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God's Glory Revealed

Mark Finley


Every human interaction is an opportunity to reveal Christ's glory. Christ dwelling in our hearts through the ministry of the Holy Spirit shines out of our lives with His glory to reveal His character to the world. It is this revelation of Christ's glory that will lighten this dark world with the beauty of His character.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • November 2, 2019
    7:00 PM


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I'm always blessed when I come to an amen conference to meet with the godly Christian physicians and dentists is inspiring I think back over 15 or 16 years when a small group of us met at a Springs and we envisioned a group that would combine the medico missionary work the preaching of the Gospel we began to think about how every physician's office every dentist's office could be a center of influence for Christ how physicians who see more people every week than most pastors do how they could really take advantage of that opportunity for Jesus and to sit here tonight and see that this organization has been growing rapidly that it now has overseas branches to see the dedication on the staff just really thrills my heart and I'm just thankful to God for each and every one of you. I've worked in television for so many years that it would be uncomfortable for me not to give a 32nd advertisement. Some people have asked me what are you doing in your retirement and since you've asked I think I should tell you. In 2010 my wife and I made a decision that we would retire and that was going to be at the General Conference session which we did as I was walking out on the platform to announce the retirement elder Wilson who had just been elected as General Conference president put his arms around me and said Mark ear too young to do this you're still me 65 that was 10 years ago you can guess my age and he said I need you as an assistant so for the last 10 years I've served as one of elder. Wilson's assistance but my wife and I had already made the decision we were talking about moving and we thought about moving to some of the great advantage centers but as we did that we thought if we move to an evidence center I'll sit there in one of these large institutional churches I may teach Sabbath school once a quarter if I'm fortunate there is so much talent and ability why don't we move to an area where there are no 7th Day Adventists why don't we move to that area so we moved to an area called Haymarket as far as we knew there were no 7th Day Adventists living in that community it is an area where Disney corporation bought 2500 acres of property because they wanted to have a 3rd Disney World and they had the one in California they had one in Florida and they had purchased this property but it's a very wealthy area and the wealthy horse owners said Nothing doing Disney will change the total complection are foreign firemen and as the result of that they did not pass the necessary County permits for Disney to build a large builder came in and said we don't build. Thousands we build communities and they build an amazing community with 2 golf courses it's a gated community very up market so you have a lot of government workers that live there you have many physicians attorneys dentists that live there and there were no advantage church in that area we began working there a number of years ago there was a little Adventist Church about 20 minutes away with 30 members but we've watched God work miracles there and today we have a church of over 208200 people attending. When we started our tide was $44000.00 a year last year was $560000.00 we have the 2nd largest high paying church in the in the state of Virginia we've had 7 to 900 non 7th Day Adventists walk through the doors of our church in the last 3 years this year we baptized in orthopedic surgeon we baptized a woman with a specialty in internal medicine we baptized the psychiatry of this year we have coming to our church people from the Justice Department of the United States government 2 attorneys have been coming to our health programs in the Justice Department we have a lady now coming in who works for the Defense Department coming to our church it's amazing to see what God is doing and how God is breaking through that amazing community everything we do we blame physical mental spiritual aspects of life we have what we call the Living Hope School of evangelism 7 times a year we have sessions from smut from Sunday to Thursday for pastors and we've had between 2 and 300 pastors come to our training school in addition to that we were on weekend programs for lay people on medical missionary work we have classes on preaching if you're a lay preacher classes on how to give Bible studies causes on how to conduct Health Ministry in a local church my wife. As schedules for our coming year we fill up very quickly we only take $25.00 students at a time the wonderful thing is we don't charge anything for our classes. Ok people come in they pay for their meals they pay for their lodging but you know Jesus says freely you have received freely give so at this point of our lives we're committed to giving everything we know about outreach and evangelism to others so our great goal is to share what God has shared with us we've been so blessed by others that we want to spend our lives blessing others we've now purchased a new pastoral retreat center where we can take pastors in 12 at a time and they'll have opportunity for sauna they'll have opportunity to walk we have 10 acres of land it's a brand new facility 7 minutes from our training school so we're constantly reaching out in social media in television we have a national radio program so retirement has been very very good to us that we just thank the Lord for the rest that we gave we have when we come to the Amen conference we're going to pray and I'm going to study the Bible together. Father in heaven how thankful we are for Jesus how thankful we are for a man and for every single member and for everything that this institution this organisation stands for I pray for every physician pray for every dentist every medical personnel that is here that you would give us a vision. Of what you desire for us no matter where we are in the spectrum of Christian life no matter where we are in the journey of faith we hear the call of the Spirit to go deeper we hear the call of the spirit to broaden our horizons we hear the call of the Spirit to be in harmony with Christ to know him more deeply to love him more supreme Lee to experience His grace more fully and we hear the call of the spirit tonight to walk closer to you in the pathway of self sacrificial service so granted as we open your word the moving of the spirit among us in Christ's name in. You no doubt are aware that we are meeting at a very historic city St Augustine you may not be aware that St Augustine lays claim to being the oldest city in America it was settled by the Spaniards centuries ago in fact they just celebrated their 400 anniversary of St Augustine is one of the leading tourist attractions in Florida it has the beautiful St Augustine Beach some of you wandered over there today and took a walk it has the magnificent crescent beach with its white sand but probably the most popular tourist attraction in St Augustine is Ponce De Leo zones fountain of youth it dates back least the legend or the story of the fountain of youth dates back to the 16th century now there is no real strong evidence that pond stately own found or discovered the felon of youth but it's been the story of legend through the years Nathaniel Hawthorne famous English writer wrote about the fountain of youth right here in St Augustine Orson Welles wrote about it the Disney Corporation got into the act and they had a number of cartoons about the fountain of youth now the stories of the fountains of youth are not unique to St Augustine in fact the Rogatis The great to historian writes about the Fountain of Youth Alexander the Great writes about the discovery of the fountain of youth the Indians of the Caribbean talk about Bimini and discovering the fountain of youth they are a number of years ago I visited the fountain of youth here in St Augustine and actually took a drink of water and pee. People say to me how do you have so much energy at 75 years old. I will not attribute it to the fountain of youth in St Augustine but here is something I've noticed that although people drink from the fountain of youth hate here their hair still grades they still develop wrinkles on their face they still age and get old and you see the fountain of youth although they've drunk of its waters through the years their health has not improved very much now millions of people worldwide pursue their own fountains of youth whether it's a plant based diet a rigorous exercise regime positive thinking or some wonder cream to reduce wrinkles they want to 2 to lengthen their lives most human beings if you ask them will not say I hope I get cancer I hope I get heart disease I hope I die at 52 most human beings desire there's something with the in us that desires life the biblical principles of healthy living certainly will extend our lives some studies indicate it's many as 7 to 10 years but these principles do not guarantee us eternal life that leads to one of the most important questions of all and it's this is there a fountain of eternal youth that satisfies our inner needs for time and eternity deep within our hearts we long for a remedy from sickness suffering and sorrow deep within our hearts we will go for a remedy for disease disaster in death so come with me tonight on a fascinating journey to discover the fountain of eternal youth Christ in you the hope of Corey I invite you to take your Bibles and turn to collage ans chapter one. And our Bible study tonight will not jump all over the Bible although we will use some references from throughout Scripture and I hope you've brought the Bible with you tonight because we're going to spend some time in collage ans Chapter one The Book of collage and says one of Paul's prison a pistol's along with the fish in the sand Philip eons Paul was likely but more and in around 5 a.d. he was imprisoned in Philip 8 in Rome from where he wrote kolache and that's in about 61 a.d. maybe 62 so picture Paul in his mid fifty's about 55 when he writes the book of collage and it's now it's helpful to understand the background of the book of collage ins to so that we can fully understand the text that we're going to study. Coercions was in the like is Valley is one of 3 prominent towns in the like it's Valley in Turkey it was along with higher up 0 s. and led to see these with the 3 key towns higher up less was known for its warm springs and tourists came to bathe in that war mineral water springs they are the springs that bubbled up from beneath the ground Laodicea was known for its ice that have it had a medical university in the 1st century at Laodicea it also was known for its black wool on the backs of it sheeps at it cheap it was also known as a monetary center banking came we developed largely out of Laodicea in the ancient world fact way to see it was so rich it was one of these 3 cities kasha and legacy and higher opulence legacy it was so rich that when an earthquake destroyed it in 62 a d. and Rome wanted to rebuild it a way to see it said forget it we've got our own money we can rebuild our own city now collage it was known for its fertile ground it was very fertile soil when you have volcanic area you have these tall Cannick eruptions and often it produces very very fertile soil so Clay it is kolache it was known for the fertile soil known for its crops its growth of Agriculture was also noted for each sheep's in its herds and it was a very wealthy city about in the 4th century b.c. But as you come to the 1st century it's really dwindled in c. it's not much of a force at all it's quite a week city now we don't have any evidence that Paul ever visited. The center of Christianity in those years was in. Deficit's and from f. assists missionaries were sent out to plant churches and so missionaries would have been sent to collage a to high up of us and to Laodicea churches were built there and they began to thrive. As they did though Paul got word from the pastor of the church at f. asis rather the church at Catia a preface he got word that heresy had slipped into the church that as the general 1st generations of Christians tended to die off that there were those that came into the church at kolache they were just teaching some very strange ideas you see the church at Co Russia had an interface of Jews Gentiles of Piggins it was a very eclectic society and in an Orthodox cult developed what we call syncretism was there was a blend of paganism a blend of Christianity and a blended Jew In Judaism there was something known as the angel Cup and the angel cult believed that the so called Arc Angel Michael caused a healing spray to spring up in from a gushing fissure in earth and this was their fountain of youth so one of the things that Paul is addressing in collage in chapter one is where do you find the source of eternal life where is that found and also he's dealing with the idea of the supremacy of Christ that Christ is supreme that Christ inspire above all the angels because they have this in Jellicoe that they're worshipping Now you can divide collage and the book of cautions the 4 chapters into 2 parts the title of cautions if I were titling it would be the supremacy of Christ the 1st 2 chapters of the person of Christ the last 2 chapters are the power of Christ so the title of of cautions is what everybody the supremacy of Christ the 1st 2 chapters are the person of Christ the last 2 chapters of the power of Christ now. It's with that background that we come to caution it's the 1st chapter cautions is written to establish the supremacy of Christ above every angelic being it's written to establish the supremacy of Christ and what he provides so chapter one largely deals with who Jesus is and what Jesus wants to do in the life of the believer Paul starts out the 1st few verses of cautions one by talking about his own credentials that he's been called by Christ then he proceeds through the middle of the chapter by talking about the fact that he's praying for the church at collage it's a great study of intercessory prayer our eyes drop down to 1st 13 so we're looking at collage and chapter one and we're good king fair at verse 13 before we ever come to Christ in you the hope of glory who is this Christ that longs to dwell in our hearts as the hope of glory who easy Paul sets that out in the from the 1st 13 down to verse 24 and it's those verses we need to take a look at he says at verse 13 he has delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of the son of the father delivers us in the power of darkness he translates us into the kingdom of the son of his love in who we have 3 dimension 3 is flood the forgiveness of sins we pause there at 1st 14 in who we have 3 demolition through his plug for the forgiveness of sins here Paul sets out the magnificence of Christ he is the self sacrificing Redeemer He is our loving Lord he has forgiven dust Carden dust justified us sanctified us glare of. Fight us in the cross of Calvary it is ours to grasp the reality of what he has done through faith he's done for us what we could not do for ourselves Paul sets out the reality of who Jesus is early in the book of kolache and on the cross he himself took our guilt on the cross he himself took our shame on the cross he himself took the condemnation of our seeing on the cross he experienced hell itself for us. 7th Day Adventist understand something uniquely about the cross because we understand. That the that the living know that they shall die but the dead know not what anything so if Christ was to experience the powers of hell and if you 6 to experience the 2nd death for us did he experience it after he died it would be Florrie die. He must experience it before he died because the dead know not what anything so if the dead don't know anything and if Jesus experienced the 2nd death for us if we experience hell for us he must have experienced that hanging there on the cross with the weight guilt and shame of seeing Aparna What then is hell hell is the absolute higher and agony of having your heart wrenched apart from God and the conscious awareness that you're separated from God for ever. That is the agony of hell did Jesus go through physical suffering on the cross certainly but it's mental agony agony was greater because he existed with the father from eternity he who'd never had a beginning he who through his ceaseless ages had an intimate relationship with the father hung on Calvary's cross with nails through his hands with blood running down his wrists with a kind of thorns on upon his head shaking in a holler of physical pay but with the mental anguish an agony far greater. His heart was ripped apart from God and he brought the guilt shame and condemnation of seeing and made a mental choice that he was willing to go into the grave for ever and be separated from the heart of God for you and for me the cross was for us he shed blood was for us His death was for us his redemption is for us and in simplest terms to plain to be misunderstood they are in collage in Chapter one The apostle Paul says in who that is he in Christ in whom we have 3 Dems Shinn through his flood for the forgiveness of sins now did you notice that text in collage ins one sometimes it's helpful to see what a text does not say as well as what a text does say Paul says there in cautions one verse 40 in whom we have read through his blood. It doesn't say we hope to every day mission through his blood it doesn't say we prayed every day been through His blood it doesn't say we may have redemption through His blood it says we have 3 dimension through his plug and that makes all the difference when you walk into your office this coming week and you know that by the grace of God You have 3 dimension through the blood of Christ you are redeemed through Jesus you are a son and daughter of God that the grace that fills your hearts overflows to your patients there's a new sparkle in your eyes this new smile on your face because you walk into that office with the assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ now the scripture continues to describe the magnificence of Christ the supremacy of Christ the preeminence of Christ in cool in caution chapter one 1st he is our loving Redeemer He's our self sacrificing Lord Apolo son 1st 15 he is the image of the invisible God the 1st pull on over all creation now there are some people that mis understand the expression the 1st born in the Greek language the word firstborn is pro toto coasts it does not mean 1st born in the sense of time it's rather firstborn in the sense of privilege in other words what this verse is stating is that just as Jesus had the 1st born now incidentally that word also has the has the overtones of ownership or opposed session the 1st born in ancient Israel had the ownership or the inheritance of the a state of the Father so this text points out that Jesus has the inherited. It's he's inherited glory through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross he has become the possessor and the owner of eternity and when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior we become the possessor of eternity because the inheritance that The Father gave to here is indeed ours he is the firstborn in the sense of privilege the firstborn in the sense of right but notice what it says he is the image of the invisible God Now there are some people that have the idea that Jesus except Jesus existed in the bosom of the father in some place in eternity for the past he really didn't exist as a separate distinct being but came forth as some kind of spontaneous generation from the father. This Bible passage helps us to understand that that nothing could be further from the truth of Scripture says that Jesus is the image of the invisible God Ellen White sets the record straight review and herald April 5 1906 if you are talking to people that are anti Trinitarian people you need this reference here it is if the you are talking to people that believe that Jesus in some way is some kind of a created being Ellen White review and herald April 596 very simple the Lord Jesus Christ the divine Son of God existed from eternity a distinct person yet one with the father up let's suppose that I'm trying to nail. The basis of this pulpit to the top of the pulpit and I have a nail here and I got a hammer how many times do I have to swing at it do you think to drive that nail. Through this board. They look to the bottom of this pope and how many times they got to swing the hammer how many times how many time you think. 3. 5. How many times. How hard I swing it no it depends whether I hit it or not. I can swing it a 100 times by Ms that they can start going in right you don't need a lot of statements so you need is this one this hits the nail on the head. The Lord Jesus the divine Son of God existed from eternity a distinct person yet one with the father I'll give you one more case the nail didn't go all the way in to serve ages page 19 from the days of eternity the Lord Jesus Christ was one with the father he was the image of God The image of his greatness and majesty the out shining of his glory now listen to me Jesus qualifies as our redeemer because of his eternal existence a being who is not eternal who has not existed from the ceaseless ages of eternity cannot provide what he himself does not possessed. Eternal life so if Jesus is not eternal. If he came forth from the father at some point he cannot give to you and to me what he does not possess himself but if in Christ there is life unpowered wrote in and derived if in Christ there is eternal life if indeed Paul sets him forth as the living Christ from the ceaseless ages of eternity then his offer of eternal life is real we proceed now to verse 16 in 1st 14 he is the self sacrificing savior the one who gives us redemption the one who has justified us by its blood in 1st 50 he is the eternal Christ the image of the invisible God in 1st 16 he is the creator for by Him all things were created there in heaven there on earth visible in invisible whether thrown sword to millions or a prince. Palette to use your powers all things were created through Him and for him he is before all things in Him all things exist Jesus is our all powerful creator he's the one who has created all things and in Him all things exist Jesus sustains all life every breath that you and I take is because of the cross of Calvary if we do not have the cross then the human race descends upon itself in this world of rebellion and the human race destroys itself it's because Christ are created in Christ our Redeemer sacrifice his life and Calvary's cross that we live every breath we take is because of Christ every heart beat in the in the breast of saint or sinner is because of Christ so what is Paul doing in Ca lashins one as he leads up to that magnificent statement Christ in you the hope of glory he is describing who these Christ is that wants to do well and you he is the Christ that is we have from old eternity he is the Christ who is your Redeemer he is the Christ who is your all powerful Curry ater he created us he says he had not created us we would not exist in the 1st place and had he not put the plan of salvation into practice when humanity fell through selfishness and greed we have gone on a rampage of destruction and destroyed all life on Planet rebellion he is our loving Savior He's our Eternal Lord he's our all powerful creator that's what Paul's talking about now 1st 18. And he is the head of the church the body who is the beginning of the Firstborn. From the Dead the new all things he may have preferred eminence notice what it says he is the head of the church the church at collage. It was facing division it was facing heretical trends he was facing false teachings he was facing doctrinal controversy but the Apostle Paul reminded them in it's important for us to remind ourselves that Christ is the head of the church he will see the church through he holds the church in his sales he sustains the church he guides the church and he the church will ultimately fulfill its destiny in Christ I have seen numerous occasions when it looked as if the church were crushed and defeated I remember a time when I was ministerial secretary of the trans European division and I walked into our office in central bids had a little time so I picked up the London newspaper The London Times as I was flipping through it an article caught my attention these were the days of communism these with the days of totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe and as I looked at the little article in the paper it said 7th Day Adventist Church in Bucharest Romania crushed destroyed the story is this Nicko I chose Cesco the dictator of remaining at the time wanted to so-called build a new piece of new highway through a certain section of Bucharest and so he came to the Adventists and some of his people to them and he said we want to build a new highway here we're going to need your property needs your church so we're going to destroy it and I had been a said well look we want to be loyal to the government as far as we're able to do that but just compensate us for the property he said Nothing doing we're not compensating you for anything we're destroying the church. Our advantage when into the church that Sabbath and met there and they slept there Saturday night they slept there Sunday the cranes and wrecking balls came on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the week and pay. Began approaching that church our people prayed and prayed finally they sent the militia in drag our members out of the church destroyed the church it was broken glass in crushed concrete and twisted metal and steel the next Sabbath our believers came to that very spot and saying hymns and worship there. I came to Romania on another of occasions but I was visiting Bucharest in 2000 about 11 years after this event and I had remembered the story that I read in The London Times about 11 years before and I said to the conference of union president at the time a dream book and I know I said Adrian look. I want to talk to some of those people that were in the church when they were dragged out I want to I want to meet them I want to pray with them because I want to find out the rest of that story he smiled and he said let me take you to their church and we began to drive by now communism had fallen a decade before and we drove onto a street and he said you know the name of this street Pastor Mark I said no it's Victory Street he said You see that building over there I said That's a magnificent building he said it's one of the nicest churches we have in all Romania it's the church of these people. Communism had fallen the dictator was dead with a bullet noose head but the advocates for worshipping in one of the nicest buildings in Victory Street God has a way to hold his church in his head the church may go through valleys of darkness the church may appear as about to fall but it does not go it remains while the scripture by Ellen White says the sinners in Zion are what shifted sake shake it out so here who is the Christ the 12th within us he is the redeemer of Calvary's cross that justifies us with its blood that sanctifies us through His power who is this Christ he is the turn of Christ that never had a beginning or it never did ending Who is this Christ the twelve's within us he is the cries who is the creator of cold he is the Christ that gives us every breath who is the is Christ the twelve's in us He is the Christ that is the Lord of the church we need not fear the future of the church because Christ holds it in is. With that background and with that background we go to collage chapter one and here the Apostle Paul comes down and he uses that beautiful expression. In cautions one 1st 19 for it pleased the father that all. The food that in here mold the fullness should well what does it mean all the phone this oh the fullness of the Godhead everything that God is too well in Christ and by him to reconcile all things to himself to hear whether the things on earth are things in heaven having made peace with them to the blood of his cross. We let our eyes drop down to verse 24 downward we come to the very heart of the passage everything that Paul has written up until this time he has written to come do this very very point Philippians rather cautions 124. I now rejoice in my sufferings for you all and fill up in my flesh what's lacking in the afflictions of Christ for the sake of his body and for His church of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to meet for you to fulfill the Word of God Now 1st 27 the mystery the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations but now has been revealed to his saints to them God willed to make known one of the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory the mystery that's been hidden from the ages what is pro talking about what is the mystery that was hidden from the ages it is the revelation of God's love on the cross. The cross answers Satan's charges that God is unfair and God is unjust in the light of the controversy between good and evil God silences the universe on the cross and the mystery heat in through the ages is revealed on Calvary's cross of the self sacrificing love of God of a Christ that was willing to go into the Tumen never come out for you and me in all the universe cries and sings worthy worthy is the I Am That was slain to receive glory and blessing and honor and riches forever and ever and ever but told goes on to say in the 1st $27.00 that that mystery that was revealed on the cross is to be revealed now in every life before the universe in a corporate body of believers known as the church and that's what Paul's Revelation is about in 1st 272 things God willed it's God's purpose it's God's desire it's God's intent it's God's eternal revelation to them God willed to make noon what are the riches of the car of this ministry among the Gentiles. Which is Christ in you the hope of glory So the revelation of Christ in you as you walk into your office is Monday and Tuesday of this week that is the mystery kept hidden from the ages for your patience because they've never seen many of they have the self sacrificing love of Christ they've seen maybe physicians in secular environments who give them 3 and a half minutes of time and are interested only in the bottom line which is money and finance but here they come in contact with a godly physician a godly dentist here they see somebody whose heart is interested in them somebody who cares for them not only physically but mentally and spiritually somebody who gets their arms around them somebody that prays for them somebody that writes out a Bible text or they have and the revelation of the glory of God is manifest edu and Jesus longs to light this world with these Garri let me let's study some of these passages you see God has not yet had an entire generation of believers who grasp the magnificence of his love by faith and allowed his glory to shine through their lives but God's plan will be accomplished God's purposes will be fulfilled God's character will be revealed one day before our waiting world and a watching universe Revelation chapter 18 and 1st one revelation 18 and verse one. Now notice revelation 181 after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was in a did with his glory one day the end sialic glory of God the brightness of God's glory is character was shined to the world now it's interesting you see that word and after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority the word for authority there if you have the King James Version it probably doesn't say Authority What does it say having great power the the word here actually some think it's to them it's actually not doing amiss here it's very interesting word the word in the Greek language use x. to see x. and see it is authority but it's more than Authority x. is see it is power but it's more than power there are some Greek words there are very hard to translate into English in this word ecstasy a has to do with triumphing over the Prince of palate the same powers of hell when Jesus sent out his disciples he sent about with all authority you read that in the Gospel of Matthew he sent them out with all the Thora to he sent them out with authority over demons he sent them out with authority over sickness he sent them out with authority over disease so here a scripture says these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great authority another words. The victory of Christ on the cross over the Prince of palate empowers of hell is manifest through God's people as they revealed his love to the ends of the earth the living Christ revealed in through his people will illuminate this world with his quarry his character revealing his love in our personal lives reveals his goodness you remember when Moses said to the Lord show me your glory look at Exodus 33 per se 18 Moses says to the Lord show me your glory and what is the Lord say to Moses What is God say to Moses you know it well Exodus Chapter 33 and you're looking there at Pearse 18. The Scripture says. Moses asked God x. is 33 person 18 and he said please show me your glory. First 19 then he said I'll make all my goodness pass before you and I'll proclaim the name of the Lord before you all be gracious to how Be gracious of compassion on whom out of compassion so the glory of God is the goodness of God the glory of God is the character of God Ellen White puts it this way as she talks about our revelation of God's love in our personal lives to the world another words understanding the depth of his love of. Comprehending the immensity of his sacrifice on the cross and appreciating more fully what he Calvary. Calvary that leads us to live faith filled lives now here's what Ellen White says you'll find it in the General Conference daily bullet in January 2893 the message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other this is the glory of God which closes the work of the 13 so it's the message of Christ's righteousness in our lives living lives of self-sacrifice of revealing his quarry that closes the work you see and that's the very opposite of Babylon. The message of the cross is all about the glory of Christ Babilon enforced religion speak of the glory of man genuine Christianity speaks about the glory of Christ Babylon and all false religion speak about my reputation my honor genuine Christianity speaks about Christ reputation and price honor Babilon and all thoughts religions speak of human works they talk about what I've done genuine Christianity speaks about what Christ is don't babble that all false religions speak of what I'm doing for Christ genuine Christianity speaks of what Christ has done for me Babylon and all thoughts religion are based on a distortion a biblical truth and found in human opinion genuine Christianity is based on truth as it is in Jesus anchored in God's word and it's easy as in credit to for all Christ is done for us that motivates our behavior and leads us to live lives entirely committed to him you see the last message to be claim to the world is not fear us it's fear God and give what glory to Him There is no glory in our righteousness no glory in our goodness no glory inherent in us no glory in our achievements education or attainment it is all in him and because of human through him it is his glory that shines through us not our glory shining for him that's a key principle it is not his school it is his glory that shines through us not our glory shining for him Ellen White states it plainly in testimonies to ministers page 456 what is right by faith it is the work of laying the glory of man in the dust in doing for Megan what it's impossible for him to do for himself when our glory is laid in the dust. And all we desire is cry school or. When we're not concerned about our reputation but we're concerned about his we're not concerned about our honor we're concerned about his we're not concerned about our prestige we're concerned about representing him right before the universe there are some amazing promises in the Bible. About God raising up a group of men and women that love Jesus more than they actually love themselves. Their only desire is to please Him Their only goal is to please him. And one day in the not too dear just near distant future God is going have a group of men and women God is going to group to have a group of boys and girls that are so passionate about him that are so charmed by its love so amazed by his grace so in thrall dye their communion with Him so shut in with his presence so in love with him. That Christ dwells through His Holy Spirit in their lives in the Word of God that they've saturated their minds with becomes incarnate it becomes part of their brain cells it becomes bone of their bone and tissue in their tissue when the Word of God flows through they're very very dangerous and they've drunk of the fountain of life and they've been satisfied they've eaten of the bread of life and been satisfied he is the rose of Sharon the perfumes their life he is the bright in Morning Star that that lights up the light of their life he is the Good Shepherd that is found he is the. The one who is there solid foundation in one day according to the back of chapter 2 look there to back it Chapter 2 Christ in you the hope of glory a back at the 2nd chapter of these promises in Scripture encourage our arts at times when we say God how you ever going to get the job done by faith we cling to the promises of God and believe that what he has promised he indeed will accomplish what he his word says he indeed will do have back the 2nd chapter the 14th verse the prophet had back it says this can you read it with me police are back at to verse 14 reading together for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea do you believe that tonight is Grace greater than c in will God's love triumph over hatred we're going to see in death the pound will grace much you are bound for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God This work will not go out by some like some candle in the bringing is where the light of truth is blown out there is only darkness the light of God's truth will grow brighter and brighter and brighter God's Word will triumph God's plan will triumph God's people will try up God's purposes will triumph the church will rise to its destiny notice numbers 14 1st 21. I'd like you to look at the passage and then I want to read a divine commentary on this passage it's really amazing numbers 14 1st 21. Here. We're a good king at 1st 20 and 21 of numbers 14 that I want you to see the divine last day commentary on this numbers 1420 and 21 when the words then the Lord said I have pardoned according to your word not verse 21 but truly as I live that's a solemn oath Oh the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord now here is Ellen White's comment on that she's commenting on this passage but as truly as I live the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord now there are some people that are saying with the admonition break up will it splinter will God call out another movement and they have all these kind of strange ideas but notice what Ellen White comment on numbers $1421.00 where it says all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord and she's commenting on this expression but as truly as I live the oath of the loo of God must be fulfilled for not one good thing of the Lord has spoken can fail praise God thanks to the name of the Lord the full accomplishment of every letter of this oath is like the turn of all existence of Him who uttered it an absolute unfailing certainty in the certainty that all this must be brought to pass there is enough to wake the earth and heaven to solve what do you say it's found in a little pamphlet I picked up called Glory of God in the earth and it's on page 3 another words God is committed the promises of God are sure God is going to raise up a generation of men and women who only want what he wants who only desire what he desires who go wrong for the end of see him in suffering as he longs for it they've drunk at the fountain of eternal life. Not at Ponce de Leon fountain and they're fully satisfied the world's folly has lost its hold on them the world spell has been broken the world's delusions have been shattered Christ is there all in all his glory shines with the radiance from their lives the glory of self sacrificing love illuminates through them the riches of the glory of His grace flows out through them to a desperate dying world. When I was a student at Atlantic Union College I remember well Friday nights I had just become a 7th Day Adventist when I was 17 years old my senior year in high school I was baptized in March of 1963. I was it I was at a you see the following school year I was new I was a theology student but had difficulty finding the books of the Bible. I thought songs was Palm's. I thought it was Daniel I thought it was David in the lion's den but when I preached about David in the Lion's Den I preached it so enthusiastically people thought he was there. I remember one of my friends said turn to the book it has a cock up men I was looking for that thing I could find Hezekiah took about 20 minutes before I think it wasn't in the Bible. But I remember Friday nights we'd go to vespers on Friday night and after vespers on Friday nights Dean Paul Ryan would gather a group of students. And it take us from the dorm they were probably 10 or 15 of us and you know those beautiful October evenings in New England. Crisp air cool. We walked out on the football field the stars were twinkling in the sky we gather around and as a group of young men from the dorm we talked about our highs and lows of the week we talked about our joys and sorrows we opened our hearts and talked about our ambitions and then we began to sing sang the same song only one song sang the same song every Friday night. My Jesus side of the. I know. Mine. For the all the fog leads of sin I resign my gracious Redeemer my savior art thou if ever I love. My Jesus is now 2nd verse I love the because though his 1st love me can you just repeat that verse with me. As a prior I love the because that has 1st loved me and has purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree I love the 4 wearing the Fornes on my brow. If ever I love the My Jesus is now. That song was written by William Featherstone. William Featherstone was 16 years old when he wrote that song. And God gave him. A converted heart. In there one day he sat down and wrote his tribute to Christ. As we stand to sing tonight would you sing this with me as a prayer. Sing with this with me as a prayer of commitment. By Jesus I love. I know the hour at mine go with the absolute assurance. That the cross is for you. His redemption is for you. His grace is for you. His pardon is for you His power is for you as you go from this place. Go with the heart overflowing with that grace. Charmed by his love as you go from this play. These. Go to light your office for the glory of God. May your office be in a Rina of God's grace. A place where true ministry occurs a price where hearts are touch a place where lives are changed may your eyes be the eyes of Christ. To see the herd in a hearty can others may your ears be the ears of Christ to hear their cries of woe may your hands be the hands of Christ to minister them in jesus name be your heart be the heart of Christ to love them as he loves them may your mind be the mind of Christ to know. How to reach them for him as you go go with the assurance that you are God Sam Bassett or with Christ in you of His Glory let's pray Father in heaven. You created us. Life is no cosmic accident. It's no happenstance that we here. In this time. In this place in this generation it's no accident that we weren't born 100 years ago or 300 years ago. You brought us into existence now. For a purpose to fulfill a destiny. For the we thank you that the god that created us is the God that holds us in his hands. We thank you for the christ that redeemed us. We thank you that Calvary's grace is for us. That justified by your grace sanctified by your grace fide by your grants. We can leave this place. To reveal that in glory to others Father our prayer is that Jesus if ever we love to you we love you now send us from this place to be a light in this dark world to reveal your glory May the promises of Scripture with. The knowledge of God filling the earth McCoury of God filling the earth be fulfilled in this generation we pray it in Christ's name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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