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Planning Your Life for Success

G. Edward Reid


G. Edward Reid

Former Stewardship Director, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 16, 2010
    3:00 PM
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him well thank you Angie and that afternoon everyone someone said to us there's really powering the testimony and out I can give you several so we set out requested people you know that we knew their names and addresses and so on and we asked people if they would Senate testimony you know some thirty four verse eight says oh taste and see that the Lord is good when it will want to know do you really happen expressly tell us about where God did something great for your family because of their faithfulness and stewardship so this is awesome Kathy registering here in fact I will say that this afternoon I can tell you that the abridged version of it the most amazing thing is we sold presold ninety two thousand days when they went out to the churches people started reading them it's in working with bodies to give to our friends were never ever were in the ABC anywhere if you want to give you one for your library here but that the follow-up to that is we started getting spontaneous stories that went something like this if you think that stores the grand jury regarding for our family so we got a hundred and fifty more this is volume two really quite interesting and then pretty much the crowning act of my role as the storage of director of North American division I have thought while not too many things appear written a book or get on the general editor of the book Faith Aquinas Augustine the book talked about UIC and so on but we also have this book now and the whole book in the leader 's guide in Spanish also face finances and so it's in English and Spanish and we're working on getting it in French but we also have a leaders guide for all of them which has the PowerPoint programs is on the ideas that you could do a small group study to learn about money management last year when it first came off the press before was actually off as an advance copies I went to the Mountain View conference which is West Virginia part of Maryland so workers meeting then my wife Kathy was just there this past week and one of the pastors can diversify your husband understands our lives his life and read it through and follow the principles on it anyway I presented this in Atlanta while the treasures of the North American division and that is the conference treasures and they are union treasures at any rate they were so impressed with and that the retirement office ask my permission to take chapter nine which is on retirement and just pull it out for the same cover on it but they did that and printed ten thousand copies and sent out to all the evidence retirees and also to all Adventist employers in the North American division is good material to very Christ centered and is also very up-to-date off financially including the current financial crisis the reason I can do it that way if you give a typical book to the Adventist review it takes more than a year for her to come out and the reason is that always committees Agosto and everything which is a good idea there's a cover community in a text committee and the layout committee and always done things well we actually did the book in-house and at a young designer put it together and we took to the review and was on two weeks so that's really incredible source of current information and I think if I would be really helpful in the old standby that I always knew is that your money is that this book is only get a copy of the in the workbook also to your library so you guys can distance longer study of check it out and read it whenever I think of finding to be life-changing material I hope that will be helpful to you and my family as this one out there working out okay the reason is I want to tell you there into Bible text worship able to PowerPoint program so let's do it the first one would be Proverbs the third chapter so will go there and now I'll just give it to you real quickly travelers and their chapter is actually one of my favorite Bible him us in the Bible and especially dealing with stewardship by the way the book of Proverbs is an incredible book because you have two things there the author is the wisest man who ever lived is that we can see that and under the inspiration of Almighty God so what else could you ask for this is a book of wisdom so the book of Proverbs says Proverbs third chapter starting with verse five trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him would that include the management of money sure that says if you do that he will direct your paths don't be wise in your own eyes fear the lord and depart from evil it will be health to your flesh and strength to your bones now verse nine is what this is all leading up to verses nine and ten honor the Lord with your possessions what we say your stuff and with the firstfruits of all your increase now later this afternoon on the answer question for you some people have already later the second will talk briefly about typing so people ask this question should we tithe on the gross women there never heard that before tax after-tax I was a personal acquaintance of V A B Ken passed away about forty five years ago and I had a radio program and was a more than a thousand radio stations in the United States by the way they didn't pay a cent for airtime it was such a popular program they were putting it on and local sponsors for integrated lady called in once on this question should I think Todd on the gross of the net I would mention this way but Larry said would you like a gross lesson your net blessing is really bottom line is here is audible with your possessions and with the first part of all over in the New Testament in Matthew the six chapter middle of the sermon on the Mount Jesus says I know you guys need food I know you need shelter and no union close you know MSN ask don't you message six thirty three percent first king of God 's righteousness and almost laughably adamantly so will hold an interest in the site put God first and I believe that God will take care of you you believe Astro is really really true so now 's time for me to tell you a story and my first thought was really nice verse where it says so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine Kathy and I give my five favorite political stories of the living my life situation Kathy and I were an University when I was in seminary there and most of you have family traditions one of ours is going to Tennessee for Thanksgiving wherever we've been in our work in ministry about thirty five years of my married life with God to Tennessee for Thaksin is a big deal most of you know the thanks giving is the heaviest travel day in America and so that's where we would go one year we were too poor to go we were in Andrews and it was too expensive for us to drive the six hundred milestone testing the reason was swimming so now Exxon just raise the price of gas to thirty six cents a gallon we were really bad as everybody else's in the twenties but anyway what happened was I said to Kathy in which we will just have a good Thanksgiving for ourselves and thanks giving signed with your logo we decided we would have some of our friends over who are in similar circumstances so the week of Thanksgiving things about Sunday acid caffeine but one should want special stuff you know Cranmer 's optional necessity normally get today where is the you will relish but in those days if you congeal stuffing excitable slices you know that it is the alternative of no time anyway she said but I don't have any money so I have been doing some tree trimming work which when he attempted to Loma Linda and I just got a check for four hundred dollars and so what I've done is cashed it and put three hundred sixty dollars on our ability Andrews and had the forty dollars of type in my top drawer at home and so I suggested only money I got is that forty dollars but it's time and then I started seeing something that some of your promises before God knows how poor we are and we can pay them back and decides the time this for the ministry and we are studying for the ministry after all you understand S unluckily Jozef Nowak one hundred is that so you know what we're going to do so later that day as I was out working and I sent you I hear that sometimes people buy life would really board until you got to students on this one telling yourself anyway twelve miles southwest of engine versus little town within a place you can these have a hospital bed on the morbid anyway Kathy called around Chicago began with my blood so we went down there and I got my fingerprint to do the typing hate black how you guys do this anyway then I given the part of blood with universal voucher for the business office I get ten dollars and that was real money back course but when the type café she was oh negative and of course is bloody high demand in the transfusion situations that you may not anyway when she got a load-balancing within the business altogether thirty dollars for her black of course he's never let me forget the relative value for letting him to him wouldn't tell him our friends that we had over for Thanksgiving is a leading blood money force him to you I'm getting into something that's really amazing and he read the part in the book of Deuteronomy chapter seven verse nine when God says if you honor me I will honor you for a thousand generations so we left Andrews University with all of our bills paid no student loans and driving the new car by the way this doesn't just happen you have to work hard to understand but the bottom line is God can protect you and I can do what he says he can do thirty years later almost to the weekend would back commanders from the daughter Melissa 's graduation when we open up the program we can see it says Melissa Suzanne Reid we're all proud unless only Kathy and I Melissa on this manager knew that elicited no anybody anything in the world no student loans no dance at school thirty years later another generation is that amazing to me it is really incredible okay now when you take the Loma Linda Park when we decided to come to Loma Linda and do the MasterCard account thing at the school of health week I was accepted here six months before we actually came in Kathy and I have been married for six years with no children and without really be like Abraham Sarah you understand we really didn't know what we were going to do that right after we were accepted it will lead that was promised a job at the medical center here Kathy and pregnant so when we got here Kathi was six months pregnant and the director nurses to look at her many years gossip broadcast with one out but I'm just them tell you that it really was in God 's blessing that all the sampling as I want to tell you something incredible nothing is too difficult for God that's the amazing thing I want you to understand so are you less far along as so many ranging she worked for a while till Andrew was born at the same redemption in the hospital I believe it was but anyway the most amazing thing is that because I have been a worker in the Southern Union Amazon just to leave the study leave and I was a student here and it is not an agreement for the residents to observe the delivery of Westside are number one child our firstborn and he was one of the medical center our total cost was one hundred and fifty dollars I affected patient enough but the real interesting thing is that I needed to work more than I was going to work so when I started the school of health it just turned out that Doctor Harding was needed that time Doctor Bernhard and he did know me so gently what aces it would have 's segment working of wonderful is something that okay children have an offer of seventy okay anyways Doctor Harding we were coming over to a class here on the University campus from up on the hill and he could read and want to put leases in organizing elections today and now I need to have somebody else to run for president there's another guy in you and so anyway turns out they are so busy working and I don't and I'm trying to do good in school and everything excuses what we just need exhaustive ballot we got to the restaurant was elected president students Association for the school of health doesn't very busy but it got me in touch with Doctor Harding Holy Cross 's research assistant and all that is just incredible thing but the amazing thing was this I had a tree trimming business recommends university so when I got off your segmental responses associated somewhere from the horse to do but the real interesting thing no one had for a while the city Officer Loma Linda elementary trailer I did nothing you have around you I couldn't do it when you really say that you have confidence in yourself you don't so anyway I said I would like to be the situation and deficits are is not in the budget will have jobs that possibly is my phone number if you ever decide to do a week later the colors as you trigger and it was not it was a contract basis so most of you live around here your prospect out of all the Royal Palms demonstrated I've been to the top of every one of those old ones on Martin Avenue almost all the Royal Palms and pumpkin Loma Linda I climbed the Spurs and dealt it is union trimmed around talking with the leaves and just go out from whatever wealthy anyway God is good not only do I get good exercise every afternoon but I also was able to pay our way to school at a rate is way beyond what it would've enough hours you can imagine very interesting God is good into me it's really really amazing what irrelevant one more text and that one is over at first John chapter two and was our first fifteen do not love the world a safer jump to answering the first fifteen don't let the world of things in the world if anyone loves the world eleventh father was Nottingham for all of us in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of life is not of the father but is of the world now that's all leading up to verse seventeen the world is passing away and the last Soviet but he who does the will of God abides for ever so therefore we live in Maryland we have trash collection twice a week on Wednesday just a general trash like anything you don't like to put out there in the Holocaust but Friday is recycling and that means newspapers plastic cans of those things can all be it out there in the also I believe in recycling I believe in ecology but listen carefully my friends we are not going to saving the planet the world is passing away on the authority of God 's word and all the wicked perish with it but he would does the will of God is forever and that's what's important that we stay somewhere to go to the screen here and I'll give you some understand out of the way here just a little bit so you can see what we looking at here by the way if you want a list of interesting things all of the PowerPoint programs that I generally get put on the Internet and you can download the music for yourself to your study whatever when I was in law school when he's prepared for case that's called work product and you know that people like to give away their work product but I do I think there's more than five thousand churches in North America if I want to a different one everything you hundred years as we understand so I'm not available to go your churches wherever it is some of the stuff is out there have okay just look at storage of resources and you can see and this is what the homepage looks like the OC and not right here stewardship resources you click on there and you'll find PowerPoint programs and so are a window into life management for questions and I think this can be really important for you and I'm still really quickly and also show you that in the end time the Bible says that Reed is one of the big deals you know what is out his first and third chapter worsens the last days perilous times will come will be lovers of themselves lovers of money is endless our day very interesting so would start here go clockwise around here planning your personal finances you know what you do for your living how you plan your life when you spend everything we do save some what will your borrowing decisions the for example in the borrowing decisions some of you heard me talk about this but the other model suggestibility in debt longer than seven years Deuteronomy fifteen verse one and two you see there interesting and then what would you spend your money on we spent an hour we hasn't delayed gratification and save for later on got away well I sure to get there there's another thing is that his risk management this is just insurance for example if you have a mortgage on your house the lending company will acquire shoes to have liability and casualty insurance shouldn't bring down illness can affect you you can pay the mortgage on your agenda what if your mortgage is paid off to distill insurance on your house course because for most of us is our number one and most valuable possession on this earth it brings down here you just lost your primary asset so you can ensure for every eventuality but for basic things you should have simple insurance and then will you invest your money now that is an interesting thing about this is very tricky and will topple a bit more about investments here in this one and then retirement and estate planning device suggested in the first presidential Pentagon was the owner of everything you remember that listen now if God is the owner of everything when I'm done with what he has given me what should I do with it give it back to him very very simple less estate planning in a nutshell okay let me show you this this is why education is so important if you decide to not let it go to college and usually get a job around home or whatever minister temptations for young people universe jobs and make money the autoimmune education the whole idea is you can understand how difficult that is you don't get a job when you don't go to school welcome to living in his mobile home in working McDonald's the understanding is there's a whole difference when you want to get an education so for those of you at risk of not graduating another hard workers learn about an million dollars in her life not high school another five hundred thousand some college graduate college and get a professional degree four million dollars this is this is your life will I will show you something now this very interesting your level of education determines who your friends are going to live when you go on vacation whether not going to mission trip my tongue of truth about this you get the idea see you have to have some kind of income now let me to show you this this is absolutely obscene to show you not resolutely did you understand but just what's happening the average American last two thousand eight zero in less figures for the average income earner thirty one thousand six hundred this is a full-time worker I will be if you have a professional degree MBA whatever even hundred thousand income for professional person so this person in his lifetime of working forty years one hundred four million dollars in his lifetime last year a number of Wall Street bankers got forty million dollar bonuses which means this is ten times the lifetime income professional person given in one year the president Occidental Petroleum Western sixty five million as a bonus this is incredible when their people in the banking industry who lost their jobs understand plus ten percent of people in America who want to work do not have jobs living in a very very unusual time I thought all the way down to this list I will show you that it has happened in the past that a large percentage of college graduates in depth working in a field to which it has nothing to do with it a great new investor of an Italian something interesting and this'll be really valuable for you is young professionals in older people to know about there's a website called crown .org I don't think out of the on-screen today so just write it down like a king 's crown crown .org Crown ministries is a bit of those successor to the Christian financial concepts learned against organization crown .org and they are you can all that is thing called career direct your regular career direction and what this is is a CD that you can purchase for high school age kids that they can take a test on the computer like Africa is always fifteen minute things but anyway it will do an evaluation for your interest telegraph his article saying you know you would do good in the acid in order to do that you have to take this coming college degree you get the point and it's very interesting that here's the kind of jobs that are available if you do that because there are some good reasons in e-mail I just don't pull another oriented basketweaving or something like that of which there are no jobs out there the understand when you might like it wouldn't even make a living in the family is not a work and that's the whole point so here are the top two right here our computer technology in healthcare those people are still working you understand very few people in those areas lost their jobs and most of these others are pretty hot well I'm dynamically down through it this one I think is pretty valuable to know and that is your personal happiness your stress levels the quality of your family life the stability of your marriage and your success all of these have something to value measurement the understand that more than eighty percent of families that dissolve point financial difficulties has been one of the major factors in the dissolution of the marriage this is incredible when you think about so I found this really interesting it would not take a genius to figure out that Donna would like to see everyone in these areas of your life messed up in many cases been quite successful at this summer show you a couple things laughingly helpful to see things in your life is like three segments at the most some people divided before not put it out there these are all in the book they finance and that is the first part of it is laying the foundation that runs in for you getting your education similarly your assets are forced to pay for high school outline your house the new Gibson school all that stuff by the way this is the most stressful time of life you think you got that during college wings on this theory comes along most divorces occurred during that period very very difficult and then of course preserving your asses your sixties and seventies and finally disturbing your assets and seventy five beyond listen carefully whether or not your question who were not taking anything with you when you die you get away somewhere nature knows no of the right place and you'll understand so I actually put it in this life learning years were very earning your thirty sixteenth and returning near sixty to lay to rest or as don't Johnson's averaging room temperature is so now you have in there you must live within your income or your creditors will be most of you are well aware that later this year in late February there's going to be some very stringent rules imposed on credit card companies to guess what the credit card companies you don't like me right now changing all the rules changing your financial know the typical finance car are now on the refinance rate is twenty nine nine percent during and over which is amazing because last year the carryover balance from month to month of credit card holders America was nine hundred and fifteen billion dollars a month people are paying interest on this is interesting I really don't want to do much in politics this afternoon sun I was talking more about that but I found this interesting statement he who arrives in Tiger cannot dismount now you understand primarily about correctness is the largest of the cat family of caffeine I've been to Kruger national Park in Africa several times and of course in the Tigers their but they have one so I believe whether leopards hunt alone in Soto Soto Lesotho Tigers they don't need help the mandate is incredible animals so can you imagine yourself on the McIntyre on users or his neck or something you could not let go annuity so from a financial perspective the Tigers Dennis resulting bankruptcy and drastically change the American financial picture so the lady gave me this little limerick thing and now I decided through my program here there was once a lady from Niger who smiled as she wrote on a tiger they returned from the arrival of the lady inside and the smile on the face of the Tiger that is that it is a real situation is a big problem for lots of people personal and family bankruptcy rates at all-time high by the way I told you earlier today fourteen billion dollars of American average family 's assets and savings investments and disappeared in the crash of the stock market by the way if the company will invest the and went out of business you can wait as long as you want to but it's not coming back the point is very interesting so all stops are subject to one hundred percent loss that's why encourage people to invest in their own there is no better investment at all in your own death now waiting for the current problems at the very beginning of the housing bubble there were still thirty thousand seven hundred personal bankruptcy in the United States every week that's one six million dollars one under a loose I threw in the town why do people get themselves in those situations bottom line is really simple spending more than they make sure awesome people want to live higher than they have an income for them you'll be able to say that so here's the reason three reasons why people have financial problems and likely in this order the first one is ignorance what is ignorance him with you to this weapon on the information you stand that if I missed a lot of smart people talking about things is an artifact in on attorney and have to message of grace and the more I read and study the more I realize I don't know the understanding is the divorce of your exposed to the one relationship don't know about certain things and this is interesting that people are what I call financially illiterate they were simply never top a biblical principles of money management there's hope for these people but he won't letter to seminary and I don't know about Melinda back to happen up to class and money management I would take whatever you can get closer for the second one is greed and selfishness this is a problem people will live beyond their means that means they spend more than they made their not willing to live the energy driver to wear what they can really afford you get the point now I'm another interesting thing many of these people also feel that there just important consequently they live their lives without God 's promise was a blessing as I told you this morning as we were there was anywhere when I have vision messaging me beside me on the airplane accident very first thing first you just cannot miss on you with all the other stuff you may understand this is going to be important and you cannot live like I would like to live an abundant life if you are in partnership with him okay here's the third one and this one is very very important also an unfortunate tragedy serious illness without adequate insurance of being abandoned by spendthrift marriage partner by the way in some twenty five years of financial counseling I'm only counsel to people to file for bankruptcy both of them were women who were left by spendthrift husband was huge as they could not pay you and you don't talk about what they're doing is going to live long enough back and that's what I think the bankruptcy was actually for not for people to accept credit cards on one of the disaster and then finally a major financial loss not of your own doing those are things were unfortunate tragedies come along and people need help and sometimes we can help them to show you this one open them all up here so you can see it was out there is a worrying tendency to get involved and get rich quick schemes there was a get rich quick scheme that spread across America about fifteen years ago and started a neighborhood greater ministries I know on good authority that in Loma Linda alone more than millions and millions of dollars were lost in that scam and this is not institutionalized by individual investors yet this is encrypted right Ashley Pratt so how do you know and finally I'll tell you another interesting thing a lot of people are in the islands about loser housing foreclosures have never been so is somebody sees on the Internet are not flashy stuff it comes to their home you don't get on your demo get out from under seventy five percent without doing anything differently no sign of our company whenever many of those are scams and they will think of and you never see them again you understand do not get involved in this context so I want to show you this will give you a couple of illustrations so you know what I'm talking about almost all get-rich-quick schemes have these four things with them personal promise of high return as well in other words how much money getting in the savings right now to three percent of its investment savings write while exhausted twenty six percent guaranteed you don't talk about this when we talk about the whole planetary image of individual sounds too good to be true it is okay another one of people often you can make six figure income gentleman working twenty hours a week or whatever something in the arena really don't understand you must risk money that you can afford to lose him a decision by the way I wanted something I was bearing incredible every person who will tell you about a get rich quick scheme sincerely and honestly believes they're doing you a favor you with advertisers about that lots of them is amazing is when all single sound when you lose friends in the church several passersby will have lost their passengers because it didn't involve a get rich quick schemes but I will give you a story right now the ones and how they were former or retired church worker called me one day to live near where I live and said I have found this wonderful opportunity to get some real money that will help you during retirement they said my wife who doesn't know anything about money just will not hear of it and I would like you to talk to my wife so I send all your memory I said well bring your spouse to come talk with me because when you get married bounces you become one independent in this together so they came and I said well just what is the opportunity in the manner of serious now he read about this and talking mechanics or something but he learned that there was a man who has found a way to get gold out of old dredging 's diversity or real sure enough California Juneau and on the California money the representative around rosters that register with you there the 49ers Gold rational that enough they can run article here they just doubled in the last family ran there but anyway this guy said that they have new technology now that you know back in those days this is a sluice box where they have these ripples in the stock is washed over Denzel well now they have to acknowledge them to get done seldom is really incredible so they can go through the son tailings and come up with really really but this guy naked it would take a hundred thousand dollars to help that one of these old Fred is sent back down the river but he said he needed to people with ten thousand H and if they can do that then presumably we really need in the money of course it sounds great and I said to the life when you think about I see ladies cry she started weaving my officer salary this is always talked about for weeks and I just don't see any piece of it all and I don't think it's valuable we just made our help saw good idea for return as you can understand and he wants to get a line of credit on house to get ten thousand dollars so I said to the man that's your answer don't do it and I will tell you what I told him whether your spouse knows anything about money or not God gave you that person and keep you from doing stupid stuff at him and yet help each other out it always things and is not just one person is young you understand the man called me about three weeks later the City Hall to read thank God we came to see you he said the man got ten people to give him ten thousand H is going to Alaska he went to Mexico and everybody's out of their money you understand that to get rich quick scheme most are scams and that's one thing I want you to understand enough about the problems of what can you do to express financial prerogative how about a bunch of things first of all get organized develop a budget of the plan and organize this is one of those things but how many people that I have come to me that can show you their budget most people just living paycheck to paycheck and pay whatever suites allow us to understand that's what happens to have a budget a simple plan in the book of course was one principal budget that it would spend less than you are determined to live within your means and this one is that interesting number three over here same will everything here is so fifty dollars and this is not just your retirement amid a little savings Sunday for Dave Ramsey talk about having five thousand dollars in savings at least in the mask in the first eleven thousand dollars in savings was important another one isn't going to like eggs interest is one expense you can live without by the way Ellen White to avoid data as you would play just avoided issuing the leprosy avoided that he would smallpox she says all but many of your megatrends on this type back and Alan wife's day if you got small parcels the prognosis almost always death nearly everybody we got back what you think she was as your revenue today you understand something pretty seriously okay were going on November five being a diligent worker now this is really important God is not just pay our way through Loma Linda he gave us an opportunity to work at about here that this is important it takes for another one is the thankful to God he's given us many promises I thought about the cursus today but the first fourteen versus investing chapter Deuteronomy twenty eight is God says all these things always glasses will come on you and overtake you if you obey the Lord your family cannot affordably without a blessing and a number seven remember this is not your home our management here actually determines our eternal destination you can see that endangers the stories but Matthew twenty five think it's a good example of that as well now I will talk to just briefly about this idea of giving we don't get because we have to much most of us only make are offering you know how we get our our our offerings Satan is online now from our church and the advertising code you get imprinted on it what we do that question church with interviews than herself right but remember when your partnership with God he has only a little behind this incredible him all the lessons that you get as a result of management is pretty awesome we think about so we don't we don't get because we estimate that we given responsive experience grace and in thanksgiving for God 's blessings and Williams are the things that we believe limits the cause of God Christians understand this since God is the rightful owner of everything when they're finished with the resources and returning to God by helping others and making contributions to advance the cause of God now told your promise to help you with the debt situation under the current circumstances it is almost impossible to start out in life without borrowing something to tell you that strata somebody asked about student loans the other day and I will just tell you something I would never get a student loan unless I knew that what I was getting the education for would improve my ability to make an income the understand not just as I can be in school this is very very important step in a letter to you another interesting thing any that student loan are not dischargeable in bankruptcy so you have filed bankruptcy need to discharge any child for alimony or former spouse or the passage of the government the third one is government student loan so if you get a student loan I will tell you there's only two ways of gentlemen that obligation typically paying off for the W something really really invaluable here I would think in this area and that is don't borrow all you qualify for you to student loan borrower the very minimum you need to get by does you have to pay it back with interest and this is important stuff okay so then what is that Ashley Bible talks about death as bondage slavery the rich rules over the poor and the borrower is not slaves of the lender I can tell you a number of stories about that now won't talk to you about it Salmonella often far from impressive reduction in the unenviable glucose in the assays once every seven years if you file bankruptcy how long is it on your record ten years and by the way can adversely affect you for the rest of your life even one bankruptcy a good illustration of hearing my retirement time and I went to law school in Atlanta Georgia and I'm past the barn Georgia and some six years later so I was off of reciprocity and sentencing since I knew I was in redundancy and his income by that time about it great idea itself however thirty five page application and get my thousand dollars negative I decided to let me in knowledge that is something incredible one of the questions they ask in a thirty five page application is have you ever filed for bankruptcy protection is not last seven years last ten years have you ever it goes to credibility you know what you think about them in what you think about that and what you think about obligations and so believe it or not there is a core depressive professional responsibility in the legal industry is that if that were so some people always tell me what did you let bankruptcy in the Bible I said are you sure all you know is in Deuteronomy fifteen wanted to so we turned there and you'll be able to see Deuteronomy fifteen one and two to me this one is pretty amazing curious at the end of every seven years you shall read a release of debts reminding anything about addressing the seven years I so there is except that the next verse this verse says this is the form of the release every creditor who is anything to his neighbor shall release it was this written lenders not borrow worse lenders and show he shall not regret his neighbor is wrong because it is called the Lord 's release at the end of every seven years bankers and release all the debts that will pay so what actual effect would that have on society is currently this one let's assume that I'm coming to you guys near the main committees preliminary but necessary because the banking committee shall review alone what I'm telling you is that I have only one credit card to pay it off every month credit my house payments and I worked in the same job for you thirty five years later with you guys in the alone of the circumstances probably celebrated restaurant and you just had my car for whatever but let's just pretend now back in Bible times and I qualified for the loan but how let's just say that three years of the seven-year cycle half past how many years would you let me have to pay the loan there you go for years Max was at the end of seven years the forget that in the bank is one of the tallest buildings in town because you understand it was God 's way of limiting long-term indebtedness to a maximum of seven years very interesting accurate and mature we have about the housing and it's your money as you see something interesting now let me show you what surety name I heard right answer cosigning cosigning number to tell you something amazing I only have one verse in Proverbs six but in the book of Proverbs alone therefore references that say you should never cosign so here's the story I commend to you guys and making committee again and I tell you that I have this desperate need for a long pretty just get this loan and get back my feet again I pay it off and all of that but the I will set my no Trans Union RSS database no the credit score and you see no way this guy 's got too many death is six credit cards now massed out they just repossessed his car is two months behind in his house payment is overextended for six months would you guys give me a lot of that was me you don't just say no no way you can point you to give me alone this is a simple as that but you'll say if you would get your master on your possession one of the elders of your churches cosigned for you we will give you the money and hold them responsible let me tell you if you cosign for anyone that debt is on your credit record until it's paid in full the Bible says you should never cosign anyone know this sounds awful and talent to the next part we are certainly encouraging to help people but not to become responsible for their deaths you get the point there's a difference so what about goalsetting for your kids or relatives that's what makes a distant relatives in Windows you money on your resume but I'll just tell you something interesting in the United States unless everything in the states at age sixteen is kind of a right of passage for young man guess what most of them doing that day get their drivers license are so our son Andrew was fifteen and have to drag her training and indwelling at North a driver in the car to school and so anyway on the daily was sixteen he went into the test coming this is not rocket science and this is that a stimulating and you just tell that is the stop sign is so many sizes usually read and understand is not a big deal you have to learn a few things but I think most people can have learned that happening in our half-an-hour situated to stop letting like him are the family car this is the this license is the only gunman in my pocket here are my room here something here to enter has this whatsoever the data driver 's license and he says that he not have my license to think I should get a number I said I think that will be wonderful Andrew and I said well if I have a car to drive myself and my sister back and forth the Academy and you guys would never do that Ananda was working off-campus at Taco Bell 's Roosevelt didn't even make room for him to work on the campus of you else I wanted to be given extra Taco Bell and sustainable things we don't know enough and there are busily not lovely to talk about whatever you're just a combination of some different way to understand this is not is not really difficult another thing is that almost everyone who works there is making minimum wage is if you go to any fast food place welcoming on particular places always if you are a senior citizen try to supplement their income is mature so Anderson's talk about that place visual three days in a row on time they wanted to manager him to Henry is noticeably just for start working as hard to get them in the rigidity regular and human workers and so anyway and who says to me I need a car battle have the money to buy the car really want taxable year is about a single-minded daddy you I can get it now was alone and that I could pay the payments he says you know I do it don't you but I don't have the nicest if you could cosign for me I'll get the loan enlaces you know I have to increase right in my face you know I actually I believe and I is anything that you know this body language and so he sent it on no him him so he said why not what my answer the Bible says you should never do a question in the discussion for most people for Senate as an attorney today and impressing on Florida anyway he had these questions he says I want to ask you one question I so wish article writing is certainly did you cosign for you when you got your first car I know how he knew that I will rise again do you know any better and I know that a remember you not mean you're just smart he understand it is good to help people but not become responsible for their deaths now I have the unique distinction of having spoken in almost every camping in North America all the ones and videoconferences North American I hardly ever been to one without somebody telling us that store Saunders couldn't tell you what I said to Andrew Andrew I've got an energy you decide what kind of car you want how much money you want to pay for you say that half the money and give you the seller didn't seem like long at all to wish him dead what is the Honda dirt artillery seizing on the Vicodin required drivers license no so he sold that has always held my nose gear and everything worked extra talk about valuing Christmas money while the staff what they can understand I found this car is only three thousand dollars and I got fifteen hundred dollars worth your money him lifetime car got driven all the way through college because he took care of it because he invested in the understand Burgundy I think so surely is something you really really want to avoid omicron Swearingen program will share a regular can we dispatch of some of the stuff okay personal surety what is personal sure to ensure it is his house I'm someone personal surety is cosigning for yourself one illustration of this almost everyone who's making payments on automobile owes more on the car than it's worth is it true you could not sell it for nothing it will so the ideas if you do borrow trying to be not upside down and everything but a down payment on those things that will really talking about here so luscious of the debt elimination thing I will stop with that will take a five-minute break down due to the next one this is really really important stuff is here is how to get out of debt first off illumination first thing is a basic premise like years ago most of his geometry and is given things are given certain angle to get the other angles if this one basic premise established the time get a partnership with God then you can history steps for example declare a moratorium on additional debt was at me no more credit spending more of our another one we make a covenant with God what is a company is a promise or agreement this is really really interesting stuff to make a covenant with God it was nineteen eighty seven in April and caffeine I don't understand your master bedroom that we living in Georgia and the dogwoods are blooming out there and we can sell you something credible we were not about to file bankruptcy we just thought it was an honor and arthroscopy paying all this interest stuff so we wanted to pay off her debts so we told God anything you give us any extra money from any source within the assessment anoints a blessing from you by the way do you think God wants your family and death but will the average family doing to get extra money they were counting on a windfall just spend it comes of the church back East in as soon as we got twenty five hundred dollars will respect the message to my wife how did God know we needed a new riding lawnmower is not about themselves and to understand the point just spend it so but if you make a covenant what will you do put on your desk I can tell you stories would bring tears to your eyes what God has done for people when Sigmund was interest you you get some blessings I believe it another one is you Mister Johnson the largest and smallest in descending order of divorce items please don't misunderstand just nothing to do with the illuminati are a a Williams is just a little illustration okay to ask him to try him to an inverted triangle so I went to show you this is only an illustration you understand for most people hear your largest debt is your home mortgage or line of credit on your student loans car loans etc. and you list all of your debts from the largest on the top to the smallest on the bottom now if I had time we'd had more time I can tell you how to paint your house on my prepaid principle that is so phenomenal that most people just wanted to tomorrow me is incredible you always put your house on West why there's two things is always a good reason for it got one here usually lower interest typically but in addition there is a large one of the longest to sing the victory song but in addition to that that interest is the only interest is tax-deductible we understand that and another one was very very interesting you can understand that all of these the other larger interests and so on or are really going to be helpful to get those possible and even really really go so it's really just a law is not a big deal at all but everybody has to make at least a minimum payment on every if you decide will make the car payment this month announced an investment that doesn't work do you understand that most of you understand so you make the minimum him presently what the problems the first ones in a writer knows what they were the first one was ignorance Kathy my wife is here has been the money manager in our family for forty two years living there she writes all the judges all the recounting everything the only thing she does is usually the first of February she was lots of our file stuff is here the attorney who did the taxes and that's all I do is just the dashboard is real simple dishes all the work you understand when I tell you though it is really really very interesting a lady came to me after one of my seminars and she wasn't the last time reaches to help her relax to tell you this but I'm here Kathy on the main page of our family and I did not know until today that you can make more than the minimum payment on your credit card as you understand she wasn't stupid just no one ever told by the way some companies are unscrupulous like Sears for example get a Sears card nevertheless the five hundred dollars by four ninety nine the singular statement and will say and do we have seen that I've seen it before and the amazing thing is you have to make a payment that was but which argument is on the whole thing and then you make a payment get the idea is incredible really so what you doing to make the minimum payment on everything they down here in the South the monopolies of the bar the smallest word is living there him and him and credit card situation I want to you make the minimum payment on everything but on this you add any additional money you can get from any source until after making the payment everything on you to pay these off the understand from then on anything but a visa the there is what we were making the nonpayment of these even have a certain minimum payment and any extra money you get from any source understanding that God 's blessings and USS this is pretty awesome stuff and then when you are nothing but these juvenile things low-fat and it really really built by the family get out of your car along with everything else is taken off even when they those things really went down and then of course you have so much for the input on your mortgage it is just amazing this is just called Snowball method I suggest your bills and I think you will be able to appreciate so some additional citizens with respect and if I establish a budget set goals for your family like by this time next year when you are paid off for example destroy credit cards that were rather in CF there is not enough everyone I don't think studies actually show that those of us in his credit cards even those of us who pay it off every month will spend more money than if you pay cash just is as easy to be very careful pretty disciplined in all this let me just tell you how you should use your credit card to your advantage in an unsanitary something for you personal several years that we've been driving a Chevy suburban has a lot of miles on who really liked it and we decided to buy another one will just happen the GM came out with the GM MasterCard which meant that everything you put on the GM card they were given some double escrow account in the class a five percent of credit for the person your next car so we got one of those and labeled with everything I will forget Hernandez University to that student is only fifteen thousand a year but anyway and we're getting is that builds three thousand dollars a month or whatever and when it came to sending the check will call and give my credit card number in the same unit as it now selecting you are superb and following that was a blessing has somehow wanting sensitivity which was with Governor Holman held the deal with than the second one but I will tell you when I get out I said to the man but when dealing with the sales manager I said to this guy before I pay you the balance I would like to apply the GM credit to simplify what your garden David's enemies admit his computer detected in a look at that secondly right so he rebooted the computer program that had been typed in there and he says this is the four thousand one hundred fifty dollars so I wanted five percent understand so the whole point was possible that I'm sure that's right as we call becoming rental Gitmo here so I disguised down his season thinking rally is just me suggesting an IP address and they are so we lost against the sales manager is as you guys have the largest rebate of any customer in the history of thought Chevrolet Laurel Maryland we can't work our way home I never use it again the company account is closed we've only got a flood benefit we now have a United Airlines Visa believes me Kathy whenever I come to nice places like California she was my favorite team the understanding is not a bad deal at all because she got to come twenty five thousand miles begins incredible use into your own advantage not the credit card companies that's the whole point okay another one I just appreciate of cash to get economy measures and the last one have a sale now ask you probably have been nice to be able to say yes to this but I believe most of us could answer something like this how many of you think you have sent in your possession they would never use again as long as you have stuff that is just hanging around I have notes from college hunting in this incredible him John you know so Kathy came up always why some ideas and one of them was quiet we have a yard sale we've never had one before I ever heard the expression Bible belt and heard the Bible demonstration will then inspect himself primarily Southern Union area there is a huge concentrations of Southern Baptists we lived in Gordon County Georgia stable trivia right now the state of Georgia's hundred fifty nine counties and outside San Marino can be listened to him next day but were talking about little counties in those days we had one at the church in Gordon County where we live and there were eighty seven Baptist churches you could not be more than three miles from registered anywhere in the county this is in the Bible Belt there is no mention in Dallas because we're not have a yard sale not on salary but on Sunday so I said McAfee listen this is so funny what happens when it was a fundamental beer enjoy as we decide to have this yard sale on Sunday but we lived down the country were four miles out of town and we have something in his plan is really would be James Erasmo Roche said no problem just a little dresses with a in something metal instead of an overhaul of the Kmart parking lots in our hearts is no way that you have so anyway we thought naïvely that all of the Baptist go to church on Sunday morning and have dinner on the grounds intelligible and admittedly can only be an afternoon so sorry that we loaded our garage full of junk diggers is what is called John okay but we've never had this before and I somehow don't know how to ask for justice as well you will be senescent capabilities when writing a message dated one degrees when you try to sell us the right of the mesenteric field two dollars one dollar whatever the way you doing but we got some nice boobs I would get on the blunt end of early Sunday morning and go out there and put out the old prices on things kept in our very early risers out when we get about five thirty every day world 's investment in alarm clock we really enjoy getting up acceptable letters to thirty one because of our circadian minute injunction works awake anyway we go to sleep with exercises like subplot before not one of those times so seven o'clock Sunday morning we got up we never missed breakfast but I never went out of the country mix one hundred large windows and curtains and decision-makers a concealed pass so I have Bermuda shorts on no shirt no shoes and socks I want on the front forged in our driveways lined with cars is for Karzai the lady in the front car Caterpillar which is sound asleep in her car I don't know how long she had been there the unfortunate thing is that people saw me come out so they got out of their cars thereof thereof to him and and I ran back in the message questions can call in case of chat there always is when you talk about this in today's a yard sale remember we had the price on anything so quickly dressed nowhere does read out of it we had a garage doors down this was in the garage we started putting a price on this item is anything it was someone all Vista funny part is coming up this is amazing near the end of the day all the junk was pretty much done us about fortified items no one in this room problems experienced this like me but when I was a young boy when he went to the dump you didn't just take stuff you've got to stop feeling sort of talking re: custom router are you certain things like that whatever anyway what I'm going to the dumpster years of the fourth on this new canister vacuum cleaner thing the neat part about his account of the extension cord even pull out and make a little here and install it was like twelve feet long how we don't understand over the network after all something that part out put of the mailing automated out little drunk cord for my tools in my workshop I never got around to it anyway I put five dollars and this guy came up and holding company what's out there this was a last problems and work in a really try to do what I liked about is anything that pulls out this five dollars and severe as this wasn't amazing one of my anyway he says I'll take it and I said what was everything else you want he says no that's all the money so I thought to myself this is going to be fine and I looked around there are a few other items specifically what my friend this is your lucky day and everything else this left for another five dollars he said solely below ten dollar bill the whole thing at save me a trip to the dump him and now this is interesting we make two hundred and sixty five dollars if the revalidation might give you guys a free copy of it I would tell you something amazing on Monday we invested that in a legitimate investment our own deaths in May two thousand seven hundred percent return on investment in one day this is incredible you can do it reasonably okay for you about this is the end of this section would have to think about a three minute break and missing when the wind that when the handed down to six there is a longhand which is seventy four thirty will start again okay as I want to give you a really fast in the next section will be right on time with something to write and get a drink or something and let me to start back at


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