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Creation: How Did Jehovah Create?

Jed Daniel Lee


Born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist, Jed Daniel Lee was blessed with godly parents and a Christian education. However, while attending a secular university, he did not live as Daniel did in Babylon. Jed virtually forsook God; yet God did not forsake him. Through a series of events, Jed was eventually re-baptized at the 2003 GYC. Jed (JD, MBA) serves part-time as the Administrative Partner at NEWSTART PMR Clinic PC. He is also earning his ND and MScN in the hopes to augment his ability for medical missionary work and integrative health clinics. Jed enjoys ministering to young people and sharing with others the truth about the Creator God. Jed is happily married to his wonderful wife Irene. They are proud parents to Theophilus, Helaine, Heliya and Jeriel.



  • February 6, 2010
    3:00 PM
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our father in heaven our Creator God we are created we realize that we've come from the dust of the ground and in fact without you sustain in our lives would be nothing but dust the father we ask for the humiliation today humble us and help us to recognize that even the act of creation the week of creation is something we have to accept by faith father help us to see the order and the perfection in the way you created bless us now with the presence of the Holy Spirit we ask and pray in Jesus name amen I don't have a good lunch is a very unique room almost was I could clone myself and put myself over there and we hear the same time I apologize him and probably be focusing a lot more attention over here but I will try to look into every so often okay I guess we could since the monitor is not working if you will turn in your Bibles with me to Genesis chapter twenty two verse five Genesis chapter twenty two verse five there is no Sunday and is ready Genesis chapter twenty two verse five this is the story of Abraham going to mom Mariah with his son on donkey to male servants some would menopause fire is my mic cutting in and out is better wholesale health in Genesis chapter twenty two verse five the Bible says and Abraham said to his young men stay here with the donkey line the boy will go over there and what's next for worship worship and come again to you now Abraham is a very interesting person in fact the whole book of Genesis in the Genesis narrative there is more space devoted to talk about Abraham than any other Bible character in the book of Genesis genocide Abraham is referred to in the New Testament as a friend of God also you will find Abraham 's name twice in in Hebrews the faith chapter when we do this last start over and over all over again but it is wonderful all rise did you see that soon I saw the bar I all I know is going on the monitor is lying to me the projector says it can display it in a very high resolution but in fact it probably can't which is why it's doing that I must go one step lower okay for a guy but it is a short table of the intellect even if maybe for the next one will try the longer one again except with the 800x600 resolution I think they'll is the issue I can this morning we talked about God to create door and we realize and we understood that again I'm cutting in and out on the it's not me we realize that the name of this creator God is Jehovah and Jehovah means is self existent one okay now what does it mean to self exists okay what do you guys just have land one I whiny and interviews are to sustain life it's the only loss that our life has to come out to come from outside of us it's the same thing when the water we drink and is the same thing with the air that we breathe those are constant reminders that we consist all things consist in Christ like I believe and I'm paraphrasing yourself on the wrong you don't don't blame her blame me I believe there is a place where she talks about how every single Ron of food is only possible because of what took place on the cross for you and now we were talking about Abraham in Genesis chapter twenty two verse five and there we see a picture of Abraham with his son Isaac and the two male servants and the dog in the wood and the fire and they're going to Mount Mariah to do what you have a sacrifice is the sacrifice Isaac what do you do to sacrifices when the ten Commandments says thou shall not kill its cremation is the end result is that saying my friend isn't that a bizarre command from God sister White tells us in paychecks and profits that she knew who it was the voice of God but he was questioning whether he was questioning the logic behind God 's command in other words Abraham was so in soon when the boys finger recognizes in fact the incidence is a safe place here in Genesis twenty two about fifteen years have passed fifteen to seventeen is a path since the last time there was any direct communication from God to Abraham and Abraham when he heard the voice of God he still recognized the question for you today is are you so in tune with the shepherds voice what did Jesus say is that my senior year my are you listening the voice of Jesus everyday well listen to how he speaks here is staying here with the donkeys of a young male servants and then in the English it says iron the boy will go over their words are coming in to you right it seems simple and it seems innocuous enough it almost seems like a misrepresentation doesn't it you know what it actually says in the Hebrew construction it says stay here with the donkey I am the boy will go over either one will go over there I am the boy will worship and I and the boy will come again in two zero meaning that's how the actual Hebrew was set up what is telling us friends and Abraham would not have started out on the road to Mount Mariah unless you believe that God was not only the Creator but also the Greek creator or the resurrected his statement here is evidencing that she draws believe that God can restore life to the dead very weak a man I don't normally search for a man's fault but seriously is no resurrection of the day is not true we might as well all the home today right now because of all those your fate is in its in a hour say is dedicated on this fundamental premise is that God himself his life and he can impart that life to you and me even though we are already dead so this is why Abraham is mentioned twice in the faith chapter no friends where is that Hebrews chapter eleven so let's turn there is Chapter 11 Hebrews Chapter 11 and incidentally of all the characters that are mentioned in the faith chapter there I there is only one person is mentioned twice in the pneumonitis Abraham that's right you will find it first in verse a court talks about my faith Abraham was told to move day you know how old he was when he was moving when he was asked to move out and go seventy comedy here are seventy years old or older alternative you are you ready to move on a moments notice notice okay let's try to younger folks out if you get up and go the minute God doesn't go beyond this okay a few of you are I will praise God for the fieldbus access in the raise my hand because I can do that if God told me to move right now I will admit freely I confess I would not be able to do it why I have too much stuff and not anyways I think you probably are you probably have a lot of stuff to not only stop the things that idea down hold you back the days of seventy God told him you need to go out and do some country living right and so he did he moved from LA to Loma Linda is a good feelings Alanna Baran soared seventy five how to come back to mental and you need to keep going so here in verse eight it says by faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place he was to receive as an inheritance many went out not knowing what or where he was going to allow how clueless can you be Abraham was lost and he was probably one of those guys that didn't pullover and ask for directions either I certainly didn't know what was going to know who told him to go to God do you realize that God has told each of us to go we read that text earlier this morning we used it to show how father son and Holy Spirit have one name Ray was the practice of that was the first to go right go ye therefore on go is God really speaking to me is he telling me to go where mice posted on the specify where in other words we all have been called to go the question I have for all of us to there is high we really go in the first time you'll see his name medicine is the second time you see a inverse seventeen in verse seventeen Abraham is mentioned the second time it says here my faith Abraham when he was tested what he do offer at all either he went through with almost as he went all the way to the point of almost plunging the knife into his son 's nominee for your father 's ear day I am one I have two little children over there in the back corner I think I can do that I really don't have the faith that Abraham definitely have even in spite of the fact that you and I we have the New Testament we have the testimony of the apostles of how Jesus Christ came out of the tomb and yet if God told me to make this kind of sacrifice and also probably all of us are like that that's why our name is not found in Hebrews Chapter 11 but Abraham 's is an associate by faith when he was Jesse offered up Isaac and he who had received the promise was in the act on offering up his only son that's another whole sermon there are many sons did Isaac have our Abraham have we nobody's suing they had a few more after you know that but in God 's vernacular in the Bible 's vernacular Isaac was his only son being that's pregnant with meaning and it says here in verse eighteen of whom it was said to Isaac shall your offering offspring be named and here is the reason why Abraham is listed here in the face chapter says in verse nineteen he considered what you do the logically considered he included in his mind right he understood the consider that God was able even to raise ten Isaac from the dead from which figuratively speaking he did receiving back why are we talking about faith here on why we talk about the faith of Abraham LaFrance the reason why Abraham was known as the friend of God is because of the relationship he had with the right to help how can you have friends you have friends yes okay who is your closest friends distinct in your mind why is that person your close friend it's because more than likely you spend the most time with that person is and is not so for those of you who are married this should tell you your best friend should be your spouse 's right your best friend should be your spouse because you should be spending the most time together to deal the weirdest thing is today in this day and age we have people that go to work and they have what they call a work spouse has ever heard of that that all were not married we don't have a physical relationship with Matt we just get along so well at the office I present my work spouse never ever heard of anyone talking like that you know oh boy I have friends it's because the all has gone so far from God 's ideal that we are now spending more time with mothers and things when we should be spending more time with our own whiskey sky more time with God we should be spending more time with our families and yet that's not what the world puts on us okay so Abraham was a friend of God because of the amount of time he spent with God these listed twice in the fixed chapter it's a demonstration of the relationship that he had with God now wants to go back to verse three Maximus is going to read first-line were all familiar with outright now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen for by the owners obtain a good report and I want to focus here on verse three by faith what we understand that the universe laws what created by the word of God so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible was that last phrase telling us created on nothing God made something out of nothing interestingly enough in the Old Testament they have birds that they use wear where we translate it may create etc. in the English language the words that they use for God 's creative act is different from the words of verse of the use of what humans make the Gentiles same on the immunity hemoglobin go home and look it up yourself the Hebrew word that they used for making and creating in relationship to what God was his different then the words that are used for what man does the reason being is this mankind we make a nice computer we make a nice podium we were even nice time we make a nice since we make nice students but friends what are we really doing is worth changing something into something else law takes nothing absolutely nothing and can make something out of it and the thing is in our English language recited acts are called me or create but it doesn't do justice to the nuances that you'll find in the Hebrew all right so by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God now who is the highlight to believe that the author of the book of zero is fallen we have no one like the fact that on but the author of all is saved by faith we was speaking to me is it just Christians read that he's writing the book of Hebrews for his fellow brothers but when we say we couldn't that mean all of humankind is announced we drank in fact I would submit that he is stating that the word believe is inclusive of all of humanity including Adam read it very carefully why let's put the Lord Adam there in the place of week by a ponderous so that the universe was created by the word of God is okay why where was at him when God said let there be lights one where I thought MS was the lack of know a few days and the days of creation were both born where was he when God said let there be dryland it wasn't there trying what about when you said let the earth bring forth also some creepy Crawley thinks what was the where in fact and on next to his wife was the last day created during the week right or one of the last things so another words and e-mails was created was already there when he came on the scene and so when he saw the sun the stars the ground the animals the trees everything and God said hey Adam I made that what Adam have to say what will you say I believe you what is universally my thinking we all understand all of you have any understand that the universe was created by the word of God friends I would submit to you that if we do not have this understanding it is because we do not have the requisite face we very talked about the faith that Abraham and saw sacrificing his son Ray talked about the faith of Abraham in venturing out to who knows where and those kinds of faith you and I already confess I freely admit it would be very hard for me to do the first three talks about something on an entirely different level especially in the times that one I live today this may is what is going to determine your relationship with all father remember and Genesis chapter twenty two verse five he says I am the boy will go over and we well what worship and we will come back tray they were going there for the purposes of worship we will be showing here very shortly that day the issue at hand is again the issue of worship and the question is who will you worship it's not will you worship you will worship whether you want to or not okay the question is whom will you worship and the prerequisite to be in the faith chapter is implied we need to worship the creator God Jehovah so we want to know how Jehovah created which is the answer for the question organized to cancer today what do you suppose were going to look in the book of Genesis that's absolutely right now I wish I had time to get into all the details of Genesis but suffice it to say let me put it this way the first three chapters of Genesis is the thesis statement for the whole Bible you'll find everything from the doctrine of God the doctrine of man the doctrine of salvation the doctrine of the church the doctrine of Christian life even the doctrine of eschatology eschatology for a term study of end time what will prophecy and eschatology in Genesis one two and three you will even find a message about diets must reform him slide on being Syria's Demetrius in all remember when when Adam and the one newsstand what are they going to pay realized they were naked and what are they going to pay decided to become seamstresses try and it took those leaves and we need the little old covering for them right and then Jesus comes and says you don't wear that kind of stuff around here right maybe you can send out way okay but she D will then later with with animal skins were used for exhorting it animal skins from a dead animal what kind of animal the useful side to pass something that pointed to Jesus Christ and if you go into the Hebrew there and look in the cognitive of the words where it says and you can God close them when the scans and do Strong 's concordance search on how often that particular cognitive comes up Denver you will see that it is mostly associated with when Moses adorned Aaron as high priests it's significant all that is found in Genesis one two and three in fact I would go so far as to say that all biblical understanding should be predicated on the screws that are the first three chapters of Genesis and if the theology or the religious belief does not conform to Genesis one two one three brought out the window hello nurse interesting ten Genesis chapter one and two describes a perfect environment with perfect people who are in perfect communion with a perfect God right the last two chapters of the Bible where they revelation twenty one oh one and twenty two also talks about a perfect environment with perfect people in perfect communion with a perfect God you go to lunch after all were on both sides to Genesis three and Revelation twenty what you have become the first floor in the last four and in between those two chapters my friends is what God is trying to do for your salvation and is about an amazing sequence coincidence they are the bookends of the Bible but even Genesis chapter Revelation chapter twenty one and twenty two even chapter twenty we have to be interpreted in light of Genesis one two and three so who wrote the book of Genesis Moses you know nowadays scholars are actually scoffing at that idea in fact that I think it's the fifteen or sixteen chapters I think was written by ten different authors friends we live in a time and age when things are beginning to view Road and deteriorate and it is in this time especially we need to stand firm holy heavens fall so let's look at Genesis one one and two it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was what without form and void is saying that the Earth lies what are some other words for without form form less than a network again what about boy what's another word for void vanity okay I like that do you know that most world religions today some have form and some have filling it's rare to find both in fact and second Timothy I believe it was off three five it says people have a form of godliness but denying the power thereof this for in Philly sounds like a donut right you need to have both form and filleting for it to be the real thing okay I want to keep this in mind and what work to do now is when rate we have all our Bibles turn to Genesis chapter one right okay will use this as an open book quiz for you Seventh-day Adventists are I want to God creates on the first day blue lights okay so God created light on the first day and God saw the light and it was a rule it okay what did God create on the second day Ferdinand what's another word for firmament atmosphere out there I like that and God saw the estimates there and thought saw that it was a known and read it very carefully closes an open book quiz you just got fifty percent it is there any phrase their words says God saw the parliament and the dividing of the waters and said it was good no warranties of the letters symbols and protests gone says it was a seven times what you know what he does but he doesn't say for the second day on the sixth day he says it twice missing why do you suppose God didn't say that they number two was going when there are a lot of theories out there there's a lot of scholastic debate about it I think the one that convinces me the most is this anyone familiar with Hebrew there mother would this is the word selected by the Hebrew writer I have to say that nonpublic do believe that this is the Lord selected mimosas were awesome Devin Sarah we all believe that Moses brought Genesis okay this is the Lord selected mimosas in conjunction with the public there are other words fourth slide not solve the hot and there is probably about six others accountable and Wallin today but the word mom who is reserved exclusively for the deluge for Noah's flood it for only found in Genesis six eleven and one time in Psalms twenty nine versus ten and they're all in reference to Noah's life what this is telling us friends is that the Bible right it was very deliberate in choosing a specialized word to talk about the flood events and in the rest of them out whenever they talk about older daughter is a you never use the word level what this is emphasizing is that the flood was a singular events but catastrophic events and it is because of this I believe which some scholars submit the reason for the destruction of the world the first time was because of what took place or what was created on the second day which is why God did not see all that you made on the second day and saw that it was financed very logical now whether that's that's true or not we will have to study more and will will learn when we get to heaven so first two days atmosphere what was created on day three okay the answers are like diamonds out already by date three friends how many days of creation are there is a and there is sad and there isn't a link is under the are aware to cover that had about this testing is that you call yourselves seven and admin is the local results did say that Ben is right okay what was created on day three hundred altogether now whatsoever him wrong and what is that all nowhere to land and vegetation and God saw this and saw that it was okay why do you suppose this presentation came up on day three what was the purpose of making visitation on the same day he made land okay so his creative power all right that's not a wrong answer you know what I find is the best answer is found in the Scriptures hardly needs a Genesis one verse twenty nine and one twenty nine God said behold I give you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the ordinary tree would see in its fruit so than for some why didn't God make meditation on day three to provide food for all the animals and human beings I would come afterwards imagine if he made all the animals and humans first but not the will allow you but I get very cranky when I don't have to do much on me all they probably didn't even then because you know before send right but does this so for science okay this visitation was to inform home on animals and humans we know that one single of the next person verse thirty it says and immunities of the earth and every bird of the heavens and everything that goes on the basically everything that God created that moves around right as soon as I have given every green plant for food and soul it was this tells me that not only did not design humans to be vegetarian to design all the whole animal kingdom to be vegetarian as well as a very logical reason for this we have some young people here I think they're more on this site so let me direct your questions to the younger crowd over there is in the front row there evolves you folk look into Lindsay enough to answer this where does these come from us he laughed again and will think I knew that this is of course not how now is the next question you ready for my what kind of account a wide hot female tell what the they don't kill male tales from the and it will open up to the adults and how do you get in on that so if you wanted to have these in the Garden of Eden you would have to have what first sat to that what the Bible teaches friends know so for all of you who are thinking that you get to Heaven and sat down at the table the great feast of the supper of the Lamb you know the marriage supper of the Lamb on think you're in a habit to nonstate him I got news for you it's not that I mean why there is not that I thought to the diet issues in Genesis one two and three how if a man with his bird okay what is it sir away I could hear the one non- Des Peres where is that indigenous to South America all candidates must this is definitely apparent but is not from some America so he was very close to very good doesn't look like apparently you know it looks pretty fierce right in fact with those that have a man alone this is not my friends as she and Paris it is indigenous to New Zealand okay and in New Zealand this year Perez had a wonderful life because there was no human beings for while that is until human started coming over and decide while this is nice beautiful country I want to settle here and not only do they bring themselves we brought their sheep and their livestock and more people or more people than us what happened over the interesting thing is this burn was almost destroyed the point of extinction do you know why because they said what known out there for others it's because Shepherd 's lobbyists for carrying into the backhand of their shape just to get to the fact around the kidney how will anyone be absolutely surprised that this bird with its sharp claws and sharp the was actually a vegetarian lots that I come from UNC for growing their my friends this word was a vegetarian until the people came and started to destroy its habitat in the food in case which was planned material and the reason Clausing the visibility can dig in to the hard floor on some of the plant material that it is cool so that eighties but come winter there's nothing left to eat the fish humans have chocked on my house for firewood and my only source of food is gone I'm very hungry all while there's a woolly land there and it looks like it's going to die I'm being serious what these birds started and it was fine dad will see in the winter and started to eat them like carrion okay just to survive and then what happened was they learn now vacant land on a seat while it's alive and still dig into it and need it without she's really doing anything about it so towards all animals that are mediators today are meat eaters out of necessity it is because in Genesis chapter three how many things were cursed by the way the last was Curtiss Wright there's only two things first in Genesis chapter three was a man and one woman it was the land for man's sake and was the snake and it said the land is any curse so that it will bring on the phone that is as and when it was created on day three so not only do humans have to distill the soil to get their sustenance the animals would have a harder as well you don't care you normally presume to be vegetarian right here and in England the covenants and islands in all there's only so much space it since crowding okay he's here here particularly the juvenile beers when they start growing their antlers you'll find them on the seaside I hate punk was as cc seaside cliff source when you have a lot of shorebirds and you know what they're doing their they are treating the case they're treating the sick in particular sword the little baby birds why because they're growing their learners but that's only time will do that they even have documented must-see that tasted the blood on grout sealer grouses with the grouse no it's not a rodents it's a bird it's what what did the Israelites cry out for on an Elvis like a quail okay this sees learn the taste of a grouse and learn how to hunt grouse it's been documented they have animals that are normally typically vegetarian and I go meet you don't have hires and liens and ferocious casts right better bred in captivity in a feed of all plant -based diet in one happens aggressive straight down in fact just up the road here not too far there used to be a prisoner how many were familiar with marital prison okay I feel you you run it it's no longer there because I think the state figured in a lower losing money on no return criminals but quite frankly what they did there was a divine of the prison population or the prison camp was in half and the prisoner coming and had a choice you can either go to decide and defense standard California fair and have the standard California penal system treatment for more income will run this site will give you some nice parts like some free dental work in all this but you have to be on a strict vegan diet you have to attend chapel you have to do all of this ball and kind sort out pretty 50-50 and you know what happened this side which had nothing to do with the standard junk food in the meeting all this stuff of the standard penal system here in California that was a complete difference questions difference the linear and educational fields in all the effects of popping and selling food in those types of vending machines they happen public schools and now there is a movement to try to get those things the house friends what we actually makes an impact on your spiritual life in fact of using amount of the first tasks that mankind had to endure was over what appetite that first test that Christ had to endure the wilderness was over someone are you and I thinking that appetite is not an issue for us anymore on to say that out loud all right so we have the first-graders of creation and that day vegetarians and meat of the visitation laws for the animals and humans it was there from Brian okay so what happened on therefore that's right Jimmy summarizer heavenly bodies a couple when I caisson women's size what happened on day five what did God create RIP more specific animals but what kind of animals as kinds of animals is okay or is this for fishes both are acceptable plural forms what did God create them on days six okay but before then before then less nanomoles and then finally human beings and all this God saw that it was good God saw that it was and God saw that it was good and then when and then when women was formed God saw that it was in very good as things in way women it's not because that woman was created okay not why it's because the image of God was slowly reproducing humanity when woman was born that morality was finally now manifest in humanity God said wow this is very cool now remember only onset we said that the earth was less formless and then see so what's the opposite of formless forming something right or formed brain and what about the opposite of empty fill so let's look at the creation week in the context of building for forming and filling okay what was created on day one lines soon otherwise the form of life was created on day one on days for the I will no form of light where there are heavenly bodies Mondes who God created the form on atmosphere and then on day five God filled the form of atmosphere when birds and fishes notice atmosphere that you and I walked in the day is very much like the liquid that the fish are in you know that there has waits in Aldersgate resistance for you and I were so used to it but it's just like talking the fish what's wrong and what is there in the water that's what there is still you taken out of the water and they freak out right so the atmosphere this flinging open to atmosphere is a atmospheric air atmospheric in the liquid atmospheric they were both filled with animals on day three create in the form of Rhineland Norland and then he filled the land on day five with animals and humans to see a pattern here is twenty six thank you very much there is a pattern here is the oldest form thin-film pattern that's not exclusive just a week of creation what happened in Genesis chapter two verse Avenue says the Lord God what will harm them the man from the dust of the ground and then he is great what's reading into a man it's selling them it's just like Pompano attire I thought see old mankind with the breath of life so when you look at this parallel again form he formed from the nothing on him and he did what he filled with the breath of life now is not creating according to some sort of pattern do you see it so far this is why if you explain and from this turn from these terms it makes more sense when you talk about the state of the dead in order Ecclesiastes thoughts on RSS Minnesota thoughts returning to Europe as it was in the spirit or the rest actually so return unto God who gave it so after this six days of creation that God saw that he saw no need in stock it says in Genesis two one thus the heavens and the earth and all the holes of them were finished was that it's no an on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done what to what happened after the six Day what happened after the sixth day it says there Simon Dana was after the sixth day there was a knowledge of it for you to have a seven day and gone doing nothing would we have a seven day knowledge no as God had to create the seventh day did you not let me be honest with me does God get tired so it says here after this he had to rest he sees dry friends he had to make the seven day because without it creation would not be complete Cuomo on anniversary it says then God bless the Son of Man sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God created and made so we realized that the seventh day is blessed and sanctified and God rested on it right let me ask you this I know that most of us here are some of the Adventists right were doing yet our year from outdated the rotation of the earth around the sun when you make one cycle around the sun you call that a year or so quite frankly those of you who have been around the sun more than us your older than us even in the sun too long okay we're doing our month from multiaxial orbit of the moon around the birds not the sun the earth okay one revolution of the moon around the yard is our month what is the day the rotation of the earth on its phone access friends tell me where to begin a week from his is there a natural phenomenon to which we can ascribe to the seven-day week did you know that in human history they've tried it seems that a few times most notably in the French Revolution they went for a ten day week it didn't last very long something intrinsically not only in human beings but even in animals there have been studies that show that there are some animals that see this seven day cycle most notably the Sabbath keeping the unit that we're not here to talk about the fundraiser is get off their others so this seven day cycle only exists because of what they place in Genesis chapter one and two which is why we are known as seven day Adventist I now let's review this in the context of how God Jehovah God created remember the formula felt as good as really quickly in our very good and is right they want he created a formula like and he filled it with heavenly bodies and so he created a form on atmosphere and easily on day five when birds and fish on day three secret in the form of man and he filled it on basics with animals and human beings men on base and I need created the form of the seventh day Sabbath now what the season follows Steve filled with with RTI her blessing but I think I heard answering here what was it himself this is why this seven days is crucial for your and my existence in fact I will submit its that all people in heaven will be Sabbath keepers and the reason being if it is only a missile but it wary in on himself who is life itself cons to come noon with mankind in a memorial that set in time not a place in time interestingly enough in this only works in English one eleven English words size what you find in the middle the word and running in a Hebrew doesn't work out like that but it again I find it interesting that insiders define the father coincidence you can draw your own conclusions so why all this important to me the because the upgrade we realize how Jehovah God created and somewhat bustled the Bible says in I believe it great great great highway well although the whole Bible deals with the great controversy is a general theme there is especially one book that sheds the men's light on this topic and this is the book known as the book revelation or the apocalypse it's an unfolding of the last book of the Bible written about and for God 's people living in the last days are you living in the last days okay I believe it particularly in the thirteenth and fourteenth chapter you guys are similar with a chiasm okay so you know how it builds out from the entity goes up to the middle rank thirteen and fourteen dab in the middle of revelation and see you know what here is where the climates takes place there is a great controversy between God and the driving and in Revelation thirteen and fourteen you will find the word worship eight times now if you found the word worship eight times into chapters I would think that the issue will be important that whenever we talked about in brand-new set on Monday go over with my son and my son and I we are going to enforce it and remember I said the Sabbath increasingly all of this is not a pertained to worship and is lowered out of the closing in on here in verse and chapter thirteen you will live in the worst of five times and it's always in reference to worshiping the Dragon incidentally what is the Dragon bar who is the dragons probably more accurate so you're going to tell me that their people who will be worshiping Satan fallen on me Seventh-day Adventist Giannone there is a vision that Ellen White hat where the God the father and God the son were sitting on the table showbread in the holy place and God the father and God the son and daughter to the most holy place but in front of the table to celebrate were lots of worshipers who are worshiping and when God the father and God the son went into the holy place there was a few that went along with them for the rest of him stayed there and guess who came in the place of God Satan this is telling you and me that it doesn't matter what the nomination yet been baptized into you have the distinct possibility of worshiping the wrong deity you and I will be worshiping the tried and unbeknownst to us five times in Revelation chapter thirteen there is talk about worshiping the Dragon the beast for the famous hobbyist what is in the midst of another work friend is okay and I don't feel all that in the old testament than one thing that God is warning about warning after warning after warning about the notice idolatry it is because the issue of worship is a social in both the religious and spiritual life we need to realize the object of our worship because human beings are designed to worship and there was a an angel who was almost all most there at the level of guy he was in the throne room himself he was constantly expose the glories and the grandeur and the holiness of the Godhead and yet fly was found in him and when he came over when he was cast down to Earth and Jesus Christ came as a human being there in the wilderness what did Satan craves most from Jesus worship Satan always wants worship because he wants to be like God so five times in revelation thirteen we have idolatry worship three times in Revelation fourteen we have the word worship to all those times again in conjunction with the Dragon abuse and imaged on the beast only one time on opposing is a call of Larry called to worship the creator God and you know a finite define a slack in the forefront of the three angels message now notice I said message singular rank that's a whole other topic I believe actually the three Angels messages are really essentially one message and it is actually the methods of righteousness by faith but that's another topic will do that some other time if you're willing so the first Angels message is given in Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven where he said nodding imploring him for the hour on his judgment is come and what works can we did what and who made heaven and earth see answering the water last on my counter there were four hundred and four verses in the book of Revelation what's happened four hundred and four two hundred and two okay two hundred two did you know that over two hundred and seventy verses in the book of Revelation referenced directly or indirectly something from the Old Testament scholars will tell you that this is a long use verbatim quotation from the Old Testament that's found in the book of Revelation and friends see the words according from the fourth commandment very good which commandment is the fourth commandment about the Sabbath what does it say there in fact Google the ten Commandments God did right with his own fingers it says in Exodus chapter twenty verse eight remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God you shall do no work and they give the reason for this in verse eleven for in six days the Lord made the heavens the error in the sea and all that is in them notice how this is similar to what is on the run the later is going to have the four elements or do you not have made right you have heavens and earth and USC that's what it says in Revelation chapter fourteen dozen is at worst a move may have errors or to see and in the last element is different unlike and get into that today but those of you who are at CYC David after did a presentation on this and he did present a very compelling case as to why the fourth was out of the last element was changed let's continue and it says that God rested the seventh day therefore the Lord or who are actually folks Yahweh or Jehovah blessed the Sabbath day and how loaded if Jesus was the Creator God who created the seventh face that was the one who became man and who is the seventh day Sabbath while he was here on errors why are you and I fighting about which state the key especially if all of us claim that we are Christians a Christian by definition is one who follows Christ we learned earlier today that Jehovah Jehovah Jesus was the one who was there in creation I have John one one two four and fourteen Brian and if this shall seize us was the one who created the seven day and then he came on earth any chapters since you and me is a very interesting thing that you'll find in the Gospels you'll find many different statements of the Passover the use of the Tabernacles you will find these phrases and particularly John he will say the Jewish feast the Jewish Passover never once you find the word Sabbath associated with a word Jewish in fact care and Mark two twenty seven it's the Sabbath was made for the June Brian will integrate you know what this worker manners and overall loss where we get our word and rule policy and over the Sabbath was made for all mankind and incidentally it is only the Sabbath and the institution of marriage that mankind was witness to in the week of creation is not significant and yet those other two fundamental things that Satan is constantly contacting in this last phase friends we are living in a great controversy I hope you have seen why it is important for us to understand how it is that Jehovah created and what that relevance is to me the last message that this church has is one about worship who are you going to worship are you going to worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water or I avoid the worst I don't thought is the question for you and me today worship him who made heaven and earth friends how do you better become of how you become better acquainted with your creator God that's right you spend time with him particularly in his work friends this is the best form of worship you can give in fact leave you with this the word worship comes from an old English you know during the feudal days when property owners were the rulers of their own land and if you didn't own the property were either serve for us servants or your slaughter whatever on the land anytime the landlord Rod mine is in on the magnificent Steve you is the non- landowner would you tip your hat or bow slightly and say your worthy ship you are worthy shifts this is where the word worship comes from when you leave knowledge that someone was worthy what you were doing was saying they are worth your time and energy when you worship you are stating that it's worth your time and energy so frontally asking those worshipful lady take place between nine thirty two all twelve o'clock on Saturday now it actually takes place what twenty four seven zero whole lifestyle should be a lifestyle of worship because what you do every moment of your law I determine and demonstrate what you consider important holiday of us are not asking a writer hand spend more time on the phone talking to our family and friends more than we talk to her heavenly father on our niece holiday of us spend more time flipping through the channels of the cable TV or even through the pages on the Internet more than we flip through the pages of God 's word what are you showing in your life as importance what are you demonstrating his word the ship for you the Bible calls us to worship the creator God isn't it about time we all became better acquainted with him let us pray our father God thank you so much for being the Jehovah who creates not only you but the son and the Holy Spirit all of you were involved in the creation of this world we learn how all humankind must have faith to believe that the Wolf was created by your word none of us was there not even Adam but father we trust your word we believe what you have written for us help us so not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God father forgive us for our laziness forgiveness for the times where we've demonstrated to you and to others that you want important to us I ask that you take our hearts today and re- create an honest desire to hunger the source the longing after your kingdom and your righteousness is our prayer in Jesus name and


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