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Ever had questions about the whole 'finding love' thing? Like why is it so hard to find that someone? Am I doing something wrong? Will my heart ever heal from the pain I’ve experienced along the way? More than just finding that special someone, how do I love them right when I do find them? What is marriage really like anyway? How do I prepare for it and how do I survive its challenges? Clive and Charlene Coutet desire to share their hearts with you and give real, honest and practical answers to many of these questions.


  • January 2, 2020
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the. Time many were thank you in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors online. Dot org. Welcome back everybody. We're going to get started again. I've been told that the seats at the front we need to get them filled up because there's a few people who are sitting at the back so if you can come before that I think we won't bite Yeah. But we'll move on so. That's pretty far we haven't met before bring us back into session I prayed I was the speaker even uses the speaker was Jesus' name I made it. So. Much the stuff that we talked about and we're going to be talking about is in more depth in this so I find this this book is 10 years in the making actually. When I have the stream is back in 2008 and it's now 2020 and it's finally here because God said You need to write this down and share it so this is. A story that follows a girl and a guy so it's not just for the girls it's for both and I love you this story and it jumps in and out the sanctuary as like a remedy to all of the mistakes that are shown in this book this diary entries there's all kinds of stuff that is just it's an incredible story. So if you want to get this then you can see so yes afterwards. Just another slant of the form where we do not q. and a like the questions are in there and the most likes will be answered 1st right now the most light question is how do I know he is the one so we're going to be doing that and session for the q. and a session. And we're going to be on 3 of the questions in the ones that have the most likes going down. The next question is how do you know if you're being too picky and then the 3rd one is boundaries how far is too far these are great questions and as you continue liking them. I'm supposed to slow down and I just put in the code so we're going to go back to the foundations the foundation was. First printing 619220 or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own for you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which God's So using this passage we can. Jump through the sanctuary message in a way that would relate to us all body is a temple of the Holy Spirit is not worship of us it's a place the whole house the presence of God we're going to figure out how that works so we're going to take a journey through the sanctuary can everyone see that Ok. So many see the sanctuary is like this old fashioned relic of a thing that you know was in the wilderness and yesteryear. You know it was useful for the Israelites but them but maybe not so useful to us now. You know we don't have sacrificed as any more we don't you know preach ministers don't wear you know special garments we don't have one specific place to worship You know I'm sure the people from around the world in this room so how is the sanctuary relevant to all worship today and most specifically how is it relevant to our relationships so my opinion after the cross and what about represent I believe this sanction message is the most powerful tool we have as young people today it is so mind blowing how you can apply this to so many situations in your life but my passion for the sanctuary's heart relates to relationships so God gave this patten to Israel so that he could do or do well with them it was the perfect representation of a relational God who wanted to be with us not one that wanted to stay aloof is somebody that she wanted to be real close with his people and the layout of the century was really specific and ordered and there was a pattern and direction to it services and each service kind of played into the other one couldn't happen without the other if nothing was standalone everything worked together in stingless harmony I'm going to just see how practical God's plan is for relationships and if we need to if we need to find healing from past mistakes. You can find it here too and also an incredibly practical blueprint of how not to let that happen again so the entrance into the the century was only one way in and out of the doorway and the courtyard and circled the entire tabernacle and practically speaking for us this area represents thank you for that it represents our circle of friends can you see how the. It kind of was a yeah it's like a circle of friends the friend zone so for anyone to gain admittance to that area of the courtyard they had to come through the door and the purpose of them coming in was to bring an acceptable sacrifice and there was only one way in how many ways in one way in this area here it was the courtyard cry Ses in John 146 I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father except through me. The 1st checkpoint in the sanctuary is the door and cry should be the only way in and out of our lives he's the standard of and tree for anybody wishing to be around us anybody who wants access to our temple our life off friendship circles all of these coastal acquaintances should be considered in relation to Christ's character on the life that he led the people that we should surround ourselves with of those who are aiming for this standard of Christ in their lives and if they're not believers they still should be thought people to display those characteristics I have many friends there on in the church but if you look at who they are and what they represent without them even knowing it it's quite These are the people that we should speak surrounding ourselves with relations 52223 outlines what some of these characteristics should look like the fruits of the spear is love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self control of the friends that we have of the people that we surround ourselves with do they display these kind of characteristics many times we let people into our life simply because we find them interesting. Or you know I'm kind of attracted to him he's kind of a good looking she's beautiful and you start to just be around people that you just vibe with because you just feel cool around them very often the last thing that we think about is if they actually uphold the standard. And the reality is do we hold that standard ourselves in my early relationships and in my early friendships the last thing on my mind when I met somebody was hey a good Christ like individual I think and influence me for good I think. We just were having a good time and that's where you get people that kind of you know jump over the fence they kind of sneak you through the back door and you end up being surrounded by all these people in your life and the very people that bring drama they're the very people that bring distractions and situations that you just didn't want to get into but we discover the problem in session one keep doing the things I don't want to do the problem is the people that you've surrounded yourselves with. You leave yourself no other choice but to end up being in those cycles do these people genuinely respect you or do they bring gossip to your door to the like talking about others that's a really good indicator because Christ isn't about. Self control is that a factor. All of these things influence who we're going to have getting closer and closer to us the courtyard was kind of the outskirts you had Israel on the outside but the people that come closest to you has they have to come with a purpose and intentionality So we need to consider what offering these people are bringing to our lives. So we're going to go in a bit closer to the standard to be allowed to enter our courtyards directly determine the people that we admit into our holy place and the most holy places of our life if you think back to the story of a girl in that room that was like a most holy place where she was interacting with these guys were in a personal relationship happened your heart your heart of hearts because she hadn't spent time assessing the people in her courtyard she didn't have a stand the standard of cry she had her own standard the quality of people she ended up being in relationships with was just a mess. We all crave community but if we find ourselves constantly gravitating towards people who are like you know super casual about God being in their lives or not all that even tonight I'm completely it really speaks volumes about the condition of our own hearts like I said I have the desire for a good Godly man and I want to a priest of my home because I saw that as the only way that my marriage and my future was not going to end up like my parents I wanted that Christ's light love because Christ you know I grew up knowing that God doesn't fail I didn't want to fail in love but I didn't take time to set Christ as my standard of and 3 into my life that's the 1st place that many of us fall down our courtyards of the most important place where we determine our future happiness when I 1st went off to university like I said I moved from being a very nice north that we're much more friendly in the north of England I think my husband's from the south of England. When I moved down to London I was surrounded by people that I found a really. It was a real shock to my senses I would be walking in the underground like the subway and it would be bumping into me and I'd be like oh sorry sorry sorry there were the ones bumping into me I was the sweet innocent North girl thing oh sorry to everyone after about a month of getting pushed around I'm not very tall either I was like you know I'm done with this saying sorry life and I was like I need to toughen up and even in my friendships we the way that was used to interacting with my friends it was much more just playfully innocent and just chilled out whereas in London it was who seemed to be an agenda and I found myself just getting into situations like no I need to toughen up and I changed because I wanted to fit in the environment that I was in I wanted people to come into my courtyard of my life to be friends with me so I was the one that changed my standards changed depending on the wind I didn't have a constant and the winds of people that used to come in and out of my life like the stuff that used to go around about me that apparently I've done I don't even know what half of that stuff was but because I didn't set up a standard of the amount of people that walked in and out of my life just brought nothing but drama I let my surroundings change me so I could just Blendon I was too afraid to stand out and it says in our our hard calling page 256 your associates may not be expected to be free from imperfections or sin but in choosing your friends you should place your standard as high as possible the total of your morals as estimated by the associates you choose you should avoid contracting an intimate friendship with those whose example you would not choose to imitate can to walk together lest they be agreed. If you find yourself gravitating to certain types of people who like to do certain things have conversations times or you know they just want to chill environment and aren't really serious about that standard adventure which is Christ you need to check the condition of your heart I never looked back I never self examined because I thought I was white you know I had it down I was I was doing things the right way but no I was the one that hadn't set the right standard and that's when I ended up getting into personal relationships that cause drama I surrounded myself with people that didn't have my best interests at heart one of my best friends and it up spreading the most stuff about me I would never thought that she would have done that the standard eventually wasn't Christ those people I look back with I would never have been friends with them if I actually taken time my courtyard or the next thing that you walked into was the altar of burnt sacrifice so Upon arrival the worship was met by the priests at the door and they the ones that carried out the sacrifice so the person would lay their hands on the sacrificial emblem to be offered an offering would be accepted to make atonement for their sins it was a purposed coming this practice by the person coming to the sanctuary was a demonstration of the desire to be reconciled to God since separates and the purpose of the son she was to show that despite the separation that's been caused by sin between God and humanity we can rest assured that God still very much wants us to be with him and if you find that you've separated god from your friendship choices your relationship choices we don't need to fear because you know absolutely that God wants to bring us back to a relationship with him he still wants to do it with us and be part of that decision making process process the offering brought was also to be the very best. It was to be without spot and blemish and we need to consider if the friends we've allowed close to us are bringing the very best to our lives and most importantly are we bringing us our best before God The question is what we burning on our altar sacrifice is it the things that need to be burnt up like pride and selfishness and different things or do we find the good aspects of our lives constantly being consumed and got rid of like me when I changed all of the nice attributes that I had when I moved. Away to university I burned all of the good because I just wanted to fit in with what was going on down there from the from 2nd contains 3 a team we get there the phrase by beholding we become changed the very things that we surround ourselves we're with will change us and change our likes change the things that we engage in and very much so the negative aspects of our my character was being burnt away I wasn't giving my best to God and we know the story of Cain and Abel Abel brought what God wanted as a sacrifice became what he wanted to and. We brought our relationships for God asking Him to bless it and to accept it just like Cain did a lot I want to be with this guy he's just perfect for me I want to be with this girl she's wonderful and we placed this offering before God and he's like she shouldn't even be in your life. He should never have made it through you know why why has it made it to the to the altar. Should never have got him. Councils and stewed chips says Page 197 Love will be revealed in sacrifice the plan of redemption was laid in sacrifice a sacrifice so broad and d. and high it is a measurable. Christ gave all for us and those who receive Christ will be ready to sacrifice all for the sake of their Ridhima the thought of his honor and glory will become before anything else that the passion got a quiet we bring to the altar. You know often it's really easy for us to our like small compromises to kind of take hold of our relationships or our friendships rely on small little things we let them be Ok and we say oh it's only really small but there's a story that is actually in my wife book and it's a story of this young boy who wants to have his friends over. To kind of have like a movie night or games and I want to finish the time and the dies like Ok. What are you guys going to do and he's like I'm going to watch this movie we're going to watch that movie and it has like whoa I don't think you should be watching those kind of things because this some things are better more and then there's a little bit of nudity there's a little bit of you know kissing a little bit of while and it's and those things won't be good for you and the sun begins to plead with the dad he's like but. It's only small things the movies like 90 percent good it is one of the small things you know we close our eyes we want we want more look at the you know what do you do to kids you put your hands in front of her eyes. And the dad's eventually offer this son you know reasons with his dad his dad's like Ok and my friends over so on the day that their friends are arriving the dad the size that he's going to make his son some cookies. And he makes some really nice smelling cookies it's got the best ingredients in it the son smells the cookies he comes inside and it's like that we do and we do and it's that's like whoa I've made these cookies for you and your friends and he's like great cookies are there he begins to reel off the ingredients and the sun is super excited and all of a sudden he feels like his dad is in the same mindset as him you know he's Ok with the movies and he's making these cookies and the dad said but wait. I put one tiny piece of food in the cookie. A really small amount of it's Ok Because the 99 percent of the ingredients are the best thing greediness you can find not do you think that someone to be in those cookies. No because there was one tiny bit of bad in the cookies so then the dad uses This is an illustration as to why his son should not go and do these bad things even if it's a small bit of bad I mean I don't know my view guys will be in those cookies 100 percent cookies so but that eventually reason with a son and tells him you know you know to be able to watch these things and these are reasons why and he had made another batch of cookies that had 100 percent good ingredients. But this is an illustration to show us why we shouldn't compromise the really small amounts just for the sake of 90 percent good you know with God and Satan there's no middle ground there's no great area is either black or white aside the God of Satan either formular against me and I think I'm really loud though small compromises always cool we call it creeping compromises 1st you allow a little bit and then all of a sudden over time things start to develop and you begin to be consumed all it's Ok we'll just have that kiss. Always Ok we could just hold hands oh it's Ok I'm going to go for you guys know what I'm talking about one thing leads to another and before you know it you can see you can see so the importance is shown. I think by the courtyard and in these these quotes that we really need to spend time in our courtyard a lot of the drama we have face later down the lines of mass of the heart started because we've not been diligent with our courtyard and you might find yourself as you do a clear out that you might be alone for a time. And that was scary for me being alone all of my friends diverse all my friends like that I don't have any friends right now. So I'm not from a sickness right now. And maybe nobody will be with you at 1st as you realign your heart's desires with those of Christ but rest assured that the whole point of this process is to bring us into closer communion with God and to find that right person we know the story of what happened with like Eli and his sons. They were in crazy things and what was the people in Israel saying like we don't want to come to the sanctuary they're doing all sorts of profanity I'll bring my sacrifice and they're just going to extort me they're doing this they're doing that and the good people stayed away because of the standard of the things that was happening in the sanctuary of God Why I can you not find your spouse why is it so hard to find my my my husband where is he maybe sees the standard of what goes on in your courtyard and he doesn't want to have anything to do with. Your waiting for him to enter your life but he sees the way that you are conducting yourself and he is not interested. She doesn't want to go on a you because of how you're conducting your life as a guy she sees how you're treating other people she's the people you'd like to have in your courtyard in your friendship circles and she's just not interested in being just another one of those girls the battle to find the right person has only become a battle because of the standards that we have erected around ourselves when the right people walk into your life it's so obvious who the right person is when he walked into my life it was literally like in the movies where you have that kind of everything goes blurry and you just almost have like this you know and I didn't think that that could be the case but because I had spent time filtering out all of the people that just brought distractions the simplicity of seeing him was it was so insane it was it was so simple but can I just say that that was a me I was Christ. And it was only because I given up my desires for what I spoke about before I was now able to be ready for her but interestingly enough. We're going gauged at g y c In 2011 and. We were due to get married in September 16th we did it and I got married September 16th the year coming but it was about June of that year when. I had kind of spiritually my life it was the climbing slightly I've become so focused on ministry that ministry was taking over my spiritual life I was working working working working and not spending enough time on. I don't as I don't been through that scenario before where you're so focused on doing the work so focused on ministry so focused on your mind is so much a stuff that you actually neglect God slightly and that's began to happen and I want began to notice now we're due to get mine is. And in the June. My wife says to me we would simply invites out we had invited all of friends and family plane tickets have been bought the venue had been born having paid for she says to me she writes me this long my wife loves write letters. She wrote me this long lets off. And in summary basically said if things don't change the way to go this is like 2 months to 2 and a half months before our wedding now for Charlene the sacrifice for her was it wasn't just good enough she wasn't just trying to get married him that wasn't a goal for the ghost of Christ so if now my relationship was lacking in Christ's or her 1st priority is Christ or she has to cut me off and it can be it can be as close as the day before the wedding now praise the moment it was a wake up call for me and I'm going to turn things around I was still standing here today by God's grace but the point is. The man should not be the one drawing your end of it go should not be the one drawing you when it has to be right. And he is the foundation of everything and it kind of brings me. On that story here where we're looking at Genesis 3919 let's give us a little bit of backstory this is about Joseph everyone knows the story of Joseph his ascent as a slave he's now he's working for parts for. His wife approaches him now the story goes and says that he was handsome form a boy now I'm just going to bode me personally but I picture him and I think that he was muscular and honed he was a world you know back then they went war was was kind of kilts so he would have had his body out and pots of forget that last thing I. People know I'm talking about ladies you know. You see a nice guy and I just wonder I see some small and some places where multiple fingers you know what I'm talking about and guys vice versa nice girl walks in and you kind of you know. You have guys you know I'm talking about let's not play games you know I'm talking about but you can imagine that if Joseph had compromised right if he had just said oh I just kissed a today do you think that the next day would have been our all kiss and then maybe something else it kind of would have developed right but no this is what happens with Joseph he flees he runs for his life. Now go back to the story that I was just talking about was shot in the myself just before we got married she was ready to flee I was becoming a distraction she was ready to flee or run for her life and that's the point we have to get to we have to be ready to be able to give up absolutely everything and free for our lives because if we don't do that we're going to end up somewhere else want to go to bed later. And David David is the opposite of this he doesn't flee he goes down and goes get back Sheba But Joseph flees but he doesn't just flee it says here he left he fled and he ran like a 3 step process he left he bounced he made moves then he ran like this got to be an action to it has got to be a movement has got to be a determination so want to get away from whatever is holding you back if you going to be at the altar and sacrifice it you've got to give it up now for me this signifies purpose there has to be a purpose because if there's not a purpose and our movement and our motion we're going to get caught up in the cycle and that's how we're going to fall into these traps when temptation comes around the corner you have to flee for your life. Now as I mentioned this let's open up Bible 2nd Samuel 11 this is they wouldn't be here. They were if you checked a few verses. Ok verse one. And it happened in the spring of the year at the time when things go out to battle that David said Joe and his servants with him and all Israel and they destroyed the people and the siege rubble but David remains at Jerusalem now was the 1st problem here. He should have been out there he should have been doing something that he wasn't he should've been out with his king fighting where he should be out with this is Army fighting as the king but instead the 1st problem is he's somewhere where he shouldn't be and how many of us find ourselves in situations that we shouldn't be in and it's only when we make a mistake they will act but the warning signs of that you know who shouldn't be there some doubts it's a simple as that we have to flee 2nd option 2nd problem actually before I go there says the wife has a pathos in profits it was now while David was at ease and got and unguarded that the tent to seize the opportunity to occupy his mind the moment we lose focus of what was supposed to be or where was supposed to be what God wants us to be doing is when we're giving room for the enemy to operate it's almost like. That moment we do that from the 1st presentation that we did that reason shrinks that desire is increased straight away at the moment we were not supposed to be that's what takes place now verse 2 says that it happened one evening that David arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king's house and from the roof he saw a woman baby and the woman was very beautiful to behold now I don't know about you guys but it says here that David arose from his bed sorry said Ben It happened towards evening that David arose from his bed now I personally arise from my bed in the morning not the evening so I look at the story and I think that David should have been sleeping or he should have been in his room and should have been in his bedroom vicinity he should not have been out wandering in other places because it says that he was in his bed. So that for me is mistake number 2 he's kind of made the 1st mistake now is moving to mistake number 2 and I want to show you just quick picture we have for many of you that that know we also run another ministry called lineage where we make small videos on the Reformation and church history and we recently was shooting our 1st season of lineage and we were out in Israel and right here is sort of the view that David would have had just from the right you can see but just on the right is what they call David's pilots So David would have been walking and he would have looked out and I could imagine that the shebang would have been somewhere in this region we don't know where but she would have been somewhere in this region Ok And she would have made now his mistake number 3 m. 1st for I've closed my Bible story is Everest Oh this epicenter 11. Verse 4 says that David sent messages and took her actually just go back to 3 So David sent and inquired about the woman and someone said Is this not the sheep or the daughter of Ilium the wife of you right here type for me that's almost like the Holy Spirit you know does of a wrong as some of the holy spirit hits you and you just ignore it for me that was the Holy Spirit right then telling David that don't you realize that if that's your eyes wife how many times that happened to us as individuals like 1st of all when Where will we where we're not supposed to be and then the holy spirit hits us like that and we ignore it because this is actually what doesn't work for the David said messengers and took her and she came to him and he lay with her she was cleansed from her impurity and she returns to her house. So then when we have this kind of spiral effect David has made a mistake she then becomes pregnant so what if they go and do he go to the source to get your I killed this tiny little sin for not being way he was supposed to be has escalated it's a pretty much murder he's committed adultery he's committed murder and now we find ourselves in a situation where David and Bathsheba was sorry but you're right I am a she was marriage comes to an end because of that now this is always due to sexual sin and how many marriages or how many relationships are being destroyed by sexual sins now we have to lay the things at the altar there's some serious assistance I'm about to break down with you guys but I want to see the seriousness of this for me this is one issue that has to be cleared up before we enter into a relationship because this could be detrimental to our future marriages and our spouses here is your brain on the left hand side in the middle is your brain inherited on the right hand side here's your brain on pornography I mean I don't know about you guys but the heritage of pornography the pullover for you looks worse a lot worse now why do I bring this up what's this have to do a very very wall back in David's day it was sexual you actually had to physically go and do something but all day we have a Phones We have a computers we have i Pads we have access so so much 6 sexual immorality but as hell in relationships killing marriages is causing so many people to fall and stumble and the 6 I'm about to share with you are devastating. 90 percent of teens and 96 percent of young adults are either encouraging accepting or neutral when they talk about programming with different 90 percent 64 percent of Christian men and 15 percent of Christian women say they want porn at least once a month that was Imagine if 60 percent of you guys stood up here that would be how many people in the whole of Christianity who are struggling with this stuff it's not a joke 51 percent of male students and 32 percent of female students 1st viewed it before their teenage years this is something that is happening kind of like 1110 years old now it's getting younger and younger and younger and it's causing massive problems 7071 percent of teens hide it from their parents so no not only did we have a problem a problem with it but we're unable to talk to anyone about it it's embarrassing to some people you know is something that we don't really want the scouts will talk about anymore now here's the marriage once 70 percent of wives of sex Addicks could be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder this is why we have to deal with these things beforehand because there's ruining the marriages it goes on to say the wives of uses also develop deep psychological wounds. Very commonly reporting feeling of betrayal loss mistrust devastation and anger and responses of discovery or disclosure of partners pornographic online sexual activity according to the American academic of make Matrimonial Lawyers 68 percent of the votes cases involve one party meeting a new love interest of Internet. 56 percent involve one party having an obsessive interest in Porter graphic websites 47 percent involve spending excesses time of the computer and 33 percent of votes but spending excessive time in chat rooms accompany sexualized for so the percentage rates of white divorce of the taking place are super high when it comes to these particular issues so if you're going into marriage and you're struggling with these situations it's almost like you're going to spiral because you know I have this you know when you when you watch your stuff is a super degrading to the females as a husband you don't have this expectation which is a Christ like of your feet in the bedroom and it's completely wrong it's not right but without dealing with this beforehand and laying at the altar and giving up the giving to Christ you're actually going to halt when you do find that right person you are not harming the relationship 100 percent look is deafening in heaven so we're not a time here so I'm going to skip some of these but one of the key ones that I wanted to go to is the only 7 percent. Sorry. $265000000.00 are spent of philosophy every day every day. And only 7 percent of members report their church has a ministry program for those struggling with 7 percent so we're talking about a problem here that's affecting over 607080 percent of people within the church and only 7 percent of churches have programs that deal with this issue that for me that's something that we as a church we have to work on changing but you know what there is a solution there is a remedy. For David and the Sheba if we go back to the text. And we had verse 15. And he says Nathan departed to his house and the launch of the next. Sentences and the Lord struck the child that your eyes wife daughter David and it became Oh if you continue reading eventually that child died but David goes through this process of this situation he began to pray he began to ask forgiveness he began to change his ways he began going for his process where he wants to ask forgiveness for what he has done to your ire and interestingly God doesn't recognize. Your eyes wife as David's wife and the last the child that you rise wife bore to David is still your right as wife but then good book but then David goes through this process and if we if we fast forward to verse 24 it says the David comforted perceived by his wife and went into her label so she bore a son and he called his name Solomon now the Lord loved him now all of a sudden because they would have gone through this process of forgiveness has happened and now the Sheba has been recognized as David's wife and Solomon is born so there's forgiveness there's repentance there's a change in Solomon is born he becomes one of the wisest kings the wisest the wise person that ever lived they would have to Fasi have to pray he had to link all these problems out on the altar sacrifice he had to give it so ultimately he had to deny himself before change could take place and that kind of moves us on. So after they're all to run some advice. The next point that you came to before you could make it into the holy place was the laver it was basically a bronze wash basin and it's where the priest washed their hands before. Washed their hands and feet before approaching the altar to offer the sacrifice and after they'd made the sacrifice that washing can and they also had to wash before they could even enter the holy place so it's kind of the most used ought to call in the sanctuary and it was practical and symbolic of purification from accidents carried out by the hands and for the past walked by the feet and if they didn't carry this part of the Temple service out they would die it was really serious this constant washing was a reminder to the priests and watching interest and watching Israel of the importance of being cleansed from sin and the label was positioned between the altar and the entrance so that the priest could also wash before entering the holy place it was a complete process before they entered the presence of God who got closer to him they had to be this washing process and there are many people that we may have in our life that used to be a support back in the day like they may have been spiritual strength for us but maybe they've changed or maybe there's a destruction even if you've sorted out your core yard the fact that the labor is there right at the last point before you get into the holy place it shows that this purification process this process of sorting through what's happening in our courtyard is a constant constant thing. We need to keep searching our own hearts for anything that's hindering us from a closer walk with God Jeremiah to 13 Ses from my people have committed to evils they have a stake in me the fountain of living waters and hewn themselves systems broken systems that can hold no water how many of us are fashioned for ourselves our own idea of purification our own ideas of how I'm going to fix my past mistakes and cover up those things Jeremiah tells us that these ideas the self appointed ideas they can hold no water Christ can abide in our hearts if we hold up our own washbasin of standards the constant sacrificing the priest perform daily meant the labor was literally the most entirely you entire while the most use all to call and it was a precursor to every of the process in the courtyard on the bridge from the courtyard to the holy place Christ is that fountain of living water he is that bridge he is the way that you will be able to determine who is going to come into the holy place of your life no harm porn is water to us how much of our total body weight is water does anyone know writes is about up to 60 percent and how much of our brains is water yes by $80.00 to $90.00 is a big percent if we don't replenish our water stores daily our bodies will slowly wilt and die just like a plant but it will die straight away they'll be a wilting process and you end up dying similarly living without Christ in our life causes a spiritual wilting a spiritual dehydration and he is the essential foundation upon which our son trees are to be built every aspect of who we are is completely dependent on Christ to remain functional. This is a great quote from councils to physicians and medical students says unless the Spirit and principles which are character are which characterize the life of Christ be planted in the heart they will not control the life very many professed Christians are so only in name. That was my problem I was a Christian in name I wanted a good Godly marriage but I actually was only a Christian in name my actions didn't speak that they have no root in themselves they have a superficial knowledge of the truth and break off some of their evil practices but the heart is still filled with pride impurities unholy ambition self-importance and love of the pursuit primacy I was the most important person in my life the Soul Temple must be cleansed of it's this farm and that must be purity of thought and intensity of desire united with earnest efforts to meet the standard in God's Word or they will never become elevated subdued purified and where the white linen which is the white justice of the saints and become fisted the companionship of the pure and holy if your desire is to be in heaven or to have a an experience of heaven here on Earth in your relationships and marriages we need to wash ourselves and purify ourselves with Christ standard he wants to be the standard of our choices and decisions and water is a really good way of seeing your reflection it used to be how they used mirrors back in the day and marriage is a way of showing yourself it gives you a better idea and a picture of who you are when I 1st got married I thought Ok I'm going to be this wonderful wife I love doing laundry. I. Have a masters in textile design so I love anything to do with fabric I'm really really particular about separating my colors I want point I used to do like 5 separate washes. And I got the point where my husband is very good if he takes off his socks he puts them in a ball and puts them in the laundry basket and doesn't leave them everywhere truffle Graham onto a winner here. And some downstairs and I'm taking my whitewash out of the washing machine and I felt one of his like sports socks like the long ones that us to play football soccer. I opened up the sock and inside it is a black sock because he likes his feet to be warm so he was a small sock and then he put his big sock over the top and very dutifully he took them both off and put them in the washer and what ends up in my white wash a black sock hole No you didn't. And I remember sitting there with. My the sock in my hand thinking I'm going to go upstairs and blast him now I'm going to be a good Christ like wife I'm going to go up then I'm going to speak kindly to him and explain to him just can't work for me which I did and he accepted it and for a week he separated the socks a week later and I think it was the other way around I think I was doing a black wash and it was a white sock inside of his black sock I was just like oh my goodness and I thought immediately thought he doesn't love me he doesn't care how could he do this I spoke so nicely to him and I went upstairs and I was about to blast him I was literally like this on the door ready to go into his office and just blast him and then I realized it gave me a picture of who I actually was like it's a thought that big of a deal now it isn't but I saw that marriage gave me the option to see just how highly strung I was and how insanely like and then think I could be about certain processes in my life. And you know what I just thought that you know maybe just incapable and now I just make sure separate his socks before I do the wash I actually had to I got a picture of myself through marriage and that's what the Labor can show us that water that Christ being in your life it can show you that you can either continue the way that you are go blast him over something so many significant sock or you could actually just lay it down and give it up it shows you who you are and that's what this process of getting into a relationship with Christ does who you let in through the door shows you who you are what you're offering on your altar of burnt sacrifice because of who you're surrounded with shows you who you are the standard that you use to purify your life it's your own ideas of what you think is good or Christ siders of what you think is good it shows you who you are and as the levo was. The beginning inclusion conclusion to many of the services in the tabernacle we must remember that it's Christ who will start and finish this work and our lives it's not something that we can do on our own you may not even know how to begin the process of sorting out what goes on in your courtyard bar encourage you that the simple thing is to get back to Christ this next presentation when we go into the holy place shows exactly using the table showground also in sense of prayer and the candle stick how practically you can get back into that relationship when that girl in the room initially turned around and saw Christ standing at the door what was her reaction you will need like why are you knocking at my door she had no desire to allow somebody like that in her life. And even then she was just like you know I don't actually even know how you'd come in and many of us find ourselves in that situation where we don't know how to let go of the things that we've been doing and to allow the good in how do I get rid of those friends my going to be by myself by my university how do I just not be around these people anymore there is a very practical way as we go through the next the next session will most on here that shows us that without Christ we cannot do anything I know is cited from relationship to the Century message is all about course it's about his sacrifice that's what the the lamb represented I hope by repeating the name of Christ that I'm guessing is to see that literally with out Christ in every aspect of our lives our friendship the people we surround ourselves with we literally will not find that right person who end up being in relationships that cause us pain and even if we ended up married to present doesn't mean that you know they're going to be perfect but with outcries we will not have the confidence to be in a relationship that we can suck off I so seldom be vulnerable love takes a vulnerability I wasn't very good at being vulnerable which is why I struggle to communicate with my husband why I always appreciate about God putting him in my life is that everything he does I know he striving to be like Christ so if I have a problem I can go to him and be like this problem this doesn't work for me because he loves me and seeking to sacrifice himself for me as Christ gave himself up for the church he gets rid of it just like that and guys that is the sort of confident that your future spouse and you if you already married your spouse need to see in you. That's sacrifice dedication and focus to Christ alone not your own standards which can be changeable but Christ and I have a confidence that even though we've been through ups and downs I know God put him in my life I don't have to go to myself because I orchestrated the relationship I go through Christ into that it's your problem you put him in my life you fix it and he does every time that is the confidence that you can have in your relationships that allow you to work to anything that life throws at you if you know that you've given yourself to a man of God or woman of God and it starts by us practicing these things in our singleness before we get to marriage if we don't surrender to Christ in our singleness at the door at the altar at the Leyva with for sure not going to continue that part of the suddenly figure out when it comes to marriage singleness I believe I mean the quality of your singleness right now is determining the quality of your marriage you are setting yourself up for your marriage right now I did not value my singleness it was wasted on me and I had to learn a lot of things in marriage that I should have learned previously that would have helped not have the ups and downs that we did. I did not spend the time valuing my singleness No one said that to me and was like oh when you're going to get married look at this person there's always like this push and drive you know but she's a woman you've got your body clock ticking like when I'm going to find the right person it's always about that person and getting to that situation except and there's no focus on being ready being that right person what a shame that is that right person somehow floats around your courtyard and you missed out on him or her because you didn't take the time. In these areas to be right with Christ if you're wondering why he's not entering your life or she's not coming around the door check out your courtyard are you displaying the soft standards the hafnium Phineas Well some of the line. That person that you want is avoiding you and not interested when those things were gotten rid of the right people started to come and wash up again we see it time and again and instances of reform in the Bible when the idols we got rid of the high places we got rid of and Israel came back to God We saw the standard of worship happening and all the right people at large didn't think that there was anybody left in Israel you might think there's nobody left for me to marry I've been everywhere I thought the same thing I'm from the north of England there was no one in the north of England I studied for 7 years in the south of England there was no one in the south of England even though that's where he's from I actually drove past his house every single day for 3 years to get to university didn't know I was driving past the house of my husband he wasn't on my radar and he was and he wouldn't of entered into my co-anchors his life wasn't anything I was and just interested in a my life wasn't anything he was interested in but I can assure you if you align yourself with Christ in this area of your life he will see fit to open up the doors for these people to start making it into your holy place which is where we're going next and eventually into the most holy place which is that union and that marriage and all that's involved in that it's the end of Part one we're going to go to part 2 in about 10 minutes if you have any questions please continue to. Write them in this hour or if you go on the website there's some really good questions still coming in I'm going to answer them I can't wait for you to meet the couples that we have lined up for you and we're going to check back in 15 minutes and get even deeper into the holy place. And also just before you leave all of contents available in this book that my wife has written we have a few here if anyone is interested the 10 dollars. Or you can comes with any of us we're going to be selling the ability to be. In the next few days just for fun heaven as we conclude this 1st part and I ask that you please. Walk with us help us to take time in this and very important life and I've taken the whole presentation just one area but it's so important for the foundation. People that we allow and into our lives with the standards of the very the quality of people that we're going to start having relationships with and as we move closer in the next session I pray that you will help us to remember this foundation so we can see just how easy it is to find the right person so easy to recognize who you have determined to be the love. First you need to love you love. To learn the standard of love and what we actually need to be loved in the right way I pray that you'll be with us now and bring us back soon Jesus' name amen. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or a few in Louisville Kentucky. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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