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How is the Adventist church rooted in Jesus Christ?



  • March 28, 2020
    9:45 AM

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Sometimes the 7th Day Adventist Church is considered a weird denomination with numbers like 844 and 2300 days on this of a sort of a look how it's rooted in Jesus Christ. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in touch with him right. There Francis just in from in verse I'm in the studio with my friends here and we are concluding our 13 week study of the Book of Daniel if you haven't got a chance already go to inverse Bible dot org where you'll find the entire series for Bible study guide there and where in episode 13 but you'll look at the other 12 and see where what you know what you don't know what you want to learn again we're in danger chapter 9 and would have a prayer by Israel and we'll dive into this week's episode on Adventist identity is Adventist another denomination is it a biblical identity what is it and why is it so weird so let's pray all get into it as a Father in heaven we thank you you have been with this throughout the series and as we conclude today we pray that you join us one more time Jews then we ask him and Amen him in Cali can you read from Daniel Chapter 9 verse 20 through 27 yes now while I was speaking praying and confessing my sin in the set of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God yes while I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel whom I had seen in the vision of the beginning being caused to fly swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering and he informed me and talked to me and said Oh Daniel I have now come forth to give you skill to understand at the beginning of your supplications the command went out and I have come to tell you. For you are greatly beloved therefore consider the matter and understand the vision 70 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision and prophesy and to anoint the most holy No therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks the street shall be built again and the wall even in trouble trouble sometimes and after the 62 weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary the end of it shall be with the flood until the end of the war desolations are determined then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offer rain and on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate even until the consummation which is determined is poured out on the desolate Ok thanks Kelly again this is another pastor's that's very like whole wheat on refined raw grain bread good stuff here we need to be very careful that again these are the prophetic portions of the Book of Daniel they are just as important as the narratives but the narratives emphasize the attributes that we need we need to militate transparency we need godliness we need patience we need temperance all these things and they feed into helping us understand these prophecies if you don't espouse some of these things just understanding at 1st glance may be a little overwhelming in like what is going on so especially when it comes at any chapter 9 Jonathan what what's going on and in a chapter 9 set aside we talked about the prayer earlier before and earlier in the season yeah so as far as the timeline is. Concerned we are here now at the beginning of the media Persian Empire Daniel who saw in the prophecies that the Babylonian Emperor will be overthrown sees it in his own home with his own eyes the media Persian Empire takes over as the 1st year of Dario's And so now Daniel is realizing the 70 year prophecy of Jeremiah concerning his people is coming to a close and so Daniel starts praying and he's praying and he's asking God to reveal Himself to His people and to to bring a restoration to Israel at the same time he had experienced just not too long before that the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 8 talked about 2300 years in the same true destroyed so Daniel was very concerned because he thought he would only be 70 years not $2300.00 and so he's praying very anyhow. And so we see here now as in the passage of Kelly read that God is having mercy on then you know situation and sending the Angel Gabriel to explain things to him and this is what we read here in the study in verse 20 here God is giving Daniel through Gabriel an explanation of what this what the 70 weeks prophecy that he's giving me here is all about concerning his people in the light of the bigger prophecy of down separate and going to go into that. Is really the toy of the day that you look like it's Ok what is going on here so Gabriel is explaining the prophecy he was about explain everything in Chapter 8 via Daniel kind of paints because he can't handle it so there's a pause Daniel 9 he's praying praying praying and it's the continuation of what he talked on and Daniel Chapter 8 yes. John so if you can contain this is that Israel has nothing to do if you're looking at me like I need to say something they're going to go for it no it's just the connection between down and it is so crucial here when we go into verse Let's see here 24 and it says 70 weeks are determined. Or you are people and the word here that's being used for the term and is in Hebrew a word that means cut off or it also has the quotation of cut talks sounds like cutting something off when you cut off from what's in German it sounds like. Maybe it's more Japanese. So. The 70 weeks are cut off from something well what's Well it points back to 2300 days so we are given here a very interesting connection that help us determine when those 2300 year prophecy begins and where to point to and so then you're giving giving giving more insight here and I don't know how much you want me to go into the details here but it's. Merely a recap a little bit here so damn Chapter 8 we see we have a large prophecy a very large problem see about 2300 days yet it starts in 457 and ends in 47 b.c. and ends in 244 and this is 844 is a big year for 7th Day Adventists our denomination comes roots its existence and 844 So here's the point I mean many of you may be thinking our numbers on a mass in your freaking out but just know for 57 to 844 is this time span that he was talking about now and then chapter 9 and as genuine not Daniel as Jonathan was saying then we have another prophecy the 490 years and it just pops out on the up comes out for $490.00 right and so the mystery is where does this for 90 start and end just kind of. Around and some people say yeah just floats around we have no idea where it goes and Jonathan Jonathan said through his Japanese interpretation of the of the Hebrew word and German 70 weeks are cut off are determined meaning they're attached. 2 This is $457.00 now you may think this is kind of complicated or is this level of detail necessary but this entire episode is saying it is and wait for it wait for it it's come to chew property start at the same exact time now just please explain to us the 450 from that point on the 491 is the 491 you know why is it important why is then you're talking I don't know why you're seeing 49 because we haven't read for 90 here and we have one Ok well we'll get there we're going to explain here as we know in prophecy we have one day a year and so we see 70 weeks one winter 7 days 7 times 7 is 490 that's what it for 990 comes out that's what I said Ok try to say that some people don't see that right I hope they are tracking with me is that we have very excited about the take yes but so we know that it starts it tells us here the 70 weeks are given and then in verse 25 it gives us the starting point no therefore to understand it from the going for of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem when what when was this you mentioned it 457 Ok from then on in the time span between 47 and the next 490 years some things are going to happen and then that's what Daniel 9 is talking about here and in the last couple of verses Yes and we say in verse 26 that after 62 weeks the Messiah shall be cut off and then we see then again in verse 27 then he will confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he should bring an end to sacrifice and often this is talking about the Messiah Jesus Christ now we are suddenly in a very interesting time for all Christians this is Jesus is this life exactly just will die at the end in the middle of this last week of this prophecy Yes So we have a connection between 457 then we'll 844 and Jesus' life and death ministry here on Earth so this is a very powerful point that we need to understand that these prophecies point to Christ it's rooted in Christ. You know this influences everything else we understand about the problem from you know from the like from the beginning of time you can actually see over and over and over how God is always on time and then the life of Christ in the in the Gospels over and over we're the phrase when the fullness of time had passed that's all referencing here yeah that's all records are yes there's so there's God has a time line in which he he moves right and and the beauty of the of the prophecies of Jesus is that it gives us a clear understanding and a clear picture that Jesus was not just a charismatic figure but that he was in fact the Son of God He fulfilled the prophecies according to the Old Testament that he would come that he would that he would you know have this ministry of healing and of preaching and that he would actually die and bring an end to the sacrifice sacrificial services of the Old Testament yes yes yes. Just going to say I don't know if I'm going to head but I decide about this before yeah you know I think I've heard the 70 weeks prophecy not just by the something atmospheres but like general all different denominations believe this and I can see it as you know Jesus you know came but then 844 is like oh that's like an avatar thing yeah no one else actually thinks that but because they're laying like well you can't why you just believe in this part of the prophecy but the prophecy is just for those weird Adventists but in order to believe that Jesus came at the right time you also have to believe 844 like something happened there as well you know you can't just choose one your question I mean is this is this is huge this is huge is this is just fundamentally huge so if we believe Jesus died and then the Jesus's death was prophesied right it's boom it's rooted in history yeah so then we we go back from this from this prophecy we backtrack for 90 and we go rooted in 45780 b.c. and then slingshots all the way back for 2300 days to 844 meaning if you. I believe Jesus died then you have to believe 844 the 2 prophecies are linked together through Jonathan's Japanese German and chop Yeah. Determine that one word that one Hebrew word connects these 2 prophecies together and that's just is amazing so here's the question is Adventism something that believes in $844.00 the creation of the of the nomination in the cleansing the sanctuary is this just a a small little thing that a small group of people believe or says fundamental to Earth's history and the future of what their destiny for our world what's what are the implications of all the implications are that I mean we have studied some of this already that in 844 investigative judgment in heaven began this is when things are wrapping up this is the time of the end this is why we are talking here on this show a lot of these last days I mean we look talked about in the Book of Daniel about how our characters need to be ready for these end times and so it's fundamentally connected to that yes speaking of end times we have we have to take a break so. We'll talk about more about this we have more time. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. They welcome back to this episode on Adventist identity Adventist transcending more than a denomination by believing in Jesus came the 1st time the 1st advent and then looking to hope looking in the hope that Jesus will come the 2nd time the 2nd Advent these are the 2 prophecies 844490. 2300 and the 490 and a lot of numbers and those of us of a so they're all linked together and I want to ask you this question is is it that do you feel sometimes and in the administrators that we are a small the nomination and it's an optional attachment to Christianity and what does this prophecy really show that we about the evidence they did. I thought we'd be portrayed that way especially when we're not aware of this prophecy or maybe we learned it one time or forgot about it and it's kind of like well yeah Adventism is just the flavor of Christianity have chosen and I just I like their songs because I like their potlucks are you just something else besides all colloquial and something more like a cultural thing especially if you grew up in it can be like we had. The direction my family chose and that's where I'm going yes but when you look at it in a biblical sense this is I mean 1844 and want to come out of that and many of the things about the advent of space especially the heavenly sanctuary these things aren't just things we found we think they're cool so we keep them but they're just they're rooted in the Bible and a lot of passages that people read they're like not honest and that's Ok I move on but Adventism I mean this just came out of a deep study of the word I'm like whoa no one else really talked about this or we did notice this before and now we're learning things and so the ave space wasn't like we want to change this because we don't like it but they're like we're staying faithful to the Bible and no one does it in this exact way so I guess we need to create a new denomination because we need to be faithful to the Word of God the implications of Scripture I think are so radical in their nature and what I love about what we've discovered in the Book of Daniel is that the message is always attached to the messenger that God wants that impact the messenger through the message and so and that the end goal is always godliness through this discovery we've seen that the that God is radical right and that his people are called to be radical and if that is true like for example of Daniel is going to be willing to give his life up for his devotional life if he's going to make a big deal out of some things so small a diet if he's going to do all these things there needs to be a good reason for that right your message needs to be rooted if you're if you're called to do something radical than the message needs to demand and support that kind of a thing the reason why to me this prophecy is extremely important as a 7 as myself is be. Because if this is not true then what in the world my doing in life being you know there's people won't die because of this misery there's people who sacrifice jobs because of this message if this message is in fact true and if it's rooted in the Word of God then it has implications I remember when I was a young child I still remember it like it was yesterday my father was a truck driver he used to drive trucks and I remember that he had a hard time finding a job and he he put me and my brother in a car we went to a trucking company a transportation company and this was it this was through some connections this was his opportunity to get a job and I remember him going into an interview and my brother and I would in the car and he came out of the interview he was he was down and discouraged and I was thinking to myself why are you so down why are you so discouraged and in the conversation I realized that they said the only way you can have this job to support your family is if you're willing to work on the on the Sabbath the 7 day sabbath and he was unwilling to do that and so the implications of that to me really really struck me like this religion is not just is not just something that we do culturally it's not just something that is in addition to this is not just a place where you go to get a religious fix this has implications for the rest of your life and as a young child that really impacted me like if this is such a big deal there better be a solid foundation for why my father's doing this and so we have to ask ourselves the religion that we live if it's not rooted and grounded in Scripture then why are we doing and here you have in the some of the ministers You just don't have a strong message but you have a prophetic understanding and a prophetic foundation for why you exist and it gives it gives a context for why you are called to live a life that is radically committed to Christ it is the bigger questions that arise of this yesterday I know it all prophecies and I got to the mathematics and do the trick trigonometry to understand us. But beyond that is what's more important believing or be longing what's 1st and actually how these 2 work together impacts why we're doing it why why all of this exist and how you know our life questions are really answered depending on that well how these 2 are structured the impact every every relationship how we use our money how we brush our teeth everything and what I've personally found even more difficult belonging versus believing is not just comparing to people outside the church but compared to people inside the church so saying that you know I keep the Sabbath in these this is the way that I do it and I was like well I mean I'm an avid as to I don't do that like. Right that I was hard to balance because then you're not even belonging to advocate in a sense right because you feel and so that's when it comes down to they're like are you part of the Adventist club or are you doing things because you believe the Word of God and the way you read this is how you keep the Sabbath is how you honor God His heavenly sinks where as he carries out that a but is it because because you can do peer pressure both ways you know if you're pressured to stay outside the church or peer pressure to stay in the churches and wherever you go there are going to be people who will peer pressure you in a good way and in a bad way and so it has to come down to not just being part of the right group of its Adventist but are you doing things because you are convinced in your heart and your mind of what the Bible says if you're living according to that convention you know that also it will say I think. That makes us so follow. What I think we're believing and belonging in Jesus you find a balance of both so when in his ministry he was inclusive he came to people and he he minister today needs he was close with them and he embraced those who were secluded and were outcasts but he didn't just leave them that way he always led them also to the truth to love and truth go together and this I mean this principle should be something that we live out this individual. And it's a denomination but it is of course human nature comes into play and sometimes we go into want to scream of the other but in the Word of God and in the Word made flesh Jesus we see a balance of both but not one to be to the expense of the expense of the other so we got to have both and the beautiful thing is that all these prophecies Daniel really focus on the messiah on Christ and so as we you know you things I mean his I'm weird it is weird if all you look at is numbers but if we look at the focus of it that's Jesus Christ who is the truth and the way and the life it becomes the most beautiful complete system of truth the most beautiful picture and most beautiful revelation of God because He gives us restoration belonging healing but also the truth and the right way to salvation and mine is traditions it seems that some have to 9 belong all together yet that's all you have to do is believe if we believe the same thing were virtually the same anyway and we swung to the other side where like you don't even need to believe it's cool just don't get along just us and if you belong long enough you start believing what we believe anyway you know and to have a nice nexus with each other we have interest and I think we have a misconception of the way that God views reality and I was drawn to John chapter one verse 12 which doesn't exactly what what I thought it said but. By the 5 yes and it says but as many as received that thought there was believe this is but as many as received Him to them he gave the right to become Where are you John chapter I'm sorry John John. But as many as received Him to them he gave the right to become the children of God. Or to those who believe in his name and it was there yeah so so you know for in terms of the way that God sees things there's no such thing as like you can believe but not be long you can be long but not believe this is super radical because like what God is saying is that. In believing there's something that happens is that you automatically be long you belong to the family of God And so what God does yours is so radical because normally you belong to the family based on how you're born your birth and Jesus says you don't belong to me depending on how you're born you unless you're born again right but you belong to me depending on how you believe and so what God is saying is I have I have provided a way for you to be long to my family the family of God and that that that process that way to be long into my family is true whether or not you believe in me the work connected to belief and so it's impossible for someone to believe but not be long and be long but not believe these 2 things are there in impossibility once you believe you immediately be long and if you and if you're missing one it's because something is wrong in that in that connection. So let me ask you this question How important do doctrines believe what is the role of doctrines in belief and belonging I think one thing that might help is even though it's the same thing we're placing more with doctrine with truth just simply because sometimes doctrine some as we think like oh it's just like a construct like no like it's the truth it's what God said but that's where we get our doctrines from and in this we can't like you can't have a relationship with someone built on non-reality So we need to have those those or say that again and then break that down again Ok and have a ship with someone built on non-reality Ok Which means which means so you can't have a relationship with a made up God Ok so God God exists and he has and there's just these things that are real and they just they are and then was like oh I don't like that I have a shot at this guy like that god doesn't exist there's nothing to fear and I think there's nothing there floating in the space so you're just making something up doesn't fix it so it's not even like well I don't believe I don't believe that like you're denying reality Ok like just say it. That I would say there are there are many people in the world who live like that who do you know yeah I don't know I'm not I'm not contradicting you who do who do believe in like well I want this kind of God and they customize but when it comes to life's really real questions yeah on where do I come from where we what is what it where are we going what what is meaning in life what's my purpose then this kind of because as you said this non-reality that they've created it just crumbles and none of these essential questions are and they don't and can't put weight on it so we feel good it may be a look good it may be the liveable temporarily but life his and they just crumble I mean it's as foolish as saying you know one of Sebastian's stories earlier in the season about like touching of and finding those so defines hot and evil quite like that it's hot like it is so you can dislike it but it's still going to burn you and the same way that you know God is who he is and he has given us His law he's given us His love and he sent Jesus and we can be like why I don't like that but that doesn't matter you know actually structures are not manmade constructs but there are their interpretations of reality and even for us as you said like it's in our best interest to be aligned with reality so it's not like was better for me to believe in something else you know like it's lives in the way that God has created you because your Creator made you in the way few to live an abundant life and the only way for you to do that is to be in line with reality and what is so beautiful is that through prophecy in the Book of Daniel and Revelation we see that God is calling his people in the last days out of all denominations out of Babel and yet all people hate coming to the truth coming to Christ come into the word and follow me all the way follow the lamb wherever he goes the rent growth and he's gathering up he's using his people to reveal himself to the world to be an adult this is to have the identity of a landfall or wherever he goes and revealing the love of God to the world and the love of God includes let's be long but also truth so we have an. Incredible entity which is nothing we can you know we don't take pride in that we are we're humble and thankful to God that He reveals things to the work through the Word to us human beings but taking up that identity as a as a believer in the coming of Jesus gives us the great opportunity to share with the world the love of well said Well said Well you've been blessed by this entire 13 week segment on The Book of Daniel maybe you're out there you don't believe in God and maybe you want to take a religious course and see what what does the Bible really have to say and take the Bible seriously maybe you're a Christian out there and made us the 1st time you heard about Adventism make a study into what 7th Day Adventist and its interpretation of the Bible really is and maybe your 7th Day Adventists and maybe I got to take the Bible a little bit more seriously where we are on our journeys Let's take the Bible more seriously and let's take Jesus for at its word Thanks for joining us this weekend will see a next week here in inverse You've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation telling the world is wrong with Jonathan walk Sebastian back. Just. In this is brought to you by the. Television that changes like this and more inspiring than ever so there's that embers. For. My response also. In verse 5 until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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