we may be nurses we have compassion for our patients but where are we with Jesus have you made a death commitment to him have you back out before the Son of God in love and reference. Don't tell Jesus you're doing this for him show him that you're doing it for him and all of those things that we are deficient in we can receive by faith. Like Bartimaeus is faith. Even if you feel like you lack faith you can tell the Lord Lord even my little faith Jesus still responds to your little faith how lujah. And even like the woman all the faith of your life could be concentrated in one prayer and his words to every person is always the same your faith has made you well. That's it will invite my wife to come every head is about every eyes closed Father in heaven we have. Explored this morning. The gospel. We have explored our need. We have explored the fact that we cannot think of it so we. As individuals who are always on the serving end but these this is one area this morning with Christ dwelling in our hearts which is our theme which is our passion which is what we want that's where we want to go we're not going to get there by our own efforts we're not going to get there by regenerating ourselves we're not going to get there through our own labors it's only going to come by our complete dependence in trust or faith a faith that's not just casual with religion a faith that's not nominal on a faith that leads to Covenant relation to God. That's the faith that we want and if there is someone here that says yes of our relationship with Jesus yes I've been serving him. But this morning I made to renewed my vows which Jesus. I need to re new that covenant with Cheesus. As she sings the song I want you to come to this altar as we pray this morning say Lord I'm removing my vows to you. If that's your desire I just invite you to come you're not to be afraid this is between you and Jesus mighty God. Everlasting Father we are kneeling here to renew our vows to Jesus. To renew this covenant that we made Lord when we stepped into the waters of baptism. To remind ourselves this medical missionaries that we were patients once and in many ways we still our. Lord we have been touched by brokenness we've been acquainted with grief. But we are thankful like the song that was just sung or that you looked beyond our faults and you saw our need. And that's why Jesus came and that's why Jesus is here today. Father it is our prayer that Christ would do well in our hearts. We want Jesus to live out that healing ministry through us. That every health practitioner here may go home not to a profession but to a ministry of healing. But Lord we know crys dwelling in our hearts is only possible by faith. A faith that is persistence of faith that can endure when situations go from bad to worse a faith that carries us through years and years of suffering many things of many physicians in being no better. Lord. We pray that even the smallest faith when there is an ounce of unbelief still in our hearts we pray that you would still respond with your grace. Lord our faith is not perfect but the little faith we have here our prayer today and may Christ dwell in us in every individual heart by Faith thank you Lord. For hearing and answering this prayer. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus' name they met. Him at Camp Blessing this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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