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Strength in Surrender: Surrendering Your Practice

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • November 3, 2019
    8:30 AM
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It is good to see you this bright Sunday morning and what a joy it is to be able to come together and break the bread one more time amen and I looked at the schedule and I saw that my talk was it I mean that was like there's no final charge there's no you know rallying cry the end it was my talk breakfast go home and I thought boy I better combined the early morning devotional with a good charge at the end right and so that's what we're going to try to do so I'm glad to see those of you who are here did not decide to cut out early on the time that God has given us to come aside and rest awhile Amen and when he called his disciples aside they would often talk about the work that they had done the failures they had experienced the successes they had had and then they labored together and prayed together about how to make plans to move forward in God's work and that's what Amen is all about Amen and we praise the Lord for that well this morning we're going to talk a little bit about what's. Surrendering your practice and we have I have some slides this morning that I'll share with you just some quotes that decided to throw up on the screen so we'll get to those in just a few minutes but we've talked about surrendering ourselves Christ in you right and Christ cannot truly be in you to the fullest capacity until we have surrendered ourselves to the fullest capacity in men that every thing that we are as a person must be laid upon the altar of gone and then yesterday we talked about our profession that we are not so concerned about professionalism as although that is very important and that is very key but we want to be filled with the Spirit of God We don't want to be succumbing to the pressures and the demands of the expectations of the world around us whether it be professionalism or secularism or whatever is in there is out there there's all kinds of isms that want to control and dictate the course of your life but God says I want my Spirit of Christ in you to be the thing that is your driving power in your life Amen and that is the driving mission that is driving course the navigator of your life and if that means that we have to break away and so to speak rebel against those systems that would try to control us and hinder the light of God from shining in us that we must surrender ourselves to God afresh and recognize and understand the mission that he has for each one of us amen and now today we're going to talk about our practice and we're going to talk a little bit about the medical missionary work and so we're going to have a word of prayer together and I'll invite you to pray for me because I'm a say probably a few things that might be comforting to some I'm sorry convicting to some. Might be challenging to some but it will be comforting to all who are willing to yield themselves to God's will amen So let's pray together and then we'll ask they will dive right in this morning Father in heaven today we come one more time the last time for this year's Amen we pray I pray that this will be the very last Amen at least on this earth that Jesus will come and we can celebrate together in heaven those souls that you have won through our personal labor and Lord today as we look at that very topic personal labor medical missionary work we pray that your spirit would open to us a fresh understanding Lord I'm not qualified to speak on this subject I know very little about the medical work but I do know something about the gospel work and in the reality of all of things those 2 are the same and I pray this morning that as we look at these passages in these quotes from inspiration together that you would open our eyes and our ears and move upon our lives to align ourselves with your ideal and with your purposes in our personal lives that we may live for your honor and glory that Christ may be in us and that the world may see your glory through us that is our prayer today and we ask it from our hearts and with all of our hearts in Jesus' name amen I was looking at some statistics about the medical field and the consensus from many of these tests to sticks is that the doctor is not necessarily in but he might be out. What I mean by that in the medical world hundreds and thousands of physicians are overstressed I mean you can relate to that from time to time maybe all the time and about 30 percent of physicians and the medical field quit their jobs for another practice because the stress and the burnout has actually overwhelmed them many times there are 3 factors in their reasons for quitting number one toxic culture or a toxic culture of competition we talked about that in that if you're not at the top of your game you're typically going to be out of the game sitting on the sidelines Number 2 the way that decisions are made by the higher levels of leadership and organization and number 3 the workplace culture the in personal interaction with patients the level of the workload and the stress I have sources for these statistics Here's a statement from a lady physician Dr Ann Baxter she says after 20 years I quit medicine and none of my colleagues were surprised and fact they all said that they wished they could do the same she goes on to say I began to feel like an easily replaceable cog and the healthcare machine with the enforcement of e h R's and other things I had to spend more time as a scribe than as a physician one night a child was that I was treating had a seizure and I couldn't get the medicine to enable them to breathe because their chart wasn't yet in the system this kid was about to die and I the doctor could do nothing to help him it was demoralizing. Another doctor a physician said Dr Hans Solo mentioned that as a patient you want your doctor to love and be compassionate about their work and I realize that wasn't me he said some parts were incredible but the moments when I felt like I was making a true difference were too few and far between and when there was the issue of the work and life balance I had my 1st child and what is barely able to see them the schedule was relentless I don't know if very many of you can relate to these 2 physicians and by the course of what they said and many other physicians are feeling the same way Dr Nicole swatter said that the work big has become so impersonal she said it got worse for all of us and unfortunately whether you work in the hospital or the outpatient setting she told n.b.c. news we are burdened by more non medical business and insurance professionals without any medical training it is disheartening in fact for some it gets to the level of pressure and and stress not just simply that they're leaving the profession but many physicians are even committing suicide just last year Statistics revealed that one doctor commits suicide in the United States every single day $28.00 to $40.00 per 100000 is more than twice of suicides for physicians is more than twice that of the general population twice the general population then rate of suicide for the general population is about $12.00 per 100000. So you can imagine friends the stress Now let me tell you that the rates and the stress for ministers across all the nominations is very similar 75 percent of pastors report being extremely or highly stressed 90 percent of. Pastors work $55.00 to $75.00 upwards of even 90 hours per week with very little results being seen oftentimes in the work 40 percent of pastors report a serious conflict with a member at least once per month 78 percent were forced to resign from their church 78 percent at least one time 63 percent at least twice most commonly because of church conflict on the administers that's probably less and they pastors may not necessarily resign but they often get moved. You know that when your pastor moves he's either done really well really bad. Not always the case but it can be the case. 80 percent will not be in ministry 10 years after they begin their ministry on average seminary trained pastors last 5 years in a church ministry this is probably less than Avon's church with this is across the board 100 percent of reformed and evangelical pastors had a colleague who left and ministry because of burnout church conflict or moral failure and 91 percent of pastors say they have experienced some form of burnouts and 18 percent say that they are fried to a crisp and I'm sure that many of you can relate to the stresses. Technically may be a little bit different but the results of the stresses for both groups are the same friends and the society that we're living in the culture that we have bred and manufactured or the last several decades we are at a crisis we're not heading towards a crisis we are swimming in the deep end of the crisis and many people wonder what exactly is the answer we often in the depths of our hearts when relying on our beds at night we wonder is God's purpose as his plan being fulfilled in my life as were buried in paperwork and stress and conflict and all kinds of issues we wonder Is God really working through me and we begin to wonder about the meaning of our life we begin to question whether or not we really have are living up to the fullness of God's purpose for us that's a natural thing friends and the more we become bureaucratic about these things the more these things are creeping in Trust me I know because I think about it every day I think about my ministry I think about what God is doing in me and where I the dreams that I have the goals that I have the the desires that I have to reach and touch as many for Christ as possible and yet often through the day I find myself sitting and committee meetings. And more committee meetings. And more Committee p.t.a. meetings and by the time I get down to practical Ministry I'm exhausted I'm tired I want to go to bed. And then I do that all day long and then before I know it the week is gone and then the month is gone I think well maybe next month will be better. And then before long I'm thinking maybe next year will be better I don't know if it's the same for you you can probably relate but I can tell you that the answer is simple it is not an answer that we need to really look for very far the answer is and it actually always has been right in front of us it's to align our lives and our professions and our ministry with prosperity show principles outlined in the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy it's so simple it's a lifestyle that promotes peace in the heart it's added to promote peace in the heart it is faith that preserves that peace and being willing to go against the grain to go against the culture to go against a society to go against the system to really live as God has called you to live. And oftentimes that risk our comfort it risks our pleasure it risk many times our security but let me tell you what friends I'd rather be free than secure or I'd rather be free than comfortable I'd rather be free than confide and Jesus offers us that freedom today you know the difference between you and those who are practicing secular math medicine is that you have the promise and the hope of Christ living in you and we don't have to live our lives that way. The hospitals don't own us. Christ owns you. You understand now what our not saying is I'm not just saying disc rise up and make this revolution and go in and swear and curse at your supervisor tomorrow when you go back to work that's not what I'm saying but hear me out as we get to the end of the message of Christ in you the hope of glory is what truly fulfills that purpose in our lives goes me to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and I believe that this passage is a beautiful definition a beautiful revelation of what Christ in you really looks like 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and we're going to begin and verse 9 there are several verses that I want to look at here with you this morning 2nd print the instanter 5 and verse 9 he goes on to say therefore we make it our aim with their present or absent and he's talking about from the Lord to be well pleasing to him. How does your life look like to God Is it well pleasing to Him for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ that each 1 May receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad knowing there for the terror of the Lord we persuade min. We do not live our lives as islands we do not live our lives as solitary. We do not live our lives alone we are not content at 7th Day Adventists to live with our little family and go to our little church on Sabbath and go to my medical practice through the week and do my own thing and live my own life. We have as physicians as medical professionals as nurses as physical therapists as dentists and any other form of any profession whether it's medical or not we have a divine commission from God of. That we live our lives as though we understand that we are living and Earth's final judgment our we live our lives as though we will truly believe that we will come before the Judgment Seat of Christ and so will every other person that we have an interaction with in our life and we live our lives in such a way that because these things compel us we persuade men that there is a beyond life past this one that there is a creator that there is every dimmer but there is a Living God. He goes on. Verse 12 for we do not commend ourselves again to you but give our opportunity to give you opportunity to boast on our behalf that you may have an answer for those who post in appearance and not in heart Paul is saying that we as 7th Day Adventists we who stand before a mighty loving compassionate but incredible God We tremble at that God We tremble out of love we tremble out of the healthy fear the elder Finley talks about last night we feel we tremble because of our loyalty to him we fear being disloyal to him not because refrain of the consequences but we are afraid that that love might be strained that love that draws us to Him We do not commend ourselves we do not live with the in the glory of ourselves we do not go live live in the ambition of earthly accomplishments as 7th Day Adventists which end your line of work as a great temptation it's a great temptation for us too there are latter climbers in the church. Many employees in the church I cannot say names I don't know the hearts of people but it is obvious that in even in the advantage church amongst its probe fresh and old ministers there are latter climbers all said we do not commend ourselves to you we not commend ourselves to the world we commend Christ to the world. Verse 14 for the love of Christ compels us do you know the love of Christ had you been brought face to face with this sheer wickedness of your own hearts. And do you understand that in the wickedness and the darkness of our hearts the love of Jesus Christ reaches out to you and pulls you out of the deps you know the more professional a person is the more they are in danger of hiding behind that professionalism and not being exposed having their hearts exposed for what we really are and the love of Christ reaches through and he exposes us to ourselves without exposing us to everyone else because that's the love of God and he says that the love of Christ compels us because we judge thus that one died for all and all died and he died for all he died for you because you needed someone to die for you you hadn't either whether you think so or not today you had a need and you still have that need today and that's why Christ gave everything that we had we can't even fathom how much Christ had we can't even fathom the depths of the love of God the greatest and most powerful force in the universe is the unselfish love of God and this is what compels us that he died for all and that those who live should live no longer for who for themselves it says but for Him who died for them and rose again you will never reach the level of not living for yourselves but living for him until you reach the place where you understand the depths of your own sin and what he's pulling you out of you can do it. Therefore he says from now on we regard no one to the flesh even though we have known Christ according to the flesh yet now we know him no longer according to the flesh therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new what he's a new creation all things have passed away behold all things have become new it really fathoms me I really wonder how many 7th Day Adventists today have understood this text not just simply on paper but the it by the experience in their hearts and in their life sometimes my own life and my own life I wonder Lord have I truly understood the depths of truth in this passage as you have wanted me to understand he goes on. And he says now all things are of God who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ and you can say Amen today. God brought us through himself because of his great love for us and he drew us to Himself through Christ and then he goes on and says not imputing I'm sorry verse and he has given us the ministry of what God has not simply given you himself for yourself he has given himself for for you to draw all others to himself. Now would he give himself just for you sure you would but God is not so narrow he is not he is too big to just hold it to one of the he would do it for one God always has bigger plans in mind. That is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself and verse 20 now then we are on basters for Christ as though God were pleading through us we implore you in Christ behalf be reconciled to God for He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him It is only the righteousness of Christ that will save you today it is only the righteousness of Christ that's going to save the world but listen friends just as God has through his love drawn you to himself so he wants to draw all the world to Himself through you not just simply shining and good deeds but through self sacrificing labor as Jesus did on his serve this passage as a beautiful description of Christ in you the hope of glory friends Christ in you happens when crisis living within you unreservedly so unreservedly that you become a new creature and there is nothing in your life hindering you from receiving Him fully. When you are not guarding your reputation when you are not guarding your profession when you're not guarding your finances well you're not guarding any other thing in your life that would be a stumbling block a curse and it destroying agent and your life. When nothing stands between you and him when you lay all on the altar that is when Christ will live fully in you and the world will see it and the world will know it your spouse will know it your children will know it your patients will know it your church will know it the whole world will know it and you will know its. Friends I don't know about you. But there is nothing that is more to be sought after than this right here nothing the love of Christ compels us to not do business as usual the love of Christ presses upon our hearts the urgency of the times in which we now live the love of Christ moves us deeply knowing that time is short. That it is our privilege and our duty to persuade men and women of the judgment to live a self sacrificing life. In order to do this we must sacrifice all of self in the life everything of self must be put upon the altar of guard our practice our professions and our selves because the love of Christ compels us the dark love of Christ doesn't force us but the love of Christ is irresistible if you will give yourself fully to it he will draw you he will bring you to himself. And truly my friends we cannot know Christ within us until our hearts are reborn of love a heart that is born out of love is a heart that is born again. We know a lot of truth in the administration. But sometimes when I talk to people about being born again they just give me a blank look and then they'll start talking about the Sabbath or some other thing the purpose of the Sabbath is for you understand the concept of being born again the concept the righteousness by faith I can get into that but we won't go with me to Revelation 18 verse one revelation 18 verse one we read this text last night on the view of love pastor in the sermon last night he's my favorite preacher and they have minister. Revelation 18 verse one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was a lumen aided with His glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon is fallen is fall in and has become a dwelling place of demons a prison of every file spirit and a cage for every un clean bird for the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 18 and verse one that the earth was a lumen aided with His glory this is not some supernatural acts turn all of vent where there is a literal light filling the earth with the glory of God This is not the 2nd coming of Christ filling the earth with his light and His glory but this is the power of God being lived out in the lives of his people in the last days of our sister e.. It is his love that is penetrating into through the darkness of this earth. What exactly is that glory that fills the Earth Well I just told you what it is but I want to show you another element of this look with me here and the book medical ministry page 317 it says we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress and notice this because of the inflowing of hundreds and thousands of streams and still the want the whole earth as covered as the water covers the see now Ella Finley talked about that text last night from a back in chapter 2 but the glory of God is not just simply the Calvert God's people standing up on the rock and saying here is the glory of God but it is revealed as they labor for the souls of the lost and the glory of God is seen and their self sacrificing personal labor for others and she says that it will be done through the medical missionary work that it will be seen all over the world and God's glory will be revealed to the lives of his people who can say Amen to that today do you suppose that that can happen under the current way we do things. Or do you think there might need to be a change where is that change going to come from. Is going to come from the level of federal government is it going to come from the high levels of institutions or do you think it's going to come it's going to have to come from God to and through you each personally that's where it's going to come from I feel like sometimes as Adventists we we get into the same habit as the local churches into right now. And the local church all the members are waiting for the pastor to effect some sort of radical change that's going to transform the church and do great mighty things and that the whole community is going to be reach for Christ and at the church level we're waiting for the conference to do some great thing and the conferences are waiting for the unions and the divisions and the divisions are looking to the General Conference it's the same thing in the health capacity friends it's only going to happen when God's people lay themselves upon the altar of God and they are willing to give up all for the sake of God's glory and for the sake of his work it's going to start with you as Mark Finley often says we don't need revival in the church we need revival in our hearts and we have revival in our hearts then the revival will take place across the church Amen. Which you notice this next statement from the same book medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering and the pioneer work of that we have the power by the grace of God to take away the argument of Satan in the earth that God brings about suffering God has given us that privilege to take the argument out of the mouth of the atheist it is the pioneer work of the Gospel it is the gospel practice the compassion of Christ revealed of this work there is a great need and the world is open for its. God grant that the importance of medical missionary work be understood and that new fields may be entered within the next several centuries what does it say it says immediately that was written whenever 100 years ago another one. The evangelization of the world is the work that God has given to those who go forth in his name there to be cold labors with Christ revealing to those ready to perish his tender Pickering pitying love God calls for thousands to work for him not by preaching to those who know the truth going over and over the same ground but by warning those who have never heard the last message of mercy if 7th Day Adventists of all sorts medical professionals common people if the 7th Day Adventists had given the same number of Bible studies as they've heard sermons What do you think. What you think will happen. I think we'd probably been in heaven for the last 100 years. Where they were worked with a heart filled with an earnest longing for souls do medical missionary work notice those 2 sentences come side by side you cannot do true medical missionary work without a burden for souls those she will gain access to the hearts of the people the way will be prepared for more decided proclamation of the truth you will find that relieving their physical suffering gives an opportunity to minister to their spiritual needs Do you understand the nature of your work Hear me out some of you may be offended by this but that's Ok your work as a medical professional is not just simply to heal the body but your number one the number one role of your work is to open the heart has to heal the body to open the heart for the Gospel that's what the purpose of your work is is that what you're doing in your work is that what you're doing in practice today is that what you're seeking to do. Let me tell you what medical missionary work is not only. It's not that it's not this is just not only this it is not only praying with your patients it is not only doing a weekend medical clinic events. Sometimes we do these things and these things are wonderful I'm not against them we need to keep doing them in fact we should probably do more of them but if we go to a weekend event and we pull teeth and we do some surgeries and we pray with some people and this and that and we come home and think that we have we feel satisfied for the next year because we've done some medical missionary work we were deceiving ourselves because that's not all that it is it is not speaking at dinner with a doctor once per month. It is not merely handing them a piece of literature at the clinic and hoping for the best it is being more then 8 doctor patient contract it is developing a relationship with them it is getting involved in their personal lives it is getting to seeking to do whatever is necessary to lead them to Christ it is personally leading people into the truth for this time that is what true medical missionary work is Paul made tents so that he could earn just enough money to meet his needs so that he could preach the gospel you are medical professionals so that you can win the hearts and would share with them the Gospel that's why you do medical work it's not shouldn't be I hope it's not for for the money or the reputation or whatever else I hope this because you've gone into your medical field because you have a burden to save souls. And if not it's not too late it's not too late to make that change and your life it is working your way to the hearts through the sacrificial service you provide them to make not simply a short or even a lasting physical change in their life but an eternal one another statement for you the sick note carefully the looks and words and acts of their physician and as the Christian physician kneels beside the bedside of the sufferer notice it doesn't say bend it says Niels. Asking the great physician to take the case into his own hands I'm not saying you would do that for every person but as the situation deems necessary as you asked the great physician to take the case in his own hands and impression as made upon the mind of the sick one that may result in the saving of his soul it's an eternal work my friends she goes on in their work at dealing with the disease and deaths death physicians too often lose sight of the solemn realities of the future life in their earnest effort to of it of her the peril of the body they forget the peril of the soul the one to whom they are ministering may be losing hold on life. Its last opportunities are slipping from his grasp this saw the physician must meet again at the Judgment Seat of Christ often we miss the most precious blessings by neglecting to speak a word in season if the golden opportunity is not watched for it will be lost at the bedside of the sick no word of creed or controversy should be spoken let the sufferer be pointed to the one who is willing to save all that come to Him in faith. Earnestly tenderly strive to help the Soul that is hovering between life and death. Every day in your office every day at the hospital life and death is always hovering. Let me tell you friends. When I was a pastor I made no waste of time when I knew a person was having a serious surgery I always made sure that I met with them in person before they went to that surgery whether they be a church member or whether they did not and I would tell them the reality I would say even on a surgery that has a one percent chance of of some kind of problem I would say to them that one percent might be you I didn't scare them I said it lovingly and kindly and comfortingly and I said But listen you don't know that something may go wrong it is imperative that you live your life for Christ that you surrender yourself to him before you go into the surgery and many times people were to recommit their lives to Christ during that time I remember many non Adventists or the spouses of members they would have a heart attack or some physical ailment and I would go and visit them and one brother had a had a heart attack and he survived a heart attack I said Brother you're alive by the Mercy and the grace of God and God has called you and he has given you this 2nd chance on life that you may give yourself to him and this makes perience his love and His plan for you give yourself to Jesus he accepted Jesus right there it was a few months later that I baptized the man and a few months after that he died of another heart attack but his self was secure in Christ now we want to share the lifestyle principles with people we want to help them get healthier we want them to lower their cholesterol and their blood pressure and all these other things but most of all we want their soul to be right with Christ and if you're missing that you're missing the whole purpose of your work of your life calling your practice. Is part of God's greater plan to reach your area for Christ. Your church your practice are lights in that community and it is different than every other practice. In your home town physicians because of the nature of their work and the opportunities they have ought to be among the greatest soul winners in the local church. Do you agree with that today. Do you believe that today because you come in contact with people whose hearts are being softened by their situations notice this ministry of healing we should ever remember that the object of the medical missionary work is to point since men and women to the man of Calvary who taketh away the sin of the world but be holding him they will be changed into His likeness we are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live let the workers keep Christ the Great Physician constantly before those to whom disease of body and soul has brought discouragement this is your work my friends the other work is vital the other work is an important but ultimately in the eternal plan of things it is secondary it is to do that work to lead them to that greater calling upon their life my friends are you too busy for this work to the restraints hinder you then perhaps you need to really reconsider your current course and maybe we need to be on our knees asking God. To put us in a place where these things can be the primary focus of our ministry maybe need to start your own practice if you're working for an organization maybe like Kim a Zoltan you're going to move to a place and start a clinic in a church and do house calls that's becoming popular you know even among seculars people not in the church but they start their own practice and they patients pay them so much a month and they can see their physician any time they want and it's becoming a very popular thing today we have a lot of medical. But not always a lot of missionary doing the clinics is not enough medical missionary is not the medical without the missionary. We cannot hide behind the medical only God is calling you to a little more missionary and men offer your patients Bible studies hold a weekly Bible study at your office preach an evangelist experience and vij your patients you have influence over their life fast and pray for your patients that they might receive the truth through you commit yourself this next year to win at least one soul but don't limit yourself to one work as if God's going to give you 10 or 20 or 25 or 30. A man if you're too busy then you're too busy so it makes sense. Ascot how to readjust your life and I guarantee you it probably won't take long figure it out your hoss mark people here 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 1st Corinthians Chapter 6. When you're researching a new field of study. And you know that if you engage in endevor into this new area you have to know everything about it maybe your patient's life would be on the line if you fail to understand a certain point about it correct and you will do whatever it takes to figure that thing out. But when it comes to eternal things what do we do we set them aside on a shelf my friends today do what it takes to figure out how to reach their hearts do what it takes to figure out how or what it takes to reach their soul 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 19 or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who knew who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own for you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit and in your profession and in your practice which are God's If there was ever a moment to add to the Bible your practice is not yours it's his it's his some of us live or may live today as if we own ourselves as if we paid the price for ourselves and let me tell you I've met physicians who have actually told me personally I paid the price through medical school I paid the price through residency and now I'm going to live how I want to live Adventist physicians have told me this. If the price you pay to medical school was 10 times what it was you still don't own yourself God still owns you because the price he paid was eternal the price he paid was infinites many sacrifice all the way through medical school only to live for themselves just at the time when they can really make an impact on the work of God. Those of you here today who are medical students still you're in medical school God has not called you to medical school to live for yourself if we give ourselves to the glory of God he's going to have control over every area of our lives we believe that this morning he's going to have control of your finances he's going to have control of your marriage and to have Christ in you will cost you everything but you will have any turn a weight of glory that cannot be purchased with earthly achievements or money you will your resources your strength your energy your self all are his and God is calling you to be involved in your local church and to use your finances and your resources and all that you have to further his work you are called to more than just tie than offering you are called to tie lives of living sacrifice your life is more about than your practice it's about him he's not called us to convenient service but to unsell for sacrifice which is nothing that he doesn't know something about he knows about it does any Jesus knows about unselfish sacrifice notice what the promise is for you today. Let me keep going here the Lord will give you success in this work he'll give you a. Success in this work for the Gospel is the power of God and to salvation when it is into woven with the practical life when it is the lived and practiced You cannot practice it until you live it. The union of Christ like work for the body and Christ like work for the soul is the true interpretation of the gospel. Friends you have a high high calling she goes on in another place and says the Lord. Is to them henceforth medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an earnestness with which it has never yet been carried Who are these words applied to the not applied to the last generation of medical professionals because they're dead or retired they apply to the current one and that is you or he say this morning they believe that today. We're drawing to a close here. But God may call you to some radical thing. He may call you to move to a dark place where there is no evidence Church or no agonist presence let me ask you a question today would it be unfair of God to take your children away from you and take them to a strange land to be raised by strange people who have strange lifestyles and a non-Christian religion if God did that to you today would you consider that unfair would you was it unfair to Daniel's parents because that's exactly what happened to Daniel. But because of Daniel's faithfulness to God even in the knits of a heathen nation that whole nation was one over to gone. Some of the most perceivably unfair discomforting and unpleasant calls of God upon the lives of his people through the ages have led to the greatest revelations of his glory and the greatest advantage cements of his work. And God today may be calling you to such a work. He may be calling you to leave those systems I don't know I'm not saying the systems are terrible there's many good things to happen but I'm just talking to us personally today today my friends God is cause now some of you might get mad I mean that's Ok but we can pray together about it afterwards today God is calling the World out of Babylon yes or no. And he's calling the administration to call the world out of Babylon yes or no. However the question remains how can God's people call those out of Babylon when almost most of them are living in Loma Linda Barry and springs and Collegeville. Were stacked on top of each other and the world is dying the world is craving what we have and are stacked on top of each other we retire and we have still energy invader and we go and move to these places. I'm not saying it's a sin to live there and I'm not calling those places Babylon just make sure you understand that. I ran this pass a couple of Krenz and he said Make sure you say that. Would I am saying. Is that God is calling us beyond those places. One of the worst thing you can do is be in a place where everyone else is doing what you're doing. When the worst things you can do is reach higher and admin is ghettos get out among the people of the earth that God is calling you to save. God But Daniel into Babylon out of his comfort and out of his family out of his own culture his own faith where he lived but he still impacted the world many times we have all those things that Daniel didn't have and yet we still are not making an impact for God the work of the Advent movement began in sacrifice and it will end in sacrifice think not that God calls us to live lives of comfort in this time and age for his calling you a knight today to sacrifice Christ in you the hope of glory calls us to sacrifice it will be a different call for every person but be sure that everyone is called We are called to be professional. You are called to be professional people. But professionalism in and of itself does not change lives. It does not transform hearts we must be more than professional we must be filled with the spirit of the Living God. And Christ must be in us and shining from without us this is the true nature of your work and we're going to close in just a 2nd Miss revealing page 1900 into the medical missionary work should be brought a deep yearning for souls. To the physician equally with the Gospel minister is committed the highest trust ever committed to man. Whether he realizes it or not every physician is entrusted with the cure of souls you and I same work just a little different in each same work but you often have a greater advantage than I do as a minister. And God is calling us to be serious about his work how do we light the earth with his glory we don't he does and he does it through you. Please do not hide behind your professionalism because you are more than that and God has called you to more than that your greatest medical accomplishment your education your recognition or your publications pales in comparison when compared to the turn again that you will experience when you labor for souls because the love of Christ compels us it compels us Revelation $1211.00 the Bible says they overcame him Satan by the blood of the Lamb and they loved not their lives till the death that does not mean that they were ready to die for Jesus that doesn't indicate that they were seeking to be martyrs it says they loved not their lives until deaf and if you live for Jesus you will have no problems dying for Jesus but if you do not die to yourself then you will not ever live for Jesus you will not live for Him When you look at your practice this morning what do you see when God looks at your practice today what does he see do you see the glory of God in your practice. Do you see the glory of yourself in your practice do you see the glory of the world in your practice what do you see and what you see may be different than what gaunt sees. And until you look with the eyes of Christ through faith you will never see what he sees but what he sees as a practice a medical profession a medical ministry that has the great potential to light the world with His glory that's what he sees in your practice whether that is the reality of your practice today is based upon how you've been choosing to live your life and work your practice but if you will give your practice to God That's what it will become and that's a promise to you today revelation 181 is a promise to every physician every dentist every medical professional it's a promise to you that he will do mighty things in your life and through your ministry and your role is just as important as mine in these last days. One last text before make my appeal this morning and I am making an altar call just be ready for it Revelation 12 and verse one I have a c. chew therefore brother in by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable to God which is your reasonable service why because Christ paid the price price for you because the love of Christ compels us and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and that perfect will of God That's my appeal to you this morning but everything you are and everything you have to be a living sacrifice to go on I remember the story of 2 young missionary girls they were medically students but they were wanting to go and do some mission service before they finished their medical school and so I think of me for they started and so off they went to a distant land and they flew a plane over and they landed and then they got in a truck and they drove and then they had to get on a little bike and ride and then they got to a place where they couldn't ride the bike anymore so they had to walk and they finally made it to this little remote village out in the middle of nowhere and the people stared at them as they walked into the village and they tried several weeks to reach the people through the ways that they had taught them. And it was to no avail the people wouldn't have it one witch doctor tried to poison them. And they began to pray and they began to fast and they asked God for 3 days apparent fasting help us to reach these people. And at the end of those 3 days a woman came to them who had a specific problem and they prayed and God impressed them how to treat that woman and she was she was healed she got better over the next several days and then more people came and then before they do it the whole village had come to them and when they shared with them about the love of the Savior the hearts were melted in the whole village became ultimately 7th Day Adventists my friends today the change that I'm talking about in your life the change I'm talking about in your medical practice will not come by living life as usual doing business as usual it's going to take prayer and fasting in the changes that need to happen in the church are not going to come by doing business as usual but by prayer and fasting and the question that God has for you today is are you willing to have Christ in you so that you can rise to that call because make no mistake God is calling you he is calling me how we respond today I want you to stay seated and I don't know if there's someone that could just come up and play the piano I'm not trying to tap on emotions here but I'm going to invite you to stay in your seats and not stand up. But I'm going to fight you to come forward if it's your desire but I'm not going to make it easy for you I'm going to make a hard for you I want you to stay sitting unless God is moving you to get up and calm to relinquish any pride to relinquish any whatever. But to get up and come and say God by your grace I want my profession I want my practice to be about your business to be about soul winning and seeking and saving the last I want Christ in me the hope of glory and Lord by your grace I don't care what changes have to take place I can't tell you what to do but God will reveal it to you but by His Grace you're saying Lord yes I am responding and whatever you call me to do that's what I'm going to do today by the grace of God my ministry in my practice will change to whatever you ask me to be and as Dr Guthrie plays if that's your desire this morning you just come up out of your seat and come down to the fronts God is calling you today how do you respond this morning to his mercy and his low. Maybe friend today wrestling I don't know I don't know what your life is like and God hasn't shown me that. But I do know. That God is working in every heart to draw them to himself. And our hearts are the same and God moves upon them the same by the promptings of his spirit and he's working on yours today. So we dedicate ourselves to him this morning. And after we have this prayer maybe we can sing this one verse of the song I surrender all. Because that's what you're doing today you're laying all upon the altar one verse of I surrender after our prayer this morning so we all know if you're able to kneel if you're not it's Ok. Father in heaven this morning as we give ourselves to you we're committing ourselves to fasting and prayer or committing ourselves to be on the course that you would have us to be a pawn in our own personal lives and our medical practice our profession our offices where ever we are and whatever we're doing today we're giving ourselves to you. So that you can light the earth with your glory through our lives and there will be no greater joy no greater peace it will. Cause us to have purpose and meaning it will cause us to live our lives as you have designed us to live. And Lord today the love of Christ compels us that deep and great love which guards our souls from destruction that great and deep love that sacrificed itself for us. When it didn't have to but it wanted to. The picture of Jesus upon the cross and His sacrifice for us. Compels us to persuade men in the hour of Earth's final judgment. Lord today. We commit ourselves to you not just merely as medical professionals but as gospel ministers sent out to sea can save the lost here our prayer oh Lord because we cannot do it ourselves but we need Christ in us the hope of glory and surely the hope of the world is Christ in us the hope of glory. So Lord we pray this prayer from the depths of our hearts and once again with all of our hearts and whatever you are leading us to do individually and we have the courage and the fortitude and the decision and the faith and Christ to do it. And we ask it in Jesus' name amen. God bless you friends as you leave this place. A new creature in Christ a man. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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