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Know Peace No War

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Host of “The Brain People Podcast”




  • November 16, 2019
    5:00 PM
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So the question is in this great controversy What is your role and we started to kind of allude to this right for the 1st one and how we all read this together I understand that I struggle because there is a forgotten war. I hope you all understand now there is a forgotten war there's a war that's going on behind the scenes and now today you can say I understand that there's a war let's say this all together I know that Satan is behind this war and the mental health great controversy cry. And that's when I know that visa suffered and that I don't have to anymore right so we know the role of the enemy but also that we have a Savior that suffered and that I don't have to suffer anymore and the last one I also know that Jesus heals every 6 minutes and I want that healing complete healing so that of war we want peace. And maybe some of you throughout this we can have already had insides God has already brought to your mind some things that need to be changed whether it be lifestyle whether be we talked about music quite a bit in the last seminar or whatever God is speaking to you there may be some things that you've already begun to change or even prior to this week and God been speaking to you of what needs to change and so you'll start making changes you'll notice improvements but you might say but I'm still struggling maybe with some addictive behaviors or maybe say I'm still having strong negative thoughts if you have a history of depression or a history of a mental illness you said I've had healing but these negative thoughts are creeping up again when you say still I'm still having strong emotions that I can't seem to control you say what is going on. And what do you see here you see the roots so a lot of times with mental health and healing we start you know really addressing some kind of surface level things in our lives and that's helpful some of us we just make a couple changes leave the Lysol or other behaviors and that sort of helping immediately for others if you say I'm still struggling with x y d it may be because there are underlying root structure. So let me ask you a question if so this is an example from my personal life that when I was little my mom would say go and you know pull up the weeds let me ask you what happens if you just kind of snap the tops of the leaves of weeds. They grow back right why. Because you didn't get the root the same thing applies to mental health a lot of times we focus on the bad fruit of our trees let's say I'm addicted to video games and you say I'm going to stop I'm going to stop one week goes of and the next week all just a little bit and then you fall back into pattern the fruit growing back the fruits going back you're picking on you're trying to take them off and they're growing back and you say why I'm trying so hard to change and nothing's happening and the thing is with a bad tree if you just take off the fruit or you just trim the branches what happens. The tree will always grow back you have to look at the roots and so what are the roots in mental health so we're going to talk about what we consider in cognitive behavioral therapy as core beliefs if you've experienced trauma sometimes they refer to these things as stuck points but these are deep rooted beliefs Ok I love this quote it says if you want to change the fruit you will 1st have to change the roots if you want to change the visible you must 1st change the invisible and so there are many things in our lives that are invisible especially to those around you right you can smile you can pretend like nothing going on but there are deep rooted roots in your life that may be impacting how you feel and so you must 1st change the visible the invisible to change the visible so what our core beliefs core beliefs are deeply held rigid beliefs about ourselves about others about the world and even sometimes about God that we hold and are developed sometimes over time from unique personal experiences. A lot of times these core beliefs are created in childhood and most of the time they're negative when we're talking about in the context of mental health they're poor they're unhealthy and a lot of times they come from unhealthy attachments in our childhood so to give an example right so if you had a broken home or if you had. Bad experiences with your parents growing up and they always said like you're stupid or you're ugly you heard these things over and over again and they started building roots deeper and deeper roots and they can also be positive you can have good core beliefs about yourself you know that I am beautiful I am valuable right but most of the kinds of specially when it comes to mental health they're often negative especially because we live in a simple world right and who's behind all that sense suffering Satan right he uses he attacks us even through these deep rooted structures that often come from childhood but not always I had a patient where you were talking about it starting in childhood and most people said yeah mine started childhood and it was a substance use group and so they're talking about how because of their hard trials hood they got into substances with this individual he had a different story he had a story that he was just introduced to a substance had a good childhood good upbringing but then he got addicted and then because of that addiction then he started creating bad beliefs about himself I'm nobody I've ruined my family I'm not a good father exciter I so sometimes a certain childhood but it can also develop later on in life. So here are examples of core beliefs and as I read them I want you guys to start thinking about if you have any of these beliefs and I'm just going to say this before I begin this is often very uncomfortable to do you don't want to admit these things about yourself you don't want to admit it to others it's very very difficult in therapy in the previous seminar we talk about thoughts behaviors and motions often in therapy we cover those things and then towards the end we actually cover core beliefs because it's often a very difficult journey of finally recognizing and admitting to these core beliefs so I don't pretend like everyone's going to be like yes this is my core belief but please be reflective as I read through these things and think about what might these rejections be in my life so these are some examples I am so these are examples of core beliefs that you have towards yourself I'm not good enough I'm unlovable I'm stupid I'm worthless I'm powerless I'm imperfect I'm helpless I'm a nobody I'm bad I'm ugly I'm slow I'm a failure and I think I mentioned this one of my patients that image of Friday night she had the core belief I'm dirty because she was molested multiple times I'm dirty I'm a nobody so these are core beliefs that we hold kind of about ourselves beliefs rigid beliefs that we have about ourselves and again a lot of times these were things that were told to us and we start to adopt for ourselves and cry or sometimes we have core beliefs about others people will hurt me people will reject me people are untrustworthy people are out to get me people are controlling. So I mentioned earlier also that I'm a pastor's kid and a lot of people ask me of like how your experience was so often they make judgments before they ask me like oh I there you're a saint or you're rebellious and they ask me about my experience and one of the most difficult things about being a pastor's kid is a you see a lot of things happen in that you see kind of behind the curtain sometimes in church and you start creating these beliefs about church members or others and a lot of times it can be core beliefs like people are on trustworthy and even you might think that about Christians people and even think even Christians are untrustworthy and they're out to get me so examples of people trying to fire my father as a pastor and other things can start as a child me having these core beliefs I was blessed with a father that would always talk to us about our problems of the problems of the church and we discuss him but he would always say like you never judge the church by these problems like everyone is in perfect everyone is broken and we see a lot of times people as they say hurt people hurt people people who are hurting her other people but you could have these core beliefs about others that people are out to get you to hurt you or the world the world is unsafe the world is scary the world is unfair so to give you an example if you had been abused as a child you might have core beliefs that I am powerless right because if something was done to you especially so examples of also someone's been rate they often feel like they don't have a voice I'm powerless that's a core belief about themselves and they create beliefs about the world of people or aren't trustworthy right especially if you're in a situation where you're like I think this person safe we talked about how often perpetrators are within your own family so then you say if family is supposed to protect you then ever. Buddies and say you know this a lot of these core beliefs are very absolute terms right everybody is untrustworthy or you know the world is out to get me and these are unhelpful and very hurtful beliefs to hold as in the future you might have beliefs about the future the future is hopeless it's dark it's uncertain I will never get better and sometimes even about God God is unforgiving God isn't just god is too busy or God is vengeful again the woman who said I'm a dirty word and was molested she had this idea that God isn't forgiving God cannot forgive what had happened to me and so thinking about these core beliefs how might these core beliefs impact how you live your life let's say if you had something was done to you started these beliefs about yourself and others that others are untrustworthy you think you'd be able to create healthy relationships if you believe that everyone's untrustworthy you might engage in some you know relationships but there's always like I'm going to keep a little bit of distance because you're going to hurt me because again if somebody that you trusted her you then a way to protect myself I'm going to just distance everyone but the problem with that is again you become isolated you think about the purpose behind the Devils attacks and these are deep deep roots in so here's just a slight to see how core beliefs can impact your thoughts your emotions your behaviors So sometimes there's a biological inheritance there's early learning which means a lot of times with parents with your childhood which feed into core beliefs and then you notice that your core beliefs impact how you think how you feel and how you behave. So for instance if you have a core belief of I'm stupid because everything you did you'd like oh I'm soaked as a child you're so sad you bring home your report card because you got a b. as in your parent says how could you get a b. right you need an a as an says You're so stupid how did I raise a child like you that happens and then something else happens and and all the time you have this belief on the stupid we talked about for those who you were in the seminar about thoughts emotions behaviors a similar situation between 2 students who failed the test one had a negative thought that all and stupid were says other one has a thought that oh I didn't study enough I just need to study more and so core beliefs impact how you think then impacts how you feel that impacts your motions so a lot of people start trying to if they have core beliefs they don't recognize they try to change of thoughts the motions and the behaviors but then they realize I'm not really seen real change and it's because they have these deeper core beliefs is everything making sense so far. So I like to think about core beliefs like your sunglasses if I had let's say a pair of rose colored sunglasses and I put them on right now how would I see the world. Rosy right if I put on dark colored glasses how I see the world so core beliefs are like sunglasses when you have these beliefs about yourself about others about the world you put them on and you interpret everything that you see as a result of it the Bible also talks about this says for as a man thinks in his heart so is he what you believe what your core beliefs are dictates how you actually live let me give you an example. So this is the impact again kind of comparing and contrasting 2 people same situation Michel an archery ball call a friend who doesn't answer the phone Michelle has a core belief I'm a lovable so because she has a squabble if you put on those dark glasses I'm a lovable same situation but she's going to interpret it differently because she's wearing different sunglasses she says I'm a loveable So then the thought is my friend didn't answer the phone because she doesn't like me versus same exact situation now let's look at odds are if she has a core belief I'm valuable and now she's the again is the the situation is the friend has an answer and her thought is my friend didn't answer the phone because she's busy I left a voicemail she'll call me back if not I'll call or again tomorrow do you see how this is the exact same situation but depending on your core belief about yourself you might interpret it differently some of you asked the idea the question of like how do I know if I have they're pressuring Zajac Here are a lot of times if you start recognizing that you have a kind of an instinct a natural disposition towards interpreting things in a negative light that can often be an indicator that you might have some negative core beliefs we tend to interpret based off of back past experiences and so you notice here with Michel in our dream that because of their different core beliefs they interpreted the situation differently core beliefs help us interpret the world around us so Michelle called her friend who answers the phone now has a different situation now she calls and they do answer the phone and they have a nice conversation but remember her core belief is negative he says I'm a lovable and then she has a thought oh well my friend is really nice to put up with me. She's probably annoyed by my phone calls I should try not to bother her so much so now it's a positive situation and yet because of a negative core belief you're still interpreting it in a negative light does this make sense. I'm sure everyone's saying that's not me we do this very very frequently so the question is then how do I change my core beliefs or my core roots so the 1st step is you have to be able to identify your core beliefs right you cannot change what you don't know is there so the 1st up is just identifying your core beliefs and then there's a reflection challenging exploration an add up to adaption adoption going to go through each one identification so reflect on your past experiences so even for just a moment right now I want you to reflect on your past experiences have you experienced any negative experiences that may have resulted in negative core beliefs in think about your childhood how was your childhood how was your upbringing how was your relationship with parents or caregivers you know how how your past experiences might impact potential her core beliefs Another question is you know have an open and honest attitude you can't change a belief that you don't own a something that's yours. Go before the Lord so a lot of times are like why I still don't know go before the Lord in honest and earnest prayer asking him to reveal them to you it's kind of like sometimes when we we don't want to pray like God reveal our sins to us because we're too afraid to know what the response will be but you 1st have to recognize your sin your sinful nature before you can even need a savior right the same thing applies to core beliefs you have to 1st pray and ask God to reveal them to you and be vulnerable be honest with God It's scary it's scary to recognise your brokenness but it's always harder before it gets better but the better does come he can help you uncover your negative core beliefs he did with the Samaritan woman at the well so the 1st step is identification of the core beliefs the 2nd step is reflection Once you've identified your core beliefs reflect on where they came from are these from parents or these from Friends Are these from social media so the social media has a very strong impact these days there are people who you know they're raised with very strong healthy childhoods and yet because of the influence of social media these are having with a body image concerns in other faiths and so core beliefs can come from childhood can come from parents or friends but also can develop later on to reflect on where do they come from how have they impacted your life do I realize that I don't have good relationships I realize it's because I hold this belief that I can't trust anyone how much do you believe in these core beliefs you can scale it from is from a scale from one to 10 with 10 being an absolute confidence and again reflecting on your core beliefs and how strongly you believe them and how they impact your life today. And then step 3 would be to begin challenging them it's not going to be easy again I told you like Typically we do this over the course of the whole therapy treatment but God has provided already some skills that you all have to start identifying reflecting and challenging and so God can give you a new heart as his equal 36 says and it says I love 2nd Christians 510 to 17 because it says that you know if anyone is in Christ he or she is a new creation all things even core beliefs will pass away but we 1st have to be vulnerable with God and ask him to give us the strength to challenge them and we can challenge our core beliefs by evaluating them we talk about this with us this also applies to core beliefs you look at the evidence that supports it and you look at the evidence that's against it so if you say I'm stupid look at the evidence for that I'm going to scare you to want to do that evidence again why we look at both these I say oh if I'm trying to challenge something I'm going to look for the thing that's against it but you want to be realistic in your thinking right if you say I'm stupid and say oh it's because I look at my report card I'm failing everything that's good to know because not that you're stupid but maybe you need to be trying harder. What looking at the evidence that supports and looking at the evidence that's against here's some key questions when you can ask when challenging your beliefs what are my core beliefs with the impact against some of the ones who reviewed what is holding me back from changing it sometimes because we've had these core beliefs for so long we've identified with them and we define who we are by them. And because it's part of our identity we don't want to let it go which is so interesting I every time I hear this from a patient I'm like why don't you just let it go and for some reason we have a tendency to want to hold onto it because it's all that we know especially for those who have these core beliefs start in childhood we identify with them and that's all we know but we don't realize and this is what God is telling us this morning and today that he wants to give you a better way of living right remember he says in John 1010 he wants to give you life and life abundant you don't have to continue to believe these core beliefs God wants to make you knew how could I reverse challenge change it is the opposite belief true or truer than the original so sometimes if you don't really can find evidence you can say Ok I'm stupid Ok how do I challenge that are there ways to see myself as smart as intelligent are things that I'm good at and that we can start again challenging exploration stuff for now that you've identified these core police and how they're inaccurate explore what new core beliefs you might think of adopting and this is difficult again when you don't believe these things about yourself sometimes you have to ask friends or people who are close to you to help you through this like I know so many people who they focus so much on the negative things in their life that when you ask them what's good one good thing that you like about yourself and there's nothing or nothing and you as a friend you can name like 10 feet. But they themselves struggle so hard and so sometimes asking a friend to help you identify those things a family member and sometimes you know even when we struggle with that we have to turn to God's word when you don't believe things for yourself sometimes it's helpful to start believing what God has to say about you and that's what comes to the final step adoption replacing your core beliefs with healthier more accurate core beliefs by giving your old negative core beliefs to God surrendering that to him adopting new beliefs allowing ourselves to be defined by how God sees us it's so interesting that often we can see our friend in a more positive light than they can see or themselves and then we can see ourselves we're always you know as a savior our harshest critic but how will having showing the same grace that show others to yourselves God's want to impart that grace upon you as well so for example if there's a core belief I'm worthless I have no value you can turn to the Bible there's evidence there to support that your valuable what's on evidence in the Bible that shows that we are valuable anyone John 316 which says. Praise the Lord you know it. And I was interesting you bring up that verse because it was not too long ago when somebody read that for the 1st time and they started weeping. We quote that verse so much and sometimes the way you guys just did in a very monotone way. We don't really recognize the power behind it. So when we quote these things we have to read it in a way that God is saying it to us personally what are other ways what are other things in the Bible to tell us we are valuable. He's got our name written down in the book of life on the palm of his hand yes even more beautiful yes. And other examples yes. Beautiful. Now do we believe that you are mine we are His Which means if he's a king I'm a princess your princess your prince we belong to the creator of the universe a sovereign God Other examples that we are valuable Yes in the back. Yes that we are beautifully and wonderfully made that is a perfect scripture to claim let's say if you have any body image concerns or you have the core belief I'm ugly if you can't find evidence yet if it's hard for you to adopt a new core beliefs just by repeat every time Satan brings that lie to your head to your mind bringing up that 1st saying I don't believe it maybe just guess that God I claim your promise that I am beautifully and wonderfully made any other examples that you are valuable. And it says. I have loved you with an everlasting love. Not just a temporary love but an everlasting love there are scriptures that are written for every single negative core belief that you have if you say for instance we're talking about value that Scripture is perfect for the core belief that I am unlovable right he says I have loved you with an everlasting love there are verses in the Bible that are written for every single negative core belief but the question is do you believe in the power of God's word one thing that I there's a book called Lessons by faith absolutely change my walk with God so beautiful and it talks about faith and it talks about the power of God's word and it says we often read the birth the Word of God as kind of like stories and words on a page but if you think about it that it says that the world was created by the breath of his mouth not even the word didn't come out yet just the breath if God can create a world with the breath of his mouth the breath of his mouth and he can speak these things into a lot of miracles was saying to be healed and they were healed do we believe in the Word of God that has power to create and often we don't and so we hear the Scriptures but we don't adopt them in a way that actually makes an impact in our lives so adoption and making sure that if we have these core beliefs that were choosing to adopt the way that God sees us. So John 1247 says Peace I leave with you My peace I give you I do not give to you as the world gives Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid this weekend we've been talking about having the peace of mind we in Earlier we talked about the miracle that Jesus said Peace be still and the storm. Disappeared Well when I was doing my research on this person other verses about peace does anyone know what peace means here whisper right it's one of those words we use all the time but we don't really understand its meaning right when he says that he gives us peace or like Ok thank you but what is peace actually so I looked at the origin of peace in the Bible the Greek original and what peace actually needs is it means wholeness wholeness so interesting right and the secular definition of peace is the absence of war. And so thinking about this mental health weekend where we have recognize we are in a war we want peace not just an absence of war but that we know that this war will soon end that's what entitled this message as to no peace no peace no war peace here means God is offering us a whole healing which includes even the roots of our problem and this is perfectly demonstrated in one of my favorite miracles I have a lot of favorite miracles but one of them in Mark chapter 5 so if we could all turn to Mark Chapter 5 we're talking about the peace I God wants to give us the peace of mind that he wants to give us this piece of whole Healy a sister earlier had mentioned about how you know why isn't the church focusing more on mental health and she mentioned how there we have a whole healing message and yet we omit mental health while the Bible does not do that the Bible does talk about whole healing and this story perfectly depicts that Mark Chapter 5 verses 25 to 34. And so before we start reading this what's interesting about this Miracle is it starts off actually in verse $21.00 and that Jesus had a cross over by boat and a multitude I'd come to him used by the sea and a ruler of the synagogue Cain named gyrus or Jarius and he came in the fella Jesus and begged him earnestly asking that he could come and Huell his little daughter and so Jesus is on his way to heal this ruler's daughter and what's so interesting is this is actually the only miracle that's shown that kind of interrupted Jesus on his way and then all of a sudden in verse $25.00 is says now kind of an interruption now a certain woman had a flow of blood for 12 years for how long. Is that a sure or long time long time like a long time think about that bleeding nonstop for 12 years and this is not like a little scab in case you know this is excessive bleeding for 12 years so as we continue to read I want you to start thinking about how her experience might be make this come alive 12 years and not just blood constant bleeding for 12 years it says that she also suffered many things from many physicians what I thought physicians were supposed to help here. We had a reaction in. The right positions are there to help you and has says here that she suffered many things from many physicians who cry so not only she bleeding and nonstop for 12 years but she's also suffering many things from many physicians and if it didn't stop there it continues she had spent all that she had and was no better but rather grew worse so picture this this woman she's already a woman which what we know about the culture back then women did not have a high status woman who's bleeding for 12 years meaning she's unclean so if you think about back in the day the rules and regulations that they had for Health women who are bleeding like it's in the Bible I would read it as like well if she sat somewhere somebody could not sit there is complete isolation so she's unclean she's bleeding she's suffering many things from people who are supposed to protect her and help her she's financially bankrupt it's as if she spent all that she had I don't know if she's married and how her relationship but Shayne absolute shady and again we have to read this kind of read the details brush through it but I want you to think and imagine how this woman's life might have been to be struggling for 12 years bleeding unclean suffering things from many physicians and only grew worse she was getting worse and worse of this point I would guess probably depressed. Thinking that is completely hopeless her situation right the people that could help me cannot help me and there is and she continued to get worse 1st 27 when she heard about Jesus she came behind him in the crowd so one thing being unclean she's not supposed to be in a crowd she will be yelling unclean unclean right and then says she came behind him in the crowd and touched his garment because she said if only I may touch his clothes I shall be well only if I touch him and he says worse 29 immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the flexion praise the Lord right. But not quite yet says and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that power had gone out of him he turned around in the crowd and said who touched my clothes and the natural reaction of Jesus are you kidding me like you're in a crowd everyone's touching your clothes but he had a purpose in asking this question my guess is he probably knew who touches close but he was asking as he did many times a question more not for his own knowledge before others who touched my clothes disciple said to you to him you see the multitude thronging you and you say who touched me and he looked around to see her who had done this thing look see he knew he was looking for her he looked around to see her who had done this thing verse 33 but the woman fearing and trembling knowing what had happened to her came and fell down before him and told him the whole truth the whole truth this woman publicly now says her whole story. Living in changing living in despair living a life of of hopelessness and now Jesus is asking her to say all of that in public like this God would like to see a software like why does he ask her why does he see her he she could have just left and she was healed. But he asked her and she said told him the whole truth and look what comes next 1st 34 and he said to her daughter your faith has made you well go in. Peace and be healed of your flexion while he was still speaking some some came from the rule of the synagogues House who said Your daughter is dead and he continues on with the story when I read this for the 1st time I thought nothing of it but then when I read it again I said how interesting it says that in 30 for that to go her way your faith has made you well and be healed of your flexion but I thought and verse 29 that she was already healed Did you catch that she touched him and she was healed right but then he looks for her she come she says the whole truth and he says you're healed but she was just healed What is this talking about if you look at the original Greek for in verse 34 the word there your faith has made you well is so Zo which means your faith has made you whole same thing as peace and why is that is because earlier when she was healed it was the physical healing but Jesus wanted to give her more she had core beliefs about herself but she was unclean to her case was hopeless. And it is important for her to be vulnerable and to come before Jesus and in front of everyone to share her story because if you notice is after she told him the whole story that then he healed her and gave her a whole healing some of you have come to me and shared bits of your story and sometimes it breaks my heart to hear your stories to hear the pain that you gone through to hear especially children like I could never work with children because it just broke my heart to see people go through that but you guys have powerful stories stories that are used as a testimony of healing and victory I had patients who have gone through things that I would never even talk about or you know say that out loud and they you know often they say like you know nothing good is going to come of this and I think you know it's kind of like the verse in Proverbs I think it's $24.00 it says that the righteous man falls down 7 times with the wicked once and I often think like how unfair the right is the good person is falling 7 times in the wicked only once but do you know why the right is all 7 times is because they keep getting up and that's story of resilience and victory is powerful Yes you may say it sucks yes it's hard yes I wish I didn't go through that but when you go through that and God gives you the victory it is a much more powerful testimony that then you can be a benefit for you but also for those to hear this woman how to tell her whole story not just for own healing before those who are listening that's why Jesus are her out to give her a whole healing that was both for her and for everyone that was around and so. With the last 15 minutes that we have left. We're going to do an exercise where this is a hard exercise to do often is because same thing as this woman who had to tell her story to be vulnerable this is a time we've talked about want to belittle throughout the weekend this is a time for you all to be vulnerable as well you might be seeing you what is she going to do so. I have some nice colorful pin punk Valda here when I was ordering this on Amazon I was fearful about who would see my receipt because it says beer pong but this is for the Lord. So what we're going to do is these ping pong balls represent core beliefs that we have core beliefs that may have come from your childhood from your experiences and we don't have the time to share our whole stories as this woman did but for the sake of being born a ball and starting that healing journey I'm going to ask that you guys come up grab a ping pong ball and place it in this. Pitcher here you're going to come up and either if you want to say it out loud and say I've been struggling with core belief that I'm ugly and you place it in. If you just want to come up grab and close your eyes and say a prayer to God in admitting your core belief to God that's fine as well but this the point of this activity exercise is to begin that healing journey of vulnerability I've done this before with other places and it's so powerful to see the healing power of being vulnerable I saw individuals who came up and they said you know I have this core belief and unlovable and people around them thought like I never knew they struggled with that and they bring so much healing to be able like this woman to share your story and so at this time I'm going to leave these up here you can come up and place it in the picture again there is no pressure to do this but know that the same way that God was able to heal Jesus was able to heal this woman because it gave her a whole healing maybe you just when you're just coming to Jesus you just want to touch his garment a leaf and maybe that's enough healing but he wants to give you whole healing and so I'm going to leave this up here and anyone can come up either say it out loud again and place it in the picture or say a little prayer and play so so you notice. It was very hard purview of you to even want to say it out loud and the reason why I give the option to say a prayer because often the 1st step of just admitting we have that negative core belief so taking that before God and some of you have the courage of saying it out loud which is hard very hard to say those very negative beliefs out loud and for others to hear it's often very shaming and so I appreciate the courage of all of you who have come up. And you notice that there is a lot of you a lot of us hold these very negative core beliefs about ourselves. But you'll notice something. So those are negative core beliefs that we know that come from Satan selling us lies that we often buy with this water represents God We talked about how God finds us valuable how God tells us that you are worthy God says you are if you feel dirty I can cleanse all unrighteousness there are so many things that God wants us to start believing about ourselves so this here represents God core beliefs about us and what you notice what happened at least for into our lives the belief that God has about us what do you notice about these negative core beliefs. They come out of our lives a lot of times we try to get rid of those core beliefs ourselves. But the way to do that. Is to fill our lives with God. And what happen. As that soon enough. There's always a stubborn core belief that wants to stay but notice that Satan will come back and he'll say you're not lovable he'll say Look see that what just happened maybe just broke up with a boyfriend or girlfriend who sees it love you you're not worthy and he continues to sell you those lies but what you notice about those lies are the core beliefs anymore are they roots they stay on the surface no matter how hard you try they stay. And this is what God wants to do for each and every one of you deceiving these core beliefs that you hold that you hold currently or have held in the past he wants to fill your life with his promises with his goodness with his beliefs that are true the Bible says I God is not a liar do you know that why God is not a liar because if he says something it goes into existence so if he says there's a chair here and there wasn't then there for becomes a chair so when got speaks into your life he cannot lie so everything he says in his word that you are valuable that you are worth so much start believing then fill them fill your life with these beliefs and you notice that the devil has no power so it's a close and ask everyone to stand as we pray your gracious and loving father god of the universe a god that is loving a God that gives us every good gift and every perfect gift a god that wrote a love letter to us your word telling all of us how much you love us how much do you mean mean to you Lord. How how worthy we are or we don't feel worthy we don't feel lovable we don't feel good enough. For it and we have believed the lies of the enemy throughout our lives some of us even believe in right now today the Lord as we came before you these individuals have brought their core beliefs before you whether in secret prayer of the word or in the presence of all Lord asking the same thing that this hemorrhaging woman had asked for a whole healing Lord we ask for that peace at peace that surpasses all understanding board or get rid of these core beliefs I pray this earnestly o. God that people may leave here that those core beliefs may stay in this room or is not to go with them as they believe more and more the truth that you have for them or May this healing not stop here I pray that people may leave here committees to searching out your word when they don't believe these things to fill their lives with the water of your truth. So Lord I just pray for a new 1000 of your Holy Spirit for those presents for their families for all those that they love and hold dear to their hearts Lord that they may know that there is a savior a god that not just died and resurrected for their sins and for their spiritual salvation but also that they may have life and life abundant even here in this earth or so I pray that people maybe hold onto this feeling more that they may touch your garment and leave your can. As our prayer is very brave of you to be with. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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