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Making the Great Commission the Center of Our Medical Practice: Practical examples of ministry in a medical office

Andrew Roquiz


OBJECTIVES 1. Understand Why The Great Commission Is Central to the Medical Missionary Work. 2. Understand the importance of sacrificial love in medical ministry and catch the vision by giving practical examples of whole person care. 3. Discuss the importance of partnering with the church for medical ministry and how to achieve this. 4. Demonstrate how to incorporate practical applications of Design Thinking into medical ministry.


Andrew Roquiz

Family Medicine Physician in Northern Idaho



  • November 1, 2019
    3:00 PM
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Father in heaven today I just pray you would be on the cross and as I speak today that the message that those in this conference need to hear those who may be listening to this and audio verse help them to receive the message that they need for their time in their contacts or prayer name Amen so does a jack tips that we are covering are hoping to understand why the great commission needs to be at the center of American missionary work. To understand the importance of sacrificial love in that pursuit and we're also going to talk a bit about partnering with the church that's been a common theme and we will demonstrate how to incorporate practical applications of what I call design thinking in medical ministry where to start by talking on the 1st 20 minutes about just my journey into into medical ministry and then after that discuss. Come Tom a practical examples and the things that I have learned. Would grab my notes in case I get nervous here. Ok so. I know this from the beginning that God had created in me a desire to serve I remember an early age around age 16 I had went to the General Conference in 2000. And Toronto and after coming back I was on fire. I wanted to serve God and I remember. Calling on my classmates. And we went and we minister to those in an orphanage and in college that same passion pretty much. Persisted I want to end university and there in early 2000 psi. I went to this ministry called Ben Harper outreach and I ultimately would become a leader in that ministry where over $100.00 students would be present every week as we did children's ministries gathering children sing songs playing games with them teach the Bible stories praying with people in the neighborhood from door to door driven Bible studies in the nursing home ministry there we were kind of singing to those that were there. And what I found was that service there was a sweet taste of service I found connection I found challenge I found ministry and I knew that's what my life was going to be. But. I want the question I have for you is what I take what would it take not just to have a few scattered experiences of service but I have a life that is full of service I love those full of ministry essentially to have a life that is Christ in you the hope of glory or what it looked like for that to happen well. I'm going to jump to 2013 here I found myself at a critical juncture it was that was the final year of my family medicine residency and I was. A senior resident at Kaiser Permanente there in northern Los Angeles and. Most of my classmates that you know ended up in some very nice Kaiser jobs if you know Kaiser it's kind of they take very good care of you and a lot of physicians will order the whole life to finally be a Kaiser doctor and I had the opportunity to to get into the system because I had went through their training program I was also engaged to a girl that was from Southern California and we were just going to settle down right there and life was going to be good that was my plan but if you have plans don't hold on to them too tightly because we make plans but God lives and my plans to get married began to deteriorate Ok it turns out that. Though the woman I was with initially had promised to marry me she no longer could move forward with her plans because matrimony and the real issue began to deteriorate and it finally ended and ended a broken hearted about that that was a difficult time in my life. And I remember there was during that time that this was after we had broken up and I was driving from Los Angeles to Loman and spend the night with my sister and brother and. In my mind I was determined I'm going to get back together with this girl and I'm going to tell her all the reasons why all right I'm going to use the strength and and and force of logic as to why we should get back together and had all these reasons we were you know we could do music together we could do ministry or we could have done it on another not. And while I was driving back. God told me something and I'll tell you how I knew it was because while I was driving and I was rehearsing how this encounter was going to go I decided to listen to a sermon it was term I do a Nelson and in the middle of the sermon. By the way I don't remember the sermon was about it was about marriage it was about relationships. But during that sermon he read this verse and this verse really spoke to me. And then verses found in Isaiah 4318 and 19 it says this forget the former things do not dwell in the past see I am doing something new now it springs up do you not perceive it I am making a way in the desert and streams in the way slam and moan I heard that dollars Tell me you know Andrew put this relationship behind you put it behind you I remember finding Gaius is this really what your convict me to do yes sometimes many times or hear the voice of God very clearly but there are these moments of my own and it's crystal clear this was one of those rare moments and I knew that I had to listen and you had to obey that day I chose you know what I put in this relationship behind me for good maybe God is opening up something else for me I didn't know what it was but I knew that I had to obey orders and know what that was going to be and I'm thankful that I did. Around the same time I met. A man named John to quote a now this was my final year of residency and we get to set up electives. And I knew that I wanted to kind of see what life would look like beyond residency and I wanted to spend some time with physicians who I admired I admired James appelle he was a missionary dark out she had been there for 10 plus years and so I set up an elective to be with him. But my sister had spent some time with a new doctor she had when she had taken some time to go to Spokane Washington where they were doing an evangelist experience led up by a pastor and of his. Now this position was interesting because he was doing evangelism in Spokane Washington but his practice with it was in North Idaho there in Haiti but what he had done is he had taken time off his private practice just to do this Avenger lism with this pastor and not only that he had put himself on a pastor's wage even as a physician not just that but he also had a dedicated staff all who were some of the Christians many of whom were sacrificially at the time even had a nurse working for him for $10.00 an hour and I just remember being inspired us wow what is this the situation why would somebody do something like that so was Pete I emailed the man he called me a few days later to spend some time there not in Washington but in Idaho and before I knew it. I was on a plane going to a state that was famous for one thing potatoes so the everyone knows the only thing people know about I don't. So I was there. I noticed that the person who who picked me up was. Was there was none other than the attending himself John for a while all this is interesting you know usually you know when you do rotations other sites it's not the attending comes and picks you up you have figure that out or you got to talk to a coordinator Ok but this attending had picked me up. But that wasn't it he had done something else. She's pregnant so I did make sure things are fine they're. Ok she worked. So I had to make sure hope so so not only had he picked me up there but he invited me over to his house to sleep I would spend the night with him and his family during the 2 week wrote it while that's actually you know attending at other rotations though and invite you to their home to spend the night for told 2 weeks this was going to be different Taishan but that was in it he also invited me to partake at the dinner table with his family in fact they had breakfast every morning and I would have breakfast with him in his wife his 4 other children and not just that he would send me to work with someone church was a good deal. I knew this would teach it was going to be something different and I remember toward our Dr said he would ask hey what is it that you desire why have you come here I told him so I want to know I want to know the technique for medical ministry I want to know the words I was with all the phrases that's that's why I'm here. And he would tell me something I'd never yet he would say this Angela me tell you something ministry medical ministry is not something that you do it's who you are in Jesus medical ministry is not something you do it's your duty as a but Ok hallway but I want to know what is it or paid for it so that they're going to pray with me but on the visit here is a 1st for ministry isn't something you do it's who you are and Jesus Yeah but I want to know how to be effective in medical ministry 1st medical ministry isn't something you do it's who you are in Jesus but. How do you get them to the point where they want to do a Bible study with you and 1st and a community. Isn't something you do it's who you are and Jesus and he were going to say so. Medical ministry is who you are and Jesus is going to mean that you got to spend some time with him and so I want you to spend some time in prayer and Bible study in the morning for an hour that was different than any were taken I'd been to know him telling had give me the sign to do something like that Ok that's initially Oh and by the way since this medical mystery isn't something you do it's who you are jesus from Texas here. Since it's who you are in Jesus. You don't have to be balanced is he bounces an important part of medical ministry now you know I was 3 resident I know what Bells was for the last 7 years I'm alive I got there for your must go through years of residency so I want you to get 8 hours of sleep every night oh and by the way you should also exercise too that's good with you for the. And. You should join our family for breakfast in the morning because that's our main meal of the day but all right Dr you've always been an hour well so in the morning you want me to the actual size and then I got to get take a shower and then I've got to late you know eat breakfast but if I'm not ready to go to work we're going to be late and he says you know what and that's fine you're late but that is what I want your priority to be you see I got a sense that this is a man who just didn't care about the clinical knowledge or information or the proficiency that I had of as a physician or that was important he was actually caring about my heart my soul my spiritual life and every day that rotation I never missed a day get up early make sure exercise. And going to work on time because when you sense that somebody cares to you and love you that much it motivates you to do the right thing and to do it has to be done. So in the clinic what I saw. Was truly a physician that lived by the mantra of ministry medical measure is something that you do it's it's it's who you are it's something that flows from the heart that's what I saw That's what I saw when I was there when Dr John didn't see a technique or anything like that I just saw that ministry kind of flowed it flowed from the words that flowed from the conversations he'd spend sometimes 30 minutes patients from those 45 minutes sometimes a full hour you know. You know getting backed up with everything there's one story in particular. Because it was reparative the come that sticks out as I think about Dr John and it's a story of a patient name is Dale and I can tell you story because he's made a story public. But Dale is the patient who has 2 panthers and 3 kidneys you see he had type one diabetes they tried an experimental pancreatic transponder failed he had due to poor their control diabetes had to go on and say Israel dialysis needed a transfer kidney transplant. Then underwent some marital stress of wars and again failed that kidney as well. And so had to go back on dialysis thereby This time again a lot of weight gain significant amount of weight and when he saw his surgeon in Seattle surgery put him up on the table Yamin him so Dale. You're obese and you need to lose weight and you're on the transplant list until you do so I was heart still tried to lose weight went to multiple weight loss programs and even attended some programs from the church but still had a really hard time and was starting to feel rather desperate so at this point after John decided to spring into action and after consulting with deals in the fall of just and if you know there's embarked on a bold plan you economy stream but we had to do something because Dale was not getting better he wasn't able to get the weight off and we started to do this he decided to go on a 3 day water only fast followed by only vegetables for the entire month and I remember the day before we did that. Deal was last patient and we called in the entire staff and so the staff there was it was there in that small exam room and deal with sitting there at the center. We all put our hands on the hill and we prayed each of us and we prayed God deal the power to overcome appetite and give us success what we're trying to do with details life the next day began the fast and he actually channel 10 in our church camp out and people again a church surrounded him and pray for Dale the god given the power. On Sunday I actually drove out to his place there in smelter Ville Idaho and. Visited him we had to normalize his stabilize his sugars bring down his in some a little bit because his his sugar levels were indeed dropping and I could to do encourage him. With what he was going through all day I was finally able by God's grace to finish 72 hours of water only fasting. And after that ate just vegetables and he was successful I'll tell you why because at the end of the month we went on a bike ride there's Dale right there. He lost 35 pounds. A lot of it was probably water away. And I would see day I we went on this bike ride it was a 15 mile bike ride on the Hiawatha Trail there and I had over here get a chance and you go through these dark tunnels a sort of something like a mile long I was very timid about doing something like this God should I really do this well we did it and praise God nothing happened it was a successful bike right there was able to complete it successfully and during the middle of those those those rest he would take out his baggie of vegetables that had carrots and cucumber and I was it the address you know nothing and that's what he was snack on to kind of keep him going. A year later deal will ultimately receive. His he would he would get back on the kidney transplant and ultimately receive his kidney his life has changed the maser thing to me about that story was that it was yes it was a great deal got his kidney but when Dr. Dale went on that fast for 3 days and 3 nights Dr John also went on that list with him to have solidarity with him to sacrifice with and to pray with him and to lift him up that was. Welcome initially and actually that was an issue flowing from our I wasn't technique or form formula or anything like that and deal was touched because of that and he says he told me how when how much it meant to him to have his position suffering and sacrificing right beside him as he was going through that process and you so I go back to this question what would it take what would it take to have a start to medical ministry to have Christ in you which is the theme of this conference I knew that maybe God was calling me to something like that that degree of affective ness that degree of connection that degree of being with the patient. And I was like Maybe I need to join Dr John would enjoy Dr John be with him and you know and learn learn about medical ministry for this year and and then I found out that I was like oh but that's right isn't a pastor salary. Let me tell you when you go from a resident to attend is the best raise you ever get you'll never get another better raise and that right is like wow and I want to look at a pastor sour and say. I'm not going to get anywhere he's here. And. It was very difficult I mean I can laugh about it now but it was that was hard because I saw that I was like God thanks but no thanks not for me can't do it now and then I opened up and read my Bible if you told God No Be careful about opening up and reading your Bible. Because I opened up to Luke Chapter 18 there's 18 to 23 and says a certain young ruler asked him good teacher what must he do to inherit eternal life why do you call me goodies answered No one is good except God alone you know the commandments you shall not commit adultery shall not murder you shall not steal you shall give false testimony on your father and mother all these I have kept since I was a boy he said when Jesus heard this he said to him still like one thing so everything you have and good to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven when you come follow me when you heard this he became very sad because he was very wealthy and I was reading that story it was difficult to deny the parallels to my own life you see this. This person in this story was young and I also saw that wow I am also at the very beginning of my career and I see the potential that I have this person was rich Mishra was rich I had student loans but as a physician you recognize the potential that you have for wealth this person was a ruler and as a physician I recognize the influence that I would have the influence that you all have whenever you enter a room when you are a part of a church or a part of a community the instant respect that people give you that was me in that story. But like me in the story I recognized too that I was sane you know to Jesus and that conviction hit me so hard because I realized oh this is what God is calling me to do and I remember trying to say Ok God I'm going to give this do what I could in that moment I couldn't surrender that him and I felt like Peter who had 9 G.'s 3 times and there's tears streaming down my face as this realization was hitting me I couldn't give it up to God So I prayed the next best thing I prayed this I said so Lord. Make me willing to be made willing make me willing to be made willing something didn't happen immediately but over time. I would begin to change my heart and I wish we had time to kind of get more into the story but we don't have. The time today but I would basically discover that within a year's time I would be working with Dr John on a pastor salary responding to God's call you see I was worried about the stubbornness in my heart but I surrendered that to God and he gave me a willing heart and I was worried about my student loans but I surrendered that to God and he provided for me ultimately Dr John would set up a nonprofit so so I could get some public service loan forgiveness. I was worried about my lodging but I surrendered that God and he sheltered me is John's family actually built a room in their garage. That's where I would live. For the next couple years of my life. I was worried. About going into the wilderness of Idaho in my singleness. But I surrender that to God blessed me with a wife and a kid and our next one is. Due next month what would it take what does it take to have a life of Christ in you the fact of medical ministry a life full of mission this is the quote that we've been thinking about and I return to it today the officers who were sent to Jesus came back with a report that never man speak as he spoke but the reason for this was that never man lived as he lived had his slave been other than it was he could not have spoken as he did mention healing page 469. So never man spoke as he spoke because never a man lived as he lived let's translate that to our context of a number of positions spake as he spoke because never had a position lived. As he lived what would it take to live as no other physician there I think that was the challenge that was put to me what would it take it would take a full surrender of my life it would take the willingness to sacrifice and to put everything on the line for him because the ministry isn't something that you do it's who you are and what it is when you come to that point then ministry can flow from your heart and your words will give life your words and actions will give life it will convict hearts it will save souls and so. If you feel that God is calling you to surrender your heart and I invite you to do that you won't regret it and for those of you that are hearing this now or on audio version if you are interested in being a physician ministry in the United States and work on a pastor's salary come in contact me we have opportunities and wash in Idaho and maybe even on some on the East Coast so right now I want to talk I want to transition our presentation to the practical examples you have a bit of my history but I did they did Top asked me to talk with a practical examples of medical ministry and so I want to talk about our 1st concept here. This past year we have the opportunity to to to take medical science from the Melinda and there is one medical students particularly sharp Her name is Victoria and we were talking about me and what made this clinic inspiring if you're a good chance to come up and I don't visit clinic invites to do so many patients and physicians are inspired by doing so and are motivated to ministry medical students also come up as well to kind of see how we do ministry and things like that and what it means to go by the gospel work and also the medical work and as I was talking to or we were talking about all the hearts the clinic what made it an inspiring place what made it unique was the fact that we asked each patient on the checklist whether or not they want to pray with us it's good no no maybe was the fact that the the doctor sacrificed and was on our pastor's wage Ok maybe it was the fact though that all the staff were some of the evidence and so everyone was focused on the mission at hand and as I was talking with her she's like those are good but that's not what makes you guys special like really. What is it she is and she said this you know the thing that makes your practice special. Is you have me fulfilling the Great Commission the center of your medical practice that's what makes it special that's what makes it and as us think about it the only way you could put it would be the way Dr John puts it and he puts it this way we change the practice of medicine to meet mission goal we change the practice of medicine to meed mission goes you see so those we do the opposite right we have this successful practice right we set up something that's really good and then afterwards we say look how do I fit ministry into the next and the crannies How do I take mission and then and fit that into what's left over but the personal that we have tried to here Jesus hey look we change the practice of medicine to meet mission goals and I think that is important that is kind of what we have to do here if we're to are going to be successful and this actually goes with with my next concept of design thinking. This here I'm showing you right now a picture of a truck that's stuck under a bridge and as the story goes the driver tried to go forward didn't go in or try to go backward it didn't go anywhere and they called court the engineers the fireman mechanics to just see hey look how do we fix this problem and some of the owners are saying hey look look you know you got to do got to break the bridge if you if you destroy the bridge break it down then the truck can go free so that we can actually look at what you have to do you have to dismantle the truck just you know tear apart and then reassemble it and then the truck can go free at that point. As the story goes there was a 12 year old boy on his bike and as he was going by he was hearing this conversation and he asked of course hey hey have you guys tried letting the air out of the tires. So that's where the air tires will be up there able to break free I love this story because it shows you how some of these simple solutions can solve complex problems and sometimes solutions can come from unexpected places but design thinking begs the question it begs this if we were to take mission make it the most important thing of your practice what would your practice look like that's what design thinking is about this year is a sick a living room and it's you know it's pretty what do you feel like doing with your in this living room yeah exactly you feel like watching t.v. that's what I would feel I do it house in there I look to watch t.v. right why the furniture is pointed to the television Ok the television has a dominant presence or about this living room if I was a slow room I just like socialising talking to other people in the living room Ok and that's what this found these doing right there the point is this you can make somebody feel something just by stepping into a space you can make them want to do so they just by what they observe all of server around them you know and there's a concept to that mark that was talking about last night how would disease what would they call archetype archetype ball seeming where you build your mission purpose of days into the architecture itself and it really is some issue and something that we try to do here a clinic. This is a Pentium and I think Green called the chief of staff we have it there kind of one side of the wall. And it's just kind of guiding the hand of the surgeon we don't do major surgeries or operation clinic but it kind of gives India of what we are about this painting has had a fact on our patients and we have had a patient that went through saw the painting she did the check in process of her vials or she had a chief complaint I address the chief complaint at the end of the visit his doctor I can't come back here to go is that it's too religious she left she was offended by the gospel I realize that I have to be Ok with that I'm not here to serve everybody I'm here to serve those who are open to receiving the gospel or at least want to tolerate somebody who is faith based this picture is another story there's another patient that stepped in to our lobby and she saw this picture she had instant recognition of it she had seen this picture when she was in a hot Adventist Hospital in Japan delivering her baby and when she saw this picture frame it was instant trust that she had that was the 1st step that she would take in her long journey to ultimately be baptized as a sound they are this Christian. There's other religious religious art that we have this like us not looks like a Snellen chart of us so that you know we walk by faith we have. Kind of ornate Bible verses up here where where where they eat or drink what survey you do you do to the glory of God Ok and we have another one this one of the right actually the most talked about piece of the most talked about quote here is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain but he cannot lose you see patients ask what does that mean. Literature you see there in the South when you're literature is the important part you know are you are you providing the latest Hollywood gossip in People magazine are you giving the exactly provoking current events in Time magazine. Why not provide some some help literature maybe even some religious literature something all we do is the more health literature we keep at the front but the more religious it is maybe or overtly religious or specifically those that are are more adventurous like will keep in the back and so if I sense man this this person is a culture walk with God I will go in and give them a step to Christ and if I feel like they're up to it too maybe I'll even give them you know the great controversy or or something similar to that 90 per literature in the back so there's actually 2 spaces for literature one of the front that is kind of for display and then we have literature for the back for when we sense all of this patient has a need let me take this book this this you know this pamphlet and give it to them something that's been missing here that you don't see in the waiting room that we haven't talked about actually music people I'm tired on music but that's also an important part I think about setting up. Setting up an environment where people's heart ready to meet Jesus right that's what you want to do. How do you prepare someone's heart to encounter Jesus because that's the thinking that we have when I run a medical office and that's where we have the faith lives that's all we have the literature that's all we have the music Ok now the music we have is religious music without words religious music without words and as art to John about what I want to do what words is like so well I don't want to offend people it's like Ok That's interesting but I realize this you don't want faith you want to be present which you don't want to be overbearing but be present I want to be overbearing and so the balance for us has been to have religious music without words there's a lot of good streaming services out there Pandora is one of them you just get it for $5.00 a month Spotify Tunes and Amazon also have about $10.00 a month. It's also available for free but you have yet to do the ads so this way I guess where the as you may have to click go to select it to curate it so if I mean if a song is not appropriate to thumbs down it if it is and you sums up it. All really. Interesting Ok Yeah Ok let me know what some of those 3 streaming services are yeah. I'd love to write that down and when I'm trying to composite resources for this was the shins and you know me make it part of a blog there's some that we do too as well we have these check boxes that say I was prescription that is to be filled I need a school or work now and they can just kind of check the boxes and then there's that last box there I would appreciate a prayer today I got a lot of people to come and see Dr that's amazing I've never had a patient I've never had a physician ask me to pray with them before and there may just by having their if they don't check the box then I don't assume that the patient doesn't want prayer I simply look for other opportunities to minister to them. So before I've even seen the patient they've seen the rulers artwork they've seen the literature they've been listening to the music they've received excellent warm service from our staff and finally I get this right now I just as a slight here now on praying with patients there are some doctors I think that they have formal I say look I'm going to pray with every single patient Ok. And then there are some guards say look I'm only going to pray the patient of the the patient initiate say Ok merriment mogul ministry is not something that you do it's who you are and I have found that I'm probably somewhere in the middle Ok. I don't think I offer to every single patient but neither do I only wait for patients to initiate. I look for opportunities you know if we had time this would be a great conversation and by the way it would be great if someone could kind of talk about those 2 extremes and those approaches and I'd love to hear maybe a position or presentation talk about those those 2 approaches the ethics and their personal experience behind it I'm just sharing you sharing with you my experience so I think a patient was fearful look for patients scared that's fearful that is a good opportunity to minister to them how many times about was God say fear not in fact. Author and her neurosurgeon David Levy shares this story he writes the book gray matters she won the best books I've read on the position praying with patients his experience started in a dental chair he was scared he was nervous he was anxious and the dentist put his hand on his shoulder said a prayer for him and he felt peace and calm that was the initial event that large a career where he would be praying with patients as a neuro surgeon. Vasco surgeon. Number 2 is a patient struggling when you have patients there many times will trust you they'll develop a close relationship with you maybe they're having trouble with their spouse or children or relative you can offer up the grace of God and His power to intervene and to help in their situation maybe the patient was amazed when they come out of Doc I've never seen a place like this before wow this is where God probably wanted me to come right I think the experience of all is a religious experience you can stand under the stars and be amazed and in awe of our Creator there are probably other opportunities other scenarios to where you can pray of patients I haven't covered exhaust here or what would it be for you what opportunities do you look for specific opportunities for patients who would benefit from prayer praying worship staff sorry beginning in the day with worship with your staff. I would argue that. Beginning our day with worship with their staff is arguably the most important thing that we do in our day now from a semi that may be impossible to be hard maybe a part of an employer situation so if your main your medical system would be willing to do that so hey look let's start the day with prayer or discussion or worship and what we do is we just spend 10 minutes usually talking about the Anticipating the needs of the day and of a short huddled us patients coming in for this let's make sure we anticipate that and then we spend the next 10 or 15 minutes in a short devotional and a prayer and that's Ok yes it is very powerful What number one it clarifies the mission. We as humans are forgetful we forget why we're here we especially forget it when we're in groups of people and it clarifies the mission when you have worship they remember why they're there you remember why they're the staff members why they're there it also communicates care for your staff the staff once you know you care for them and when you have worship in engender his loyalty to the Lord and engender is love towards you this is a position as ministering to me is a position that is helping me and 3 creates a spirit of sacrifice. A little dark just as he says look even the most mundane regular tasks when done with a spirit of devotion or sacrifice is received to the Lord as worship and we need a reminder we need a reminder every day and that is why we pray and have worship because it reminds us that yes even these tasks are South people to the Lord Himself. Finally. Parting with the church and that's been a theme that amen every year you'll hear about this if people are going to see Christ in you they're going to see his hands beginning to see his feet you're going to need to see his body that's a church so you've got to have the church a part of what you're doing and it's not going to come by accident you got to cast the vision for the church and so something that I know I've done over Hayden and Idaho advice that he look the church what brothers sisters what if this community looked to this church as a center of hope and healing What have they said about this church Hey look that's the church where my dad reversed his diabetes. Or they say look that's that's what you're from my aunt learned to quit smoking or hey that's what you're for my sister who is struggling with depression was finally able to overcome it though Tony Campolo put it this way he said look if your church were to shut down today would your community show up at its front doors in protest preventing you from actually shutting down Ok Or would you just kind of quietly go away and nobody would notice so we've got to partner with the church because that is essential what we're trying to do and I have a list here of programs that you can do in partnership with the church. And so there's a brief 32.0 This is the by the way you get a hand out of these programs so you can look at over. $32.00 point there is the General Conference revamp 5 day quit smoking program and it's pretty good professionally done it's also scientifically based it's got good short entertaining videos that are 2 minutes long that are entertaining and also communicate a moral message and it's free and it's only it's it's hard to get because of those additional cars isn't as responsive but it's a good one to get there's a preventing reversing diabetes by Stephen Grandy there's a good program out from Tennessee it's big it he's got good physiology he's got good stories and it's been time tested so this is a good program to get as well if you're working on diabetes of course he's there in the Bible Belt where there's a lot of obesity too so that's also very good. 8 weeks I was by Don Hall this is a good one but on the pricey side that comes with Powerpoint men's work books it's very data driven so a lot of population studies data a little bit weaker on stories and weaker on like physiology and whatnot but also a good program the whole life by Joshua Vasquez this is the new kid that my friend Josh has done he discovered that there is no resources out there to help. And so he's on a program we're church member has a manual and a workbook and says hey look here's 8 weeks to on this program let's go on this journey together and it helps facilitate relationships as scientifically based It's a spiritually based It's a new program called the whole life and I'll have that in the hand on we should pick up the handout so you can go to the websites grand finale seminars dot com. You've heard about some of those when well this is a good website to they've got $1200.00 plus lines of professionally done it's nice because it's they give you everything to say they give you all the slides everything and just present I think you should always try to personalize the presentation however but when well as another good resource and then finally a shameless plug the Christian doctor dot com That's a blog that I do my mission is to help her and providers understand spiritual principles so they can participate with God in the transformation of a patient and in short I want to help you share Jesus so subscribe to that and receive encouraging it so that you can do that and do that effectively or as some of the keys exercised successfully successfully successful church based seminar. Here's some things that I've learned number one create a good team with clear tasks. You need a team can do it by yourself can I get off do it and you really which need to do is get a lot of people in your church more you need to be communicate with your health ministries director and they need to be the person that's really doing a lot of organization in the planning and developing their team the team that I had had a team like 4 or 5 and you could expand a team of 20 to 30 people and so your church probably needs something like that number to have the check in process you want to be able to track what patients coming in be able to follow up with them when you can number 3 the liver as a scientific and personal presentation with a spiritual connection to God be scientific the comedy you are the expert personnel write that music on a life of personal stories church stories about your patients Ok to just read off those lines and with the spiritual connection every single time I give prisoners I'm looking to look what spiritual connection to me I want to plant the seeds I want to plant the seed that's what you have to do every single presentation. And many times that by the way that connection many times is hey look this is how in order to achieve this you need to depend on God That's many times a spiritual connection that we're looking for is surrender to God dependence on God in order to me these lifestyle changes and before take before and after measurements let them see this makes a difference right let them see it for themselves provide a workbook makes a more professional Number 6 is interesting this is something that you probably haven't heard a lot but we've found successful create small groups for discussions during seminar. Create small groups. For discussion during the summer and that's because you know we used to have chairs Colline up the rows and then you know I would give presentations I was there but what we discovered is that when you serve a small group and you put a church member there as kind of the group leader leading other discussions then what do you do in that point in that case you facility a relationship there right and that's what we're trying to do we want to help enable the church empower the church facilitate the relationship between the church and the community and your patients a relationship inform them hopefully bring them to Jesus right members that commute technique it's going to be relationships can be who you are and hopefully. The patients will see the kind of selfless Christ like people that are in your church because we have them right right there in our church a man or servant food food food. If you will come out where there's food that's a big part of it it's also the hardest thing to do but if you can pull it off it's helpful number 8 provide a hope for them to come back next week I learned from the evangelists write these events I look next week we're going to learn is the Rapture really going to happen right and people are going to come you can do the same thing to write next week I'm going to give you the take on the My take on the Kito diet that people come out that order stuff to a successful promotion so you can have a successful program but you don't have people showing up to it. And it is not his example you got to have a successful promotion so began $48.00 weeks prior to the event how professionally designed flyer and poster you know if you've been in church low enough you've seen poorly design flyers and posters who want to do the opposite of that Ok I want to be professional what we do want to be on our game if you want to have a profession isn't flyer poster go to the fires that everybody put posters up everywhere put them in libraries for the doctors' offices put a community centers put them in gymnasiums put them in workout places. Scatter the ad everywhere create a Facebook and I think this is some that's also helpful to you little can see the thousands of eyeballs just with a Facebook ad put an adult article in the newspaper there's no way to get it and then make church announcements again and you want to try to be involved and so you want to motivate them I think it's more difficult to invite someone to a prophecy seminar right versus oh look maybe I should invite my neighbor to a diabetes seminar and it makes them more alert to the needs of the community around them and see how they can meet those specific needs. Personally invite patients I know we did what I did is even months before we did a diabetes program I took a list of people that were interested I asked him hey look I'm going to do a diabetes prayer and the one teaching it by the way is helpful if you're the one teaching it that really is a good motivator would you like to come out and I'd like to add will call you want to bow to the program and I had a list of about 50 people that we called. Number 7 register patients. That helps with their attention 8 offer a discount with a deadline this was this was a pretty good idea we actually tried last it was quite successful but you have an early bird discount people love this stuff you know we it was $69.00 but we said well we'll cut it down to $49.00 if you're signed up by August 4th people or signing up there like they did they wanted to save that 20 dollars Ok so offer a discount with a deadline earlier discount that can be very helpful in terms of success for promotion so. And this is a good call those who register the day of the program we learned this from Mark Foley has some studies on it he found it will give you called the day the permanent injuries your attention your attention ray or the people actually who have registered to come by about 15 to 30 percent so call them the day the per hour as a reminder Ok that'll also is quite success helpful in promoting a successful program so we actually did this we did all the steps I was telling you about and typically our church will see anywhere from like 0 to 5 people from the community on a lot of maybe on a bad day and maybe on a good deal like 15 or 20 and we had this time of 47 people come out from the community on our 1st day and there was good or tension throughout so you know these things can be quite successful I think. I want to end on a story. We call smoking lockdown. By the way you should just start doing these things to start doing it and when you start it's going to be small but it will grow I remember the 1st prorated it was a smoking cessation program and we had like 15 people saying yes I was trying to show up I will do that i'm people actually came out 55 people like we've all right that's fine. But again these things are learning things and so we did the class and it was great I tell you what you know you have 5 people in there talking about the difficulties of quitting smoking why they small why they want to quit smoking there was good interaction with a grade they too came they came back all right look like this is why you want to you know we want to quit sport because of this and and that and good laughing good interaction and then at the end of the class that our guys. Tomorrow we're going to quit smoking. And everyone looked at Joel it was what I signed up for yeah this is a smoking cessation class you guys we got to quit while you might tomorrow and so the next day came and my class went from 5 people to one person. And this one person as they'll had an hour quit. It was rough and so we implemented something called the smoky lockdown and we share legally you cannot likely lock a person up that's illegal against the law so don't do it but I think it adds to the drama of it a smoking lockdown and so I'm urging I was like look I can tell your story because she's going to push to make a policy like frankly this is this is this what we have to do you need a kind of smoking watch that watch like yeah we're locking up for 3 days we quit smoking if you like what are you coming to church to come to the church in order to do will be there me Chuck other people were going to be with you as you detox as you could see when we're just going to be with you there and she's like really she's like yeah that's what you gotta do so Friday came and she had her back she aerobatics back here her sleeping bag and we set it up we set up she showed up there are Friday I show up in the morning we have a bit of worship I had to see Paige that day I came back and we actually had other people we actually had a 2nd smoker that joined us as well and we had people from the church come by and give us meals so that we could be sustained through the weekend. And you know it was it was good it was it was it was such it was such a good weekend I could get it into more of it she had on when she showed up she's a doctor almost and showed it like why is that I found out that we're homeless so. Probably they had kicked out. 24 hours later she says that I can't I can't believe it but my boyfriend actually found a place it's bigger it's cheaper and I can't believe we actually have a place to stay I said frankly if you honor God he is going to honor you so she was trying to realize hey look maybe this is the Put this is where I need to be right now she finished be a lockdown 3 days she didn't smoke she was feeling good she like Doc I feel better I can't believe this and then she went home. I got a call back later a few days later she said and the message and she gave me a message the message was this doc can you do that smoking lock down the idea and I started smoking again. All may cunt believe all that effort that's what happened well 3 days passed and somebody is now I got another message from her and this time the message was this doc I tell you something and actually she came and she told me the story she said I Why you guys gave me a bible a promise I read the Bible and there was a verse and sourness says I cried out to the Lord and he delivered me and I read that verse and I said you know I'm going to do that and she cried out of the Lord for the Lord to deliver then she said amen and she went out to grab a smoke or she found something interesting with you my grandmother smoked she took the cigarette to her mouth and she started vomiting she started vomiting over and over and over and over again just what was has happened this hasn't happened in my 2030 years of smoking what's going on here to realize in that moment the guy was sending her miracle to be disgusted and be repelled by the smoking. And since that day she has not picked up a cigarette say God had delivered Americal to her and that's Frank right there in the middle she is delivered from Smokey so. So yeah. In the end remember medical mysteries nothing that you do it's who you are of your own for questions if you want oh let's let's let's end with prayer shall in the r.v. has got she's in the wave your hands are his feet and over you are there you go she got a hand out want to give you guys that's cause a fair Shelley and I was thinking so much your Grace rumors fakey that you are alive and will work. With. Us already. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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