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Would you voluntarily subject yourself to an invasive investigation?



  • March 14, 2020
    9:45 AM

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Imagine subjecting yourself to every decision you've ever made being reviewed find out in this episode of what God has to go through. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. Bible based conversation. Contemporary Issues. Focus. Just with you. Everyone welcome to in verse My name is Justin I'm here with my friends in the studio and we're in the midst of a study on The Book of Daniel 13 weeks a whole quarter we call and we're in the where we were in chapter 7 of Daniel we're looking at different narratives in the Book of Daniel and different characters different a character that we need to have especially in the last days and now in the segment talking about the prophecies when I board a prayer and want to dive into the text of Daniel Chapter 7 so Kelly can you pray for us. Father in heaven we think you for the gift of your word and we thank you that you gave it to us and also you decided to help us understand it and so I pray that you send your Holy Spirit that you would open our eyes and help us to see things clearly and we apply these things to our lives also we pray this in Jesus' name amen amen So Johnson let's go to Chapter 7 verse 99 through something there or teen and this more as we look at 7 the 1st half we look at the narrative we're looking at the prophecy of the 2nd half they are specifically All right there in 7 I watch till thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days will see that his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure will his through almost a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a 1000 thousands ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated and the books were opened I watched and because of the sound of the pompous words which the horn was speaking I watched till the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame as for the rest of the beasts they had their dominion taken away yet their lives were prolong for a season then the time I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him then they had to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom that all peoples nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting Dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed All right so we've been covering a lot in the Book of Daniel what have we covered thus far in and help us set up for dinner to perception is that Ok. First very briefly we talked about characteristics of God's people looking at the life of Daniel the character traits that he exhibited which mirror. The character of God and the characteristics we have to have in the end days and then we started going into the prophecies in the Book of Daniel that got committed to Daniel but beginning with the one that he committed to Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel interpreted Daniel tempted to and here in top to 7 we see a parallel prophecy to Daniel to have to 2 where you have these kingdoms successive kingdoms one coming after the other from Babylon made a point of Greece and then finally Rome and into an attempt to 70 represented by 4 b.c. And then finally in verse 8 you have this little horn that comes up and the text that we read now is around the same time the same time as this little one is coming up there's also a judgment scene that is being set up on current lease so that's. This is awesome so I mean this is a pretty crazy scene that we see here what's going on here I mean there's Thrones in today's snowing there's fire. Help us oh John Well what we see here is as c.q. was sharing what you had kind of the timeline of Earth's history and suddenly the camera sort of is moving from Earth somewhere else this doesn't look like the earth here you have the Ancient of Days you know my Bible of the Ancient of Days It's all caps here so if this is talking about God doing something or special why there's no Who's going to the garment as white as snow it's not snowing. There he's thrown at the throne of God as fiery flames there's thousands and tens of thousands probably angels and then there's books being opened so. And then as they don we see that the Son of Man is which has already been in this book visible to us and then you have Chapter 3 Jesus is appearing on the scene and we see that there is a judgment taking place there is a court. Of the court to see that there is now a court is in court in session in session. In versa. The court was seated and were were all this is taking place in heaven still or in in a supernatural place that this doesn't look like Earth so in the timeline of this this is actually happening around the same time hour after I say I should say after the time of the Little Horn That's right after the rise of the love the right of the rise yes thank you so question I mean I mean are we judged after we die I mean you watch the movies and you watch the dumb shows on t.v. And you know you die and your spirit comes up and you go into a low score and all these people are staring at you and your name because call you know your classic you know your good deeds are you know 100 your bad deeds 101 so all minus 101 is negative. And you go downstairs so the callee comes up and good deeds are positive 100 in our bodies and they get 99 so holy c. eked out by one then he she gave someone her lollipop in 4th grade that she should get a 2nd and then she gets to go to heaven like isn't that the case is that what's happening here. No. That's a very good. Helper So let's. Bring this down to us to make this make this I think what I like here in verse 10 is the books were opened in the Bible there is a whole bunch of books mentioned you know Bible tells us in the book of Psalms and of course I don't remember where I think 56 where the god is he is remembering. He's remembering our pain he's remembering the suffering we go through this is a record of our lives in the Bible and we know that the Book of Life as mentioned so heaven is very interested in what's going on around here and every experience every situation good or bad is being recorded in heaven and is being looked at here in this judgment scene because it is important for God to. Well it's for God and 40 angels we see this thousands of angels involved here as well to understand the. Decisions that God makes is important to understand. Why because there has to be at some point a decision has to be made who can go to heaven so even though the souls are silly and often the not from the Bible there is a judgment that determines are you going to be saved or not and this is what's taking place here so. And say and mean. That the we know from the Bible that when you die your spirit doesn't go to heaven and sit in a court and get judged because when you're dead you're dead so firstly those t.v. shows are inaccurate. And this judgment I guess maybe what the alluding to is that this is happening concurrently with events that are still to transpiring on earth right so you have stuff that's happening on Earth and as and said in the heavenly realm there's something else that's happening it's almost like the veil is being drawn apart and you see there is there there's this little horn power that is you know trying to ascend up to heaven but in heaven then there is the judgment that opens and. He's being judged but not just being judged what is being judged is the events that have transpired in salvation history and when you when you really look at it it's ancient of days being seated. The events that have transpired throughout salvation history have to do with God who has been acting throughout salvation hinting So while yes am I going to be in heaven you know did I do good etc I'm not the one who is able to do good in my own power and if I'm saved it's not because of my own strength it's really can God save me so in the end me being judged means God is being judged on with God can save me or not and so while the while stuff is happening on Earth there's a judgment as that begins into God's ability to save people throughout the his right. So Kelly I mean there are some people who encounter this text and like they freak out there for 8 of the judgment I mean this is just like they don't even want to open Daniel or any of the apocalypse books I mean your how does how is this a good thing if I can fast forward a little bit to verse 22 b. to some of the phrasing there really comforts me. So until the ancient days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came for the Saints to possess the kingdom that this is this judgment. I was about and you know it's not like the 199 thing that you were doing and I really are you know our salvation does come through our faith in Jesus Christ and it's not whether or not I give all the pop to Sally in 4th grade so I think even to myself but it's not about that but it is about which which side that we have chosen in our life and it's done in our favor and you know you think about it when we don't like the judgment sometimes but other times in our lives we clearly do because when you see someone who does something hurtful to someone else and they get away with it that hurts us like they need there needs to be justice and you know Jesus is God is in a different position you know in the sense of he wants everyone to be saved because even those who are wayward are still his children but God is still just and so it is it is scary but only if we are on the wrong side so if we have if we have chosen Jesus and if we have devoted our life to him then there's nothing to be afraid of is just a matter Romans 8 wonders no condemnation no condemnation to those who are in Christ. And I love the I love the verse $22.00 that you've brought out the judgment was made in favor or in or in Pro or the underside so the judgment investigation is going on too to justify. The Saints not to to to to pick them out and another part of it too is it's not just about us but it's also investigating of God you know is God really who he says he is that he really do the loving thing does it really all make sense and this is a time we can really see all of what God did and why and he can fully be justified even in our sight which is a very humbling thing for God to do because he really owes us no explanation so if you're going to try to on the on the judging God part but just to go back to what we're saying about the judgment being all favor and to allude back to Romans have to 8 that he who spared not his own son but gave him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things right so if God is sitting in judgment and God has already done. Everything to save me why would I be afraid to go before him in judgment when he's obviously on my side you know like it's like yeah I wasn't He's a Jesus came to die for your sins and Jesus is sitting there no God and Jesus to die for your sins He is the one who is sitting there so why would I be afraid to go there is someone who is afraid what is that and. I think it reminds me of you know there is no there is no fear in love of perfect love casts out all fear and it's just a misunderstanding of God and of salvation and Goswami parts of it but I know for me like it was I was very afraid of the judgment I was afraid the books of any revelation because like all the scary things happened there and it was a misunderstanding I don't stand in the judgement in my own merits I stand in Jesus's merit and so it's like I don't have to go there and say like well God I did do these nice things so that's Ok they like that's not but that's kind of the mentality of like am I good enough and the answer is No you're not good enough for Jesus so it's Ok you know but you know going off that in the Bible in the in the grand narrative of the Bible we see that Satan you know he has rebelled against God he's the accuser of the broader and he's not just accusing us he's going he's pointing his finger in. This thing oh you know what he discussed filthy sinner and God says Hey he got rebuking Satan and Satan accusing God's people but he's also accusing God of being unfair and being not not doing the right thing so in this trial in his judgment as God is trying to save us God has to make sure that everyone including Satan will see that he has been dealing with us fairly and that his general that's his that he's allowed to give grace because God is not just all right I'm just going to invent grace and do this now he has the legal right to do it the death of Christ gives him the legal right to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and that is something that Satan cannot argue with the question remains Will we have that assurance in Christ Jesus if we are afraid of the judgment or if we're looking at the judgment of God More details after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us sums up my handle again is in 1st Bible no states now back to the discussion. Welcome back so we are in the talk about judgment and Sunday by hate this topic of judgment freaks them out weeks them out and just like you said sometimes we're subtle we're living in our own world right and we just see all my bad stuff and all my good stuff that's all that we see and for sure the judgements going to be a very bad bad bad bad experience but if we see how bit the Bible portrays it's zoomed out and it's just more than us I want to even more than Jesus saving us right and it's a wonderful news that Jesus saves save me save to save all of us that's just great but maybe even out of that kind of perspective and that God is justifying these accusations that scene is made to see what's going on in the flow Daniel help us out where when we talk about 2 and 7 what is what is 7 point us towards as well while we're going to come to you know you go to chapter 8 I think we're ready mentioned going from Chapter 2 to have to 7 that this is Ripper Titian that happens but well the way that the Bible does it is repeats the broad broad picture and then it's. On is that important portion and enlarges on there and I didn't I just think this. Or this yeah and that having as I wanted you to happen to have to 7 then Chapter 8 and then with an explanation in chapter 9 and actually Doom's into this section that we're talking about about this judgment that happens before Jesus comes this investigator. Judgment into the God's dealings and God's workings and when you're the state the comments you made before if I could. Look back to that Ok it just made me think about the story of Job talking about the investigation that happens the story of job where you know the devil goes up to God and is like oh the earth is mine everybody is like the basis on me and God says Have you seen job and so what's happening in the heavenly realm is there is this question about is God being fair in the way that he's dealing with job and in Job's life he goes through all this crisis so you have stuff that's happening on earth kind of like what's what we talked about here Daniel what's happening on Earth but there's a bigger question that's happening in heaven about has God been fair in the way that he's dealing with these people and so this judgment the judgment or these questions that are being asked and being I answered yes they are being played out in our lives but the way that they are being played out in our lives is a commentary on what God is doing actually so I mean me being faithful to God is a commentary on where the God is worthy of my trust so every time that I choose to be faithful to him even though I'm being thrown in a fiery furnace or I'm being thrown in the Lion's Den etc Every single time I make those kind of decisions I'm saying that God is the kind of God who is worthy of my trust even when I don't understand the entire picture and that it comes in the judgment about who God is and God and all of this is like you say it's all about God's character at the end so connect this for us and I think we've kind of touched upon it but we've got going to hit and run it and is is what's the connection between God being investigated and in God being judged and our trust for him. Will solidify that. And then put super glue in a locket and well you can. Only attack here is a many to many things in. There. It's just how can we how can we fully trust God if we don't fully know and again I just love though is that God doesn't owe us an explanation like he is God and he is above us and so he doesn't have to like there's no like external like the laws of God You have to sell yourself to the humans God like God does it all himself but he says you know I want to have such a trusting relationship I want to be no secrets no confusion and just full transparency parents yeah yeah and so we just have to got it yeah Ok so and by then this is over a fresh thought because you don't hear about this I mean all the t.v. shows have you when you die you go to heaven and you get the whole thing but the book the Bible isn't portrayed that the Bible shows a transparent guy wanting himself to be audited by you know by all the beings in the universe anyway I'm still your thought on this if you're going to that idea of you know love awakens love as much as trust awakens trust and so God wants to enjoy that intimacy with us and so he's like you know I mean in so many ways like I'm going to go the extra mile for an extra 1000000000 miles always has joins us here as an auditing crew place hears everything God could even like Fathom to just give you more and more reasons to trust me. God is really a God of vulnerability he makes himself vulnerable in this process because what if something would come up and we would realize well he's not fair you know then we have a reason to distrust him the beautiful picture we see here is that and then when you connected to Revelation Revelation 1000 talks about after the fact when we are in heaven and so on we are going to explain that God is just all your judgments are fair we will see everyone in the universe including those who are lost will say you know that God is fair and that his dealings have been right in the way he has been dealing and some people can say well he's God I mean he can kind of fending off an angle for Nagle can mess with the parameters to make himself look at. So how do you answer that if God couldn't mess with the parameters we're talking about we're judged by the law and messing with the parameters would mean changing his law changing changing the standard if God could have done that Jesus would not have gone to God and Jesus on the cross is the most powerful argument for the god didn't mess with the primer yet and for the end for the weight of the law I said God did not change the law even to save himself right so so that that that argument is out the door and I wanted to speak to can I can I can I prove it all right. To the fact of the transparency thing what it brings to my mind is Genesis chapter 2 where at the beginning God created everything it says at the end of Tempted to the very last thing that it tells us that Adam and his wife when they can and they will unashamed and then in chapter 3 have sin entering into the world this this notion of transparency like being able to be seen completely and just seen through through you know through all this out there there are no barriers that was how God created things to be but sin has come into the world and what sin does is when you are open and you are transparent and you make yourself vulnerable and you get hurt and so we put up walls and put up barriers and what God is done and is doing is he's saying I'm going to take the 1st steps and make myself vulnerable make myself completely transparent that means you can hurt me and you know what when he did that we did hurt him we put him on a cross that was God being vulnerable but he says I'm going to take that step so that we can get back to the place where we can be open with one another where we can be completely transparent with each other it starts with God Himself says I I'm going to open myself up to you what's beautiful this in the entire process the really what we call the plan of salvation God is with us at every step so you know when you look at the Old Testament and even the New Testament Jesus is being presented to us as our High Priest as the one who stands with us. Tween us and sure condemnation of the law but he brings grace to us and freedom from that and the victory that comes with trusting in Jesus so he is with us in this courtroom so to say as our representative and when our case is called up he is the one that is being standing in for us and His righteousness is seen not my my lacking right you know as you're talking I'm thinking you're all 3 of you're talking I was thinking you know what us just still being here. Is also another testament of God's God's love and fairness like if he could control everything he snapped we wouldn't be here in this kind of condition right and and some people say all the reason why we're here is more evidence that God doesn't exist in God's Cause just playing around with it was that there will be an end to thing and so the question that I was like why why 2300 years why why the time why why why why $6000.00 or whatever years 1000 years it is and so God is allowing all the permutations of sin to happen in human history so that they never happen again and so here in chapter 7 verse 10 you see the 100001000 thousands of these all these angels and and you know Vulcans and Martians all around Ok so it is our racing himself in a i.r.s. investigation kind of a 3rd party investigator they have free will they have free access they can go ask any question they want and God says hey I'm not going to interfere in this investigation whatsoever find your report on the presidential you know or whatever scandal you and you'll you'll find nothing there kind of had the same thing going on yeah I find this what this is really about God's care he's vulnerable we mention that he's transparent anything else so you can get from God's character I know you keep using the word that it was really fair and I think I think he is but even I also think in a big way he's not but in our favor and the like to be fair we should all die. We don't deserve Jesus that would be fair. But just the god is just so generous and that's that's a word that comes to mind a lot of just that the grace upon grace and Jesus I'm already in but all that's like me and you are so you're fair in the law way but not like oh you you've said so you deserve to die because that's fair but like Ok so we have this law here and I need so you know meet that's also Jesus and also you want to make sure you trust me cool so auditing and I feel like we are literally just I mean the Exodus Israelites were complain of everything like no I don't like that this is bad because like Ok What else can I tell you this people but just the generosity of God That's never stopped which is not from not a free expense no you know it's just that whole last of the one of the persons. So like this like it's not just you know it's a little gifts Ok What else can I give like I mean literally he pours out heaven in the gift of Jesus Christ right out of this another thing of of what it tells about God this God being judged reminds me of Daniel Chapter 6 where they looked they combed through the life of Daniel and find some thing wrong or something to to bring against him if he prays. And money and they couldn't find anything and what that's an interesting connection you know and in Daniel's life he was consistent I even even when they got to the point where they said the only way we can get a means of getting money spread like humane consistent man life even and that that speaks to the I guess that consistency makes you dependable like your faithful and you know that God putting himself out there to be judged that way God is consistent we can depend on him so what God who God is we can we can trust he was that he is that and he ever will be that we can trust him and then you fall afoul of Daniel was his godly. And only fault if I would Jesus was his connection with he died for us that's an interesting parallel there look at this so we talked about these I mean Lee things in these chords and then we've got the walks and all these things so what does that mean for the one who's sitting at home who's driving in their car listening to this podcast for that person who is you know our grandmother who's watching this in their homes. What do we do what's the implication really thank you Lord for being generous and I mean what was what we haven't really talked much about the fact that judgment also has the point of you know making sure that sin will no longer arise Yes So in this whole process God is fair even in the elimination of sin and sinners who are not saved and so we can be thankful that God is going to make things right just to have assurance we have thankfulness That's right we also have I mean around us and we also have we all have the assurance that Christ is with us and they have assurance like Jesus with us the whole process Yes Kelly give up any kind of self-justification or all men myself good enough for you just accept Jesus righteousness and love in response to his love my things just kind of effervesce away walk and walk the walk and I do see who can I do for me the wood becomes trust trust I can trust God God is God is there in the process from beginning to end yes and so if he needs me to be holy in order to me to make it he's going to make it happen because he's in the whole proper you go God is wholeheartedly emptied Himself for us and our response should be wholeheartedly and doing ourselves for him and if you haven't done that right now trust yourself in the judgment process just trust put yourself in his trust just empty out if you haven't done already that's my continual prayers the prayer of my friends here hopefully it's yours thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian back. Just. In verses brought to you by the. Television that changes. But this and more inspiring ever so there's that embrace. More. Viruses also move. In various styles until next time this is enforced.


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