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Witnesses Unto Me: In the Home

Edwin Nebblett


Edwin Nebblett

Medical Director of the Presbyterian Medical Service/ Catron County Medical Center in Reserve, NM and Emergency Medical Services in Northern Catron County, NM


  • December 7, 2019
    3:45 PM
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The hardest part. Of being a witness is being a witness amongst those who you live with on a daily basis because they see everything they miss nothing and it is difficult to be a witness 24 hours a day 6 days a week but that is what we are called to do as our text that we have been using x. one verse 8 but he shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon New Jerusalem is our home Judea our church and we've spoken about that this morning so Mariya our community and unto the other most parts of the world would be our workplace and the world so what I would like to share with you today briefly is the impact specifically in our home the question before us today is very simple what kind of a witness are we called to be in our homes. Where do we start parents for those of us who are parents your own home is the 1st field in which you are called to labor the precious plants and the home garden demand your 1st care to you it is appointed to watch for souls that you must give a cow carefully consider your work its nature is bearing and its results why is this so important and I made reference yesterday to a time in my early years of my marriage and parenting where I was so busy doing good works in my church and in my community I had no time for communion with God I had no time for my wife or for my children as we began to have them while conviction led me to some life changing decisions that my wife and I made that I want to take a little bit of time and share with you. We 1st of all changed the priorities of our lives so that the business of life did not crowd out time that we spent with the Lord it was one of the reasons why in the early morning I read a passage from sons and daughters of God under the title a true missionary effort begins in the home and this is what I read in forming a relationship with Christ the renewed man is but coming back to his appointed relationship with God his 1st duty is to his children and his nearest relatives nothing can excuse him from neglecting the inner circle for the larger circle outside. I tell you this hit me like a blow between the eyes in the day of final reckoning fathers and mothers will be asked what they did and said to secure the salvation of the souls they took upon themselves the responsibility of bringing into the world so we began to seriously think about how I could answer the question when I believe one day I will be called to account for the choices that I have made when the question would be asked of me where is that flock that beautiful flock I gave you. So reordering our priorities to give myself to my wife and to nurture our marriage and to be a godly father to our children in the spirit of Molokai for 4 to 6 turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the father's to prepare for the coming of the Lord this is what we had to do now we know that Satan has saw range of life today that parents don't often have that time to give themselves to their children to when their affections and to nurture them spiritually according to the instruction that is given to us in Deuteronomy 6 so we began to set aside an hour every evening for what we call enjoyable family time that's what we called it and the intent of us doing this was to bind our hearts to our hours to our children we cultivated a love for things that they enjoyed doing. My wife was the leader in this effort because she spent a lot of time with them and she understood what they enjoy doing and so we spent a lot of time outdoors hiking in the forests around our home looking for wildlife we played hide and seek once in the winter you have to understand I grew up in the Caribbean My idea of paradise is no shoes on barefoot in the ocean all day coming in eventually for food and then going back out again clothing was optional minimum the better so we're living in Michigan where we were at the time man. There was white precipitation from time to time and children who enjoyed being out of doors got it into their minds to build an igloo. So we built an eagle and then slept in it. There. On another long winter evening we went for a bike ride in the moonlight often we spent the majority of the time reading I read to the whole family family character building stories mission stories biographies that made them all develop a love for our family reading time we were following inspired counsel and Adventist homes to make the evening a pleasant social setting a family reunion after the day's duties now I'm going to come back to this last passage. And I'm going to come back to this because this to me is what it's all about being a witness in the home the 3rd decision that we made was to move to the country. Our children were younger at the time the sea parents were counselled to take their families away from the distractions and the noise of the city where they can give their children companionship with the assurance that it would be found easier to bring home to their hearts the truth of the Word of God So we learned the importance of home atmosphere and as they grew they began to appreciate and begin to incorporate these principles this picture which is the last family reunion picture that we have was before we added to the 3 that you see in the photo here this past year we each of these young people added one more so we went from 3 to 7 at the end of the year we lived in a remote area where there was there is a lot of quiet This is a view from our deck Our home is the little roof that you see at the very bottom but this is a setting in which we live around 8000 feet and in some communities they understand meters better so I just simply say around 2800 meters high we learned lessons that for example an orderly home is a setting where affection and thoughtfulness can be freely shown which makes Christianity attractive and we created an atmosphere where by we eliminated a lot of the things that create for how shall I put this disharmony in the home. And we deliberately found opportunity to foster what we called an atmosphere fragrant with tender thoughtfulness. We became intentional at showing love and kindness to one another I remember years before when I was a young lad in my early twenties my father setting a great example of this I was in my early twenty's still living at home and I was working at a factory from 10 pm to 8 am I would come home take a shower and then I would go to class until 3 pm and then I would do my work that I needed to do to get a little bit of sleep before I went to work at 10 pm While I had taken my suit to the dry cleaners so for Sabbath and I had left the ticket on my dresser Well I did not have time to go and get my suit and so I came home one morning after work and my suit was lying on my bed I was confused and surprised as to how it got there my father was preparing his sermon for church in his study and so he being the only one at home I went into the study and I said Dad did you get my suit because I couldn't figure out who else would have done it and he said yes he had I remember just standing there looking at him because I realize that I wouldn't have thought to do that and I just thanked him with this quizzical expression on my face like why would you do that it taught me a very important lesson even today. I really enjoy doing something for someone not expecting. Or needing to be thanked Today I am intentional about thinking of things that I can do for someone because someone did that to mean we have a greenhouse. One thing about greenhouses are that because of where we live want to extend the growing season as best you can and so we have a greenhouse in the middle of summer we can get a hailstorm that will wipe out the entire garden and it's happened so our greenhouse helps to protect that these some part of your crop Well in addition to growing green things we grow mice who really appreciate what we are doing for them providing for them and so I know that my dear bride has a different viewpoint than the mice do and so I tend to try to enter the greenhouse before she does find who I have trapped and before she sees them dispose of them because I know she really dislikes doing that she likewise show me tender thoughts on this one it's very hot outside and I'm weeding or doing some kind of work my wife thoughtfully brings me cold water to drink with out my ass without my asking her to do. That is intentional kind of work. The home that is beautified by love sympathy and tenderness is a place that angels love to visit and were God is glorified the influence of a carefully guarded Christian home in the years of childhood and youth is the surest safeguard against the corruptions of the world and this kind of an atmosphere children learn to love both their earthly parents and their Heavenly Father Well there is a little there is more happiness in giving as you will recognize than they risen receiving and it's the little things that mean the most by the way this works pretty much for all human relationships not just kids when we 1st came under the conviction and we made a life changing decisions such as setting aside time every evening for family and moving to the country some of our friends and family to be very honest with you folk and certain that we were becoming very self focused and it would be a waste of the talents that we should be using for the kingdom of heaven and as a result of that we began to recognize that we need to be intentional about what we did while we were there as we look back we have no regrets we invested in our children spiritual nurture and this is paid off today we are blessed to know that there are now 4 new families instead of one actively serving the Lord and starting earlier than we did to carefully nurture our love for God in their children including their babes in their arms and what has happened is that we got involved and took them along with us and the joy that we had in ministering and in witnessing to others they caught that enthusiasm. The 1st work of Christians is to be your night in the family then the work is to extend to their neighbors and I in a far off those who have received light are to let the light shine forth in clear raise their words 3 going with the love of Christ are to be a savior of life and to live such a family gives evidence that the parents have been successful in following God's directions and that their children will serve them in the church and their influence grows for as they impart they receive to impart again and the neighborhood in which they live is helped for in it they have become enriched for time in eternity and I was challenged because as a clinician I worked in an office setting and I could not take my children with me into that setting and so as I would come home I would share what lessons I have learned while you were sitting down in family time as they got older they wanted to know so what were you doing all day and so I would share with them some of the challenges that I experienced that day without violating any patient confidentiality and I began to share with them what I encountered and how my devotion time that morning had helped me to resolve a particular issue or to address a particular need over time they all independently made the decision that they wanted to be involved in some kind of community effort via a health worker and they all became e.m.t. these or emergency medical technicians all 4 of them I did not ask them to do that they did not choose to go in to help field professionally but they all became him tease and so they became in effect ambassadors because as they would respond to calls volunteers as they responded to calls they will go who are you you look like are you Dr Knabb look. Son you talked in the Blitz daughter and the very many times when I heard it when the patients came back to see me Your son came to my help and when I saw them I said Ok I'm fine and I went they don't say that directly to me but when my son or my daughter showed up they went Ok We're going to be fine Dr Knabb that son or daughter was here I tell you it brought tears to my eyes many a time you know when we think Ok it into our children the love for our family in our heart for the Gospel they begin experiencing in their own way. I think he has them for ministering to people in the community well during that time one of our ministry goals we established was making our home center for loving hospitality and evangelism so over the years when they were younger our family began to have a powerful impact and we began to be how to extend hospitality to families for whom we had much to learn and our home was the perfect place to do this and so what we did was we capitalized on our young people's enthusiasm for doing something in the home for the community and we laid up plans to have a Sunday evening time of fellowship music and bible study in our home and we plan to open our doors to anyone in the community who might be open to accepting such an invitation and so when I would meet people in the community and I would recognize that they were hurting or that they were searching I would invite them to come to our home one Sunday evening every month and we would have a little bit of fellowship we would have a little meal and our children were all play and we would then share some practical Christianity and sharing from our experience of the power of the Gospel in our lives that was possible to restore broken relationships and so we did this for several months. This was followed of course with our children offering their music to the community and we would have sing a longs and we did all sorts of things and made our place a center for hospitality and evangelism. And now we found it difficult to continue this practice during our busy season of traveling and speaking as a family and family ministry but the friends that we established in the community remain ready to accept our invitation and we have remained excited over the years about beginning this again. If you are a person that's not living in the context of a family the same principles by the way would apply in the context of your life and relationship within your sphere of influence parents study the best and most successful way of winning the love and confidence of your children so that you can lead them and I must say that smiling is one of those things I had to learn how to do and to learn how to smile at 1st when I did it my children wondered if I was up to something but as time came on I recognize this point you must win their affection if you would impress religious truth on their hearts and we have found Let's see if this will work my son in law. Simple. Do you think he's going to have a problem sharing the love of Jesus with those children and impressing religious truth on their hearts not at all I just want to encourage each and every one of us even those who don't have not our parents that we can have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged we want our children to believe the truth we want them to be blessed of God and the way that you do it is that you win their affection and you can impress religious truth on their hearts this is being a witness in your. If you have found the you missed the opportunity and that. Because of life's circumstances you were not able to accomplish this do not despair if the Lord brings you grandchildren. Take advantage of a very Because let me tell you the opportunities are endless and so as you win their hearts and you impress religious truth the Lord will give you opportunity to do the very same for you even if they have not done so or person because they know that by your life they can see that you love the Lord and they want. You. Compass this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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