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Logo of AMEN Australia 2019 Conference: Witnesses Unto Me

Opening Sabbath

David Haupt


  • December 6, 2019
    8:15 PM
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Let's pray together father before we open you would it is our pray that your spirit will guide us to reveal new James l. of words that we know so well. By your own and the chloroform and we be drawn into intimacy in relationship with you. Matthew chapter 5 Jesus. Is entering into his public ministry and popularity is starting to fly. And he is surrounded by people that believe that they are I special nation because of the heritage of what I have. Do we sometimes have that same problem. So Jesus takes his disciples and wants to prepare them for the Nessie of how to become the salt to this world and the light to this world and he says to them in verse 3 bless it in other words in that peace will be your laws of the poor in spirit. With that. Friends I would like to recommend to you that the poor in spirit is those people that have found themselves at the foot of the cross and now with the light from the cross discovers their own spiritual depravity realizing that I have nothing to offer. If it is not for Jesus Christ. There is nothing within themselves. That they can be proud of. And when we get to the point where we discover our own spiritual depravity What will we do verse 4 says that we will mourn l. condition. When we mourn l. condition because we have discovered our own spiritual depravity then we become me. Because we realize. That we've gotten nothing to Qif if it was not for Jesus. We're not become meek because our morning Mar spiritual condition then verse 6 I start to hunger and thirst for righteousness it is then that our realize that I need that alone with God very early in the morning. It is then that I realize that I cannot go into my practice are can't go into my work place to do anything not before I have discovered. The instilling power of the Holy Spirit. When I am hungry and thirsty for righteousness because our become meek because our morning my spiritual depravity is vain I will become a fool to of those. Things you. Will not become merciful towards. Others Molly life is in such a stock contrast to the world and the way that the world practices that they will sit up and take notice. Because of the Jesus that is starting to reflect his character through a life when I become merciful because I'm hungry and thirsting for righteousness because I become meek mourning my own spiritual condition then verse I. Become pure in heart. When I become pure in heart. Because of the in working of the how the spurred up become merciful due to the hungering and thirsting for righteousness because I become meek and mourning my own spiritual depravity then. I become a peacemaker. In a suburb of Sydney in 1909. A group of every $300.00 volunteers came together and worked 5 days a week. Sometimes to close to midnight with people that no one else wants to work with in a place called cab or matter. 9099 cabin mat. Was the drug capital of the world. Every morning before the doors of that center was opened an hour was spent with the volunteers in reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ because we had nothing to offer the Kleins if we had not 1st at the feet of Jesus. Very soon then message was in prison that if you get out and search go to Khabar matter go and search for the address because they are different to any other of the 23 other services in cabin matter here Bill people. Seem our friends when we discover that we have nothing to offer if it is not for Jesus and we mourn else spiritual depravity and we become meek not proud and puffed up because of what we have to offer realizing that we've got nothing if it was not for Jesus and therefore we hunger and thirst for righteousness and we become merciful towards others and we become peer in the heart and we become peace Mike. Others will not. Die in the conference that I am working one of our ministers. Came from that prison. To cover a matter to find help. And discovered far more than help from drug addiction and criminality. One of the people that I work in the division office. Came from that prison. In search for help I preached the die in one of your churches in North and South Wales conference after the. Stood at the door to greet the people a gentleman in these light cities with these teen age daughter walked towards me put out his hand and there's a 2 kissing in the more hand he said thank you for showing me God's love in Capri matter. I said what. Is it was an encounter matter. At that same into that discovered Jesus. Which was its stock trains it starts with a discovery that I have nothing to offer if it was not for Jesus. Made be the During this Sabbath hours we enter into an intimacy with the road and Savior Jesus Christ and my he and his flock. Become the light that we reflect the real heart Let's pray together Christ saw them. We don't invite you into our midst because you have been waiting for us all along. And therefore we just thank you for being year and made be that doing this Sabbath was especially we might end to into that close union with you I pray above all we all that all churches could be activated to level with I will discover they missional d.n.i. captures the heart of Jesus and therefore all mourning their own spiritual to private. Search for intimacy which you can provide in Jesus'. Name in this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research and audio and much more if you would like to know about audio or if you would like this. Leave it. Audio.


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