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The Life of Sabbath School

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


Discover the purpose of Sabbath School, why it may be weak in some churches, and learn some principles to bring it back to its original goal.


  • January 2, 2020
    9:15 AM
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Was presented at the. Kentucky for other resources right. Right so this is a seminar on what's inside the life death and resurrection of Sabbath school there are 4 sessions today and you're welcome to join us for all for to it for it to make sense you'll have to be here for all 4 but we were allies were in a competitive society and there's some other cool people out there you rather be with so we get that but if you want to stay you're welcome to stay in the 4th seminar at that site to 2 32 o'clock. We open this for q. in a because we realize there are a lot of questions that people have regarding Sabbath school the classic question is my sadness goes orrible What do I do and we don't know the answer to that question. But we're going to give you principles hopefully in our dialogue and I will give you some ideas regarding that the large answer to all the questions is that God will bless you and I know that sounds cliche super unsatisfying but that's really the answer and but how God will bless you is what we're going to talk about so today on the panelist I have my friends here we have not scripted this we have not talked about it we have kind of we had a debriefing but this is going to be a really raw live conversation because we realize this is why is about it is a raw live conversation so this is we have some we have a power point here but just for minimal spitter prophecy quotes to help us with some parts of the question but really we're here to have an open dialogue to see what we can do about the future of Sabbath school so we will have a prayer we'll have introductions but I just want to make sure that this is the flight that you're on if you're on the wrong flight you're welcome to leave this room at this time because once we get going if you leave in the middle of it you are rude to leave in the middle of it because you think we're boring and we're trying to trying not to be every anything wrong. Oh you go Ok you're looking like an administrator and you scared me so I don't know what's going on Ok We'll have a word of prayer and see who's going to take a picture for the social media world Ok. So we are prepared Ok Let's pray together good gracious Father we think you so much for the medium of this room and what you have for ordained in our schedule for these brothers and sisters to be with us today Father it is not about knowledge or personality or experience it is about your spirit and this we earnestly pray for you pray for our panelists today and not for a good formal presentation or conversation but we pray that your will and the principles of scripture come across in the presentations for for today we ask that you bless each of our listeners whether they be through streaming or wreck recording or live or walk not and Lord our burden is the sea sad a school revived not true vive some institution or some program but getting back to the basics of what you would have us to do this can only be done by your grace we asked for that power and for the parting of the past that when we've made mistakes in Sabbath school we ask for a brighter future for some school as well bless us now in Jesus' name amen. So my name is Pastor Justin came in with the General Conference of a school department I have the privilege to host a t.v. show on hope channel and we are going for for 3 years now and we are covering the Sabbath school topic so much a little bit about that later I have the privilege to join in this t.v. show with my friends and they are who are here with us today one is Sebastian Braxton and he's in another seminar so don't go there stay here but if you can listen to us because afterwards he's part of the panel as well and there's another one named Cali Williams put a child who just got married and is currently living in Kenya so she's listening to the recording Hello Calli but there simply isn't intentionality I represent all of Asia Yes Hello I am the Asian one and to my left is even though we all have American backgrounds except for Jonathan he's kind of an Austrian Canadian hybrid you're not an american Are you Ok well what your background we'll talk what's up with that. Use your microphone if you can to make fun of her and then so to my left is Israel Ramos introduce yourself so I can hear your voice and they can hear your Mexican accent Hello everyone. Originally from California. All right given We've got California in the house both my parents come from Mexico Mexican American and hopefully you heard my Mexican accent. So he represents the Latin Spanish world we have next to him is our European Caucasian brother he is not an American he is you can push yourself Jonathan Alter from Austria. Living in the us now for 5 years going on 6 and. Blessing to be part of university part of this and many other things as a day job a pastor slash communications manager for a conference Ministerial Association that's the department that helps pastors elders deacons and deacons around the world and so that's a blessing to work there as well and women and to his left to your right is the sister who preached for us this morning. Go in secret you sure so if you can't you know right hi I'm Sikh who. My maiden name is calling. From Zimbabwe. And I changed my last name when I got married to help the world. Yeah I work with Justin and we're in the department for the g.c. for young adults. So the cool thing is our friendships go very a while back some of us. Work together some of us are stuck with each other kind of dynamic we have Sebastian Braxton whose background is from Jamaica so you are represents enter America and then we have Cali who's just a normal boring American you know Caucasian girl Ok so we have these different real friends represented and it's representative of the world church and I want to ask you guys on this will dissipate the dynamic in Sabbath school is Missy ologist break the world up to 2 groups that called the global north in the global south now has nothing to do with directionality north and south they just do it and I don't know why they do it used to be called the 1st World and the 3rd world and that's no longer considered to be politically. Correct the global north is what is you what was formerly called the 1st World this is North America Europe Australia Australia and some people South Africa and there are some people I don't know whatever you want to do and then global south as everyone else yes does anyone know who's bigger global north a global south. By how much you take all the global north Ok and I said that really fast I'm of you're totally lost already global north is which areas. North America Europe and Australia Australia it's about 8 percent of the administration. 8 percent and that's the numbers on the books so the reality is maybe about 4 percent are of the of of the out of the 8 before 4 percent is who we are the visible 1st world church the global north the remaining 92 percent is from where Sikh who in stroll and Sebastian represent just to give you a visual visual identity of the church and their interpretation of Sabbath school is war I believe different in the 1st world it's a global north some of you're familiar with is we go to church at $930.00 and is the church full rarely. In the global south you go to church at $830.00 you're lucky to find a seat at church if you're not there you're outside the church worshipping for divine service so we have this problem in front of us and so this today was meant for 4 sessions talking about the life death and resurrection 1st sessions on the life what is the point and now for some of you thinks of school as it were it's going to sit and talk about the quarterly for a while went to all those dynamics 2nd session why is satisfied so bad why is it dying especially in the global north and then 3rd is how do we rev up Sabbath school in our d.n.a. So I want to ask you. A jump ball question here to the 3 of you and pick up your mikes that you be ready to talk is describe your current status quo experience in North America what is it like what are your issues and so that just within that there is some identification on is it awesome is it bad. Maybe nothing too personal because your churches will be hearing this and you're like this time of my church. As you're reading. My church is great because you're listening to this. I think. I belong to a church that is based on a university campus Michigan State University we're right across the street from that and and so we have a great. Context where young people are able to intersect with people who are older we have college students able to intercept with people who are not in college anymore and that to me has been a great experience because the Sabbath hour has become the most segregated hour in for 7th Day Adventists right they come to church and then immediately as soon as we come into church if we go to a very effective church means everybody age by race by everything everything yet as soon as we enter into the local church if we have a very effective church then our kids are going to be immediately stripped away as soon as we enter and then they're going to be sent downstairs to be taught by other people and then we're going to go to our Sabbath school and then we have a variety of sadness cools to choose from if I'm a young adult I can go to the young adult one if I think I'm a young adult but I'm not I can still go there and everyone's going to look at me funny but I'm going to just ignore that and keep on attending if I'm an old school or if I've been at that church forever and I founded that church it then I'm going to go to the founders group and this becomes the most segregated hour and time for 7 Davenant's right if we go to a multi ethnic church then we're going to go and we're going to sit on the side where all the people that look like us sit and we're going to be taught by a person that looks like us have that's available to us and so what I appreciate about our church is that it makes an intentional effort to bring together everyone and whether you're old or young whether you're student young adult or an old person. It provides the opportune. For everyone to come together and to study the Word of God So from that perspective I really appreciate ask the house how many of you resonate with what Israel is saying just nod your heads it's pretty segregated let me ask you by a raising of your hands how many of you are involved in savable meaning you are a teacher or a superintendent of a kids or adult class in some capacity raise your hands high and that you're proud of being sad was cool stat here and down how many of you go to status cool regularly please raise your hands Ok hands down how many of you go to Sabbath school and you get there maybe between some time around 10 or 11 you think you're part of Sabbath school but you're just you're here to make sure that you're going to be there at 930 raise your hands Ok this is a case some of your on is God bless you some of you are lying Ok very good how many of you do not go to status quo on a consistent basis raise your hands Ok how many of you are wondering what is the point of Sabbath school and you're in the wrong seminar raise your hands. Ok very good Ok So majority of you are on the status quo people we have some that are not I would say a. I was going to say about my When you have a placements where we say just that in Jonathan and Siku we live in the Maryland area that a lot of young adults know Israel's case is a bit different because he goes to university church and the young adults there are the norm and they go to satisfy one they're all not normal and they're very interactive we are in an area where a lot of sadness a lot of young adults are floating around now how many of you have that experience and if you're in a rural area there's only one. There is no place to float so you're stuck there but if you're an urban area there's 80 churches you just go from one to another looking for your spouse right your future spouse so and you never find them you know if I also floating you know yeah you're floating together like a meatball on seaweed in this floating ocean of Sabbath school all around it's a sad existence and some of your here to find your spouse as well and we pray for you so he can explain your experience because you're in a church plant area and then Jonathan you are you you're in transition you're floating you're you're you're one of the people they were talking about so yeah yeah. So my experience I go to a church plant and typically I say I go to a really really tiny church but I was talking to someone who was saying that in an area the church is like 10 people it's not that tiny it's like 30 people plant and everybody who goes to church is pretty much involved in everything and I ask you how many of you go to a church with 30 members or less please raise your hands Ok hands proud proud of Kaye 30 to about a 100 raise your hands Ok 102-1000 please raise your hands and 1000 to 1000000 please raise your hands Ok whoa where do you guys go to church or you could be all right so you could hear so so since I have little kids I was automatically the kids have a school teacher and. I just want to share though at our church before we even got before we started attending there they killed you know there's like the 930 to 10 o'clock segment where everybody is all together like they killed it all together because nobody was coming out so they moved the service church starts at 10 and everybody supposed to get there for Sabbath school and you know what happens. Nobody 10 o'clock and then it's kind of we just recently had a conversation about do we move Sabbath school to 1030 so that people can make it in time for Sabbath school and I mean the gist of it was we move it to $1030.00 then nobody is coming and then move it to 11 and then we skip 7 school together etc So that's that's kind of the situation they're coming you know we see this dynamic as we call the evolution of Sabbath school eventually gets moved to the afternoon in the Saturday night into Friday night and then becomes Tuesday once sat a school is on Tuesday it's no longer Sabbath school does that make sense then becomes Tuesday night school Bible study and interest defeats the purpose so Jonathan experience I just recently transitioned from pastoring them all to church district into going into more administrative work at a drill conference and so when I was pastoring I really had a chance actually to participants out of school because the way I had the set up was that I was preaching one church and the other church at the same time. That I would go to a church and preach there and then it would flip around so I never really had a chance to occasionally I did have a chance to attend Sabbath school and in those times was very different depending on the church we had both of those churches were rule churches majority of people 16 plus one of them had basically no young adults at all and it was a very moving service school experience maybe typical I'm not sure how it is across the country but. It was it was a. It was often an experience where the teacher would be you know. Kind of reading the lesson to you and. And so it was not always very refreshing or you know when always be super blessed in that sense but it was always a blessing to participate nevertheless and to bring in you know our perspectives and so on but now recently and now I have the chance to go to school and that has been so refreshing just the fact that I can go and study every week with the brothers and sisters so that's the current situation of a great sin of saddest cool is to be reading your quarterly through in class if you're reading it you are rewarding those who did not study during the week and you're punishing the people that did study it yes and I've been to so many Sabbath school where they're reading at Monday Tuesday Wednesday and I'm putting the pen in my arm because it feels better than the experience of being in Sabbath school it's a painful experience so I really want to talk about that in the 2nd session about what not to do and interestingly enough Sr White actually talks about that very very interesting on what not to do percent of school I go to a about a 150 member church is very traditional church and we go into Sabbath school we go into like we say hey to the graders and we go into our boxes that we go to and we have the traditional program and then we have our lesson and one class is like the the missions oriented class that's the one and I'm part of there's another one that is we have our members from the b r I that's the Biblical research institute so these high top scholars and they're all like you know breaking down the Bible in class and that's another class and with the normal people class and they're just hanging out in their dirt they're hanging out like normal people do and it's just no one knows why we have Sam a school and that's what going to talk when the session to my panel so I want to ask you what is the point of Sabbath school. Why do we even why we just have worship and go home which has become the preamble pretty prevalent millennial opinion let's just go to go home why this whole school thing to begin with the 1st part is in the name Sabbath school so it's supposed to be an opportunity to learn together it's like that is where the church gets together to learn from scripture and I think typically we think you know we get into the Bible during the sermon but the intention is that we get into the Bible during Sabbath school that's where you learn learn how to study the Bible together like you are learning how to reach out to the world this is an opportunity for the church to be schooled in Sabbath school yes in a way I think how school has many many purposes and reasons but one that one of them you know connecting with the Bible study thing is that as a worldwide church you know we're over 21000000 members now praise God and but we want to stay on track you want to stay connected and that's the cool thing about South school we're doing this you know all around the world at the same time with the same topic and so you can walk into any church around the world and and there will be studying you know Daniel now this quarterly and so that's a blessing upon that I mean we knew that the all around the world that those people are saying the same topic for virtually all other Protestant denominations have forsaken a worldwide document which is the world church studies but here when you go to Madagascar I go to you know in the maybe or some other country that I can think of right now you're also saying the same thing takes about 2 to 3 years to get 5 years to get this involved and so awesome world community you 90 factor and so it's unites the church but also it keeps us theologically United so we have this document that we are studying and the topic and you know it's supposed to help us stay on the same track theologically with our fundamental beliefs etc etc So it is it has a uniting factor as we study together the Bible when we when we talk about what brings us together and so forth the. Church of the church is made up of millions of people we're a big global organization the foundation of the church is the local person each church member the church is not a building the church is not the General Conference the church all timidly is composed of individuals one person at a time and one of the key reasons why we have sat a school is because in studying the Word of God and learning how to study the Word of God the heart becomes transformed and so the church has an enormous mission to accomplish the church has been given the 3 angels message the church has been given a work to do the church has been given so many things yet none of this can really effectively be accomplished the way that God wanted to be accomplished if the heart is not changed and so I think that one of the key reasons why we have sad as school is so that through the learning of how to study the Bible and through the the study of scripture the individual heart becomes transformed and then as my heart becomes transformed and Madagascar are another person's heart is also being transformed wherever else and together the church achieves unity in this way unity is achieved not by something that is being forced or dictated but unity will always be achieved by the transformation of the heart to God and I think that's one of the key reasons for Sabbath school and the transformation of the heart you know bring to some some quotes that you see here in front of you and we're going to come back to my friends comments here so she says here is a spitter prophecy to c s s w or to recommend you all get a copy of this is councils on Sabbath school work it sounds like a boring book and if you're not involved in this out of school it is kind of boring but if you're involved in Sabbath school man she brings out insights to like men why are we doing this in our Sabbath school hasn't why hasn't anyone read this so she says this in by we have been familiar with this the object of sadness for work should be the what of what. In gathering of Shaw Sabbath school is in Vangelis the activity it is in the a venue to bring non Adventists into and he used to be back in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's and eighty's ancient times in primitive time that people used to come to say I was going on Avernus used to come into Sabbath school and they would sneak out before divine service because they thought divine service was like oh that's the thing I want to go to the non avenues open Bible study format and that was that was something happened in the eighty's and ninety's of which Miss you all just still do not know my personal opinion I think it's the rise of the mega churches that came about where it's about we need to have this big divine service it's all about divine service yeah and so what happens because no one's that. One's a divine service all the announcements are there all the mission stories are there satisfy it gets the emphasized divine service gets blown up that satisfy all gets smaller and smaller and smaller and it becomes an internal administers dialogue and I. Can I interject I think because of because of the ship that has happened to kind of divine worship and not know the Sabbath school experience churches are feeling the lack there off. In you go to a mega church and there's a huge emphasis on small groups anybody like in a big big church that has a huge emphasis on small groups like life groups small groups like finding ways like how do we connect being a big church how do we connect at a more individual level and so you start having small groups and it's but in our build up I guess in the way that our church is structured you have small groups that's what Sabbath school is and it was intended that you have a way to connect at an individual level in a smaller group not just the divine service though because with the emphasis has now gone to like the divine service our. People feel that lack and we're trying to wreak reinvent the wheel actually when we already have something in our structure that is building in the diary years a shift where we're trying to kill Sabbath school and we want to now adopt the small group. Strategies from from other denominations when we've had this for a long time. So I think it's very powerful that you know we talk about Bible study here and bring people in when we really study the Word of God it will have an effect on people us and nonbelievers are not interested whatever so if you're savvy a school is not transforming your spiritual experience then it might be wise to see you know are we studying the Bible or are we just talking about opinions so south school should be a place where we do focus on Bible study because Bible study will transform any life in your life and what I love about the fact that we're studying as a group because you know we always hear or see especially we emphasize you know have your devotional life spent time with the Word of God And that's true but for thousands of years Bible study was not just a personal experience it was always a communal experience as a group because they didn't have their you know their smartphones and their personal Bibles they would come together to hear the Word of God and I think there is power in in the fact that we come together as a group to study the Bible because the Holy Spirit can speak through multiple people and can can can lead us into a deeper understanding of the Word of God So if you think oh I got my personal devotions going on I don't need to go to sab school rethink that because in Sabbath School is where you have the chance to get your you know your thoughts bounced off by others and God wants to work through community he wants to work through people and you know he's build this to his He's designed us to have relationships and if we kind of cut that out and just do devotions maybe and then go to divine service where I sit in the role and I don't really interact with anyone you're missing out on a great opportunity this is a great I'm going to think about. Come to Israel this is a great opportunity and challenge for the next generation especially with our addiction to cell phones and smart phones we were we're thirsting and striving for human interactions yet we're so scared of them that's the great irony I want to hang out I want to many an authentic relation with someone oh no it's a human being what do I do he's asking me a question that you know what do I say I can't pause him like it is not turning up and so we kind of want that's not a school experience yet we want to watch from afar this is the great room of the next and some of your older like this is a weird it is a weird generation and those of you who are in this generation we are we are generation you have admitted Yes Amen. Speak for yourself. Yeah I think well I was kind of processing what you were saying Jonathan I think the challenge that we have in today's society in our churches is that we don't actually have a devotional life. I think that's actually one of the biggest reasons that why why. We have challenges in our 7 school if an individual and just think about think about this yourself the last time you studied the Word of God and you gain something from it that really impacted you the 1st instinct that we that we go through is we want to share it as a matter of fact this is actually happening right now as we're talking like Jonathan said something well I just had an aha moment meant the devotional life of our of our people is what's lacking and my 1st impulse was not to keep it to myself but to share with everybody else I want to share this great and profound idea that I just discovered in your presence and this is like genius at work I just have this I'm compelled to say it this is just what naturally happens when we discover something in the Word of God The natural instinct is to share that and so. The challenge that we have and we're probably going to have ourselves because we're talk about the next thing but that I think the challenge that we're facing in our school life as a 7th church is that everything has become so routine even when we do study the Bible we study it because we need to check it off our list because someone my ask us did you have your devotional time this morning and I can't say no I didn't and they're going to do to your how in the world are you a pastor not having your devotional time with God and so I'll check it off. If we really were engaged with God and having and spending time in His Word we would have so much to say that we would need an outlet to share it and Sabbath school would be in a perfect time to do that and so the Word of God being the center and affecting us as individuals is one of the things that I know you're asking what's the purpose Sabbath schools are going to answer that one of them is to change the heart or Bible study and Bible study naturally leads to mission which is the other thing that you were mentioning here the object of status quo work is the in gathering of souls or the bringing of of people together and so the I think the 1st one is Bible Study the 2nd one is mission and personal life will always affect public life we're going to 3 goals of South school I want to the 2nd quote here sounds cool is one of the greatest instrumentalities to bring souls to Christ and I would say if I can and on if this is if I can wait to say this we have not yet tapped the full potential of sap a school yet we have still yet to see satis cools golden golden age come to us this Sabbath school is not meant to be an internal evidence dialogue is meant to be an evangelistic open safe place for everyone to come now this is what Israel was mentioning this is from the saddest cool General Conference depart Juncus I was with department there is the 4 goals of Sabbath school and we went around the world and 4 was too much people could not memorize for so we brought down to 3 but one of the 3 is actually 2 so it's actually 4 so. Yeah I don't know so what Islam is mentioning here is that you see here on top you have the 3 things one is missions 2nd is Bible study and prayer and lastly is fellowship this is what we've been all kind of talking about and this is formalize it into an actual craft fic the way I see I think of it as concentric circles you look at the largest picture possible and that's the world and. Missions yeah change the world through missions and you bring it down into one smaller circle and it's about your church and you pack your church through fellowship and you bring it back down to yourself and it's between you and the Lord between through bible study and prayer Yeah these are the 3 levels of which savvy school is supposed to impact let me ask you this what happens when we when you take these 3 things out when satisfied if themselves goes a platform for these things and you take this out and you only have divine worship what's so bad about that why can't why do we have to why do why do we have these why do we have to have these 3 ingredients for church. I think the 1st thing a pub my mind was was thinking about the sanctuary and how you look in the holy place of the same Cherry You have you know the table showbread which represents the Word of God You have the altar of incense which represents the prayers you have the Candlestick which represents you know sharing and the Holy Spirit I mean these elements here are in the sanctuary and I think Jesus gave us the same share for a reason for many reasons but for one thing is that it gives the blueprint to. Reviving spiritual life if you take this out of your experience do you even have a spiritual experience I mean without prayer and Bible study you know what is your Christianity like you said a form without mission why are you a Christian you know so and without fellowship are you even human. So I think this is that's why it's called House Call live because this is what gives your spiritual walk life. You know the 11 o'clock hour or the worship service is critical it's important to the spiritual life of an individual. When we go to church and we listen to a sermon. Worship by the way should be should be focused on the opening of the Word of God not the not the preliminaries you know the music and the prayer and all that it prepares us to receive the Word of God that's being preached and delivered. By God's grace that's that's an important you know Paul calls it the foolishness of preaching it's it's a foolish thought that we go to church and we listen to someone. Read from a book and somehow my heart is stirred and I want to become a better person I want to become more like Jesus right but it happens it happened this morning with seekers message and last night with Dean's message so the 11 o'clock service is important it's critical but when we go to church and we're listening to a sermon we are essentially what we're doing is we are listening to an experience that one individual has had with the text throughout that week. Ray Holmes professor at Andrews University and preaching he says it takes a day for the preacher to work the text it takes a week for the text to work the preacher and so what's happening is as the pastor is getting ready to deliver the message on Sabbath morning that person is wrestling with a text and then they are if they're doing it right they are sharing their experience with that text with a group of people and everyone is resonating with that and I'm saying even though I'm so different from you who is preaching the sermon somehow God is speaking directly to me that's critical and that's important but I am receiving something that someone else has already processed and that's important we need to we need to receive processed food processed meat now. When it comes to scripture Yeah right we're going to Scripture. At home eat fruits and vegetables and you'll be like Daniel All right so but but But what happens in the Sabbath school during the saddest school time is that we are experiencing the Word of God real time and I have the opportunity to say something so much going to say something else so much going to say something else and then God is going to miraculously take this big old stew and make a make a meal out of that and what there's something that happens in that I'm not just being fed but I'm also experiencing real time the miraculous work of God in his ability to take control of my life at the same time as as he's doing everyone else's life and so there's something exciting about seeing the miraculous working of God real time and that's what sadness cool provides it provides fellowship it provides mission and it provides personal change all at the very same time and that's that's miraculous and it's faith building and just going off of what you're saying that what that experience feels like is something that I think we all crave is authenticity you know an authentic Christian experience and I think hearing a sermon you know it's good and I came in and it's awesome but you know when you're in Sabbath school and you can and you can duke it out with Christian grace and you can you know wrestle with the text together as brothers and sisters in Christ it creates like a certain closeness that you don't get in it in any other kind of way and I'm saying that. I'm thinking about the experiences that I've had inviting people to like a bible study and awesome Bible study where we study the Bible and they're not Christian and not Adventists and they're sitting there just being like whoa like you guys like love each other you know because. The way that you interact and the fellowship and I think what makes it. What elevates the fellowship is it's not just hanging out but you're fellowshipping with each other and you're fellowshipping with the sky. It so it's this this this horizontal and vertical experience that is going on that is supernatural and when anybody comes into that they can see that this is special this is something that you can't just fabricate on your own and I think that's that is potentially what's have a school out to be a could be so I don't know if if anyone can resonate with my experience from my perspective on school or anything that has to do with organized church services as soon as I walk into an organized thing and I look at u.s.c. very organized all these things there's a temptation to kind of detach because it's a program it's like all this is not real because it's a program in the following a minute minute you know paper and and instead you go in there and you know we follow a certain procedure and procedures are great but as soon as you do follow procedure and certain steps it feels like you're just Ok you go through the motions kind of thing and you detach that's how it has been for me often and so I feel like Ok which is here because we have to be and we have to do this because this is how we do this. But I've learned that if I die from able to just step away from from thinking that way and really engaging in in the procedure being willing to we're going to pray now Ok We're going to pray no we're not just praying because we have to pray but because we want to pray oh we're going to study that we're going to start this segment now Ok let's do this just being intentional in not. Falling into it and going through the motion but really being in the in the experience willingly you know what I'm saying like just being saying Ok I want to take part of this even though it's a program I don't know if that makes sense maybe it's just me but this for me I've always struggled with if it's a program I don't feel a personal drawn connection that I have to engage in this but when I choose because I love Jesus choose to engage in it that's actually a huge blessing in the experience even though it is a program you guys talk about these 3. I want to ask you how many of you how many this is your 1st time seeing this at all these 3 things articulated about Sabbath school how many of you don't think you know how many of you have all 3 values in your church and you have the perfect Sabbath school. Ok members I would love to talk to you. Oh yeah. All 3 values Ok in New Mexico or Arizona yet same part of it was the brother of the Ok. So the 3 When you have all 3 it's not that Ok some of your saying all right by was that a prayer I when you wake up in the Bible we pray fellowship you know we say hi in the morning and then thirdly we collect the offering you know we got all those 3 that's not what we're talking about is it makes sense so I saw a fellow that means that sadness cool or you're sad a school class is in charge of fabric for fellowship for the entire jerk not just getting along during 932-1030 or $1045.00 or 11 whatever it is but your status quo is in charge of a k. everyone over seekers House this week see who is in charge her status quo is going to pot luck there create the building blocks for us for fellowship for your entire church for missions your status quo takes it to a new level so how many of you have I mean our church we have that yellow envelope that's been there since 1903 and it goes around and then the lip is like falling apart you know it's barely there right that's not missions right what is missions how does your local Sabbath school group get involved in missions I want to ask you this and then the uniquely 7th Day Adventists context how does the local impact the global. Connection is a magic component of magic in a Christian sect of blackness so I'm going to start with the local impact in the local in terms of missions Yes what what it ought to look like is you know as a Sabbath school teacher if anyone's missing from my Sabbath school we check who's not yeah yeah and hey we missed you at church the Sabbath that means no no no. What they say in the military no soldier left behind to have heard about it like yes no no no that's a fashion no drugs no child left behind not that one not the education one Ok you want to know when you're yeah yeah yeah but you're part of why I ended up going to this church plant this teeny tiny church was because we visited and I guess because it's so small they notice when you're there and when you're not there and the next Sabbath we were doing the bouncing around thing and the next Sabbath we went there and someone had gotten our phone number and called Sabbath afternoon I was like hey Our she seek who we missed you at church and we were like wow that's somebody call that from the church and it wasn't the pastor or the elder like it was like mind blowing for us like this is maybe we should go to the church you know but but somebody you know like you somebody missed you when you weren't at church you know Sabbath school is a platform for you to be able to do that and and that means you are in reaching I guess reaching to each other which is missional to you know like we have so many backslidden Adventists because nobody cared about them in church they start caring about each other and looking out for each other during a shoot point so I want to get to that who is responsible for the backslidden administers in your local church. It's the pastors job the passion to be busy them all what's he doing as old time music 6 days of doing nothing and one day of work he's got the whole community thing it's the Sabbath school group that's in charge of the backslidden that. John know that. That's why we keep attendance. So I was supposed to keep it and it's not like it will end and attendance can be done in a very bad way yes you understand like who's here oh he's not here and then you take him off to the. Hague not here this week maybe maybe she's drop in and say hi emailed or something in the right context of which the church administrator the General Conference have no idea but you as a friend you know the exact context you know if Steve Conway doesn't show up I know and I can visit his house I'm like hey why are you here or maybe I do know Stephen and he hates people coming to his front door so I'm going to send him this non you know aggressive you know passive aggressive text messages like where are you where so that's up to the local school group to do I guess off some point you bring up just a very practical one of the churches I was pastoring we noticed you know how this is very typical across North America that half of the membership on your list is not coming to church or very rarely so we call the missing members and what we did is we divided up the names of of the missing members for each group received you know a bunch of names and they sort of say adopted these names and what they started doing at least some of them they started writing cards you know they would write cart to the missing members each week you know there would be one and they would pray for those missing members and so there was an awareness because some Sometimes they were given aware that these people are missing only forgot you know or you're a new member you didn't know that there are you know 50 people out here and so it's a practical thing you can start right you can adopt some missing members ask your pastor who is missing and who can we reach out to you can pray for them you can start writing cards you can visit occasionally you can start trying to build connection if you don't know them already Ok once a further not just members but even guests Exactly and you can do is this is how school you can say hey we want to adopt a neighborhood and you can start you know with the neighbors around your church as they had this street. This is you know the street of Sabbath school so and so and you start prayer walking that street you start interacting with people there and you can still slowly work yourself from local to you know regional and then even go beyond and you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the process you know a mission doesn't mean this necessarily have to be just foreign It can be many other things I mean another thing that our church did was they said hey we want to this was right after the hurricane in Puerto Rico so if we want to partner with a sister charged are we going to pick in Puerto Rico and help them with rebuilding and working there and so our churches was not with any other organization just the local church elder flew out there found the pastor and figured something out not I've been doing mission trips you know every year going there I want to go to church and also with an outreach element there you don't catch that I mean this is one of the most magical I'm going to stop using that word the most amazing components about the something happens church is that we have a very highly organized church and I mean like but the cool thing is that as a local church you can contact any other branch any other field in the world because they're part of the something honest church and work with them to be involved in international missions does not mean you're going to send your dollar to address although you want to send your money to address a great thing but it's not it's just not monetary participation but your so local Sabbath school should get involved in some tangible way there are 13 divisions here there's a little bit outdated There's also the China China mission this is a way to contact you can go online in our day and age with the Internet there is you can contact any other place in the world find out what their needs are and have your local savvy school group impact that local area this is what we do in our local church our status quo gets groups together and we pass around that yellow envelope from $173.00 but we also say hey we give to the church but what can we do what can we personally do and so we ask and you know you know someone's And so and so and so and you get together and we impacted the Philippines and back to Puerto Rico and back all these different places just from your local saddest group this is how status quo got started you all know the s.s. cared. Ship ship and having a shirt yeah one of the 1st missionary ships they are in a small island pick Caryn in the middle of the Pacific Ocean some people want to get baptized the con to the general conference saying hey send us a pastor we we need we need a baptized these people well the church had no money while at the time the children sat a school groups got together and they said let's get them money together ourselves and they pulled together the network it was a grass roots movement like you I see back then and with that money they bought a ship they sponsor someone and they sent someone to the South Pacific that's the power Sabbath That's the power of missions and we read you this quote I know it's a long hope it is a very powerful one of k. to show a liberal self-denying spirit for the success of Foreign Missions is a sure way to advance what. You get that let me make it make it make a dumb if you help other people your home gets helped Ok now keep reading for the prosperity of the homework that's not homework like school homework that's at the work at home Ok It depends largely under God upon the reflex influence of evangelical work done in countries a far that's evangelical not in the terms of the nomination but means of Angelus the court meaning the more you impact the world out there God blesses your homework it makes sense you get that we get this complain a lot like man the Aves church we giving so money so much money to all these different organizations and we need to retain some of that money here God has to bless the work here but here's the promise the more that we focus on the world God will take care of things at home and this is what it means to be a 7th Day Adventists Israel what's your what member are you what's the church that you're a member of I'm a member of the university church and he's lancing he his membership is in the East Lansing University Church but he is not a member of the East Lansing administers. You'll catch he's a member of the worldwide 7th Day Adventist Church. Of which his local participation is at the East Lansing administers as an excess in the ecclesiology of all other denominations when you're part of the East Lansing Methodist church you're part of the East Lansing Methodist Church and you all your work and your finances is contribute as is invested in East Lansing only you're not a member of the Worldwide Church does it make sense so when we participate in the Worldwide Church of that you are a global member to something be very excited about that's not an org is organizational structure we get that from Revelation 14 yeah it's taking Revelation 14 and actualizing it in a church structure is I mean that gets me very excited but I'm sure there are many more quote here that's the. I want to ask you this. Just to suggest that perhaps some of the challenges that we face in the church with segregation in terms of you know ethnic segregation racial segregation etc Yes might be because we're not taking heed to this aspect of what's have a school could bring to the table when you are when you realize that when I'm giving sacrificial sacrificially to aid the work in a different part of the world to help people who look completely different from me etc It changes your view of it like we are one people right and it's not even if my church even if my local church may ethnically be I grew up in Zimbabwe and like we're all you know Zimbabwe and you know well the different tribal groups but you know I like all brown but you know Brown what I called. Yeah Ok well talk that talk of people and. When when we would collect mission offering I know people think of Africa as like the mission field but for me growing up when would correct mission offering I would think of that Justin's looking tie people like we need to help those Asians find you know and for me it's like you know one people like so when I met Justin I'm not like all of those Asians like we have been praying for you brother you know how lucky you are now Christian thank you. So I think. The being involved in missions in global missions actually brings us together in a very like practical way like and unites us so that we realize we're where we all need the same thing at the end of the day we all need Jesus you know and instead of segregating and dividing ourselves by the color our skin and our racial background it etc Like if we could just focus on like giving Jesus to people you know and showing people Jesus I think that could bring us together and we're missing that I don't really believe that the mission component especially gives incredible purpose to the Sabbath school because if you think about what the potential that we have here even you and your local Sabbath school if you guys really connect and say hey we want to adopt a neighborhood or we did you know adopt a sister church or a mission field I mean I know of churches in in Texas they have adopted cities in the Middle East that are no Adventists and they said they go over there and they do mission trips and do they do work there it's powerful like think of yourself a school that might be dead right now in the potential that there is of what you guys could do think big you don't have to think Ok well it has to be a mission trip organized by this and this organization for it to be a mission trip or mission work can only be done by so and so yourselves school has incredible power lingering and you know I don't believe we're really tapping into the power of local selves school classes. I agree with everything that you guys have said I also want to place before us the fact that doing a local work will have global effects as well and sometimes it can be overwhelming if you're in a small church 2 people one of them comes your saddest man how in the world are we going to organize trips to Iceland and so forth and so on or to Asia to when Justin's people right he's gone how are we going to do that and you know I want to share with everyone a story of what happened to me I was in a I was I grew up a 7th heaven it's all my life and there was a young person at that time young adult who really had a passion to help the young people of the church so he was my Sabbath school teacher during my junior class and I don't I don't even remember what in the world he would tell us all I know is that one time he took us to Disneyland which I'm not promoting that but that's what he did and and he gave me a bible he gave me a Bible it was a bilingual Bible and and that is something that I've remembered throughout my entire life that this man cared about us enough to take us to Disneyland and to give me a Bible. And. The Bible became something that eventually transformed my life I used a bible someone else came along and told me my dad told me if you read a proverb every day you know for every day in the month you can read the book of Proverbs you know and there's 31 chapters yet chapter a day and and so that built on what my Sabbath school teacher did and little by little the Lord began to grab ahold of my heart through the book of Proverbs I read the book of Proverbs because I thought that was going to make me smart you know and I'm like I want to be smart like Solomon I said I'm still trying to read every day right. And and what what has happened is that that Sabbath school teacher has changed my life and I'm not living in California anymore now I'm living in Michigan and so that local work had a larger work than just in a small environment so if you're Sabbath school teacher you're in a small church you're thinking to yourself I'm not worried about another part of the world I'm thinking how in the world I'm going to survive what I'm doing now don't underestimate the power of the young person that you're teaching and then don't underestimate the power of of caring enough to invest in that young person's life or in that old person's life the impact God is going to bless and and by God's grace as you make the Word of God the foundation of the life of the people that you come in contact with during that Sabbath school time God will bless those rules God will bless and reward that beyond your estimate and beyond your ability to measure we have talked about the ideals of sat was cool so I appreciate Israel's comment we don't want anyone to be discouraged Yes schools have need of work but I guess the appeal is this how many of you want to go back to your local Sabbath school and you want to implement in some capacity missions fellowship and real Bible study and prayer in some capacity as a lord is going to be hard but you use me in some capacity how many of you want to be that person thank God bless you and order prayer we want us to go around in our next session we're going to look at why is to have a school dying especially for that our generation and in the session after that what can we do to rev it up in a. I mean let's bring. Father in heaven we ask for all the Sabbath school and the churches that are represented from this room people asked in a very special way father may a Sabbath school revival happen where we see missions and Bible study and prayer and fellowship happen on a different level and Lord as we listen to the sermon last night Lord may we not just wait for someone to do it Lord we ask that you use us or our theme this week is by many or by few and Lord we ask we will cause within us to be instruments of heaven to cause a revival for ourselves schools specially asked for these 3 things to be revived in a local saddle schools I mean impact the whole world as a result as well as impacting our own hearts bless each of our brothers and sisters and our panel something that Jesus and everyone saying. Amen amen. This message was recorded in the joy I see conference by many or a few in Louisville Kentucky do I see supporting Ministry of the 7th or just Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. web.


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