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Reflecting Christ to Your Community as a Healthcare Provider

Jane Lee Fred Lee


OBJECTIVES 1. Illustrate practical ways of impacting your community through your dental practice. 2. Discuss ways to make your practice more efficient so that you have more time for community service and mission work. 3. Challenge attendees to better understand what it means to live a life of service for others.



  • November 1, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Kind and gracious so many thought I just thank you so much for this opportunity today to share our story with you which is really your story Lord what a good gracious God you are to use just muscles like us to do your work and we pray that it may be a blessing to those here attending I pray that your Holy Spirit John your to commit to Hearts and to not just hear Lord and convict hearts but to further their work and their communities wherever they may be. To be a part of this great work that she had for us and so this is my prayer in your Jesus name Amen. Fred and I were praying over that the prairie right before this meeting you know and. I was feeling really nervous and then I I started praying it just all came out just started crying but it's not because I was nervous or anything about this summer but it's because I was overwhelmed with the goodness of God So I have these just in case but Ok so I want to introduce my family to you my husband's here healthy and we're going to be kind of you know handing the baton back and forth throughout this session. He and I are both done as but I am not working now currently I'm full time at home with my precious boys home schooling them and so that is where I am now. We just wanted to share with you. You know that despite our inadequacies I know that you likely when you are in light of God's glory we feel so inadequate right but I just wanted to share with you despite that that we just feel compared to share God's mercy and grace in our lives and how he can his light can shine forth through us and so I think it's important that we share our past story you know how God has brought us to where we are now because that really sheds light on where we are now today so we're just going to try to go quickly there are history Fred and I we met in dental school and we were classmates and we graduate in 2006 and we got married and shortly after that we want her to Trinidad as missionaries for a few years and then we returned back at you know during our time there there are a lot of trials that we went through but looking back at it hindsight we realize well God you were preparing us for the mission field of where we are today which is in the city of Pikeville Tennessee and so that was really neat to see that. When we came back to the states. You know we were kind of 4 years after we had graduated so when he came back we saw all our classmates who had already had owning their practices having their own homes and things like that and we came back with. Pretty much the same man a student that we had you know going to the mission field and we didn't have a home no vehicles nothing you know and we were just like well you know like our day because the both of us went over chaining we had a lot of debt right so double of what you all had and less you're married to a medical professional anyways our debt was about that much when we came back and we didn't have a home so we had to purchase a home right that's what you do so we bought a house on top of that we had our house stood on top of our student loan debt and we thought God you know we we know that you have a plan for us we know that you're going to help us to work out our debt we you know we're in service to you in the mission field which we don't regret not even announce and we're so thankful for the experience we had we know that you're going to lead us forward continue to lead us in this and you're going to help us pay off the step because that time we were studying prophecy we were recognizing the time that we were living in you know that we kind of understood it before when we really delved into what we were studying we realized God you know time is short we need to get out of debt and we need to move to the country and so we begin. Our search for country practice because that's where. Bread needed to be to. Provide a living for our family and so. Through you know long story short I don't have time to go through a whole process but it was really neat to see how he had brought us to help but at the end of all of the searching. He got a tip from somebody that there might be a practice in Pikeville for sale you might want to check. And up so he gave him a call and the manager picked up and she just seemed kind of confused like that he was calling about the practice for sale you know because she said I don't know how you found out about this practice for sale but it was actually publicly for still you know but actually what happened was that we were already in contact with another dentist who was interested in purchasing this practice but we have we were we've been trying to get a hold of them for several months now but we can't get ahold of them and they were like in the final stages of their contract and she just said it was just the oddest thing because he was very much interested in this practice but it's like he just fell off the face of the earth you know he just could not get a hold of him for several months we tried because this practice actually was on the decline because the previous owner at that time came down with Alzheimer's and was you know doing things that were not right in the office and so at the time they were just trying to get by with you know just. Dennis coming into dentists you know coming in to just fill in the time and so obviously that practice was really going down not very many patients in the office anymore and they were desperate to keep it alive and so they were trying hard to get ahold of this doctor but he wasn't being able to be contact and so. She said Ok we just decided that we're going to cut our contact with this dentist and we're going to put it back on the market just yesterday and so you know it was just amazing to us only when we heard that because we thought there's no doubt in our minds that you're sick you were saving this practice for us you know on top of all that because the practice was on the decline we were able to get it for really low cost and include it included the building and also an apartment in the back of that which we needed because we needed a home to live in at that time so it was just the perfect situation. For us and so we you know praise the Lord for that so now on top of our student loan debt and our house now we had our pact just right so we're feeling like Ok God like I know that you have a plan for us and you know as we know we're feeling anxious at that time which we were still a baby in our faith in God and we failed to recognize that he had a plan for us and so we're trying to fix the solution on our own in our own his own hands and so I thought Ok maybe I need to start going back to work you know but then like our kids are like like like 6 month old in one year old and 3 years old you know I mean what what was I thinking you know but I'm trying to fix this whole my own were like Ok well I'll just try the best I can you know to work part time but very soon after that just after a couple months you know God strongly commit to me you need to stay home with your children and so ever since I've been home with them and never look back and you know it's just an amazing story of. Any way you know God and you know something that so negative like a negative balance right because. You know after we purchased that practice like I said it was very much struggling you know and so Fred had to put a lot of work into building it back up again but you know it's all by the mercy and grace of God and I just praise his name you know because he knows our heart's desire was to just do his work you know and to just go where he called us and in a matter of 3 and a half years of the purchase of that practice we were able to pay off all that debt. So I just praise the Lord for that. And we could show you a picture of how beautiful take fellow is this is where we live it's in the valley. Of the Cumberland Pato and it's just you know a piece of heaven on earth it's a very lush as you can see but the city of Pikeville in the residents within that town are so dusted too in their lives because they're struggling with a low income with low education with you know they have just because the combination of inadequate education and heredity they have a lot of struggles with you know broken homes it's just incredible how many homes there are just from a broken home they have you know they're saying with the typical you know jugs and alcohol and and unemployment is just incredible and so you know God I believe took us here and as a mission field and that's what he was preparing us for this whole time God is good to have and he really is and. So I'm going to share a little bit about. Kind of what it was like for me and also give some practical examples of how we've been able to reflect Christ in our practice. So when I started work in Pikeville I felt really an adequate You know Jane mentioned it was never in my plans to be a practice known or if you know me leadership was not one of my gifts and still with God is growing that in me let's just say Little did I know that leaders are made not born and God had many lessons to teach me and through that experience God has been teaching me many many things. And so you know at that time I still wanted to just live in my comfort zone just in my own thing work under somebody else I have no problems taking orders from somebody. And so that's where I was but you know it's often through our greatest trials that God teaches us humility and the necessary lessons for us to truly grow and through my experience unbeknownst to me God was teaching me to trust in Him and His ways are always higher than our ways and so now when I look back I can see the value in having the liberty. To use my practice freely as a ministry and have the financial freedom to give more than I would have been able to so let's just dive straight into our Actually before I do I want to share something very important so before I share practical examples I want to share a really important point. In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which I highly recommend this was kind of a turning point for me in my life as I was contemplating what I wanted out of my life you know I was kind of overwhelmed by all the responsibilities. Becoming a father was huge for me I mean having one son is one thing that I felt like I could handle then we added 2 and then the 3rd one came and I was just I mean I was done I mean I just can have my mind couldn't handle it and so you know there are a lot of things that you know came on me so then at that point I had to decide am I going to continue my going to face this with my going to just crumble so I started to read books one of them was 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and then there but the author Stephen Covey talks about 2 contrasts thing. Approaches to growth and change and he uses the term character ethics which more focused is on who we are versus personality ethics that focuses more on the things that we do. Which one of these do you think is more important character ethics right but in our day and age we are beginning to lose that because all of the counseling and the self-help talks in motivational speakers they talk about things that we do verses working on who we are there's a saying that I really like that service who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying the same idea is found in the book ministry of healing page 469 it says there's an eloquent far more powerful than the eloquence of words in the quiet consistent life of a pure true Christian what man is has more influence than what he says and that's really important to me because I'm a man of few words as you can tell I'm not even an eloquent speaker I'm not as good as my wife natural. But God in spite of that is doing a work in my heart to be able to reach in touch lives. So with that you know as I was thinking about practical examples I was a little reluctant to list give you a list of ways that we do that because it is not necessarily by the activity or rather the heart of it which is difficult to isolate into a list but we did realize that it is helpful to hear examples for the purpose of generating new ideas early in our marriage when Jane and I would get into conflict and it's harder that is to believe we did get into a lot of conflict unfortunately at the beginning but as I came to understand my father which was a lot of the time I would ask Jane to tell me how I can love her better but she wouldn't want to list them for me right I would say just tell me what to do right because I didn't know how to do it. But so why didn't she want to tell me because it wasn't about what I did it was more about what was in my heart right did I truly love her and if I did it would naturally end it manifesting itself and so that's kind of how it is right we want to be authentic in our reflection of Christ we don't want a cookie cutter version of being a Christian in in the workplace or or whatever so that's the kind of the I'm right it must come from the heart and I don't believe. There is one way to accomplish that so as we go through this talk I want you to be able to reflect on your own heart right where are you do you truly have a heart for your staff for your patients for your community even for your own family right. As interesting as that might be so with that I'm going to go ahead and share some things here. So. There so you know if this it begins with the culture of the practice this requires intentionality right in a successful practice you must be intentional about every little thing that you do even the minute its details so let me ask you guys who sets the tone for any office it can be any work setting really right generally as health care professionals whether we're doctors dentists whatever we are looked at as a leader right you don't have to own the practice just in your title of loan people look up to you. And sometimes we don't recognize the influence that we have but I'm coming from this as a practice owner perspective so how is your team and that's important because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link right thankfully One guy brought us a pipeful he also instilled within us the strong conviction to approach it as a mission field and here's a quote that I. Shared earlier every true disciple is born to enter the Kingdom of God as a missionary and doesn't exclude any of us right mission work is not an event or a trip it is a lifestyle continuing that same quote it says God expects personal service from everyone to whom he is interested in knowledge of the truth for this time not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands but all can be home missionaries and their families and neighborhoods Christian service page 9 What is your mindset what your motivation why do you do the things that you do do you ever ask yourself these questions What are your core values and do your staff know it dear the people that you work with do they know what your values are. There is a quote that we have in my office in our breakroom that it is a culture and values we stand for in office and it. Says we are to look upon every duty however humble as sacred because it is a part of God 3rd this our daily prayer should be Lord help me to do my best to teach me how to do better work give me energy and cheerfulness help me to bring into my service the loving Ministry of the Savior have we Big been able to communicate that to our staff the people that we work with in a meaningful attractive way right it's not just about calling ourselves Christian or Adventists do they know it by your actions by your heart so these are things that are impossible to enforce without 1st truly buying into it yourself and you must really search your soul right it's one thing to say but another to actually live it once they see in witness and know who you are and they will naturally want to follow if not then they will need to find another place to work that fits their values Thankfully I have never had to force my values on my staff they have always just embraced it I have never had to fire anyone of my girls and you know on a side note it is important how you hire right to have a dynamic hiring process I've had to hire 4 girls since I've been there and you know it's only by God's grace there's just been a seamless transition learning to know what to look for making sure you know your values so that you can communicate in a way that they know what they are coming into right to be a part of what you're creating So in addition to communicating and leading by your values that must be accompanied by genuine care and concern for your team and they don't have to be your employee if you could do the same with your coworkers one of our core values in our office to take care of the team. And that means that everyone is involved not just only to employees but employees to employees but also employees to owners we all take care of each other I take care of them just as Dr Otis was sharing they take care of me and they and they do it in many ways that you know they're so generous with me. You know even just this morning several of the girls texted me because they knew I was nervous about this I said we're praying for you Dr Lee we know you're going to do great. So we can't just communicate that with our words we must follow through with our actions one principle you can follow is one thing that I learned from the book 7 Habits is to think when when so they must know that you have your best interests at heart you have their best interests at heart so anytime I do well I do best to include them I do my best to include them in our blessings we have a bonus system in office that allows them to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts when we hit our goals or break records they get to enjoy the fruits of that also we take trips together I buy them lunch we have team outings spent time together I know their families I know their kids and we know everything about each other and we do our best to instill family values into our culture and that is how we operate does that mean we don't have any issues. There's any family not have any issues no we do but that gives us the platform right a foundation in which how to guide us through those issues another core value of ours is to take care of our patients and when I say that I mean really take care of them I know we have all heard the saying. You know we are to treat each patient as if they were our mother right or our family member but how many of us really follow that right is that what we're thinking when we're treating planning. Or are we thinking dollars signs about the bills that we have about you know whatever that we need to to pay for because if even unconsciously so you have to really dig deep right is that your unconscious stop because what you think in your heart will naturally seep out and some people maybe not all will be able to see that if not the patients for sure you're a team so if you're truly honest nutrient planning and I understand that we all have different philosophies in how we diagnose and that's fine but as long as you are true to yourself then that will be communicated so because of that we have a very high rate of accepted treatment plans because at the end of the day our patients our team everybody knows that we are truly working. At the best interest of our patients so another thing that I do just a practical tip is I try to intentionally touch every one of my patients that walks there are doors whether it's a handshake whether it's a tap or a squeeze of their shoulder if it's a care out whether it's a pat on the had squeezing of the cheeks. There is some kind of physical interaction involved not because to create the idea or the facade that I care but because I actually do care so the way I look at it in the way that our team looks at is everyone that walks through our door becomes our family they are our responsibility and that is communicated in all of the little things that we do. Another way we did take care of patients just practical ideas you know we give them gifts if they have to wait an extended amount of time we have gift cards cash cards just letting them know that we respect their time. One core thing that we got to do this year I had my 1st centenarian celebrated his 100th birthday and we got to bring his family and we gave them lunch got him a cake and you know celebrated with him and these are little things that we can do that show our patients that we truly care about them. As a person another thing that somebody gave me the idea of was these pop open scripture cards you know there's something very unique I don't know I'm sure you guys have noticed this but when a patient comes in they don't share for some reason they feel very vulnerable and open and oftentimes will share their life story with you do you guys ever experience that. And so we get that a lot and that provides many opportunities so when that happens you know what do you do you know it's I'm kind of like Eric we just we stay busy but when that happens you know how do we respond right I push everything aside and I give them my full attention to let them know that I do care because they're sharing something from their own heart right something that is really meaningful to them and oftentimes their struggles. Another way that we can do. Kind of like what Pastor family was sharing earlier last night about I can remember what the term was arc it seemed like creating your architecture to promote your to show your purpose your mission your values and. Ways that we do that one simple way actually is the music that we play author a office just i Pad select We have a playlist of Christian music and something so little you wouldn't imagine the kind of feedback that we get almost every single day I have a patient tell me thank you so much for the music that you're playing I just needed that I just really touched my heart something that I needed to hear. Something very little Another thing is you know we have. Nature things I have T.V.'s in opportunities we don't play any t.v. shows we don't pay anything like that we have nature scapes You'd be surprised at the beautiful scenery that you can find on You Tube 4 k. John footage all over the world I mean God's amazing magnificent creation and you're just in awe. And that also is one thing that we do. I have prayer boxes in the idea that we got from Amen I think Calvin came shared this talk shared talk number of years ago and then gave me this idea we have prayer cards there are patients fill out that gets filled pretty quickly even little kids will take time and that gives me an opportunity to see and enter into the life of my patients right to know what they're struggling with to know what's important to them and also to be able to take time to pray about it simple things another thing that we do. Is there are many opportunities at least in the dental field there we have local organizations which if you look for them which I'm maybe you already know them you know we get cards and whatever for support to sponsor to donate we have a local organization right near our home called blazing hope ranch. Which is a. Ministry counsel at this point they take in human trafficking survivors and they have a 12 to 18 month program with they take them and they care for then they counsel them and prepare them for the real you know to allow them to go back transition back into the real world but I offer free services to all of their. Their. I don't know if they're patients or are there people but I have one testimony that really want to share because this is why we do we do this go here I'm going to share this card and I think what you just shared her 1st name when she 1st came into our office I could not be in the room I'm the only male in our office I could not be in the room. She came in I had to hide and she got her teeth cleaned Thankfully my goodness was a female. And then she said Ok I'm going to just try she said on my way out can you just have him me face the wall like face have my back towards her and I'm going to see if I can just walk by and that 1st day she says she can even look at me I She can even look at my back I mean this is the trauma that she has been through. And on one of her visit she said she gave us this card she says as I'm sitting here listening to worship music as I prepare my heart for my appointment this morning I am overcome with gratitude your office has been so kind to me being laid back in the dental chair with people touching me makes me feel trapped is a constant struggle to stay present and keep my mind from spiraling into memory you all have been so understanding and show me the love of Christ I am thankful for each of you I am learning that my worth is not a dollar amount. Yeah offering your services to me with no strings attached has helped me to see that it is possible for other people to see me as a person worthy of love not just see me as an object. Blasting thank you just this is why we do we do right you know it's things like that to keep me going that fuels me to continue to work and do what we do. So now that I've you know leave it just little examples that we can do in our practice but I want to talk about ways that we can. Impact Our local community and Jeff going to touch on a little bit more some just going to try to breeze through this because I know there's a lot we need to cover. Every community should have a health department I don't think it's unique to Tennessee I think it's nationwide has a health department and usually associated with a health department they have a Health Council that they open up to the community. For whatever reason I can remember I was invited to help counsel they meet once a month we just have you know lunch together and kind of share what's going on in the community and and all the locals Nations come in together and over time not because I'm very skilled or talented or just based out of need they needed asked me to be their chairperson So that has provided many many opportunities in our community. Chairing the local Health Council out of the Health Council we started another organization which is a nonprofit organization called better but so we live in blood so County in Tennessee and it's just a grassroots movement just local leaders in our community I want to get together I want to promote health there not have been asked but we get to share our health message and they love it I mean they absolutely love it. So we have better but so their story I thought was up on the screen. Give scope school programs we have things like give a child a chance back to school there's a lot of needy kids in our community that just don't have things so you know we set up a booth you know they gave backpacks away we gave school supplies we're here to push kids highlighters pens notebooks whatever whatever it is you know ways that we can support and fill the need for school program support our community has tons of different or. Little organizations that exist to help and support our needy and just last month you know they asked for rain jackets kids that don't have rides the school have to walk to school in the rain they need rain jacket so we're able to provide rain jacket I mean just little things like that are such a blessing to be able to do and provide for. Them clinics I don't know when clinics are in your area but another way. To show your heart for service which gets communicated to everybody and not to do that but it's just showing who you are right. And then lastly dentistry from the heart. Is something kind of like what Eric shared clinic with a heart we do that once a year we provide free dental care and we also have Ellie a dermatologist and several of the doctors in this audience have come and helped out with us where we provide free dentistry for community we see over 100 patients. And you would not believe what comes out of this I mean the community just loves that we we get only one main street in Pikeville they close the street down for us that day we get to do a Health Expo we get. All kinds of stuff now it's turning into like a citywide event that we do every year and that's been a huge blessing there's so much more but actually what I wanted to share from that was this just a testimony from one of my girls from just this recent dentistry from the heart she texted me from that instead thanks thank you so much Dr Lee for this opportunity because my staff we all volunteer they volunteer their time the community comes together and we all work together for this and she said I just love it I think my calling is serving others and it makes me so happy and that is it right reflecting Christ there are so many others but I'm going to let Jane continue here. On this next actions. So I just want to emphasize in this portion of my talk is that you know the power that you hold as a healthcare provider and I'm going to say specifically in a small rule town is just limitless you know the impact and implies that you can have not kind of a community as the health care provider so you know keep that in mind the power that you hold within your hands you know but you know throughout the years we have you know use the practice as a center of influence in our community you know you have patients streaming in and you know you get to know he gets to know them and then he introduces me to their families you know and it's just a great way to use as a ministry you know and so you know the beauty of the small rural town and where we are specifically in Pikeville you know it's just a beautiful situation because you know they are just like a big family you know the community I mean the county is very small population 20000 the city within city limits only top 100 or something like that so. City County population 10000 yeah so anyways it's just like a big family you know and we're wondering you know are they going to welcome us we're the only Asians in the whole town that has some or all pretty much cock Asian you know and we thought herding into feel about us coming in but you know they have welcomed us with warm hands and I think that it's because they know the heart that we have for their community you know and so it's been a blessing to be a be there and when we 1st moved to Pikeville you know we already saw it as a mission and we thought How we going to incorporate our lives into theirs you know and so we just started attending you know because his practice was still building up that wasn't established there and so we just started attending their events you know any events that didn't compromise our values we just attended like you know if they had like. A charity walk we would go there if that if it was like Christmas program that the Baptist church was holding we would go there. Or if it was we have something called that Sundays thing where every Sunday so quarterly. All the denominations get together and they seeing you know just praising God and all the churches will you know share their music and so it's a great way for our family to share music with them and so that's been a great opportunity for us but you know throughout the years you know and then he ended up getting about 100 councils you know and then better blood so we've been a part of that so you know throughout the years I think God provided us opportunities to show the community our heart like that we just want to be integrated with them you know that we are a part of them and they've really just opened up their hearts to us. So just the same way a spread has had the opportunity to share in the lives of his patients and get to know him that way and that way even though I'm not working in his office and no way like I'm never in the office you know again he able to introduce me to their families to patients and to their families but also somehow you know because our community is so small they just know that I'm a dentist too and they know that I'm really interested in healthy living and so you know I've just been so like overwhelmed by you know the phone cause the messages the wanting to me wanting to talk you know they just have so many questions about health you know and it's been a great opportunity for me to you know meet the needs of these people and I find you know as I start talking to them about health about their hell of course just like you know a patient in the chair who's just vulnerable you know with their dental health and hands of Fred you know their it's like they're unfolding their heart to me and sharing their health struggles but same time you know they I find almost pretty much all the time they have a deeper longing you know like I'm something that's not being met and it's always spiritually you know and so. It's created a lot of opportunities to talk about spiritual things and I think that you know I'm talking about those how you can impact your community as a community member but you know I think that what was important ingredient in all of that is that they knew that I had a degree you know and so that they were more willing to listen to what I had to share but I think that coupled with that degree was also the heart of that heart of caring you know like of genuine care and concern for the people and so again you know and I repeat that the combination of those 2 is just you know it says right there the power of your degree couple with a heart of service is an estimable you know like you cannot place the value on that and God can use that mightily you know for his service. You know here you know it gives you license your dental your dental degree gives you the license to heal the aching of a tooth but it also gives you the license to heal they can have a soul you know. Here says Christ method alone will give Troost success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed a sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me. I think God has called each one of us as health care providers or just a community member whatever you may be to heal the broken us in the community and to restore the hell you know physically mentally spiritually in all aspects. And by doing that we will be doing Christ method alone by reaching their needs meeting their needs another way that Fred and I have been involved with the community is through the wall from ministry so we just you know contacted the local social worker I don't exactly know are her real title but you know who works with needy families and asked them you know who is this family that we can reach out to this year or and she would get us in contact with them so that was a way for us to again and to create ourselves into the community and find ways to meet their needs and through that we were able to build relationships with them and sometimes bring them to church with us and things like that. Another way that we saw the need growing because that member I said well actually I didn't mention this but you know that's a county a strength 91 out of 95 in the state of Tennessee based on health factors such as health behaviors clinical care social and economic factors and physical environment and so there was that there's a huge need to you know not just with the poverty but also with their health. And so as we started to realize you know. It was just a growing need and we were becoming overwhelmed with it we recognize that we had to do something about it but as far as a full time dentist and me full time at home home schooling the children there just was no time you know like this thing like we were meeting our limit you know like this is as much as we can handle we can't really do much more so it was just a intellectual like understanding like this is the need but we knew that we couldn't go further than that so we just prayed you know because God I felt like God was tugging on our hearts you need to do something about a see you know and so one day I mean we probably were feeling this this condition for a year or 2 or I don't know you know but you know I think that it had gone on long enough and I just thought God Ok I know that you want to do something and for some reason I feel like you want to start with the diabetes program. I don't know why because we just don't as you know like we don't what do we know you know but I feel like that's what you want us to do so I'm praying about this right now and I'm saying I don't know we don't have the time for that but I know that your power is limitless to your able you know your ability I can't put a limit on that so if you want us to do this you're just going to have to like just drop it on our laps you know so after that prayer the next day I got a call from Jan fresh from the Health Department and she said Jane we just got a $5000.00 diabetes grad and I was wondering if you can be a part of representing our county in that you know and I was like. Oh. Yes. And she said can you come to the working meeting next month or whatever it was you know and I was like as jag in my feet To be honest because I don't like to leave my family at home and the sort of Crimea be gone for 2 days and I thought Ok I guess. We'll just see what it's about and I really honestly wasn't excited about it. But when I got there I realized clearly God's plan and all of that you know so as we were sitting in the meeting you know I'm not really outspoken so you know as there it was a working meeting so we're trying to discuss ideas like how we're going to use this money everybody was sharing their ideas and I was just sitting there you know and I think maybe somebody said you know what do you think I don't know you know but somehow I just shared my thought well I don't know I'm thinking maybe it might be good to start a reversing diabetes program you know and then they just like all jumped on that you know they're like that's a great idea yes we're going to a lot the majority of our funding to that you know I was like Ok great I'm still thinking how it's going to do this one we going to do this I don't know if it Ok or whatever you know and then we're still trying to decide you know talk about more ideas and then. And I'm just sitting there and they're like don't you guys have like a dentistry from the heart coming up soon like in a couple months they're like What do you think if we do like to help expose with that you know like do a Community Health Expo and have all the community services come and you know provide all the resources and things like that while your event is going on so that you know the patients are already there you know so we can provide them more information and I thought sure it's a great idea you know because you know we have always wanted to do a Health Expo we just the course then the limiting factor for us was the time right we didn't have the time so I know it's a good idea sure we'll do that you know but again I'm thinking who's going to plan all this I don't know but we just I'm just going with it at that point because I didn't know in the back of my mind God brought me to that meeting for a reason you know so you know as as we were sitting there. Oh yeah let me back up let me back up and share with you on this you know because what I realized through that. Anyway so then. You know we as a church as the Adventist Church. We've we've we know very well about. Diabetes programs and about lifestyle changes about plant based diets about a new star and all these things you know but you'll be surprised at how new this is to the community members you know and so we have a special gift in our hands which is the health message to share you know and I believe it's our duty right our responsibility to share those things that you'll be surprised that when you share those things and implemented. The outcome that will come from it and the results. And so the group that we had worked with particularly the better Bledsoe organization they have bought into that idea and they you know said to me you know you're reversed the reversing diabetes class this or that that she put on the results from that were astounding she's that I've never seen in all my years of working in the health department results like that you know and so you know we definitely have something to offer the community and you know I mention the Health Expo you know we we do that all the time right our churches but the neat thing about that this Health Expo is that these are all community members none of them are from our church you know but they have all seen our desire to share the hell you know message of course they don't understand all of that you know but we're praying you know we know that God has a purpose in all of this you know but you know we began with that are blood so and the people there and it'll continue to grow as you know the community gets more involved but remember I was saying before that you know my prayer was God You don't have to drop this on my lap for us to accomplish this and you know he didn't and would just the funding you know he ended with the manpower because what happened from that working meeting was that and Jenna Fischer from the Health Department along with like another prisoner from the extension they just jumped on these events and they said don't worry we're going to take care of all of it you know and so I think the next day after I got back from that working meeting. I got a call you say Ok we got the venue set up you know it's all scheduled and then Ok Ok we have the street mostly me closed off and you know Ok I call this lender and the spender and they're also they're going to come and I'm like Ok great Do you know like I'm just like so overwhelmed because she's like working so hard on this and accomplish you so much and all we had to do. Pick the date and you know iron out a few other details but for the reversing diabetes class and for the Health Expo the community to care all of it you know and so he provided us with the funding and he provided us with the manpower because you know in the church that we attend and it's a very small church and they're all elderly you know and so we don't have workers you know and so we need it that you know and I provide that through the community so I praise the Lord for that you know. So this is picture of us at the meeting there Ok so as as you're there at that working meeting I was just you know I just love all of this help work you know for the community and so I was sitting there listening to all these ladies share their thoughts and their excitement about you know what we're going to be doing and I was like You guys are just so amazing you know like the work that you're doing is so good you know and then one of the ladies turned to me like. Companies that I was saying that and she looked at me and she said yoru the money that's doing such a good work you know and I was confused like why she's pointing out me like because I don't I'm not doing anything you know like I'm a shame ideas you're the one that's doing everything you know and then later after I got home and I was talking to Fred about us I don't understand why she said that because I feel like they do so much you know and he said you know you get to recognize that these ladies are there because that's their job you know they're getting paid for it but you're not you know and so again I'm going to go back to that you know statement the power of your degree you know and the heart of service is an estimable that's something that is a jewel that you're not going to find just anywhere it's very rare you know and so use that for God's glory and I'm initiated this you know you've heard that when there's a will there's a way but I meant to say that it's in this case that we're talking about it's not about the our determination because determination relies on our own strength right but rather it's about our willingness because willingness relies on the openness to be used your doctor it can do more than just within the 4 walls of your dental office or your medical officer wherever you might be serving. It can open the doors to the community through more than just dentistry or medicine or whatever it can provide ways to share the health message and ultimately the gospel message the opportunities are and most and there's no limit with God. Ok Ok we were totally off on our time estimates here but this next section could take a whole nother hour but I'm going to do my best to try to squeeze through and this is kind of actually the dental portion of it. So let's see what I can do and actually I was going to leave it out but then I realized this morning as I was looking at our program that it was in our objectives I've got to cover a little bit but what we learned over the last several years was that as our values were seen in our community our practice grew and grew and grew and grew that was never our motivation but that was a product of our genuine care for a community but at the same time in my mind I had conflicting views right I've got a growing practice but I also have a growing family and they are my ultimate priority and as Eric mentioned they are our 1st mission field so through Eric actually gave me the idea of working. Life 3 days a week he planted into my mind the idea of working a 3 day work week and I thought wow that sounds really good. So I Can it be possible randomly I stumble across a blog or an article by a doctor wasn't doctor Blatchford but is just another doctor just in short he has I think a consulting thing about working 3 days a week while taking $8.00 to $10.00 weeks off a year I recognize now that this is not for everyone as I have talked and shared to several of my friends with the what am I going to do with all that time off. Well if you have a problem. We're not on the same level all right. But but here's the thing if we are driven by values and principles sometimes that causes us to walk roads less traveled right so in a matter of 6 months we are Office transitioned to me working 3 days a week Monday through Wednesday and taking at least at least 8 weeks off a year prior to that I was working for David week and taking one maybe 24 weeks off a year which is pretty typical right I'm just following the norm but we don't have to follow the norm right as I was thinking about that I was thinking about you know I read an article about top 3 regrets retiring dentist or professional whatever is in the top 2 ways I wish I didn't work so hard and number 2 would I wish I spent more time with my family so I said forget it I'm not going to wait till I retire to think about what I should have done I'm just going to do it now but here's the kicker Ok so we've been doing this for 2 years now we were able to accomplish that while increasing our annual production. It doesn't right it didn't make sense to me right but if you stay principle be driven right and what our principle was God said higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's idea for a change and I know that the end of that the goal of that is godliness God likeness but if we apply to every area of our life the sky is the limit there is a quote here it says to be by Jesus Patria one our 1st duty toward God and our fellow beings is that of self development every faculty with which the Creator has endowed us should be cultivated to the highest degree of perfection that we may be able to do the greatest amount of good of which we are capable that is our motivation how to we know. So these are some of the demo tips that maybe you guys can incorporate into your office if you want more details you have to talk to me later because there are other ways that we can learn to be efficient just. As the right you've got to hustle and I could end there but it's not so the idea is that we create you know office it's kind of like think of an orchestra right as you're listing in your headphones you think of an orchestra you see you hear all the parts produced don't see all of the work that's taking place beyond behind the scenes that's how we want to be in an office so you have to create a system efficiency in your office right takes a lot of. Team training. Learning to. Cross train the staff so one of the ways is you know if I'm running behind my just come in and for me or we have cross trained my front office Cross can come in and help in the back with survey ssion turning over rooms or whatever just learning to work together as a team we don't want to waste any time if I have time sitting back in my office I'd rather be home right so we have the idea if we're going to be here we're going to be here right we're going to make the most fertile and we're going to push ourselves and we're going to be the best that we can and you've got to keep your staff motivated and you can make it fun. We can make it fun and the girls have a good time it's not like it's just crazy busy and nobody's having fun we laugh we joke you know I take time with the patients yes it is busy but we try to make ways to make it fun. Another way is block scheduling this is something that was big I asked my friend this Christ and you know what is one of the biggest ways that we have been able to accomplish our goals because it has been mind blowing the blessings that I mean I can you take credit for any of it but you know she said block scheduling is one of them we high production blocks. We are a busy office because we do take medication I just cannot we're the only practice in town and so you know for me it's a ministry so I want to cater to all levels of our community but. You know one thing that does require us you know they have to respect our time as we respect their time so we have a really strict no show broken appointment policy. We have even a fee most people say not to do a few which we don't enforce the law but we do communicate it just to communicate the idea of our time your time is valuable for Medicaid patients because they are notorious for not showing up. We have a stricter no show policy you know if they don't notify us ahead of time then they no longer get appointments or have time they're not dismissed but they can get same day appointments if we have availability. Of Blood scheduling is one of them you have to have a good confirmation system we don't use texting we don't do e-mails we do physical and audible phone call we actually converse with them. To minimize our broken appointments. High except the treatment planning and that begins with you right that begins with how your trip it began with not even how you train playing or your philosophy it begins with your heart right everything that we do it has to be again there. I just added this one in there there's a company called unlock the p.p.o. it didn't work for me but it may work for you if you're a p.p.o. based office there are ways that you can renegotiate your fees the fees are always low and my fees are not crazy high you know for us to reach our goals we're not like ripping people off in doing all kinds of crazy stuff but there are you know little ways that you can learn to become efficient in order to still meet your goals and even exceed them you know but it does take for you to give it all you've got right but that's how we want to live right god cause us to be the best that we can be here and out us with. A skill and a talent not to be used for selfish gain but to be used in service for him and. So what do I do with extra time what that has allowed me and my family to do is more time for Mission work abroad and. We do mission works even at home in our country. You know we want to give our children about a broader world view so they can learn to see the world in Christ with Christ perspective true education is a production of a life of service and that is what we want to instill in our children we can do that for working all the time so I'm not telling everybody you have this is not a cookie cutter right this is what works for us you can modify it or whatever but figure out what your principles are right what are your goals what do you want to do what is God calling you to do. One thing that I really love that kind of want to share which I kind of skipped over a lot of stuff but as God increases there is a danger right God's blessings can oftentimes become our greatest curse and. I don't have time to go into that. But one thing that I learned by Julian Archer shared at an air sign meeting he said this. God sometimes may increase our standard of living we may increase our standard of Ok sorry we God blesses that's not necessary to increase our standard of living but to increase our standard of giving and that is those are the universal law that governs the entire universe God is love giving is living and you know that the cycle that completes God's love. Hopefully that made some sense I hope it did so I want to end my part with this. We have been given a very unique skill and talent don't squander that's going to serve yourself use it to be a blessing to others even in your own practice there are many many ways that you can do that you know it to be honest with you right there have been times where I've had to pray for God to give me a love for my patients right even for my staff right because we didn't deal with drama and we did deal with things that come up and you know I've had to pray for that but this God answered this here our prayers he does he is faithful to us so the spirit of a man is not an event but a lifestyle to those he calls he will enable. So we have a little bit more. Since we are closing thoughts maybe about 5 to 7 minutes and then Ok yeah. Ok our family really loves going on missions together both near and far but you know as mentioned earlier that the mission field begins in your own home right and then it spreads into your office with your staff and then from your staff to your patients and from your patients to your community right and then from your community to the world right and so it's really exciting thing to be a part of that but just remember that it begins where it lies closest to you which is in your home right and with your staff. This is a picture of the boys with. Harvesting the grapes and you know the Lord has been so good and blessing our work in the community and in our home but he's also really richly blessed our land you know and so you know the garden and the trees or whatever you know but you know just as the Lord has blessed us with the fruit of our land you know we feel compelled to share that with others you know so whatever increase we have from our land we share with others. But just the same you know God has blessed us all with talents and skills right and we too should be compelled to share that with others write. The Lord show and stablished as the Holy People in time saw as he has sworn and to the. If thou shalt keep the commandments of will or thy God and walk in His ways and all people for earth shall see that Bell are called by the name of the Lord and they should be afraid of the and the Lord shall make the plenteous in goods in the fruit of the body and in the fruit like cattle and in the fruit of I ground in the land which the Lord sware and my father's to give the the Lord shall open and to the his good treasure the heaven to give the rain and to Thailand in his season and to bless all the work of fine hand and land and to many nations and I shall not borrow we are so undeserving as I said before I'm just compared just compelled to share about the missing grace of God The Spider and adequacy is right in though or so and deserving God is deserving right and it's not about us that's about him and your dentistry is not about you but it's about him right. It's not a question about whether God will bless but it's about how he will bless in your willingness to serve we know that the seeds have been planted in Pikeville we are expecting an abundant harvest according to his time and you know the people in Haifa I mean you know just wherever you might be as a light you know people are going to wonder after that you know and it's not about us right they're going to be wondering about the mystery of God wrapped in his letter right and his love and it was wrapped in the humanity of Christ 20000 years ago right but the beauty of it is that the love of God can be adapted in right today and that's going to stream of God right which is Christ in you and it's a privilege to take part of that today we definitely sense our inadequacies I said and I'm going to repeat it again we feel compared to share God's love and mercy towards us and how he can shine forth through us despite our inadequacies I'm a share this final cut in the federal Shaquan up by not passage and then we're going to be ending. Every where there are hearts crying out for something which they have not. They long for a power that will give the mastery of person a power that will deliver them from the bondage of evil a power that will give health and life and peace Many who once knew the power of God's word have deprived well where there is no recognition of God and they long for the divine presence the world ments today what the world needs today what it needed more than 2000 years ago a revelation of Christ's Christ meant that alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their God He showed his symphony sympathy for that minister to their needs and when their confidence that he paid them follow me there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort if less time were given to sermonizing and more time respect and personal ministry greater results would be seen we are to meet but those that we can rejoice but those that rejoice accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer the power of the love of God This work will not cannot be without fruit. Ok So in closing I hope we didn't rush through too much I feel we're just going to trust and in the Holy Spirit's work because now we have to share anyway but I do want to share this this is a song that was playing in the background in my office just this past week and I listen to the words I thought oh this is what I want to share with a man so in closing I'm going to read this it's a song that's entitled leave with nothing left Could it be we're still having me minded that somehow we've been blinded to what he's calling us to do right here could it be that heaven is always planned it that we leave here empty handed when this life this appears but is it really living if my one ambition is simply hanging on to we all get out of here I don't want to waste a breath one heartbeat in this chest I want to see his kingdom coming I want to wish my life away I want to live each day to give away what I've been given I don't want to leave you with regret I want to leave with nothing left when I think of all that I've been given and what I've learned from living I know exactly what I need to do so I pray that God will give me a chance this is show how great his grace is by living out his truth if somehow I could choose that I'd be the one God uses to make a difference and whatever for when what for ever means to you. Yes. That is what we want for ourselves what we want for you God has called us to an extremely high calling and. He wants to use us for that So in closing let our heads with as we pray. Are loving Father in Heaven you are so good you are so gracious and merciful and loving so much so that in contrast we are so undeserving. Yet in spite of who we are you have. Given us truly a high calling to represent you to reflect Christ in our lives in everything that we do thankfully Lord we can we not only cannot but we don't have to do it in our own strength it is only by your strength alone that we can accomplish the work that you have given to us and so Father I pray that you will give each one of us a heart a willingness to surrender to lay our lives at your feet may we be used may your power spirit and live be seen in each heart and life represented here today represented actually throughout this conference that amen May the spirit of Amen to reflect Christ and all that we do be the power at work in all of our lives and this is our prayer in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more service. Audio or.


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