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Daniel 11 - Part 2: Great Controversy with Papal Rome

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • November 16, 2019
    2:30 PM
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She Heavenly Father again be voodoo Veitch you to be here to guide our minds through the Holy Spirit as He may understand the last texts and prophecies that affect us right now here and maybe clearly understand our position and now may to listen to the lure of the roots of my mouth in the meditation of my heart be acceptable to your sight o. Lord our Savior to every team or amen. This morning we discussed the great called the 1st leave it Greece with the. Persia Greece and begin the row and they were extremely relevant for the time we reach people live there but for many of us it may not be that the relevant because we don't live in Persian times in Greek times and in big and Roman times and yet all those prophecies for the generation that were living there are very important but we are living now on the drill last phase of the Roman Empire and that is spadeful rule and to us those councils and those prophecies may seem even more relevant than the past the previous ones but at the same time that all important and show us the core directness of the prophetic word and that the prophetic word is not human opinion but can be trusted under centuries. And and so for the people in Jesus' time it was very very important to see the fulfillment or bigger though yet to us. People Romans very very important because we it is empowered it is right no with us. So now we are discussing to transition from Big Ben to Papal Rome. The prophecy here is of Daniel 1130 and that is very important because many people are confused about takes place here. It says Therefore the ships of Cheatham shall come against him therefore he shall be grief to return and having the nation against the holy covenant social he do he show it even return and have intelligence with them that are seek the Holy Covenant So let us now try to unpack this important prophecy. Fulfillment for ships off Cheatham shall come against him he music and the power of the King of the North you see big people but then it says here death for he shall be grief but now our girls to whom is did this attack direct the Spirit of Prophecy has given here a very important insight to us all this section and it has been a really an anchor to us in the explanation of the the next 15 versus spirit of prophecy commented the prophecy of the 11th chapter of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment. In the 30 use yours and power has spoken of that Shelby grief and return and have indignation against the holy covenant it is to 13 for you of diminished grip release of space 394 here the prophecy introduces a new phase of Rome namely people grow and that's very interesting here and in fact if you read a minute release there she continues to quote a number of verses to her she I think 1st 36 all dealing with papal row and does so therefore be a very clear that is you to be have now to new and final phase of the Roman or the king of the north. In this emblem of the papacy that is still very very important there are 2 keys and if you climb on the Saint Peter many of our people the dental Artur did to climb to the top of the scene Peter you look down and you see this most a in in colorful flowers and the 1st key is the papacy claims the ruler of the church the spiritual the order and the 2nd one is the ruler or the secular the mentioned So here to papacy clearly states it is the power in the world that has dominion over the spiritual well as well as the secular realm. Of course this finishes for those who study history with 798 where General Birch e.a.a. or on Capitol Hill by the 4 before him proclaimed the term a nation or of the secular power of the papacy so there is only one key Now that is relevant nevertheless papacy still clearly says even if it is not lout it still claims to have Also the dominance of the secular power. And so here now we are interested into the into introduced by the conflict of the barbarian kingdoms with people who roam the fulfillment of this prophecy in verse 30 says as a result of the attacks of the chips of Cheatham against the Kings of the North people Rome he shall be grieved to return now at the time if you study history do you see that the row desperately try to defeat event bulls who rule the Mediterranean Sea for about 40 years they were in control over this cancer Rick the leader of the vandals they sailed in the spring. And led the ships go where do went back to them and many times they went to Italy they caught on shore and attacked the city of Rome plundered the city of Rome and so I mean that was you know to defend those that was Providence and the Vandals consider the Catholics as heretics it Catholics consider the vandals as heretics. And there is that back and forth back and forth and him a trip to North Africa. Is specially there in Tunisia I went there to a large archeological. Dick for many many acres there in that the there was only a remnant in this world of the vandals a little chapel and it was called the ventral Chapel is the only evidence that we have of one of these 3 horns being picked up very interesting. And so Rose desperate effort to defeat the vandals who ruled the military in sea as well as the invasions by other barbarian Nations utterly failed thus the Romans saw its provinces Ravitch and its internal city look at looted by other barbarian kingdoms So says the gods the Huns in the headlight representing the 1st 4 trumpet scourges revelation 8 the 1st trumpets God is using their strumpets to punish an apostate Christian. Very interesting how this all works together these enemies of the papacy were the kingdoms who had adopted the Arion form of Christianity that they get licks considered heresy and there is the fate of the plundering and many sections of all of the city of Rober destroyed by the event. Then what is the papal robes indignation against the holy covenant. People robes indignation against the holy covenant was revealed in its efforts to suppress the Holy Scriptures the book of the Covenant and his persecution of Bible believers he that is the indignation against the holy covenant. In time by doctoring pagan teachings into the Christian faith the Roman Catholic Church became the dominant religion in the Roman Empire does it all pertain to intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant through which it acquires military support against the enemies and the enemies were the true Christians this is the last thing here the number of years ago that appears in one of the newspapers a study in which the vet occurred at MIT's that the Bible was considered by had them. Once a banned books the hall index or banned books and the Bible of all of them. They still wouldn't like to openly reveal this but that fostered and sowed a conflict between the barbarian in an area in kingdoms and the Papacy here and here you see the major part of Rome in fire. From this sticks onward and that is still in the new face of the King of the North begins the papacy is upset because of the bear burying invasions by heretics 30 the papacy made a desperate effort under the chips of offshoot of that is the naval battles and every battle the Roman Empire lost with great consternation. The papacy may desperate efforts to protect the city of Rome the capital of the Roman Church to people's indignation against a covenant focused on the destruction of the head of dicks like the gods vandals and hairier and finally of course you know the gods defenders and the head and I were eradicated by the papacy those are the sea orders that were plucked up then the same time Rome called up Scott's church 1st 31 and the arm shall stand on this part and they share Paul nudist saying to any of strength and shall take away daily sickly face and they shall place the album a nation that makes desolate. Now 1st we will look at the arms and then how to polluted What is the pollution of the singular strength and then the daily secular face is taken away and the abomination of desolation is being set up the papacy begins now to attack God's people through 2 major rulers clovers the king of the Franks and just Stinney And the key the Emperor of the Roman Empire the fulfillment he begins d. attack on God's people by the papacy after the fall of the West in the Roman Empire you know let me just fill you out of the Roman Empire was the the view of it into 2 pieces the West and in the east and him and bear and so the Western Empire fell as the result of the uproot of these 3 horns in the last one they have 0 zero's the guts. The phrase the arm shall stand on his part reveals that the papacy is to be supported by arms. Military power or of the secular powers the rise of the papacy was especially due to the military support of clovers the king of the friends and your Stinney an emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. Here you see clovers. The dead kingdoms remember the king tanking of 0 much talent took and kingdoms and the 1st kingdom that they kept the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church was the Franks and the leadership of call over us the king of friends he was a tremendous fighter pagan and how did he become a Christian he at Myer the beauty of one of the Catholic brings us closer to wilt She's now a saint in the Catholic Church and so he dated her he called Mary to her and then he had a war to fight and the war was against the alimony the Germans and before that he was very successful but then he seemed to be on the losing end confusion among us forces and here I took this picture in. The 1st sign of. The the whole of the bettles beautiful that you see all those things there and and so here he lifts his hand to heaven and he cries out God of Cloe tilt if you give me the victory I will serve you the rest of my life and as soon as he has spoken those words the fortune of the battle turned in his favor and so. He then got the victory and he reported to his wife and her promise that he has made she immediately as a good 5 went to the bishop Bishop re me of the city of ramps is a beautiful cathedral there and statues of clovers and so he gives a bible studies which is basically the Our Father and the and other. Statements doctrines of the Catholic Church and I asked the understood those he was baptized and so then he became fainter for the Catholic Church and is an instrument of corrupting it and they shall pollute to sink your stink now what is the singular of strength for the Christian God's church and the cult of leadership would pollute to sink to any of strength the through church it was the introduction of being teachings and tradition in God's church that polluted to belittle teachings were doctrines of the true Christians here clover says he does this he stands in the baptistry And so he goes back danced in 5 hour wait he was the 1st king to offer his military power to the Roman Catholic Church. And he was baptized in 508. Keep in mind 5 or 8 he remembered Daniel Chapter 12 The beginning of the 12th or the 90 years or days and so he was the 1st of the 10 barbarian kingdoms to accept the Roman Catholic religion and sued the military power or the French as King most of the other Pagan kingdoms were forced to accept Roman Catholicism. And so the other 7 because you know remember sleeve are picked up by so do you other 7 were incorporated as a result of the military power of the Franks therefore the Franks are called the eldest son of the papacy c l The Sun the 1st. The favorite son oh so and so here then clovers was seen as the Constantine of the Catholic Church he was seen as a debugger who liberated Catholicism from the enemy and and so it is you that the secular contribution here of this text is just Indian and again if you go to Ravenna and you know Venner you find the last image of the Ostrogoths beautiful that every year I see this year you know Artur she had the you sting user vision he made to the vision of the Roman Law coat and he incorporated in this new law coat in 530 c. a letter making the Pope the head of all the churches in the Roman Empire so no more other diligence the only religion was told that it was Catholicism. Just as contribution Christians who remained faithful were persecuted by the secular power Catholic powers or beat into the leadership of the Catholic or the of the clergy. And now he had a setting up of the Abomination of Desolation which happened in 5 or wait. The Catholic rulers within the Roman Empire would be instrumental in taking away the daily whatever that is because 2nd phase or of above whatever you add to it it's an I tell it to your Bible and so that is not anything but a heavy placing it with the abomination of desolation in 5 await So you fight and transition here in 508 that is very important for the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation this is wrong if you would have says the Daily is paganism and so the Catholic powers replaced the daily abomination and substituted it with the an abomination does relation other one see daily as Christ high priest the ministry and sort of Catholic powers. You know took away the daily ministration of Jesus Christ and substituted a video poem a nation desolation the view of the a daily our Boma nation of paganism is show that this view is based on the understanding that the end Daniel there were 2 abominations that affected God's people one of big and Rome and one of Papal Rome and it was the Catholic political powers that be pleased to Pekin idolatry by the people idolatry here you see that in this picture if you find the gods the idols smashed into pieces and in this place the cross is being established then the view of the daily ministry of Christ this you contains to daily in the context of the heavily sanctuary ministry of Christ. This represents the idea that the Catholic powers to call radio understanding of Christ media Tory appear ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and put in its place the idolatrous 2nd phase of the mass the big people are born the nation for the matter what view you at Meyer the. Impending ism the people to be dipping in ministration to the gods a stake in the way and by the Christians the ministration of Christ was taken away and in both places instances it was the abomination of desolation the Catholic teachings that were put into substitute So in 5 await and the setting up of the above nation of this elation what do we see here a problem study it is my doctoral student Jones a golf ski from Brazil he wrote a whole dissertation on this event and it is worth it you can get it from the at the dissed of a Theological Society of Rome a study by Jones a golf ski on the Stuart state relationship within the Roman Empire shows clovers involvement how the people of Burma nation replaced the Dany be big an abomination in 5 await the one before does date many a year before emperors were in control of church and state so emperors determined what was going to happen in the church or interstate but bit clovers a church is state firm. As equal partners now Catholicism CLID the clergy and the secular powers are on one level. The church gave the decision to the state and the state executed them which is a tremendous pressure promotion and this is also the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire of charming we supposed need the Roman anymore or hold it very holy Here is the book the role of the state the role of the status of the Catholic Church in the church state relationship with the home of them and by our friends 300 to 800 so only if you take a long distance view because many times in the our church we have taken only look at 5 we know if you take a long view then you see the movements in church state relations in a very clear and so therefore 5 or 8 is in the beginning of the 12th minute and 90 years that ended in 7098 so in 5 or 8 the situation of us established a law making the papacy also involved in secular matters 1290 years after that 7098 Jelly Belly sallies abolished the secular power of the Papacy you see how beautiful it is all this yes the view of the daily ministry of Christ many have felt of this there's only one problem is that there is no information showing that in 5 or 8 anything to place regarding the mass it was that it is fully established since the end of the 4th century so what we see there in 5 or 8 is a very shift in the church state relationships that came if Roman Catholicism the power of the secular part of the deed. So then the next verse in the 1st 32 or 33 you find then the papal persecution unit Deryk our ages and here it is the text and search as do we could lead against the covenant shell corrupts by flattery but the people that know their God So this is a different group the group of people shall be strong through exploits and they did understand among the people surely struck many yet they shall fall by to sort by deflate by captivity and by you to spoil many days. The fulfillment of those who discard covenant got those who do and those who do not care about God's plan for salvation on the did New Covenant they become corrupted by people flatteries that many consist of into Boost all of wealth on their opposition if you have a powerful ruler and you choose for the Catholic Church you get a special Laurel's special tribes wealth on a position in any such a way that during the height of the Middle Ages if you had a king or your mother to be sure of your kingdom and the support of the Catholics you had to go to Rome and if you go to wrong you pay a lot and then you are specially receiving a still of your position and wealth and honor and if you don't have developed the approval of the pope you don't get the approval of the millions of Catholic followers. And your duration of rulership will be off short term again people persecution yet not everyone will fall for the people flatteries those who know their God shall teach the gospel to many this work results in time of great tribulation forecourts people that would be fourfold through the thought thoughts thoughts sort o. murder by the flame or burned at the stake by captivity already present and by despoil or confiscation of property prominent among those who suffered diverse or severe persecution or devolve then disease all began Zs and you would notice and the all begins you are completely eradicated. One of the many most likely be any further to the prophetic time period of persecution which is the 1260 years of papal persecution and here you see the gruesome pictures of the Inquisition and the torture but they said this is beautiful because it is to torture the person submits then we have won the soul and all our tours we go to Vons special place in Sienna Italy and that is the Museum of inquisition and you see that everything documented in the show you know for us that came 3 to tell you beautiful thing incredible and the lady that is in charge of this museum that doesn't seem to have had respect for the Catholics. I found out and so next year when I go again and next review covert hope international television outfit I will give her a great controversy in Italian and then I ask her to give me reaction to this and see how true it is and who knows that this lady will be converted to true church they helped out of the Protestant Reformation. Then you Chapter 1134 now when they shall follow that are the reformers the you could notes in the Albigensian day shall be a hopen or helped with a little help but many shell cleave to them bit flatteries interesting what is happening now here. Many of God's faithful witnesses were killed during the Dark Ages of people persecution however. Brother see indicates that they would receive a little help and this help was given to the pros of defamation as an encouragement to remain faithful yet not everybody embraced the Reformation from worth the mo mo motives in areas where the Reformation became popular Some became probes and through flattery it is good for us and there you see burning in the stake under the head to head of the cross then because further in history and now we get from history on from reformation and beyond that is the post Reformation time prophecy of then you leaven $35.00 and some of those Understand over understanding still fall so the persecution goes up. To try them and to perch and to make their weight even to the time of the end because it is yet for the time appointed sort of persecution goes on till $798.00 get the count for the formation Yes this text describes the period for the people counter-Reformation and after the count of 3 and remember it comes of grand the Jesuit order was established many of God's faithful witnesses who understood shared the gospel would fall they would be right by people persecutions full of the Reformation and the subsequent devastating wars of religion millions of peoples that just these persecutions would purify them so that they will be closed it crisscrossed righteousness. That this period of intermittent persecution would continue according to the text for a time appointed till the time of the end of $7908.00 he began at the end of the 12 and 60 years in 788 when the secular power of the papacy was abolished by the edict of the things Republic again here the Inquisition and you have that also in museum dealing with the existing there in France then there are some text to deal with the character of the papacy How does the papacy behave prophesy is kept the Daniel Chapter 11 for City 6 and the king which is who the king of the North Sea all the time during this from $31.00 until the end the king of the North is the papacy King so do according to his will he shall exult himself. Make the fire him self above every god and she'll speak marvelous things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished for that and it is determined she be done the character of the King of the north the papacy in the stick shows that he is identical to the men of Siena 2nd as long as we separate to her sport and the little horn power of Daniel $825.00 in both instances they have been identified in prophecy as the papacy Furthermore Diskin shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods like the Little Horn of Daniel 7 or 75 who is also the papacy she show God role not want you to be confused 2nd tense alone inst the papacy Daniel 7 the papacy to your 8 the papacy but every time in different symbolism and now in Chapter 11 not any more symbolic in clear let us their king of the north here to correct the mistakes is the people see is the got marvelous that God gives all this information show that God's people in the end of time do need to be confused is it anybody who actually sees dish and don't make an a stand for Christ is not mentally good the evidence is so overwhelming What more could a got to and therefore those prophecies should be used in Bible studies. All these blasts femurs actions to the king of the North performs with success still goats wrath or indignation shall be accomplished at the end of the tell from 60 years with a deadly routine $7098.00 and during the 2nd the power papers beautiful. Then have again and text but clearly shows that the papacy departed from the teachings of the New Testament apostles Daniel 1137 neither shall he the king of the north the papacy regard to God of his father's new order desired of women nor to god any god for he shall make me for himself above all the papacy departed from the New Testament apostles the papacy departed from the believes and pledge of the New Testament apostles as supplanted is stitching with pig and traditions it no longer follows the God of his fathers. The New Testament the Apostles in addition to digitally God These are women this is reflected in the teaching that requires clergy to be celibate this teaching is called in the Bible the doctrine of devils 1st Timothy for the city. And many other teachings instituted by the papacy show that he does not regard any god but will make me feel himself above all. Then a 2nd here in I don't have the papacy verse 38 in Daniel 11 but in his state Shelley on are the king of the north the papacy the God of force us. And a god whom is father knew not shall be he on admit gold silver is precious stones and presents things the baby show on and a God of force us what does it mean in place of the through got who freely offers to everyone the gospel of grace and salvation. The Papacy uses force in spreading their teachings especially military force as history has overwhelmingly show the papacy forms a little lie and says with secular powers and uses the political it cannot nickel and military force to achieve its goal of world domination. The Papacy all knows you got whom his fathers knew not. Shall he on are called still going to be precious stones and pleasant things many commentators not only added as many commentators in the especially doing to friends during the process of divination I have identified this god of the father knew not in the Roman Catholic church worship as the Virgin Mary her position in the Catholic Church is similar to that of Jesus Christ see mediates gross grace and forgiveness to sinners blasphemy her images are covered with gold silver and precious stones the gifts of the faithful worshippers but even he said other objects of idol worship are the Saints were believed to intercede for the worst years more a pull a Dollar Tree 39. Those he show do in the most strongholds with a strange god. Who we shall acknowledge in increase with glory and he caused him to rule over many and shall divide the land for gain. By the strange god his again a reference to Miri as an intercessory mediator. The Papacy has elevated the humanity of Miri to the level of deity which is pure idolatry she has become an indispensable support in daily living for those who believe in her all of salvation as a result a reputation as increased its glory as a source to obtain eternal life in a tremendous idolatry many has merely has been all merits as a patron saint but is a pita to do she protects cities provinces countries and continents very small geishas or professions claim it as bait Thrones thing. And if you go to get a cathedrals in in Europe that he will see you can see the idolatry and Jesus Christ know where you see merely merely merely me me here is the Black Madonna. You have all kind of Madonna us and if you're pregnant you worship that Madonna if you are a carbon to your but you you were deaf and dumb or if you are sick you go to Death Madonna you know all the chapels of the cathedrals you find Madonna us but each for a different purpose so that at least you are covered but now we come to the most significant thing for us here. The war between the kings of the South and the north in the time the end for 40 to 40 something and here is the prophecy and then 1140 and it is a time of the end the king of the South she'll push at him the king of the north and the king of the north south come against him king of the South like a world with and with chariots and horses with many ships and he shall enter into the countries and she will overflow to pass it over here in the passage of Daniel 11 1st $40.00 to $45.00 the deals with the events in prophetic history since the time of the end that we can save the $98.00 so everything she's down to 8 till today is covered in those passages that give the North a still papal robe and the time of the end the king of the South the Tx the king over the north now we have had lots of speculation who is now the king of the South and books have you written about this that brings utter confusion among us but you know it is not that difficult if you understand how to interpret scripture not a matter of interpretation of Scripture and if you have a false assumptions you can never get out of it here is the cross centered interpretation of prophecy or to close interest in Daniel 9 and what does Daniel 9 reveals which is very important in the understanding of all prophecy in the time of the end and those who don't understand Daniel know I will be utterly confused and so Daniel 9 is one of the key foundation stones of Atlantis. And even the Teddy's Luna days you can never understand without any all night. Here it is 70 weeks are determined of all the people here are the 4 under the 90 weeks before the 19 year days or years 72 weeks and one week. The period crucial 457 b c 235 for a d. And here in the ed the stoning of Stephen Now what did that accomplish initial spurred pro patience and that the transition of God's covenant people from Little Israel to spiritual Israel if you don't understand this you cause you know it to the Holy Land which is not the Holy Land on constantly to it it is to the Middle East and whatever may come of it all kind of speculations so remember at the end of this period see 7 we can deterrent of all God's people to do what to finish transgression to put an end to sin you see this is a period of or over the painted and if the little Israel would have accepted that then everything would be all right without it do they crucified Christ and so the crucifixion they couldn't stand any more. Testimony about Jesus Christ and so Steve died you are stowed and from that time on split will Israel has lost its prophetic function and yet many Christians still believe in that. Very very sad and even so Methodist no friends little Israel as out of the picture it is now spiritual Israel and if that transition takes place. What will it do to all other symbols in the old the new testament here it is and cross centered if you will for oversea in the Old Testament the prophetic concepts in the Old Testament are little role you graphical meaning so cults people but is it little Israel or the location where do they live Palestine it's called so called The Glorious Land remember it is this morning that that we saw how our own entity into the glorious land and took away a mate Israel the Roman province you know remember that we did this animalistic in the relatives eat up more and who are doing the the the offspring or who ease off at all is able to but ease up Esau eat a more program the offspring of not so they all have a closer relationship to it to Israel see different from the gentiles the enemies little Babylon. Egypt Libya Ethiopia those are countries that support Egypt you see so everything now keep in mind has a little geographical meaning so now we are going to into the New Testament and through fair because we knew this meant have now a spiritual global universal meaning so God's people. Built anymore little Israel. No spiritual vision were to spiritual Israel live in the world in the spiritual glorious land wherever Christians live anime's dippin revenues we are now talking about. Spiritual Leader I'm spiritual more and spiritual am on not in in Jordan and Iraq Iran no those countries taking our spiritual meaning and the peoples of the enemy's agenda out there on what is it is not any one little battle like Iraq or Iran No it is spiritual battle Egypt it is spiritual Egypt Livy spiritual it even spiritual if you do you see the transition period Daniel 9 if Little is the above is not rejected everything that I have of saying here is foolishness but Israel has been rejected and now everything is spiritual Israel spiritual country spiritual things and so we have to study the Old Testament to understand what is its spiritual significance are you with me and so the prophecy of Daniel in the light of Christian to talk or centered prophet prophetic interpretation the king of the South in the time of the end refers to a spiritual Egypt that Oprah looses the people see on the global worldwide scale it will anymore little Israel that is fighting the papacy no it's spiritual and so you know we get the proper say you have to go and stand Also I can do that on the other time but the prophecy of Daniel 814 and it has to do with friends in the context of events in 7908 and where did it take place friends and the friends of evolution the power that Vos to write us against the Bible according to our stores and Ellen White great controversy to 65 and to 66. Was in form of 80 years or similar to that of ancient Egypt of the Father who is the spare cot that will prevent. That's where the battle sent the same like defense evolution and I have been doing quite a bit of researching it to be beauty Ignatian of the France in Paris and there you find the tremendous opposition. I've heard that means oh yeah the sleeve have days there we seen have years there's no evidence for it now you can say that if you're in the United States looking at books come with me and go to be really Ignatian up and take it to the library and I give you a exposure to all the documents and you will be converted I spent quite a bit of time doing all those things and so here from that time I'm 7798. The modern 80 years and began world wide attack on the papacy you know it in 44 Karl Marx and Engels wrote a communist manifestation and that was the platform of the tremendous community that evolution the boast of musical evolution in the in Russia and millions of people perished on the bourses with a revolution and then China Russia all kinds of countries were there and it was not until the 1980 s. and the Reagan and Pope young the pol that things were starting to turn so the next the king of the North launches an offensive against the king of the south and we are now in that fish that the king of the nor the papacy launches an offense against the rest of Christianity because the Protestant church and whatever. The King of the North enters the glorious land and many countries or whatever to say also many people and of scape the. Prophecy of $41.00 he became a north she also and enter into the glorious land and many countries and countries is in italics because you can also see many peoples she'll be overthrown both the shell escape out of his hand even Edam more power and the Steve of the not. See though Bill as scape the papacy it is spiritual these are spiritual more and spiritual Emma keep in mind we have to be consistent though jug now we need to conclusion looking in in the Mediterranean area to look at the Middle East what is the spiritual significance of those things here is a reconciliation. Between Roman Catholicism and there are 2 looks church here we deal with an invasion over in the the valley of papacy into the glorious land the glorious land is where God's people live throughout the world and of course the glorious land is not the papacy he enters into it what else can it be the. Spiritual Israel or spiritual issue live and spiritual Israel outside of Catholicism is the early Christianity closer to. See the proselytism is there and what does the Catholic Church now do. Oh yes she is being very actively involved the papacy will invade the present world sooty a commendable movement. Don't look specifically to the Middle East and all the wars that are going on in the massacres no look at other people is doing to Win Friends and Influence People see the video committed to move advice use to be a problem movement started now $19010.00 in Edinburgh and get all the church church together into a united missionary movement especially also the World Council of Churches and I spend there some time studying for the World Council of Churches Russ all of those things there and the Catholic Church had nothing to do what happens now now under Pope John Paul the 2nd and specially also Francis the initiative of acumen is it is in the Catholic hands and now the Catholic parents made overtures we have to go together you have to go together and next year all the Christian world is invited by the pope to unite against secularism communism atheism to preserve the heritage of the Christian church what should be accepted the invitation to the papacy you know this is a different strategy friends Ok the text for the states that many countries of people shall be overthrown not just a few the Roman Catholic Church will accomplish this through the interreligious dialogue the. Aim to winning over cooperation and support of the Protestants followers or and the followers of other religions See that's what happening now that's why there are many bill the overthrown. And many countries and we hear even even in the in the the Lutheran church you know the cry is over the Reformation is over the protest is over and there you know I was work when the they made the the the foundation of the cause of prostitution and it's cruel statements about every there hand in hand thousands of Catholics are marching to celebrate the 5th centennial of the Reformation Catholics and Protestants know this present Pope the Jesuit pope is very very smart you know the Smart is the newest and he wins many many followers and people see it in the Internet and lose dialogues ever since Vatican 2 the Catholic Church as a whole the partment or interfaith dialogue with every world religion diplomats are going back and forth and there was then the World Council of Churches participated in the middle of those sessions there Catholic Church didn't want to have fun to become a member but in order to pluck a They're drunk at the church the Catholics are members of every committee in the World Council churches they should be there because the other members yes the b. or basins the b.. The are all kind of good things. So to prophecy predicts that Ido more pended Shiva the children of Ammon will escape being conquered by the papacy how do we know I say a prophesied in the end of time those nations will be reclaimed So how do you going to interpret this city. So he will return they will return those all but here's God's people God's people they are related it's how are you related because they believe in the Gospel and many Christians are very fine Christians they believe in salvation through Christ they believe in this but they are confused resolves in the You see I will myself in great controversy I think is precisely 95 that many in those other churches are looking in vain to Christ revealed in the churches they don't find to because the churches are apostatized but there is a remnant in bed. And in the Wrens is looking forward to church and h.t. at the church ready to the relief we'll Christ in a very special way that nobody else does see if we do this the devil come with us see that is our mission you see how important then you'll 11 is for the missionary although church and we don't pay any attention we hang around 844 but this is the last day. And though this Sikh roups represents God's people in the apostate religious systems of spiritual battle who resides throughout the world and they will positively respond to the loud cry. Of the sea in those messages here it is are we sharing the loud cry so. You can get through 28 fundamental beliefs and allow try to mention there so you have to develop your own study Paul that. Ok. The King of the North decisively conquers Egypt and its allies Libya and Ethiopia. Then you know 4243 up here you find the text and then he became the north the papacy Shell's threats out his hair and also upon the countries in the land of Egypt sell not a scape Bertie shall have power over the treasures of gold and over silver over all the precious things of Egypt and the Libyans an Ethiopian shall be at his steps now the papacy will attack that which is left of the atheistic powers of spiritual Egypt there is still something left. In the Old Testament to Libya's an Ethiopian support Egypt in its war spiritual Libya and spiritual in Europe your represent those countries or peoples dominated by what Buddhists Hindus. Hindus Muslims and other non Christians who have supported the current community block nations against Christian nations where these powers see the success of the people so they will give it their support uterus clearly showed the missionary strategy of the papacy and our response to this see how important their new chapter 11 is can you see it see if we don't know dish certainty of the papacy we are missing the mark the shooting in the air and so here you see both those that will join the atmosphere. Is that embittered and those who will do in the papers. And diaries on the east and the North bring about the final persecution So what does the tech say but tidings of the east and out of the north shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly make their way many so you know it is there is a problem coming out the east and the north despite the success over revive papacy and his world white victory over the king of the South and its allies there remains an obstacle to the world by dominion of the King of the north and that caused by tidings of the East and of the North Now think about. She so innocent in spite of its successes in acumen ism and all those kind of things what is the east in the north the tidings the mission of the loud cry message of Revelation 18 months in the Old Testament the north is the little place of God's dwelling you know and in the east is the little place where God's glory comes and saying turn in easy Kjell wants to place his throne in the north you know he wants you to is Europe usurped but will be able to do it so here that during the time of the end both the east and the North can be considered a symbolic is sense as God's dwelling place is from where the deliverance comes and where does it deliverance comes from the message. In this context of tidings out of east and out of the north are messages from the city angels of Revelation 1314 1st 6 to 12 that proclaim the writers of Christ in all mass did the separation of the King of the north you know this and the final battle of the papacy as some of you may need notice but this is very very important. In this final battle just before the close of probation use a quote by the Spirit of Prophecy quote Many will be imprisoned many will flee for their lives from the cities and towns and many will be martyrs for Christ sake in standing in the fence of the truth or not of Pete's $199.00 so you now we will not be martyrs after probation but just before probation many of us will be martyred but do you see it in the world no no it's still coming it's still coming friends and that is it the final people strategy to destroy those remnant and in the defeat of the King of the north 1st 35. And he shall play and indeed the tabernacles of his place between the seats in the glorious holy mountain yet he shall come to an end and none shall help him this is the final strategy of the papacy and at the same time. He said the firing of people still does need to destroy God's them and you know it is and the correct translation of that text is in a new English translation see violence says here he will pass his royal tense between to see the story of the Holy Mountain the sea is what is that group of people. The nations show in the final analysis Satan has the sieved the whole world you know Revelation 30 the whole world the wonder of the beast and so that is between the see. This in the Old Testament the Mediterranean and the other sea there in the middle between the people in the midst of the people he world there put his center and focus towards the beautiful holy mountain now in the in the in your bible it is in there it can clearly out. See here in your bible the most installations a sense of place a time an echo of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain there's a problem between the scenes in a mountain now let's go on here he will pitch is royal 10 between the seas between the people and focused towards the holy mountain he is the final attempt of the papacy to destroy cause remnant people had to survive at the final onslaught of persecution courts hobo Holy Mountain What is that God's church or Mount Zion that is selfish and so God's Holy Mountain is a beautiful holy mountain Mount Zion you know only $44000.00 it's all there so God's remnant people are there but the papacy puts his seat in the midst of the people of the nation 3 see him against God's people you see the picture you see and so here then the final strategy to destroy goes them good. It strategy puts his royal tense or the center or falls people worship between the sea between a peoples torques or facing the beautiful glorious Holy Mountain the papacy built plays its apostate to worship in the midst of the peoples of the world leading him toward the beautiful glorious Holy Mountain got them and church in the final global attack to destroy. The serious there's an expense I think some of you have to study this a little bit more. And get the new cd over there because that is very important you see the finest as you see it in becomes and in the center of this world the whole world will follow the beast but Father bound to hold beautiful mountain that is not the papacy that's God's people God's people spiritual Israel live in the glorious Holy Land but the close Holy Mountain is the center. The center of it all and so many people in spiritual Israel will make it so because Satan will invade the close hold him to close hold lead but in the mountain he has no access in the mountain there is salvation or mounts so I am using Revelation 14 and the message that brings object is 3 in his messages and some of his it all you know so of the other 2 is a commune sample that's fine but will save them they need to have the whole message and then. The glorious Holy Mountain. The place to escape into glorious holy mountain in the glory hole and the glorious Holy Mountain is located in the spiritual Cloris land is Mount Zion spiritual sound Zion is the mountain the goats holiness and his beautiful hill Furthermore God's people are compared to it's God's will that Mount Zion. And at the close of time or the end there is deliverance and the spiritual Mount Zion and spiritual Jerusalem it is the last message of mercy that will be proclaimed from spiritual Mount Zion by God to them and people the 70 at the church here it is Friends this is a very very last book. And people can see this church when it shines in the arms of God's grace is by Faith Salie there is a lottery and if you don't add a part of the letter rain it's tragic because it is the latter rain that will be given to Atlantis who have gotten the victory over sin because of the victory with Christ Jesus now all those things are only possible through Jesus Christ you know if you see all we are how am I going to do it turn to Jesus don't turn to me I only share your message. But it is of the close of time in the final offensive of the King of the north the papacy will come to his and with no one to help even if they know how all the books of the bibles over there now can you not think that we are very very privileged and even God will have us make a decision and maybe right here some we have never made a decision. Oles you make the decision friends to follow Christ all the way is to go to help him so it's all the really not half the 90 you know people so on people are Christian in 90 percent Strachey can make his decision now very very important friends and so Lord if you love the Lord but you from. The unity follow old see that is the question and so here's a summary of the visions Daniel 278 and 11 never long they had of called. The lion to your wings it was a speaking then you ate neither and then you were 11 made a Persian just of arms and so were there with 2 rips the mouse the ram and the fork Igs in verse 2 grease. Thighs of brass heap of breath Leppert with 4 heads beast with notable horns 4 horns and the king of the north of the king in the South Pekin row next of urn non-descript vision dragon like Beast little horn 1st dance 16 to 29 the king of the north and the king of the South Egypt people wrong little horn little horn larger portion of the day and in verse 3245 the king of the North you see how beautiful everything flows everything is so we're less you forget how God choses you don't you 27 and 8 and 9 you missed it. Ok. So the conclusion now of this morning and this afternoon this study has used this story as his method of interpretation of article a prophecy of the 11 unless you out of his stores is an historical few you don't you miss it it's followers Dick Christos centric cross centric interpretation it was kingdoms country in places before a cross are interpreted as having little meaning and after the cross having spiritual and global. If you forget that you call into the quick mire of speculation that. This approach is based on an understanding that a 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 reveals that at the end of Little Israel in Palestine was replaced as God's covenant people by spiritual Israel knew created world quite that those issue from little to spiritual Israel has profound effect on the into petition of prophecy whose fulfillment take place in the Christian era after the cross name searches kings of the South North kings of the South glorious land glorious Holy Mountain Edo more emmel earth Egypt Libya. Must be interpreted in a new covenant spiritual sense. Spear failure to do this or an inconsistent use of this principle or prophetic interpretation as lead to confusion in unison any of Daniel 11 to arrive at the proper meaning of the text both the study of the text and historical events need to be taken into consideration in every detail of the text. If one has specked of the text does not fit proper explanation or the whole one needs to look for the other interpretation until the all elements of the text fit so you know every detail needs to be fixed great care should be taken with using arguments based on literary structures recommended by Nor is stores of scholars known Adventist their reason is based on a norm historical interpretation that leads to a conclusion that conflict with a continuous historical interpretation consequences we find that there are many conflicting views and 11 it is therefore recommended to follow the highly effective rule of prophet tick intimidation used by the early Adventist by use here this William Miller to nowhere that we have the truest Oracle event for the fulfillment of prophecy if you fight every word of the prophecies after the symbols are understood is literally fulfilled. Then you may know that your history is a 2 event but if wrong word Lexx and fulfillment then you must look for another event or wait its future development forgot days care that history in prophecy do agree so that a true believing children of God may never be achieved what you say is a marvelous And so here are the additional sources that you can find if you look at audio version under my name. And I have about a over a 100 works that I have written papers and if you do the bottom of art you can get to my site at Andrews University and you can download all those 100 papers but I would says to do it you can do one by one. But only you know so it is worse and also there is one other published paper that I have submitted to Biblical research institute on this whole presentation this morning it is afternoon which you can download it's all available so if you want to do is to do this you're welcome and so many got help you and I hope that this presentation this Bible study will stimulate you to do some further study and you know here in the Book of Daniel 11 you have 44 little studies of prophecy is a marvelous And so if we share this with the world you know it is difficult to reject all those things but the to do put the bad way again of them the church because that church will continue and we got help you and may see the hands go who want to to study this further well you know. Ok please Lord and this will help you in the study and in the sharing of the strangers messages immensely so we got help you know the spray. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your having used this light that shines emits the darkness in his will today. Oh Father help us to be instruments of your Holy Spirit if you may have the courage to share this with others where still the darkness Oh Father may be revealing few who don't need to prophecies but the life of Christ in their own lives that people want to become a part of you him in church Thank you so much for the most things and bless each one of us here especially those who want to study is for them and me called Question In Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service pleaded visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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