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Christianity in the Workplace

Jeffeory White


OBJECTIVES 1. Describe the Biblical secret to success as a Christian organization. 2. Demonstrate the integration of the Christian philosophy in the workplace. 3. Identify the rewards of Christian service in a medical office.



  • November 1, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Father heaven you know Awesome God what a purpose you have afforded us to take the time to spend together discussing your awesome list your love your principles and how they apply to our lives even more so how their plight our work the things we do majority of our hours during the day Father you are part of that you you want to inhance it and you want to show your power to the dying world Father thank you for using this thank you forgiveness opportunity to learn and to share we appreciate this this afternoon and May you receive all the glory honor for whatever it is that we achieve in Jesus' name we pray a man. Chris out of the workplace I want to simply state to you that when I was asked to give this talk. I felt it was because of what I was living. So I'm not here to give you an academic study I'm not here to record a whole lot of studies I'm going to talk about a case study our practice and how we have. Evolved or how we have utilize our Christianity in the workplace so I'm going to begin with a little bit into duction about myself and we move forward 1st I have no disclaimers. And the object is that we like to accomplish is who want to describe the biblical secret to success as a Christian organization we want to demonstrate an integration of the Christian philosophy in the workplace and we want to dinner for the words of Christian service in a medical office. I want to begin this bedtime of my personal journey when I was a little kid. I was a very talkative child my fact my parents stated that they would dread it when my mouth opened. They have no idea wrote is going to come out because most kids tell. The truth. And adults we can avoid that to a great degree and so they were very frightened of me and as I grew older my parents listen son you're going to be a preacher you're just going to be a preacher there's no other alternative you're going to be a preacher and. I would just fuss with them no I'm not going to preach Oh yes you can be a preacher and my mother go through all over things of wow become a preacher. And then I guess as I have felt with the Mr Willis maybe you're the lawyer well. I had another Florence of my life and I was Moda brother my little brother rock around he was like almost 6 years old and me and he walk around and people say What do you want to be when you grow up he says I'm a medical missionary Bachus and I was that was that. Little girl was a medical missionary then it matters here that this is a doctor boy and I said oh so as I run to believe my brother I really would look forward to aspect to becoming a physician I just dreamed about it but my parents were into it like one son medical services but another son we were to be a preacher Well nevertheless what occurred was confusion. I was a confusion man wanting to please my parents when they do something I thought I want to do cause my big brother was going to do it and I had over that call a very biased reason when one day my brother who's lot older than I came back from boarding school he left a book and I was an avid reader of books I was a little kid I just used to devour books and he left a book called doctors doctors doctors. And that book I don't think is in printing longer but it was a book full of just unbelievable stories about how physicians gave their lives for their patients and what they would do for them and the story after story and I used to read on it my covers and flashlight I couldn't stop reading that book just took my heart it was so compassionate enough that all this when I got to be got to be a doctor but my parents didn't think I needed to be one and with that confusion I went on to school and right I was in college I was still struggling I entered in pre-med but I was still living with the idea of what my parents said and I said Am I making a mistake because something I want to do versus something God wants me to do and that really bothered me so I started praying and I started reading books like Ministry of healing concerts and dies of food and councils and health and learn. By reading cost of health and in the prevailing here it is. Both true for cars and health it said this the survey diverted murder time and labor to healing the flipped of the maladies then to preaching. His last injunction to his apostles his representative the earth was a little hands on the sick that they might recover when the masses sure come here commend those who have visit the sick and we lived in the cities of deflected. I had Margaret from my parents it was settled I won. I said Mom Jesus did more healing than preaching and I want to be like Jesus and that's not a statement I just made up as I would always said I want to be like Jesus but when I saw that statement it gave me a ratification that I and he could be a doctor so on what I pursued I went to the university you graduated from there and out did my residency in pediatrics awesome long in the university. It's a long story there which I don't have time to tell a person is room is very creative with me that story but nevertheless it is good cinema Nevertheless I will tell you this that when I made a decision it was because my. View of Pediatrics was awful I hated Pediatrics I did not want to go into it but in the short run. Because capital with a lot of students who are what I call the bomb of the class when it came to attitude. I was stuck with these drop my entire senior year rotations and when I came to Piazza's I said I can't leave these guys anymore I decided because I hated Pediatrics I was going to step it up to get away from them and lo and behold stepped it up brought accolades of me I never dreamed about and everyone in the resit program included a chief resident chief of The Departed Pediatrics thought I wanted to be a pediatrician didn't know I was running from somebody else. That's how God works he works and raised an even begin to imagine he knew what he did for me to be he made a call and I was fighting it and I loved it pediatrician and I ended up on here and practicing journal Pediatrics because of my wife's insistence rather than grown into him intelligent colonising So in January the 5th 1901 I opened I practice in Dalton Georgia. I literally was working a door hanging a shingle and fighting under such and filing a front office personnel. I knew no one in that town other than the person who invited me there who was a physician his story was a nurse at Loma Linda when I was there and they sort of recruited me to come back this doctor had made a promise to the black community there one day you'll get them a black doctor and I was the person Little did I know anything about that at that time when I arrived there I had 3 main goals in mind. Number one I had to practice a practice like Jesus compassionate holistic care I thought that would be easy folks deli devotions prayer that was a requirement every day we would not start a day without it sing a solo practice very easy to do and we did that every day and I said listen we are going to do what God says do a little look behold I behold what I did not know is that the people in that part of the country believed in feeding babies biscuits and gravy a 2 weeks. Coca-Cola in the bottles at a month. And whole milk by 3 months. It was a very hard struggle for me because no other doctor was telling them something different. And when you work in new and you're not a part of a community and you start talking stuff that people never heard before. You're not well liked or well received but God bless hung in there despite that I used to look at my rack of patients charts and the like that thick and I saw this for a self you know chart rock n roll like what I would never fill up. Just like that and. It won't work 6 months later finally I started finding people coming what was my problem I was telling parents you can't do that I did not use book based formulas I did not agree with your diets This is 91. In fact Lee told them that I did not stand for that are putting a child on dairy products I do not believe in the fact that they should eat anything into the least 8 months of age or the breast milk and form of the head too. And as spouses principles are still against grandmothers and the rest and I came I was beat up side the head and at the bus 6 months I was kind of becoming depressed my depression was from the fact that I couldn't influence anyone in effect of way to make changes so I thought. About 9 months into my 1st year I received I had a visit from the Health Department nurse. And she came into my office and she said I says I want to talk to you Dr White as it's fine she says I want to tell you something I said was that she says I just came from a conference of all of the health departments public department in the state of Georgia in Atlanta and there the head of the Department of Public Health told us that every department to be looking at statistics and he said he said he turned to me Look this is what's happening up there in Dalton this is where you need this is how come we're seeing less kids with our indifference Junia how can we seeing kids with better weight growth charts. And she looked at him and she said this is what I told Mike the way follow we have a doctor in a community was telling people what to do that's right. And they needed to hear that folks. Because I was really great and in fact if there's something that going on and so from that hour said Alice are encouraged that undaunted and continue to do what we practice at a holistic practice teaching health principals lifestyle changes teaching the things that people need to hear they never heard before I was imbued I was I was given a room Lou life and her stories to mad things that educated parents and are so happy with that God blessed the part about girls with access access access I told my staff that no matter what if a patient becomes a patient of hours of the ever call and they're sick we will see them that day we do not go home until the patients sing I'm happy to say that philosophy still continues today that we will see all of our patients if they call that they come in that they will see that the law is outdoors over they make it in for the lock they can be seen and we had them practice Well that may have been or should have been something that destroyed me which perhaps the last lecture was that I was maybe messing up but God gave me a lot of frontal lobe help because I would work from 7 o'clock in the morning till 11 o'clock at night and I did that on a continual basis average which means 70 plus patients a day up to 20 in the hospital still hospital around 7 o'clock in and 930 go to work at a nurse practitioner who joined me for not just me but she actually came up there for Perceptor ship she came from the latter as she was really one night as we're walking back to the office so our cars at 1030 she looked at me she says Dr way. We've been going since 7 o'clock this morning and it's 1030 I said yeah this is why you still smiling. And I said I am says Just now I have a time that's it. I said because I'm happy this is why you happy I said you got a new car and she says yes I sit in the front she says yes so then the great smale says yes as a Don't you enjoy the ass of the new cars and yes I said what about 9 months later. The news is worn off I say yeah that's life but let me tell you something whenever I think about how tired I am and how worn out I am I think about the little kid who grabbed me by legs and let me doctor away when I come out at 10 o'clock or 9 o'clock at night 1 o'clock in the morning to see him because his ear ache he says I love you doctor I say you know what happens or time I think about that. I get a smile on my face it never grows Oh this is wow that's an interesting appearance so access to care is something that we still live by continuity here we try to make it a point that we were called patients that were significantly sick to make sure they got their medications are doing better the next day rather than just call people come back come back come back we've checked on the see how they were doing we made sure they follow up on the care well with these principles in mind I could share stories or story but I growth just started just taken off that little section with just shorts like this proof proof and also I was buying a new charting place and as that happened I said wow I suddenly realized we needed happy fish and see. We need to speed up by process and we need to make sure we remain highly competent and so when with that in mind I have 3 major transformative milestones and I will say something many units routings the curse but I will tell you it's quite upset for me and I regret that it's a curse for you but number one was the development of a philosophy and mission statement number 2 was incorporation of e.h.r.. I praise God for your choice is the greatest things ever happen in medicine that's my perspective so you may have heard different perspectives but I'll share that with if you want to know in detail afterwards and becoming an insecure a.p.c. a major recognize practice insecurity stands for the National Center for quality. Assurance and peace inmates as a patient certain medical home. First of all in 1902 Levon years of practice I recognize that despite how I believed and what I don't force the man must work right next to me and one office front staff as I began dad staff I said I realize they have to be just like me they have to have the same thought processes you just can't have people who don't agree with you and it makes a difference. And so I realize we need to have a philosophy mission statement so. I have a picture of the philosopher's Estaban I should have the picture here but this is in the pillars of my office in stone on the opposite wall guess what's in Pillars of stone. 10 Commandments you're right that's exactly what's there that's in our lobby and that's what the patients get to see and that philosophy mission statement that we coined back in 1002 goes like this our staff of qualified God fear and concern individuals 6 to maintain a divine recognition of each person's uniqueness back committing to provide the period confidential health care and a timely efficient manner placing the care of the pediatric patients a book our own personal gain that's our philosophy our mission statement we are valued the importance of our patients and their families by promoting the optimum physical mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each through our commitment to excellence and continued personal growth this is something that every staff member has to remember and it's our we try to get to memorize it repeated every meeting we have it becomes a standard we live by and it becomes regretfully the sword you die by. It is circling or every single person has ever left our practice left because they couldn't fulfill those particular reasons when it came to them working away some people left because of circumstances but many of them want to come back or talk about coming back and keep in touch because they feel like they've left home and that's something that we live by this began that it cripple aeration into the practice a culture that says the principles of God must be abided by. The next thing that happened as I said was if we're going to be a char and I have no commercial I think my others might get frustrated they're about but I believe wholly by this commercial because I was hunting for one for a long time I recognize my competency was being completely held back because contrary to dictations paediatrics another cause the next day or that night I lost my prescription my kid spilled the medicine and I don't know what is dictation to come back to the next day. At that time so I needed my information there which mattered to a lot of what writing and it was horrendous and it just bugs me down and I also know that didn't have all my reports I didn't have my information my fingertips I didn't keep a real good record of all the medications I had given that patient record look at in those short spot I didn't have all my diagnosis right where I could see what the child's history in a quick look because that took too much was writing so I dreamed about that my father found each are in 1905 that was awesome and it still is awesome today I did my homework it was an awesome tool it works it's not anything like what people say e.m.r. is a like. The medical. Association of Georgia came in looked at our charts and declared that our electronic record charge to the best charts they've ever seen so we have that written in writing at our practice so each are is the tool use of too many people use a bad tool and then blame each ours as not the charge as the bad tools people per purchase but competency and efficiency became a part of our action. Efficiency did lose some staff members because I didn't need them. But I competency really rose I was excited. We begin to experience rapid growth for fast and I could ever dream of it was just exponentiation at that time I want to try to make a record we just took off and as a result of that our patients were traveling from the mountains of elegy all way to delta in the c.s. they were driving from Calhoun up to Dalton to see us this is our 245 minutes an hour riots and you know anything about getting in for your office visits that's horrible so I said Gotta go do some about it see if I put office in Chatsworth I could cut down the trip to 20 minutes and if I were at office and Calhoun they would have to drive the Dalton and all so 9098 we open office and Chatsworth and 2001 we open the office and Calhoun and by 2003 we were bursting at the seams and Delton we had to build a new facility in Dalton. As in any growth there comes many new challenges I'll talk about some of those later but I want to say this much by God's grace we kept an eye on what we counted with counted the most and that was what. The patients that was one thing that made me happy def a Las Vegas mistake was working the in the dot the culture of office was really being manifested the next major milestone was the insecurity piece image journey I did not know about this particular product I do know that back in is true of health back in 2001 said the way medicine is practiced the medicine was all wrong this is acute care basis medicine was wrong had to change and I believe with President Bush to begin to try to implement some things to make some changes even try to do i.c.d. 10 he got slapped down back in 2005 but rather occurred is that they recognize that we had to really start looking at ourselves not as episodic chronic here which is really acute care kind of chronic care picture we need to change that modality and they develop some rigorous very strong rigorous start in 2008 in June 2000 February 2011 to introduce. The program there now incorporated aspects of Pediatrics I don't know about insurance company came to me approach me they said Dr why do you know your practice does all this stuff that's all so I'm sure it's company tell me I've done some awesome I said Ok and I said Fine this is what you want to do I said How do you want to handle that said well what you have in mind is the right you become a patient medical center home I said that's what we are. We believe in that Pediatrics he says no this is the whole program that sponsored by insecure way. The people there while you're here his reports and all the stuff that's it really he says You think you might want to look at the program I said sure so in June with their encouragement they introduced us to this program by May of 201211 months later we were level 3 recognize all 3 of our practices which was a phenomenon we went to check we were the only ones in the state of Georgia who had that recommend that reckon that recognition at that time and use it takes 18 plus months to go through the rigors of becoming a place in a medical home but because that was at our core competency the things that we did well it became something easy for us to do but I had no idea how much is going to affect our practice. Open up windows that I've never understood before how to really do comprende just comprehensive chronic care management how did develop a team based care with your physician and nurses with the parents and patients you work together as a team to have these problems develop puzzles where you discuss the cases before the patients come in and you're prepared and you're ready for what's going to happen and then those holes give up 20 feet of prio of those patients for that day and you can do that with all these teams even on ministry to staff have huddles they meet and talk about how they're going to do these things they would promise they aren't to spend what's going to be seen and all these howling just sort of change the whole perspective of how you see patients it had Sapper value take to care for a diverse population how to understand people who were not culturally the same as you how to look at their differences in mirror with meet them also how to do proper population care management how to have continuous process improvement with the object of measurements and how that Social Determinants of Health and Health Management these things were like wow. And I was thankful again that each are rocket struck learning how to work that into a process that actually works so. This changed so much for us and it helped me to think about one of those challenges that we were facing with that rapid growth I was having a lot of people and bringing in different providers now we're outside of the realm of one half was one doctor it was difficult to have prayer and devotion every morning I couldn't pull it off I said God how can I intentionally make a difference and continue your plan of making sure your press was a bad to raw practice it was a major issue for me how could accomplish it how could we do this and it hurt my heart I was just agonizing night with a piece image process as I begin to learn how to do things that never thought of before my practice I said to realize that I need to work out a way to coach my people I need to make them coaches I didn't train them I need to teach them how to maintain the culture of our practice which is what Christ said work that's who we are how to live that philosophy statement even though we're spread over 3 practices and we're growing in number and with that I developed a program set down and prayed and went to Bob on this research program and I'm going to take you quickly to my management training program that I have for my practice. And make I call the secret to success as a Christian at work that's what I tell my master staff and as we got together I began with this particular process and I hope that it will be encouraging to you 1st of all the number one thing is how do we work together. How can we actually realistically work together and I found this tax and I broke it down as you know it is a lot more mistakes a sissy so therefore confessions since you won another pray for one another so that you may be healed the effect of prevail righteous man can accomplish much harder uses tax a separate selves us all of us all the same there's nobody in this practice that is more important somebody else. Let's get rid of all those ideas of superiority it doesn't exist we're all God's children and we're all sinners and the only way we're going to make it together is a regular except another center with their sins and pray for them. How can you sit there and be honest about they are you crazy. I'm not crazy I'm saying that the only way you can work together is really learn to accept one another and there is nobody better than anyone else Secondly understand righteousness Well number one statements that every Mazda say I just want to do right that right I just want to do right I said I agree I want to do right but what is right what is right isn't us what is right doing there is none right as it says in Romans 310 not even one so we're trying to embark on something we what are incapable of doing let's accept that weakness this except that problem rather from bad grammar is for 3 to 5 says For others a script to say Abraham believed God and it was credit to him as righteousness now to the one who works his way just like credit as a favor but as what is due but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly his faith is credited as righteousness so I say the Mustapha out Peter sorry you earned it. But you would do is right miss practice you have to have faith in Jesus Christ. You're going to have to realize that you don't know what's right and don't try to prove it to me and cover it up when you don't do it right. Keep your eyes on Jesus don't take your eyes off him in your own life develop a devotional life pray spin time come to work prepared to put your hands in the hands of Christ and believe in him. Thoroughly accept your weaknesses. Be fertilised are going to center but there's more because Senator almost step listen whites paediatrics should be a place where you can come and be accepted is a safe zone there's nobody here does not going to make a mistake. There's no one with an end of this whole that's not going to do something that's not right or the best way to do it because all of us are weak and we all have failings and we've got to make mistakes is not the mistakes that bother me it's my response to the mistake it's your response to mistakes this is a safe zone. I do not hire people to fire them for her people to grow and if you want to grow this is a safe zone so when you were doing make mistake don't hide it. Is best to work confessing expose it get out there is so me to hear our employee come is that when I blew it not many people hear that from their employees I do. It's strange but I do over that I could have done that much but I did this they are safe to say they made a mistake was that in part because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations for this reason as passes a secretary in the 10 to keep me from exultant myself there was give me a thorn a flesh a messenger a scene to torment me to keep me from exulting myself humility that's what it is we accept your weaknesses consider this I implore the Lord 3 times that in my Limmy and he has said to me My grace is sufficient for you for power is perfected and witness your most powerful employers one who can say I'm weak I'm frightened for those who try to pretend they do everything right scary but glad of the Forever burst my weakness is sort of the power Christ may do well in me therefore I am well content with weaknesses that you hear that how if you are will continue your weaknesses we need to wake up guys that's what God wants us to be we you can effectively take care of anyone if you can the minute you weak so most of driver times I have my peace of God and I screwed up doing that and the grand and you were going to faint for because now they feel well. Empowered they don't feel beat down and bad about themselves that her idea that let people know hey I blew it too I will read the both most clearly therefore I will read the post you hear me both in the bit I read the boast about my weaknesses so the power of Christ may do well in me. Therefore I am well content weaknesses with insults with distress as with persecutions with difficulties if you want to handle all this stuff and not get burned out understand it for Christ's sake for when I am weak. I'm strong. This is what it takes to be effective workers for Christ you have to be accept your weaknesses understand your responsibility. To 61 to 10 says what is our responsibility I think we get it my responsibility isn't it not necessarily make a great diagnosis or even come up with a wonderful treatment plan Oh it is but what's my real responsibility brother if anyone has called any trespass you who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit gentleness each one looking to yourself so that you too will not be tempted here you go bear one another's burdens and thereby fulfill the Law of Christ you know that's all I was talk to my wife coming down the road driving here and she was discussing something about her doctor's visit and I said honey you know what the problem is most patients I said we don't take time to develop a learned medical Accu it doesn't matter how smart they are the educational level ph d. indeed doesn't matter you go online to just the mother that just as a high school does have an elementary school education medical intellect is totally different. And i told us it is your problem most patients no matter what their love of learning is is that when they walk into a doctor's office they're watching the doctor they're looking for your reaction and so when you start talking about the hemoglobin a one c. in which you want to get it to in their doses of insulin or rest of it and you say How's it going to understand and a nurse come back the next visit would you want to show him the way once he is I don't know what it is but when you say he had Gina Gray was he looks good today that's all I want to hear they were listening to you looking at you they look at how you perform to see how they're doing they're not matching their own diseases. Why don't not because we never took on their burden. We placate it a problem when you take on someone's burden you get inside and see what's sticking with them that's the work of God That's what he wants us to do our patience. For if anyone thinks is something is nothing it is season self but each one message examine his own work and then you have a reason for boasting in regards himself along the not me got another one for each warbird his own low the one who was taught the words to share are good things of the one who teaches him to Mustapha. Left each other talk about the good things you do lift each other up. Do not deceive do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatever man so this you also reap for the one who serves his own flesh will from the flesh Republican but the one who sews the spirit from the spirit repeats life let us not lose heart in doing good for in due time we were reaped if we do not grow weary servo then while we have opportunity let us do good to all people was doing good you're bearing their work their birds you see. That's not diagnose that's not diagnosis and treatment that's love for a human being and that's what those patients need that's what we all need and we need to do it even more so to say especially to those of the household of faith we need encourage one another that's why I like this a man meeting it's an encouraging time isn't it it feels good to be here we're coming to each other James $5920.00 says my brother that in a man you strays from the truth and one turns him back let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins don't let your fellow worker get away with doing some they should be doing. Don't sit back and think I'm a tattle tale that doesn't work that's Satan's own remedy to sickness if you see your brother making a mistake and don't sell them it is up to you to say what stop. Check on hold no matter who they are Remember there is no respecter of persons here whether it be a provider a doctor or rather be a janitor owners if something's not been done right stop them gently let them know you know what that's not right there earlier we stop these things the less problems we will have accountability is something we must do Jesus is your success trust him whatever you ask in My Name John 14 that will I do so the father may be glorified in the Son If you ask me anything in my name. I would do it how do you really believe that that's a tough one. I can do or things Philippians through him who strengthens me. It's all about your relationship with Jesus Christ your power comes from Him You can trust him I tell them of front don't trust me I am not that trustworthy I will fill you one day. As much as I don't want to I probably will. But don't trust me trust Jesus. He's the one it's a joy to practice I just have a responsibility but he's the one in control and that's how we must deal with each one of each other and then we end with prayer and this is a tough one I don't know about you and your staff but my staff are primarily either good old fashioned Baptists or Catholics. Do you know the joy of them do not know how to pray. Dr assess your staff to know whether they can pray or not I'm done with magic people and majority of them were scared to death to pray. We really are and so I put them to a challenge I may compare partners. And here's what I tell them stop or Praise the God give thanks to God ask for forgiveness acknowledge your fault as was grace to make a strong and here's where the problem started I said Now you both write down your weaknesses and strengths and share them with each other and each pray for one another's weaknesses. And those prayer partnerships go on this supposed to every day I don't make them I don't make a checklist but they have their proportions every day and they go through this process that's why I ask every day that they pray for one another pray for where they know they're struggling pray for they know they're strong give them praise for that and then last close in Jesus name about thanking him for answer your prayer I knew all you all know this but I don't know do you know if your staff know that how your staff doing this is such an important part as a result of this process with my managers then in coaching them now or do what I've been taught in medical school I don't know if somebody or give this c one. Do run teach. So they saw me. Now to go teach go teach go coach go go do this to all of your employees that's under your care and this is now they're not prepared. They're not prepared to 1st learn how to hire the right people. Because they know what they want the people to do now don't they and you can cover their your interview train them to do it the right way coached them to success. And each one of many partners have in-depth Compazine training program front desk nurses up to 2 weeks for some programs 10 days and others that we put staff through some grueling things but one thing they each have to go through is understanding the culture of the practice the whole idea of a Christian culture so to make it simpler the masses don't have to do what I did with them I made a little easier and we developed something that I learned from a pediatric Institute and that is to use that we call the kids principle and this is what they teach in every one of our employees to train the kids principal and raise kids principle is simply kindness integrity dignity and service and the way I asked them to train them is don't sit there just tell them what kind this is asked them what they think this is here their response to you were kind this is in the hiring process and then whatever they miss you explain and cover up that the different areas because they have a list of what Qantas's then we go to the same when integrity ask them what integrity means asked it with dignity means asking what does it mean to be of service and then where ever there is gaps fill them up and this is what they are going to be judged by they know that's where they can be looked at that's part of their record and that is part of how they be look at age are how well do you cover up cover the principals of kids so that's the simple principle through our office that they are now every employee is responsible for this attitude toward themselves toward each and every worker and more importantly 2 of the patients and I asked them to give them this simple thing called the golden rules of kids. This is something you probably well know. Hear the words this patient we say patient and parent the person is the most important person in our profession the patient's needs are the purpose of our work not an interruption. The person is an individual not just a name face or number the patient is a real person with feelings and emotions like our own the piece is not someone with whom to argue or match wits the patient is the lifeblood of our profession the patient is the person who buys us services and provides our ago the patient is not dependent on us we are dependent on them. The patient does us a favor when they called to come to our office the patient deserves our Crees attention. These practices help maintain the culture or are now almost 80 plus employees from 2 to about any plus employees that we are. Able to maintain to a great degree the culture of ways Beatrice I praise God for that this is to me something that has been very inspiring how has it reflected on us what has happened. There don't take anything is something that I will brag about because it is nothing to do with me but this is the building that guy got us to fill in in Dalton Georgia the land that we are on all around us their lives right next to one of the major bypasses of the city all the land next to us is still vacant lots across streets to break vacant lots The man owns There probably will sell it to no one. He told me he wouldn't sell to me but to talk to me my wife looked at us this is you know what. Everything you do in Dalton benefits the city and I want to leave a legacy in my name and I know if I give you that life I let you buy their lives you will leave a legacy to my name. Who gets their glory. And when we went to the lot I did like a pitcher does a low ball or a thing that is cheaply designed as that could be maybe one thing he sold a lot of the less than a 3rd of its value by the way he says Jeff he says Dr ways of this and I have to prove your plans that's not only criteria because remember it's a legacy of what he was to me. So I was sure to my plan c. look that is was that experience it well it's not a sort of colored block. Brick it. Said to me it has to be a brick. God said it he could afford it he did God pulled it off I have no idea this day how he did it many times I can understand so that's our office at Dalton We have the urgent care center we have a separate center for down below the alert area down below as it's where healthy kids are Welsh out checkups up areas where we have both our urgent care as well as our regular care patients we have a. Gym in there for the staff small g.m. we have a kitchen for the cook and cooking classes and we have a great conference room that we can use for all of our meetings that we also open to the community if they have needs marriage and this is a hell there it's a free place if it's open they can use it I don't charge and we've been blessed to have done better as well as Mark from the speak there so this is how God uses what you have. Secondly I've been most us opening soon as a new ways for that shift in Chatsworth it's taken off the chatter is growing like crazy one of the great physician I have working there is here today who has patients love in the death and that place is taken off like crazy. I got a great compliment just the. Down here one of the parents mothers of a patient called and said that their child saw Dr point this year and he is so awesome. That he can calm this over hyperkinetic kid down he can exam without any promise that he is so wonderful and then she made a comment that said what is this My kids think he's another doctor way. I said How about better the doctor. But is so neat these are the things that just bring your heart well says happened he was my staff a mentor to the ne plus so it's just a step this is the greatest people on earth. Now you might argue mean I hope you win your argument but you won't win it with me I was so blessed for the people that we have there at the attitudes to let the time they work we have so many people on 15 year highs above reaching 50 years status with us we are just so blessed and I can't think of that blessing more I also God bless us to numerous to share but I want to tell you just a few stories and kind of give you what God is like when you live out his principles in action and that is run as a hospital hospital recruiter for physicians stop by our office one day just stop in and went to talk to h.r. person he says I just had to come talk to you guys this is an experience yesterday he says I was recruiting a pediatrician for another office in town and they had spent there Dave the pediatrician's office and then I was taken around the city adult and shown to where daughter was like trial and see where they might want to live or they want to do it as doing so on that bypass it drove past our office and the doctor looked and said. Was that whites paediatrics over there and he said you know he's written for another office and I really am and so is what about them what's up with them and he said. And he said that he said I thought meth Auton them girl looked I'm like why you take this on think he says you know what they're not like a regular pediatric office he says that's not really an office they're a mission. I said What a great compliment. He said there are mission that's from someone outside that we live in deal with and he got to tell us that Brad found out what a few days later that doctor called us not it's didn't come into practice. But I made a decision to set their own practice a Duluth Georgia. And the girl said I will look at a web page when I got home terrible looking weapons because we were spending money on that. One thing much of our web page I still don't think much of it was getting better but she said look at the web page average your philosophy mission statement. Says it out and she says I will came back I was in Dalton I went by your practice I saw it. Says Can I come by and pick your brain because I want to do something like that the loose George and she did week later she drove to see me and I helped her set up house and I want to set her practice up is a really great experience because that recruiter said what we were a mission that was up to this year how to be a Christian in the workplace with someone else that makes my heart. Attack about the social in terms of health or earlier we 1st started trying to do our own separate tells us sort of the terms of health because there's really not a whole lot out there literature how to pull that together so it was a big deal to me that I want to know how to do my pieces needs and so we started doing that to quantify. And his words qualify very risk factors so we're trying to get his mates were very good at it but we kept trying instead and. After about 3 or 4 iterations of it in that process we started finding out the few people there respond that there were these Me It's now we had already gone through our community and each city and combed the community for and found every resource in that community that could possibly help a child and we hear books on every city all of the things that were there and we found that love this people still don't get these things covered and I want you to know some listener my heart gets so happy. What I'm going to say to you I had nothing to do with. What you hear my words I personally had nothing to do what happened my staff started seeing these patients with these needs and they started talking about it. And they said this is not good enough. And my staff along with my chief operating officer set up a white Pediatrics foundation most of the money they start a foundation people gave as money off the check of deduction from their salary. That's how hungry they were to do something for these people who they're fighting need for and this thing grew and it's bigger than I ever can imagine we now have a food pantry in every one of our offices so if a socially term is met that day in a parent as some kind of food deprivation or how your know that WIC doesn't cover for more for a whole month for baby. We didn't know that So these parents at the end of the month were struggling for food for those babies so we have formula diapers baby wipes food of other types right there where they can go from the room from the roof to lug Zan room to the store and get what they need to go on with we have clothes of Alice sizes our clothes smell good because when we get donation or clothes the staff take it home with their children they wash their clothes and clean when they bring a back hung up on hangers sized and smelling good and their children get involved with doing something to help another child and this staff is pumped up. They I think they see sales and marks out there in the neighborhood someone is going to close out do you want to of matches cause our ball is mattresses we have a picture of my social worker with matches on top a little car driving to someone's house to get the matches because they have not been asleep or. Is amazing we have a social worker we don't get paid for we pay for social worker and make a major change of us and help us with our mental health issues and help us with all of these were the foundation issues and is in charge of that close all this community meetings meet the needs of patients we help the way the furniture we have a mother go get a driver's license paid for the license to get us to she have a way to get her child back and forth we have another mother get a ged so she can get a job we have people go to job interviews we are doing these things and it's coming out of office people in the community are going to what is going on we've had 2 people don't know the 1000 hours of their own personal checks just see what's happening. And this is what's transpired because this is a staff that's popped up or we're carrying the burden to somebody else. They're doing this to their hearts and it just makes me so happy I can't imagine people to give me credit I have no credit. To God be the core. Of the staff when people this is so strong you have no idea how strong this is but. We had a d.a.. Who was held in the case and child scored and his family was in total need and no one was going to help this family because they're supposed to shut doors and a lot of places that would help them when they were in this legal system in the Da knew they needed something he knew he had no place to go he calls us whites from this can help this family what was the response will help. We not worry about it we now have 4 misses in town who will call our office as I have a patient here with a prescription and they don't have the money to cover it. Will you cover it. We say yes and folks these are not our patients these other praxis patients. And we'll cover the bill and now we have a pharmacist who just fills it and calls later and say here's what it costs. Is that going too far. I'm not going to see this you can't beat them given it's not and I want to end with the what I call the Ga story. I hope I can not crown this one George called our office about a couple of months ago. Yes to speak to whoever does the herring in our office which is h.r. director got on the phone says a lawyer says My name is George and. I. Am interested in. Coming to your office and. Working there and says Will you talk me as a well I'm an Aryan and you want to work at yes as well we don't most doctors also don't take our ins because we can't match the salary that you get somewhere else and that's just kind of hard but this is you sure he says yeah I just want to come in your office and I want to just kind of work there says well we don't have a job opening and we definite cannot afford an hour in his work I don't want to get paid. I just want to work. Well I just want to work what do you mean he says well you're not the 1st officer I've done this too I've done this in several places he says I'm going around and looking at places that work there to see for free to see what it's like to see if there's something that I may want to do says Are you sure you are in a. Registry on the phone he says look him up and she looked him up and sure enough and he was registered there is licenses are in the state of Georgia so she says Ok this is you really want to do this and yeah I want to just come and work. Just just to see results is Ok you want to do it you're welcome to come work free his I know she had different hours cause we told you do we see patients 264 days a year and we open from 7 morning to 9 and I do in the week on the weekends from one to 5 an afternoon of for access to those who need and he says I see you get late hours can I come work the late hours Sure. George so just comes in he's for real is the truth George and he comes and he works and I don't know how many days work it was a very sharp at a time when. You got a call the next day and. I like to work here this is there is no job but I want to work here so. We don't have an opening he says well how much would you pay are in the work anyway I thought about that I said no way I'm not going to call this Bell playing games with people. So she gave him what you call a low interest salary for an Aryan rather than. Even a medium sours given those are this up sounds good to me. But there's no job I work for that. Says George what you do is listen. This is what she told us as he says listen as a kid growing up my dad worked hard he was a good man and read Sunday read church and my dad's emphasis was the read the sick list at church and when he read he wrote the names down and every afternoon he would go out and see everybody's sick of the Church of sickness and he would take his son with them he says I am so used to going on my bed helping people who are sick and visiting the sick he says there is more to life than just money he says I want to work a job and I want to work a job where I feel like I'm doing something that makes a difference he says I have been here just a short time and I see I rejoice philosophers statement and I see that yours isn't just talk you're actually doing it and I want to be a part of it so do I have the job. See said Soul things up in Georgia subsequently come to work he is loved by all the staff within a matter of weeks he speaks to the people who ask how they do and he wants to know what's happening he was a laugh and joke with him and he loved the kids everybody loves George. Has been there now just how long it's been a bout a month and a half about 6 weeks and when you think about that what a statement makes and I will put in his words when I was coming I said I might talk about Georgian and so they said so if this isn't a ga ga wrote these words down George as his own words I was simply job shelling around looking for what I felt was like the right fit for me in terms of looking for a job well after all here wisely I just wasn't a simple job where you go to the deli motions almost robotically like but I found a group of individuals who treat themselves like family and all interact with themselves to raise a family does and I was hoping to become a part of it and I'm thankful I am here I have tried many other places like Hampton ham to medicine and a rehabilitation place in Chattanooga earlier and even a few local p.b.s. offices here in Dalton And from what I could tell I knew that Europeans are clean it was unlike others and I wanted to come in and leave a positive impact on the young population and allow them to feel welcome and come for when they come to the doctor so thank you for the opportunity and I hope to make you in the right spirit is family proud in the future I mean I want to play like that that's off the street. You can't beat. This can't beat it. And the practice of the Christian principles involve more than the patient. And involves your whole entire staff. Let's get them in body to finish guys who are with us when you say. May God be with you should live forever thank you so much this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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