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Hormones and Emotional Intelligence

Allen Lloyd


OBJECTIVES 1. Understand how the role of common hormonal issues can assist in bringing about mental illness and threaten emotional intelligence. 2. Learn how certain thyroid disorders can be treated naturally. 3. Learn the effects of low testosterone in both men and women. 4. Know how low testosterone levels can be raised without testosterone shots or patches. 5. Learn how the most common adrenal gland disorders can be treated naturally. 6. Know why certain females are far more sensitive to their own hormones than others and what can be done to restore optimal female hormonal balance. 



  • December 1, 2019
    2:00 PM
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The title of this presentation has to do with hormones and emotional intelligence and of course. The emotional part is something that we deal with on a regular basis as we were in residential depression and anxiety recovery programs and by the time they get to us it's their last stop they have been going to usually a lot of other places and they've had a lot of work up done here and there. But we don't want to leave no stone unturned and so we can understand everything that's going on biochemically with them as well as relationally and in other ways and so since this is their last stop and many of. Those individuals will tell us this. You know it's kind of no pressure on us when they say if this doesn't work I'll just go home and kill myself but we've had that happen and we've had that said multiple times and of course if it didn't work we wouldn't let them go home and kill themselves. But it is. It is something that's been gratifying to be able to see a number of positive changes made as a result of hormonal influences on emotional health 1st of all emotional intelligence What is it it's understanding your emotions and the emotions of others and responding those emotions how. In a healthy way and what is a hormone it's a chemical transmitter produced by a gland or cells of the body and transported by the bloodstream to the cells and organs on which it has a specific effect and oversupply or under-supply results in multiple unwanted symptoms and of course either one of these can result in significant issues and many hormonal problems result in emotional challenges and difficulties are one of the. Relationships that I have thought about is the influence of hormones on the system potentially in a way in regards to the influence of the Spirit of God on the entire system including the spiritual health you know one of the. Prerequisites to getting an entire outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God we're told. Is to be prepared for it and if there is a number of preparation aspects that we've told been told in regards to this but there is a statement I was trying to find out right before I came I know it's I'm doing something right now it started January 1 but I'm reading through 10 pages a day of the entire 9 volume of the testimony series and I've never read it from cover to cover but I know it's in one of the previous testimony ones and I couldn't quite find it to see the quote here but she actually states that God actually could pour out His Spirit. On us without having the prerequisites you think wow that would be pretty amazing but she says it would result in confusion it would result in animation and all sorts of things but it would actually not be consistent with truth and not be consistent with complete self sacrificing love and there's a reason why he withholds His Spirit from a us and I was thinking this is kind of what happens when our hormones enter in excess. It can result in all sorts of confusion and it can result in a lot of animation and things but it can result in an actually an Ron had consequences for that so in His mercy He limits the pouring out of his spirit because we're not quite ready for it and this is a core something in our daily life hope that if you stay for session 2. This afternoon I think we'll be talking about how in this whole process of we're speaking about physician burnout and and dental burnout this afternoon but one of the solutions of that burnout is actually being prepared fully for the outpouring of the Spirit of God So there is a parable of the Holy Spirit in hormones and of course if we don't have enough of the Holy Spirit it's like not having enough hormones either and we're going to have problems of the under supply and we're lacking a lot more of the under-supply in our spiritual life. Via slowly than the oversupply particularly since he prohibits the oversupply of it if we're not ready so common problem only emotional intelligence issues hypothyroidism of course can produce some significant mental health issues and this is one of the things that I think every psychiatry is clear about I remember even years ago before I learned about all the different causes of depression anxiety it wasn't my focus at the time it was. More of the Internal Medicine adult diseases but when I was shadowing psychiatry when I wanted to learn a lot more about the psychiatric field they always mention that they ruled out thyroid issues going I was asking about causes. And this of course can produce some emotional problems hyperthyroidism also produces its own set of emotional problems and of course diabetes and even pre-diabetes completely produce emotional issues and of course low testosterone hypogonadism pre-menstrual syndrome men a pause itself and adrenal issues and of course low growth hormone or excess growth hormone we had an individual in our program just this last year that had some hormonal issues related to. Severe. Growth excess and growth hormone and acromegaly and some of those issues that resulted in she had had this going on for about 5 years before it was diagnosed by of all people a nurse practitioner and I'm thinking wow she had been to doctors in the like a nurse practitioner to do the right test to find this out of course as soon as it was found out she was referred away from the nurse practitioner to the proper specialists to get the treatment but the treatment had to be so significant that then she experienced a lot of hormone deficit as a result of what was being done to Terry Glenn on multiple aspects and ended up with a almost near pan hypo pituitary ism So let's take a look at some of these causes of the adrenal issues auto immune disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis can of course produce hypo thyroid isn't. And hyperthyroidism treatment is one of the major causes of hypothyroidism as well the radiation that might destroy the the gland from Graves disease or surgery and other forms of treatment and of course there can be medical medication causes such as lithium and pituitary disorders or a secondary hypo. Thyroid as in pregnancy I have been deficiency as well of course we know t.s.h. is the most sensitive to take 6 weeks to begin to notice a change after proper treatment but t 4 and t 3 both the 3rd as well as the free can be helpful but when these are normal despite a high t.s.h. of course we call this clinical hypothyroidism. And t.s.h. greater than 3 May mean more anti-thyroid antibodies there's been studies showing the co-relation there and a greater chance to develop hypothyroidism even though the t.s.h. you know 4 or 5 might be Perdue saying more thyroid it's not enough and that's why it's clinical hypothyroidism so early Hashimoto's is common but this is often overlooked aspect of subclinical hypothyroidism is chronic stress we have a lot of individuals come through our program that had t.s.h. is a 4 or 5678 1st time you know it's been diagnosed as subclinical hypothyroidism but it is having its a fact emotionally and interesting Les There are some natural therapies that can help with this supplementation with tyrosine which is something that actually we need to make thyroid hormone it's Tyra seen in iodine can increase no weapon that's been in the brain of course Tyra's seen also has other effects Tyra's seen actually gets turned into 2 different neurotransmitters that are very important in our brain dopamine and no epinephrine. And by increasing know epinephrine in the brain it can induce thyroid trope and releasing hormone neurons to release more. Open releasing hormone which acts on the hypothesis to release more thyroid stimulating hormone and a result that synthesis and release of thyroid hormones can actually increase so sometimes it's just a matter of getting them enough l. tyrosine and of course Al tyrosine into the brain is where we need to get this and a lot of people are getting tired see in their diet but not into their brain because of the blood brain barrier this almost steel pipe requires when it's a large neutral amino acid like tripped off and retire a scene it requires carriers to get across the blood brain barrier and it's an insulin mediated mechanism to get it across meaning that we have to have carbs This is why the high protein high fat diet is not very good is far is getting Tyrus seen into the brain or tryptophan for that matter and we ended up having brain problems from these. You know even Paleo diet or these ketosis diets that have become so popular today and one of the reasons why they're not sustainable long term in some way chronic stress causes behavioral changes and disorders in the neuron network and the entire scene can relieve or inhibit these changes so we've had a lot of cases we could go over some of them with you where we'll see a t.s.h. of it 8 we don't put them on low dose Synthroid we actually will put them 1st on l. Tyreese c n n at 6 weeks later there t.s.h. is are less than 3 and they're doing much better other treatments for subclinical hypothyroidism this was actually a study that we did years ago at the lifestyle center of America where we randomized 3 groups of community members to either continue their not exercise routine or get on an aerobic. Size fitness program or an i.t. fitness program and the intermittent training fitness program individuals ended up having a nice healthy drop in their t.s.h. as compared with even the other 2 groups and so there is something about intermittent training or interval training that produces benefits as far as subclinical hypothyroidism of course there's other foods that are often recommended like help with it's iodine I don't recommend it for the most part Of course the question is iodine of course too much iodine can cause the thyroid gland to shut down into little can be problematic it's actually quite rare that I have done with today the salt being. Supplemented with that is an issue although it may be worthwhile to chit chat we've had some individuals that avoid salt in any food or don't need any prepared food and avoid it like the plague and they might have and I had an issue and they wouldn't necessarily need to take iodine supplements but even see plants in seafood are going to be high in it and believe that leafy vegetables and strawberries and cranberries. And then of course other treatments can be the actual. Medication which is actually bio identical in regards to the t. 4 in t 3 of course the active hormone being the teeth 3 but t. for converts over to t. 3 so because of our time limitation I didn't cover all of the aspects of thyroid I could have also I have a whole section on hypothyroidism as well and some of those things if you have some questions afterwards I after I have a chance to present this material feel free and we may be able to. Talk about more of the of those aspects but it's primarily exercise. And the. Scene treatment that a lot of people are unaware of in regards to natural therapies for. Thyroid diabetes of course isn't also an endocrine issue and a hormonal issue and of course there's been another term coined for it diet question because it often comes with depression and one of the reasons is the most common form of diabetes is type 2 diabetes which is insulin resistance and as I just mentioned it requires an insulin mediated mechanism to get enough tripped off an entire scene into the brain so if we are insulin resistant that can also be an issue in regards to brain chemistry and emotional health metabolic syndrome of course is pre-diabetes hemoglobin a one sees less than $6.00 but they're still having a metabolic a fact and we will see higher rates of depression well documented even in the pre-diabetes stage and of course the risk factors for type 2 diabetes are obesity and a decrease in physical exercise essentially are getting more calories in calories out and of course you have the gene. As well that's associated with excess of fat intake or excessive sugar intake are also going to be risk factors for the disease. In the mental health the facts diabete is that have been documented poor memory as I mentioned less Tyra's seen in tryptophan that means less dopamine and effort in Syria turn in brain production because there's less of this in the brain we actually produce these things in the brain by the way. We've gotten some people you know there's a company that now measures these neurotransmitters in the blood. Don't get caught up with that because you're these neurotransmitters in the bloodstream have nothing to do with the neurotransmitters in your brain and that's because of that blood brain barrier aspect of things and now I have patients coming to me saying why Syria tone and level is is low or high no weapon Efren or dopamine level as and that has nothing to do with their brain levels and you shouldn't be treating those type of things in regards to the peripheral circulation we can get a much better idea of dopamine activity and no rep and effort activity and Sarah tone and activity by doing other tests in the peripheral blood and that's a more sophisticated lecture to go into that but we measure those types of things so we can tell them quite precisely in regards to the activity of these. Neurotransmitters in their brain but it's not by measuring the peripherally. And of course one of the reasons a new star also helps depression. In diabetics or pre-diabetics is simply due to the fact that we are improving insulin resistance. And are our new start program and by the way I just saw a doctor Guthrie's a new book on just came out last month and plant what is the name of his book I didn't memorize the name of his book yet but it's. He's here he's here. What is it Dr got 3. Ok eat plants. That's a w h o l e and that is. Of course and I'm sure it covers some of the central nervous system effects in order to feel you have to have those effects on the central nervous system but it was also nice to see some of the comments he got even at the American College of lifestyle medicine where the head of the Diabetes Institute is now saying we really need to do a pivotal shift in recommending a plant based diet and of course a plant based diet will help you in regards to your diabetes control and it will also help you in regards to the activity of those 3 neurotransmitters that we just mentioned in there due to the fact that we are getting the insulin sensitivity there so I wanted to spend a little bit of time on the hormonal issues and then if we have time on the adrenal issues as well but female hormonal issues one of the reasons why he motional issues in regards to depression anxiety are more or definitely more common in females and males are are not just the plight of females but also the hormones and there are more high. A model issues that can occur premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is quite common and pre-menstrual syndrome is even more common postpartum depression also very common in fact 2 thirds of women are going to have a significant downturn in their mood within 2 weeks of having a baby they won't necessarily be diagnosed with post-partum depression about 20 percent are going to end up with actually post-partum depression but they still will have a significant downturn and of course probably cystic ovary syndrome which also produces its own set of hormone all issues as well as this whole issue of men applause where the ovaries you know essentially. Shut down and at the age of men a pause and afterwards pre-menstrual syndrome some of the symptoms anxiety depression mood swings crying irritability anger food cravings insomnia social withdrawal or focus changes and will be to occur and 3 out of floor women will have experienced at least some symptoms of p.m.s. at least at some point in their reproductive life so that's pretty high pm d d the difference between p.m.s. and p m d d is pm d.d. occurs regularly every month where p.m.s. can be a little more intermittent joint and muscle pain. Can occur headache fatigue weight gain and fluid retention abdominal bloating acne flare ups and constipation sometimes alternating with diarrhoea some of the aerial bottle syndrome issues and regards to pm v d. These p.m.s. symptoms as I mentioned occur monthly and now this is when it occurs monthly on a regular basis this is 8 percent of the female population so let's take a look at some of the underlying causes of p.m.s. in pm d.d. of course cyclic changes in hormones occur web sensitivity often to a woman's own per gesture on this is one of the reasons why a woman can be pretty good the 1st part of her phase particularly on the 3rd day of menstruation to ovulation is when her emotional balance seems to be the same for those that are prone to p.m.s. and p.m.t. And then as soon as ovulation hets with the progesterone levels now going up significantly there seems to be a sensitivity to their own progesterone in a way that brings about these symptoms and so and if inflammation is present. These symptoms are definitely more likely So if we see c. reactive protein elevation or said rate elevation and what's ideal you know don't look at the normals on those 2 inflammatory markers your c. reactive protein for a healthy woman should be less than one and your Said rate should be less than 5 so anything greater than that actually is showing some signs of inflammation. And when Syria tone of activity is lower in the brain these symptoms also come about in a more ready state and so. There are certain things that can lower that activity and imbalance is our brain chemistry as we'll talk about here in a little bit and of course if you have depression. Already you're going to be more prone to p.m.s. and p.m.t. deep and another issue that is surfacing and becoming It actually hasn't been. I should say publicized enough in the end or chronology literature but I think it is starting to end if you're going to see a lot more of it is in regards to the handling of metals what we call a metal metabolism disorder which is something that we screen for in our programs an indication that you have this is if you have a lower Surulere plasma in Surulere plasma is the protein that binds on to copper and if that's the rule plasma is low you're much more likely to have a free copper greater than 25 percent Now this is something well known in the gastroenterology literature because of Wilson's disease well since disease is a genetic disease of a low Surulere plasma and but it's a disease of copper toxicity and so you end up and of course it's one of those classic board question issues because people understand Wilson's disease causes are flush or rings this is copper toxicity but there copper a lot of those are extremely low in their bloodstream and they're low because the surreal plasma is so low but if you look at their free copper their free copper levels are very high and this is what's causing all of the issues including the the emotional issues that are very common in those with Wilson's disease but you don't have to have Wilson's disease in order to free copper excess and most people are going to have Wilson's disease there's a real plasmas are less than 5 they're up there maybe $15.00 to $20.00 are in the low twenty's and there have copper excess and this can bring about the p.m.s. in p.m.t. d. we also look at zinc copper ratios we like to see that ratio less than one of cause I should say copper zinc ratios and of the copper zinc ratios over 1.2 This can also be a cause now I should caution you in regards to ordering these labs. If you are going to order them and start working up patients with p.m.s. and p.m.t. d. which I would encourage you to do that they they can't be ordered in a regular hospital laboratory system and they can't be ordered in a typical laboratory because it requires specialized tubing The themselves can have metal in it even the rubber the red top can have some metal in it and so you want to be accurate in taking a look at this and the only national laboratory company that's a very particular about doing this at this point in time is lab course or if you're going to use a national laboratory company and make sure the drawing is done right it's going to be different to specialize metal free to us to actually take a look at this so at ovulation as we all know ovaries produce more progesterone and progesterone is converted to aloe pregnant alone or sometimes abbreviated aloe what is our right to do it can bind to gaba receptors now God is of course something that our brain makes gab amino Butorac acid it binds onto receptor so that we can actually call myself when there is stressful situations going on and we don't accelerate our emotional distress into panic or things that actually make us dysfunctional pm p.d.t. actually mimics if you take a look at the symptoms of pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder it actually is virtually identical to the symptoms of benzo withdrawal. What bends those doing bends those are filling those gaba receptor sites and and so on we would draw from them of course the problem if you're unbends those for more than 30 days your brain actually quits making gaba that's why these benzo is were actually only designed to be utilized in very short term for an acute situation but unfortunately they're there prescribe a lot by primary care clinics and emergency rooms and people get on them thinking wow I feel at peace with the world this is what I had all along I didn't realize I had a xanax deficiency and so they think now they're peace with the world but of course Xanax actually suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain and now when you make even the last guy which if you're on it for 30 days you're going to make virtually none then when you're taken off of it your anxiety is 10 3rd worse than when you got on the bends and of course this is one of the things that we publish in the scientific literature you'll be able to see as in the Journal of Addiction Medicine in regards to we actually have at least to date the most successful program in getting people off of benzo. And of course in our last program we have people on. Out of Van Zandt value those sorts of things an amazingly in 10 days not only are they off of this stuff but their anxiety scores are 10 percent of what they were on them and of course we're utilizing a comprehensive approach and it it is something that the world hasn't really caught up on the typical person when you go to try to get off your Xanax they'll say Don't ever try to get off it because they realize how bad it can be but p.m.t. the mimic sad because the arrow is is actually felling that gaba receptor instead of gaba it's actually competing with it and I think that's why we're seeing that association possible defect with a luteal phase production or luteal phase gaba receptors might also be a contributing factor and also alow can go down in response to chronic stress but after the luteal phase the ovaries also decrease their production of estrogen and estrogen withdrawal symptoms also can mimic pm d.d. symptoms and of course one of the reasons why sometimes pm d d symptoms come about if you lation as well because of the actual estrogen withdraw now in regards to diet in p.m.s. consumption of carbohydrate rich protein poor meals during the late luteal phase of the menstrual cycle has been shown to improve it significantly. Depression Tench are tension anger confusion sadness fatigue alertness and calmness scores. Among patients with pre-menstrual syndrome or all improved by changing their diet to essentially a plant based diet carbohydrate rich protein protein poor doesn't mean not enough protein it just means protein poor in comparison with the typical Americans consumption of protein and so it's still. Adequate protein but notice that p. value is less than 0.01 and a dietary change is one of the things that can help out significantly and of course we model a plant based diet and our program when they come to us postpartum depression as I mentioned 20 percent of the Us population experienced post nasal depression scale is often used and these are the questions in this scale are you having trouble sleeping do you find you're exhausted most of the time do you notice a decrease in your appetite Do you worry about little things that never used to bother you do you wonder if you'll ever have time to yourself again do you think your children would be better off without you. Do you worry that your partner will get tired of you feeling this way do you snap at your partner and children over everything do you think everyone else is a better mother than you by the way these these questions are pretty common for those that come to our program of course you know they have depression and many of them have had postpartum depression but this these. Symptoms can persist for quite a while post-partum do you cry over the slightest thing do you no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy do you isolate yourself from your friends and neighbors do you fear leaving the house or being alone or you having anxiety attacks or unexplained anger or difficulty concentrating do you think something else is wrong with you or your marriage you feel like you will always feel this way and never get better. Days are very common thoughts for those undergoing pm d.d. we had an individual in our program that suffered she has 2 children and we're we're suffering these symptoms even 2 years postpartum and she came to our program experienced remarkable healing severe depression down to no depression in 10 days in our emotional intelligence went below average to up to $156.00 which is you know at the top 5 percentile of the nation in 10 days and she of course got not was not only getting the biochemical help. For this but also getting the c.b. t. help in regards to being able to rationalize. A better approach but she certainly thought about ending her life a lot because she thought that her actual husband and children would be better off without her absolutely false and in one that she now understands as false so what are some of the natural therapies that we can use for this well as we mentioned Syria town an improving Syria town and can help symptoms of pm d.d. and pm. In p.m.s. and a light is needed bright enough light through the eyes for adequate sirrah turn in production and it's possibly best upon or even before awakening this is one of the reasons why in our program this crawl along with other patients within 5 minutes of awakening there being exposed to light therapy now at 6 am at this time of year there is no light outside and so we don't take them outside we actually have them and exposed to a light box we used to utilize primarily the one made by Philips it does a great job but recently technology has improved and we now have where a bill light therapy how do they wear it it's actually through glasses and these glasses actually look very cool and the patients love wearing them and it actually is simulating the same wavelength of the blue sky and it's bright enough that they're actually resetting their body clock that's resetting their circadian rhythm which is circadian rhythm hit is introduced obviously in the postpartum Ereka if you're having to wake up every 2 hours to feed this baby and it is as they reset their body clock in 7 days that circadian rhythm it's going to be gone so it's a fact of a part I am posting. Pression works best for those who are also fatigued or have sleep issues especially hypersomnia which this girl had that was in her program she was sleeping quite a bit and not necessarily sleeping through the night but sleeping a lot also in the daytime and also having an appetite control issues so right light can also help 10000 lux but it requires a lot less locks for the blue light and a lot of people wonder well you know if they're going to cause macular degeneration like you know very bright light or alter vial I can and actually Know your risk of having any issues related to this is far less than actually going outside. On a bright day with blue sky because the lox is a lot less. In regards to that the white light is where we had more the issues because when it's right we need to overpower essentially you're getting the entire spectrum and so you need a brighter amount to produce the positive effect and so that's the advantage of utilizing just the blue light so we use it same time every morning if they're short of sleep. They actually can go back to sleep after they utilize it and so it's important for them to get it at the same time every day and if they are short of sleep go had and sleep right after you get it but that way you can stay on that same circadian rhythm you don't have this continual delay of the circadian rhythm that tends to occur and this is one of the prime therapies for p.m.s. and p.m.t. d. And if you're using a box you don't want to look right at the box because it's not actually the cones in the eye that are helping to produce the Siri tone and it's the rods and your rods are more in your peripheral vision so you offset it by about 20 degrees you can still read your devotions you can do things like this and you know carry around with you the light box itself is transportable as you're doing things and that will give even a better response than looking straight at the light. Other factors in postpartum depression genetic issues related to copper zinc ratios as I mentioned in the ability to handle Copper Family Support after birth and particularly 2 weeks after birth most of that family support comes within a week after having that baby but it's actually almost more crucial to get that family support post 2 weeks and. They often need that support right away too but if you can orchestrate some family support to help the young mother even 2 weeks afterwards that is beneficial physical exercise also is a key aspect of preventing or treating p.m.s. or p.m.t. and nutrition to make adequate Saratoga What is that that would be a whole nother presentation on tripped off and getting tripped up and with carbs without the competing large neutral amino acids to get that into the brain and that can also help and then the spiritual aspect the overall meaning and purpose and recognizing the important role of the mother in this last program in dealing with this particular patient. Well the evidence was given inspirationally and otherwise that actually the mother's job in raising a young one is actually Sapir to a president of a country or even the king on their throne and it's really Sapir into any occupation out there and many times mothers feel that this is since they're doing things like changing diapers in there. You know just caught in a lot of flurry of activity to be able to keep up and stay ahead of this young one that anybody can do it and the this is a low job but in reality because of all of the other factors that go into mothering besides those things including those things that in the tender way that it's done we're actually forming that baby to have healthy attachment in fact that's one of the things we're going to be talking about our emotional intelligence someone in February and we mar we have one every year but this one is going to be centering in on attachment disorders attachment disorders are at an all time high and there's different types of attachment disorders and attachment disorders often start more so today than ever before in the 1st 5 years of life in regards to attachment issues with the mother cetera and and so once she realized how important her job was and she was given the tools for good emotional health she became and duzen excited so her her husband was thrilled to receive her this week in regards to that that new mother that came about as a result of 10 days of being in her program so our Polly cystic Ovary Syndrome 8 to 20 percent of females can. I have this probably cystic ovary. Irregular miss periods from not ovulating weight gain or obesity and 80 percent of individuals that have this and then who are citizens and 70 percent unwanted hair growth and then associated fatigue decreased fertility acne. How the pain is that also can occur with heavy bleeding and sleep problems and so with this being so high in females we really need to know how to treat it and of course another key feature is insulin resistance so once again exercise plant based diet these types of things will be important so the water dam diagnostic triad having 2 of 3 not ovulating at least some months hyper and origin is either in clinical signs or lab tests and poly cystic ovaries not typically sis but multiple wresting Antrel follicles is what we look for but those with polycystic ovaries have 3 times the rates of major depression and 5 times the rates of anxiety so we see more of a predominance of p.c.o.s. in our program as a result of that in reproductive females so of course the lab tests l l h levels are one of the classic parts hormone in insufficient f.s.h. to stimulate the granule osso cells this is why they have such long times in between periods and insulin resistance will result in me up. And then there also tends to be higher levels of androgens androgens get converted to estrogen by aromatase and body tissues and if the sex hormone binding globulin is low total testosterone is high and d h e a saw fade as high you're going to have system wide hyper Anderton ism and you will have the her citizen associated with those things so how do we treat this at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise daily is crucial in improving the insulin resistance just like a diabetic they need exercise every day and of course exercise works just like insulin. And an important part of that is going to be putting them on a no or extremely low sugar diet low in fat high in anti-oxidants that a plant based diet can help out with and to also of course get them to lose 5 percent of their body weight often well they will see those insulin levels completely normalize with that and the symptoms get better and that could be of course if they're overweight or obese if the lifestyle changes are not made even before as they develop diabetes Metformin has been shown to be helpful but not as helpful as the lifestyle changes and of course the oral contraceptives and Spironolactone are often used to help. Her citizens and then of course. Light therapy is key for this as well studies have shown it can help with depression it improves libido there's a muscle building and strengthening effect when women with long irregular menstrual cycles are exposed to bright light every day in the morning as part of that circadian rhythm the cycles often regularize So this is a very simple way of being able to help these patients and it's often a light therapy fact I was just thinking with all of the benefits we're now seeing even in the g.i. world with irritable bowel syndrome. About a syndrome we now know is a certainty and rhythm disorder of the gut that's why we have all this alter alterations. In constipation and diarrhea and this going back and forth and we're seeing the light therapy actually help irritable bowel syndrome and it can also help resistant inflammatory bowel disease Crone's disease it isn't responding to anything you give them light therapy and it helps so I'm thinking of writing a little book called Let there be light and talk about how even God gave us a light before he gave us nutrition. In regards to the advantages and of course the darkness is also helpful we don't want light all the time if we have like 247 it's it's a problem and that's why before that became a problem on the 4th day he made the sun in the moon and set that cycle in an order yes. Yes for all of these it's the it's the same blue wavelength the red the red wavelength actually has more of a placebo type of fact the infrared it can be used for certain types of conditions but it's it's the blue light that seems to be the beneficial aspect and as mentioned the same benefit of the blue sky now a cloudy day can also produce a benefit because you can get $10000.00 lux in a cloudy day but you have to have longer exposure and you have to be out in it more in order to be able to get that benefit so again the light therapy how is it working in regards to p.c.o.s. it's thought to be due to changes in Luton izing hormone production in the pituitary gland that is producing its benefit and then in regards to actually menopausal symptoms of course you know he may be experiencing meant a pause when you're the right age and having irregular periods or skip periods or or earlier cycles it can even speed up earlier and then other symptoms vegetal dryness hot flashes chills night sweats thinning hair insomnia early morning awakening. Early morning awakening is very common in those undergoing menopausal be able to go to sleep but they can't stay asleep and they're waking up too early and can't get back to sleep mood changes weight gain and metabolism slowing down and dry skin and loss of breast firmness but of course there's other more serious complications and that is the cardiovascular disease risk goes up h.d.l. will drop estrogen that bring protecting them from that and women of course we now know have the same level of cardiovascular disease as men it just occurs 10 years later as a result of the protection that occurs during their reproductive cycle and of course osteoporosis is one of the serious complications that can occur as well and urinary incontinence is more common in sexual function also is significantly affected and as mentioned weight gain is more common and of course depression anxiety is more common once you if you haven't had any you might begin to suffer from it if you have some other hits on board but you've been able to control it once meant a pause occurs and then of course memory loss is also been associated with particularly estrogen a deficit in regards to men a pause and this may be one of the reasons there is probably more reasons and this but some of you are aware with this rapid rise in dementia and that has occurred in our country dementia is affecting women twice as common as men so it is much more common in women to lose their memory when they than it is men and part of it could actually be due to the this lack of estrogen so why don't doctors prescribe estrogen and progesterone after menopause like they used to it's because the increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease stroke and heart attack. But it turns out this risk is only increased for those who are typical Americans and that is. Because estrogen and Hansis blood clotting we all know this when the 1st oral contraceptives came out it was too high a dose and we had the blood clots and we had the pulmonary emboli. And things of that and it was of course killing women in their reproductive years and then they lowered the hormones that were being given to lower that afact but estrogen does enhance blood clotting and so if you have a reason for your blood to clot in other words if you have a significant narrowing in your corner right or reason estrogen is onboard you're actually more likely to develop that stroke or heart attack but it does not increase the risk of complications and all women if you have clean blood vessels you're actually not going to increase your risk of this with just typical bio identical estrogen. So who is not at risk for hormone replacement therapy if a woman has no hypertension if they're not a smoker if they're not 7 Terry if they don't have all of Asian cholesterol if they have no obesity or metabolic syndrome and if they're on a plant based diet. The benefits in the vast majority of these women or going to outweigh the risks and some people say well wait a minute what about breast cancer and it turns out that asteroid Gen fuels estrogen receptor positive breast cancer but it is not the underlying cause of it and so if you have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer you would want to utilize estrogen but estrogen receptor positive breast cancer is primarily a lifestyle breast cancer caused by a lot in essence by a lot of these other unhealthy types of lifestyles and so a person on this who doesn't have that and of course it's also the type of breast cancer that is most amenable to treatment as well but it's something where they would still need to be screened for it but the benefits of hormone replacement I think in the vast majority are going to outweigh that risk what are the benefits better sleep improved bone density less depression and anxiety libido dryness and improved overall sense of being youthful or feeling youthful improved cognition as well in regards to the memory and possibly less risk of dementia interestingly post menopausal women sleep better with hormone replacement This was 15700 women that were being looked at in a nice controlled comparison trial and women who would use low dose transdermal patches this would be bio identical estrogen you can get it in vive are many fell. To get their hormone replacement had also almost precisely the same risk of stroke in fact very what. Very slightly less this was taking a look at the entire population group this wasn't talking about just the healthier so if you had just that healthy group it would be like no risk compared with the women who use no h.r.t. And of course one of the reasons why I'm also passionate about this is because I have the advantages of the biblical evidence for the 1st. 1000 or 2000 years of this world's history we women reproduced well into their hundreds and other words their ovaries did not shut down when they were 50 they continued on and we you can see that in the Genesis record on how old these women were and having babies after the flood the lives were shortened and of course I think God realize it's best for what type of mothers to raise their own children. Biological if at all possible and of course we know the reasons for that in regards to even attachment and other things that play a role in regards to that we're going to be talking about the e.q. summit and if they're healthy enough to do so and they're healthy women these are the best people to be raising their children and God did not want 60 year old women today to be having children when the average life expectancy is going to be 78 and that would not have been good for these kids and the up people in the problems that it would cause and so in order to be able to help that situation he just stopped the ovary production to save the effects of this happening so over a shutdown to prevent women from having children their late fifty's sixty's seventy's and so a child does not orphan from his mother and so I think now that we know these things we can have the potential advantages without the disadvantage is it doesn't mean because your own home on replacement that you're going to have a baby now your ovaries still are going to ovulate. You can still prevent the the child from being born not you prevent the Lord has prevented that from happening. But you can have some of those advantages of the female hormones that are and the Libyans benefited from for thousands of years so become healthy enough my. Recommendation to women in their reproductive years has become healthy enough to have far more benefits and risk of hormone replacement therapy. And transdermal bio identical estrogen it doesn't take much this is only a 4th of what you make in your reproductive years so this is and this is your 1st 0 point one milligram dosage so I don't think they need to have the same amount of hormones as they did in their reproductive years. I think the benefit risk ratio would be better even at this lower point but you know changing it every Sunday morning Wednesday evening every 3 and a half days can do this but I also recommend that they don't wait too long I have women in their seventy's coming learning this and saying Now can you put me on estrogen and of course they've already gone through the estrogen withdrawal they don't have hot flashes anymore their body is already completely adjusted over and the vast majority of cases we can do other things to help their emotional health out and so we'll do those things 1st but there have been rare instances where even a comprehensive program doesn't help and then of course we have to warn them when they start estrogen they're going to feel like a teenager again emotionally and other words because the hormones are starting again they're going to kind of act like teenage girls sometimes and they don't. And some of them don't want to have to go through that again and so they say. It's Ok I won't go through that so that's why it needs to be done early enough let's see I think I've got 2 minutes left and so we're not going to necessarily be able to go to the adrenals Let's go to testosterone then men increase in testosterone levels in healthy levels or associate with increased muscle mass and strength lower osteoporosis increased libido benefits to cognition. Testosterone reduces formation of bat beta amyloid protein from the amyloid precursor protein and this may be one of the reasons why men are also more protected from dementia than women and of course men with higher testosterone levels over time experience less Alzheimer's disease positive associations between testosterone level and spatial cognitive function and memory for verbal and visual stimuli in older men improve creativity improve persistence and more courage and of course we all know that some of the greatest physical and mental accomplishments have been obtained in single men before marriage as you will know that they have higher testosterone levels and what happens when they actually they get married body composition and structure also improves will increase testosterone and of course lean body mass. It will increase increase in fat mass decrease increase in serum bone markers and of course other advantages as well even regarding athletic precision it's one of the reasons why we don't see female baseball players baseball you don't have to you necessarily be mighty strength at all you just have to have reflexes and perception and you just have to line up the bat with the ball when I was growing up I thought why can't females do this as well as males it doesn't require strength and they can have precision as well but it's very clear that you need that testosterone to have that type of precision when it's a 95 mile an hour fastball and it's curving and it's going down and not having that testosterone available just makes it impossible for them to compete on the m.l. b. level and of course speed and goods are also improved in improvement in sleep and there's vascular and a composite of facts so a lot cause is of low t. or low testosterone there's many of them here that are listed on the screen but a couple of them that I'm going to highlight the 2nd to the bottom too frequent or super stimulatory sex super stimulatory sex is having sex not by natural design so this is not natural intercourse and this is what we call super stimulatory is the term that's utilized in the medical literature This would include all forms of sodomy and those type of thing they are going to actually lower your testosterone levels and significantly lower your androgen receptor and this is one of the things that people that are on these high t. clinics that are you know basically making money off of these low t. commercials for men having all these symptoms of low testosterone or not telling them if they would just quit masturbating. Or quit whatever they're doing in regards to sacks and do it very infrequently there testosterone levels can come up in their Anders and receptor as can come up so for often for a man we're actually recommending they go on a 90 day reboot no masturbation no orgasm even if they're in a marriage if they're going if they're doing it too much and what is too much too much is definitely more than every 4 days and particularly in a older man it should be about once a week I'm given the time out in the end we are about done and so. I was going to go through the problems with testosterone shots or exhaustion to exist as ass around this is not the solution it might help some other things but it's going to cause significant problems but interestingly light therapy helps the testosterone level as well right therapy will increase the loot Nies and hormone and double testosterone output in regards to getting that light particularly 1st thing in the morning and these are other advantages as well in bringing up the t. levels Well I hope this has been helpful in giving you some more ideas on how we can help people hormonally and also in regards to their brain chemistry and even though we are out of time we are out of time so you're off to leave but if there's anyone who wants to ask a question before the next. Election begins feel free to raise your hands. Thank you. Thank. Me. Yeah good question in regards to newborn babies since it can be safe on the lower locks could that be helpful yes it can but I don't know of any studies that have been done yet and of course I'm not a neonatal pediatrician but if I were that's one of the things that I'd be trying to and. And see if that could help yes. But light therapy Yeah we're still we we use either the Philips a light box or we use the wearable blue like glasses and we actually if you want to see those glasses we've got we've got a model at our Bruce this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio versus if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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