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Media on the Brain, Revisited

Scott Ritsema


It goes without saying - media use is out of control and may be the single biggest stumbling block in spiritual, social and family life today. Which begs the question: what does the latest research say about the stranglehold of 'big tech' upon our lives and how to break free? What are the essential biblical principles for establishing a balanced use of technological tools? And how can we truly restore spirituality and relationships in the digital age?


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries


  • January 2, 2020
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the g.i.c. by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on line do you I see red dot org. Father in heaven we thank you so much for your love for us and for your plan for us and we want to embrace and accept and walk in the path that you lay out for us the paths of righteousness for your name sake and I pray now that you would please help us to set aside our own preferences and opinions and our likes and what we want and just we pray Thy will be done and ask for your voice to be heard not a speaker's opinion not any of our ideas but only that I will be done in Jesus' name we pray Amen. Martin Lindstrom the neural marketing our expert at Apple discovered when they looked at the brains of i Phone users what happens is you have a very specific relationship with your i Phone What we learn from a very recent study we did was that there were actually 2 activations in the brain happening for people who are notice this in love with their i Phones He says Did you hear what I said in love because we actually realized from the study that the same area of the brain that is activated when you are in love with someone is activated when you are in love with your i Phone now through the day I've been talking about how we can use media as a tool I like media the operative word is like I don't sure I want to be in love with a device that's going a little over the top isn't it people are literally like it's their friend like it's their spouse like it's their child and they're in love with the love circuits in the brain are firing off when you're thinking about and using your phone that's a little scary that's a little weird isn't it you remember the thing about people cuddling with strangers because we're so lonely in this generation they were just cuddling with our phones people are going to better their phones it's under their pillow it's in there and it's Ok it's a device it's a tool yes in love with George Barna found in his research years ago media exposure has become America's most widespread and serious what's the next word addiction is a very real addiction you may have heard the 32nd blip up at the main session last night Dr Nicholas Carr Doris author of the book glow kids wrote I have treated hundreds of heroin addicts and I can say that it is easier to treat a heroin addict than a true screen addict so we're not dealing with something that's just hyperbole or just rhetoric or like a literal real actual addiction he was using the diagnostic criteria that are used in psychiatry circles to actually diagnose addictions so they're standard for diagnosing he used in surveys across the general population and found the majority of us would qualify for an addiction to our favorite entertainment media or whatever it is. Now what 1st actually got me talking about media 7 years ago I was a teacher I was seeing this in my own students' lives in such great quantities and frankly a lot of worldly stuff coming in I was like whoa hold the phone what are we into here so I did a an anonymous survey with my students I said are and how much time are we spending on worldly media so so we're not just talking about the things from the morning now this is worldly media how you would entertainment violent video games and I limited it just to that so wasn't all media use because you can use media in a positive way in a god glorifying way and then also how much time are we spending devotions in prayer and Bible study and reading of spiritual things even just anything that connects you with your Savior and the ratio that came out of that shocked and floored me and I started gathering information actually just share this with my students and here we go with media on the brain 7 years later here's the ratio 25212521 ratio and I'm saying Ok Lord what do we need to do to get this balance right I had one student as I said would have 5050 balance be good like 50 percent of our lives in holy impure things in the other 50 percent or only things and as tutors said Mr it's a. 5050 if we're talking about worldly media shouldn't be 0 and I was one who was not inclined to like I'm going to live a pure life at that point at least and but he acknowledged it because we we would all know that if we are not honest moments we as Christians cannot be involved with worldly media the $25.00 to $1.00 ratio by the way is the same ratio of the average Americans diet for every one calorie we are eating from whole food plant based source of awesome nutrition we're consuming $25.00 calories from the everything else category that would be all the stuff you see on the screen the standard American diet you know what that stands for Standard American Diet spells s a d set the sad diet which literally does make us more sad the more you eat of that the less happy you are if you add. Serving a fruit and vegetables your diet you become that much more happy a 2nd serving that much more happy a 3rd serving that much more happy all the way up to studied 7 or 8 servings and for each additional step in the fruits and vegetables category going into your diet you gain greater happiness so to hearken back to the quote from earlier from Ellen g. white where she says let's make our children's lives as happy as possible and the same thing God wants to make all of his children's lives as happy as possible in our diet he gives us an appointed diet to actually maximize our thriving our joy our energy you like Scott I thought you were going to talk about media and now I'm feeling can be convicted about my diet Hey praise God I didn't mean to preach on the health message it just kind of came up but I will say this it doesn't even need to be conviction it can just be the I want to have a joyful vibrant life and so anybody even people who aren't coming at this from a religious perspective can access the same truth in a lot of the same truths I've been sharing with you today and when we get to the end will do how to escape the pleasure trap and we'll see that's that's God's plan for all of us by the way I have to make a slide out of this or I forget it I've got 2 yellow notebooks you can pass them back and fill them fill him in as you go email address if you want to be on our ministries newsletter now we have some major moral consequences when we're consuming worldly media and it doesn't even have to be in a $25.00 to $1.00 ratio it's just the averages out there are mind boggling the average young person by the age of 18 this is in the culture broadly 200000 acts of violence that we're witnessing on t.v. in movies 200 and that doesn't even count video games that's just in the Hollywood entertainment viewing hundreds of thousands of acts of violence 6588 beer commercials by the age of 18 and I remember my students would tell me you have a mystery we don't watch the commercials you're so 19 eighties and nineties we fast forward through the commercials we d.v.r. the program we have all sorts of savvy techie ways to do things here so we don't watch the commercials and that may be. True during the ad break but guess what there are product placements happening throughout the entertainment in the movies in the shows in everything and in one year in prime time television alone they did 316239 alcohol product placements so you might have avoided the commercials during the commercial break but hundreds of thousands of times were being inundated with a subliminal sub conscious subtle type of commercial where they flashed the mention of it or they have an image of it on the screen and were being advertised to constantly when we subject ourselves to the entertainment industry's propaganda between the ages of 18 the average young person will view 79 $1500.00 scenes of a sexual nature 99 percent of which are not upholding biblical values and so we might say Ok what are the consequences of that going to be when I was a young person I was into the world the media I want to play the video games listen to the world the music watch all the exciting movies and if somebody would have confronted me with that and said hey as a Christian should we be beholding these things I mean by the holding we become changed and is this something Jesus would watch you know what I would I would amaze skew says in my rebellious years and I would have been like you know it's not affecting me see I'm not going out and doing those things so I'm not killing anybody I'm not doing these things so as proof that it's not affecting me how I'm smarter no you're not smarter than Jesus because Jesus pointed out a long time ago that it's not just about whether you go out and do the act of murder do the act of adultery Do you remember the passage in Matthew 5 Jesus said You have heard that it was said Do not murder you have heard that it was said Do not commit adultery but I tell you I'm raising the bar here he says don't even have thoughts of lust or hate toward people if it happens in your heart that happens in your thoughts then it's a violation of the commandment Thou shalt not murder Thou shalt not commit adultery so when I'm entertained by it and I'm watching I'm listening to it I'm playing it I'm participating in it it's in my heart. My mind and thus it is a violation of the commandment in just participating in those things so the silly notion I had that since I'm not going out and doing it that it's not affecting me out I'm Ok morally was very Eroni it's logically from Matthew 5 but also scientifically it came out in a talian laboratory they were looking at the brain of primates and what goes on in a monkey's brain while he does various activities one of the things they had the monkey doing was eating peanuts and while you eat peanuts they learn what goes on in the brain Ok very interesting then they take a break and they move the peanuts to the other side of the room and now the scientist is eating the peanuts while the monkey is just sitting there doing nothing but he's still strapped down and being monitored Well he's now watching peanuts being eaten and they accidently discover what goes on in a monkey's brain while he watches peanuts being eaten and they say wait a minute this looks strikingly familiar his brain while watching it looks an awful lot like his brain while eating the peanuts and they looked at it was the exact same brain scan the same neurological signature for eating peanuts was firing when he was watching peanuts being eaten they called it mirror neurons and they discovered whatever we see with our eyes is interpreted by the brain as if we are doing it ourselves not merely seeing it so that reminds me of a story I heard of an Amish young man true story the Amish young man had never seen a movie had never watched any Hollywood entertainment never participated with any of that he left the Amish community and he watched his 1st movie ever and it was an old western film now I used to be a history teacher and show old movies sometimes to my students I wouldn't do that today but at the time I would as a part of the history curriculum I would put a clip or a movie old movie of an old film and to a person I would have half the class asleep by the end of the period the other half like SCAF ing at it and like some shocking scene shows up as I don't I'm supposed to be scary and they're all laughing at it why was this so not shocking to them that half of them were asleep. And the other half were laughing at it well the Amish kid saw somebody shot in this old movie and he had never seen it before he turned white pale and ran out of the house and threw up and I thought well that's kind of strange that's not what I've seen in my own life in my students' lives but wait a minute the Amish kid wasn't a strange one was he he wasn't a weird one we're the ones who become desensitized to the on slot of worldliness that we permit to come our way like the frog in the pot you put the frog in the pot at a low temperature the deviled is a just as an expert at this I'm going to I'm going to heat it up just enough so it doesn't notice it will accept this and then he intensifies it a little more and over time in our lives and over time in the generations in the culture we are he turns up and we all accept it because it's so incremental it's so imperceptibly don't even notice it and pretty soon that frog will literally pass out and die in that boiling water but the Amish kid was thrown into the pot of already boiling water you see he jumps out he's like you guys are crazy that's not entertainment He's right isn't it and here we are having to ask ourselves have I been desensitized have I permitted these things into my life into my heart my mind and I'll tell you something I have good news the convicting word from the Bible is don't let your conscience be seared as with a hot iron because if you see or it and you Arden it the voice of God in the convictions to the soul we can and we don't receive that with the same level of intensity over time but the good news is if we can be desensitized do you think we can also be resented Ty's be transformed by the re new of our minds can we have read can we have new minds we can and so when I've talked to so many people and I've lived it maybe some of you have lived it where you detach from worldly media and that's this on slot of worldliness and. You start you have new mental and spiritual taste buds form and then you witness something accidentally or you see something that you didn't intend to see and it shocks you and you're like praise God that didn't used to shock me and I'm glad I'm being recent surprised I'm repulsed by it and makes me want to throw up like the Amish kid did there's a statement in Isaiah 33 that applies to the last days people and asked the question Who among us can do well with the consuming fire who is the consuming fire. Our God is a consuming fire So who among us shall dwell with God who can stand in the presence of God you know Moses want to God to show him his glory Do you remember that show me your glory and God said to Moses no one can see my face and live so apparently we can just like walk nonchalantly right into the presence of the Almighty and holy God who is a consuming fire to a sinner the presence of God would be a consuming fire in fact it says in Revelation 14 that the wicked will be tormented in the presence of the Lamb and that great final day of torment the destruction of wickedness says they will be tormented in the presence of the lamb so God's presence is a consuming fire to sin wherever from wherever found so I say as asking will then who can stand in the consuming fire who can dwell with the everlasting burnings and it's the same question John asks at the end of chapter 6 of revelation where he sees Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven and everybody's running away and they're calling upon the rocks in the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of the Lamb and the question that these people ask is who shall be able to stand do you remember that and then it's the end of the chapter at the end of Revelation 6 it's just a rhetorical question isn't it because it's the end of the chapter what chapter there were no chapters in the original writing read on and you'll see what the answer to the question is who shall be able to stand they ask at the end of chapter 6 of Revelation right into Chapter 7 you see the ceiling taking place 144000 receiving the seal of the Living God so there is the answer to the question Isaiah is saying who showed well with the presence of God who shall stand in the presence of the consuming fire John has the people saying who shall stand and the answer is those who receive the seal so that's how this passage has a lot to do with the last days those who were receiving the seal of God So here's Isaiah as answer who should be able to stand in the consuming fire he who. Op's his ears from hearing about bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking upon evil you see the implications for our media use people tell me oh Scott don't talk about media it's not a salvation issue we shouldn't talk about lifestyle we shouldn't talk about Christian standards we should just talk about x. y. or z. and leave those things that is a sneaky message of the serpent coming through maybe well intentioned people but I'll tell you something when you say it's not a selfish an issue don't worry about it what is that doing is giving the carnal heart the excuse to do what I want to do when the Bible says if you want to stand in the consuming fire in the midst of the presence of God we've got to be purified by the blood of the Lamb 1st we can't be beholding violence and evil it says those who can stand will be those who have come apart from those worldly things clearly he who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking upon evil and that's not to say we are saved by our media choices it's only the merits of Christ and His righteousness that saves us but what does the saved person do the Bible says come apart and be separate from the world say of the Lord touch no unclean thing and I will receive you touch 0 unclean things I want nothing to do with the fruitless works of darkness but rather let's expose them and tell others about it as well Satan's work is to lead men to ignore God to sow and gross and absorb the mind that God will not be in their thoughts the education they have received has been of a character to confuse the mind and eclipse the true light Satan does not wish the people to have a knowledge of God and if he can set in operation notice this games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the senses of the young that human beings will perish in darkness while light shines all about them he Satan is well pleased now games that the article performances were of a different character 101000 years ago when that was written however does the Lord know what's coming in the future will he give us councils that will apply even a very specific way to our time so you can. Look at the effects upon the brain we can look at some of it this morning and how the video games in the world the theatrical entertainment television movies is impacting our mind and it is absolutely confusing the senses confusing the minds just as we see here in the quote amazing oppressions that really is the Bible says Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds Satan has an agenda to conform the group mind into a standard of deception it says in the bible see to it the No one takes you captive you see there will be agendas out there seeking to take us captive says watch out for them don't be taken captive by the deceptions of this age but rather take every thought captive and make it obedient to Jesus Christ and we're Bernays is the founder of modern public relations the popular culture of the 19 $120.00 s. that emerged and is still with us he is the father of a whole movement within the entertainment industry in the advertising industry to standardize human behavior and conform people to the establishment narrative Edward Bernays said if we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it wow that's a chilling statement he said we will be able to control the group mind and they won't even know about it this is his book propaganda page 71 he goes on on page 37 and says the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society and you might say that's democratic that sounds like a manipulation scheme of a totalitarian Indeed it is but what he's saying is in a free society you can't control people through the traditional modes and mechanisms of brute force violent domination that authoritarians have used throughout history he says the only way we can control people and we have to control people we are the social engineers after all is. Through the manipulation of their habits and opinions by the control of the group mind that's how we do it in democratic societies because we have no other options on the table those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country we are government our minds molded our tastes formed our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of. Let that sink in I mean is that the world we live in now or what how do people adopt ideas world views that are so contrary to anything basic normal decent and logical that we become so confused about things it's the media on slot that has been upon us for 100 years this is a statement from science of the times it actually predicts that through the channel of Mesmer ism Satan is going to become more directly to the people of that generation it also works with that power which is to characterize his efforts near the close of probation that's right now right so neither the close of probation Satan is going to be using Mesmer as I'm well where do we see Mesmer ism taking place I don't know a lot of people that go to a hypnotist but when you look at how hypnosis takes place today Light and Sound do the work for deep relaxation in a fraction of time of traditional new methods says this text on modern hypnosis by using specific frequencies of audio and visual input so a frequency of flashing light maybe that could actually alter your state of consciousness and your brain waves you see the image of the children you know vege down in front of the television but what you want to understand is brain wave frequency bedo waves are where you are in your critical thinking moral filter is up your engaged when you slip down into an alpha state it's normally what you're heading down when you're going down into sleep it's that intermediary stage it's also what New Age meditators are trying to get into when they do sort of self-hypnosis it's a highly suggestible dreamy hypnotic state. Where the brain is going into a more subconscious level and the moral filter is coming down so what does this have to do with the repetitive flashing light of modern media is that going to induce such a trance absolutely psycho physiologist Thomas Mulholland found that after just 30 seconds of watching television the brain begins to produce alpha waves which indicates torpid almost comatose rates of activity alpha brain waves are associated with unfocused overly receptive states of consciousness I should note that the goal of Hypnotists is to induce slow brain wave states alpha waves are present during the light hypnotic state used by hypnotherapists for suggestion therapy viewers automatically enter a trance state while watching television this is been known for decades this is not like brand new information not something somebody invented this is been well known I spoke with a guy actually in the media I was doing media on the brain for a public venue and he was the camera man for the news crew that was doing a little piece on the media on the brain Community Center event and he came up he's like I love that you're telling people about that because this is all in our communication textbooks we all learned about this and it's not widely known I guess we can expect the media to tell us about it but it's well known by the way and so maybe you watch somebody watch t.v. and you kind of see the look on their face and it's flash flash the room's flashing up every I used to say every 3 seconds it's now every 2 seconds because they've had to increase the pacing to keep the stimulant effect that we talked about this morning that reduces the attention span but it just keeps us in Gage in bits the pleasure centers so that we have that novelty that new image on the screen every 2 seconds very fast pace and the brain can't make a logical coherent narrative out of all of that flashing and it's just like I'm given up and going down and Alpha the music of the world also does the same thing this is Dr Juanita McKellen retired chair of music therapy department Philips University in Oklahoma speaks of how rock style music bypasses the frontal lobe and our ability to reason. And make judgments about it she says that this music like television can produce a hypnotic effect Now again that's rock style music that's the style entertainment style television it's not you know videos of seminars and stuff it's not sacred music it's worldly media communication worldly mediums of communication that are doing this she calls it rock music which of course the main feature of rock music is that the Heavy be the excessive quantities of percussion which I just praise God that we get to go and worship God in those main sessions and there's not a drum set in rock band up there there's beautiful sacred music there's a reason they do it that way and there's a reason we're called to do it that way by the way Jimi Hendrix pointed it out he said music is a spiritual thing of its own you can hypnotize people with the music and when you get them at their weakest point you can preach into the subconscious what you want to say Wow So it puts you in that subconscious state hip that he says we can hypnotize the people with the music and another quote he says we make our music so loose and hard hitting so that it hits your soul hard enough to make it open his way of describing a very real neurological phenomenon that Dr Newberg and Walden actually studied at the University of Pennsylvania they wrote about this in the book how God changes the brain and they looked at different religious practices really is what they're looking at they're kind of promoting Buddhist meditation they look also at Easter and a charismatic style Pentecostal style of worship and they get people in their ecstatic feeling and whether they're engaged in the tongues or whatever but they're listening to their you know rock n roll praise and worship popular styles of you know get really excited and in thrall by this this worldly style of music with Christian lyrics set to it and what they found is the prefrontal cortex of people engaged in that style of worship is shut down during that time of what they would call worship and so this is something that people have known for eons this is musician William aura we have discovered something that people knew eons ago so for thousands of years people have disc. Robert how you can use what he calls poly rhythms is the use of Lot use of lots of rhythm quantities of rhythm styles of rhythm that can be used for quote hypnotic induction for altered states of consciousness even for Soul Travel what is all that was called that Spiritualism right kind of like Jimi Hendrix said and so he says people have known this for thousands of years this is Pagan music it's is music from heathen cultures from human cultures all over the world in fact Mickey Hart the drummer for the Grateful Dead says everywhere you look around the world people are using drones to alter consciousness I love that he points out that this is a global phenomenon Lucifer the fallen angel the one who was the musician and have been the one who has instituted all these pagan forms of worship they all kind of look similar don't they everywhere you find them around the world and they're doing the same styles my good friend Christian Berdahl has a seminar in music there's distraction dilemma he plays the beats in the pagan musical styles from all these different places and wow that's the same beat I wonder where they all got their from right well it was adopted by popular music through the rock and roll movement in this culture he gives you the whole history and it's kind of given you a little bit a little bit a glimpse into that but anyway that's what's going on with the world the music industry but then it slips into the church doesn't it the church says hey we can do worldly musical styles and we'll just put Christian lyrics to it and he's like look this is altering consciousness I have discovered along with many others the extraordinary power of music particularly percussion to influence the human mind and body and soul when I read in selected messages book 2 pages 36 to 38 if you want me to say that again if you want to write it down and you want to study this one in greater depth because I'm going to do it like 45 seconds but. You want to spend some time on that we don't have a lot of time for selected messages book 2 pages 36 through 38 speaks about a camp meeting that was held in about 100 years ago a little over 100 years ago and Indiana and it says the same thing will really repeated just before the close of probation It says quote There will be drums. Music and dancing and the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they will not be able to make right decisions and this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit so it's called Christian it's called you know emphasizing praise and it's the Holy Spirit moving but the rest of the quote says Satan is making music a snare by the way in which it is conducted by the way in which it is conducted is a reference to musical style of course right not the lyrics so the music itself is communicating something on what level and what is it doing to our brain and what is it doing to see the spiritual atmosphere of the worship setting so very important quote study further by the way I want to get the right balance on the music thing too when I talk about the charismatic people and the ecstasy of praise and worship and stuff and other pre-frontal cortex is off let's not swing to the extreme opposite where I grew up in a Calvinistic environment we were like the frozen chosen get it frozen chosen anyway and we go. Like that I see some of our chosen are you know the remnant I'm up for you know for the sermon and the song leader gets up and let's sing through for 22 marching to Zion if she's enthusiastic and everybody out there is like that that's not worship right it says in the Spirit of Prophecy Here's a here's an injunction from the Lord let the heart feel the spirit of the song No no no not let I apologise I don't have these on the slides these things are coming to mind I give you the heart must feel the spirit of the song to give it right expression so if we're not feeling the spirit of the song and lead our joy be known joy we're supposed to be letting our joy be known when we sing that particular one right and maybe it's a holy sorrow reverent song like holy holy holy you feel the spirit of that song and so we're supposed to have a feeling emotion is. Of the human experience of how we're designed so yes we don't want to shut off our frontal lobe and our ability to reason you heard drums music and dancing will make the senses of rational beings become so confused that they will not be able to make right decisions that need gates the reasoning capacity in the Bible does say Come let us reason together and spirit of prophecy says the heart must feel the spirit of the song to give it right expression so just cling to that and find that balance a beautiful sacred music that makes your heart soar and your mind be filled and elevated with truth Bertrand Russell is another social engineer type of guy kind of like Edward Bernays he says but perhaps the most important of all the modern agents of propaganda is the cinema leading to almost worldwide uniformity the great majority of young people in almost all civilized countries derive their ideas of love honor of the way to make money and of the importance of good clothes from the evening spent in seeing what Hollywood thinks good for them now isn't this amazing this was written over 50 years ago he's saying the number one agent of propaganda is the entertainment industry it leads people into uniformity of thought do not be conformed to this world uniformity of thought and he says there are other world view their ideals about all these areas of life will be shaped by what how he would defines as good still going on to this day isn't it I doubt whether all the churches and schools combined have as much influence as the cinema on the opinions of the young Wow so we can do our best like in our schools and in our churches and stuff but if we allow worldly exposure he says you're not going to be able to outweigh what Hollywood is doing the producers of Hollywood are the high priests of a new religion but the result is that any defects in the status quo so if there are problems in the way that we're running the society Edward Bernays said we are the ones that pull the wires that control the public mind if there are any defects and people realize maybe we don't have their best interest at heart well people the only people who are going to notice that. Are those who are willing to spend their leisure time otherwise then in amusement I hope that's you you know what I'm used men means muse to not news to not think so if we're in a state of muse when will of course we're not going to notice the deceptions and the manipulations that are taking place around us these are of course a small minority the Bible calls it the remnants and there they are he says they are negligible no God is going to use an army of you to finish the work hasten the 2nd coming of Christ the elements will be laid waste and melt with fervent heat and that's kind of not negligible that's earth shattering literally history changing sin ending stuff that we get to be the privilege to be a part of by God's grace and power animating are witnessing in our lives for him he goes on and says There is however certain instability about the whole system in the event of unsuccessful war the system of control over people's minds mightn't break down and the population which had grown accustomed to amusements might be driven by boredom into oh no serious thought the people have begun thinking the snapping out of their state of amusement and their questioning the powers that be questioning the media establishment that has a stranglehold over the minds of the population and serious thought is engaged if they end up with boredom or some other crisis that snaps them out of it amazing quotation given a glimpse into the system where the Bible warns us and says Don't be taken captive by how low and deceptive philosophy some of them admit it like m.t.v. founder Robert Pitman he said the strongest appeal you can make is emotionally if you can get their emotions going make them forget their logic you've got them wow at m.t.v. we don't shoot for the 14 year olds we own them that's pretty confrontational stuff isn't it Rudolph Valentino was an actress in the 1920 s. is the good old days of American film right know the very origins of the entertainment industry were steeped in spiritualism every night Valentino's wife would hold a seance how often. Every night do we have worship every night we have devotions every day calling for help from the spirit world in her creative undertaking then pencil and paper and hand she would go into a trance and start writing after her outpourings were typed up they were brought to the set the next day and given to the director so the script for the movies were given under seances from demon spirits up Mae West was another person in the same boat 1930 s. she was the one woman sexual revolution as they called her May West received inspiration from psychic phenomena her psychic recalls that she would pace around the room saying forces forces come to me and help me write a script she would begin to hear voices and images as the plot was revealed to her she would lie in bed in a trance like state dictating as the spirits answered Wow that's heavy stuff isn't it and this is the when when it was supposedly good and pure and all that it was never Oprah Winfrey is a modern actress who says this is how I see acting I use my body to be a carrier for the spirits of those who have come before me she says I tried to empty myself and let the spirit and habit me so what is she describing this is possession this is how I see acting a spirit and habits my body and I am see myself in a spirit inhabits Me Ok Peter Sellars another actor said acting is rather like being a medium it's like being a what a medium and laying yourself wide open and saying I want a character to inhabit my body he's using colorful language to describe a very spiritual thing here or I want to character to take charge of me so that I can produce what I hope to produce he's going to be a medium his self is laid wide open and something inhabits his body Robin Williams says there's also that thing it is possession he's using the word possession and he's talking about literal possession because he says in the old days you'd be burned for it but there's something empowering about it he says it is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde where you really can become this other force Denzel Washington spoke specifically about how he received hell. From these demon spirits he says he was asked how did you act so in charge in that scene in that movie I mean that was a powerful scene how were you so in charge in the interview he says Well basically what I did was got on my knees and sort of communicated with the spirits and when I came out I was in charge I couldn't have acted that I couldna made a decision to play that part Ok so he got on his knees before the spirits received the power from them to act in this in Charge way and that's just a few examples by the way I'm cutting our a lot of common sense and give you the skinny on this but when you look at the musicians it gets even more blatant in your face now I show you this musician on the screen not much of an actual musician but that was me and 1998 on October 31 playing bass guitar in the rock band and what I'm doing right there is we're at a church and the church we were in a youth group and we got saved we were in the Charismatic Movement the in my friends at that time and they were like hey let the youth group do their thing the young people make it relevant cool for the young people to have the rock music how do we have a barn Bash and so we had a barn bash as though they called they made a platform a stage in the barn they wired it up with electricity and they let the young people play their punk rock music with some Christian lyrics and some not and they were they allowed it all to happen because they were well intentioned all given that they wanted to be one to the truth but honestly we weren't anybody the truth just like demons right with the make up in the ghoulish appearance there that you can see and also nobody on that stage stayed with that church or that movement most of them have nothing do with Christianity at all one of them is in the remnant church and calls that Babylon so it wasn't very effective either so well intentioned but when you lower the standard if you're not staying true to what God has asked us to do You can't win the you can't win the world to the church by becoming like the world you can't win the world to the truth by becoming like the world is when we're distinct and unique and different set apart that there is a distinction and then there is an attraction like hey what are you guys doing differently right Little Richard I told you I tell you about the musicians he said I was directed and commanded by another power the power of darkness that a lot of people don't believe exists the power of the Devil Satan Ok Was he clear he says let me tell you this every way I know how it sounds like Revelation 12 the serpent of old called the Devil and Satan the power of the Devil Satan has this guy heard a revelation series before maybe you know he grew up 7th Day Adventists. He was in the rock music industry he was the Little Richard like the king of rock n roll you could call him and then 2 years ago 2 and a half years ago came out 3 a.b.n. in an interview and says I'm back in the truth I relinquish and repent of all of that so praise God We got to pray for all of these people in this indigenes industries John Lennon of the Beatles said I felt like a hollow temple filled with many spirits each one passing through me each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving to be replaced by another so it's Ok he was being possessed like those actors were being possessed so while by the way the 1st people I ever heard the thing about these actors and stuff being possessed go to their booth Little Light Studios Little Light Ministries awesome awesome guys I got to give a little hat tip to them this by the way on John Lennon talking about the writing of his songs John Lennon said I don't know who the blank writes it I'm just sitting in the whole blank song comes out like you don't know who wrote your songs so he didn't write it in writing songs Ok so who wrote the songs of the Beatles that well he's got spirits and having him and I am a temple in the spirit comes into me Rolling Stones Keith Richards same thing he says songs yeah they think you wrote it time out you didn't write your songs either really you were just a medium like being at a seance songs come to me on mass I didn't do anything except to have been to have been awake when it arrived Wow So you're like at a seance and you're a medium and you didn't write your songs and seeing a theme here Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin explained how they received the song Stairway to Heaven and other music referring to themselves as a musical medium channeling the music those are their words we were channeling the music we were a medium for the music the music was offered to us and Robert Plant said my hand started writing I almost left out of my seat well that's called channeling when the hand just starts writing as occult practices that he was engaged in who says my hand just started writing and it startled me and I almost left out of my seat a very serious thing they were engaged with and dabbling with when they were into Alister Crowley and all of that with Led Zeppelin beyond say would be a modern manifestation of this my students through the my attention. This because I was a really hip to the pop music in the hip hop and all that and as you got to go beyond say Mr it's me you got to see what she's into and I look at the album cover art this goes back like 15 years almost now she's got a cross hanging from a wrist and then she loses the cross adopts a different name here and puts up horns on her head with a goat's skull in type image there and I'm like time out by the way I added this this is for additional modesty and propriety for the. When I when I see a video she says of myself on stage or t.v. I'm like Who is that girl that's not me I wouldn't dare do that I created my stage persona this other alter ego Sasha Fierce she calls her to protect myself so that when I go home I don't have to think about what it is I do Sasha is not me I wouldn't like Sasha if I met her offstage Ok serious stuff if she's talking about there she's got this alter ego that's evil and has like say tannic imagery I put this one on here so you can compare that with that you can see that's what that is she says I have someone else that takes over when I'm on stage Ok sounds pretty literal to me when I'm on stage I'm not afraid of my sexuality the tone of my voice gets different and I'm fearless I'm just a different person she says things I do when performing I would never do normally I have out of body experiences if I cut my leg if I fall I don't even feel it I'm not aware of my face or my body I've never had a conversation with somebody they're like I'm out of my body and I'm not aware of my face I'm not aware of my body I cut myself and I don't feel it that's not normal that's not normal then there's Jay z. he puts do what I will write on the sweat shirt on his clothing line that his company put out do with Wilt is the famous credo of Allister Crowley the most famous Satanist of all time and the song came out no church in the wild a student of mine came to me he's like Mr it's my going to tell you something they were playing the song No church in the wild at a at the halftime show of the basketball tournament at the at the at the university we just went to. To play against the other academy students and I'm like excuse me they're playing Jay z. and he's like oh yeah you heard no church in a while I'm like no can we watch the music video us and no I don't want to watch the music video in the Bible classroom I said Can you show me the lyrics like what's that about the lyrics I live by you desire so they're speaking to desire personified you are the one I live by so they live by their own desires your love is my scripture loving desire is their scripture we formed a new religion actually it's not new and you didn't form it but they know it's a religion is formed by saying a long time ago it's not that new no since as long as there's permission by the way in the great controversy pages 555556 you will read about spiritualism in the last days and it will teach that there are no since and that's exactly what appears in the in the in the song It also says that Spiritualism will teach that desire shall be the highest law it's like whoa that was that was pre-dating Crowley and Jay z. and all of this it's something that the pastor don't preach Amen to that the pastor ain't preaching this false gospel Gospel called Allister Crowley and spiritualism and say tannic rebellion of loving your own desire and there is no sin but great controversy warned us to watch out for this you never thought you'd see it coming through in the in the in the entertainment industry right it's always a different perception we have of things but the devil is insidious and deceptive now you probably weren't like man I was super into Jay z. as a Christian remnant believer like I was really looking forward to listening to j.c. on my way home probably most of you are not into that kind of music and if you are we are by the way we got to take that seriously and say Ok what have I gotten into God's going to call you apart be separate right by many or by few you can be in the few who say no to that worldly music so one of the ones that surprise me under this heading of and we thought they were Ok is this one we were doing witchcraft trying to do witchcraft music. And then he goes on and says I'm doing this spiritual sound a white spiritual sound religious music that's the whole movement that's where I'm going it's going to scare a lot of people Ok so who is doing witchcraft in their music decades ago and it was like going to scare and surprise people well it wasn't dark and say tannic death metal band or hip hop band it was actually the Beach Boys who who looked to me like they're pretty clean cut happy go lucky you know pretty armys it's innocent stuff right innocent stuff in the ninety's when I was into all the punk rock and hip hop and death metal and everything this was the innocent you know girls listen to Christian girls listen to Tori Amos and Tori Amos it turns out she sang a song called Father Lucifer she said I wanted to marry Lucifer I don't consider Lucifer an evil force I feel his presence with the music I feel like he comes and sits on my piano what and I could give you a lot more quotes along those lines under this and we thought they were Ok here's one by the way from the Hollywood side of things this is an innocent 1950 s. sit com Right 950 s. when everything was as pure as the wind driven snow it was the era of family values and moral values I Love Lucy was arranged through through seances she was communicating with a comedian who was her friend who had died 9 years before and in the demon spirit impersonating her dead loved one said go ahead and start that show and be Lucy and I Love Lucy and then they do a seance in the show no surprise there by the way we could never possibly do an exhaustive search of every actor every person in the entertainment industry all the musicians but one inside inside source that we get insight that we get from for rules of Bach she's asked Ok Which craft you're in a movie about witchcraft in the ninety's here is witchcraft like real in Hollywood are people into this she's like oh yeah a lot of actors who don't mention their names of course are very much into this so if I hear. A lot a lot of the entertainment industry is into spiritualism I'm ready to just go why am I going to take my chances it's not speaking of Jesus and of his soon coming and his present work in the sanctuary and Evan it's not drawing me closer to Christ what was I thinking to begin with but in case I was feeling like a gambling man and I want to go and consume is not all bad it's not all evil is not there not all possessed and evil bad people so I'm going to take a chance wait a minute she's like a lot of this industry is full of it I wouldn't go to a buffet that's full of rat poison and I don't know what's what and choose one and go I hope it's good Russian roulette for my soul no way James Force says come apart and James Force says resist the devil and he will flee from you but we have to submit ourselves to God 1st it says submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you and I told you I would get into how to escape the pleasure trap can I show you one thing from the greater loss and then I'll go right to that I just got to show you these images if anybody knows how to turn the lights down you're going to want to see these images really clearly this is a brain and normal brain under a spec scan this is a brain that is addicted to lustful behaviors and practices and viewing the prefrontal cortex is being eaten away here those areas in the in the cerebral cortex are probably problematic as well that's putting it mildly this is a cocaine addict brain this is a lust addicts brain which one's worse wow this is your brain on pornography any questions so there you go that I'll show you the other image now you can see the prefrontal region cerebral region Thanks for the lights guys I'm already done with it that fast so you can pull them back up because I'm down to the last few minutes here and I've got to do the most important thing by the way I feel so bad that I'm leaving off like 8 slides that we're going to summarize a little bit of this this a greater lust in slaves of purity in a pornographic world definitely view the. Series that's one of the most important series The Bible says how can a young man cleanse his ways by taking heed according to the word that's in Psalm 119 we want to cleanse our ways and be prepared and have this sanctuary cleanse as that sanctuary is cleansed right now but I told you I'd end with how to escape the pleasure trap you know how pleasure really works we get it wrong pleasure actually follows naturally when we do good things and we live life the way God's designed for example you help a needy child in a developing nation adopting an orphan or whatever and pleasure follows about you share the truth with others and you see the light bulb go on in their mind and they're like wow this is amazing pleasure follows when you view a beautiful sunset and are captivated the by the beauty of God's nature pleasure follows enjoy a picnic as a family on a beautiful afternoon pleasure follows study the Word and the God reveals Himself to you and you're like wow God spoke to my heart just right there pleasure follows invest in a marital relationship attend a joyful wedding celebration accomplish a difficult task or enjoy a nutritious meal pleasure follows pleasure follows Why do I keep saying in that order because when we pursue God and live life the way God designed pleasure follows naturally like the cart follows the horse Well we put the cart before the horse dont we. We are in a pleasure pursuit obsession in this country and the reality is when you pursue let's say media pleasures in entertainment this would apply across the board but this study moderate and heavy media users report lower levels of happiness than their counterparts and there's tons of research on this I get into this more in the media mind I just left it out today because I had to cut so much but there's a lot more evidence and basis for this the more media people consume the less happy they become and the more bored we become so wait I thought the media was curing my boredom I'm bored what shall I do play video games I'm bored what shall I do watch the game I'm bored watch lead you go on media social media and see what else is going on I'm bored what shall I do watch a movie the media cures my boredom right know the media is causing the boredom it's kind of like a Mountain Dew addict I was a Mountain Dew addict I'm Scott I was a Mountain Dew addict and I thought I needed Mountain Dew for energy I thought I needed caffeine for energy once I got off the I actually have more energy a comeback to that broccoli thing in just a 2nd but speaking of the boredom did you know this phrase I'm bored you cannot find references to boredom in the English language in literature anywhere prior to the industrial revolution it's a uniquely modern phenomenon when everybody starts gathering in the cities an amusement and then the entertainment industry and now of the media everything boredom is this catastrophic Lehi and it's proportions like it was 0 before and now it's this massive thing we're all bored all the time how did we get so bored we are overstimulated aren't great and so when they put a man or a room in the bunch of men one of the time in a in a study they said All right sit here in this chair leave your phone in the other room where there's no screens and is no t.v. can I bring a book you know the study is you're just going to sit here in a chair and do nothing for as long as you can just be alone with your own thoughts there's nothing on the walls it's an empty room and you sit there for as long as you can and by the way we're going to put this little thing on your finger and whoa you just shocked me. Yes a mild electric shock is administered when you press this button and then the researcher leaves the room you know. The average man within 6.5 minutes is so bored so under stimulated he's like shocking himself 2 thirds of men shocked themselves one 3rd of women shocked themselves young adults when I heard that I said wow we definitely have a problem with boredom this is a brain scan of people who are happy and not addicted to things right you have a lot of pleasure there in the pleasure centers this is a drug addict whether it's the plug in drug of modern media or drug or physical drugs it would be the same brain scan less happy more bored so wait a minute the thing that I went to to try to gain more happiness and less boredom is producing less happiness and more boredom that's exactly the trap the pleasure trap that same as people in and so it's like the high followed by the crash and then we got to get the high again because we know we have the perception that that is how we got there and that's how we get there when if you remove the whole thing when I got rid of Mountain Dew and I started the whole food plant based diet and having the health message I have way more energy than I did when I was an energy types of journeyings it's all an illusion it's all a bandaid it's all a fraud it's all a deception now the biggest deal deception about it all is this thing about broccoli but 1st I have to say this God is way better and pleasure than Satan this did you know that he is the creator of our brain he's got the design protocols he knows how to maximize our joy and he says I want to he says I've got pleasures that I write and evermore he says I satisfy the desire of every living thing so God doesn't want us to be bored and happy he wants to subscribe and have joy that's why he created us so we can enjoy him and live life and worship him and honor him and have a relationship with him and so when we chided cheat that by being pleasure seekers we reduce our pleasure Satan's trap he's not better he's good at the high which causes an addiction and a downward spiral of pleasure actually saw the brain scan and it causes depression this this symbolizes how I when I. Do addict I would not want to eat real food after I drank Mountain Dew Ok so I drink a Mountain Dew I'm not interested in broccoli I'm not interested in any vegetables actually anybody in your icecream 1st in your dessert 1st and then the regular meal just doesn't is good right you know the concept well this has spiritual application. How sweet are your words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mouth so the Bible is not broccoli it is honey actually sweeter than honey the Bible is sweeter than honey yet many people are bored by the Bible there and interested in spiritual things is there something wrong with the Bible and spiritual things know there how many there's something wrong with our tastebuds isn't there the sated man loathes Honey what are we sated with what are we say she added with what are we satisfied with I had my fill of you name it and then when it comes to the Word of God and spiritual things it's not that interesting it's dull I have a hard time getting into it because I'm go go go hide stimulated overstimulated pleasure seeking addicted to name your media name your whatever that messes with the spiritual taste buds in our brains scientists call it the pleasure trap there was a study in 1954 where mice would tap a lever and then the lever would produce an electrical signal that would go down into the nucleus accumbens or the pleasure receptors in the mouse's brain and he would be like ooh wow every Again I like that pleasure that's good stuff and he learned quickly tap the lever feel good lever does it delivers pleasure it was an easy quick fix pleasure it wasn't like what I was describing earlier live life God's way pleasure naturally follows that sometimes requires effort discipline sometimes pain sometimes struggle to do the right thing but pleasure results Jesus said you will weep you will mourn while the world rejoices everybody else ever to big ole party but it says your weeping will be turned to joy Xenu in it the right way so the mouse was doing it the quick fix the easy way no discipline effort or pain required the results were these mice stopped eating their food and were on the brink of death so they were like. That doesn't taste very good to me for listeners to the audio I am pretending that the mouse is tasting the Bible as his food he's like now that's not interesting I just want my lever let me go back to my lever Shall I run on my wheel requires so much effort so hard I was just giving my lever so we're losing a grip on what it means to be human right remember from the 1st session the mouse needed a seminar how to be a mouse again like run on the wheel don't tap the lever eat your normal food and you'll have a happy life Mr Mouse same thing with us when we live life the way God designed for us to live in every aspect I know I gave you a laundry list already this morning I won't repeat it but in our social lives and in everything we can find the joy of walking with Jesus and knowing him and that's when we will open the Word of God with new eyes with 2020 vision if you will to say look give me a new set of lenses Lord I'm a child something different because when I try something different this last quote that we close with this afternoon apply. If we do not receive the religion of Christ by feeding upon the Word of God we shall not be entitled to an entrance into the City of God People who are not eating the spiritual food will not be in the Heavenly Kingdom having lived on earthly food having educated our tastes to love worldly things we would not be fitted for the heavenly corns we could not appreciate the pure heavenly current that circulates in heaven the voices of the angels and the music of their harps would not satisfy us people would get up there would be like harps really I mean come on where is my style where is the music listen to those angels is going on like that like when are they going to do it the way I like well the science of heaven would be as and need my to our minds a mystery why do people like it up here I can't get on my phone I can't play video games I can't watch exciting media worldly or otherwise if for so overstimulated this place is part this is like church all the time where am I right it would be torture immediate steps to Christ of heaven would be torture to the to the one godly we so here's the antidote here's the solution we need to hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Christ how do we get hungry and thirsty for the righteousness how do we hung how do we get it so that it tastes good for us well let me use an analogy Have you ever done a fast for like 24 hours or 48 hours or something like that and then the 1st thing you eat after the fast is some plain simple food but your tastes really really good like a carrot Ok you give me a carrot after a big o. ice cream dessert and obviously wrong Anybody got any ranch dip this tastes so like cardboard right. But you give me a carrot you eat a carrot after a fast and you dislike Where did you get these carrots these are so good it was the because carrots I've ever had no no it's just a normal carrot no these are the best carrots I've ever had no it's the same carrot but it's so good because you fasted Is there a media you might fast from some type of thing that maybe we're just always on and takes up time and it's messing with our brain and messing with our pleasure receptors and we're addicted you fast from something you start to find the rest of life tasting better and most importantly God said Taste and see that the Lord is good and when we seek Him and search for him with all our hearts even if it means detaching from something for a while that we just love that we can't live without that searching for him with all our hearts then we will find him then we will taste the savor of the sweetness of the honey let's pray Father we thank you so much for your will for us that it is good that you withhold from us no good thing that you satisfy our every need and desire with you we want to know you more we want to walk with you more closely and to witness and do your work and not waste any more time as the time is short and is dragging on too long we want to hasten the coming of Jesus by detaching from pleasure seeking entertainment seeking and want to choose seek true edification and have our tastebuds reset so we can love your word and be fit for have and prepare others for it as well we pray these things and and Lord we we sank defiance surrender right now set apart our lives for you. Many of us right now are ready to make a decision about Boy we've been involved with worldly media Lord we surrender that it is of the devil it's spiritual ism it's dark nastiness and we want nothing to do with it it's going in the garbage and the body was making that decision right now just commit to that to the Lord in your heart and pray yes to Jesus say yes to his invitation and Lord many of us also are invited by your spirit to try a fast to try a different set of lenses to look at life through a look at you and your words through and we want to see more clearly we want I said so that we can see so we pray that you help us to make that decision with firmness and resolve right now to fill our lives with something much much better so that it's not like the man who had the demon cast out and 7 more come back because he just swept this house and put it in order we want to fill the house of our lives in the house of our minds with so much good and so much activity serving you and loving you and studying your work so help us with our walk as we make a life altering decisions this weekend we want to make a commitment Lord and not walk away unchanged not walk away with this information but walk away with a plan for transformation a practical plan to do life differently than we are here to for him we just surrender this all to you in Jesus' name amen. This message was recorded and did you receive conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do you I see supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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