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The Evolution from Head to Tails

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 26, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Father thank You for the blessings of gathering in your name and I'm asking now Lord that you would anoint our hearts our minds our ears in my case my lips and I pray Lord man I have the freedom to express in a crisis and heard way a call to higher ground for our lives in Jesus name I pray Amen. The evolution from heads to Tails the Bible makes a prediction God always had in mind that the excellence of his relationship with his people would produce unavoidable clear results so at the end of the story of the 5 Books of Moses you have the blessings in the curses and God made this promise so the Lord will make you the head and not the tail you shall be above all only and not by me if you heed the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you today and are careful to observe them this morning I'm coming to you to speak about present truth especially to 7th Day Adventists Now if you're not a 7th Day Adventists we surely hope you're blessed by the message but if you're here today pursuing a knowledge of God I want to let you know that Jesus wants to give you the most vibrant beautiful life that stands out as a sweet and positive witness in a dark and souring world but that call is to higher ground and there is a cross that is involved in our daily living if the Cross doesn't make its way into our daily living the power of the sanctify and presence of Jesus won't be with us the Cross not only assures us but it empowers us to a life of Fuller surrender we die daily as a living sacrifice offering up our very actions and thoughts to God God wants to have a beautiful fragrance amongst his people and he's looking to change his heart mind and soul so as I'm in one of the final messages of Jesus on promise a we have to ask our. Self doesn't matter how we live in these apocalyptic days it's so important we answer this question the right way because the failure to answer it could be our loss eternally and the loss of others now I don't want to make it more than it is but I don't make it less that it is inside Advena circles it's become quite shake to downplay holy living and so it could be entertainment it could be dress it could be music it could be diet Well this morning I'm here to talk with you about lifestyle especially healthy living more than die but I'm here to call you to higher ground in this age of suppose it in Lightman now wouldn't it be sad that the people who have the gift of prophecy in their midst who had inspiration for years to know ahead of scientific revelation how to live wouldn't be sad if the light became darkness to us now I'm here to tell you that there is a general trend inside of Evan to some I'm watching it happen generationally where items that used to give us an advantage mentally physically spiritually and perhaps even socially are not being taught not being practiced and consequentially the witness for Christ is being diminished so on my way into school this week I was listening to National Public Radio and I caught the last little bit of this piece they were doing keeping your blood sugar in check could lower your Alzheimer's risk I thought well this is interesting now I only got the last little bit but I thought to myself the link between mental health or brain health and eating I am 1st thing that came to my mind was how the Spirit of Prophecy encourages us to have regular times the. Some of the other things that have come to my mind are things like Dr Younger telling us after they go for a little 15 minute walk it'll stabilize of course your blood sugar of course this is talking about a more aggravated blood sugar level but some of the things in the article and the news report were quite interesting I'd like to show them to you this is a pet scan of your brain metabolizing sugar All right it's important for you to understand it needs a certain amount and not too much one of the statements is that scientists are describing how my sped a diet that includes lots of fat and sugar we're more likely to develop both diabetes and memory impairment Well none of us want either of those things especially as we age we know that both of them become increasingly a potential lifestyle disease for us it's important we're not eating too much sugar and fat they went on to say sleep problems are another common feature of both outside MERS and diabetes quoting Shannon Makali professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest School of university there's a reason that in our acronym new start which comprises lifestyle medicine Ok how to be healthy that we're not to be churning through our hours of sleep trying to do things to make more money or get better grades or whatever it might be you might do it occasionally but regular sleep is a big deal for the rebuilding of the body and you don't want those amyloid protein goo up your brain and seem to be by everybody's assessment to be a key component to Alzheimer's and and dementia you don't want those things and what we're being reminded of here is that simple things appear with increasing revelation to be a part of the platform for developing those diseases poor sleep is a known risk factor for Alzheimer's Listen you want to get better sleep. Make yourself get up early and make yourself do a little exercise and read the Bible and pray before you go to bed and you'll be on the best track you can be on but it doesn't matter and science is telling us this this is not new science can Buettner book on the blue zones you know he had in a fight of 5 places and one of the ones where people were living 200 centenarians we call them was Loma Linda the unique thing about this is Loma Linda is the only place in the 1st world not the developing world in other words his 4 other spots tend to be places where the people were poor and removed from the opportunity to indulge low Melendez not like that here's a little pie chart of how they ingested their carbohydrates and proteins he labeled Ikea or I carry a grease Okinawa Sardinia Italy Nicoya Peninsula and Kosta Rica and Loma Linda but technically Loma Linda isn't the real blue zone I thought this was interesting it gets that label because about a 3rd of its 24000 residents are part of a close knit community that values physical mental and spiritual I would add habits and helping them live longer healthier vibrant lives one 3rd of the population could put them on the map it's quite amazing what they do they eat plants 90 to 95 percent of your daily food intake should be fruits veggies grains greens and beans if you go to Loma Linda market you find all kinds of things to eat except one thing there is no meat section and if you walk into some of the other things you can find there like there cafeteria you're going to find the same thing it's vegetarian Of course we don't need to go to south in California we've got our own Andrews University in which case you'll find our own ample Valley and our own cafeteria which is a fantastic place to enjoy food here and there the same way and so it's important for us to understand what helps a person live to be 100 what don't add too much dairy begin diets can be very good for you smatter facts. For Love You are big and it's how my wife and I try to live but occasionally it doesn't work out that way but at home this is our goal because veganism while it's not to be a religion is to benefit you and Spirit of Prophecy does tell us as we come to the end of time that even the animals that were once considered safe to eat will not be safe Listen it wasn't that long ago that you could pick up a Newsweek periodical and you could read about them feeding. Cal manure to the chickens or chicken manure to the couse all right does either one of those sound like the way you want to be getting your food secondhand I want you to think about these things dairy listen everybody needs a no full disclosure I grew up not an Adventist I had as many hamburgers as anybody else that lived to be 14 before they became vegetarian I did the dishes we did not have a dishwasher I'm going to tell you something you test it out you go get a little margarine Vigen spread it on your bread set the knife down then go get yourself a stick of butter spread it on your bread set the night down then go to the dish sink and see which one is harder to get off your stainless steel flatware I promise you your veins and arteries aren't much different and the problem with circulatory disease is that by the time you've had it your habits are well established and changing your palate what you like to eat is much harder yes today I'm going to talk about 2 things I'm going to talk about the Adventist indulgences and I'm going to talk about the indulgences of the world that are destroying us if you are not if you are in the habit of making fun of begin ism. Well they kind of deserve it sometimes don't we. Yeah my wife told me of an encounter. Not everybody deserves that. But just this week I didn't plan this into the sermon it was told to me 2 nights ago someone my wife knows was being introduced to somebody and I kid you know when they put out their hand to introduce themselves they said I'm a vegan. Now mind you I try to live this way if I come to your house and we're having cheese I'm going to eat it but instead of saying I'm Cheryl or I'm Susie No kidding. She said I'm a vegan. And I had somebody give me a joke between the services I don't usually use jokes. I'm going to use it. Because I want to drive a point home your identity is not to be your diet. And so we came in a month say it again your identity is not to be your diet. So 3 different people go into a bar. Once an atheist don't get your feelings hurt folks once an atheist not yet pastor hang on. One's a vegan and I hesitate to use the last category but just get the point Ok it's not my joke and once you cross that trainer. Within 5 minutes everybody knows why. Because they told them. Now I want to think about this. Why is it that people who declare there is no God have to make sure you know right away there is no God and the other 2 categories are opposites may be on the spiritual end. But they're not opposites on the end of potential Miss connected identity. So lest any of you vegans who are more vague and then I am go out of here mad at me for what I've just said I could wish everybody listening to me practice a nondairy lifestyle but if you are please don't make it your religion. Go ahead it's a preferred lifestyle but do not make it your religion because I had a text listen the 1st service generated a lot of feedback. I've gotten a lot of feedback between 10 o'clock and 1220. Of people being run out of the church especially young people because of the wrong application of standards. And I just told you a story about eating 18 Doenitz 2 I wasn't very smart myself about it. Avoid too much dairy have a cup of beans every day this flattens out your blood sugar cycles limit your sugar to 20 grams or less which Wait a 2nd wait a 2nd wait a 2nd how do I go back with this. I want you to I want you to see something 7 grams a day that means if you got your drink at McDonald's with your French fries you probably went over maybe by double depending on whether or not you supersized. And that means there was no other place for sugar in your diet the whole day drink lots of water not water that has juice. Or flavors of pot or coffee that's not what this is talking about you want to live to be vibrant into your old age get regular moderate exercise some get lots some get none and rest up don't fill your life to full and enjoy the Sabbath to its fullest they add minutes health study suggests that men who drank 5 or 6 daily glasses of water had a substantial reduction in the risk of fatal heart attack 60 to 70 percent compared to those who drank considerably less Look your heart's a pump it can either pump sludge or it can pump water that's colored red and carries all kinds of things in it that your little bitty cells need it's absolutely important you understand it is a pump and if you don't drink water you're forcing it to push syrup through your veins as opposed to pushing water comes out of your garden hose drink your water and that way you won't find yourself in difficult ways in a necessary spots clutching your chest a study of church members found that vegetarians were 22 percent less likely than meat eaters to be diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer what's wrong with all that meat some of you don't understand because you see the fibers in you made in the meat you think there's dietary fiber in there it's not the same that fiber is only a figment of muscular imagination you look at it and there's fibers in the meat but that is not the same as what we call dietary fiber which is a non digestible substance which forces the food through your intestinal track and keeps it from sitting there when you eat that meat it sits in your colon much longer than a vegetarian diet and that's why cancer can develop there's a festering and an irritation so. You need to understand the physiology of it at least I want you to notice in this light especially who the article where the article was recorded the Los Angeles Times I have blacked out what comes after the colon whited out there's a colon right here while Melinda residents live longer than the rest of us I'm going to show you why at the end of the sermon but I want you to notice that godly living in regards to the mechanism this amazing designed device is absolutely imperative now we all know that chance is a part of health my wife grew up so much healthier than I did I don't think she's ever intentionally had a piece of flesh between her Ivory's but it 18 she had cancer it wasn't because there was not an attempt to live by health but the exception to the rule is not to keep us from the obvious which is that choices do make a difference so this morning I want to talk about those choices and make sure you understand what God hopes for he wants us to prosper and be in be healthy and all things just as our soul prospers God understood that they were all connected spirit body mind it all goes together the Bible teaches this unity God wants to save us completely physically mentally emotionally and spiritually Listen I've walked into hospital rooms where people are dying. They're dying because they've clogged up their own arteries Yes some of it was genetic their parents had the same problem and some of it was aided and abetted by the fact that nobody was going to keep them from getting their Big Mac.. And you say Oh Pastor don't listen I walked into a women's room once now let's go back to the big thing at the risk of offending the bigots. Hi I'm a vegan now imagine me as a young man in my twenty's walking into a hospital in Indianapolis that tells you how long ago it's been I was an intern at the Glendale church in Indianapolis so I'm in my mid twenty's I'm walking in to see this older woman the 1st thing out of her mouth is not hey I'm a vegan it's I'm not here because I me. I want to tell you I'm not God I'm not the Holy Spirit you don't have to confess to me but I want to tell you if the 1st thing you say when I walk into your room is I'm not here with all this heart trouble because I'm a mediator I'm going to leave that for you and God to wrestle out but I do know this as far as it's in my power I don't plan to be laying there needing somebody to take a vein from here and put it here there are choices science bears it out inspiration told us the Bible tells us we're living at the end of time and we are to give God glory I want to talk about how I want to talk about your choices you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your what friends body now it would be one thing if you didn't know better it's another thing if you know and you don't do this morning beyond a shadow of doubt what I want everybody to understand is that God has prompted me to prompt you to take the next step I don't know what it is. It's not for me to tell you what it is I'm not ever going to get between you and God God knows your heart he knows your history knows your d.n.a. but I do know this I've run into a lot of 70 have been s. who is soon as the preacher gets a little too close to where the Holy Spirit's been speaking silently and the speech preacher is got a little megaphone called his own human voice or her own human voice I want to tell you I've seen people come out and be pretty mean and nasty it's kind of the pitfalls of Pastor you're not the source hopefully of the message but sometimes you're labeled as the trouble maker like Elijah was before a had we been bought with a price and we are to glorify God in our body how you glorify God in your body is a function of your understanding of both natural law healthful living and what God saying is the next step for you if you say no way I'm not taking the next step if say God is not talking to me Preacher leave me alone that's up for you and God to work out your meet those kind of things in the judgment. But if God says it's time to move and the preacher was just a prompt then don't get the preacher in the mix of the trouble between you and God glorify God in your body and in your spirit with your God whether you eat or drink whatever you do do it all to the glory of God while Paul is the preeminent theologian of Romans to tell us that we are saved by faith he's also the largest contributor to The New Testament and most of the book of 1st Corinthians and many of his other pistols about how to change how you're living and it's not Grace theology and romance of work theologies and in 1st Corinthians are iffy genes or whatever it is it's right just as by faith that excepts I'm safe and secure in a relationship with God and a love for God for what he's given me that prompts me empowers me to fight the battle itself and when this is how it works glorifying God there are some habits and some lifestyle practices which completely unequivocally destroy your body do you know that 7th Day Adventist started doing 5 day plans in 1959 and do you know that the surgeon general did not come out and tell the world that smoking was bad for you until 1964 I want to tell you by merit of inspiration we knew these things would kill you and how many thousands of people we used to have thousands attending our 1st 33 seminars Actually back then it was a 5 day plan to stop smoking every cigarette take some say up to almost 15 minutes off your life I don't know about you but I don't need a pack a day to take away a few hours out of my life I grew up in a home where there was smoking it's the single biggest cause of cancer in the world it tightens down your vascular system and when the the nicotine and by the way I didn't say anything about caffeine in the 1st service but I'm going to talk about it before I'm done because almost nobody listening to me right now smokes I know it. And so you're off the hook for this part of the sermon most of it. Except some of you should be helping do breathe free programs some of you should be out in our local trailer park or in Benton Harbor or wherever it is helping people get free I've done many of them even though I've never smoked I grew up around smoking I don't have to have smoke to understand how to help somebody quit and by the way the method for learning to quit smoking is really the method for learning how to break every other bad habit you've got and every time I taught it I learned something I mean I actually had people come to breed free programs where we taught them to quit cold turkey drink lots of liquid mainly water we had people who use substitutes so they put the patch on the arm if you need the patch use it but I want to tell you I remember quite distinctly standing in the Cicero fellowship hall when someone came in and said about killed myself oh yeah how do you do it well I put the patch on this arm forgot didn't take it off and I put the patch on this arm too and basically it was transdermal a feeding nicotine to both sides of their body and I want to say there's only so much of that your body can take yes indeed the nicotine causes the arteries to shrink and it has a direct effect on what kind of risk you have so if you're a smoker listen to me today online or in this audience I want to tell you something God loves you you can quit you'll be happier when you do as a baby. I smoked a lot of cigarettes before I ever appeared on the outside world I don't know how many cigarettes I smoked from the time that I was a boy and tell it time I said to my mom I'm not buying you cigarettes anymore I have a wonderful mom but I tell you something that picture that I showed the teachers this summer up at campus ol boys one the most touching pictures there's my mother I'm her firstborn she's holding me just imagine this she's 22 years old she's looking down into my face like only a mother could look into her firstborn and over here is the ashtray and over here is the Pack a cigarette. I'm 6 foot 2 inches tall and I was born 6 pounds and something I was a little baby. When I was right in the car I'd roll my window down and stick my nose up to it so I could breathe some fresh air I was never tempted to smoke but let's get real clear about this friends any habit it makes you sick when you start but you keep doing it because your friends might reject you it makes you feel like you want to throw up your body is telling you Don't do this and he have it like that shouldn't be too smart to figure out I've got the wrong friends listen to me young people. In this community I've been here for the burial of 3 young men in 20 some years of ministry never once did I attend a ceremony for a young person who died through substance abuse I'm telling you there are some dangers in this little town a quad I believe zone and if you parents practice law as a fair parenting layback there all with the 7th Day Adventists It's Ok you're setting yourself up for a child who can be sucked into the prevert cities of the mecca. It's got so many privileges and blessings and I'm gonna go farther than that this wasn't in the 1st service we have to preeminent examples in the Bible of people who could stand up to culture and be a winner. One is named Joseph. One is named Daniel he has 3 other friends who seem to do it too how did they do it you want your kids to be apocalyptic lifestyle winners Here's how you do it your child must be taught to practice an open love for Jesus not embarrassed not ashamed of God or His Church of his church or its mission when our children do not practice an open profession Ellen White My paraphrase no direct quote You're going to find but she basically says of Joseph his open profession of Jesus saved him from a myriad number of temptations when I live open for Christ the world cannot like a boa constrictor slow they come around me before start squeezing the life out of me when I proclaim that I hold in my hand a store that is a serpent killing sword the serpents hang back until they think they can strike a different kind of blow I want you to think about is your parenting style is your grandparents an involvement are we on embarrassed to be distinct and different for Jesus this is the call of the hour because the press of the world when Paul writes in Romans Chapter 12 Don't be conformed to this world don't be squeezed into it small you don't want to be squeezed into its mold us and we're in a world where when I was a boy watching t.v. everything was happy days and now it's confusion to the max where if you don't know if your boy or girl that's Ok will do surgery to change things around and nobody should ever say anything that reflects anything but positive on your choice of feelings. This world is exceptionally confused and I'm appealing to you to understand that the way out is open beautiful loving profession of Jesus Christ and not one bit embarrassed about the differences yes quitters always win by the grace of God when it comes to smoking or any other system of indulgence that creates addiction Jesus is stronger than any in slaving physical habit you have in church what do you say it's exactly the case I don't want anybody here to get confused about anything it's not it's not. A let that go you determine to learn to listen to Jesus study the word listen and let Jesus set you free because he has the power he says to him over comes I will grant to sit with me on my throne I want you to know something the angels probably probably could sit on the throne with Jesus but Jesus says listen this is and this is in the last message the Laodiceans where he says those whom I love I rebuke and Jason but he doesn't say this to any other generation of churches he says those of you overcome yet nobody understands what it's like to suffer through sin except the human beings in Jesus and those who overcome they're going to sit on my throne they While the ultimate sense of judgment now I'm going to talk about alcohol this is going to apply to a lot more people hopefully not many so many that are not grown up around alcohol. I had an uncle who worked for Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery I don't want to say a whole lot more except to say this I'm not sure I was ever at his house that there wasn't a beer in his hand or a beer close by and I'm sure it shortened his life I know it did a lot of ruination to family dynamics but I've seen alcohol up close and Percival too many times where nobody was going to tempt me to put a bottle to my lips or a beer can up to my mouth. We need to take our kids out to the missions and the and. The Skid Row's wherever it is we need to let him see where these kind of decisions take people and then they can make up their own mind and sit here hearing you say I want you home it 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock because you're not quite sure about some of the habits of their friends and said I'm thinking you're the great killjoy take them out and let him see who the great killjoy is it's Satan in his alluring temptations to drag him into the pit bind him with their own desires make them Addicks through be set in sin and then never able to get free and by the way there's people in this audience who have been set free and they could stand up and testify to the glorious liberty of life in Christ this is where we're at Friends overcoming the bottle look at this I a doctor can look in your eye and get a sense of how much you've been drinking why because the blood clots together which is why your brain cells die because that same blood cannot squeeze down into those little bitty capillaries and parts of your brain actually die off alcohol is an enemy wine is a mocker strong drink is a brawler and whoever is led astray is not wise who has well who has sorrow who has strife or complaints who has need those bruises and bloodshot eyes those who linger over a line who go to sample bowls of mixed wine listen for hands. I'm not going to talk about some of my own stories today but I'm here to tell you. There are too many men who under the influence of alcohol quit treating their wines and their children in the right way and if you're a man listening to me here today and you know one of these men it's your job not outside of good judgment but it times when the man is sober it's your job to stand up to them and say friend. My friends don't treat their wives like this my friends don't treat their kids like this men who lose their sense of sobriety and self-control do all kinds of untold damage and even if they never lay a hand I can remember once driving across Route 24 United States highway Route 24 if you go down to Indianapolis you cross it right it through Indiana that road runs right through Illinois it crosses the Illinois River on the MacLeod's bridge I can remember one night riding home with my dad and there was a drunk in front of us it was a 2 lane bridge long bridge and I can remember how nervous it made me just to watch him wondering is he going to slam into somebody in front of. The insecurity than an adult male without sobriety brings to a halt is tragic and the effects are life long on the child there's to be no place for this in the homes of those who are living as the apocalyptic remnant don't gaze at the wind when it's red when it sparkles in the cup when it goes down smoothly in the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper your eyes will see strange sights in your mind imagine confusing things do you not know Paula interestingly in the book of theology and righteous by faith to whom you present yourself slaves to obey you are that one slave whom you obey the devil would like nothing more and by the way we got out of cigarette smoking without talking about vague being. Especially those that have a pain with t.h.c. people are dying one 4th of all Academy I should say high school students because Cademy represents our system and this is not for them although the message is to them one 4th of all high school students in America are vaporing regularly. And how many others are vapor in happenstance really I don't know when you when you put your vapor in substance and you call it bubble gum or candy cotton should we be surprised that it looks kind of innocuous like oh it's not a poisonous snake it will buy you bet it's biting it's on the news right now but what about Jesus didn't provide wine for everybody sure did now I'm going to tie 2 things together in this service number one look at all those pots they're pretty big they all hold about 20 to 30 gallons let's read the story there were 6 water pots of stone filled to the brim is what Jesus told them to do and what happened it turned into wine there's one word for wine in the New Testament it represents both the ferment and the unfermented Jesus was not providing something so that people could lose their sensibilities Isaiah refers to the new wine found in the cluster and says Do not destroy it for a what is in it a blessing Jesus provided new wine the best wine anybody's ever had and ever will have and Kelly provides it for us at the Marriage Supper of the lamb but that wine was not the kind that would make you insensible it was about 180 gallons of line and Jesus is going to make a point now This point 0 matter a little farther in the sermon those were water pots for purification they were not water pots for drinking Bible makes this clear so every Jew when he would go out into the marketplace knew he came back tainted because he was standing in the shadows of the heathen. And so when he came back called Lesley bring the painting of the heathen into his house he'd get a little bit of water poured just above right where the wrist joins the hand in the water would join the drain across the finger he'd do it this way wipe is hands off go in the house he was now ritually clean he was not tainted the Jews were very prejudiced against every non Jew in their society and that day you're going to need to know that when I get farther into the sermon 180 gallons of wine will to Jesus create enough to get the whole village drunk I don't think Phyllis matter fact I know for a fact Jesus said he was told every man at the beginning sets out the good wine and when the guests of well drunk then the and beer but you've kept the what wine it's not good bad wine it's good wine and other words it's the kind of substance that you could delight in with no hangover and no regrets this wine was not fermented those of you that work in fermentation or are chemists understand that fermentation is really a form of spoilage and that alcohol that's produced is because the food is actually in a form of rotting. This could not be the wine that Jesus was providing it goes completely against everything that Jesus stood for and the laws that directed the prophets to write what they did I may go a little farther and pressing my case he took the cup this is in the upper room before he dies he gave thanks and he gave it to them saying drink from all of it for this is you for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins Jesus will take this fruit and he will give it the elevated status of representing the purifying power of his life in the form of his blood which dropped down on the rocks at the Gotha this will be the symbol of the cleansing power of God It is not a symbol of anything that spoiled future vied or corrupted for let's go farther policy for such a high priest was fitting for us speaking of Jesus who is holy harmless and what undefiled separate from centers has become higher than the heavens you see Jesus was the perfect sacrifice he was not going to be providing substance that would lead to the kind of destruction that these things do that through the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness what 2 things are missing. C'mon. All right some of you got it gentleness and self control again such there is no law so when Jesus provide substance that could lead to this but friends it doesn't make sense logically or theologically what Jesus did was provide for those that that be something that could make them joyous without making them delirious God's promises to give us abundant health now this part of the sermon is going to be for all the ad best. Look at the book it's the book of beginnings in the beginning the the substance to eat is represented by the picture here nothing that could lick your hand. Or look you in the eye was to die. God said See I've given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth and every tree whose free meal seed to you it shall be for food the Eden diet was completely vegetarian. Not too many a mince I don't know if I should deduce anything from that or not some of my best friends are not vegetarians some of my family is not vegetarian and I told in the 1st service how startled and surprised I was when once I took my kids to Wendy's I have 4 kids it was not my daughter so it's one of the boys. Will give them a merit emoticon of anonymity. And I was surprised I thought they were teasing but they ordered chicken I paid for it and told them you will never find me paying for your chicken ever again the farther you get away from the United States of America the less vegetarian everyone is I was once in a Central American country and I had my host tell me the admin is health message has not made it to the enter American division something like that. I'm not judging you is bad. I'm calling you to higher ground before I'm all done you'll know more why after the flood people were given permission to eat meat. Of course there were atmosphere changes but there were also dietary changes they had gone on the boat was 7 clean animals of each species into unclean and it wasn't until after the flood that people begin eating flesh food God instructed No it to bring the clean and unclean on to the Ark This is what he said Come into the ark you and all your household because I've seen that your righteous before me in this generation take with you 7 each of every clean animal a male and a female to each of the animals that are unclean a male and his female Now there are 2 kinds of animals one is clean and one is unclean you say Pastor No sweat I don't eat dogs will go to a different part of the world and it's not the case. I was telling the kids the other day about walking through a delicatessen in China. You could pick your eel your snake your frog your lizard your toad live out of the aquarium and have a cooked talk about fresh me that's as fresh as you're going to get they even had deadly poison to see snakes you could eat I'm glad they were in a glass container with a cover on them they were very much a lie. The Bible not culture shapes our eating habits when Jesus becomes Lord a man we're going to go a little farther you made every animal with a cloven hoofed that means split having the hope split into 2 parts so this goat is clean that choose the cut among the animals what is chewing the cud meaning it means the animal has more than one stomach it chews its food puts it in a stomach brings it back up choose it a little bit more it's able to take the highest order of protein and minerals and vitamins out of the grass every animal God said you could eat is a vegetarian every single one there are no meat eaters on the list of human. Food. These cows fit the bill but this camel does not nevertheless of those that choose the cut which the camel does or have cloven hooves you shall not eat such as these the camel the hair the rock hyrax for they chew the cud but they do not have cloven hooves they are and queens of you now do not be confused in the Bible there is a discussion of 2 types of cleanness one is a ceremonial uncleanness which made the animals unfit for sacrificial offerings in the temple the other was a dietary uncleanness most of those animals are scavengers in this case even though they chew the cud if they have a padded foot but it's not clothes and if it's not split they are not for you to be so this amazing creature which would be your best friend if you needed across the Sahara Desert is not to turn in to food on your plate camel burgers are not part of God's plan they're not fit for food and of course we know he's not he's not clean on the inside or the outside I can remember as a boy going down to the farm market South Pekin Illinois and there were a bunch of pigs right next to it and she'd always warn us kids keep your fingers out of the fence and you'd stare into that filth filled pen and see these animals that would eat almost anything including the dead carcasses of their fellow. Well Kingdom phylum class order family genus There we go species are I. Indeed he has problems God knew it he's the garbage collector the swine is unclean for you because it has but because it has cloven hooves and it does not chew the cud you shall not eat their flesh or touch their dead carcasses leave them alone pork is high high high high in regards to the cholesterol that's there for you and beyond that these little worms that you're looking at here these chair kine a. Everybody says oh don't worry about that even though one in 4 specimens have a live in Chicago alive and I cook mine long enough well some people are that's why you have chicken Gnosis and how many little dead parasites dead worms do you want to be eating they're not for us oh you're getting off easy Aren't you folks because none of the elite this some of you do they may eat of all that are in the waters you may eat that have fins and scales are right so I don't know is that a small mouth bass or lowly I'm not sure but I know this is a catfish and once I caught 21 of these little diminutive form of catfish called bullheads my dad was not raised Advena smite mother who was raised administering practice Christianity we brought him home these things have thorns on the side of their faces they'll stick you and I can remember cleaning them and I can remember going in a Ziploc bag and I can remember them going in a freezer but I can never remember them appearing on my plate. That's because my momma knew it wasn't food and it once upon a time when I wasn't around was stuck in a garbage can. The Bible says there's a group of people whose god is their belly and whose glory is in their shame so it tastes good setting your mind on earthly things is not how we get ready for heavenly living now let's come to Peter's vision pastor you're got it all wrong Peter had that dream and in that dream God showed us you could eat everything Listen I've heard people say that about after the flood just remember when the Bible calls something food it's God's definition of food and. It's not modern man's 21st century eat whatever you want however you want as much as you want whenever you want food Peter had the vision I know it was in this I know what was in the sheet it was all kinds of things that no Jew would ever ever eat or touch. You would need a snake people do and you would need a monkey but people do and you would need a turtle but people do the question is Is it food a voice came and said to him Ali was dreaming he had a vision rise up Peter kill and eat and I want to notice what he said No Lord no no no no no for I have what's the next word never now I'm going to make a point before I get to the main point Jesus did not nail the health laws on to the cross as he was hanging there. This is far after the cross and Peter is still practicing a Sapir your lifestyle he is not eating on clean things and God knows it and he's going to use it to make a point. I have never eaten anything what's the next word coming and here's where the stick is the next words important to unclean Now let's go back to all those jars you remember how the Jews would wash their hands off because they didn't want to be defiled by the pagans Peter still retained a form of prejudice that needed to be fixed. And God is going to take something and say Don't you ever relate to people like you relate to your diet I've never eaten anything common or unclean and the interpretation by Peter to Cornelius who was a Roman is that God has shown me that I can eat anything I want not quite so fast he has shown me that I should never ever call any man less than me. No common or unclean people. Yes it was a difficult thing and I would like to say Peter got the lesson learned here but unfortunately Paul will confront him when he's in glacial ice and he'll confront him and from the whole church and say why are you going back to that again it was pretty deeply woven into who they were I perceive that God shows no partiality but in every nation who ever fears in the walks right yes Lee is accepted by all right let's go farther for all the 7th Day Adventist this is what God said during the Exodus to Moses if you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight give your to his commandments and keep His statutes I will put none of these diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians for I am the Lord to heal see so what were those diseases. All right studies done on these mummies revealed to us that they could have lived in modern day America and there of top seas would have shown the exact same thing that ours are Ramsay's the 2nd people are fairly well convinced that he died of a massive heart attack how do we know that because this doctor Dr Rosalie David did the autopsies and that's what the inside of his veins look like he had all the lifestyle diseases that we have today and then these 14000 Ecker x. rays by Dr Claude Rufus cancer heart disease arthritis obesity high blood pressure rheumatism and s t D's Now I want you to notice this it's ass it's t. and it's d. I'm getting ready to make a point before the sermon is done that stands for sexually transmitted diseases you think lifestyle doesn't matter you need every one of your little girls openly living for Jesus so every boy knows the wrong advance is going to be rebuffed the very 1st time. I can do all things through Christ Paul said who strengthens me but without Jesus I can do nothing so this sermon is built on this principle with Christ everything's possible without Christ you'll stay stuck in your addictions and habits the question will have to be do I have Christ and can he be Lord the life to the left is a life of beauty liberty and freedom to live to the right is a life of temporary pleasure and indulgence It also leads to sins that bind us in our own addictions now I'm going to bring We're getting towards the end folks why do these residents live longer than the rest of us get your phrase What's it going to say I'm going to put it up next slide this is from the Los Angeles Times it's not a 7 day administering the article here's the answer Loma Linda residents live longer than the rest of us why because they cheat their body like a temple. I want everybody here to stop and think about this a temple the indwelling Christ I was in Peoria a month ago my mother was having a heart valve inserted I decided to drive across the Cedar Street Bridge this is where I grew up I went for a drive after my mom surgery went well I went for a drive I went looked at the church school where I went to school and was converted I was substandard it was bulldozed down it wasn't even there I went to the old church where I was baptized. And when I went to drive across the Cedar Street Bridge I saw this thing out of the corner of my eye and I'm saying to myself what does that say half of all youth Well let's get a little closer here's what I did I had to turn around I thought I'm going to go back and take a picture but when I got close you can see the mirror on my car in the bottom left part of the corner when I got close it's like there's no shoulder to poor Paul off on there's somebody merging this way and we're coming in this way so I went around and did again and finally I pulled into a parking lot down low All right here's a little better one half Let's get up close here half of sexually active youth will get an ass t. I By age 25 get yourself tested. Yeah that's what I said What's an s.t.i.. Some of you know because you're in the medical field but it's a euphemism because having a socially transmitted infection is less stigmatising than having a social a sexually transmitted disease now you just need to know the difference between the words because some of these diseases are chronic which means they are with you and tell you die but in infection. Well take a pill that will go away now listen in the book of 1st Corinthians it talks about Saddam might the talks about all kinds of things and it says some of you were this. Why am I bringing this slide up because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is we become less and less open for Christ and our lifestyles are more and more like the world the devil who is saturated this society with sexuality is picking people off and while I've spent most of this sermon talking about diet and exercise sleep and self control I'm here to tell you the main thing is is that while the press of the world is on us if we don't live openly for Jesus well how all parts of our life come together we're being set up to be swept over the Niagara Falls of self-destruction I was stunned when I saw this billboard some of you know Mike Pompei all made a speech in the last couple weeks he's our secretary of state the world inside our borders is decrying it especially the left you know why because he made this statement or something close to it that much of our societal ills are a function of secularism. Now you listen and what I want you to hear is that statement bounces off the wall of the press and echoes back to a 7th Day Adventist is that pretty soon we're going to need to get back to God. Everybody is sent seen but a society that proclaims indulgence and exercise of liberty without a collective voice of its churches and its dads in its mobs to say self control is going to implode and people are getting ready to say we better think about where we're going societal lay Yes I was stunned flabbergasted we're living in the last hour God's glory is to be in all parts of our lives judgment is underway to vindicate all those that will receive mercy while it's available. But eventually it will close now I'm going to this is that I've got about 3 slaves that don't have to worry anybody know where this is in the world that's the Sinai Peninsula so you're looking at the Mediterranean Sea up through here or maybe down here I'm not sure the Suez Canal is in this body of water the Israelites crossed over into this present into the peninsula came down and somewhere down here in this mountain range is Mt Sinai now there's at least 2 things that are becoming more prevalent and Aben to some I didn't say in the 1st service but I'm going to say in this one I've helped lots of people quit smoking. Lots I don't know that I've helped too many people kick a caffeine addiction but I've had different ones of them come to me and tell me how terribly hard it was. Just by me putting these few sentences in this sermon I'm a lay myself out as the ultimate nit picker of your lifestyle but I don't care I grew up around coffee those of you that are using coffee to live are churning through some of your vital force with artificial stimulation it's not bringing glory to you it's wasted money and it's bad for you. But nobody wants to say that the ways we live today are bad for you. For fear of being accused of being illegal this legalism is a disease of motivations it is not a disease of standards the last thing I'm going to say to my 70 m. as brothers and friends is this Daniel is a lifestyle illustration in story form of God's provision in the end how God's people live Daniel was a vegetarian look at the quote in your bulletin not now just look at it when you get a chance but in effect what it says is all those that are preparing to see Jesus are going to let go of flesh food. Now when they left Egypt they left with appetites and along the way God picked their food for them the story of coming out of literal Egypt is a symbol of us getting out of this world spiritual Egypt what did he choose to feed them. They were a 2000000 sized group of complaining vegetarians. But as we get ready to make the final Exodus whole where to leave off the complaining and embrace the ideal diet for clarity of mind steadiness of emotion wisdom for decision making I didn't say this in the 1st service either meat is a stimulant of sorts and especially for those who deal with issues of purity. It's a mistake to be eating it. I'd like my cards passed out. Everybody's going to get a card there's no place to put your name there's no place to put the date there's 2 categories in the card. On one side it says by God's grace I will leave behind and then it has a list if you don't like that list add your own item. On the other have the card says by God's grace I will begin to and has a bunch of positive things if you don't like that list add your own item to the list that Sabbath you have time to think and pray what's God Calling you to do where is apocalyptic people going some of you didn't sit through my Jesus some prophecy seminar so you don't realize that the pope is called a meeting in May in the Vatican to reeducate all the global leaders on how to live in a global society. If you can't hear the overtones of the healing of the wound if you can't sense the overture of the coming of Christ if you can't see the fulfillment of prophecy as the deadly wound is healed. Flesh food caffeine snacking say Pastor Why did you put eating between meals on there because it's the gateway habit to indulgence another thinks I grew up eating whenever I wanted my wife grew up never eating between meals I adapted her habits when I was 14 years old I convinced my whole family to become vegetarians it was weird in the 1970 s. to be a vegetarian lets you live in California. My neighbors thought I was weird. My dad and mom went along with it I had as many hamburgers as anybody else in their 1st 12 years I love Hamburger Helper I Turkey I fish I chicken I steak I did a time or 2 have a pork chop taste good but it's not food. Snacking your body doesn't need to work all the time the single greatest metabolic effort that's going on in your body during the day is digestion and when your stomach never gets a rest you're wearing yourself out alcohol marijuana you know we legalize marijuana in this part of the state it's absolutely unfit for ingestion cigarettes and drugs fill in the blank by God's grace I'll begin to exercise some of you never never exercise it's the new smoking they say. I'll drink water so my heart's not pumping sludge I'll get fresh air just open your window up every night when you go to bed leave a cracker I'll eat more fruits and vegetables but you don't like them that's because you didn't eat them when you were young and no one made you I will read my bible This will let you sleep. Listen I read my bible to go to sleep sometimes it's Ok it's the most peaceful book in the world at least most part. I will pray so that I can trust God and I will keep a song in my heart why did I put that on because it'll keep negativity and dark thinking out of your heart mind add anything to the list you want friends what's God asking you to do it's your card you can put it in the trash if you want but they used to ask our kids to make temperance pledges and it was good. Because the human who makes a pledge to God Has God to remind him to keep it and by the way God is into accountability Morey's into encouragement but he will hold us accountable so Jesus is coming and his promises he will hold nothing good from those who walk upright All right listen to one of the stories from between services. Someone left this church between the services they said I was under conviction to do what he talked about. In this case it was a change of diet but the person said My family doesn't like it and I was thinking of quitting and giving up take courage the 1st time I had a link yet I thought this is no no. I laundered my Oscar Meyer back. But as whole the crook who was one of those blue zone people said I figured the head was on top so it should rule. Could I get a better a man. And Jesus wants to be seated in the temple of your mind. And no good thing will he will hold I still love to go to the fair and all of that meat smells so good to me. Let's pray Lord some cigarette smokers never get past the point of loving how the smoke smells but they still quit our kids need to be trained how to live healthy and holy for Jesus blessed the parents to do it. Most of us lord go up and down in regards to healthy living. But it's time to remember those good theological prompts that bring us to this place some of us have never even cracked open the book councils on diets and foods were waiting for the latest scientific statement before we change and some of us don't want to change no matter what we hear I know you're the shepherd I'm just the prompt but I pray before I came in here and we prayed that this would be a divine worship hour so I'm asking Lord May The Divine as of this day only deepen as people think and pray about what you were saying to them today and what the next step is May we not wait until January 1 to make all of our decisions and we start talking and praying and dialogue Enos families and may we live opened for Jesus without bragging about it. And they would be the sweetest most beautiful people there. Is the greatest physical mental spiritual and social freedom and strength in Jesus name I pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more Sermon on the visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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