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Special Forces Training - Part 1: Ingathering

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • June 17, 2019
    2:00 PM
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Heavenly Father thank you so much for this day thank you we have the opportunity of being code laborers with you in your work of personal ministries Please help us to understand how we can do that work most efficiently most effectively for the building of your kingdom in the winning of souls hope each local church truly to be a training center for Christian workers or prayed in Jesus' name amen. The Yes Somebody mentioned the title of this sim in our series is personal ministry special forces training is really cool military esteem but the the reality is the personal ministries Department has been tasked with getting every member of the church involved in some form of outreach ministry in fact if you haven't read it a want to share with you a couple of things right at the beginning on the 7th Day Adventist Church manual by the way this is the 2015 it's updated every year every 5 years of the general conference session and this is voted on all the amendments and. Edits to this document are voted by the World Church Ok now I'm not saying that this hold the same weight as a biblical belief or one of our fundamentals or something like that but it is the agreed upon a working organizational document of our church around the world and so it should be regarded as such and on page 100 we find this about the person ministries Department Ok personal ministries provides resources and trains members to unite their efforts with those of the pastor and church and officers in soul winning service so those are the 2 things are supposed to do is provide resources and train members to cooperate in the work of soul winning Ok In fact if you go over to page $132.00 when you look at the work of the board one of the items you're supposed to discuss every month at the church board meeting is the work of the personal ministries department. Specifically says here encourage the personal ministries Department to enlist all members and children in some form of personal outreach parentheses missionary service training classes should be conducted in various lines of outreach ministries Ok so if you notice the verbs there you're supposed to enlist people you're supposed to equip people you're supposed to train people and get them deployed or employed in some form of work now that's a pretty large task and as we mentioned earlier in the Sabbath school one of the personal histories Department of the conference gets to work with lay people across the board and our goal is to get all 26600 whatever 7 Devon is in Michigan every single one of them not just attending church or staying in the church but to be active participants in the work of the church which is the winning souls now in notices it in some form that doesn't mean that everyone's going to do the exact same thing and if you were in the you heard the phrase total number involvement Hey that's an initial the joke conference and if you're in the menu this is you to ask this question yesterday but I don't know if any of you were so I could ask here if every member if it were a local church had total member involvement every single member were active in ministry would your church grow I told you had time it's a trick question. The answer is not necessarily Ok because for instance if everybody did felt needs me community service right but nobody was giving Bible studies nobody was doing evangelism a public evangelism nobody was doing those. You wouldn't have now you might be have might have a good reputation the community people might appreciate you but you've got to do something with it Ok now the person ministries Department is trying to get everybody somewhere in that cycle not everybody's going to be preparing the soil some people are going to Bible study some people but in gathering specifically is one of those wonderful wonderful activities to especially impact the community in that very 1st phase that preparing the soil of the heart so that they can build credibility now. We have Going To If I'm sorry courageous jump to your test little bit because you are someone who has a wonderful testimony about in gathering from the perspective of someone who 1st had no idea what in gathering was so Joyce from the church would you like stand up and sharing community by the sharing your testimony I'm going to him this year to make sure we get other boarding that a number of years someone knocked on my door and it was in gathering and I had no idea what it was but I was so impressed by his kindness because I didn't have any money to give him it was a very hard time and he was still so kind he said Oh I see you have a little girl here and he was interested in me and he gave me some materials and I did look them over and there was a card where you could send away for some materials and I thought I'm going to stand for that but I put it aside and as time went on it got lost in things in life changed I was really desperate I knew I needed that information that was on that hard. And and I kept praying I said Lord send the man back because I figured maybe you know since he was asking for you know money and showing you know what they did in the community I thought well he'll maybe be back next year but he never came never came I even went to the extent of asking the neighbors to come every year just oh yes he died and he always comes in and visits and he's so nice and so kind and has prayer with this and I was so impressed by that but he never came and he never came and I prayed us or police and the man back but he never King and I just kept praying. And as time went on I told my babysitter that you know I'm going to start a Bible start Bible studies and and start an excerpt prophesies program for Lent this year instead of doing other things so she told me about a Bible study that she was going to and so I just how will that help get me started so I go to this Bible study and guest who was at that bible study the man was at that Bible study I was so excited I said this is what I've been looking. In so it was really an Adventist prayer meeting. And it was a they said it was a powerful studies and I just loved it I could study it off fast enough I was so happy to find the man but of course I can and fairest and shy and I didn't say anything to him but as time went on I did get baptized. And I always value in gathering because that was my 1st information about Adventism and it was through his Deni meaner his kindness his lovingness and so I value it in gathering so very much so when we get our packets together there is always I mean always a card in there for bible studies because people are hungering for the truth there may be somebody out there on your street in your community that's pranged Lord send me the truth send me light they're looking for a hole and it's just a simple knock on the door a simple being conned a smile on your face being genuinely interested in them that's all it takes and as years did go by I did tell him and he was very humble in the Bodett But the reason I found out he never came back is that he had cancer and he didn't really have much longer to live and as time went on his family did invite his over from Vespers on Friday and we had meals together so his family is really close to you I don't know of any of you know Ed and Marge Pomeroy some of you might know them. That was a gentleman Ed Palmer I was his name and the pastor at the time was Don Mackintosh the father so I have a passion for in gathering and it's been almost. 40 years now and the passion has not grown Dam So it's just great to go out on the streets every year. Inspire the church members to do the same but this is very special experience and it's a fire that just never goes out so I encourage each of you to have in gathering because there may be somebody praying for the light that you're bringing to that door. What you mentioned so that we talk about the early that when you go out and get it what you make sure is always part of your Because of your experience what you make or process I make sure there is some type of offer in there for bible studies. Now rate now Reese and we have the Bible study opera dot com but I used to put in the amazing fact Bible Study Card that's one that I use and now sometimes we use a we use the Bible Study author dot com 12 and also try to maybe have another small truth filled literature in the bag have something in there about our community service center building because you know a lot of people in our town are familiar with that. Texas you mentioned it's not just soliciting funds for whatever you're actually trying to get bible study interested it's because you are someone who had very experienced prayer in the church because of that initial in gathering right fantastic or does anyone have any questions for joy she was going to share her testimony a little bit today yes or we met Joyce at a person ministries weekend couple years back I guess now I don't know who was your to whatever but it was fascinating because I remember in gathering growing up as a kid and how many I don't know how many of you have add in gathering as a church social experience in your past but we go out in the Christmas time and we fall the year the winter time and we go door to door and we'd sing to the to the neighborhood and that kind of stuff and someone would have the courage to be the one to go knock and someone would go ask the you know say Hi we're from wherever it was you know and we're trying to collect funds for the needy in our community and we were wondering if you'd be able to and all the time they're like who watch and it's very Currier and Ives it's very you know it's wonderful and we would go back to the church after that and have it have a church social time you know we have hot cider and popcorn those kind of thing it was just a really great time but as a kid I never really quite understood what we were doing out there we were singing we were collecting funds to help people and really that's all the community really knows about it either but as the leaders you should probably understand a little bit more about what gathering really is for why do we do this thing Ok Now to illustrate this there's an interesting thing in the Bible it exits chapter 12 and we're just passing around a sign up sheet so they want to keep attendance to see how many people come to these different things what not. And exit is Chapter 12 if you have your Bibles you can see this here. You know the Lord had been really quite rough on Pharaoh trying to get him to change his mind and let God's people go and the plagues had gone by and finally he relented after that most terrible plagues and you would think that after you know the blood had turned away too I mean the water turned to blood and they've been frogs in there been dust and lice and I mean just terrible stuff and finally the firstborn dying you would not like the Israelites. But and I always kind of thought. Some reason reading this that when the Israelites left Egypt that night that the Egyptians recently find get out of here we're done with you good riddance but. Well take a look here at the Book of Acts this chapter 12 and I believe we're going to go to verse 30. Start with $433.00 and you kind of get the picture and then Gyptian urged the people who they might sin them out of the land in haste for they said we shall all be dead this is bad luck charm get him out of here so the people took their dough before it was leavened having been there needing bold bowls bound up in their clothes on their shoulders now the children his had done according to the word of Moses and asked from the Egyptians articles of silver articles of gold and clothing notice they didn't demand it like give it this or more people will die it was a threat they just asked interesting and verse 36 says and the Lord had given the people now what's that next word favor in the sight of the Egyptians. So that they granted them what they requested thus they plundered the Egyptians now plundered makes it sound like almost like a robbery or some sort of thing but clearly this was a voluntary exchange they requested it and the Lord gave them favor and said Sure take our stuff. Go use it and what happened as you recall with the stuff they acquired from Egyptians. Eventually but before that well what the Egyptians are done with is making idols but what did the Israelites do with it they made a sanctuary there said bring to me all the things that they had all this stuff not because slaves were so rich they were laden with it because the Egyptians from their wealth had given to the to the Israelites for their religious purposes now in a kind of a similar way you see this same dynamic working in the in gathering thing one of the things that's particularly fascinate about in gathering is it is exactly that you're gathering in funds that's what your purpose is right you're going to gather money and it sounds like oh you're just trying to get money for your church but what is the purpose of those funds what is it going to do ministry to what people. Do all the right is it going to serve 7th Day Adventist people. And what does the local church do with that some of the money let's talk about this breakdown because what you're referring to is the in gathering the reversion Let's talk about delegate Ok Celt 1st of all let me outline the dynamic of receiving before we talk about distributing again now what I find fascinating is that across the board the 7 evidence church is not particularly a hugely wealthy denomination nor is it a poverty there is a very you know we have a good cross-section of our country and most countries that were just rather Bill average middle class people right. And here these middle class church members go and they're most of the time you talk about doing ministry and doing felt needs ministry we're talking about going to the lower classes right you talk about community service centers you talk about food bank stuff and clothing distribution all of which is good but usually for the sake of nomenclature we can all relate to k. you have the middle class and their job is to help out the lower class in someone does need to look out for the poor we have humanitarian need in fact this is called hope for humanity or it's a humanitarian effort but the funding for this aid that we give them comes from where middle and even upper classes so what happens is financially speaking our average church members a middle class average church member will have the privilege of not only ministering amongst themselves and to local but this is one of those areas that churches often don't have a window into working with the upper classes usually religion and stuff is seen as a of the common thing but when you get intellectual and you get academic what you get up and it's can kind of pass that kind of thing but what's this several times a kind of a history buff and the Roosevelts in our political American history were not public servants per se they were the aristocratic class they were very wealthy but Theodore Roosevelt's father very wealthy man could have never worked but he decided to go into public service because he had what he called a troublesome conscience he recognise I have I'm in this situation but there's plenty of people who are not in the situation and there was something he wasn't particularly you know it was a religious man in a certain sense but he wasn't in our sense of the word you know but there was something in him that knew. That I could and should be doing something with my wealth you look at the people of today the biggest names the biggest philanthropists are incredibly wealthy people they're the ones who can have access to that kind of I'm not tempted to give away a 1000000 dollars because I don't have a 1000000 dollars There's only certain people who can do that kind of ministry and they're probably not members the church but they know deep down that there is an expectation whether they want to trip is a God or something else but there's a troublesome conscience. And when someone goes up and says hi friend I hope you having a wonderful season we're out here trying to do work for other people can you help us help them we as the church become the conduit for their benevolence Ok so we give them the opportunity to minister you think of the Jesus encounter with the woman at the Well he asked her for a favor as an entrance into her heart right this is one of those ways that we have this unique way of a single ministry reaches up to those with the funds to be benevolent and also reaches down to those in need of that benevolence and we get to be the ones privileged with connecting those dots it's pretty cool so let's say that when let's say that someone gives $100.00 donation which would be very nice but I mean I've seen it happen I mean I've I mean it's not uncommon at all to get to $20.00 at a door and you go and sing People are so impressed that people even think about their neighborhoods and communities at all anymore you know here's a band of people out young and old and they're just singing and it's great praise Lord what you're doing go for it they give us a $100.00 donation what happens with that money well the bulk of it goes to Michigan conference. But not for overtly specifically evangelist Dick efforts it goes to community service projects it's going to be reinvested in our territory Ok but a portion of that money let's say assistant like this though 100 percent is sent into the conference none of it just stays right in the local dealer to siphon off your percentage right there you set it all into the conference right but the conference keeps how much 75 percent Ok so what happens with the other 25 percent does it go to administrative costs the pastor is going to tweet chunk of that that's why we're pushing this program you know I can tell you I don't see a penny of the end money nor would I want to that would be really really wrong Ok it needs to go to the very thing that we said it was going to go to which is helping people in our communities but not just generally in the state of Michigan but specifically in your local field right there in if or wherever you are 25 percent of those moneys goes right back to the local church there but that local church can't spend it on Bible study offer or Jesus on property they have to spend it in certain ways that are disinterested benevolence or all the community for instance and you think of some local ministries that would be benefited by some of these funds friendship campus one you can also sponsor young people to go to a summer camp. Homeless outreach that kind of thing I'm thinking of a big one that we all familiar with admins community service center a.c.s. right a lot of people just say give all and you can choose I want certain percentage of the go to this this this but you actually get just Raul money for your own local churches outreach ministry from the people you're ministering to it's a really interesting thing right so 25 percent goes to the local church. But it has to be for none overtly evangelistic thing has to be a felt needs community services type of ministry now you might say well how does that for the work the church but remember the gross cycle right. When we do these kinds of felt needs ministry What is that doing when it comes to the work of evangelism. Thank you because remember the 5 phases of the gross cycle 12345 right the very 1st one is prepare the soil right now if you don't know the 5 steps I don't know what you've been doing they can't meaning the letter prepare plant and that means that's where we offer Bible studies all that kind of stuff now you can do that when you're soliciting praise the Lord and at the community service and you can do that too but you have to make sure that the primary purpose is the thing we set it's for Ok And then of course if they say Yes I'd like that when you call to make those interest by giving them Bible studies and if they want to continue in that you harvest those decisions maybe say an evangelist it campaign or some sort of appeal right and then once they become members the church preserve that crop you make them disciples and they in turn go and when it's a cycle right but we're trying to integrate people into the faith but we're doing it within the structure that we have solicited from we said look we're just going to take these funds into humanitarian work right here in our community it's exactly what we're doing but we know that by doing humanitarian work we're softening the heart to be receptive to the seed of God the Word of God which is the seed you know the truth and so yes it is a part of the cycle of evangelism though it does not go to overtly public evangelism and to give it but what it does is prepares the people. Now I want to read this statement to you from desire of a just page 92. It's another trick question this will be the 2nd trick question of the day. Desire of age is Page 9 to 92 now this is not talking about because the trick question be. How long was Jesus' ministry. See I taught I tell you it's a trick question do not trust your instinct there is I got it there's now you're right in a sense that yes his public ministry from his baptism to his crucifixion resurrection that was 3 and a half years. But I don't have a thought about this all of a sudden Jesus had never been doing public ministry before and also he steps out start saying some cool things that everybody's flocks to him. Why like if a crazy guy just started saying and he just would people like God actually follow but listen to this page 92 of desire of ages and I want to make sure we hear what it says and with sure we don't misread it but says speaking of the childhood of Jesus in his youth he says Jesus was the healer of the body as well as of the soul he was interested in every face of suffering that came under his notice and to every suffer he brought relief his kind words having a soothing balm Now that's not to say he was like well she goes on to say none could say that he had worked a miracle so was it like you know restoring broken bones in the sight of the blind and making dead people live again as a 13 year old or something that had been well that have been noticed I'm sure her but virtue the healing power of love went out from him to the sick and distressed Now here's the last 2 sentences thus in an unobtrusive way he worked for the people from his very childhood. And here's the really kicker when they're kind of not me off my horse or that I was on a horse you know I mean and this was why after his public ministry began so many heard him gladly this was why after his public ministry began so many heard him gladly because his good work good works gave his good words credibility right and in turn those good words the message he gave gave his good deeds eternal significance. So you you win their confidence it's almost like there's a statement about that Christ method alone right you start by doing those things but your goal is to go to the next phase which is to bid them follow me but in gathering is one of those beautiful wonderful time proven ways to soften the soul of the heart and prepare the people even who get because we often think about it oh we're gathering funds so we can help these people but let me tell you there's just as much help going to these people who give in fact doesn't the Bible say it's more blessid to give vent to resee that is mean you're cursed if you receive the course is a blessing for that but it's more or less it is a blessing on both ends but there's a blessing for those who give and I don't mean just were only soliciting upperclass would be you understand say those who can give get a blessing in the giving and then in turn those who need that help are blessed when they receive it and we get to be blessed by being the conduit through which a happens. It's a wonderful thing tens of thousands of dollars come in every year for in gathering right here in the Michigan conference and 25 percent of that goes right back to the local churches this I believe is one of those untapped because every community service and ever seen is always looking for more funds always look at the more help and we've got this vehicle we don't have to solicit our own church members to ask them to give a double tie than an extra This is why don't we just go talk to the for want to better term the Egyptians who are out there and say Would you like to help us help the rest of this community with their felt needs with their temporal needs and you don't have to be shot at we are some Bible love and Jesus people. Sure absolutely absolutely because. Humanity has in its heart you look at the Book of Romans right there isn't there isn't in a built in spirit driven desire to know more and do more and be better than we are and most people just don't have a religious framework to help understand that c o that every good gift comes from God that I'm accountable to Him for these things that you know that I should probably be doing something I've got a troublesome conscience and we get to be that this is what this is all about helping with that so for me this is one of the beautiful things there are so many advantages to in gathering but one of which does help in our overall and Vangelis to approach because the ultimate end is the how to become 70 have a search. And I don't want to hear I'm sorry I do not want to hear this idea of we should just do it just to be nice and stop shoving the Bible down their throat don't do that and here's why because the greatest thing we can ever give to someone is the hope of eternal life in Jesus right so the ultimate friendly thing to do. Has Ever heard of Penn and Teller. Magician I don't I don't advocate anything that they do please don't go look him up he's a very foul language Man Ok but he isn't a valid atheist not just like I'm not sure I'm an agnostic No he says I know there is no God and you cannot convince me. But a man went up to him one time after one of his shows me with what watch the show he was put into it and the guy came up in a gay pendulum at a Bible and you would expect like oh I know this is about atheist so he's going to see if I'm just could be a martyr for the cause here we go and pendulous said then I really appreciate that thank you so much now they didn't change his mind he's still a hard hearted atheist and only can work it out right but after that experience he got online. And I'm not advocating you look it up on youtube but I don't think he has any foul language in this one but he tells the story of that guy giving him the Bible and he said look I don't believe in God but if you do believe in God To the extent to the same proportion I don't believe in God right if you're absolutely 100 prints that there is a God and that heaven and eternal life are real and a hell to be feared Injun direct then how much do you have to hate somebody not to share that truth him he said I do not respect Christians who don't proselytize he said think about it if you were walking down the road thinking everything was fine but I could see what you couldn't and I knew there was a truck barreling down on you I could talk and yell and scream but if you'd there's a point at which I just tackle you I don't care if you like it or not he said and this is just a trick he said this what you're dealing with is far more important than just a truck so if it's really if you truly convicted that is real then you must be telling people or you hate them and this is from an atheist saying so. Absolutely we should be but the goal should be to introduce them to Jesus but we should follow Christ method alone to do that need their needs when they're confident and bid them follow me now so evangelistic Lee It's a great method financially from a stewardship thing it's a phenomenal thing it's the one program of the church that the community will pay you to do it's so cool so there's a lot of benefits plus let's think about this socially from a church family it's a great church social to come together you guys go do this as a team and you have goals and you maybe do a big singing night out it's alright so evangelists tickly financially search social wise it's a wonderful fantastic program now there are different ways to do it now want to pass out some information to you I do I'm very bad at saying this individual's name but I will share the materials with you and he just we can take one down pass it around town a thing maybe start one and one on the other. As you passes out to explain to you that during this whole week of personal ministries trainings both Sabbath school person is you supposed to be late driven initiative so it's a little ironic to have a paid pastor up here telling you how to do lay ministry Ok so my goal is to have lay people who are leading out in these ministries in local church come and share with you effective tips on how you can as laypeople to do it better to Ok now Nancy is unable to be here with us at can't meaning this time but she put these materials together for you so I am just her voice today Ok I know I don't sound like a Nancy but. And you can see her name here at the bottom do any of you know her from the I and church Ok can you please pronounce her last name say it again. Fred rejects ski. Yes Anyway I think there are 2 vowels in her last name and it's got 37 let know so anyway but we met this sweet lady up in the iron church for doing training a year and a half ago or so or maybe a year or so ago and we just are talked about in gathering and she opened up a treasure trove if any of you know her this is her life blood passion is due in getting She wants to see people doing it more she's put together all these resources for it and I was like Will this be the perfect thing unfortunately she was able to be here It can't mean but she shared all of her materials for you to have I only have 2 of them here for you today but all of them will be available on our website and make sure that you get this Michigan ass ass pm dot au argy What does the s s p m stand for Sabbath school and personal ministries but my goodness Sabbath school and personal Ministries is a very long Department title and if we were to say Michigan conference Sabbath school apart you'd stop typing you'd just be I'm done Ok so if you go to this website Michigan s.s.p. I'm all of the materials and resources from our Can't meeting by the way also training videos and testimony videos and global mission videos are all already uploaded on there I think you're on one of them I think you're on one so we've got something if you want to go see those videos at Michigan s.s.p. what we in courage you to do is use those testimony videos in your Sabbath school program to show that mission work is not just global but it's also local. Anyway but all of the resources for the Sabbath school live seminar that I'm doing and this personal ministry seminar from can't meaning will be available after can't meaning on this website so any material I reference here will be uploaded to the site you can download for free and share like the leaves of Ok that make sense. Ok excellent I can see by your faces a lot of enthusiasm. This is a personal letter to you from Nancy what's her name so whether you are starting a hope for humanity which by the way is the official now. What's the word I'm looking for the brand name for in gathering it's called hope for humanity but colloquially and in these churches is just known as in gathering you say you want to hope for humanity people's only day but you say you want to go and gather like I know what that is Ok whether you're restarting your hope for humanity collection in your community or continuing to increase the return effort try this method and see how it works stepping out into the community asked for funds has not been able to comfortable to ask for Larry or me but we go but go we must remember you're going on behalf of the many of voiceless many who need us as a spokes person go with the Lord at your side and know that your efforts will be rewarded what is hope for humanity or in gathering. It should be a question mark will fix that I think of this collection is similar to what happened when is rights were leaving Egypt the Egyptians gave the money jewelry clothes etc All these things eventually went to produce a beautiful sanctuary Likewise the collection benefits not only arch your churches outreach ministry in your community but also the rest of the USA and around the world when we choose to sit on our hands and not get active in this ministry all these funds go wanting How selfish of us not to move out even in fear and see how God rewards our efforts I love when lay people do stuff because they think sharper than a pastor would try to smooth things she's like you selfish get off your hand you know like that anyway here is our process and she lays it out in simple terms and then she has a more elaborate more detailed document will share in just a minute but an overview in simple terms number one gather a list of businesses in your area now some of you might be thinking I didn't know you went to business I just thought you went door to door causing a Christmas carols right there's different ways to do it there most effective way as any of you ever been to the town of iron. Here like way but there's not a town in irons right but there's a church in that in the town of irons and it's basically a 4 way stop but they don't have like of big business district there's a but now but let me tell you some there percentage wise one of the best in gathering 3 version churches in the conference and that really rural town of art and she's going to tell you how she does it. Nonono just I guess they go outside of the plate now. She said 1st of all get a list of businesses in your area I put them on expelled Excel database example included the l. and n. is for Larry and Nancy shows you she's going to have all these extra documents available number if you're in an urban area you may want to consider home to home visiting so decide all the possibilities in order enough supplies what you plan to do so Number 2 order your supplies and this is where you order it from and of course that's a physical address if you just Google Advent source get all the digital stuff now this is important the order form for supplies comes late in October so I order this year for next year so we can start visiting businesses in late September early October before the Michigan winter closes in on us now that makes sense because here in Michigan we have winter come usually you know what late well here June but but usually I mean it's earlier than the rest of North America might be but we're up in the upper latitude you might want to get an early start on your end getting planned ahead right if you want to do something more than just go Christmas caroling. If you're ordering supplies for this for the 1st time order a double amount to use the 1st year and then you'll have your supplies ready for next year makes sense so from then on you'll be ordering supplies every year in late October but they will be ready for the next year's campaign number 3 rewrite my introduction letter to fit your needs and believe me she's got a sample introduction letter all the different things and we're going to make those all available so you can download and say I want that letter that they send to businesses you put your name it pretty cool. The short letter I sent out in January may need to be longer for the 1st time you send it out so make sure you and your church board have decided what this money will be used for for instance when you go communicate to the people it's nice to know what it's going to go for because you have to stick to that whatever you say you do you gotta do Ok. Do not expect the community pay for the new carpet in your sanctuary right don't say this is going to our local church let them know what your church is going to do with those funds for the community right all our churches need to have projects that bring us in contact with those in our community I new baby package holiday baskets welcome wagon packet homebound ministry hospital visiting fare booth floats in small town parades etc Now notice this is written from a small town perspective none of those things require a community service center a large industrial thing you don't have to have a community service center or food pantry to have a presence in your community let's get creative in the Lord's work so think of some humanitarian project even if you don't have a community service center the you can do and say that's what we're going for and put that in your letter say we're raising funds for this thing let people know where the money's going to go. Is Yeah as long as a doing a thing that's not overtly like trying to like here's the gospel but we could do blood pressure checks you could do any kind of public service thing a felt need community something that's It Ok now that's not to say you cook you can of course have your bible say offer cards everything there the jig is up you're a church right but the ultimate goal isn't just to get members in a church you're trying to do something felt needs even if they reject the Gospel they can still have temporal help. That's fine that's fine the problem but you can't just have a strong tower radio booth you know what I'm saying you need to have some sort of felt needs ministry and by the way you can tune into strong tower radio here but the primary thing needs to be the thing you said it was going to before. Number 4 mail out an introductory letter in late January as your formal introduction especially the 1st year you are beginning it's important you haven't been doing hope for humanity you want to introduce yourself and what the projects are that your church is doing there are a benefit to the community we put the funds we receive into our food pantry so there's what they do number 5 in early September mail out another letter that reminds businesses of the letter you sent in January don't expect people just like oh I got the one letter it's easy to know it's a start of a process to do this right let them know about when you'll be visiting them and after a few years they will have the check ready when you arrive that's her trick by the way her trick is to go wide and lay the groundwork over time and make these connections and be consistent with it so when she shows up here you go to go and she's goes and basically it's just collection season for her at this point we put up pretty cool after a few years to have the check read if you when you arrive this year we had businesses mail their donations to us before you can come here go Number 6 develop your team depending on the number of businesses 5 or 10 businesses per person are good doable number for most busy people make sure you get a check in on them and cover those bases number 7 with much prayer head out into your community with a smile and a happy heart number 8 Here's the actual sample canvas Hi I'm from your hometown 7th Day Adventist Church and or community service or whatever you want to say and we're asking you to join in helping us join us in helping those in need here in our town and across the world we sent a letter of introduction a few weeks ago would you be able to contribute a tax deductible donation this year why do you want to have all that cumbersome tax deductible part in there. Yes that's exactly not only do they have the troublesome conscience they own we love to be a help but also we get a kickback on that so it's a pretty fascinating little system this in place their number 9 thank you very much that implies when they donate I assume you can say thank you even when they don't particularly enthusiastic when they do it. No no no let's not let's not bring that into it. Thank you for not shooting me on spot no. Now you've already sent a letter of introduction you're just following up on that letter so you started with a very non competent not like pressuring at all you're just being very winsome that's the goal number. Yeah it's like it is sweet Jesus loves you kind of way we're coming so yeah but yeah but I think that I think there's a lot of people especially if they're not active in a local church who they know that this is the type of stuff churches should be doing and when they don't it looks a little just and when someone shows a high we're from this church we're just out here donating our time so that we can help connect those who have with those who don't we want to help with the like that's really cool God bless you thank you so much you can give them a receipt right then in there or tell them the mail them one but if you tell them you going to mail them when you need to do mail it you need to do it right we put it in with a thank you note this thank you is very important number 10 Don't let this drag on and on going to finish the work in 2 to 3 weeks before the snow flies number 11 now that's those 1st 10 notice we're all for the business approach number 11 transitions so it is important that we not only solicit from businesses in our community but also visit private homes. This is more easily done in urban areas and subdivisions and is a lot of fun she explained the reason they don't do much home visitation is because it's like you know 5 miles in between each home and like you do one song you're done so it's not as affected there but the business model works for them where an urban area might do both you know Anyway the weather may be chilly but keep warm by running back to the car that is assigned to your group get warm and share your success stories and then jump out and keep going Carolyn can be done with much success in urban areas just as we are asked to do with Bible study offer dot com develop seeing groups of 6 to 7 whoever can squeeze into 2 cars on a on one or 2 sabbath evenings plan to go out for 2 hours have some of the Libro sure you order from admin to source ready to hand out and I would also include a Bible study offered a common strong tower radio car right so this is that you know Joycean type of stuff that's the Radio think these are those opportunities when they give I'll probably have a gift for you this evening thank you so much. These house to house visitation to not usually need a taxi the doctor will donation slip use those only with the businesses and it dawns on me I can't remember a time anyone's ever been like now is this tax deductible I want to reseat the people you have young people sing in carols at their door and it's like you know the orphan just pull something they're not expecting like I want to receipt for that so I can take it to my cat tax assessor's where it's it's just not a thing business is however count every penny we need to be honorable have one person as the up to the door person the rest keep singing use the same canvas as in number 7 above the rest of the group stands back a bit and sings as the door person gives his little introduction Chris 3 Christmas carols are all you need to know that's pretty and you know I've been on these groups and like I listen I'm listening this one and he appears most just pick 3 songs and sing them over and over and over or may drive you crazy but it's the 1st time they've heard him you know it's nice. The little Hopefully the singers have the memorized harmony is great so sing out sing loud sing well it's fun especially closer to Christmas you'll be greeted warm smiles into nations I imagine if you do this in October it be a little odd. We wish you a merry It's October. Besides your 3 carols end with We wish you a Merry Christmas as you walk away into the night it's very nice. Sheets she writes than when I was the last in church we were we were many times invited in a Christmas gatherings for hot chocolate and cookies I've had that happen Have you had that before you go to home and they just say oh this is great come on and it's really cool this last year this might be a good time to let you know. Producing a in gathering promo video that I want to show in all the churches around Michigan early or late summer early fall something like that to kind of prime the pump for any gathering and so do that I had to go get footage of people in gathering this last time so we got. Video footage from November and December of this last year to get ready for this year so I got to go around and watch all these people in Get It was so fun and I was filming it everything and we have like I think 4 or 5 different groups in there and to see them sing but. As we were in a neighborhood there was was in and they had one group on one side of the road one group on another and enough to go out like that and these young ladies 2 young ladies I mean teenagers something like that were in there I had to imagine it was the parents vehicle I don't know but they're driving down the road they're like these people singing and Ike but they had their window rolled out they were trying to listen to that means I could hear their conversation in the car so I was trying to eavesdrop in the look and then and these and I said they said I think the Christmas caroling or something like that and I was like yes they are would you like them to sing you a song and they're like yeah it was that a thing I said everyone come over and they just came and surrounded this car we were a shoe and it was just so full and they were just like beaming think about I mean. We live in such a community deprived society right everybody's isolated on their social which is truly anti-social media right here are real people singing songs just to be nice and I don't know if they're headed out to a movie or a mall or whatever it is the young people do these days. But they stop what they're doing and they gave a generous donation right there in the car in the middle of the street. And I guarantee them sitting in church family back is like did you remember those you know we didn't the middle of the street it's really cool you know and. It just I just really like and getting. They way she writes Yeah they it when I was a Lansing church where many times invited to Christmas gatherings for hot chocolate cookies in very cold weather we accepted the offer just a warm up this is a great time for church members to be doing something fun and yet be helping those in need and making a good impression in the community do you know how many people have never heard of 7th Day Adventists It's incredible I can't believe people have heard of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses like there's hardly any Jehovah's Witnesses there's over 20000077 is the world and people like you guys are always witnesses Oh how to why do people know Mormons who was witnesses so much more than evidence. Because they got out let me say certain I think what they teach is crazy but they're proud of it they're not ashamed of it they let you know where that. They knock on doors they press the pavement you know to say if we truly have a message and we have the Christ method alone to follow that we can go mingle with the people who win their sympathies and confidence and bid them for should be out there more. So what a great opportunity when this wonderful thing comes up like Who are you all Oh I'm glad yes where members of the 7th Day Adventist Church write down. Anything this will be their 1st contact with the 7 devils church the smiley happy helping people how cool is that anyway some of the older members stayed behind at the church to plan hot drinks and popcorn when the teams came back they would count the funds they'd collect in the results were posted on a white board a friendly competition would ensue and Al from Mission comps you can indorse that of course but you know we don't want to make a cut but it is fun you know just to see who came up with what is great and next thing you knew some teens would be seen rushing back out into the cold to bring in a few more dollars she tell me there's like you maybe getting warmed up apparently another one beaten by $10.00 like I'm going back out there was 5 Be sure you order enough of the handouts or haven't sourced including your letter of introduction to the businesses and also to leave with the families you visit him please don't forget to make an appeal to your church family to dig deeply for this worthwhile collection now there are some church families who will say instead of organizing the work to just say are in gathering goal this year is $100.00 per family or something like that I think the implication is you're going to go solicit your friends family and neighbors businesses coworker whatever that you're going to be individually doing this solicitation but what will typically happen when you do that they just get from what they've already got right which just makes it a special offering let's just call it what it is but that really short I mean praise the Lord for the extra funds right but please don't call that in gathering. Because you haven't gathered in you've just gathered from without you already got you know saying it's the purpose the the magical key the miraculous creation save in gathering is the personal ministry to the community that this is uniquely suited to do Ok let me finish this up a quick time we have remaining I'll give you another resource here. Please don't forget to make and I'm going to be praying for your success will be excited about next year's report on the increase God be with you Nancy p.. Now let me pass out one other thing. Much like the introductory. Paper there this is very similar but it's a little bit more detailed in the actual nuts and bolts process that she goes through so it's got an introduction page one and page 2 is the pre-planning how and when to order materials and number 3 is the Ngaire cav the ring process so it's a more detailed version of the generalized outline we just went Ok. So I would encourage you to look through that and by the way besides those items she also sent Like I said sample letter sample thank you letter simple introductory letters now I didn't print off all of those for everybody but those will all be available Michigan s.s.p. I'm dot org You can go there and go to I don't know if it's resources tab or something like that but we'll have a banner up there you can click on it it will make it easy to find Ok but all of the resources and we're going to have a promo video that you can show in your local church of people out there enjoying in gathering because what I'd love to do is see a revitalization of this branch of personal ministries work and all of our churches there's you know the business aspect there's the getting out the community there's the social aspect if I it's just good all around so highly encourage it we only have a couple minutes left but do any of you have any questions or comments yes ma'am and. Now every. One here yes. My. Heart. And I think I remember going to church needs to teach us. Yes By the way that's a critical element thank you so much this is nothing nothing require special training in this one just learning quick little canvas go out with your friends this is a brilliant way to have older and younger generations work together there's not age discriminatory it's not limited to one demographic or anything it's great and let me tell you you have some doe eyed happy red nose kid giving this little canvas why people are singing it does it's like the appeal song at the end of a markedly campaign it's striking a chord in the heart and that's what we're going for is to reach the heart yes and. He says your side. That he was on here you know like. That are like you know. You know something I want to think whenever I have nothing but he's in town now true story. Yeah Amen amen I we took our we took our own kids just go door to door to do Bible study offer stuff if you put a kid and a cookie along with that Bible study offer card you're going to give every one of them away they're going to ask for it's great you know so we're just looking for and it's not like tricking we should actually be nice it actually helps you know so it's a good thing to do any other comments or questions I want to be timely and make sure we're out of here in time but I don't want to miss anything. All right so look for more of those resources on Michigan s.s. pm dot org And they're not available now but they will be shortly after campaigning we're going to get it up and running Yes ma'am. Please. Yes they. Go Act Yes we are yes we are both. Right here frozen for. Yes yes we. Yes absolutely we have gotten this mentality we've bought into a false narrative that you know religions only for you know down here but up there they everybody needs Jesus and we have to find creative ways to reach their hearts to absentee Very quickly let's bear heads gently Father thank you so much for in gathering help us to go do your work well we prayed in Jesus' name amen and this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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